March Favorites 2014

hey guys whats up this is brad doll desi 2787 welcome to my channel if you’re new I’m actually not going to be singing today but I usually sing here on my channel if you’re new so check out some of my covers I just recently did a cover of Mariah Carey’s eternal mine eternal and warrior by Demi Lovato so be sure to check that out and um recently I’ve been loving some makeup products and my channel is everything I don’t really just put myself in a box I am a random channel so welcome to my channel if you’re new if I haven’t already said that because I can tend to ramble for days but anyways um I’m actually going to be sharing some of my March favorites I don’t usually put up a favorites video but maybe it might be something that i’ll be doing every month i’m not sure yet but for the month of march i will be doing it so that’s what this is going to be as some of my my favorite makeup products from the drugstore because i love drugstore that are really good products and I gravitate towards them every day of my everyday makeup routine so with that being said because this is a really long long intro I apologize but this is going to be kind of a long video so I hope you guys have your coffee your snack and let’s get to it I’m going to try to go as quickly as possible okay so the first product that I want to talk about I don’t know why I always say product guys just bear with me the first one I want to talk about is the makeup remover cleansing towelettes from target and they’re the up-and-up brand works amazing check them out I really like them on they really do take off like one white can take off all of my face makeup pretty much I might need to go in with the second one it depends how much makeup i’m wearing that day but I promise you these work amazing I’ve tried many many from the drugstore that are not good and I really enjoy these they’re very an affordable and I recommend anybody check them out so I’ve been enjoying those and this is an empty one which I need to pick up some more that’s how much I liked it so I milani um some blushes that I’ve been really loving for well this one I love for all year round but this month I’ve been gravitating it gravitating towards it more often and it’s called luminoso I’ve talked about it in previous video videos I’m sorry guys i’m jang twisted today but i’ve talked about it in previous videos and it’s just a beautiful beautiful coral peach and it gives you the most beautiful glow on your cheek so check it out Milani baked blush Azhar awesome another Milani baked blush that I loved is called bellissimo bronze and it’s really pretty if you want that glowy bronzy look really really pretty and then moving on I’ve talked about this I don’t know how many times probably like a million times in like all of my videos I think I talked about this but I love it so much rimmel stay matte powder the only thing I do not like about this powder is that it doesn’t have a large shade selection range and I don’t like that because I don’t think that’s fair I feel like they have more shades for lighter skinned girls and I don’t think that’s right but anyways that’s the only thing i don’t like about it and also the packaging I hate the packaging I wish that they would repackage these and put them in little on compacts because I feel like so many people on YouTube love this powder and it’s amazing and it’s really inexpensive like four or five dollars at the drugstore you cannot go wrong but I hit pan because i have so many of these and i religiously use this every single day love that so moving on sorry I need a you two goldfish pond starving so anyways sorry about that this is another nice one it’s called it’s a blush bronzer duo and it’s in shimmering goddess which is funny because it’s actually mad that’s what I like about this is um I don’t know why they call it shimmering goddess because I was absolutely no shimmer in it has nothing to do with glitter at all these blushes are Matt it’s hard to come by like drugstore blushes that are very pigmented good quality and Matt all at the same time I really enjoy it I love the packaging think it’s so cute it’s magnetic and it’s by flower cosmetics sold at walmart and these are the two shades it’s really really pretty let me just watch a little bit for you can see how pigmented this is so pretty right there it is on my hand so moving on we’re going to keep it rolling because this is going to be a long video we don’t another powder and I’ll just grab

