A Guide To Indie Eyeshadow Bases and Primers

hey guys wasn’t you I think that my neighbor has decided to provide us with musical background so if you hear music somewhere in the background it’s because we’re not that far away from each other and he has the music turned out really loudly and it’s too warm so I don’t feel like closing the windows either so I hope you don’t mind anyway today’s video is going to be a really cool one or at least I really think it’s very cool we’re going to talk about in the eyeshadow bases and eye primers now I’ve tried recording this video before and I’ve never really liked the outcome of it just because I feel like it’s such an important video probably you think it’s super stupid but I think it’s such an important video for me to make that I feel like I want to do it the right way and I will not satisfy for anything less than what I imagined from this video to be what I want this video to be basically is a bit of a guide for all of you who are not familiar with in the eyeshadow bases and primers so that you can kind of take from here useful information into your decision of which base you would like to pick for yourself because you think it will suit you the most so I think I’m going to start with the two primers that I have and those are from concrete minerals and from darling girl now these two are primers in the regular sense of primers so they are meant to increase the longevity of your eyeshadows and even though they are supposed to help with the minerals in the loose eyeshadows stick to your eyelids that’s like a bit of a bonus with these guys these are really eye primers so let’s just talk about those first I’m going to show you each of the products I’m going to talk briefly about my experience with those and then I’m going to show you a swatch of an eye shadow over these primers and the eye shadow I picked is arsenic from concrete minerals now the reason I picked arsenic is because arsenic has beautiful chunky glitter in it I don’t know if you can see is a beautiful plum II base with blue sparkle in it and I think that an eyeshadow like this is a really good example of how these primers perform I’m not sure that you’re going to be able to pick that up on camera when it’s washed just on the back of the hand because I think a lot of these things work a little bit differently when you apply them on the eyes but I am going to give you just my personal experience with them as well now without further rambling I’m going to start with concrete minerals electric eye primer the eye primer looks like this it comes in a tin screw-top jar and it has this really soft mushy texture the jar it looks like it has a color to it but that does not really translate so much on the eyes so this is how it looks like you see that there is absolutely no color and I’m now going to swatch it right here on my hand for you so that you see that on the skin it really doesn’t have a color and I’m going to apply the eyeshadow over top of it and then I will tell you what I think about it okay guys so this right here is a swatch of arsenic overtop of concrete me neurosis electric eye primer so the price of the primer is eleven or twelve dollars I think they changed it recently in the amount that you get is quite decent it is 10 grams now this primer has a very lightweight very silicone rich texture which is why it plays really smoothly on your eyelids it’s one of the most pleasant primers I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with because it’s very smooth and it makes your eye it’s really really smooth probably because of the waxes and silicones it contains which is why it also makes your eyelids really really like smooth and the surface it gives you it’s a very good one to work with so when you have to like blend your eyeshadows you really have can do that completely effortlessly now this primer is supposed to help mineral eye shadows and glitter particles in mineral eye shadows stick now what you see here on my hand is that blue sparkles are really there and you can nicely see them I have to say that from experience of using this on my eyes with this very same eyeshadow you get the blue sparkles for like about half an hour and after that they just fly away because this primer is not so great in keeping sparkles for a significant amount of time the other thing that I have a problem with this primer because on my eyelid it does not perform very consistently in terms of longevity now let me say up front I have quite oily eyelids so maybe I’m not the best standard for that but I’m just talking to you from personal experience so on my only eyelids eyeshadows applied over

