How to mount S3 bucket with Linux server

hi this is Moi’s in this video I’m going to show you and give you this some brief inside about history it only is Amazon Web Services offer storage system called s3 simple storage this storage system is purely programmable and restful api support and you can write your own program with the help of restful authentication to send the request to the storage in order to send or receive files directly to the storage and received directly from the storage all these actions are operations you can make it through your program this history the purpose of the s3 storage is to provide you scalable and distributed distributed storage and scalable storage and also cost-effective storage for the large applications and under the files so everything you stole to the s3 bucket is just object because it’s a object drive and storage system and it’s a multiple it maintains a multiple copy of your data objects stored in and also in AWS cloud in same packet is has different features apart from just simple storing it’s also support the s3 portioning in supports the versioning and it supports security policies and is also it supports many other functional stuff and s3 bucket a fee in many cases apart from program apart from writing a program to interact with this system as you sometimes you may need to mount the s3 storage to a Linux machine in today’s video is purely based on s3 storage and mount the st so rich to Linux machine so more directly s or s3 storage is not possible you need to create a bucket and then you more you can want that bucket the next server what is bucket is a container file container where file or folder container so object container you can say other in other words you can say object container as everything stored with the s3 bucket s3 system is the sewage system is treated as objects so is the object container so you need to create a object container and give the appropriate permission to the container then you can use your one of your Linux machine may be sent to is or reddit or Fedora or open to whatever the flavor you have you can use that to mount it this is a bucket to the system the thing is modding before mounting it you need to create wistfully key set so to send the restful even though we will be using some sort of packages that I’ll be covering in the next slide solution is a company based in the UK and has a consulting services and and support services with check mark we have training centers here with the training center we are for many online courses online offline and or corporate training on all the major technologies like cloud and storage and Linux administration DevOps and continuous integration system land as well as testing and Java development all this you can find the more details and take monitoring dot-com you can’t just drop him l if you have any queries or if you need any further information about technical solutions and consulting for consulting reaches a 10-4 for training you can reach us at info China Tech more training com we have other really informative blogs and articles here you can find out all the latest particle or any all the queries you can post here or you can get get all queries answer Facebook here is a Facebook profile very keen post and visitors and subscribers to get a latest update on the new articles or videos in this video I’m going to show you a demo with this specification this is the system I’m going to use as to show you the demo so the current system I’m going to show you on is demo this is the

system just I will show you what is the specification I’m using cat you see that hat release it can show you the which version of operating system I’m using if you name or sorry even name or name is 64-bit architecture so I’m using six point seven you can use seven or similar flavor and red hat or and and I’m going to you can follow up with the next video where I’ll be showing you how to mount the same s3 storage to you Linux Ubuntu machine that I will be covering in the next follow-up video so these are the dependency package you need to install them before starting anything in a Linux machine now the source package the the fuse is the package which can help you to mount yes the bucket using a restful authentication system then the backend the fuse will take care of sending out your request to s3 bucket using a restful key and also you need to add those keys to the fuse configuration system that will be covered in the steps below s3 storage I’ll be creating a TMS – demo s3 storage with our AWS account and then I’ll mount that storage in am a local Linux machine this machine by creating a s3 – demo folder in it I’ll be mounting this where the time it came is demo that’s Reebok head so whole installation and configuration is divided into four five steps the five steps is simple steps and just quick quickly can get through the first step is create API key set access and secret key that key set is a consist of as access key and the secret key this is the very important concept to send a RESTful API request you need to have access scheme and a double years so the key will have appropriate permission to gain access in AWS cloud all the services you can allocate assign one service to or you can give privileges to access one service or many service at a time all this you can manage with the appropriate privileges to that set of key or that set of user the key is mapped again to the user that I’ll be showing you in the slide and download the key so you need to save that key because if you don’t save it save the key then you’ll be lost you need to just recreate the key so better you save for a safer side so that you can reuse that key several places the civil time and whenever it require then create s3 bucket so the tech creating these bucket here with AWS account and install the contents along different configured dependence package to your Linux machine and then start the morning they super key to Linux machine finally verify everything is perfect like by writing the files into and deleting files from it all this we can very forward to just cross-check the mount is working correctly just log in first step let me just move you over the first step create a API key set you need to add a user policy like after creating a user record you need to sign up use the appropriate user privileges that privileges you can basically get a sign get it assigned to any user using user policy this is the where you will give that access to the resources in your AWS cloud at API key access key and sacred key API key to send an API request you need to have this set of key well that set of key is consists of access key and the secret key the combination these two is a authentication system for sending a restful request to AWS and to send the request and to get authenticated and to get to gain the access to particular service in AWS you have to define the policies so these I’ll be covering I will be showing you now log into a Rubeus cloud using AWS console create an adhesion account with API he said download the key downloading he is very much important because if you don’t download then you’ll be losing that secret access kept secret key so this will be shown in one time when you create it if you forgot or if you missed copying it or downloading it then forget about it you need to create the new set of key set so I’ll be showing that right

