Thai Street Food in Bangkok – MOST POPULAR LUNCH Noodles in Downtown Silom, Thailand!

– Hey everyone I hope you’re having an amazing day It’s Mark Wiens I’m in Bangkok, Thailand I’m handing with my friend, Drew, – Hey, guys. How you doing? And today we are in Silom, which is, It’s one of the main downtown financial districts of Bangkok. Full of sky rise office buildings, and, so, at lunchtime, just floods of people come here to eat street food And so, we thought it would be a lot of fun to take you today on a Silom, Thai, streetfood, lunch tour of Bangkok We’re not even sure exactly what we’re gonna eat, but we’re just gonna go to some of the popular, famous, stalls, and share it all with you in this video (traffic sounds) That was okay – Could have been better – It was okay (electronic music) – (Speaking in Thai) Okay Okay, the first place we’re stopping is called [Store] Hey, what’s up, man? – Mark Wiens! – (laughing) – What’s going on, brother? – [Mark] What’s up, man? – Oh man, I watch I watch all your food videos, man That’s so crazy to see you – Thank you. Thank you – I’m having a little trouble reading the font of this Khao Man Gai spot, but it’s a chicken and rice spot called “Khao Man Gai Ban Deed Kim.” It’s right in the heart of Saladang Right on [Street] If you have gotten off the BTS at Saladang station and walked down this road, there’s no doubt that you have passed by this stall many, many, times We’re here before lunch, it’s just after 10:30 AM, so it’s not very full yet But if you come here … Drew, man- If you’re here right at noon, these tables will just be packed And the good thing is we’re here early, so we can get a couple meals in before the main lunch rush arrives So, we’re gonna have chicken and rice first – Yes, sir – You’re ready? – Yes, man. Let’s do it – (speaking Thai) (grunts) – [Mark] Oy. (laughs) (knife hitting chopping block) (speaking Thai) (chair being pulled) – [Mark] Alright. Cool – [Drew] Yeah. Looks good, man – Yeah. As soon as you order- Maybe we’re a little- We’re on a little bit of a wobbly table, here – [Mark] ‘Khao’ means “rice”, ‘Man’ is like the fat, or the oil, and then ‘Gai’ is “chicken” So you have “Khao Man Gai”, “Chicken Rice” that is exactly chicken rice – Sure – [Mark] And then there’s always sauce You have to have sauce – [Drew] And we just watched a guy chop the chicken in the back, and you know- he really dissects it at a perfect angle every time – [Mark] They also sort of flatten it with the knife, – [Drew] Right so that it … Yeah, it just fits beautifully over your plate of rice – Yep – [Mark] Before we try the sauce, let’s just try a bite of the rice, ’cause either rice has got to be fragrant You can see that it’s just kind of glistening Cheers – (humming) – (humming) – Garlic-y. Right? – It is, yeah I like the rice. It’s very fluffy – It’s delicious, man – And it is very fragrant And you can feel each individual grain of rice because it’s so fluffy Then, you got the chicken, which is actually almost… It’s very moist Very succulent chicken (traffic and people speaking) – That chicken’s so soft – It’s time to sauce I believe there’s some [Sauce Name] in here from what I can smell It’s fermented soy beans, but then there’s also ginger and chilies in here It really is all about the sauce I mean, the chicken and rice are excellent, but the sauce is almost drinkable And you can see the shredded ginger in there Let me get a nice, good, giant, bite to just maximize the sauce – That sauce. Addicting, that flavor – [Mark] It’s the fermented soy beans, which make up most of that flavor – [Drew] Right But that gives it such a depth of flavor Then, you’ve got the ginger in there – The ginger kind of kicks in after When you said, then I started tasting it, but the first taste is not ginger – So, they only add a little bit of ginger to the actual sauce That’s why there’s an entire bowl full of extra ginger for people like us that need it And the, of course, chopped chilis Okay. That should be good for the next few bites Maybe a little bit of extra sauce on there for extra good measure, of course Oh, and that is a perfect bite (traffic sounds and people speaking) (humming) – With that extra ginger – Yeah – [Mark] But even the ginger is not that pungent, ’cause I believe that it’s young ginger – You can tell if it’s young or old? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – That’s experience, guys – Oh, yeah He knows if it’s young or old ginger – [Mark] Younger ginger is more juicy and a little bit sweeter Then, the final component to Khao Man Gai is the chicken soup And there’s some winter melon in here, too Okay, I’ll eat the winter melon (hums) Yeah, chicken soup is nice That winter melon just actually dissolves right down your throat (electronic music)

( traffic sounds) – [Mark] That was a great way to begin – [Drew] Yeah, dude – [Drew] Good little appetizer for the day – We’re gonna move on now to the next spot, which is just down the road, and hopefully they’re open ( people speaking and traffic noises) – [Mark] It’s now 11 AM, so a lot of carts are starting to set up Street food is starting to set up for the main lunch rush I think we can fit two lunches in before the main lunch – Absolutely Before the real lunch – Absolutely. I’m looking forward to it – We’re getting a head start (traffic sounds) – [Mark] Passing by this place, it’s called [Store Name] This is one of my absolute favorite places for green papaya salad – That’s one of the best – Oh, my favorite (electronic music) – We walked almost- it’s almost to Satun, which is the adjacent business, financial district of Bangkok But we just made it to the spot, this is the place – Alright, Drew. Oh, cool. They have these stands for the chair – Oh, yeah Look, they have your chair standing up there – Whoa – Never seen that before – [Waitress] (speaking in Thai) – (speaking in Thai) Awesome (laugh) – What just happened? (laughing) – So, we just decided to get beef (speaking in Thai) We decided to get beef soup with everything There’s meatballs, there’s the braised beef, there is probably some organs, there is tendon (people speaking in Thai) – When we ordered a mix of everything, it means all the meats, all the beef What he does is he takes the basket strainer, which is the boiler, he grabs some of the fresh beef, there’s some liver there There is some tripe He sticks it in the basket, then he blanches it real fast, just a quick blanche, and dunks it into that hot beef soup. It’s so aromatic Then, he takes some of the pre-cooked braised beef, which is sort of like brisket-y, brisket-y meat Just blanches that real fast, sticks it into your bowl Then, add some of the soup into the bowl, then finally finishes off with some of the fried garlic, and a sprinkle of pepper – So excited – (laughs) You ready to go eat it? – Yeah – Okay. Let’s go back to our chairs – [Drew] That smells delicious – [Mark] You can really smell the star anise in there They also include some lettuce, as well as some water morning in there – Right here, this guy – Yep, to it. And that even increases the fragrance So, we got that Gao Lao version, which is just a soup with rice on the side You could also order this with noodles You can get it however you like, and you can get whatever organs you like as well – Man – Yeah. It’s almost, it’s so aromatic You taste all of the Chinese herbs in there It has this sweetness to it – Kind of like soy, too – [Mark] I’m just gonna reach my chopsticks in and take whatever I get, which in this instance, happens to be a piece of liver and a piece of the fresh beef – [Drew] That broth – [Mark] So fresh tasting, because all of the meats apart from the beef that’s been braised, everything is just flashed blanched – [Drew] There are all kind of different textures going on in here – [Mark] Yeah, it is I mean, it’s not like one consistent meat They’re different shapes, different sizes – [Mark] Now that we’ve tried the broth and the meat, it’s time to make our sauce It’s fish sauce in a soy sauce bottle You add chili, a little bit of fish sauce, and then mainly is chili vinegar, which is- yep, this one would be the green sauce There it is. That is the perfect Give that a little chopstick twirl That’s your beef dipping sauce – What is this one? – That should be liver – Liver (electronic music) – [Mark] Into the sauce Oh, yes – [Drew] Lunch crowd is coming in – [Mark] Yep – Wow – Oh – [Drew] Spicy, sour. They add all the kicks, man – [Mark] And I just kind of almost let it sit in the sauce, ’cause this sauce is so good – [Drew] Dunk it – [Mark] Dunk it, and let it just soak – [Drew] Like a sponge (electronic music) – [Mark] Okay, I’m gonna try meatball next and another thing you can do that I like to do sometimes is … Pour it on – [Drew] Pour it on? – Dropped the ball, too – Oh. It’s really spongy, but firm at the same time – It is, yeah – Good – Go down with some rice – Thing about this chili sauce, when you mix the chili flakes with fish sauce it becomes a liquid chili paste and it burns your lips It just stays on your lips the whole meal Whether that’s a good or bad thing For me, it’s a good thing, but you’re always reminded of that spice, man – Oh, the tripe is incredible It has a snap to it Like a little, just wonderful, cartilage-y crunch to it

(people speaking and dishware sounds) – [Mark] (speaking Thai) now as we’re leaving, it’s actually even still before, I think it’s still before Yeah, it’s 11:50, but you can see the Silom lunch rush now is starting to build up Now there’s a whole crowd waiting to eat here, so it’s good we got here 30 minutes ago And by the way, the place is called Yee Jay – Amazing man. Like, I’m already getting kind of full, and I know that’s a bad thing, because we have more coming, right? (laughs) – [Mark] Now we’re ready for the real lunch – [Drew] Can’t wait – [Mark] But yeah, that was – Give you the sweats – I got the sweats. I got the sweats – It’s already humid outside we had the soups – Yes. Exactly (laughs) (electronic music) (people talking) – This is the next restaurant street food stall This is a place that’s very famous for noodles and it is right at noon This is perfect time for ultimate busyness This is just the atmosphere that I love so much about Bangkok – [Drew] Yep. Right on the street – Stalls, the aromas of beautiful soups and chilis and limes – Absolutely, man – [Mark] Oh, yeah (speaking Thai) (laughing) – This places is called Kuay Teow Khae You can choose your size, 40 bot, 50 bot, 60 bot She told us that the 60 bot version, that’s the special, that’s the big bowl that comes with everything including Moo Grob, which is the crispy pork belly (bowl being filled) – The action and energy here is so beautiful, and what’s noticeable when I’m standing here by the cart where she’s assembling the noodles, she’s actually blanching the noodles back there somewhere you can’t really see Then, they’ve got some of the seasoning ingredients here at the front The final step, if she blanches the noodles, then he adds in the mixed pork, the egg The nice touch is that he squeezes on the lime juice The lime juice is not cooked out, which preserves the flavor Tosses noodles, adds on some more seasoning, so that’s … You just smell the citrus, the lime aroma. It smells so good And that’s why there are so many people here – Did we even get a table? – [Mark] We’re waiting for a table because there’s kind of a queue over there – Okay So she’s – You ain’t gonna lie – [Mark] No, we’ve got it We’re waiting for a table We’re in line. We’re in line – This is the heat of the moment, guys This is what it’s all about – [Mark] Whoa (speaking thai) (crowd sounds) – We waited about 30 minutes to get this chair, but we finally got it – [Mark] Yes we did – You’re in the frame more, and there’s more action behind you on that side – Yeah, this is cool – That is our (dish name)(laughs) – [Drew] Did you get that? – [Mark] Okay, now – [Ying] (speaking Thai) – [Drew] Oh, yeah – [Ying] Oops. Sorry (eltro music) – [Mark] But it comes with soup on the side, yeah? – [Ying] Yeah, I think that she’s gonna bring it … Yeah – [Drew] You have two cameras on you (laughs) Don’t worry, no pressure – Really good (speaking Thai) – The first expression that I’m gonna say is (speaks Thai) means I desperately want to eat this.