this primer only tend to crease in approximately 6 to 8 hours not really much longer because personally I have not experienced eyeshadows not creasing on me with this for over eight hours when I use a long home that was the window sorry I think we have a somewhat of a storm approaching so it may be that it gets really interesting in about the half an hour but back to the concrete minerals electric eye primer so like I said it is a very pleasant primer to work with because it provides you with this extremely smooth surface but if you have super oily eyelids I would be a little reluctant to advise you to get it because you might be able to disappointed that your eyeshadows crease after six to eight hours so that’s all I wanted to say about the concrete minerals electric eye primer and then we can move on to the other one which is printed and primed from darling girl cosmetics which looks like this it comes in a standard jar of darling club eyes shut offs just like that and inside it is full to the brim this is how it looks like it does not really have a color now the first thing you notice about this primer when you dip your finger into it is that it has quite a waxy texture and when I apply it on the skin like this it does not have a color either printing primed primer cost $4 and the amount that you get is three grams so here is what this eye shadow looks like over primped and primed just with the other primer I’m not quite sure that sparkles will really stick to this for a very long time and now I’m going to talk about the quality of this primer which can be viewed as a pro and account depending on your perspective this primer is a champion in keeping my eyeshadows in place like if I put eyeshadows with this primer underneath they literally do not move for ten hours which is pretty spectacular for someone like me who has pretty oily eyelids now on the con side this primer dries out my lid like nobody’s business it’s very hard to apply it on my eyelids because it dries out the skin really quickly and then you basically tug a little bit to spread it on your eyeballs the other issue that I’m experiencing with this primer is that if I start blending eyeshadows directly over top of it it’s pretty much mission impossible it just does not work solution to that is to apply just a skin colored eyeshadow all over your lid before you start applying anything else that needs to be blended because it really helps the blending process now I must be honest with you because this primer is kind of difficult for me to work with I don’t reach for it very often I do reach for it sometimes but it’s not my go-to primer not the one that I will pick up immediately from the punch I do know that at the moment Susan the owner of darling girl is working on making a new primer watch one which is a little bit creamier and I’m really really looking forward to trying out her formula because I do love how how much longevity this primer gives me I absolutely am blown away by it but on the other hand it makes blending such a hassle that I need to really have a lot of time on my hands to use this primer because I need a lot of time for blending after that whereas with the concrete minerals eye primer for instance blending goes like a dream so you have awesome blending versus longevity take your pick take it as you like there are ways to work around both of these but like I said if you’re willing to invest the time into applying skin color eyeshadow and only then blending and you you don’t mind the dry feeling that this primered print and print will give on your eyelids then definitely pick it up and try it because it’s quite inexpensive in the end so those were the two actual primers like buy primers that I wanted to talk to you about in this video and the next three products are going to be loose eyeshadow bases is the most white term I can apply to these products because they are not glittery fixatives although technically a lot of companies call them glitter fixatives I really call them loose in the loose eyeshadow bases and the ones that I’m going to talk about are from indie companies and they’re pretty popular I think one is the cult pixie epoxy from fiorini the second one is going to be glitter glue from darling girl and then we are also going to talk about shadow buying from notoriously morbid now these three are quite different from each other so I would like to take the time to really talk to you about each of them my first venture into the world of sticky eyeshadow bases for loose

eyeshadows was pixie epoxy from Fiorini pixie epoxy comes in this like standard lip gloss kind of tubes and it also has a doe foot applicator just like a lip gloss and I don’t know if you can see but the texture this is quite tacky the price of this tube is I think seven dollars and it comes with I think nine milliliters of product I think so or something I in any case you get a lot and they also offer mini sizes so you can always test this out with a smaller tube when you apply it on your hands it really goes on completely transparent this is how it looks like when it’s first applied and I think you can see that it looks quite techy this is a swatch of arsenic overtop of pixie epoxy now a few thoughts on epochs when I first bought this product I used it once and then I tossed it away because I never wanted to look at it again there is a learning curve associated with the usage of pixie epoxy and for all of you who have this product but I have just stashed it in a drawer and don’t want to use it because it’s too difficult I wanted to give you a few thoughts first of all when you’re using epoxy my recommendation to you is apply the tiniest tiniest tiniest amount you can imagine on your eyelids first of all I never applied directly from the tube I always put a little bit of the product on the back of my hand and then I used my finger to dab the product on my eyelids I actually used do that with all of these sticky eye bases but I specifically recommend it with epoxy because epoxy is so tricky to work with so because it’s so tacky when you apply it on your eyelids you can literally feel how sticky it is and the thing with this base is that you need to wait a little bit until it’s not overly sticky and then apply your eye shadow but on the other hand you don’t want to be too slow with it too because if it dries then your eye shadows are also not going to stick so my recommendation is use the tiniest bit apply that with your finger then wait a little bit until it’s not super tacky anymore and then apply the eye shadow that you want overtop so what I normally do is that I have already blended everything that needs to be blended in the crease above and what not and only then do I use epoxy on my moving lid to apply the loose eye shadow that I want to really stick there because blending over epoxy can result in unmitigated disasters I have had times when I apply epoxy and then I try to blend over it and then I get these gooey little things starting to form on my Islands and it’s just really really ugly so my recommendation to you here is try to use epoxy as a very last step in the process and not as something that you do in the very beginning then let’s move on to the next sticky I shadow base and that is glitter glue from darling girl which comes in this squeeze tube it costs I think six dollars or something like that and you get let me see whether it says how much you get I can’t find on the sticker here how much you get but I think it’s again 9 or 10 milliliters it’s quite a lot so it comes in this squeeze tube like this which basically forces you to really put the bit on the back of your hand and only then on your eyeballs so if I squeeze a bit on the back of my hand this is how the product looks like again it’s transparent okay this is a swatch of arsenic overtop of glitter glue now what I can tell you about glitter glue is that’s not as thick and go with inconsistency as compared to epoxy so in that respect it’s a little bit easier to work with but the same rules that apply to epoxy in my opinion apply to glitter glue as well better do all of your blending and the likes first and then apply the eye shadow over top of glitter glue and also once again apply tiny amounts once again wait until the base has dried a little bit of course the thing is a real epoxy you have to wait a little bit longer for the base to dry as compared to glitter glue but for the rest the same rules apply and the last base I want to talk to you about is shadow bind which is by a notoriously morbid this is how the full-size product looks like I think it costs six or 650 and you get eight milliliters of product once again it comes in a squeeze tube so you’re really forced to first squeeze a bit some on

