ASIAN SORORITY RUSH 101 ✩ UIUC | honest advice & tips

I am here to give you all the big sister advice that you never knew you needed hi everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Kelly Tang I like to make youtube videos at 2:00 a.m but whatever I want and today we’re gonna be talking about sororities okay so if you cut into this video you’re probably an incoming freshman or an underclassmen who is interested in learning more about brush specifically brush at UIUC in asian sororities so if you’re an incoming freshman first of all congratulations on getting into Nouveau by and you’re gonna have a great time here and also congratulations are not having to do online school I love YouTube because it’s such a great resource if you learn about pretty much anything on here but there are barely any videos out there about rushing at UC and to my knowledge not a single one about crushing age of sororities so that is not to change today I am here to give you all the big sister advice that you never knew you needed I know it’s only the beginning of July and technically school / rush doesn’t start till mid August but trust me it’s never too early to start thing about rush and I just want you to be as prepared as possible so my rush experience happened first semester freshman year I started out doing formal recruitment I ended up dropping that and enjoyed an Asian sorority in the fall of 2016 and I’ve been very involved then for all four years of my college career I served as vice president of internal affairs I was president of unity council also rush chair for two years and publicity share for four years and I was less on our dance team even though I’m really bad at dancing okay so there is a lot of information to get through in this video so buckle in I mean you already click to this video to see how long it was so thank you since this is a really long video I’m gonna leave timestamp down below so you can kind of skip around to the part that you need to also I apologize to photography fast I can’t help it I’m really trying not to but I will try for you rush and joining a sorority it can be a lot to take it when I was a freshman I had so many unanswered questions and I just had to figure out by myself so back then I wish someone had made a video like this that could explain everything to me and let me know it was exactly what I’m getting myself into I just want to tell you as much information as possible so you are completely informed completely prepared for when rush happens and this video I’m going to talk to you about my personal rush experience whether or not I think you should brush Walker equip is like @ua you see the difference between panelling sororities and asian sororities and then why I chose to join at HS forty these little hazing what the intake process is like how to choose between the different Asian sororities on campus and most importantly my tips freshing so you can get into the sorority that you want okay so I just wanna preface this video by saying I’m gonna be comparing different stories to one another everyone’s summer experience is going to be different so I can’t speak on anyone else’s experience I’m gonna make it clear that I’m always speaking on mine everything I’m gonna tell you today is what I’ve gathered from my own experience of being part of group life at UIUC but I also do realize that Greek life is very different at UIUC compared to like literally any other University however is very very involved is that for the past four years and because of that I have a lot to say about this topic and everything I’m gonna say is just anything that I would tell my younger friend who is interested in rushing at the end of the day I really don’t care what school you go to where’s Rory you Teresa join whether or not you choose to brush at all the quality of your college experience is in my opinion like 95% going to be determined by the community that you choose to join the best part about college is that you’re free for the first time you know you you can choose exactly how you want to spend your time and the people that you want to surround yourself with so this is a really cool opportunity and you need to make the most of it you need to find a community people to belong to that you can not only have very like close open trusting relationships with but also people that inspire you and build you up and actually shape you to become the best version of yourself because you came to college to grow you came here to learn and get your degree but also you came here to you want to become a better person right and in my opinion I feel like the best way to do that is to find the right friends this is a message and my overall vision that was so passionate about when I was president of United Council and also the reason why did recruitment share for four semesters I’m really really passionate about helping you find where you belong and now here I am on YouTube trying to do my best to do what I can to help you find that – the reason why I love you what you see is that it’s such a big campus there’s hundreds of cups for you to join there’s so many ways for you to get involved here it’s a college town so it’s really really easy to meet new people and I promise you there is a place on campus for you there is a place here where you 120% belong and then you’re just gonna fall in love with I don’t care what that place is but I know that you can find it and I really want to help you find that place okay welcome to Creek lift 101 at UIUC well I feel like I’m a teacher welcome to class kids so you what you see has a really really big Greek life last time I checked we had 91 fraternities and sororities which is a lot so each Greek organization is separated into four different councils there’s IFC the entrepreneur council PhD the Panhellenic Council UGC the United crew Council and BGC the blackery Council so I’ve seen me talk about 40 fraternities PhD is made up of around 25 sororities UGC is made up of around 25 fraternities and sororities so this is the council that has all the culturally based organizations there’s Asian Latino Association multicultural and the BGC is made up around ten orgs and that is all the black fraternities and sororities I’m not 100% sure on the exact number so don’t quote me on that but that’s just to give you an idea so my first experience was between PhD and UGC so what’s the difference between these two councils pH C’s the council that holds formal recruitment so when you hear about rushing towards the UC this is probably the one that you’ve heard of it’s the one where you register online you pay a $50 something fee you get to visit all the houses and over the course of a couple weeks you gradually narrow down the ones that you’re interested in and then at the end you receive your bid on bid day and then yeah your donations what’s different about how rush first and you to see is that all the

