A Season Long Search with TC Encore Pro Hunter – 1605

(dramatic music) – [Voiceover] Yamaha presents The Whitetail Diaries, chronicling hunting adventures of the most plentiful and intelligent big game animal in North America Embark on the amazing adventure that is hunting the whitetail deer This week on the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, it’s almost mid December now and with only a few weeks left in the season Wade is looking for the right deer to fill his remaining tag (country music) – This is your typical Texas tripod Homing scenario is what I call it These big tripods, anywhere from ten to I’ve seen them in size twenty feet People last week see a lot of deer, the normal strategy is guys will have a corn feeder down there They’re going to throw some corn out around it, and that’s kinda how it’s done in a lot of these big tripod fields For me around here, I’ve actually kinda sweetened it up with the tractor, cut me some more shooting lanes left and right and in front of me you can see those hooks, and it’s a good live, a lot of ones from the running water down in there and I’m letting you know I’m just in the spots that you want to be in, in December in Texas, it’s got all those attributes of great hunting What’s brought me here is the scouting camera picture that we saw about three weeks ago under similar conditions of a giant big ten point, chocolate antlers, big long main frame, giant long tines and we haven’t seen scouting camera pictures of him since then, but the conditions haven’t been the same I been waiting for it to get this way with, temp’s going to drop down into the upper 30’s tonight, wind direction’s the same It just felt like tonight might be a night to go sit here May not see him, may see something else that tempts me Who knows? We’re in the stand, that’s all that matters (soft music) (dramatic music) That good eight had just gotten run off when off to my left coming in, a really good buck A buck that was a shooter, one of the deer I’d seen on scouting cameras come in, but there was only one problem Mesquite brush between me and him

– [Voiceover] The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries is brought to you in part by Yamaha ATVs and side by sides, real world tough Cabela’s, it’s in your nature Thompson/Center, America’s master gun maker Welcome back to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries with Wade Middleton Wade is hunting in mid December to fill his last remaining tag, and he has his eyes set on a big ten point that just showed up But can he get a shot? (dramatic music) What an encounter with a great buck As bad as I wanted to go back to those tripods,

the wind had changed totally and I knew that situation was just not going to work The wind would be coming right over my back, down into that valley, and I may have been able to pull it off, but probably not, so I thought I would save that location and move to another location which is high up on a ridge, and the wind and the conditions are going to be perfect for this The strategy, very simple, I was going to drive the Viking in about a quarter mile away, hike on the back side of this ridge, and once I got in there I’d use one of my old favorite techniques of just simply setting down the brush, trimming a little bit of the growth around me and waiting things out to see what was going to work through this bottom We’ve got scrapes on the area, we’ve got a lot of deer moving in and out It’ll be interesting If the rut’s on, anything’s possible These can be a game saver to you to clear a few shootin’ wings, and they don’t take up much room in your backpack, just knock down four inches right here and you’re good to go (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] Well, there doesn’t seem to be any trophy bucks in sight However, an unwanted guest who’s been causing some destruction at the ranch has shown up, and Wade is fixing to put an end to it (dramatic music) (gunshot) – [Wade] That pig right there is a big, big pig He’s got tusks that stick out about four inches Not the trophy white tail we’re looking for, but big pig, lots of bacon. (laughs) We’ve still got a few days left in our Texas whitetail season, so that’s a couple of pigs now we’ve taken out of the Encore, just haven’t found the right buck that’s got me totally excited, and I only have one tag left this year, so when I saw him come in, when the sun was setting, I thought, “You know, that’s a pretty good “way to end this, get ready for Christmas.” And we’ll take a break and come back after Christmas, we’ll be doing our youth hunt around then, we’ll spend some time with the kids, but there’s a few days left in there I can still go hunt, so my season’s not over yet, that Encore’s gonna bark again before the year’s done Let’s take this pig back to camp, show him off – [Voiceover] The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries is brought to you in part by Engel Coolers, a legend in reliability Smith and Wesson Performance Center, Performance when it matters most Grovtec, go hunt, we’ll carry the gun Bradley smoker, food smoking made easy Welcome back to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries,

