Current Beauty Favorites 💄 | AUGUST Beauty Favorites 2019

hi everyone and welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m gonna talk to you guys about my current Beauty favorites can’t just say August favorites cause I didn’t do a July favorites I don’t even remember the last favorites alright everyone so before we start talking about my current beauty favorites I want to let you all know I have had a really really rough week as far as my health I had an allergic reaction to a minor medical procedure nothing major at all I had an allergic reaction to it and I had fever I broke out in hives like everywhere and I still have hives in some locations there’s a small one left here there may be some red marks here and here I had knots on my head and there’s like something going on on my cheek it was just really rough so now things are fading and calming down and I’m starting to feel like myself again that’s why you haven’t seen any videos posted by me because I wasn’t able to film because I was under the weather so I’m feeling a lot better guys but it was rough it was rough there for a moment so I’m gonna start with my favorites video here and I did do some shopping during the vib sale I can actually shop Sephora anytime I want to because you guys know I work there part-time I do have an employee discount with them so I purchased products all the time but I decided to get in on the fun with everyone else and buy some things during the sale and I actually purchased some products shortly after the sale as well so I’m waiting for my last shipment to arrive and then I will film my Sephora vib haul and I may throw in a few products that I purchased before the sale so be sure to check back here and I will be bringing you guys that haul very very soon I feel like I have a lot of favorites this month but a lot of these products I’ve talked about at some point in the past I’ve really been trying to use what’s in my stash you go back to something again and again and you’ve had it in your collection a while that means it is really a favorite let’s go ahead and get started cuz it’s a lot okay let’s start with my hair really quickly guys this is that Ali Funmi hair that I received several months ago and I actually really like this hair I didn’t give you guys an update so this is my update and I did end up wearing this hair for a couple of weeks like everyday and I worn it here on my channel I’ve curled it I’ve straightened it and this is really good hair for affordable hair that you can purchase on Amazon and I really liked the color like I love the ombre look I didn’t have any issues with it this is it in its natural state so this is what it looks like after shampooing it this is how it dries and I’ve loved it it’s a current favorite even though I didn’t wear it recently like I haven’t been wearing it recently but I meant to come back and give you guys an update on it and I never got around to it so since I’m wearing it today I just wanted to tell you guys this is good hair and I’m gonna mix it up because I feel like I have a lot of skincare this time as well and I don’t want to bore you guys with too much skincare at one time I’m not gonna go in order of how I apply them I’m just gonna go and order up how I feel today I’ll start with a couple of foundations that I’ve been wearing non-stop recently and I always get compliments and one is this l’oreal infallible it’s the 24-hour fresh wear foundation I filmed a dedicated video to this this is really good foundation is this is 505 toffee and this foundation it comes with the pump it is a mess it’s an embarrassing miss whenever I wear this foundation I always get compliments on it it is really beautiful if you’re looking for a drugstore foundation that kind of reminds you of the LaMer the soft fluid foundation this is it to me it is very fragrant so if you don’t like a lot of fragrance in your products you may not like this but I feel the same way when I’m wearing this as I do when I’m wearing this it’s just something about the application and how it looks on my skin that it kind of reminds me of this this is still better this this foundation has grown on me so much you can just see it here it’s just kind of getting see-through but I love this foundation it just feels in all of my fine lines and the skincare and this is just amazing so I do love this one but as far as affordable foundations that look so high end on my skin still have been loving this still been wearing it a lot in people always always compliment me whenever I wear this I wanted to wanted to mention the Loreal foundation as well as this one the LaMer was just a bonus I saw

someone else mentioned this in their video as well something that they were doing and I’m doing the same thing is I keep this foundation in the box and I was already doing that and then I watched someone else review this foundation and they said the same thing I’m like what is it about the box I don’t understand it I don’t know if it’s what the box does I don’t know but I couldn’t bring myself to take it out the box and throw the Box away that’s how nice the box is this is my foundation and I actually am wearing it today and it is a little light for me I did dedicate a video to this as well and it is a little light on me and you’re gonna notice that in the video I ordered it online and really this was the shade that was recommended to me based on another shade that I have this one is 18 I want to believe that shade 21 had the same undertone is this one that’s the one I’d purchase if I was going to buy this again but this has a lot of good skincare ingredients in it as well and it is a medium coverage foundation is very lightweight on the skin and it just gives you a beautiful natural finish so it is very very good long wear foundation and it stays on my skin all day just like the other one does L’Oreal lasts all day the worst part about this is that it is pricey but it is so good the packaging is gorgeous I really don’t regret purchasing this foundation it is very very good this is the olaplex no. 7 bonding all and I purchased this from Sephora it’s a recent launch and I have not had it very long and look at how much I’ve used okay and this is actually really good I like the dispenser it kind of dispenses in a way where not a lot comes out is really good and it is very lightweight all you apply a small amount to damp or dry here and it’s supposed to boost shine strengthen and repair all hair types this is really good oil I use a lot of this on my natural hair when I use this product hence the reason it is really empty and I want to think this was like twenty eight dollars it was expensive I like this all but I’m gonna try it again when I straighten my hair to see if it’s really worth if it’s really different than other oils it is really hard for me to tell on my natural curly hair I just know I like it but I can’t tell if it’s worth all of that money but I do like it it’s just pretty pricey and I’ve gone through it like that I’m gonna talk about this micellar water this is Bioderma and it was sent with I think my Sonia G brushes I think it’s when I received it but it was one of my purchases from Beautylish and what they do is send a little gift in your purchase and this is what I got when I ordered from them and this is really really good micellar water and it is probably the best one I have used I have used a Sephora micellar water there’s a drugstore brand it everybody uses this one doesn’t sting my eyes it removes makeup so well and I was like when this empties I might have to buy this makeup products again this Lancome la Base Pro primer is very very good I purchased it during like an Ulta 21 days of beauty so I got it like half off and it is like one of those silicone feeling primers and what I have found is I like it best when I don’t use a prep spray I find that it wears best for me when I don’t use a prep spray so I’ll usually just go in straight with this and then put on my foundation and where is really really pretty I don’t have it on today but I have been wearing it quite a bit in the last couple of months I reached for it a lot it’s half empty I think it’s very very good primer and I would purchase it again I have several bronzers to talk about today probably because I filmed my bronzer video because I filmed that video I was reminded of different bronzers and I’m like oh let me use that one for the last couple of months the ones that I have really reached for the most are these of course the cover fx still has not left my vanity it is just so good this one is a Suntan bronze and it is the monochromatic bronzer I’ve talked about it a lot I think the undertone of this one is perfect for my complexion and this one is a very soft powder so the bronzer itself is just really pretty on me I went back to my Becca Ipanema Sun bronzer and it’s just my favorite bronzer of all time and I think it’s just the undertone or something of this bronzer it is really good on my yellow skin like I have neutral yellow skin this color looks really really pretty on my skin tone and it is kind of different then a lot of my other bronzers it’s not

cool or reddish it just has a neutral color or it’s just something about the color I think is why I like that one so much and this Pro bronzer I also pulled that one out and put on my vanity and I’m gonna swatch it right under this one and it is very similar the color is similar so this one is more high-end this one is $8 and this is by Absolute New York and then I also added on this bronzer I went back to the BH Cosmetics bronzer I didn’t talk about that one in my bronzer video but it is really really good and it has more of a reddish color so I love that one and it’s by BH Cosmetics and this one is bronze babe it’s a brilliance bronzer today I’m wearing the city bronzer by Maybelline and it is so so pretty and it reminds me of the Bajan Gyal Bajan Gyal but now I can’t say it the finchy beauty Bajan Gyal you guys know what I’m saying it’s that color and it’s a warmer color but it is so gorgeous on my skin and I also have on the Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder but I used the city bronzer in 300 today to bronze my skin and all of those are the ones I’ve been reaching for in the last couple of months I just wanted to let you know I’ve had quite a few bronzer favorites okay let’s talk about a face powder that I probably put some more on right now I’m gonna put a little bit of this on this is the flour powder by beauty bakerie and I feel like I’m shining a little bit here Wow see oh my gosh it’s just so mattifying this is the beauty bakerie flouer powder and this one is the shade yellow and it only has like 0.49 ounces in here so it is very small half an ounce basically it’s not that expensive for this half an ounce but if you were like to make it a full ounce like if you bought two of these it’s like more than Laura Mercier if I’m not mistaken so it kind of is a little bit more expensive than your average setting powder but this is very good I think for baking and I can get like a beautiful matte bright under eye with this one it’s the perfect yellow it’s not too much for the first time in a while I moved my Laura Mercier like took it away so that I would use some other products and this was the one I pull back out and added to my vanity so really really good really really good setting powder this is the Chanel natural loose powder it’s got some words on here in another language and this one I think is 40 translucent 3 okay it’s darker and I talk about this powder all the time and I noticed the other day I’m like oh my gosh is it is it getting close to empty but I think I have a little bit of time left this is one of those powders that I will repurchase over and over again I think the Maybelline fit me powder is sort of comparable to this the Maybelline fit me powder has different shades and so you could probably use that one if you’re looking for a drugstore alternative but this gives me such a beautiful finish to any foundation that I wear and I think it’s that little extra something that gives me this gorgeous finish those days when I tell you I’m getting all those compliments on my makeup sometimes it’s because I’m using this powder it just is a soft finish and it just kind of gives you this flawless appearance I use it in the perimeter and I’ll use something else in the center of my face but it is still a favorite and I’ve been using this one with like my Beauty bakerie and my FENTY powder is another one I’d be using all month or the last couple of months so good and wearing my Myrtle Beach hat I’m reminded to just tell you guys to keep all of the victims of Hurricane Dorian in your thoughts and prayers especially those individuals in the Bahamas it was just devastating to watch that storm as it barreled through the East Coast if you’re new to my channel or you have forgotten I do live in North Carolina where I’m from originally is closer to the center of the state in east of the center so a lot of times when hurricanes come through North Carolina I used to be impacted where I previously lived and every now and then I’m impacted here so I do feel the impact of hurricanes and I understand the devastation and until you have been in one because I have been in one before I’ve been in a hurricane until you’ve been in when you don’t know what that is like so just keep those individuals in your thoughts and prayers as they rebuild and recover from such a

devastating storm another product that I want to mention that I really have loved is that huge monstrosity that facial steamer that I filmed about here on my channel a while ago my daughter and I love that steamer and whenever I relax and exfoliate my skin and just do something healthy for my face I would just sit down for a good steam with my facial steamer and it is just so powerful and easy to use it’s just big that’s the main thing it’s just kind of being in the way if the big one is just too much for you those smaller ones that are hand held are also really good but I always recommend steaming your face it’s just a really great way to clear your pores and exfoliate and it’s just good for your skin so I like to see my face and then I like to follow with a face mask and one of the masks that I’ve been using that I really like is this fresh Lotus mask youth preserve rescue mask and I believe this one is good if you have combination skin and oily skin and there’s another one that they have that I like that is good for dry skin that I also use the Rose mask or something but this one I got I think I got this with my points and I’ve used maybe half of it I’ve tried to use it sparingly but it is really refreshing and I just always loved how my skin feels after I use this face mask it is so good I love this one more skin care and then we’ll do some more makeup I wanted to come back and talk about this because I hauled this and I never mentioned it to you guys this is the fresh vitamin nectar antioxidant glow water I have actually used it it’s like aerosol it is this okay very very gentle mist like whenever I feel a little dry and I just needed a little refreshing pick-me-up I’ll spray this all over my face