organizations and UTC hold their own individual rush each board is in charge of deciding when they want to do brush what events they want to host and how many they want to host each organ is gonna have a different system on how they want that to work from what I’ve seen most orgs will hold around true to three weeks worth of events there’s gonna be a few info nights or informational is there and then at the end before the kibitz each individual doesn’t professional or business interview so there are actually a few sororities and PHC who kind of do a similar thing where they hold their own brush they’re not part of formal recruitment and I’m not exactly sure how they run their events but I imagine it’s kind of similar where they have their own system and their own schedule and you’re free to go to these events as you choose so I should really let the whole individual rush your system because you get to choose exactly where you want to spend your time for a formal croute minute every single event every time you go visit houses and each day Russia is mandatory but when it comes to individual Russia’s where I should stand obligatory so you can go to whichever events you want to you can rush multiple surveys at once it’s also free with some you know I like that it’s just completely custom tailored and now being on the other side as a recruitment chair be actually you know choose all the rush themes design posters we brainstorm like different ends of events that we can do each semester we just had the brush shirts there’s a lot of creative Liberty and what we want to do and it’s just a lot of fun also one of the main differences between most of the ph.d Sporty’s and you do see is that once you get your band you’re not immediately part of the sisterhood you actually are gonna go through some kind of intake process for my super knee we call it the new member process when you’re in this process it’s confidential so you’re not allowed to tell anybody that you’re a part of this process until you have your reveal at the end the reveal is kind of the special showcase a presentation of that you’ve learned and you get to reveal yourself to the Greek community and then from that point on you can be officially and publicly part of the sister Hamid the next difference of course is obviously the cultural aspect all UGC fraternities and sororities have some kind of cultural identification also a part that’s really fun is that we all get nicknames so when you join the sisterhood you’re gonna be given a nickname and that’s going to be very special and meaningful to you we all wear line jackets which has our nickname and our line number on the back and it has our classes here I can go show you mine right now so this is my land record sorry it’s like kind of dirty after all these years of wearing it but it has my nickname and number on the back which is Susy 124 on the side it says V where you see oops the lund chapter on the other verse liebe sells Alpha Gamma Graphite’s all 2016 so yeah I also forgot to mention your class is also gonna get a name that is representative of your line so this is something that we’ll all wear to you know certain types of events I don’t have one but a lot of sisters also have a black line jacket and that’s custom-made and given to them as gift from their big bro usually that’s something that I’ll talk about later in this video as well okay so what is the rush process like like I said before each sorority holds their own individual brush normally that’s around two to three weeks you won’t have to pay any kind of fee to brush you don’t have to register or sign up anywhere it is completely up to you which rush events you want to go to you can show up or not show up to whichever ones you want you can start rushing or stop brushing whatever you want you can rush as many or as little sororities that you want and then at the end you’re gonna do a professional interview that’s probably around ten to twenty minutes after that the sorority will give out their bids you can choose whether to accept or deny and then congratulations it’s really very simple okay so let me tell you about my rush experience so like I said I started off doing formal recruitment actually the only reason I said it for formal recruitment is because my roommate was doing it like I grew up in a very like white town it seemed like everyone else was doing it and everyone was telling me to sign up so I was like okay I guess I will so yeah I registered online at the beginning of the year I went to orientation and that was health info lenders so that’s like the big auditorium on campus and there was hundreds of girls there it was completely packed we listened to an alum spieth and after that we are separating it into like breakup rooms where we received a big Bluto bag and this tote bag was filled with all the stuff that were gonna need for the next few weeks so there was an informational handbook in there all different sororities and what the rush process is gonna look like you think it was an umbrella hand sanitizer a t-shirt that we’re supposed to wear when were visiting stuff like that I remember very distinctly when I was there like they told us they were I don’t remember the exact number but say there was like a thousand some girls were rushing and I guess there’s only a certain number of available slots per sale I think there might be like a maximum of how much each forty to take in so basically when I did the math that meant that there were 400 girls in that room that were not gonna get a bit at all first of all that really scared me because I was like damn I’m probably gonna be one of those 400 that don’t make it I also just felt really bad for those people because they’re gonna go through all this work and forth the recruitment just to get her checked at the end at midday it happens on the quad it’s very public you can see what happens and everyone’s like screaming it’s so happy and crying and then there are some girls that go home rejected and at the same time there’s also a lot of girls who actually drop before the process is even over so they don’t even have to go through the rejection part which was me okay so going back to the first statement crewmen before I which orientation I want to do some research because I’m like okay well I guess I should know what I’m getting myself into or look kind of know where I would be interested in going I’m a certian around on Facebook and then I ended up finding the sorority that I’m currently in which is an agency already called Alpha Kappa Delta Phi I was like damn they look dull these girls so cute I can’t wait to meet them and I’m gonna cut your orientation let’s look it through the book and they weren’t in it and I was so pissed I thought the forum equipment actually included all the sororities I didn’t know there was any other type of rush but boy was I wrong that night I messaged on Facebook to the leaky why you see a kitty five Facebook page and oh my god just let me read this to you okay here it is so temper first 2016 oh

