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hello gorgeous welcome back to my channel today I have a really pretty makeup look this is a very kind of glam look but it is for anybody who’s wanting to go to a wedding to people wedding to attend this summer whether you’re in the wedding or your guests I think this is a great look it’s pretty simple in my opinion but I’m going to take you through step by step to show you how to recreate this look so if you want to see how I got it keep on watching alright so to get started I’m going to use my handy dandy little cat ears of the cat ears right I think to get my hair out of my face and I’m going to prime my skin today I am trying out Marc Jacobs primer this is the coconut oil primer they sent this to me and I haven’t tried to get it’s brand new so it’s there’s like nothing in it I’ll service I’ve seen a lot of people talk about this so I’m excited to try it out can play that all over my face so I was going to do skin first and then I just remind some into eyes first so got my primer I’m just little something for minutes and I would do NBD okay so for eyes I’m going to prep my lids I’m using Mac’s AB prep and prime this is a 24 hour extended eye base and putting a little tiny bit on my ring fingers and I’m going to apply it for my lash line to my brow bone remember when you’re doing anything with your hands around your eyes always use your ring finger because that’s where you have the left the least amount of power in them don’t use your pointer finger because think about it if pointer finger is so much stronger so just lightly applying this all over my lid don’t forget if you are going to apply makeup under your eyes like if you’re going to do a smoked out eye line or whatever just go ahead and carry your primer right under there just to continue on with the base okay so for eyes today I’m going to be using the urban decay this is the naked heat pallet honestly I just think that the colors are so beautiful and that’s why I’m using it my favorite thing I don’t know if I’ve ever said this before in a video or not but I have light eyes and if you have light eyes green or blue then or hazel if you really want them to pop use an eyeshadow with an orange or a red and oh my gosh your eye color will BAM it’ll pop out and as you can see this palette oh my gosh the shades the colors are incredible and there’s so many beautiful oranges and reds so I’m using this and drawing inspiration from this basically and I’m going to create my look solely around this palette so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go in with a little bit of Bounce which is that first color and it’s just a light um pick a light highlight and I’m just going to apply that right underneath the brow bone using a flat shader brush here you can do your brows first if you want or after your I’d makeup it’s really up to you I typically do my brows first I’m just doing everything out of order today for some reason back or then look at me okay so now that that’s on the brow bone on you should be able to see on camera that there’s just a really pretty highlight I want to have a lot of highlight right from my inner corners of my eye so I’m using a NYX jumbo pencil here this one is in milk and I’m going to apply that right on the inside corner of my eye as a base can you get floppies in the matter cause we’re going to blend it out put a little bit right there the reason I’m doing that as I want a lot of shine a lot of shimmer right there and this is really going to help to hold that shimmer down I’m just taking that same flat shader brush and I’m just going to blend that out a little bit like so and then work it under the lid if there’s any excess just drag it and then your lower lash them okay so it keeps that white like pretty even and then I’m going to go back in into that lightest color in the palette called out if you’re looking at the palettes this color right here called ounce and I’m going to Pat that color right there on the inner color or enter crown and recorder my lid right where I did that base commensal it underneath and don’t worry about being super neat with this because if you have a lot of excess you can go in with a makeup wipe afterwards and pleat it up it’s not that serious and I’m going to take it and pull it out a little bit and blend it all right so next I’m going to go in with the second color right here that is called chaser same flat shading shader brush which is the Mac I believe two to four if you just so much that there are no numbers and I’m just going to finish off the rest of my lid with this to just give it a base this is just a nice nude shake and it’s matte where I did one was

obviously very shimmer shimmery so now I’m going to go in with this shade right here P devil and a little bit maybe of the Cayenne so I’m Anna do is use a combination of those two colors with my zueva soft shader brush knock off any excess I’m going to really focus on the outside corner building that up and then blending it towards the center and as you can see this brush is dirty but it’s the same color so it doesn’t really matter um this is a really really pretty color okay so now that I have the crease done I’m going to go on with this shade called it membre Lu MBR yet or not absolutely break and we’re going to go into the flat shader brush and just Pat this along the outside corner of the lid and get a really pretty shimmery shade going on out there next I’m going in with another flat shader brush this is just a little elf one I’m dampening my brush with some makeup setting spray just using the Jane Iredale ear Dale our garage Dale it’s the hydration spray thanks Iredale just beautifully and I’m going to use a little bit more of an ounce which is that first shade I use with the shimmer and apply it here to get a little bit more pigment out of the color and pop on the inside corner go back with in with some bloom bright color that I just patted on the outside for my lid with the smokey eye brush from makeup geek and I’m going to work that on the outside corner of my lower lash line pull