it grabbing stuff from this box so it’s in no particular order at all I’m just grabbing stuff from the box so I apologize guys but anyways this is another powder that I really enjoy it’s called Revlon nearly naked I love it so much and I have been read recently using this in March as well when I want a natural finish and um another let me see what I want to okay another blush that I really like to is this living doll by hard candy I feel like if I had to pick one blush out of all the blushes I have I use this one on an everyday basis the most because what I like about it is I don’t know if you can really pick it up it’s pink but it has like yellow gold purple like it’s so dimensional and it’s so beautiful the colors on your cheek it just glows like it’s gorgeous love it and this is um dry but you can also excuse me it is my blush but you can use it wet which is right here or dry which is right here and I just love the way it looks on your cheeks it’s so pretty love it I am obsessed with this blush obsessed with this blush and it’s called living doll by hard candies to check it out if you like a Kiki blush and I like that one as a blush I like it as a highlight I use it in so many different ways and also use it as a shadow um okay so this 1 i’m so excited to share with you guys because i am obsessed with this I almost don’t use it every day just because I don’t want it to run out which is kind of ridiculous because I spent money on it so I should use it but it’s the lorac sorry it’s the glow getter lorac Pat I shadow palette and i got it i think last summer I can’t remember it’s really cute packaging this is the packaging it comes in I love it blues my favorite color if you guys don’t know that already and I really really love this oh my god you guys look at these shades they are to die for I apologize that my lighting sucks you can’t even see the colors as good as I would like you to see them but maybe i’ll post a picture for you guys i already have some on my Instagram so be sure to follow me on facebook and instagram if you don’t already i’ll link it linked it sorry I’ll put it in my description box down below if you would like to my friend I would love to have you on there I love this I’ll do more swatches in another video I just I’m absolutely loving this especially for the summertime I feel like I grabbed this more grab grab grab is not even a word I’m making up no more to grab this more during summer but moving on because I can talk about that one forever brushes I’m just going grab all the brushes together I love love else to do brushes they’re amazing I have so many of them I have the ALF complexion brush which i use on every day to put bronzer all over but you can use this multitask brush peas / powder blush everything another one that I love from elf is their small stipple brush and I like this because it’s so tiny one of you guys can see how tiny that is but you can use it to blend out concealer you can use it to highlight or just on your cheekbones or just a highlight on your cheeks multi-purpose multi-purpose brushes is what I gravitate towards moving on is this little kabuki from equal tools that came in a set and a mineral set with this one I’ve talked about it in another video and it came with my brushes but I know that some people may not like that it has a small little short handle but I really like it because I feel like I have control and I really use this to pack on to kind of set my under eye concealer every day so I love that and sorry just threw a brush on the floor cuz that’s how I roll when I get angry no I’m just kidding but anyways um another Eagle tools brush I love is their blush brush I’ve talked about it as well moving on I don’t want to get too into detail because then this video will be extremely ridiculously long so another brush I’m obsessed with is the buffing brush by Samantha Chapman real technique brushes hands down one of my favorite brushes of all time try Samantha Chapman real technique brushes if you haven’t I recommend them so badly to you they look like a high-end product they’re drugstore products sold at Ulta sold at kohls you can find them at walmart now as well but they’re really affordable come and said they’re amazing they’re beautiful i love them obsessed with these brushes try them out if you haven’t read them

another thing I love is this it’s really hard to find like Matt drugstore good quality I shadows did you hear me say that Matt good quality drug store I shadows so I really enjoy this Physicians Formula classic noobs but they come in they have like different little quad color shades like different ones that you can choose from but I just really like these ones and they’re all mad so it’s really hard to find that so I really like this one for everyday wear so moving on another brush oh I forgot to mention these brushes this one came in a set in one of my Sonia Kashuk brushes she’s another one from target she’s only sold out target as far as i know i think you can order online as well her brushes are amazing as well this has to be my all-time favorite brush of all time from the drugstore that is under five dollars it is the elf powder brush do you see how dense that is it’s so dense and the reason why I really like this is because you can use it to press on powder like mineral powder buffin anything you can use it for contouring everything blush I’ve done it all with this brush and it is one of my favorites the best thing about it is it costs three dollars 3s doe lettuce okay so go get you some of that at Target I think it sold at walmart to now elf is starting to be sold everywhere now so go get you some of that but anyways moving on is products that’s the last thing I have to share with you besides well let me finish talking about this and then i’ll go on to my lip products but I’m almost done guys oh I’m sorry I need another goldfish in my life watch your eater goldfish watch your eater goldfish sorry ok I am obsessed with Jordanna products they’re so good so affordable sold at walgreens go check some of the Jordana products out there phenomenal and one that I absolutely love I always hear people talking about like the what is it like the jumbo eye shadows from NYX the milk i used to have it I didn’t really like it at crease on me like crazy I know a lot of people like it but for me just because I’ve really oily eyelids it doesn’t work for me unless I set it with the powder which you’re supposed to do anyways because those aren’t I don’t think you’re not supposed to use a powder on top but this one I love it it’s kind of similar to those jumbo sticks and its a 12-hour made to last eyeshadow pencil in the shade continuous almond by jordana I swear to you guys this stuff is amazing as a base for your I I’m gonna put some right here you see that right there that will freakin stain my hand for the rest of the day it will stay there all day if I do not wipe it off and it’s a beautiful very nice base to put underneath your eyebrows it really makes a clean looking it makes your eyebrows looking very clean if you put it right underneath their kind of like to highlight or you can put it all over your lids your eyes whatever I love it I love it so much obsessed with this for the fact that I have oily eyelids and it’s hard for me to find a base for my eyes that is that is very affordable and that works and that’s all that I care I don’t care about the fancy smancy I love everything like I have high-end to low-end products but I care that the product works so as long as it works that’s what matters so go check out these 12 hour me to left eye shadow pencils from Jordana sold at walgreens amazing I’m rambling I know sorry I apologize talked about these before I think I’m most excited to share my lip products because if you guys know me already and you’ve been watching my channel for a little bit you’ll know that I am obsessed with lip products they’re one of my favorite things I feel like to put on my lips to put on my lips I didn’t make no sense desert but anyways yes I was talking myself but anyways um I love lip my lippy products they’re amazing my favorite thing to wear his lipstick lip gloss all day every day so with that being said i love these Milani statement lipsticks all of them are pretty i haven’t found one that i do not like I picked a couple shades to share with you guys but they are amazing and the three shades I chose to show you is fruit punch flamingo pose and sweet nectar and I like that they have the little color indicators at the bottom that is awesome kijan Milani I know they have new products that I need to pick up and try but sweet nectar it’s