my god hey honey I wasn’t ready five I just like to recuperate ation and we’re done Lissa Brody’s I’m just learning about it wasn’t about to differ across the ten to go through it seems you guys have a separation process may be true that you weren’t at that point and I won’t work if I’m also maestra daughter somebody’s a bit already program sorry for the question sticky so much no good I hate myself so I guess that make a long story short I dropped out of hand he’ll rush pretty quickly I guess the reason for that was and it took me meeting the sisters Nick 85 first for me to really realize this but it felt very very descent of high school to me and I didn’t have a good time at school okay I guess high school and even before that I was I was just very on edge I was almost very worried about fitting in and how I should be acting if what I’m saying or doing is cool enough and what I’m supposed to be wearing I grew up in a very white town and I was consistently embarrassed if you know why people are talking about something that I didn’t know about and I would either pretend to know what they’re talking about or I would and just go one like do my own research and try and figure it out but at the same time it was never quite the same because I didn’t get it I was like pretending to just in the same way that they can learn a lot by my culturally they could learn about how what it was like to grow up Asian but it would never be the same because they just don’t get it like they didn’t have the same experiences as me and that is a big reason of why I chose to do Asian green I feel like when I was younger I used to value fitting in way more than anything else like I valued fitting in more than I valued my own happiness looking back oh my god I can’t believe I was generally embarrassed like when I was in elementary school I was genuinely embarrassed that I did not know how to like eat a hotdog or like how to trust it or whatever because I had never seen this before and first of all I didn’t understand why why people even like this because hotdog is literally the most disgusting thing like whatever when I was at the lunch table the kids would make fun of me for the Chinese food that I would bring the first time that happened it really confused me I made me upset because I likes this food but it seemed like no one else did I think I always grew up with the assumption that everyone else is right and therefore my own opinions do not believe valid so I wanted to stop reading that stuff and I just wanted to eat some normal food like I would ask my parents like can you just please make me a peanut butter jelly sandwich you know every single time that I was made fun of for being Asian when I was a kid I remember those moments so vividly but I barely even remember anything else from elementary school but even today I remembered exactly what my classmate said to me and those moments I remember like it was yesterday those kind of things led me to be a very quiet and shy and reserved person when I was growing up and when I’m very clearly not a quite shy reserved person you don’t saying I would constantly be putting it a hard percent effort just for the sake of blending in like I’m not even trying to be better than anybody else I just probably put do anything just to fit in which is not a way to live let me tell you so I guess the environment of just how I felt the formal recruitment really sucked me back into that place and I knew that I just felt that overwhelming feeling of what can I do and what can I say to make people like me and I thought I was looking for my home away from home you know I’m not saying people were judging me at panelist crush I felt like they were but I can’t be sure but I guess some of that could have been related to the negative associations I had with racism and bullying and microaggressions I experienced growing up however since then I have talked to a bunch of other minorities who didn’t try panel and ended up going with UGC and said and a lot of these people actually made it way further in the process than I did from what I can tell we kind of shared a similar experience like no one was outwardly racist or said anything from the meat to their faces but youth they certainly did not feel welcomed and you could tell that they were treated differently than other people it’s just a place that we just knew that we weren’t gonna fit it in and please of taking this as mean like talking bad about peaches’ a year the formal recruitment process because I’m not again I’m just sharing from my own experience and I know that you know most people who do it are really super happy there and just in the same way that I was super happy when I found my sorority and that’s exactly what I want for you as well I want you to be super happy and whichever sort EHS joint so after I message to the kt5 facebook page I’m ended up meeting with the sister for lunch and she answered my million questions that night I went to my first rush event and it was funny because it was actually a third invite-only event so when I showed up to this event like the sisters in their head were like who does the event was hall of an apartment that a few sisters were living yet at the time we were doing makeup doing her nails talking and getting ready for a party to go to that night me personally I do not make it to the party because I got food poisoning but I didn’t make it to their final rest repent and there I sign up for my interview and the rest is history basically as quickly as I realized that pan help is not for me I just as quickly realized that a Katy fight was where do those measurements I actually felt like I could be myself not only were the sisters I met so nice and welcoming I felt like they just got me and I didn’t feel like I was being charged so if you’re deciding between whether or not you should do panel or Asian my advice to you is to just try both yes if you do drop out of pan hell you gonna lose some money like that’s our fifty dollars and never to get back but I think it’s fine I honestly think it was worth it because going through the process and finding out that Katy fight was for me is worth way more than 50 dollars in my opinion I think it is worth it for you to rush around and find your best fit because once you join your interfer life girl so just to be clear pretty much from this point on when I talk West 40s I’m talking about Asian sorties okay so the next question is should I brush is rushing and grease live for me my take on this is even if you don’t really think you’re interested you should rush there’s also different kinds of fraternities and sororities you brush there’s social business professional service this is a really great opportunity for you to make new friends and network and this is especially true at the beginning of the year when everyone’s kind of in that mindset when they’re like looking to meet new people and I think you might be pleasantly surprised I