(laughs) – [Drew] This is true, this is true – Definitely you could put your whole face in this bowl, it’s that big You’ve got the bami, which are egg noodles, but they’re not the spaghetti egg noodles, but they’re the thick Look at that bunch of noodles Actually, you know what? I just grabbed in one chopstick all the of the noodles in my entire bowl – You could eat it all in one bite – That’s how sticky they are – Yeah (laugh) But they’re the semi wide egg noodles So, wheat based with egg, but then all of the toppings, you see the red barbecue pork, you’ve got the moo grob, which looks incredible, which is the crispy pork belly A variety of meatball looking things, some of the minced pork, and just thin and wavy Wavy, that’s what they are, they’re wavy – Man – Oh, wow – Dude – [Mark] They’re tangly, and they’re so They’re soft, but not mushy at all and they’re very, very thin I mean, not the width, but the thickness is of noodles – [Drew] They kind of grip together in your mouth when you chew them – [Mark] They do – [Drew] Like, they don’t separate They kind of go in a ball in your mouth, but it’s a great ball(laughs) – [Mark] It has a gummy texture at the same time Actually oil, there’s dry chili flakes There’s vinegar, and this another vinegar These would be all the essential seasoning for this Oh, look at this. This is a beauty – [Drew] Are you putting all that in? – [Mark] I am putting all of this in, yes – [Drew] You’re insane – [Mark] One more scoop just for good, good measure Oh, perfect. Good. Then, I’m gonna go in for also some of vinegar and some chili flakes as well Little bit of dried chili flakes on here Finally, some of the chili vinegar, and probably two scoops of this to complete my

seasoning for the moment – [Drew] Can I tell you something? – [Mark] Yeah You want to say it on – [Drew] Wait, no no Wait until we’ll talking – No, go ahead – Alright, guys. I don’t think an average person would put that much chili on it I know this guy loves spice, but it’s mind blowing how spicy he makes his dish He wouldn’t say say that, so I want to say that on the camera. That’s it.(laugh) look at that, man It’s like, a full layer thick of spice – [Mark] A blanket of chili – [Drew] A blanket of chili, yeah. A blanket of chili – [Mark] That’s my favorite kind of blanket Okay. I’m gonna give this a little Whoa, it’s kind of sliding on the metal table Give this a little stir, let it coat those noodles – [Drew] So good – [Mark] This is where things get more and more beautiful and more flavorful. Oh, and the crispy pork belly Okay, I’m gonna definitely get some crispy pork belly on this bite Check out how these noodles have just been transformed – Oh my god Dude – Dude. The crispy pork belly Did you get a bite of that yet? – Yeah. Wow – [Drew] This is our third meal in the last hour and even though I’m full, this is the best one This is my favorite one – This is crazily good, yeah – So good I need a little more vinegar to balance everything and will be balanced out to perfection Okay, perfect – [Drew] I got to get that pork belly, again – [Mark] And I’ll get some moo dang, which is the barbecue part on this bite – [Drew] I’m surprised that you actually eat everything in the background (laughter) – As Drew and I were filming, Ying managed to finish her entire bowl – [Drew] Like, practically clean. Look at that (laughing) Ying you are a champion You are a champion – [Mark] Yeah That’s the reason we get along so well – Focus there – [Mark] Oh, let me see that skin – See that skin? See that? Oh yeah. That crunchy, but soft – The final component of this dish is the soup because we got the dry noodle soup The soup is on the side You can see the (ingredient), which is the coriander, the cilantro roots Yeah, very light. Another thing you could do, Drew, – Yeah? You can take some of your soup and add it to your noodles to rehydrate them as you continue to eat, which I love to do It’s like rejuvenating – [Drew] Bringing them back to life Because, your noodles get a little dry You can keep on rolling with it Look at … These are just so tasty, I love the texture, it’s great (electro music) – [Mark] I think this egg is a one biter Oh, that yolk. Oh, it’s so creamy (electro music) – Down to my last bite. I think this is a fish ball and I’m just gonna scrape