a very pretty bright orange and I love orange I know some girls don’t like it but i really like it on my complexion and then another one i really like for everyday wear it’s not too loud of a pink it’s called fruit punch really pretty everyday color and i have another one called flamingo pose which I am obsessed with if you want that really bright look this will give it to you and they’re all just so pretty also all arms swatch this flamingo pose for you right here just so you can see how pigment said these are and how beautiful and they all have different finishes but they’re kind of have like a set and glossy finish I feel like most of them do none of them are matte but they either have like a shimmer or a frost or a cream finish so there it is right there because he how pigmented that is I don’t know why I’m moving my hand like this like that makes any sense another line of lipsticks I’m absolutely loving and obsessed with at the moment is these Maybelline Maybelline vivids lipsticks I have a lot of these I just brought this one to share with you but I love pink pop by pink top is one of my favorite colors as well and it’s from the vivids as well and this is in hot plum it’s what I’m wearing today and I really really like it it’s like this purple fuchsia color and I really really like it purple few purple fuchsia plum color yeah get your story right girl anyways that’s what that looks like and it’s on my lips right now along with this beautiful gloss from why did I show you that heart that it make no sense either it’s the revlon colorburst lip gloss it’s so pretty really love this the only thing I hate is that it stains I know that some people are like why wouldn’t you like that its chains no this booger right here it stains like crazy so I have that on top of this on top of that lip oh look I’m just making a mess this lip gloss I have on top of this lipstick right here right now that’s what I’m wearing so another one that I’m obsessed with lip gloss wise because if you guys know me my lips have to be lost I can’t do matte lips like I try and I try and I try but I just love my lips to be glossy just don’t do matte lips very well I try maybe one day it’ll happen but my lips are always shiny because that’s how I like them TMI TMI but um this color is called continuous oh man I think to wait what is this cult I don’t even know if I got that right no almond crush excuse me and it’s the UM I believe this one is the maybelline colorsensational lip glosses really cute packaging and it’s a very beautiful color for everyday wear it just gives the most beautiful natural kind of glow to your lips and I don’t know if you can see that see that glow right there it’s just a really pretty color to highlight the center of your lips or just all over for a glossy finish really pretty recommend this one as well moving on to things I cannot live without to do my lips to do my lips yeah to do my lip like when I put lipstick on and to prime my lips is my carmex by now it does not smell good so you know what I do is I use this because it works because so many chopsticks smell good but they do not work or do anything for your lips so this one works for me after i exfoliate of course and i just dropped on the floor but the one I like to put on top but you cannot put too much of this because then you’ll let your lips will look like that color nice and white and I don’t like that but this is the Nivea lip butter and raspberry rose kiss I really like the smell of this and I put it on top of my carmex because I don’t like the smell of the karmic so this is what I use on top of that and it’s amazing so go check out some of that so I’m almost done two more things I got to talk about these Maybelline Color elixir lips lipstick lip gloss whatever it’s supposed to be amazing I was wearing this in my previous videos when i sing when i was doing my singing covers of mariah carey with my beanie you know the previous videos I just did if you haven’t seen it check it out this is the color that I’m wearing and it’s absolutely beautiful it is a straight-up purple like Barney and it’s right there and I really really like it so I love these I want to try some more and it’s so cute packaging it looks like a lipstick I don’t know if you can see that but it actually opens

this way sorry but look how cute it is is so cute so they have a lot of shades and I really really enjoy it it’s very comfortable on the lips they’re just a little pricey but I think there were quick so moving on the last thing I want to talk about is these NYX butter glosses I am obsessed with the NYX butter glosses I have it almost in every shade I have so many of these and I feel like when I don’t know what to wear on my lips I always grab one of these because they’re so pigmented they’re amazing they smell amazing and you can’t go wrong with them and let me just watch one I feel like apple strudel is a very popular one and I feel like it’s so pretty it’s like a pinky baby pink coral I feel like it’s right there and they make your lips look so pretty I really like the way the finish is it’s a little streaky to put on but once you put it on there it kind of just have you ever used like one of those nail polishes that are streaky and then after it’s like oh there it is it’s beautiful that’s how this is they’ll nail polish that I love I think I’m done talking here but the last thing I want to share with you is this nail polish by sally hansen obsessed with this because blues my favorite color I don’t have it on right now but it’s a very beautiful shade and it’s called pacific blue and that’s what it looks like and it’s just a straight-up blue and i really like it it’s actually coming off a little bit more brighter on camera but it’s not really that bright it is bright but not that right it’s a little bit more of a kind of like an ocean blue I don’t know I’m really bad at describing things let’s just move on so last thing because I lied is this mad about you on body spray from mad about you from where are you from I think this is from Bath and Body Works but I really just think the packaging is so cute on this body spray and it says mad about you on it and it has like roses on it so I really think it’s cute plus it smells absolutely i mean like i said i’m bad at describing sense on 19-inch rack moving on that is it that’s all of my favorites for the month of March I hope you guys did not get too bored with this video I hope you guys subscribe if you’re not subscribed and I hope you enjoyed my March favorites video and I’ll talk to you guys next time god bless always