would say that maybe 50% of my sisters had never intended on joining a sorority in the first place but now they say that it’s one of the best decisions that they made at college so even if you don’t end up rushing or joining this is the time to start socializing with a lot of different people that you’ve never met before so if you didn’t really do that before college now’s the time like I said I’m mostly just concerned that you are gonna find that place on campus where you feel like you belong I personally think that Greek life is a really great place to do that Greek life is just a really easy way for you to find a lot of friends who all are very kind of similar or like-minded to you who are all friends with each other plus those people are just gonna keep introducing you to people who you are also likely to have lots of things in common with each semester you’re gonna have a hand in recruiting the next class so your front group only keeps growing then you’re gonna have friends who are all different ages which is a really good way to stay connected on campus okay so what are my chips I’m rushing I’ve been a part of several different brushes and I was recruitment here for four semesters so you can take my advice here my first tip is to hang out with sisters outside of freshman’s you can ask them to go get boba or try out a restaurant on campus with you just get to know them on a more personal level when I first joined Greek life was a lot much more smaller and more intimate back then we had a lot fewer sisters and also a lot fewer brushes so back then hang out with sisters outside of my friends was maybe not as necessary but I think it really is now since we’ve really grown so now I have over 40 actives and around 40 to 50 brush trees coming to each of these events we also only hosts around 8 or 9 events so if you did the math here there was absolutely no way that each sister would be able to get to know each rush she’d well enough to be able to know if we should let them into this organization go how does that make sure to get to know as many sisters as possible I think it’s very easy especially if you’re in the quieter side to get very comfortable and just stick to those same like 2 or 3 sisters who are really nice to you at the beginning of rush but really really make an effort to reach out and branch out to everybody especially because like I said at this point it’s almost getting kind of competitive with how many girls there are I would say a good rule of thumb is maybe try to introduce yourself or at least meet every single one of the sisters by maybe at the end of the first week that way by the second week of rush everyone already knows you and then you can work on getting to know them on a deeper level and then my biggest tip is to just be yourself I know this sounds really cliche but seriously please do not go out and like buy different clothes or try and say things or do things that you think are going to impress I can assure you as someone who’s been through seven different rushes 99% of the time we can see through that and if you think about it it’s not good for you either like why would you even want to be part of a group that only accepted you because you were pretending to be like somebody else you’re not gonna be happy in the long run and you’re gonna end up committing to a sorority that it’s not actually your right fit and you’re really really gonna regret that because like I said like once you’re in it you’re in it for life also one last tip is to consider brushing up in the spring I mean obviously fall class miss class but I say this because personally I had a lot of trouble adjusting to college and it kind of get over there after the first few weeks but I do really wish I had more time to just settle into campus figure out where I am and what I’m doing I’m also very bad with directions so I would be getting lost all the time and that’s not fun also just to meet more friends outside of your club as well so if you do go to rush and kind of feel like you’re not quite ready it’s okay like the support is still gonna be there we all hold brush every fall and every spring so there’s no really no Hartman waiting however at the same time I am really glad that I didn’t rush and fall because okay let’s not really cheesy but like once I joined I found out these are people that I really want to spend a lot of time with so I’m glad that I even had just that one extra semester to just be with my friends so if you do choose the way to semester rush I would suggest going to the fall rush events because there’s really nothing for you to lose since it’s very syllabus week you’re not gonna be that busy you’re gonna have time to go these rush events all you’re gonna get is you know free food free invites to parties you can start getting to know the sisters you can become familiar with how Russian works and those are things that are gonna be a big advantage to you when you do actually brush okay so let’s talk about why I chose to join an Asian sorority and some of the benefits so for me the biggest benefit is that it’s more close-knit it’s a lot smaller than the Panhellenic sororities so I feel like I get to know everyone a lot better my intake class was only five people now we range somewhere around maybe 8 to 12 girls and for panelling sororities it’s not uncommon for their into classes to be like closer like 50 people but because of this I feel like I get to know everyone a lot better I know every single sister pretty well and I’ve hung out with every sister outside of sorority events at least once the next benefit is that the dues are a lot cheaper so juice for a Katy Phi are around $200 to 20 max somehow since I’ve joined the dues have