PARIS Farmer's Market + Eiffel Tower

sure is the French day showers showing you next these breakfasts I just made in this little space don’t gotta for the steamer is that your launch there yeah oh it’s raining so we’re off to the market mark right speech store nasty smelly but very good district smells of the dole yeah oh I missed that I always I couldn’t I’d like these well I is that enough vegetables for you I love the way they were like kind of just sideways like this yeah yeah I got a hard lookin bread but they have to brick you can’t read brick breath here and it what’s tomato is that good afternoon ma’am it’s like the heart really I’m going to teach exploring all right let’s go back again it’s the other end

nothing so I got three avocados and to cook that okay see if I can actually get them open try judo okay I’m getting salmon what do you think you like it so today was French market just there it’s just incredible I feel like I am in a movie it’s quite sweet back I’m so excited for them so home and put my groceries and just making some lunch so I’m cooking all these pieces of fish looks so good so good for breakfast this morning one of these epic otters qtx veggies see if I can rearrange and for in this little baby fridge a voila YUM this looks very exciting Oh so salmon zucchini soup did our smush realist I forgot our lettuce mostly from the market today but pretty much all from the market yay delicious and sauerkraut from New York I’ve not found suck right here I have had just relaxing time just ride around for a bit you know picked up my bag I’m going to go over to the studio in the Eric while he’s teaching and do a bit of exercise and there’s a vlog and hang out oh it’s so nice to hang out okay so that’s my master yeah jellyfish image then good

bunny this is my teacher are you mad at me today today I have no voice so that was their class teaching we’re now going home drop off this bag then go out with enough and maybe good yeah more manual yeah like three hours you want to and it’s not the web not too bad we could walk through here and through the jean-luc support and then down on the streets like that to the CTA to the Notre Dame I mean I’d walk board the Shakespeare bookstore and then from there we can take a cab to the Eiffel Tower and I don’t know you have time to deliver also via C I think they’re probably more outdoor stuff tomorrow over it’s really cute let this movie sign in my hands just for reference Cheers boudoir very good water while we’re looking at the Achilles tendon yeah of a kangaroo look at that thing I mean like that’s how they’ve gone that’s where they store their ginseng and the tail to you know the tails like totally thorn anything so where is this this is this is the Jardin des Plantes we can get it tomorrow Tuesday we’ll see what we have to tomorrow I think honestly we should first do the Eiffel Tower and the note today midnight meeting okay food is coming against me Oh beautiful we’re at the Rotom on Mount Parnassus this is where the painter Modigliani used to hang out this was his canteen I’m very honored it’s my canteen as well no no physicist posted to the studio until has loved his paints him it’s all portraits already found her but somehow in the way he did it in the colors and the combination is his language it is absolute one of my favorites so you know Laura’s going to show you some of these pictures which are like distributed all over the fish fish and alle fish fish and steers piratin no light sneaks away just like seriously creepy where’s the light switch here’s the light switch

this must be there we go we drop stuff we’re now going out to go see something look at the clouds going through it it’s crazy how it’s all like guys various trophies will you make can we dance play with me tomorrow yeah it’s true thank you thank you we go we go we go people weakling the laser on the Eiffel Tower keep doing it I’m gonna zoom we go we go we go whoo bless it over over out and Coverly because it’s dark you can hear it sound so cute this is a big Museum which is blaring the Eiffel Tower Thanks what that’s amazing trees these are gorgeous trees well and this is the museum crazy cool very good so I’ve not been plugging – something – taking too many pictures of which we now have a gazillion oh and it’s really raining again okay this one is make you okay so Laura yeah you know you do know that this this can go on forever tonight you are aware of that says him taking more pictures oh one of those yeah that is clever so we’re back home got my flower over

here extremely wet so we all going to bed you got very nice day so lots of fun funny pictures buddy oh I couldn’t get going for a long time I was getting late and a little cold and wet some happy to be home so I hope you love this book come on kit oh yeah that was a day so it is summer Paris so sending you loads of love and so happy you’re here with me well it’s really nice having you come along on this trip so one but you loved it if you did give it a thumbs up and I will see you tomorrow for another fun day in Paris and you know what we’re up to because Eric already gave you the rundown the agenda for tomorrow so gates I did Nate name