15-Minute Non-Toxic No Make-Up, Make-Up Routine

Hola mis amores! Today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to do a no makeup makeup look with all non-toxic and natural products. As you guys know it’s really important for me and it’s been one of my missions to bring you guys non-toxic, “clean” as they say, natural beauty. Many of these products are organic woman crafted small businesses and I just love being able to bring new healthier alternatives for your daily facial beat because I know we all want to look good! But I think it’s super important to do so while being as healthy as possible and I promise you that it’s totally a real thing to be able to you know get that really awesome glow and beat that you want and that you desire and they usually get from conventionally store-bought products with healthier alternatives. So let’s dive right into it! For those of you who don’t know I’m Jessica Jade and I craft an organic skincare line called Sunkiss organics and for me, maybe I’m biased because I craft organic skincare. But to me, there is no way that you’re gonna get that beautiful beat that you want on your face if your skin is all dry and scaly and not up to par and moisturized. That is the key! Hydration is the key to healthy skin people and it’s also the key to putting on makeup and looking flawless! So let’s get to it First I’m gonna spray my face quickly oh yes! I just used the Sunkiss Organics Aloe Rose Toner. It obviously has aloe vera, it has rosewater, it has rosehip oil and a bunch of other essential oils that make it super super hydrating and make your skin feel super super supple. So I’m just gonna let that dry just a little bit and then I’m gonna add five drops of the Carrot Seed Serum which is also one of the products from my organic skin care line. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 drops to my face is good It’s feeling pretty hydrated already so I usually tap it in always in, in an upward motion. Gently tap and press into your skin Especially in those places where you know you have drier skin. A lot of us have combination skin and we forget to add a little bit more moisture to the places where your skin is dry. For me that is the chin area don’t ask me why! I have no idea. Then I’m gonna use…it’s also important to use a good moisturizer Just because you put a serum on doesn’t mean you don’t need a moisturizer. I’m using this sample size of the Tata Harper hyaluronic gel moisturizer and it really does turn into somewhat of a gel when you put it on your face leaving it kind of making it like a bit of a primer so I’m just gonna add a couple of pumps it’s it smells really good and it’s chock full of really really great ingredients so again there we go and I usually whatever moisturizing agents I’m putting on my face I like to also put them on my on my neck I think that’s a can’t forget some moisturizers our neck as well thank you for making my skin feel so good okay Oh a shout out to Botanika beauty for the poppin curls, you feel me? they look good okay so I also like to use a tinted SPF. Sunscreen is a must ladies don’t be out here in these streets without sunscreen porque mija you’re gonna look old and no offense you know. There’s nothing against aging. I believe it is a privilege to age! However, you don’t want to look it, you feel me? so I had to choose between three of my favorite tinted sunscreens, facial sunscreens but today I decided to choose a brand that’s actually pretty pretty cost-effective has pretty like clean, “clean” non-toxic is what I really mean ingredients and that gives you a very beautiful light coverage and that’s the the face Coola mineral sunscreen It’s unscented which I like that means that you know there isn’t any nasty hidden fragrances that are gonna make you sick low key years from now. This is this is their mineral BB cream and it’s SPF 30 and its broad a spectrum so I’ll shake it up only shake your

products guys! People forget to shake the products and then wonder why it looks weird when it comes out anyway so why should always shake it and I put about this much like about that much on my face cuz I’m not just trying to protect my skin from the Sun now. I’m trying to hide some of my imperfections and blemishes right so I’ll do that and you always want to target the places that you want to try to get most when trying to use this at the end of the day this is a tinted sunscreen it’s a BB cream but it’s a tinted sunscreen so what you want to do is you want to make sure that you’re hitting areas that you know are highly exposed to the Sun so like your high points, your forehead cuz you know I make a lot of wrinkly faces I make a lot of expressions so like my lines here my underneath my eye and now that provides a super super super light coverage because it’s a tinted BB cream so it’s not just a sunscreen it provides like coverage which is amazing it’s exactly what I want when I’m trying to go for a no makeup a makeup look. If I have any places or like red marks or red dots or blemishes that I’m trying to hide I would normally conceal it with concealer and that is the next product you’re gonna be using. I’ve been using sample sizes of the fit glow concealer. I’ve been using the C 4 and the C 5 I believe that I’m a mixture of the two because I normally put the C 4 which is lighter right in these areas and then I’ll put the C 5 further out so yeah I have to my plan is to purchase the C 4.5 which or yes 4.5 which is coming out which I think I already came out Fitglow products are amazing because it’s not just makeup their whole thing is about making their makeup skincare as well, you know? So you’re getting correcting skincare skin correcting benefits well as coverage and I mean who doesn’t want that. They also used a shit ton of healthy ingredients in their products like you’re not gonna get any crap. I kind of just let that sit for just some did old in it just a little bit cause I’m weird and for some reason I in my mind I feel like it creates more coverage but I don’t know if it’s all the way true but that’s how I feel Next we’re gonna be using the luminous bronze stick by Au Naturale in the color Trailblazer because that’s what I hope to be someday and then I just put it right underneath my cheekbones, chin, I shape my nose and a little circle there and then I’ll put it around the edge of my forehead. I have a big forehead y’all let’s be honest. All the pretty girls do right? Or so that’s what I hear! so I like to put it I’ll like to brush it and blend it deep into my forehead to try to hide the fact that my forehead is a little large. Then I’m gonna use a one of these little spongy brush spongy thingies I can’t remember what they’re called whatever you know what I’m talking about, you know what it is! And I always find that the fit blow fit glow concealer works better when my face is a little bit more moisturized, a little bit wetter. So I usually spray the Sunkiss Aloe Rose Toner onto the little sponge and then I will blend it. See how easily that blended then I like to bring it down you know down a little bit onto my eyelid I promise you it looks like hurts but it doesn’t. I’m just beating it, beating it ! And then I’ll go up and down the bridge of my nose make sure it’s blended well and then I’ll go in with an angled brush these are perfect for when you’re, what do you call it? When you’re blending your