actually gotten less and less each year so honestly shadow turkey finance I can’t speak for panel sororities because I don’t actually know but I know that a lot of them can get closer to like the 1k range and that’s like so a big reason why our dues are a lot cheaper is because we do not have an official for me house instead we hold our events at you know University buildings or different sister’s apartments the sisters really like to look with each other so there’s always a few apartments that we can kind of go to for sisterhood events or whatever we’re doing that de panne house parties have official sorority houses those are like register by the University which means that I think you can move into them freshman year I think I’m not totally sure you just see orcs to my knowledge not a single one of them have houses that are registered with the university most fraternities will have a house but it’s like unofficial so it’s just like a lot of brochures happen to live there and that’s real throw their parties and whatever I don’t believe any UGC sororities have a house even unofficial one and obviously a big reason why I chose the nation’s Rory is for the cultural aspect before I came to college I was very whitewashed all my friends were very wet washed I didn’t know a lot of things about Asian culture nor did I want to know a lot of things growing up my Chinese side was one that

I was always trying to suppress I’m originally from a very white town and I grew up wishing that I was white or basically wishing to be someone that I’m not and I think that greatly contributed to a lot of my confidence issues growing up joining an Asian sorority I was really finally able to get in touch with my HSI and I got to meet friends who actually love being Asian I know it sounds stupid but I was actually mind-blowing to meet to meet people who are actually so into their own culture and because of that I finally felt proud to be Asian for the first time ever and I’ve learned a lot more about Asian culture through them and then when I went back to my family I asked them to teach me more about Asian culture and I really appreciated that side of me so much more okay let’s talk about some frequently asked questions so the first one no you do not need to be Asian to join that’s what we’re technically categorized as an Asian interest sorority not Asian okay so makes it little space and lows or one of the funnest parts of being part of a sorority when you join everyone gets a big everyone also got some mom and you get your line sisters which are the people that join in the same semester as you and those are the people that are going to get to be really really really close with after you join if you want to you can pick up a little or two or three like I did a big a little relationship is a really special one it’s really unique and not like any other kind of relationship then you’re gonna find in college I take my big little relationships very very seriously like when I chose to pick up my littlest I chose something with the intent that these are girls that are happy friends with literally to the rest of my life my big spoiled the freak out of me and I enjoy supporting the Freak and my little I hid out this before but you also have the opportunity to get a big fro or a little bro you can get picked up by a pro in any of the Asian / charities and it doesn’t even have to be at this school and the same thing applies for little bros as well so as you can see on top of just joining the group community in general there are a lot of opportunities for you to you know kind of build your own little family here on campus and there’s actually way more than that to like those aunties and gobble has but nieces and that I’m not even gonna get into any of that stuff because I don’t have the time and those are things you’re gonna learn about in the new more process okay so let’s talk about hazing girl I was so scared of hazing I was terrified of getting hazed my favorite thing to do was to go on Google and Google hazing horror stories just to be prepared for anything that might happen to me so this is stuff like I was very very concerned about when I was rushing that’s why I was so damn relieved when I did start the intake process and found out that it was not gonna be hazed thank God you and you see we have a very very straight non hazing policy honestly you should look up the different hazing stories and things that have happened around the world it’s very harmful and in too many cases unfortunately it’s even led to death I do encourage you to look into it and learn about it because I think it’s at a coordination to be aware of and by that I don’t mean those stupid rumors you read my own random online for us I’m talking about this stuff but if chapters are caught hazing you can be suspended you can get in trouble it’s a university the policing it involves and your national board counsel you up so hazing as an issue it has definitely gotten better unfortunately I know that does still happen and you see in some organizations I don’t even know exactly which ones but I know that’s not perfect okay I forgot to mention this but if you do enter an organization that Hayes’s I would really suggest you just remove yourself from the situation I think hazing is stupid and it serves no real purpose there’s a much better way to teach members and uphold your history that doesn’t involve harming others or belittling them just to have the right to be your friend it can be really scary and there’s a lot of pressure to just stick it through but if you ever feel like you’re being asked to do something that you’re not comfortable with no one is forcing you and you can find a better community with people who have better morals and values than that that is all please be safe know your worth so I can’t speak on any other or so I do know for a fact that my sorority a find it does not haze instead what you go through is an intake program which is called the new murmur process and that is one that is standardized internationally so basically what that means is every single person who joins the sorority around the world no matter where that is at any school is going to go through the exact same process step-by-step so that’s how you know that it’s safe it’s for your benefit is for your learning this is developed specifically for you to really really get to know the sister just get into the history and really bond with one another it’s also kind of cool because now you have that shared experience so whether it’s a sister who joined ten years before you or ten years after you or force assisted or another school or in another country no