it in but I’m going to get it a little bit thicker on the outside and then thinner towards the inside and you can actually go back and correct that with a makeup wipe and concealer later we just want it to meet where the white is and then to combine the two I’m going in with the color called low blow it’s like a matte brown I’m going to put that right service center and stir things up okay next may use a little bit of black gel liner this is Frankie rose watch eyeliner and I’m using my Morpheus may be 45 this is the explanted liner brush I actually really liked it for getting in a really tight line along their lash line and going to start on the inside corner of my eye and then work my way out Center just thicker okay so I’m going to go in with some makeup wipes I’m using honest Beauty this is the refreshment clean makeup wipes and simply have under my eyes because just fall out I just made a mess honestly I mean for mascara I’m using it cosmetics to superhero mascara just applying a coat on my upper and lower lashes and then apply false lashes so I’m going to let this dry from it and move on alright next while my lashes are drying I’m using it cosmetics this is the build a brow and universal taupe and I’m using the benefit brow brush to fill in my brows okay so I know if I’ve ever talked about this particular brow gel but the universal taupe because it blends with basically every brow color that’s out there which is incredible I really like it especially when I’m on the go because I don’t have to worry about making sure I grab the right color when I’m filling my brows like sometimes I do is on a Sofia and because I keep different colors my kids obviously different reasons but this one is just really nice and it blends really well and it holds all day believe it’s waterproof actually too so my browser like a lot thicker than I like them right now and you get them but we can do so for lashes honestly lately I have been just loving Salon purpose flashes which the only thing that I have found to buy them I think is Walmart my favorites are the six 14s in the sixth 15th I think for this look today I’m going to go with the sixth 14 it really feels like house of lashes like a lot feels identical to them at a fraction of the price because you get a big whole thing of these I think I’ve been at Walmart for like is it $10 for that whole thing anything like that is incredible so going to apply these with my house of lashes glue at my favorite glue for a really

glamorous all right now they got my lashes on I’m gonna go back in with the coconut primer from Marc Jacobs and clean up or put the apply somewhere I cleaned up with the makeup wipe which is right under my eyes a lot of people probably don’t think of putting primer on your under eyes but for me that’s the darkest area of my face in a place that needs the makeup the most so setting a primer set my makeup stays in place and doesn’t you know move fudge crease fold whatever you want to say important for foundation today I’m going to be using Make Up For Ever Ultra HD I think that I’m in between these two shades this one’s a little bit this one’s a little bit too tan for me this is the why 245 and then this one’s obviously too pale for me which is why 205 I’m going to do a combination of the two and apply it and see how that goes and if it doesn’t work great if you could see my beauty room right now you would understand some mess Madison it is a debacle no I can’t find I don’t know where my mixing board is my handy dandy little mixing board that’s from these wonders I’m going to use the back of my hands to mix these two together then I’m going to apply it with my fingers and blend it out with my pure brush which I’m actually really a big fan of so we’re in see what happens here we do a little bit more tan than I am the lighter to light that’s you I guys to light we’re going to start over again add a little bit more and that all right I added an extra job of the tan give it a little bit more olive color which I have at Olive undertone to my skin and blend it out and see what happens you don’t love it and I love it we’re going to start over clearly I’m a little bit more tan than I realize which is weird because I don’t let my face in the TAM in the sand all on my face is a tan I don’t let my face in the Sun without sunscreen because I am a freak about it but I’m going to just go in with the why 245 and see how that works because maybe this is my color after all let’s look I think that that’s going to be closer honestly let’s just go with this if it is a little bit light the bronzer will even it out but I should have skin matched honestly before I filmed a bad bad bad beauty guru but I know sometimes I just gotta roll with the punches all right using my pure brush which I love and then one listen okay so for these areas that are kind of harder to get like room I just need to think up to be blender and okay the color is not terrible it’s a little bit yellow more yellow than what I’d like but honestly I think that after bronze and everything it’s going to look good for concealer I’m going to be using the it cosmetics it is b-bye-bye under eye this is the waterproof version mediums neutral and then do it to the under eyes and then also my chin because a couple of boo-boos right there that are just really unflattering and are not going to look good in photos because that’s the whole purpose of this you know this this look I said is obviously for a wedding guests to a wedding guests not to but a wedding guests but honestly you can wear anywhere and most weddings that you go to you’re going to be in what a couple of photos that’s a very least so you want something that’s going to look really nice on camera and you want your blemishes covered I love this concealer for under eyes and for blemishes because I still get is a really really good job so I blended it out with my finger and them and take I do love the pure from the other one but when I would need to get in closer where there’s makeup involved I like my Beauty Blender because I can get such a precise edge with the pointy tip there and don’t worry if you don’t have a really great sharp edge on your eye makeup after you do this because you can go back in and just touch that up really easily but I feel like that that concealer does a really good job as with my chin looks pretty darn good after the combination of the Make Up For Ever HD and then also / under eyes okay so for powder today using the Kat Von D it’s the translucent loose powder this one is in translucent just going to Pat that all over my face to set my foundation in place especially if the wedding is outside in at summer time oh my gosh you got to make sure that you’re setting that foundation if you knew what was going on in this

