hi everyone and welcome to my channel today I have for you a very highly requested video a lot of you have asked to see this and it is my makeup storage video so I don’t actually own all that much makeup to be fair I do own quite a few things but I try not to hoard too much just because I don’t have all that much space at home so today what I’m going to show you is where I store the main part of my makeup new stuff that I get or stuff that I need to try out I keep it in a separate box in my wardrobe just because I don’t have enough space but this is where I store the makeup that I use regularly and the kind of stuff that’s kind of on my go to all the time so I’m gonna run you through it I’m gonna tell you how I organized it it’s not the best setup in the world I would love to have like a little cabinet where I could store all my makeup which is what most bloggers have and you know hopefully one day I’ll have enough space I’m thinking of getting one of maybe sticking it somewhere in the bathroom but I still don’t know how I’m gonna figure that out so I thought in the meantime I would show you this is a very compact solution and something really good if you don’t have a lot of space but you do have quite a bit of makeup so I’m gonna run you through and tell you what I have how I store it what some of my favorite products are so there’s a lot to get through but before that don’t forget to hit that subscribe button if you already haven’t I upload it twice a week and I would love to have you back on the channel ok so this is the box where I store all of my makeup and in order to be able to fit everything what I did was purchase these other plastic boxes that I keep inside this big box I got it from a store in Spain actually it was just like one of those home decor stores and this was about 5 euros I think but you can probably get these kind of baskets anywhere I like this basket with this sort of finish on the outside because I was gonna put it on a shelf in the bathroom so I wanted most of the makeup covered I didn’t really want it to be seen because it just looks nicer but basically what I then did was buy these ones which are just plastic transparent containers you can get this an Ikea I think mine her a little bit grubby these ones I got and just like one of those pound shops in Spain and it’s just plastic and they’re pretty good actually basically all I did was layer some as you can see it as a bottom layer there with more stuff and I just put these on top they fit quite nicely here and it’s a good way to kind of stack things up and be able to add more into this box which is quite deep which you can kind of pile things on top of one of the other then here I’ve got pallets and stuff that don’t fit into these boxes I’m gonna run through everything and show you what I have in each one of these boxes so this box has my face powders and my eye shadows and if you have the bits and bobs there that I couldn’t fit anywhere else this one has three compartments and they’re a little bit larger than in the other box I’m gonna show you now and this one goes on the very top of the box here I’ve got my two pallets by Victoria Beckham which are an absolute favorite this one is the single shadow and then the other ones got the two shadows in the nude and electric blue I’ve got my Estee Lauder palette which you’ve seen me use like a million times and then I have my two Charlotte Tilbury palettes here this one is the dolce vita palette and then I have the sophisticate palette which has got more sort of neutral colors and with no shimmer and then here I’ve got these scissors which I use to kind of trim my brows and I’ve got my professional primer which I couldn’t fit anywhere else so I just stick them here on the side I’ve got here my eyelash curler as well which is the one by Kevyn Aucoin and I really love this one been using it for years I tried to share amaura one before and it was good but this one is much better and then here I have my face powders I’ve got my by teri powder which is in the impervious water pearl and this is my absolute favorite to set all over my face as you can see it’s very well loved then I’ve got my radar contour powder here again this one is a very very well loved product you know it’s my favourite contour powder and then here I have my Becca shimmering skin Perfector in Champagne pop again another really loved product and finally I have here my Charlotte Tilbury blush in the color first love I’m not going to open this one because it’s actually cracked and it’s just gonna spill all over but this one isn’t a colorfast love I’ve got the color ecstasy as well but I’ve got that in a handbag I think then here I’ve got some nice blushes this one is the orgasm blush which I recently discovered and I really really love and then I’ve got another nice blush that I’ve had for quite a while now and this one’s in the color Mata Hari which is like a purplish sort of movie pink quite pigmented very very matte I’ve not used it all that much recently but I did really love it when I first bought it here I’ve got a single eyeshadow by Kiko and this one is a matte black I have to say though since I got the Victoria Beckham one and black I’ve hardly used this one but it’s quite