contour. Also don’t mind my fake British accent I can’t help it, I’m a strange lady You’re welcome! Ohhh yassss, take that! I also like to contour upward. Riri taught me that in one of her vogue videos I’m gonna bring it down to my chin to slim it upward on my jawline, down to my chin and now, my forehead! that I go down Basically, I use the bronzer as a contour porque I really just don’t have time to use more than one product. I’m using more than enough products already. okay my nose, the bridge of my nose and there you have it mmmmm look at that Summer glow look at that Summer glow which I know you’re gonna want to keep as the fall approaches okay what’s next now I’m going to take the Han skincare cosmetics highlighter They call it an illuminating balm and again this is another product that is a skincare cosmetics so it’s meant to make your skin healthy look at that look how pretty that shimmer is and again you dab that onto your high points the bridge of your nose blend it in well. Mhmm Mhmm Mhmm the glow up is real y’all! I’m truly am thankful for healthy products that make your skin look perfect! okay now we’re going to do our eyes I’m gonna be using the Aether Beauty palette it is their summer solstice palette this is also another woman-owned brand that uses high quality ingredients and sustainable packaging you know so that you can be healthy and beautiful and so that you can help the world you can’t be mad at that right sorry super close-up! okay so I’m gonna be using the color solar eclipse for the base which this one right here. Tap tap tap tap Look how pretty that is it’s so subtle but it also gives you such a beautiful pink rosy look. Then I’m gonna be using the color Ruby right in the crease and this is Ruby right there so I usually like open my eye, I find the crease like that and then I open my eye so that it could go right in there, girl. I can know exactly where it’s gonna be once I open my eye you know I’m weird about that. Then I’m gonna take a brush I’m gonna use the color Sol no sorry I’m gonna use citrine. citrine is this shimmery one right here and I’m gonna put that right in the tear duct mmm girl this palette seriously makes me feel myself it’s so pretty okay all right so now that that’s done the last step for your eyeballs is to use a fluffy brush and blend blend blend blend blend no one likes harsh lines in their eyes it looks weird y’all. I’m gonna be honest I’ve seen some people and Im like don’t do it to yourself mama. Blend it! It only takes a second you see I’m done blending. The end. Now I’m gonna use my got a grab for it Ilia mascara. This is the truth! You

can tell that I use the crap out of this thing look at that! It’s peeling and I don’t know what I did to it or how I peeled or what or where or how or when but I love this mascara I’m gonna get real up close and personal with y’all, y’all ready? and I like to do outward I like to put my mascara like in an outward motion. I feel like it enhances the almond shape of my eyes and it’s the best way to really get mascara on my eyelashes perfection! All right now eyebrow brush. It’s time to do my eyebrows, its time to do my eyebrows! As you can see I have to get them done again soon my girl Yulisa does my eyebrows. No one else touches them so if I haven’t been able to get an appointment I’ll just wait till her bushy as hell oh and I’m using the PYT Beauty eyebrow stick. I usually use the Lily Lolo eye brow powder but I can’t seem to find it. I don’t know what I’ve done with it but this has been great actually. I kind of just like fill in the blanks See, Wow it’s crazy how a good eyebrow pencil or powder or gel or whatever will like breathe new life into your whole face. Alright so we are at the end! Don’t worry it’s okay I’ll be back with another video for you. This is the Antonym blush and I just smile and I know where to put it. When I was younger I used to put it in all the wrong places and I don’t know why. Blush really confused me. Ohhh I love it! I love this blush. I love this blush it’s so pretty. It’s in the color, it’s a highlighting blush, also it’s in the color Lily. Mira que Lindo! I love it. Okay what else oh okay let me see I did everything except my lipstick! And because we’re going for a no-makeup makeup summer look, even though it’s the end of summer, it’s still nice out. I am going to use the Lilly Lolo Damson Dusk lip gloss. I love this lip gloss it’s not too sticky you know it leaves my skin super hydrated I’m gonna wipe off a little bit of the chapstick that I had on. I always wear chapstick why do my makeup so my lips are super hydrated since you know the lipstick is the last step always for me. I feel like lipstick is what seals the deal you know Perfecto! All right and this is a really nice color man it’s kind of like a Mauve color. And like a true Bronx girl I love love when my lip gloss is popping. It has to be like glossy you know if it’s a lip gloss do it up. Why be modest? Hay dios, mira que lindo! I love it. I love this lip gloss. It’s a natural lip gloss of course it’s beautiful So there you have it mis amores. Look at that. Bring the light closer so you can really see it. Look at that glow! You see that glow? I told you you could get a beautiful beat natural look with organic makeup. Natural non-toxic makeup is the truth, it’s the wave, it’s the future. I promise you it’s worth every single penny! So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to list every single product that I used below, of course, so that you can

have access to it. So you can see all the different colors and variations and tones and you’re gonna love it. I promise you’re gonna love a lot of these products. They’re so so so so good! Thank you for watching, thank you for taking the time to watch this no makeup makeup look. I hope you enjoyed it If there’s anything else that you want to see from me in the future, leave a comment below and let me know. And of course subscribe to my channel if you’re watching on YouTube and follow me if you’re watching on IGTV Gracias mis amores, until next time!