room right now you die my husband is behind the camera doing situps put a sari pushup right now okay Scott powder in please going on with a little bit of bronzer today we’re using ze Too Faced chocolate Soleil oh not in focus Too Faced chocolate Soleil my brows are just like not wanting to cooperate today are they just stay up guys anything brow gel I don’t have to do this rajae on them using Too Faced chocolate Soleil which really I just wanted to use this cuz I like to it smell because this brush is from our teeths which they sent me I talked about this on Instagram the other day but they sent me the whole collection sorry I need to show that in camera and this is the there’s five in this one but this one is the linear one which it says what the linear one is got a very narrow edge of fibers so it’s really great to get along like a lash line or whatever I love this for brows I wanted to show this to you guys really put because this would be really good for brows but also there is the oval three which i think is really nice to help with contouring of the nose because it’s got that really nice shape you can just get right there along the edge of the nose like so chocolate Soleil this is the milk chocolate so it’s not going to be super super tan is really great for contouring when you’ve got a skin shade like mine because it’s just enough to do a natural contour like so and then I like to blend it out your Beauty Blender in turn stamps we’re just a really really soft really pretty contour this is nice too also for under the lip which as you know for my other videos it just helps to create the illusion of a fuller bottom lip so it kind of just creates a little bit of shadow you can see and then blend it out just a little bit more powder I’m going to set my under eye with the laura mercier secret brightening powder really helps to brighten up my dark circles and I’m going to clean up under my eyes a little bit with the palette just make sure that everything looks the way that I intended to to fix alright using my narcissist palette here from NARS and applying some blush is gonna go with Laguna today your little combo of a couple different colors here alright for highlighter I am using an Urban Decay’s Naked illuminated trio I have not tried this palette yet from excited they’re really beautiful colors let’s try a little handy dandy brush that it comes with here let’s see I think I’m going to go with using a combination of the Twilight and the Oasis the toilet is this really beautiful peach that – it which will be nice on my cheekbones because I’ve got like this pinky thing going on oh yeah it’s doing something for me guys Oh did you come to the beach with me I just decided it’s gotta come how does that anything gets me more excited and highly turns on me good your minds a little bit ouais down the bridge of my nose not as Wow but it’s nice for our nose a little bit well that’s a little bit too glittery actually oasis I’m not as big of a fan of as I am spoilers you need to be more like precise with the laces so I’m skipping trip high high right py RIT a little bit toilet okay that’s that’s a nice combination it’s a little bit thicker a highlight than I typically go for but it’s nice alright we’re going to skip the Cupid’s bow because we just found out that not necessarily the right highlighter for a Cupid’s bow but the Twilight is stunning for the cheekbones oh my gosh yeah because it’s got that really pretty peachy glow which is really beautiful with the blush yeah that’s yeah I’m a fan I got to stop the time I keep putting it on and then I’m gonna put a little bit of oasis because I feel like this will be nice right here but it’s not goes to the Cupid’s bow because you can see there’s like chunks of glitter in it for lips I

am using the lip pencil in world now I know that doing a little bit of the cream cheese whipped up and cream cup cream puffs yeah but we’ll go honeybee awesome Mac you’re all on that close I’m doing a combination of what I want we didn’t quite find the color that I was looking for so these two combined should be good so really pretty just pinky nude and then I’m going to top that yes g’way lipgloss is the new high pigment lip gloss this one isn’t run set pretty yep that’s it that’s the color I was looking for because it really plays nicely on the eyes it actually makes the eyes look a little bit darker than than they were I feel like because they are so light and the combination just really balances the two out I just think that it’s just really really pretty alright guys so this is a finished look I think it’s just really pretty especially for a summer wedding and if you want to get some ideas on hair if you’re a wedding guest or maybe you’re in a wedding you know you’re a bridesmaid and you enter your own hair and makeup I totally get it I don’t like what other people do my makeup then leave a comment below and let me know because I love doing CFC hairstyles thank you guys so much for watching today don’t forget to visit me on my blog angelo Lanter calm and please be sure to subscribe to my video because you know you can be in the first alert group to know when a video goes up anything that I used in today’s video is will fit for you in the description bar below so if there’s anything you wanted more information on it is down there for you to check out thank you guys so much for watching and I love y’all so much or blah