it’s usually like right before bed or sometimes when I come home from work and I wash my face I moisturize and I’ll spray a little bit of this just to add some moisture between that time and bedtime cuz I could do a full skin care regimen before bed so I’ll do this kind of in between just to add some moisture and a pick-me-up so it is really good I have on this long sleeve shirt to cover up all of my hives if you haven’t figured that out that’s why I’m wearing this let’s talk about blush I hauled this a long time ago this is a two-faced peach my cheeks ginger peach blush it was on sale when purchase it so I’m not sure if they still make this or why it was on sale at Sephora it was really really cheap they were like $10 at one point almost like a cream to powder blush and it is really really pretty and I don’t know if I’ll be able to like swatch it on my hand or anything I don’t think I’ll be able to show you guys how pretty this is on the skin but it is very pretty on and it adds this nice glow it adds a nice healthy flush to the cheeks and it’s a really soft natural-looking blush and the color was just really pretty on me and I think it was the Pat McGrath foundation I wore this yes that’s when I wore this blush really really good oh and it does smell like peaches let me see does it still smell like peaches yes it does smell like peaches guys I still love this Galifornia blush by benefit and it looks like this and I’m wearing it today it’s been out a while again some of these products have been out a while I feel like I buy blush sparingly and this one I bought a couple of summers ago I don’t know if it should be expired or not but you guys know me now I’m gonna wear it until it starts smelling funny looking funny those kinds of things this NARS blush palette I talked about in a haul and I wasn’t sure what I bought because it is kind of this cream to powder product and I was not sure what it was I’m like what is this and they don’t have it at Sephora anymore but I think you can still buy this place’s that’s the only reason I’m talking about it and it’s called the exposed cheek palette and it is really good but one of the products in here that is the best like is the highlighter this highlighter is so pretty oh it is gorgeous and it really is a very wet glittery it has a little bit of glitter like fine glitter in it but it is a beautiful wet champagne color and I have really been wearing this highlighter a lot but when I wear the blush I just go through the palette like this and I just get a lot on my brush and I wear it that way and these two products sort of remind me of more of a bronzer so like I will use this deeper shade right here to deepen in this area whenever I use this palette so at first when I got it I thought it was weird you have to have time whenever you’re

using this because I have to go back in a lot to build up the color so it is a really soft product so if you’re a person that likes blush but you don’t want anything that’s too dramatic too heavy then this will be a perfect palette for someone like that I just build it up to get to the shade you know to get it where I want to but it is really free these two Dickinson products were sent to me by influencer and I don’t have to mention them in this video I just had to review the products and I’ve already done that so the fact that I’m mentioning it in a favorite tells you guys that these are actually favorites of mine this one is the Dickinson enhanced witch hazel it’s deep cleansing exfoliating pads so inside here are these little exfoliating pads each side has a little bit of texture and so you exfoliate the skin with these but it leaves your skin feeling so clean and refreshed without stripping the skin or making your skin feel dry and it has witch hazel in it so these are really good for exfoliating I love these and it’s supposed to clear your pores and it’s paraben free with menthol and eucalyptus that’s probably what I feel so refreshed when I use them and this I’ve been using with my Shiseido pads that I’m going to talk about in a minute but I’ve been using this with those and this is a deep cleansing astringent and it almost is kind of like a toner but I don’t know that it’s really meant for toning but it’s also to clear your pores after I wash my face I will use this to get anything that’s left behind and there’s always something left behind these are both available like at the drugstore let’s talk about these really quickly these are my Shiseido cotton they’re upside down but these are the Shiseido’s facial Cotton’s that I purchased from Sephora and for facial cotton they cost a little bit more I can’t remember the price but they’re a little bit more than your average maybe twelve dollars is what this whole pack cost one hundred and sixty-five of these in here okay and I purchased them during one of the previous hauls and this is how many I have left and I use them all the time and my daughter discovered them and so now she’s helping me finish this pack but they are really really good and let me show you what one looks