a good matte black eyeshadow and then here I’ve got a single eyeshadow by urban decay and this one is the half-baked shadow which is a lovely sort of Goldy color I really love this one to pack it onto the lid kind of similar to the champagne pop it’s a little bit more of a darker gold color here I’ve got my Christian dual cream shadow and this one is in the color meteor and I love this when you see me use it and so many tutorials and I usually have my Chanel one here but again I think it’s in a handbag but that’s where the Chanel cream shadow goes the other one that I bought recently so in this little box here this one actually has like a special area for lipsticks but I have a bit too many so I’ve had to stick them into the boxes on the sides as well this one goes also on the top layer and it goes next to the box I just showed you and basically mostly here I have lipsticks and a few of the bits which sort of didn’t fit anywhere else I’m gonna start with the lipsticks in the center so the first one I have here is my Chanel pirat lipstick which I absolutely love I featured this one in my favourites lipsticks video which I will link on the screen now if you haven’t watched that this one is an absolute classic red although I have to say I’m trying the new one by Gigi Hadid and I absolutely love it that’ll probably feature it in a favorites video because I love that so much but here I’ve basically got like the ones I have had and I’m using kind of regularly stuff that I’m trying out I have in a little box in my wardrobe like I said next I have here this lipstick by Christian jewel which is like a moon nudee color I think it’s in the color it’s the Rouge dual seven five three Continental it’s actually quite a nice sort of color it’s like a movie nudie color you can see that’s quite nice and I don’t have this one for very long then I have here my absolute favourite lipstick mine ours Anita lipstick as you can see this one is super well loved you’ve seen me use this one like a million times but I’ll swatch a little bit here as you can see it’s a really beautiful again movie nude but more sort of brownie than the one from questioned dual and here I have this one by Maybelline and this is the divine wine which is a very sort of burgundy red and it’s a very matte finish lipstick this when I loved it for the full season and then here I have this one which is already run out I take it out with a brush because there’s nothing left and this one is from Revlon and it’s their peach parfait in the calaboose lip butter and then also from that lip butter range I have this one which is in like a pink color and this is the berry smoothie and these ones are very very sheer they’ve got like a glitter running through them but they’re very sheer and great especially for the summer and then here I’ve got my three lipsticks from Mac this one is a brownish nude and this one is in the color touch and it’s a satin finish and then here I have the peach I think it’s called peach blossoms and this is like a very light sort of peachy pink as you can see this one’s almost over and then here I have this one which is a nude like a very baby nude and this one is totally run out as well and this one is in the color sis and this one is a matte finish and then here I have my lip glosses by Charlotte Tilbury I have this one which is the high society which is a really beautiful sort of nudey pink and they’ve got quite a lot of pigment as you can see but they’re more of a gloss and then I have here the one that I’m most loved which is the seduction as you can see the Gold’s literally come off because they are always kind of in my handbag and this one is a beautiful beautiful nude more on the sort of brownish side and then here I have this one which is in a red and this is the color red vixen and this one is a really intense red sort of a kind of bluish red very very beautiful and here I’ve got this liquid lipstick by wire cell which is another favorite which I also featured in my favourites lipsticks video and this one is a very very peachy color it’s like an orange II peach it’s a very shimmery liquid lipstick as you can see here it looks like a gloss but if you do like to three coats it is quite intense in terms of color payoff then here I have this one by L’Oreal which is another red liquid lipstick and then here I’ve got my absolute favorite lip gloss by Guerlain and this one is a beautiful sort of pink with a golden shimmer running through it it’s massive favorite paired with Nas Anita and it just has such a beautiful shimmer and then here I’ve got my Laura Mercier secret camouflage powder just because I couldn’t fit it anywhere else and here I’ve got another Christian Dior lipstick as you can see another one that’s run out and this one is a very nice sort of neutral nude sort of your lips but better here I’ve got this one by Estee Lauder and this one the colors actually come off but it’s a very lovely sort of rose pink it’s quite an intense

lipstick and you can see that it has a lot of pigment and it’s kind of very creamy not a matte finish not glossy finish somewhere in between a very classic lipstick finish and then finally for lipsticks I have here this one by Revlon which is a bright orange e lipstick I love this one for the summer it is quite orange as you can see it’s kind of a reddish orange color like a coral and I really like this one for this summer here I’ve also got a sharpener and I’ve got here my gel liner by Estee Lauder and then I’ve got here my luminous silk foundation by Armani but as you guys probably know you’ve seen my own favorites video will link that on the screen now I don’t really like this foundation it was a bit of a disappointing product I purchased it because there was so much of a hype about it but it looks really great on my skin I don’t know if I just don’t have the right shades but I don’t really use it all that much in this box which is like a longer plastic box this one goes in the bottom layer I basically have all the kind of longer thinner products and mascaras and that kind of stuff so here I have my Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel which I used to set my brows you guys have seen this one a million times then I have my better than sex mascara by Too Faced which I absolutely love and I love to pair this one with this one which is my falsies push-up drama mascara from Maybelline I love the combination of these two in this is pretty much what I wear all the time then I have here my Urban Decay Naked skin corrector and this is in the color peach and you see me use this a million times at all my tutorials I then have here my master precise Maybelline liquid liner and I love this one because it has such a thin name as you can see here it’s just super pigmented and it’s super thin so you can create a really precise line and then here I have my la girl Pro conceal which is the one I used to use to contour before I got my Charlotte Tilbury cream contour but I still use this one and this one isn’t the color toast and this one comes with a very dinky applicator because it’s this brush which is quite thin so you can be quite precise in the application of your contour next up is my NARS a pro prime this one is the eye shadow smudge proof eyeshadow primer and this one just comes with like a doe foot applicator you’ve seen me use this so many times I don’t love this product to be honest I prefer the one from Dior but I’m just trying to finish it now and just get another one once it’s done then I have my NARS creamy concealer in custard which you guys have seen me use forever so I’m not going to show you that one and then I have this product here which is the Hollywood contour wand from Charlotte Tilbury which I love it comes with this sponge applicator and it is such a great product for contour super natural blends and like a dream next step I have this instant anti age eraser eye from Maybelline which I use also too sincere when I want to light a coverage it has this sponge applicator as well this one is quite light it’s great to kind of highlight and illuminate and yeah I mean it’s a bit of a scrubby product and it just looks so dead as soon as you’ve used it once but it’s not a bad product next up I have another one of this la girl Pro concealer and this one is in the color beautiful bronze then I have here this one by Charlotte silver which is a rock and coal and this one is in a big Marlin midnight and it’s like a midnight blue coal which is quite nice I don’t use it very often but it’s a good pencil I have this one and brown though in my past and I use it all the time then I have here the new Gigi Hadid lip liner which goes with that red lipstick I was talking about and it’s absolutely amazing the pigment is great it glides on super easily really beautiful sort of bluish red I really love this one and it matches perfectly with the lipstick then I have here another master precise liquid liner next up I have here this brow defined by a flatter force and this one is the medium color and it has the darker pencil on one end and the lighter one so you can kind of mix and customize the shade to your eyebrows and it has a really really fine pencil as you can see so it creates really beautifully the hairs because it’s very very precise then have here my Estee Lauder again brow definer this one is very similar to the Mac in lingering which I love but it’s a much thicker applicator so I find it a bit harder to apply don’t know how well the camera is picking that up but it is much harder to apply because it’s just a thick curtain nib and it has this strange brush on the other side which I don’t really know what it’s for finally here I’ve got a bit of eyelash glue and this lip liner from Max Factor which is like super older polish to throw it out but it’s quite similar to pillow-talk by Charlotte Tilbury I then have here this Rimmel lip liner in the color cappuccino which I loved and it’s a very cool toned Brown and that’s it guys that’s everything back can my little box again so I don’t really have all that much stuff in this one it’s just the box is quite small so it does look a little piled up but I can’t fit anything else in that box so this is why I have this one next up I

have another box identical to the last one I showed you and this one is also just a rectangular kind of thin box and these ones go side-by-side these two and this one I have all my brushes and here I have this brush which is my fan brush this one is I still keep in the case even though it looks so much but it just kind of helps that keep it shape this one is from Smashbox and I really love this one because it’s not too big it’s really feathery it applies highlighter really lovely and it’s just a great great brush and it’s so hard to find a fan brush I find it so difficult because a lot of brands don’t do them anymore next up I have this one by Charlotte Tilbury which is her Hollywood complexion brush and this one is absolutely great it has this sort of angled brush on one side and then it has this buffer brush on the other side and it blends so well it’s so soft it’s a great brush for contour and this one for my nose well like smaller areas like your chin is especially good this one is my buffer brush by zoeva again it’s very similar to the one from Charlotte Tilbury it’s a bit more densely packed and this one is great to buff in foundation especially for the first kind of coat to apply a really thin layer all over I love the rose gold and zoeva brushes as a search and amazing quality and they’re so soft on the skin next up I have these two spoonie’s and this will not just from matte are the ones that they give you for free but I find these are the absolute best to brush my brows I really really like this one to kind of smudge in the pencil and just fade it out and make it look really natural I really love this so whatever I get its back oh it takes a couple next up is this small flat shadow brush this one I got in Spain years and years ago and I can’t remember from what brand it is but it’s kind of a small flat shadow brush it’s really good to kind of pack that eyeshadow especially if like small areas like the corner of your eyes next up is this blush brush by jewel you see me use this so many times it’s such a great blush brush it blends in so beautifully it’s kind of quite densely packed but at the same time it’s really smooth and it’s quite rounded so it just gives you a really nice subtle blush finish next up is this one which is the face brush by Real Techniques and this one is quite a densely packed brush I mean used to use this as a buffer brush but I have to say since I’ve got this a wee but I hardly use this one anymore because I see but what is much better next up is my synthetic fiber brush by Shu Uemura this is a concealer brush and I really like it because it’s quite tapered at the top which means you can really get into the corners and it’s a really nice flat brush to a pack on your concealer but I have this angled brush from Mac which I used to apply my eyeliner I have another angled brush and this one is from Mikasa but I actually use this one to put my brow powder on this one is a little bit thicker and I find it too thick full eyeliner but it’s really good because the brushes are a little bit stiff so it’s really really good to do your brows this one is the brush II 100 from Mikasa next up I have here this brush that came in the Urban Decay Naked palette and actually these are meant to go one into the other but they’ve actually come apart and they tend to kind of get undone when they’re together on this end you have this flat brush but it’s quite kind of rounded on the top and it’s quite thickly packed and this one is great sort of pack eyeshadow on or to apply cream shadows and this one is a really thin flat brush which is really good to get into little details in your eyes then I have this brush by number 7 from boots and it’s a blending brush and it’s quite tapered and quite small so I find this really good if you want to have quite precise blending especially on your crease and then my most used i shadow brush which is this one from Sigma and this is the e-40 I think and it’s a blending brush it’s a bit longer than the one from number 7 and this one is really great to kind of apply a very faint application really really blend and make the eyeshadow look super natural next here I have this foundation brush and this is just a flat foundation brush this one is from gosh I hardly use these foundation brushes anymore but I used to use them a lot before but I find that the buffer brush applies a much lighter layer of foundation and I much prefer that next I have here another eyeliner brush this one’s by Sue and Laura and I use this one for pin point concealing it’s a really tapered really thin brush and then I have a few makeup products that obviously didn’t fit in my other box but before that I’m going to show you this one which is my pencil brush by Charlotte Tilbury I absolutely love this brush it’s really cheap and it’s great for applying eyeshadow and underneath your bottom lash line and then the products I have here my matka lingering brow pencil which I absolutely love it’s the perfect shade even though it breaks a lot though one of this twist up pencils when it breaks really easily and I have my Charlotte Tilbury and brow lift in the color Cora D and this one’s really good it’s more of a darker brown but I really like the spoolie on this end and yes you can see I have quite a lot of brow pencils this one is by NARS and this one is a nude liner but I have to say since I’ve got the Victoria Beckham one I hardly use this one this one’s a bit hard so you don’t get a lot of color paper for me you have to kind of dig it into your eye so I don’t really love this one I’ve got another NARS creamy radiant concealer as you can see I have like a good stock of those because I never want to run out and then here I have a lip liner by Mac and this one is in boldly bare it’s kind of nudie sort of brownish shade I have a lip brush here which is a retractable

one but I don’t really like this one very much I’ve had it for years and I actually always use the one on the back of my Chanel lip liner and then I’ve got a so lip liner here as you can see the very very little left in this one and finally this lipstick which is a very matte sort of burgundy red lipstick which I’ve had very long long time actually and this is the final part so these are the things that I couldn’t fit into the small plastic boxes that we had in the previous shots I’ve shown you and these are the bigger things so I’ve got my foundations around here and then I have a few face powder and pellets which I couldn’t fit into those boxes I’ll start with the foundations I’ve got my fancy Beauty Foundation which I absolutely love this one is the personal to foundation in the color 280 it’s a very matte foundation it’s like a soft matte finish but I’d love to mix foundations so I usually mix this in with my absolute all-time favorite which is the wire salt to shake our foundation and I have this one in the color b40 and this one is a very luminous foundation this one’s a little bit too light for me but I love to mix these two in because they just give me the absolute perfect shade next up I have my dual Hydra life BB cream and I usually use this even if I’m not wearing foundation I want to go for a very light makeup look I sometimes mix these two in together or I mix it into any foundation mix because I find that this makes my foundation last a lot longer it helps it to stick into my skin it makes it a little bit more moist and it just makes it last a lot lot longer without kind of creasing or separating and finally face products I have here my Mac strobe cream I love to mix this into foundation when I want to make it a little bit more luminous I can use it as a liquid highlighter as well it’s really hydrating and it has a beautiful sort of golden shimmer to it but nothing too crazy so it looks very subtle I even mix it into moisturizer sometimes if I just want to give my face a bit of a glow then here I have my trusty all nighter makeup setting spray which I absolutely love and then here I have my Chanel loose powder and I use this to set my contour and then I have here my slate and a Chanel which is a cream bronzer and I don’t usually use this that much because I wanted this to contour as you can see it’s a little bit dry already it’s a bit of a tried texture but it’s good as if you want to use a cream bronzer I’ve done a review of all these products in my Chanel brand review which I will link on the screen now if you haven’t seen it and then here I have a few pallets I’ve got my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which I don’t use enough of because I find that eyeshadows have too much of Fallout and then here I have my Charlotte Tilbury instant look and a palette which has the bronze are the highlights of two blushed shades and these three eyeshadow shades this palette I raved about in my Charlotte Tilbury Brown which I will link on the screen now and then here I have a little Mac palette and this one is a little palette I have with three shadows this is mult kid cook and this grey shadow which I can’t remember what shade it is but basically they’re all sort of matte shades this one is really beautiful as a crease shades here I have this little palette by eye little flare de force and it’s got this highlighter shade which is a beautiful shadow I love to use this to highlight underneath my brow bone and then it has these two shades which are brow powder and I love it because you can customize it to make your own shade and then finally I have here my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit and I only have like the bronzer shade this is the Java bronzer and I’ve got a little bit of the fawn Cointreau powder and I’ve run out of all the other shades but I really love this bronzer I use it so much and that’s it basically that’s everything in my makeup container that I have for an everyday basis I’m going to show you how I organize things inside now so these palettes go on the side here and then I have my foundations piled up here in the corner it’s not the best of organizations but it’s as good as I can do and then I have these two powders here and I forgot to mention that I have here my by Terry son designer palette and this one has a bit of everything in there as you can see the packaging is gorgeous and this one has a three short of contour bronzer shades you can use these other eyeshadows as well and then three sort of blusher and this highlighter shade and I still keep it in this velvet packaging because I absolutely think it’s so beautiful and then I have a spare clay Depot concealer in the color ochre just because I cannot live without that and then these two containers go here that’s sort of the bottom base and then I stuck my lipstick container there and then my powder and eyeshadow containers there and it all fits quite neatly and nicely into this box it’s very compact it’s great if you don’t have a lot of space to store your makeup but you still want to kind of use it efficiently and I find I have everything I need for a general like kind of daily basis and I do have a few other products like I said that I don’t use that often or that I’m trying out in another container but for everyday this is all my makeup collection

okay everyone since that was everything from me I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it gave me some ideas in case you don’t have a lot of space to store your makeup and you wants a solution that’s kind of quite compact I think these things are super affordable you can stick this little box anywhere in your bathroom your wardrobe in your bedroom and it’s a great way to kind of keep your makeup organized without taking up too much space I hope this was useful I hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye guys