away and define user policy allowing s3 access to an account let’s cover this now the first step I’m already logged in to account I will go to the I am identity service management is the way where you’ll create a user account and key and erase a key set pair of key so I will get into the user account section and this key I’m just creating to show you a demo that’s it I’m using a user here are using demo create an access key for each user so this is where you have to select whether these user need an address for a key set or to really the developer or will you be using these account to send the restful request to different services with AWS so I said I would like to check this up to create so I’ll say create so let me just minimize this for you yeah now you can it’s visible here perfectly so I’ll be show credentials and I can download them so I can use the downloaded information several time whenever it’s needed so I’ll just download it if I open this I’ll be knowing what the parameters are attributes I can find this is how that TV would look like as I said the user is this and this is where comma this is the key access key and the secret key this is how it has divided into access key and the secret key due to a portion of key attribute you need to combine them when you use a new restful api that i’ll show you next thing is to give the user privilege close this and i’ll select this and i’ll get into and i’ll give their access permissions attach policies further demo purpose i’m just giving it there’s three full access just to show you you can just limit their access to there’s three bucket i’m giving full access here okay it’s got access access is given here nothing then you go to the s3 bucket and create the history bucket in our case you know demo will be using a three bucket call what is PMS – demo d/f mess – demo it’s already there let me delete this create TMS – demo the region I can select the region because I’m based in UK so I’ll be using a line I’ve created demo so that’s it because the user is already have full access to the demo if you want to give the permissions here you get into the property section where you can manage your you can manage all the permission from this property section so next step so this is the first step is our next get into the s3 bucket so AWS cancelled cleared s3 bucket in this step is also covered so this is how the keys the set of key is created now you just get into the server here get into the server here just I’ll be kidding I’ll be creating a password file here it is he password dot s3 FS just for the sake of providing all the he credentials restful K credential that’s a gate access key details PD here is the key let’s add this by adding here the : between these two attributes just paste these to the file here so this is how it should look like okay the first set of information first

portion and this Keith the whole entire key is the key and say secret here this is how it looks like they see access key and the secret key the first portion here is access key and after the colon this secret key that’s how we have copied it to the file the user we have created with in the previous step this is how you can suppress separate them by adding the city after saving this file what you can do is just set the permission here to make this file secure save image mode 6 4 0 et Cie and and the password have an s3 file this is now secure with the given permissions and it’s all dependency packages here so just copy this I’m just already done this for you toward so this packages is just quick quickly download them so it depend upon how i’ma speed you have so make sure you should have internet to do this configuration and also to Montessori bucket you should have Internet to your Linux machine if there is no imminent request will not be sent it out so you shall be pausing this till this we’ll see here almost everything is already installed now it’s time to download the fuse source by package I’ll be downloading directly just get into opt folder here W get so sorry W get download this is already there extract it extract it fuse it’s fine and sex act should get into the fuse folder again switch over in here then you can refer the install file it will show you what are the steps you really need to follow here so what I’m going to do is just just seeding config and making prefix prefix to install everything with user local if you don’t prefix it will just install in local bean something like so I’m repeating but make sure you have dependency package installed before running this yes it’s next turn to make I’m compiled configuration is does compiler now I’m compiling it with the configuration have said the repo required libraries and everything now I’m compiling then I will do the make installation Nellie pausing for so it’s done make install write already config yes configuration setup next but you export this package configuration file so this is the package lib configuration file location if you better you export this package conf you file here it shows when you make it do the make installation you’ll find this location here so you can set this environment and now we can check whether the what is the version of fuse package you have installed in it just now yes this is two point eight point four we are good to go now the package is successfully installed we had said this export command to Jack’s check the path and the fuse version so the version seems to be perfect next on s3 bucket download that extract the s3 bucket our file so what I can do is I can just download s3 fuse this is a file we’re just again I’ll go back to the opt folder I’ll rerun this so I’ll be getting this package here Tarzi xvf s3 so s3 bucket is extracted now so again you can refer the installation procedure here if you have any confusion how to install this just configure the configure configure make make install our set make sorry you better you again use the same set of location here configure prefix just copy

this configure and prefix prefix just to install everything into the right place so right then make makin solve make finally make installer just I’ll pause this video make in strong nest done last let’s check whether the history a package install yes it is reinstalled now I can check the version as well as a lesser version too this is free software so it’s free and it’s got install in it so next getting back to the last step just create a Mac directory just to show you the demo like I’m creating ma carrière demo what is the demo it says three demos s3 3 demo so this has nothing in it now and there if you say go and check is it mounted nowhere it’s mounted now it’s time to mount with s3 bucket so what I will do more this one sorry demons thieves yeah it’s remounted I use this sorry TMS Mon why because have created TMS demo sorry this is the wrong one I need to mount unmount history demo you malt has three demo no I see I have mounted the wrong one so that the folder in AWS s3 bucket is TMS dev oh yeah if I go back and see it’s mounted successfully switch to s 3 is 3 demo there is nothing in it I will touch some file 1 2 3 4 in it it will be created in s3 bucket directly it will be a bit slow because it depends on your internet speed you have with the UNIX machine also as I said it’s quite slow in comparison to the restful request so just shall refresh here I’ll be seeing all the new files created under n8 underneath yeah this all files have been created now so if you see the DFS you’ll get to know and you can also mount this permanently with this sitting in FS tab and and also you can do use RC dot local to mount this every time when you boot up your system thank you