like I don’t know that I’ve ever shown you because they were in the pack they don’t fall apart when you use them and they’re just really comfortable to use and I just like them and so when this finishes I will buy another pack of the cotton squares they’re really good they’re not too too expensive I’ll keep buying those yes I will my lashes are Baddie B lashes these are the sugar baby lashes and I’m also worn the saucy lashes and the saucy ones are much more dramatic these are a little less dramatic they are more tapered on the inside and they flare out but these are mink lashes and they’re more affordable than like my lilly mink lashes so I think they’re pretty good I think it maybe are $19 and they’re really easy to apply and I purchased three pair they’re reusable and I’ve been wearing these and my Ardell whispies that I also want to show you guys in a minute but I’ve been wearing these and my Ardells the most here on my channel I really do like these Baddie B lashes and it is another Influenster who created these the other lashes that I have been wearing a lot lately are these Ardell professional whispies and there are five in this pack and I like these lashes especially something I noticed recently like if I am wearing my natural curly hair because wigs are a little bit bigger and they just look bigger I don’t know when you have on big lashes it just kind of pairs well together but sometimes if I wear my bigger lashes and I just have my hair I don’t know is like that look I don’t know they look weird sometimes they look too like too much or something these lashes are a more natural looking lash people can’t always tell you have on lashes when you have these on whether it be in video or in person they just enhance your lashes I have really been wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter a lot but I’m not gonna bring that one over here since it’s limited edition and you can’t get it but I have been wearing that one a lot lately and this Givenchy one I’ve been wearing quite a bit so this highlighter is just a beautiful gold highlighter everyday highlighter and I have worn it to pieces it’s so stunning it says teinte Couture shimmer powder is what this one is called and this is shimmer gold it was embossed and that is gone that is no more I’ve used it that much so that one I’ve been using a lot today I’m wearing master chrome in peach I usually top the master chrome with something else like I always put something on top of it and this time I did and I just decided to

keep it peach this is what it looks like on my cheek and it reminds me of my bloom palette highlighter these master chrome highlighters are so good I’ve been reaching for this one a lot lately – I love the peach I have the molten gold it’s in my Alex drawers back there I don’t ever reach for the gold one anymore since I purchased the peach I love the peach I don’t wanna to talk about these too much just want to mention one more time how much I love my Sonia G brushes they are so good this set cost one hundred and fifty dollars but beautylish does have like a payment plan if you’re interested in them they are natural hair brushes but so good guys I use them everyday they’re so good this is another brush I purchased from Sonia G this is the face one brush and it is a powder brush and I’ve been trying it out ever since I bought those brushes as well until I was sure I really liked it I didn’t want to talk about it this brush is a really good powder brush it is good for like like see it’s just absorbing the oils anyway this product this brush is good for just buffing a finishing powder into the skin it’s also good for bronzing so you can bronze the cheek or sculpt with this one but I like to just use it to buff in any power products all over I’m just doing a light like set I’ll just dip my brush into the powder and just kind of buff it everywhere and this doesn’t disturb the makeup underneath so this is really soft it is also animal fiber and it’s really expensive I don’t want to say this is one that you just got to go out and have like it took me a while just to add it to my favorites because of the price and I’m like do you really need this but I do use it a lot I reach for it a lot so I must really like it so I wanted to tell you guys about it because it is such a good brush for powder products only it’s not for anything wet it’s not a buffing brush for foundation or anything this is for powder product only but it is really really good Sephora Pro flawless airbrush brush it is the number 56 and I purchased it to apply foundation and sometimes I do use it for foundation but it is a little bit small and I like bigger brushes for applying foundation so I have found myself using this a lot for my concealer I actually used it today for concealer so I just kind of buff in my concealer and it does give me a beautiful airbrush finish but you can use this for liquid products you can use it for powder because it is synthetic but it is good for medium coverage of application of foundation concealer anything like that and it is