up, wipe up, some of that final chili oil and nuts down there (laughs) yes. Right off the lip the of the bowl with the thumb. Okay, I got it – Oh. Cool. That’s a totally new texture That was one of a kind in the bowl – [Mark] Good job, Drew – Oh, dude. The best I’m so happy right now I’m so satisfied, I don’t even need to eat until dinner (laughs) I mean, I meant tomorrow – [Mark] How’s the noodles? – Very good – Very good. As I’ve mentioned, my lips are burning(laughs) Welcome to Thailand. Welcome to Bangkok (electro music) – So good. She is a master. She is a master You’ve got to come here when you’re in Silom, man The lunch rush, it’s so much energy, it’s so action packed, her noodles (speaking Thai) – She knows what she’s doing, guys. Really (laughing and speaking Thai) (electro music) – [Mark] He has called us over (speaking Thai) – [Mark] You want half of the sample? – [Drew] Yeah, dude – [Mark] This is one with taro inside We’ve stopped for the final thing on this Thai street food tour of Silom at lunch We’ve stopped at Khanom Tokyo, which is a sweet, it’s kind of like a pancake, which [Person] is really friendly This is with taro inside it Oh, yeah – It is like a pancake (calling sounds) – Oh, and he’s … Okay He’s making a fresh batch – [Drew] That’s good. Really good – [Mark] Unless you want to try to the hotdog one, we can – [Ying] I had the hotdog – [Mark] Oh, you did?(laughs) ‘Cause the hotdog one has the coil in it (speaking Thai) (cooking sounds) (speaking Thai) – Lung Tokyo – [Mark] Lung Tokyo, mean ‘Uncle Tokyo’ – [Man] Uncle Tokyo (traffic sounds) (laughing)

– [Mark] Uncle Tokyo on [Street Name], he’s such a friendly man He’s been making this same snack for 20 years – [Drew] 20 years – Yeah, we’ve already tried some of the sweet versions Just snacking right off the griddle, but the one I’m most interested to try is the Thai ‘pig in the blanket.’ The Thai corn dog The entire hotdog, the ketchup, oh, the quail egg, – [Drew] The quail egg is all wrapped up on a stick on a skewer How convenient is that? – Oh, man (laughs) Wow. I need to think about this for a second.(laughs) – That is oddly delicious – [Drew] Yeah It’s like a sweet pancake with a slightly mushy hotdog, the quail egg, – Ketchup And you’ve got that tangy ketchup – I vote this is great, man I’ll come back and get this again – [Mark] Even if the hotdog is not my favorite thing, the experience – it’s an art in itself Just the art of uncle making it, his passion for it, and his positivity, and just – [Drew] He’s been doing it for 20 years, making the same exact thing every I asked him how many he sells in a day, and he said he can’t even count ’cause he sells so many – [Mark] Just the convenience of this, it’s all on a stick You never need to touch it I happen to be on my final bite – This is kind of a sad moment – Yeah, I know That means its gonna end – It’s kind of bittersweet Alright, this is the final bite of hotdog (electro music) (traffic sounds) – That was a lot of fun, and that was a perfect ending Drew, what was your favorite dish of the day? – I have to say it was the third one we ate, the dried noodles, man. That was amazing – It was – Yeah – It really was incredibly good Well, we’ve come to the end of this food tour I want to say a huge thank you to Drew for joining me Drew, can you just tell everybody what you do? – Sure. Thanks, man. It was a pleasure being here I make daily travel videos on Facebook and Youtube Just two to three minute little documentary style telling unique stories and everything, just like the guy that we just met – I’ll leave all his links below Check him out. He also makes videos with a message and also really explains the culture Yeah, Drew is cool – Cool – Anyway, thank you all – Thanks man so very much for watching this video Please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you, and if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe now Also, you see that little bell icon? Click that bell icon. That way you’re gonna get notified of the next video that I publish Thanks again for watching Good bye from Bangkok in Silom See you on the next video – See you guys[Thai]