matter what you’re gonna have that shared experience and it’s kind of something that you can bond over I know this sounds kind of like culty or whatever but I often feel that when I meet sisters even when I’m meeting for them for the first time I feel like we have that like instantaneous connection where you just kind of understand each other which I know sounds kind of weird but you you would understand if you experienced it yourself okay so this intake process what is a new mer process like so this is just a time for you to really get close to everybody you’re gonna learn everything that you need to know about the sororities history you’re gonna get to know literally every single sister we like to equate it to a three-hour credit class so just be prepared that’s just to help you kind of gauge how much time you’re gonna be spending in this process so it can definitely get busy if you don’t space out your time right I think a lot of freshmen comment from high schools thinking about they’re very good at time management but they’re really not and that was me if it’s a struggle for you timewise I think that’s just a sign that you’re not good at time management so either way it’s really important to go for you to learn I learned more about time management and responsibilities from this process than I did from any other part of college to be honest okay so if you rush and you get rejected can I brush twice should I brush twice and the answer is yes you should we should do have a lot sisters who rushed twice the reason we rejected on the first time is not because we don’t like them there are actually a lot of factors as to why people aren’t giving it been sometimes readers not ready for you the first semester but then the next semester it’s a perfect fit so don’t feel bad and don’t feel discouraged I actually shows a lot of courage and humility to come

back even after having that hurtful feeling of rejection and we recognize that so I actually really highly encourage you to try again if you’d really do believe that this sorority is what you’re looking for at the same time if you rush all the sororities and you don’t really feel that way about any of them I would say like don’t feel bad and don’t try to force it you can also look into rushing business or professional or service attorneys there’s also lots of age of clubs on campus there’s a triple-a that Asian American Association there’s TAS the Taiwanese Club at PSA and VSA and KSA and there’s actually so many like if you don’t feel like you can exactly fit into Greek life don’t feel like you have to force it there’s lots of other options for either join as well and lastly how many bids do give up there is no set number or range or Puerto that sororities of before the way we do it is that we just examine each individual if we think that this person would have a bright future in a sorority if we think that they could grow a lot as a person for joining us but also be able to contribute a lot back to the chapter in the future if we think that you fit into our sisterhood and you get along with us really well Lisa Q be a great addition to the chapter then that’s how you’re gonna get a bit however many that ends up being is going to be how many that is for that semester so who cos then has nothing to do with numbers okay so let’s talk about which Asian sorority you should join some on you see we’re looking to have four different agencies so there’s a lot of different options for you to choose from there’s the one that I’m in which is Alpha Kappa densify there’s also Kappa Phi lambda alpha gamma and Sigma Z Zeta but like I said earlier everyone support experience is different so I can’t speak on anyone else’s experience everyone is gonna find sorority that they feel most at home with and for that reason you should be brushing multiple sororities so my personal I said what I would do is first go to quad day and visit the four different booths honestly because of the pandemic I don’t know if you’re gonna have a quad day for fall 2020 but if there is or if there’s some kind of substitute for that I would make sure to check out each one and kind of get a sense of what they’re like who their sisters are and then find out that information for each word is brush so since there’s just two weeks I would spend the first week kind of checking out the four different sororities how about go to at least one event for each sorority and if possible an info night or an informational night I think that after a few Russia rents you’re gonna kind of get a sense of what the vibe is at each of these different sororities and if you do find one that is your vibe my personal advice is just pick that one and then seriously brush that one of course what you can do is you know rush all of them and interview for all four of them and just see which one you get a bit at and then pick from those bits doing that is a lot closer to the kind of system that formal recruitment does but naturally agents already brush works a little differently because there’s only four of us some each holder own individual brushes so but at the end of this two or three weeks I think you should kind of have an idea which one you want to go for even by the end of the first week so what I would personally do is just pick one and then really focus on that one for me I didn’t get to do that because I found out about Asian sororities like pretty much at the very last minute I was only able to go to like one and a half Russian ones it didn’t really matter for me though because when I went to my first freshmen within the first like 20 minutes no lie I knew that a Katy fire was gonna be my home but you don’t have that strong feeling of conviction I guess about that one sorority right away then you should really explore your options you should keep rushing the different sororities until you find that fit so the reason why I chose to join ekt Phi or the first large only international Asian interest sorority so basically what that means if you break it down or the biggest one so via over six thousand sisters we’re the oldest Verdi at UC and we’re also the only sorority that has chapters outside of the United States as well so basically the implications of all of that is we have more sisters we have a very well-established national board we have a longer history so that just means more resources for you at the end of the day that’s more sisters for you to network with bigger conferences and conventions each year and just having a bigger voice in general but honestly these are all benefits and I learned about after I joined I never actually had the chance to go to an info night when I was rushing