the back of your hand let’s do that let me spread it so that you can see once again the product is transparent this is a swatch of arsenic overtop of shadow bind by notoriously morbid now my advice would be when you work with shadow bind just stick to the same rules that you would stick to when using glitter glue or pixie epoxy however there is one very significant difference whereas um epoxy is very very sticky and tacky glitter glue is a little bit less sticky and tacky shadow bind has the more most liquid type of texture so there is a little bit of stickiness to it but it’s also quite liquid and quite smooth feeling now I’m not someone who knows what about formulating this kind of product so I’m going to like your eyes here what’s the difference between all of these in terms of texture I think the difference between all these bases comes from mostly the presence of glycerin epoxy contains the most glycerin and these contain less glycerin so epoxy contains the most glycerin and shadow bind contains the least glycerin which is why I also think that they’re tacky Ness is like in descending order from epoxy to shadow bind with epoxy being the most sticky and tacky and shadow bind being the most like liquidy and less least tacky of them all is there also difference in performance I personally think that there are slight differences in the performance of these and I think that shadow banking glitter glue performed quite equally so as products I think they’re also quite comparable to each other and I think that epoxy is the one that really stands out and where epoxy really stands out for me is eyeshadows which contain chunky glitter so when I’m applying eyeshadows which have tiny shimmers or some some sort of a duochrome effect it really doesn’t matter which one I’m going to apply because they all work perfectly fine for that sometimes even just a regular primer works very fine with this eyeshadows but the chunkier the butyl gets in your eyeshadows the more I think powerful picks epoxies in keeping that glitter on your eyelids all of these products are going to keep sparkles in place for the whole day that you’re wearing your makeup this is without a doubt because I have tested it however I think that epoxy is the one that performs the best because of its slightly more liquid texture I think shadow Bank can also be used as a mixing medium I think if you put a little bit of shadow bind on like a mixing surface and just a little bit of eye shadow I think you can easily create your own liquid liners just using shadow Bank without the necessity to have a special mixing medium perhaps you can also do that with glitter glue I’ve never actually tried but I think it would be rather impossible to do that with epoxy another thing that I have noticed is that when I use concrete minerals electric eye primer and any of these over top for extra stickiness for the lucite shadows it does kind of elongate the longevity of my that okay it does kind of help with prolonged ink how long the eye shadows don’t crease on my eyelid so if the electric eye primer on its own would give me a longevity of six to eight hours before creasing and fading if you apply this as an extra step I think that process of creasing and fading occurs a little bit later it depends a little bit on the eyeshadow that you’re using and how oily of a day you’re having but all you know I think that these guys really extend the life of your eyeshadows to about eight hours and more now I don’t really want to give you advice on which one to get because I think it’s a little bit of a personal decision and it depends a little bit on your goals your loyalty to companies and whatever I know a lot of people stick to their Indies and they want to support it and that’s just perfectly fine but I think that there is a place for epoxy in your stash and there is a place for dieter glue or shadow bind in your stash I think these two glitter glue and shadow byte are a little bit interchangeable because they’re very comparable in how they perform and how easy they are to work with but I think it poxy is the one that really stands out for me as for some eyeshadows when I use some eyeshadows on the other hand I must be totally honest with you epoxy is not easy to work with it takes time to get used to the product it takes time to figure out your way to work with it and it’s not the easiest one to start with so if you’re someone who is dipping their toes into eyeshadow bases I would suggest picking up either shadow byte or glitter glue my personal opinion is that shadow byte is the easiest one to work with just because the texture is so liquidy and smooth doesn’t take long to dry and it’s just so user friendly

I think the glitter goo is just as easy to use it’s just slightly tackier than shadow bind so for me these two are quite comparable whichever one you pick you can’t go wrong but if you’re someone who is starting out with loose eyeshadows and sticky bases for loose eyeshadows I would suggest wait a bit until you are your levels of expertise are a little bit higher and then go for epoxy because then you’re really going to appreciate the value that epoxy has in your stash okay guys I think I have blabbed more than enough about in the eyeshadow primers and sticky bases I hope that this video was useful to you definitely let me know if you have any questions because I would be more than happy to answer if I can I’ve been wanting to make this video for a really long time and I really wanted to do it right so I really really hope that what I’m going to look at right now when I’m checking how this video turned out is okay because I have received a lot of questions about this eyeshadow bases and a couple of you have actually requested a video talking about all of them so I hope that you like this video definitely please let me know if you have any any questions and I will get back at you thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye