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– [voice-over] Tonight on a special “Re-Arranged” episode – Come on! – You will see shocking – If you’re manglik, then the spouse supposedly could die – Bitch, those shoes are ugly! – (bleep) you Zip your mouth – I started to get really nervous – Hilarious (both laugh) – This bull testicle is like a marriage – Ooh! – Mayur is not a great dancer – Aah! It’s really painful – [voice-over] And never before seen moments from our second season – Lots of hairspray – Rrawr! – Oh, my God (laughs) – Along with new and revealing insights – Whoop! There’s the underwear – Sorry I was late – It really bugs me when Maneka’s late – Hey, you’re really getting on my nerves – …on what it’s like to be arranged in modern-day America – Dai-ee! – Oh, dear Lord, here we go (cheering) – Whoo! (glass breaks) – Mazel tov! – Mayur and Maneka as husband and wife for the very first time down the aisle – I’m going with tradition, and I’m entering into an arranged marriage with Mayur – Can we have a little talk? – Yeah, let’s go – Yeah? – In our culture, it is mandatory to ask permission to the father for the bride’s hand in marriage – I’m here in this world to take care of her – I gave them my blessing – Arranged marriages are better, because when you get married, that’s where you start to get to know your partner You build your love and your friendship, which is everlasting – You’re just right for her, and that’s good enough for me – David’s brother Jordan arranged David and I I couldn’t have orchestrated it better myself (cheering) – When it comes time for you to leave the nest, I think we can just spot the person that is the good match for you – Amen – Benjamin and Victoria! Vicki: In modern Orthodox culture, you can be arranged by matchmakers or your friends, so I let people know that I was interested, and not long after that, we were arranged – In the Orthodox Jewish community, they are not allowed to touch, which is certainly why they’re interested in getting married when they’re 23 years old – You’re not looking for a relationship You’re not looking for a companion You’re not looking for a girlfriend You’re looking to get married That’s why we get arranged (cheering) – And arranged marriages work out much better than love because you’re almost like you have to make it work (cheering) – Divorce is not an option He’s stuck with me forever – Yay (both laugh) – ♪ Because I am gonna love you ♪ ♪ ‘Cause love ain’t far away ♪ – The morning of the wedding, I think I was a little numb to everything – Good? – Yep – Looks good from back here – It was like waking up from a dream, and it’s just like, oh, my God, it’s finally here This is real life This is happening – Mom, don’t. Because then you’re gonna make me cry Mom, stop. You’re gonna ruin your makeup, and I’m gonna be pissed ’cause you’re ruining the pictures (laughs with tears) – Last chance, David I mean, you can– – Is there a window? Do these windows open? Like let’s get out of here now I’m just kidding I’m ready – I don’t know, my friend – You know I never back down from anything – And you’re not gonna start now – Nope. Never My brother Jordan, he arranged Taylor and I, and now we’re here now and we’re extremely happy – I feel like you two are meant for each other – (sighs) I just love you, man – I love you, too – Gracious Heavenly Father, we pray to you today Thank you for allowing us to come together to share David and Taylor’s wonderful wedding today – Being a Texas Baptist, it’s important to pray before any big event And for me to have shared that moment with my parents before walking down the aisle, it really meant a lot that they were there to bless me into a new chapter of my life – Amen – Amen – In the name of Jesus, we do pray And everybody says – Amen – Amen – All right, wedding on three, guys. Let’s go! One, two, three – Wedding! – Wedding! – You know, you’re gonna have to walk like really slow, and like the whole–this part, I’ll be like this far away – Okay – Because the dress is just that big For Dad and I to spend that moment alone right before the wedding, it really was everything to me – You’re beautiful – Thank you, Daddy It was a little more emotional than I anticipated – (sighs) – He definitely got a little teary-eyed, and so did I – I’m very happy for you for this day