I didn’t know about any of the seminal when I was a fresh sheet I chose 885 because I just knew the sisters that meant a brush for some of the most welcoming kind-hearted and giving people that I had met in a really long time I was so inspired by their kindness and their accomplishments their work ethic and most of all their undeniable friendship with one another like I I could tell that it wasn’t fake I think my favorite Russian are joining a sorority is that everyone’s fake or you have to be fake to fit in but I just knew like you could tell that these connections were very genuine these people weren’t fake at all just being in this environment and seeing that major practice of another like I just knew I want to be part of this so bad we’re also the only sorority here that hasn’t brother fraternity which is Lambda Phi Epsilon basically that means that we’re especially close to one another we celebrate each other’s birthdays or our founders days and at the end of the day that just means more connections and more friends for you and yes I know what you’re thinking in case you’re wondering a lot of Katy final I’m just due date I did a lambda if I think about it I think like 50% of my Lydia just dating a lambda like my big my G big toomai littles but anyways don’t just take it for me but I think it’s really cool that we have this hashtag hashtag ye KT Phi if you go on Instagram you look for the hashtag you can read about other sisters experience about why they chose to join from all over the world if you’re interested in brushing on the semester fall of 2020 I’ll drop a link in the description of our rush interest form which is gonna be your first step and getting started in the process that brush okay so what is quickly its self like what can you expect after you join so after you finish the intake process and besides the reveal itself becoming an active sister and publicly being part of the sisterhood that’s when the real fun begins I feel like a question that a lot of people ask what Greek life is like what do you guys actually do and I feel like the best way for me to explain it is that it’s a mix of everything you literally do everything you have service events fundraisers socials formals and banquets

we have cultural events we have a dance team obviously beauty of recruitment every semester we have national conferences Midwest conferences and the best part is you get to do all of it with your best friends and because of that like work doesn’t really feel like work we’re prepping for a fundraiser or we’re at a volunteering event it doesn’t feel like I’m doing any kind of work because I’m just it honestly just feels come hanging out with my friends so each organization is gonna have some kind of pillars or basically core values that you stand by for my sorority we have five different pillars there is sisterhood scholarship leadership service and Asian awareness so I’ll just do a quick little run-through of what each of those five pillars being so sisterhood is obvious you’re gonna find friendship and all of the sisters no matter when you joined or what class you’re part of I think what’s so amazing is how close we all are with each other what I really love about my sisters if we like to embody work hard play hard that is our motto like all of my sisters are so inspiring like I look up to them even if they’re younger than me these are all very hardworking and successful individuals who have made incredible achievements but the best part at the same time we know how to have fun remember you were the average of your closest friends so you should choose to surround yourself many people who have very good values who are very driven and successful and most importantly fun find as many of those kinds of people as you can and I say fun because I think that can be a very underrated trait that some people overlook like we can be as equally goofy and fun and weird with each other as much as we know how to get down to business and get done so it’s very important to find a very healthy mix of both of those things just in general when you join the group community be prepared to meet a lot of people especially your first year in joining you’re gonna feel more extroverted than you ever have in your entire life I am a very introverted person I am now and it always was growing up but somehow during my freshman year when I took the myers-briggs personality test I got like a ENFJ but it’s a shame looking back that is so funny because like there’s absolutely no way I’m so introverted but I really felt like I was when you’re joining your sorority you are not just joining your sorority yes now you’re gonna have that group of maybe twenty thirty forty sisters female on campus you’re also gonna meet a lot of the alums so sisters who graduated before you you’re gonna be sisters at different schools you’re gonna meet people into other fraternities and other sororities we also do collabs with a lot of different Asian clubs on campus you’re gonna be Bo through there two whole Asian community so just be ready for that if you were awkward a high school like me your social those were really gonna be tested also prepare to get spoiled okay I was actually really surprised when he for sure not only by how much like love and guests that I was showered with but also just how much continuous support we receive from our sisters like I love her always just hyping each other artwork like giving each other compliments and calling that for your achievements being nominating each other for awards and even though two small things so like when Joanna or Tasha invites me over for dinner and they cook me a really amazing meal they watched a movie when Michelle randomly show up my door with homemade baked goods for me to try send us a sister program we treat us all out to boba or bring me a box in my favorite wine I’ve also been given the most elaborate birthday surprises of my life each year they surprise me for my birthday and they somehow keep topping at every single year like to the point that I’m moved to tears when my bake was here on campus she would always may not only give me these huge care packages of the best snacks and goodies and even after now that she’s graduated living in Chicago she still randomly sends me presents to my door like once it’s just that type of love and energy that just keeps feeding off of one another and it’s inspiring anyways our next pillar of scholarship so we always like to remind her sisters that you were here for school first you’re not here to be part of this club so we don’t want this to like eat up too much of your time or feel like you have too much responsibility when