a really good brush and I recommend it and I would purchase it again and again and again ok because I love Sephora brushes they are some of my favorite brushes I have not been disappointed with any Sephora brushes that I have purchased it’s a slap cap and it’s by grace grace Eleyae grace-aley or something I’ll link it in the description box I’ll pop it up on the screen but this is a really good hat and what I’m gonna do is put it on really quickly just to show you guys I’ve been wearing it so much lately that I thought let me just tell you guys one more time about this so I’m gonna put it on really quickly and I want you to see here I’m gonna take it back off in a second but I just wanted you see so look at this how it looks in the back right it’s satin on the inside and it kind of droops back here in the back so you can wear it the way I’m wearing it now or when I have my natural hair and I want to just run out really quick and pick something up and I don’t have time to do my hair I will shove everything under this little cap and it doesn’t look like I have on a bonnet or something it looks sort of fashionable and looks a little stylish they have any different colors I bought it in gray I wanted it in black but that was sold out they have pink I also purchased it in tan but the gray one is the one I wear the most this is certainly worth it this is one of those products that everybody was talking about on Facebook and I just had to see what it was about I like to run out sometimes I don’t have time to go through the whole process to style my curly hair so when I want to do that I just put this on and I have been wearing it a lot lately a lot this is the inside guys so see the inside is satin okay and so it’s really good for your hair you can wear it as your sleeping cap I’ll link it down below very good love it been loving it okay this one’s gonna be a long one guys I hope you got popcorn this is a long video I know it is I’m so sorry sometimes it “beezs” like I’m so upset about this because I really like this product by drunk elephant and I don’t quite know the name of it because I got this as gratis and it had a sticker across it that was like not for resale and I tried to peel it off this is lala retro whipped cream and it is actually a $60 cream so it is expensive this Drunk

elephant but what I like is how it comes out like look here guys you press down this little part here and the product comes out the top so I really like that about the drunk elephant products and this is a really thick white cream and it is so so good for hydration even though I have combo skin I get all the my T zone I am actually able to wear this during the day and I don’t get to oily but I do like it best at night it is such a thick beautiful just so it’s such a thick hydrating cream I like wearing this at night when I go to bed but it feels amazing on the skin and you’re gonna wake up feeling refreshed and hydrated and your skin just looks good so I really have been enjoying this and I wanted to come back and tell you guys about this product as well as another one I’ve mentioned this in a previous favorites I was trying it out but I wasn’t sure it was a favorite and this is the youthquake moisturizer by Marc Jacobs it’s a yellowish color it’s not yellowish it is a yellow and it smells so nice it’s not heavy at all heavily fragrant and it is really really good it’s a gel cream and I’ve really enjoyed that as well and whenever I need extra moisture I’m really enjoying using this as well as this this lancome genifique Yeux something Yeus this eye cream is also very good I got this in gratis and sometimes my under eyes get dry I think as you get older that happens and I’ll get these little patches makeup or concealer may cling to those patches but when I use this it really helps I don’t feel it’s dry under my eyes and it stimulates my under eye area and my under eyes look better thank you so much to Sephora and to all these companies for the gratis that I got for free I have been loving them I can’t believe I’m still going Oh a lot of times you guys will ask me about my lip these are so good oh my god this theYSL these YSL lipsticks are so good I don’t want to tell you about this color because I don’t think they make chai anymore but this is chai by Smashbox and their lipsticks are also really good and this is the Gerard cosmetics nude lip gloss a lot of times when I top my lipsticks with this Gerard cosmetics lip gloss you guys always ask about it oh and this is cork you guys know this is cork okay there was a time here on YouTube when everybody was talking about Gerard cosmetics their products are so good they’re liquid lipstick formula is so good their lip gloss formula is also amazing and the fact that it lights up it’s just added bonus so that’s what’s on my lips today talking about this product many times here on my channel and this is a palate that I created for myself it’s a Z palette and I find myself always moving it back to my vanity because this thing is expensive at some point I realized once I filled it up