– Thank you Damn it I kind of have to pee Of course, the music was about to start for me to make my big entrance, and right before that happened, I really had to pee Dad, whoa, whoa! – What? Okay – You’ll rip the dress – Okay, okay – First of all, my dad could not stop stepping on my dress Daddy? – All right – Every time that I turned, every time that I moved, he was stepping on my dress I’m like, “Dad, get off my dress Dad, get off my dress Dad, stop it!” And then I finally go into the bathroom I’m just gonna have to straddle this. Ha And then I couldn’t even sit down on the toilet because I was afraid I was gonna fall in because I didn’t have anyone else in the back because all my bridesmaids were at the front of the chapel getting ready to walk in I had to go so bad – Every emotion just crept up on me Oh, like right now It’s getting to me right now Everything hit me at once I’m still like just in a daze (sighs) You had that impact on me just walking through a door That was just a special for me – When I got up there, the way that you were breathing, I was really concerned about you Because the entire time you were standing there like this with me, you were shaking I was actually afraid that you were gonna fall over and faint – Oh, no I’m stuck forever – David, you may kiss your bride – Yeah – (cheering) – ♪ There’s a place I go in my mind ♪ ♪ That goes forever in a lifetime ♪ ♪ Where true love is in your eyes ♪ – I had a countdown on my phone until the wedding day And I would check it to see like just– even if it was just like a few minutes that had gone by You know, some time went by It was closer every time I checked Don’t look at me like that I was excited – No, I was excited, too – (laughs) – On the day of the wedding, it was important that I had a close shave, because every little follicle would be visible Most people aren’t used to seeing me without any hair on my face at all The Torah says that facial hair cannot be cut with a single blade It must be cut with two or more blades working together Electric shavers work that way So I have never shaved with a razor That is an experience I’ve never had – How you doing, sweetie? – Doing good – You look beautiful – I think it’s when my makeup was done and I was in my dress and we’re about to really start the event that I started to get really nervous – Oh, my God That is amazing, Laurel Wow, this is beautiful This is my Ketubah This is my marriage contract Something about seeing that marriage contract made me realize how special of a relationship Vicki and I have This is gonna be the happiest moment of my life I can feel it already Yeah, it’s happening – I cannot believe the day is here. It’s crazy – Mazel tov! – Sometimes your dreams come true, you know, and you feel so blessed and so unbelievably happy (plate breaks) (cheers and applause) – So I’m dancing over to Vicki I was thinking about possibly whispering to her, “Hey, hey, potato face.” – (laughs) Why? – I don’t know But then I guess when the moment arose, I decided not to actually call her potato face It was an unbelievable moment for us It’s what we’d been dreaming about (glass breaks) Yeah, it broke (cheering) – We had a beautiful wedding with a lot of very traditional Jewish rituals (singing) They’re taking a very adult, mature step by getting married and being so committed to each other and committed to the religion, the rules, all of it – To see our son grown up and to see the life that he’s created around himself, what else have we been living for than to have this perfect moment? – We just feel so blessed It’s just unbelievable – I love you – I love you, too – Ben and I are finally able to touch each other

(laughs) It’s the best It feels right It feels kind of whole now – Exactly It feels really good – We want to start We need a bride We need parents Let’s start – Tonight Mayur and I are having a puja, which is a prayer ceremony And the priest is basically blessing our upcoming wedding It’s a very important prayer ceremony that basically starts the entire wedding – We call this the naivedya – Om – Om – I have something on my horoscope called manglik, and if you marry someone and if you’re manglik, then the spouse supposedly could die So what I did was I was told to marry a banana tree, and that was going to end all the curse And I did that a couple years ago Apparently, I didn’t take very good care of that banana tree I didn’t feed it, and it died I don’t want any more bad luck, so I really hope that my curse has been lifted Mayur and I are getting married, and I’m just thinking everything’s gonna go well from now on Maneka: Me and my family are very superstitious As much as I try not to be, it’s in my head Right now, I’m curse free (laughs) I’m pretty sure I am – Hi – Maneka? – Yes. (gasps) – Okay. When do you guys think you’re gonna head over? – I’m gonna leave– – We’re gonna fix it Don’t worry – Hopefully in 15 minutes from here I’m running late because I’m having some major issues with my jewelry I don’t want any more bad luck What if something else happens? Oh! – Hey, maybe we’re being– Are you serious? – See? They’re falling off! – Oh, my God That one fell off, too? – Maneka? I just want to keep you guys posted on what’s going on – Thank you. Yeah – Somebody said the mandap fell The priest is holding it up