good afternoon welcome on this beautiful Tuesday here in the Netherlands the day of reggae and the day of Valentine and the day of beautiful women but also the day of my archos seven cuz my Valentines present yesterday was that I found out how to fix my archos seven because my problem with my archos seven was when i bought it it was running android 1.5 and I didn’t really like the way that version was running also with the app market that was just giving some program some stupid programs I complained about them in a previous video in that video I was also a little pissed off I apologize for making the video I also removed the video because my cousin he showed me that he told me said a man that videos it’s not a good video it doesn’t say anything just remove it so i removed it we even had to fight about that i want to say sorry to my cousin in public I hope he’s not pissed off with me anymore because of that I removed the video i was complaining i was using bad words the f-word felt in the video the video was rated R so you know 18 and up good I mean like that’s not me you know I’m not a guy that it’s not like I always have respect and I’m I’m pretty polite you know at least I tried to be anyway the 1.5 Android wasn’t running too good so it pissed me off because I had I had a little earlier before I had the econ you guys know this device I made some videos about it already and Egan is really it’s a nice device it’s a it’s a very bad device because if it falls on the ground that will break immediately you know the top is plastic it’s really easy to break but it’s a nice device because that one was running android 1.6 and we could update the firmware is a site called slate droid calm slate droid go ad slay droid com offers a lot of firmware for the Aiken especially the Incan m1 so I was pretty spoiled I had a nice nice working device with YouTube working and with everything working cause when the eagan comes out you cannot watch no YouTube video so then I got the archos and the arcus I thought it was running to point something you know that it was not it was running 1.5 and it really pissed me off because I couldn’t do anything with it I mean like you know um lots of programs were not working it was just a useless system so what did I do I checked out YouTube and I download that I saw this video and I had to check the video till the end cause at the end it was saying please beware that you will lose functionality of your hard drives etc etc but I didn’t see that part so i just installed and updated the firmware and then I had this this device that was yeah only running Google internet and you know not so much more this thing became useless I could not put in SD card anymore because there was no Drive the drive was never there was not installed in the OS so I had a useless useless thing but then yesterday I was you know after sometimes when you cannot fix a problem you have to leave it put it aside don’t break it you know though put it in a bowl of water just put it aside and you know after a while you will find a solution for it that’s how it goes with most technical things because the arcus you have a group called artists fence Erica’s fence calm and our case fans calm you have some guys up there and they do work on new firmware for this for this device but then again they were talking about copy the the firmware to the to the to the or you call it to the root of the device you know and they started but with the two-point 2.1 or 2.2 one Android that I in style I had no hard drive so i could not copy something to this device so that wasn’t working but then it said if you have to recover and go back to blah blah blah blah blah then you know at the back you have a reset

button and you have to press that one for 15 seconds listen very carefully first of all I it’s the bottom to the right here it’s the seven archos home tablet you press the bottom on to hold yes you know how to do that here and then you press the reset button for 15 seconds and then you plug in the USB cable and then it will ask you for driver then you select you select the driver that is shipped with the aircar android TM 1.2 so this is the aircar android and when the try for his installed then you can say update or you can say restored zoom out a little bit we’re talking about this program is the air come right so no hit update you may destroy blah blah blah blah blah and i will put there on the on the thing to step like this nice don’t touch the USB because I really want to restore my device and then she is a now you can see both devices downloaded firmware then I think we can turn her on I said upgrade and I selected another image so let’s see if it works because I really want to go back to 1.5 had a 2.21 did not work out for me you see and now it will install the rest of the things you’re looking at the our horse now hope you can see it I’m sorry this is really nicer and I think it’s good now and now we will be back to version 1.5 what we just did what’s a downgrade we did a downgrade and that’s what we did we did the downgrade my friends there you go oh look at that that looks outstanding night dominion Wow look at that look at that this is my banner this is my pen it’s a normal pen without the bed oh there it is we bleached please touch this point touch it touch it touch it touch it concept save in calibration make sure to read the legal blah blah blah okay next okay we like the language network select this select that with this okay oh my gosh i finally have USB connected mount wow i finally have a working system again let me see it the applications oh yes application lips browser oh that is so nice let me see Google Talk I see oh this is nice this is nice this is nice let’s go to settings wireless control Wi-Fi settings Wi-Fi and there is my Wi-Fi and here i can put my Wi-Fi okay so you see i restored my device and let’s go to settings and oops settings it’s a little sensitive you can better do it with your nails about this device model number firmware version 1.1 point five route

kubuntu blah blah blah i have a working system guys it’s back to original so um yeah all i can say you can make your ARCA seven much better and for my Dutch people mensa else yoga in the Pacific from the archos safe of all tablet home tablet this complete over the internet tablet get over the whole tablet a CDO cap AF series for hot what the an acquaintance of the me yeah he kinda educate my legs me about the good thing I’ll see it oak like a fool em over the IOC for whom tablet a lot even later than create open fo mastication oh yay yupper hat beta good market so we so I’ll show disrespect of all of the angles done mucci the double hey babe also if a que eso on the run see you at Lincoln’s age is for a fleshie from the from the upper dad and under that is the flesh softly self of course I did not make this firmware and I cannot be held responsible for anything but I will not give you bad advice if it’s not something that I trust or I stand behind so you know I will just give you the software and I will put it on the side and I want you guys to test it and make your archos technology I host a beta and machinima doesn’t owe it escalates I want you to make a better office than you ever had because Parker’s is not doing anything anymore for the seven home there with that is the sort of update firmware but three extra functionality to your device you can better go for this firmware made by an iron horse fence yeah our hosts events com okay anyway people that was it for today I want to thank you for watching put darlington says till the next upgrade from your technical device and let’s hope that you will have much more fun now from your arcus than ever ever ever goodbye until the next video