with Wade Middleton – It’s been a great 2015, 2016 season We’re sitting here, January the first, kinda wrapping it up, the season ends here in a couple days on this pasture, I’ve got one tag left, I’ve been hunting with a rifle on and off all season long, and I just haven’t seen the buck that either gave me the opportunity, or that got me the most excited, and I’m getting ready to run up on a big wahia flat, kind of in a valley that we really haven’t set much in the last two years right there, we’ve got two tripods, it’s got a lot of country we’ll be able to see, it’s cloudy today, so the sun won’t be an issue, any direction a deer may come That may be the spot, or I may get there and check that camera and end up going somewhere else, I really don’t know, that’s the exciting thing about as I wrap up this season I’m just kinda bobbing and weaving and seeing what’s gonna happen Well this is pretty rocky country right here, so you gotta kinda take what you can get, that’s why we got this dead deer ground auger stake in here so that we can anchor this down There’s 5,000 pictures on it It’ll take a long time to look at those. (laughs) (country music) That’s a pretty good deer right there – [Voiceover] With a good buck captured on his stealth cam, Wade heads out on his Yamaha Viking, and one thing to keep in mind is to always make sure you have the proper gear when riding Helmet, seat belt, gloves, eye protection, and the right clothing will make sure you get to and from your hunting area safely so no matter when you ride, ride safe Hey, now let’s join Wade back up in the stand – You know, a tool like this is just, to me it’s just imperative for any hunter I believe that using a good range finder helps you eliminate wounded deer or misses because you’re gonna know if it’s in range or out of range I love to do it before the hunt to get a general idea Then, if I feel the need to at that moment of truth, I’ll get my distance again, but having a general understanding of where your limitations are is just super important (dramatic music) – [Voiceover] The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries

is brought to you in part by Sawyer product We keep you outdoors Do-All Outdoors Garmin Virb, life, camera, action – [Voiceover] Welcome back to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries with Wade Middleton All throughout the season, as Wade searches for the right deer, he’s brought along his Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter to get the job done – For me, I love the feeling of accuracy of this firearm I’ve got nothing but confidence when I pick it up and carry it on my hunts I love the versatility of being able to do so much with this unique platform The T/C Encore Pro Hunter comes available 243, .30-06, or .308 as a complete rifle or chambered in .223 or .308 as a pistol The interchangeable firearm system is fully supported with a lot of accessory stocks and barrels ranging from .204 to .500 Smith and Wesson Magnum The T/C Encore lineup gives you so many configurations and caliber ranges that you’re only limited by your imagination So get to a dealer or visit the website at tcarms.com and join us in the one gun hunting club – [Voiceover] Now, let’s get back to the hunt – It’s 5:45 this morning, we got a light rain falling Sunrise isn’t ’til about 7:16, so it’s gonna take it a long time to get daylight today with this rain and the cloud cover We’re gonna get in the stand really, really early this morning and just kinda let everything settle down and see what happens We’re gonna go back to the same spot I set last night, we saw a lot of activity there There’s a couple bucks we didn’t see that’d been showing up on the scouting camera, and hopefully we’ll drop the hammer on that T/C this morning, knock one down

You know, with the rain falling and this type of setup, we’re literally been hunched over in these tripods for about an hour, but I knew in the back of my mind that we had to do this to get into this location really early, let everything set down, and hopefully these bucks would funnel back in We’ve got two ridges, and I’m sitting on one of them, the other ridge is off in the distance in the great valley in front of us, and these deer are just moving from every direction in there And with the rain falling, and this set up of how we got in there super early, anything’s gonna be possible (dramatic music) (groaning) (gunshot) (rain falling) (heavy breathing) We got in here at, like, 6 o’clock this morning, and been sitting here in the dark for about an hour and a half waiting for the sun to get up And I mean, it’s raining, and raining, and we’re way ganged up on that camera That’s a giant right there. (laughs) I mean, what a season This season, we’ve been all over the place, we’ve seen first deer taken, we’ve seen big deer taken, we’ve seen snow, we’ve seen 100 degrees, now we’re hunting in the rain, and I just smoked me an old good one right there boys The tines on that G2s, I mean they are big They are big We sat here last night, and the deer were just milling all the way around, and I looked up, barely could see anything, and he’s just coming across this brush right through here, and he’s raising his head up, and they get so nervous in this rain, I mean they’re just, everything is amplified, tick tick in all the branches, and everything’s going off, and he’s crossing up that little draw right there I think I made a great shot, I mean he’s only 60 yards away, but in the lowlight, that’s where you rely on the optics, and I think I crushed him, I think I smoked him Wow Wow Man, what a day We are empty, let’s go check on this big guy right over here. (laughs) (upbeat music) And I see, I see, I see a belly I see a belly (laughter) That deer, he crossed out of that valley, you can see this valley back down here You can see him looking up that road as he was crossing along, and that’s what I’m talking about, look at the antlers on that deer there He dropped right where I shot him I saw these big ol’ bladed G2s in some scouting camera pictures I mean, look at that big ol’ stud right there, buddy That is a stud of a buck right there That is some kind of gorgeous right there Big ol’ mature whitetail, heavy, big long tines, that’s what I love about Texas – [Voiceover] Congratulations, Wade, on ending your season with an entry into the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries – [Voiceover] Thanks for watching Whitetail Diaries, and remember, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram It’s very simple, go look up our pages, Whitetail Diaries, and you’ll have a chance to win prizes and see some of our latest adventures (dramatic music)