currently We have some chairs that are missing, but we’re handling it – I shouldn’t have to be worrying about this right now I’m frustrated and annoyed because we have to make sure that we’re going to start the wedding on time This is supposed to be a fairy tale wedding Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry I’m getting late! This is serious Things are just going wrong I was so stressed out that I’m having to go through all of this But I just knew we could do it Let’s get married (chuckles) – Ladies and gentlemen, today we have the beautiful wedding ceremony of Mayur and Maneka You’re gonna lead Maneka around the fire four times The first time is for all of karma Second time is for wealth and prosperity Third time is for pleasures, happiness, enjoyment And the fourth time is for your spiritual foundations – An Indian wedding is much more about the process of going through life with somebody else rather than a simple few vows It’s much more symbolic – All right, please confirm it – One, two, three Kicking the rice is another symbol of different parts of your life that are coming together Feeding each other, taking care of each other It’s symbolic of starting a journey together – We now pronounce you as husband and wife for their very first time down the aisle! (cheering) – I know that my bad luck is finally behind me – And I know your bad luck is behind you as well – Gone – About to make our grand entrance into our reception They’re about to announce everybody, and then we’re gonna eat and drink and have fun, right? – Yeah – What’s happening? – The power went out – Yeah, what happened? – The power went out and they’re just restarting it now, so there’s no speakers – If this ruins my reception, I’m not okay with that Why does this keep happening? Part of me feels like maybe my curse hasn’t been lifted It doesn’t seem like my bad luck ever is gonna stop, and I wonder when my life will stop going wrong Shoot – You can hear me? (cheering) Okay, there it is – Whoa! – My bad luck days are behind me, and only positivity moving on – We live in a 20-foot camper – The camper is too small – It’s super nice and homey – There’s not even a place for me to put my makeup – What do you want? – Not to live in the camper – (sighs) – Come on in Welcome to our home Let’s go on a tour

We have our beautiful peacock dishes, and then we have our sweet little comfy couch Wine, everything you can imagine for home entertainment And then if you come this way, we’re in the kitchen We have running water, soap, a knife set It’s right over here And occasionally, when you get the pliers out, you can open the window for a breeze It’s wonderful And up above, we have our AC system It’s disgusting Come back down The microwave, our toaster oven, our one pan that we use for everything, and then we have a stove that doesn’t work We have our pantry Now come with me We’re gonna go see the bedroom Here we are Isn’t it beautiful? This is our chest of drawers And come this way We’re in the bathroom That’s right, there’s no door in the bathroom Now that you’ve seen our beautiful, spacious, luxurious home, get me out of here! – I’m critical of my kids I’m critical of my family I’m critical of myself I’m critical of him I’m critical of the damn dog – Oh, dear Lord, here we go – What’s wrong with America today is that we’ve gotten away from telling the God’s honest truth, and, instead, we’re politically correct about everything Why does there have to be a nicer way to say it? “Those shoes you have on are just a little too red.” You know, no! “Bitch, those shoes are ugly!” (both laugh) As a Texas woman, God’s first, then football, and then my husband, most of the time (both laugh) I think in Texas, if you want a man to do something for you, you either act like he’s the only person on the face of the earth you know that can do it for you, or you nag the living (bleep) out of him until he does it and shuts up – Oh, yeah – Why don’t you like watch some TV or something? – Come on! Let’s get weird! Hey! – Oh, my God Ben, stop It’s not funny No. Ben, stop, stop Okay, can you hear me? – Get down, don’t you wanna get down? – Ben, stop! – (laughs) – Ben gets very carried away sometimes with his goofiness – Come on! – Can we just have like an hour of normal time, please? So I decided to institute something called normal time – What does that mean, normal time? – I just need 10 minutes I basically force him to just be normal for the amount of time it’s going to take me to get whatever I’m doing done – It’s time you learned the latest dance moves – I’m sorry, not tonight – So Vicki calls for normal time – Normal time – That just seems divisive to me – Please, please, no weird dancing Okay, you’re really getting on my nerves We’re gonna have normal time tonight, okay? – Oh, it’s so nice! – You’re really