I’m like you know what this is probably the most expensive palette that I have it’s like over $200 worth of shadows in here because it’s so many shadows in here so it’s really more expensive than any of my like large palettes from morphe of course and I’m like is this worth it I don’t know that I’ll do this ever again like I don’t know that I’ll ever fill up a Z palette this size with individual shadows but I did want to mention this palette is some of the shadows in it because they do make really small Z palettes so if you’re a person that wants that individual palette that is a unique palette that only you have and everybody’s not wearing what you’re wearing then one way to go is this I created this one look this is Anastasia shadow that’s like yellow I’ll show that to you guys and I had it on with this pink and then I wore this really pretty pink Maybelline lipstick and everybody complimented my makeup that day and this is what I was wearing this is Anastasia eyeshadow and gold rush is the gold color and this pink is poodle and it’s from colour-pop so most of the shadows in here are Colourpop Anastasia and I have some affordable Karity shadows this purple whenever I wear this purple shadow on my channel you guys always compliment me on it and this is a Mac eye shadow I’m not sure if they still make this particular color but they still make this type of eye shadow some Mac I had to like do so much to remove the individual shadow to put it in here though these two by Make Up For Ever are also and I know this is gonna be a long video but just bear with me these are like $21.00 shadows these

two from Make Up For Ever that are at the bottom everywhere those a lot lately and do you know why because they are $21 per shadow so I have wear them I got sucked into it because somebody else was bragging about them or I talked about him or their channel so I want to try them too even today’s look I have on some of these shadows I also have on like the Pat McGrath palette I love this palette and I’m wearing this like red shade and this chocolate shade and that’s a little bit of this color here I’m also wearing this makeup forever shade here on the inner corner in there beautiful and I think I wore a little bit of this brick color what is this color this is a MAC color this is a shade from mac cosmetics that i can’t remember but it’s a red shade and this is Anastasia I think this is fawn that I wore in my transition so I used this palette so if you are in the mood to create your own individual palette and you just want to try it out it’s not so bad having a very expensive palette just build on it a little bit at the time if you want to do one of these large Z palettes or get one of the smaller ones like they make them smaller than this so that you only have like maybe six shadows in there my brow pencil of choice that I have been using a lot lately has been a brow Wiz I opened up one I hadn’t using in a long time went back to it and I’ve been using it ever since this one is ebony I’m wearing it today I also use dark brown but I just wanted you guys to know I’ve been back on the brow Wiz kick and also my favorite liner like Khol liner pencil I’m not sure if it’s Khol liner but my favorite liner has been the perversion shade it’s a 24/7 glide-on eye pencil from Urban Decay I had like a free one a little small one a points one or something like that and I fell in love with it and so I went back and purchased it and I really do love this Urban Decay liner and would buy it again and again and again I’m wearing it today as well it is so good so love their liners and they have them in all different colors I have a blue one that I wear all the time too but they have a lot of different colors and I love them I mentioned this before maybe in even the last favorites but this Natasha Denona little nude palette I have loved so much this palette I have loved so so much me and my daughter used it together I’m gonna have to buy her one probably as a Christmas gift or something because she can’t have it now you can’t have it she and I used this so much she loves it cause this is just right up her alley and mine as well the golds the champagne colors this is a beautiful palette the formula is amazing and this is all you need and it’s $25 but they have these little minis many versions of several of her palettes but I love this so I just wanted to tell you guys how good it is once again and it’s worth the $25 I think beautiful love it if you made it to the end this time let’s go with the princess crown okay I have on my hat and I didn’t want to use the hat emoji so if you made it to the end of this video be sure to leave the princess crown in the comments guys so sorry this one was long but I haven’t talked to you guys in a while and I just had a lot to say so thank you guys once again for joining me for today’s video I hope that you all have enjoyed it please make sure that you like comment and subscribe and I’ll be seeing you guys again very soon in my next video so until the next time we meet again this is Savvy signing out