you are here to study and get your degree so that’s why we created a study mate so that’s basically just a big folder and Google Drive where every single sister puts in all of their notes study guides pass quiz answers for all of the classes that they talk after their college career at this point now it’s huge and it’s such a good resource for you our sisters are from all types of majors so a lot of these classes are gonna be covered in the study bank and not only do we know all the easiest and best janessa take we left the notes to give to you with it our academic chairs but always have study rooms reserved for us in the library which is really helpful because the library actually gets really crowded and obviously studying with friends is way more fun you know we got to share snacks take Sunday brings together the next pillar is the leadership from the moment you join you’re gonna have the opportunity to pick up positions there are lots of leadership opportunities for you that you’re gonna have a lot of creative liveries but so like for me I was publicity chair rush chair academic chair historian there’s also a sisterhood chair performance chair Asian and weirdness chair wisdom and wellness chair there’s a web manager there’s a secretary there’s lots of different systems that you can pick up after that you can even server the exact so there’s president VP internal PP external VP finance VP service and then VP new member educator which is like the mom even after that you can serve on the United Creek Council which I highly highly encourage I got to serve as president sophomore in junior year and it was the most impactful experiences of my life there’s so much about what it means to be a leader I got to meet so many people within our group community within all four of the different councils there’s staff here on campus and I also got to go to different conferences that I got to be creepy people from around the world what’s really cool about these positions is that whatever you do with it is completely up to you so you and whoever your co-chairs are have complete creative Liberty or NASPA blister chair I’ve got to rebrand our entire Rory’s online image when I was rushed chair we’re going to choose the different themes how I wanted to our shirts what’s your best I’m gonna do how I want to be the fliers if your sister head chair you could to brainstorm the different events you wanna do for a sisterhood so we’ve done like brunch with mimosas have the sisterhood wine bag races you also do sister has the protis at the end of each year at the end of our semester we have a little holiday party message do this thing where each Sunday a chapter will write down something encouraging or some little note to each sister and at the end of the year we’re going to receive our own notes in a little jar so

whatever you want to do is completely up to you and that’s what’s so fun about doing these decisions and you get a lot of leadership experience as well and these are all things that you can put on your resume okay so the next pillar is service each organization is gonna have some kind of philanthropy or basically a cause of a support for a qt5 our philanthropy is breast cancer awareness so this is a cause that we mainly focus on in the month of October because that’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month so during that months we hold fundraisers every week at the beginning of the month we put pink flags in the quad to signify the start to first cancer awareness month at the end we hold a charity banquet we sell shirts that I have a word hope on them we sell pink ribbons and all of these things that we do is to raise money and recent weirdness for breast cancer aside from that throughout the year we do lots of different other kinds of service events around the community so we’ve done like food drives Park cleanups campus volunteering etc and then our last pillar is Asian awareness so we lift a host or co-hosts Asian awareness events so that could mean in the past we’ve done like fan dancing we’ve done kpop dancing we’ve done spring roll making we made dumplings we made Asian lanterns we perform dances at Asian events like Asian tation Asia fest tas night market we volunteer at the Ike for Lunar New Year so basically anything and everything that we do throughout the year is going to relate back to and be in support of those five pillars so being in a Katie Phi has helped me in immeasurable ways I honestly could not have imagined going through college without being part of this organization it just opened so many doors for me in every avenue in my life I met my lifelong friends I got so many leadership opportunities I just learned a lot about life for my sisters and what it means to be a good friend but most of all it made me proud to be agent for the first time in my life and I just became so much more of a confident person to myself I just feel so much more grounded in my identity and able to find happiness and feel grateful every day it’s always been my dream to move to California after graduation but I actually changed your mind and decided to move to Chicago and said and stay in the area because that’s how much these friendships that I made mean to me I want to spend more time with my sisters who are here I want to be able to visit campus from time to time and you know see my littles and see what the chapter is doing in the future okay so basically overall this is quite a video there’s a lot of information I just spit out at you but I do hope that it was helpful if you have any more questions you can ask me in the comments below or feel free to DM me I answer everything I’m very happy to answer your questions about anything you want if you have more questions about rushed for a particular sorority each sorority has a team of rush cherries which is normally around two to four people and those are the people who can answer your questions that are specific to rush or their particular sorority and you can find out who these people are through the sororities social media usually if you’re interested in rushing for the semester of fall 2020 I’ll leave in the description who are Russia shares are 485 on their contact info and if you made it this far in the video please be sure to drop a like and subscribe for more content as always now it’s really really late and it really really gonna bed so with that I wish you the best of luck with brush don’t forget to be yourself explore your options and I hope you find your home away from home oh my god it’s so hot today oh my gosh hi are you just said in Russian abusive already you should totally come to our Russia event tonight