not taking this seriously – Mmm – What are you even doing? Can we just have normal time tonight, please, please? – David is frequently trying to find a way to correlate anything to our marriage – Househunting is like a good metaphor for our marriage Marriage to me is like a Friday night football game The jalapeño symbolizes the volatility of our relationship This deep-fried bull testicle is like a marriage – Ugh! – The analogies are insane all the time – I’m really trying to understand what you’re saying – Is this an analogy for our marriage? – Yes When that constant barking like a Chihuahua erupts– – I was kidding – Marriage is like Frosted Flakes. They’re great – Sure – You know, something you can see is our life, you know, it misses the hole sometimes This cheese is like marriage It won’t stop – Oh, God. (laughs) – You know, if you think about it– – Just stop – A metaphor is a marriage – Oh-oh – This queso symbolizes our marriage – Oh, my God, no, it doesn’t – It was not really Mexican– – This does not symbolize our marriage – This traffic can symbolize our marriage in that– – I will bitch slap you into kingdom come – In that, you know– – I am not listening to that – Living in a camper, you know, is pretty much like a marriage in itself, you know – Stop – The camper symbolizes– – Does not symbolize our marriage – The camper signifies that close-knit bond that we both have – It does not – There’s no place to hide – It doesn’t. Oh, my God Right now I’m gonna be looking for a place to hide your body Dai-ee! This camper is not a metaphor to my marriage Me drinking is not a metaphor to our marriage,

although that very well could be This tissue is like our marriage, and right now, it’s unused It’s brand-new and then it gets crumpled And thus, our marriage will be crumpled at times, but you can always remove it– – All right. No, no, no, You should take this seriously When it goes to our marriage and this tissue, together we are separate, but when you roll us up together, we’re strong – Right here, see? Oh, no! Oh, no There goes your theory – What’s the next analogy? – There is no more analogies. We’re done David is a man-child – How so? – There is no question where he acts like it. He is one – You do not know how to pick up any crap off the floor, off the counters, anything – Why do you not put away your own laundry? Here goes the shirt, here go the pants Whoop! There’s the underwear! – You put your hair in little tiny strings on the wall – Yes, because you lose hair strands, and I don’t want it to clog up the drains, so it’s easier like stick it on the wall, and then just like get it out afterwards – I’m fine with that, but you never get rid of it afterwards – Yes, I do – It’s still there – David has the attention span of a goldfish His mind just goes completely elsewhere, and it’s just like, oh, my God, what? – It gets easy to tune out a lot of the nagging and all the bitching that she does So I’ll just tune out for a little split second to my little peaceful time – Somebody needs to back-hand him every now and then and say, hey, pay attention – Taylor has the craziest voice in the world I can’t have a normal conversation with you – (speaking gibberish) – Stop – (speaking gibberish) (laughs) I make the ugliest faces and the scariest faces, and that’s how I wake David up – You are scary You scared me one night I woke up in a panic Oh, my God That’s what I deal with – Dancing is a huge part of our culture, and especially in weddings You get to show that you’re in love and you’re excited and you’re happy to get married, and so you portray that through dancing In my culture, in my family, we are so into Bollywood and so into dancing, especially in America because we’re trying to hold onto our roots – I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something that– – We still have to have it choreographed We can’t like just wing it, you know, that day of, ’cause you have a different style and I have a different style Like you said, I’m more traditional and ethnic, you know, and yours is more like pop – Before the wedding, we had kind of a choreographed dance that her friends helped prepare us for I don’t think we prepared long enough for it, and it wasn’t really a song that was my style – Pop. Okay? That’s what you do Now you can do mine Do mine – I don’t even know how to begin to do yours – (laughs) – You throw up like two gang signs – We’re now going to call the first couple This is part of the first dance – We should stand up and dance We should stand and do a slow dance first – At the wedding, we decided to just improvise, and we just put on a different song and just made up something (dance music plays) – Literally 10 minutes before, he’s like, no, I can’t do it I just felt so weird that we didn’t do a slow song for the first dance – ♪ You’re