DORM ROOM TOUR | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

so hi guys it’s your girl deja and welcome back to another video in today’s video i have a dorm tour if you guys don’t know i attend ufi which is the best school but today i’m going to show you guys around make sure you guys like comment and subscribe to my channel we just hit 1k and now we’re on the road to 5k let’s get into the video okay you guys this is the first hallway and as you can see there’s a door right here this dorm is originally there for four people but only two people currently live here and right here this is my room are you guys ready for the big review here is my room so the first stop will be the closet the crazy part is there’s other doors so i got these curtains from big lots and as we just pushed that back at the top you can see that i have some gray bins where i just keep like cleaning supplies i have some snacks cups bowls and iron all of my clothes are right here i have my hamper and i have my shoes down here so let me close that up and as we come around here i just have my birth bag sitting here i can kind of just add a little special touch to the room and i also have another bin where i pretty much keep like lotion or like my makeup bag any kind of like miscellaneous body products and as we go to around right here we have my beautiful bedding i got this throw blanket it’s so soft from target and my bang is from kohl’s and this stroke pillow right here it’s also from target and the cool thing about this bed is that when you lift it up there are some drawers down here so there are three on this side and there are three on this side as well and underneath here i just have another container where i keep like my beauty products down here as well and one right here and as we go above my bed as you can see i have my painting that i did it just says love as you can tell i wanted to really go for like a white black and grey room theme and as we come around here i have two pictures on the wall this one says fashion and this one says i do not do fashion and i also have my led lights and i will turn those on for you a little bit later and as you come right here i have my picture that says bless i forgot where i got that from but i also have my calendar my jewelry holder and check out my dollar tree video if you have it to see how to make it and i have my tissue okay guys so after this section right here i have this nice body mirror i got this mirror from target i love it because i can see my full outfit and right next to it i have my desk i have my tv up top with this stand that i got from amazon my remotes i got these cute little gray bins from target as well and like the dollar section where i just pretty much keep my face mask this is the match um i gave us and i have another one on this side my hand sanitizer and as we go to the bottom of the desk i have my mirror that i got from target i have this thing to keep my pencils and pins this candle is really here just for decoration and i have this cool lighter box that says faith and i could turn it on and off and it’s battery operated i got this from five and below and i have my vaseline my room spray to keep my room smelling fresh i have this nice beautiful lint and i love it because it has little power cords have my flowers and i have my planner and right here as you can see this is where i keep like pretty much in my desk i just have some pencils some face mask calculator tape some lashes that’s not really school supplies but it’s there and let’s just move this out of the way underneath the desk you can see that i pretty much just have some snacks and my free snacks um i have my little granola bars so yeah i keep that underneath my desk and also underneath i have like my notebooks here two school supplies

i’m gonna put that i’m just gonna put this here for now and also in this one i have more school supplies as well so yes got my stapler my pencils post-it notes all of that underneath my desk at the bottom you can see i have this nice fluffy gray rug i got this from amazon and right here next to my desk they gave us a little trash can and as you look up on my wall i have this ace of rocky dior poster okay you guys i want to show you my led lights so all i have to do is just click the button turn them on so this is pretty much the color i keep them on but i can always switch it that’s red green blue and that’s white i’m going to turn up the lights too so you guys can get a better appreciation for it so that’s what it looks like off and i can also click a button where they pretty much just change colors and i got these off of amazon if you guys want to get them as well i think it’s a cool little touch to add to your room and i love it when it’s nighttime okay you guys so this is my living area right here i have my fridge and my microwave they’re getting this cool little stand right here i think it was meant for a tv but me and my roommate had our own personal one so we just decided to put some cute flowers right here and she has her own fridge here as well we have this cool little thing on the floor and i have this nice big rug that i got from bed bath to beyond and i love that they gave us little city chairs you can sit here relax do a paper if you need to and we also have this nice couch right here we put some white pillows kind of out of touch and as you go from the living room right here is another mirror which i love and here are the other rooms so this room right now is empty but this is my roommate’s room so she gave me permission to show you guys so we’re going to go in this is her room it’s very cute she also has some lights so we can plug that up as well her room is so cute i love that it’s very i feel like it’s like very girly which i love and yeah this is her room she has some cute pictures right there and she has a pink mirror and she also put up some curtains on her door as well as we leave that area the bathroom this is a nice bathroom right here so we have our towels our soap and underneath we pretty much keep our cleaning supplies so some storage underneath there and there’s some more lights here and as we go right here this is the bathroom so you can come in here very tiny i like that it’s time for the shower so we need to use it we have some toilet paper down some spray just in case you know somebody got something going on and as we leave right here we have some more space right here to keep like our body products just like my little shower can this is basically my show this is her show we have this cute little marble trash can that matches the soap dispenser and this is the shower so as you come into here we have a curtis it’s a pretty nice shower like i love that i have my own issues of community style so i pretty much speaks for itself we have our towels right here and we’re gonna come from right there um also you guys forgot to show you that i love the fact that it gave us like this cool little storage space right here that’s what i like that’s the life for that so we pretty much just have like a swifter some extra containers so this is a nice little storage area are you guys that’s the end of the tour i hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure that you like comment and subscribe to my channel if you’re in college comment down below and let me know how your year is going bye is it gonna go that’s weird work work i’m trying to do that just like to keep it like i can’t talk justin why do you do it hi guys