never gonna stop tonight ♪ – I enjoy dancing You know, I have my own style I think it’s therapeutic, just everyone having a good time – Mayur is not a great dancer, but he tries really hard I try to be respectful, but at the same time, it’s really painful. (laughs) I was almost crying I can’t believe that my dream is not gonna come true I wish I never did that because I felt so weird We really messed up – ♪ You know you want it ♪ – I’m gonna be in such a rush later that I want to say this prayer, the afternoon prayer now so that I don’t end up missing it – There’s a lot of time-bound commandments in the Torah that have been passed down, like praying three times a day Men are obligated to pray in the morning, afternoon and night – Okay, I’ve just gotta find out which direction is east When you pray, you’re supposed to be standing and facing Jerusalem – That way – That way, yeah – Okay, thank you, Miss City Girl – You’re welcome – You’re also supposed to remain still and you’re not supposed to talk There are 18 blessings which you say

When you pray, you are supposed to focus on the meaning behind the words, so that requires a lot of concentration If you can, you should try to be in a place that’s gonna be not distracting All right, you ready? – Yep. Did that break your concentration, the weird biker gang that was really loud? – I just heard some noise in the background – We’re going to figure out how to do big Texas hair today Step one, wash your hair Step two, blow dry your hair Blow-dried hair I’m gonna tease– No, I’m gonna curl it first Curl all the way over Now we tease To tease your hair, you need a brush and hairspray Lots of hairspray Get a section, spray it front and back, and tease it We need big hair Basically, we’re gonna have hair that sticks out to high heaven, and we need height Because when you’re as short as me, you’re only 4’11”, you need all the height you can get Your hair gives you an extra three inches I mean, look at this Just trust me More teasing If your hair does not look like a rat’s nest by the time all the teasing is done, you have not done it right Brush toward the back for continued height Push forward from the back Fabulous Ending result – What are your pet peeves? – That you wear shoes everywhere – Little things like that like, I guess, are her pet peeves for me Mine are that she tells me those pet peeves – Anqi Today’s my bridal shower, and, as usual, I am late – It really bugs me when Maneka’s late Took you long enough – I know Hey, everyone So sorry I’m late Hi, ladies Sorry. I’m a little late I would consider it fashionably late I’m fashionably late at my own bridal shower – You take fashionably late to a new level, babe – Sorry I was late But I am worth the – Wait I would definitely say Mayur is particular about things – Let’s look at your list, okay, babe? Exercise daily 30 to 60 minutes – What did I marry into? You know, I’ve never really had a checklist – Okay, next one is your taxes – It’s not easy all the time – You need to change your name I’d like you to do that by this weekend – There’s so much stuff Whatever makes you happy, honey – Yeah – David hates it whenever I do this, but I’m gonna teach mom how to do the straw trick – Don’t do it (whistles) – Take a sip from the straw, and then you pull the straw up and then pinch And then blow right above the top (weak whistle) (no whistle) – Damn it! – (laughs) (whistles) Sip, hold it, pinch, and blow over the top of it as it goes (whistle) – Oh, my God! It worked (both whistle) (both laugh) – I just discovered something I left my dirty socks in the bathroom – Ben left his socks on the bathroom floor again – And when Vicki woke up, she just neatly put them to the side and didn’t say anything to me – I’m trying to sort of pick my battles and not say anything when stuff like this happens, but it still drives me nuts – I know it bothers her I know that frustrates her I know she hates that And yet, despite all that, she didn’t say a word about it all morning – Just because I didn’t say anything doesn’t mean it’s not bothering me and it doesn’t mean that I won’t say something to him in the future about it – I think that shows like a degree of trust and a degree of patience which is just amazing – I feel like my job is sock catcher I really do – We are patient and accommodating with each other,

and I think that these socks are a fantastic example of that – It’s not over – Go on. Hurry up – David, shut up! (bleep) you Zip your mouth I am actually fairly good at stopping myself before saying anything I regret Butt out! I don’t give a (bleep) I don’t give a damn Don’t force me to do any more of this (bleep) You’re either in it with me or you go back to sucking on your mom’s (bleep) I told him to quit sucking on his mother’s (bleep) This is where the arguments come into play where I have no filter and I seem to come across as a bitch, which is what I’m asking for help with – That’s a temper problem for you – David, shut the (bleep) up I speak my mind whether you want to hear it or not Do you know how big his (bleep) is? I mean– – She ain’t lying (laughs) – I had an ex that wanted me to shove a light saber up his (bleep) while I was in a Storm Trooper outfit – Taylor is opinionated – Your mom’s been a total (bleep) to me the entire year of our engagement – Her words are not as filtered as I would like them to be – (bleep) you – Her edges are a little rougher than mine – Yee-haw, bitch – Yee-haw – And I don’t think she stops to think about the impact of the words – I don’t really give a (bleep) why she hates me so much – Cruise control this bitch on 60, please – Nobody likes to be ridiculed for everything constantly – This is our exit coming up Can you move over? – She always criticizing my driving – If you’re gonna drive like (bleep) grandma, pull over – I’m gonna, you know, lay down the law today – Everybody in the far right lane is passing you – You need to shut up! Seriously, you’re annoying! Oh! – David, would you please shut your (bleep) mouth? – You’re insane – [belches] Excuse me – Gross – Deal with it – You never know what you’re gonna get with Ben Oh, my God – What, you don’t want a kiss from the queen? Dance monkey! – In Texas, there are two different forms of no, ma’am – No, ma’am – Oh, no, ma’am! Oh, no, ma’am! – My parents added a second reception Are you ready for our dance? – Can you just lead it? – No, you lead it I don’t lead it – My top pet peeves about Vicki are – We don’t have time to relax We have a lot to do That I’m sort of a nag – Um, yeah How was your day? – That’s like really not where that goes Ben, stop! Ben, what are you doing? He likes that I’m a nag – No. no – You’re gonna disrupt the yeast – Oh, disrupt the yeast – Boys don’t really clean up after themselves – You make me sound like such a slob – That’s life I mean, you are a slob – Where’s the garbage? – Why don’t you know where the garbage is in our apartment? – We just moved in I don’t know – I think I’m doing great things – (laughs) – I do – Sometimes she snores (both laugh) Sort of sounds like a garbage disposal But she’ll be completely quiet, then she’ll roll over, and she’ll start snoring like a bulldog Being married to Vicki is like being married to a drama queen – I’m in school and I do all of the work around this house – I’m in school, too – You don’t do anything here – She is overly dramatic She really is But you’re always on the phone at the wrong time – If you want it, take it Whatever will get you to stop talking about it Just stop talking about it You never know what you’re gonna get with Ben Like you never know who’s coming home – Rrawr! Dance monkey! – Oh, my God You know I don’t like it Why do you do that? (laughs) He does like this high-pitched like – (high-pitched voice) Shut up – Yeah, like that – What, you don’t want a kiss from the queen? – I’ve just learned not to expect that I’m gonna get a serious answer, though Just get out of the kitchen ’cause I can’t deal with you right now – I’m out – Babe, we’re super late – I know – So much to do. I still have to do makeup in here – Wow, babe, look at that Look at that big M – Oh, that’s so pretty – Wow Our name in lights – (laughs) In our Indian culture, we have a lot of events For the wedding, my parents added a second reception because they felt that it was really important to celebrate and announce Mayur and I’s–our wedding Please, can we practice the dance now? – (sighs) You sure? – Yeah, I’m sure – Don’t you want to start getting ready and make sure that you look perfect first? – Babe, you’ve been like avoiding this, like making up excuses nonstop – I got it – I don’t want any mess-ups today – There’s no mess-ups We had a choreographed dance At the wedding reception, we couldn’t do it, so she wasn’t very happy about that – Okay? – Babe, the things I do for you I hope you understand this – I know. I had this vision, you know, that I’m gonna be dancing like– It’s like a king and queen, you know They’re performing and they’re in love And it was almost like a fairy tale

He tried his best, but I could tell he wasn’t really wanting to – Okay, we’re good – Are you ready for our dance? – Can you just lead it? – No, you lead it I don’t lead it – I don’t feel comfortable doing a choreographed slow dance It’s not something that you want to do in front of your friends and family on video But we are going to try to do it at our next reception (cheers and applause) (music plays) Maneka: Tonight we finally did our dance Mayur: Yeah, it’s out of the way – Tonight was definitely a fairy tale I think it turned out pretty well – You know what? I didn’t want to do a lot of the things we had to do, but I’ll do anything for her – You went to that Christian school Tell her, no, ma’am Tell her, no, ma’am You get your ass into church In Texas, there are two different forms of no, ma’am No, ma’am – There’s the respect for yes, ma’am, no, ma’am No, ma’am – And the other one is no-ma’am Get that thing away from me I don’t want to touch that (spits) – (laughs) No, ma’am – No, ma’am. David No-ma’am That second house was absolute no-freakin’-ma’am – Conversation is over Asked, answered, done with No, ma’am – Do you like the shirt? Yes or no? – No, ma’am. It’s fugly – No, ma’am is the “bye, Felicia” of Texas Oh, no. Oh, no, ma’am! Oh, no, ma’am! It works everywhere No, ma’am – You’re a mess – Do not pretend like I’m the messy eater over here You see something that you don’t like? Oh, no, ma’am, that’s not happening – Did you see his teeth? That is a no, ma’am No, ma’am. You need to fix that (bleep) pronto – I want to save these – David, no, ma’am Look at this – What’s wrong with them? – There’s a hole in them – You’re throwing things ’cause they’re not necessarily– – No, ma’am – I can fix this – Leave it. Leave it No, ma’am Give me that back – Pull! I’m winning right now currently – I think I’m doing better than you It’s in the hole – You’re a bad sport You always will be a bad sport – We’re very competitive with each other – No way You can’t do that – I won – I just made it – Mostly because I always win That’s why David’s so competitive He doesn’t like to lose – Taylor, look – No, that’s not what happened I saw that I’m not gonna play something to not win Boom, bitch! I win! – No, you didn’t With me being a coach, I really have to teach others to be competitive I know how to work these things. You don’t – I suck pretty good – Oh, you suck! Oh, no, you suck again – I try to build up camaraderie and help out others to achieve their greatness Told you. I won – I think I win! Ha-ha! – I’m a winner because I have Taylor in my life I already won I married you – Just brushing the old sheitel? – Yeah. They’re very knotty The wigs have definitely been a huge challenge for me I still wish I could just walk outside with my old hair – It doesn’t really match your hair color – I tried on the wig, too, and it feels really weird – You look horrible – It just feels like you actually have an animal on your head – I don’t look horrible I look beautiful How dare you? Let me take my glasses off – Want me to take a picture of you? – No I don’t look good in it, right? I look terrible Ow! (both laugh) I look like a tall skinny girl, you know, who possibly had her puberty stunted by too much athletic activity Why does it need–Oh! – Okay, ready? One, two, three – I want to see what it looks like – You told me–you said you didn’t want a picture – I wanted to look in the mirror! What the hell? – Okay, fine Let’s put it back on Ready for the pain again? – Yes Wearing it’s really hot, it’s really uncomfortable, and it does not feel like your hair – Oh! You’re just doing it hard on purpose – No, I’m not This is what I do every day – After putting on the wig, I was able to understand, you know, what’s so difficult about wearing the wig – (laughs) It was funny He sort of looked like his sister in the wig I want to put it on my brother now to see if we look alike (both laugh) I saved it – Arranged marriages are expected in our family – My parents were arranged All their friends were arranged That’s just kind of how it is – Only time will tell

whether or not he is the right one for me – It’s definitely been a process, and I feel like I fall more and more in love all the time – I could have never orchestrated it better myself We’re perfect together – And when we’re together, I don’t ever want her to leave – Missed you – Missed you – I’m falling in love with him every day, and my love gets stronger It’s kind of fun, you know It’s still a mystery, and we’re kind of going through this together – It’s a little scary to be making such a huge commitment at such a young age, and I hope it’s not as hard as it looks – That’s now how we should like deal with our problems when we’re married It’s not always easy love – You need to not treat me that way – But I can say for sure that it’s the real thing – Husband and wife, Benjamin and Victoria! (cheers and applause) After we were arranged, we found love, and it hit us pretty hard – We love each other It feels so good It really does – We’re officially married I’m happy She’s the love of my life She’s my wife She’s gonna be my partner until I die, so I’m super happy – Oh, my gosh – David, you may kiss your bride (cheering) – I love him so much that even though I plot his death every single day, I still want to fall asleep next to him every night – Oh, no, the door! I love you, Taylor – I love you, too, most days – Most days? – Most days