George Hotz | Programming | can we fold a villin protein? #lockdown part7 | COVID-19

gedzo77: hello grenaderaven: yoo sam_dill: ciao fluzfluz: hi boss eax_ebx: Привет forklifting1: hola efiggs: Sop veds95: YOO zhyuri: Hey FaceTheWolf: Ello Lord_Likon: HeyGuys Cjiq: Jej George is LIVEEE Cutter1998: sup alexvc4: hello there reeldill120: sup JjohnConstantine: Стартурем callmeburrito: howdy gamer AJVGAMES: yo its geohot Mieer: THE MAN IS BACK mars4real: GEORGE Dietgodx: hello m8 Repunk: Pog donald3767: George is back merc_for_god: Hola yorkipy: jadha mineyful: gorge oldschoolfantastick: geeeoooorge robotboy987: yo yo let’s do some folding el1s1us: good afternoon mr hotz eax_ebx: Слава Україні! barnabaskiglics: yooo efiggs: Cure us th3_g3nt3lman: George is back jackdaniels7474: GEORGE HOTZ THE MUTHAFUKA gonespral: HRREEEEELLOOO mzkchris: george KurokawaSho: Hello there veds95: IS THIS REAL LIFE? HOTZ LIVE INSTEAD OF YOUTUBE PogChamp PogChamp zeroalligator: Yah!!!!! awesomeo113: ayyyy JjohnConstantine: Джордж ты любишь лед?) THX1342: yo yo yo mars4real: hoursHey saff__: heyy dps910: hello oldschoolfantastick: oldschoolfantastick subscribed with Twitch Prime fluzfluz: Bull RED? saumius: CAFFEINEEEEEEE cutza: folding time Cjiq: Kapp reeldill120: can u do some stuff? alienware997: Grettinga from the Lockdown in Germany! Mieer: I just got my Ice Tea, where is your ???? saumius: IN MY VEINS programmer42: i need a bloody redbull too 🙂 Galaxygon231: Hello sir darealziggy_: HI mineyful: first time i’ve seen light inside his room iTzMeRafa: wattup tkdboy555: do you have a link to this notebook? SCHEPMAN: my follow paid off, finally catching one live! donald3767: We protein folding????? imopfloors: hello THX1342: disguting mzkchris: drugs fluzfluz: prooooooooooscht mero_1181: Hey man! Great to see you! eax_ebx: go ASMR joaomacp: Did you ever think about getting into robotics? tkdboy555: any links to this project at all btw? luigifrcruz: yoooo Mieer: You got me into Competitive Programming robotboy987: when George drinks red bull you know it’s serious efiggs: Do u smoke weed programmer42: I thought you’re a tea person George jessefive: YOOOOOOOO! GEORGE MANE! What’s up? Lungs feeling good? AJVGAMES: whats up mr geohot k0ntez: george are we doing flappy bird today Mieer: I am addicted now 매운족발: Hello Galaxygon231: still hacking Corona? t2x2_: Peace THX1342: the world is in crisis and this man is drinking energy drinks. disgusting eax_ebx: SUP BOOOOOIS jackdaniels7474: Y U UP SO EARLY GEORGE? capjackm: Yo 32bitrobo: hey I’m a big fan fotisalgr_01: Hello from Greece Mieer: What are we doing today???? JjohnConstantine: Кто тут понимает русский? ryanm0012: hereeee we go dudvdx: thought the livestreams were over cod4_lightning: Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nedstarkned: hi thecoder15: Yeah boi live again fotisalgr_01: Greece r3mote: Hi ✌️ skut1212: heyy Vukasin22: did google deep mind did something with protein folding saff__: B) Infinitelym: stream title not showing up raondev: nice to see you live again, allways love it to listening while I’m studying for my CS Bachelor tepely: geohot online PogChamp theonlymonkas: hi Cutter1998: redbull = brain fuel THX1342: NO saff__: nooooo grenaderaven: thank god Rohitbokade94: We are hungry Mieer: YEAH finally tkdboy555: @georgehotz you should put links to this project in your twitch bio, so we can check it out without altering your work joaomacp: Is this what a gamer looks like? saff__: tru JjohnConstantine: BibleThump Dietgodx: TRUE LULW mars4real: KEKW cod4_lightning: Please do more hackthebox!!!!!!!!! theonlymonkas: more biology ? programmer42: I am in Manhattan right now by the way eax_ebx: @JjohnConstantine все Dietgodx: greekJoy Galaxygon231: what did you get out of thoose mNy hours of coding? koostee: !uptime nedstarkned: HeyGuys programmer42: Ground zero NYC 😀 saff__: 5g kills brains awesomeo113: 5G is evel imopfloors: where are those stats coming from k0ntez: are we doing flappy bird today?! AJVGAMES: its obviously the 5G towers built in china LUL awesomeo113: evil* funwayz: @georgehotz u became too popular Kappa pitchforkhades: nice beard bro lioplerdon: hi cod4_lightning: Please do more hackthebox!! Mieer: I did too much SIR – Systems Dynamics .. my mom is starting to become a Conspiracy theorist…. WutFace cod4_lightning: HACKTHEBOX!! yousef19961: Looool 5g nedstarkned: KAPOW KAPOW iamaflex: How are your competitive coding skills oldschoolfantastick: didnt even notice the sub @georgehotz theonlymonkas: is the kardashians fault eax_ebx: Hack this shit pls darealziggy_: Why u on MAC bro????????? lioplerdon: when is covid jailbreak coming? dogu189: Coronavirus series is not over? niceee 55start: do you know Java saff__: folding@home? raondev: lel Vukasin22: use google deep mind ai to protein fold oldschoolfantastick: eww java 55start: yes AJVGAMES: are u a pathologist? Kappa Cutter1998: isn’t a protein unfolded just the amino acid sequence? programmer42: Try this for the latest papers on COVID-19 Infinitelym: WORLD OF WARCRAFT FaceTheWolf: Wow setup lol JjohnConstantine: Тут есть те кто понимает русский? Dietgodx: we know Kappa koostee: What is a peptide bond? champ900: Please turn up mic joaomacp: Carole Baskin folded her husband nedstarkned: virus l eax_ebx: @JjohnConstantine ТЫ ЗАЕБАЛ! mcint: Yaas. Im finally catching you live script_sh: hello, everyone! )) thecoder15: @georgehotz do you think it would be a good time to start a robotics company off of these dirt cheap SPA loans? donald3767: Those peptides lookin real thicc FaceTheWolf: Sound is low shiftpgdn: bro pm me your address I’ll send you a yeti mic JjohnConstantine: @eax_ebx спалился 😀 smurfd0: Biohotz mcint: Loans and cheap coders Penguino138: The king is back! charlesz31415: you’re talking too softly to be on red bul 55start: thanks for streaming earlier in the day lol PeinlicherAffe: you need emotes 🙂 grenaderaven: what books are u reading? webappsec: hey hiiiiii cod4_lightning: HACKTHEBOC Mieer: Better cod4_lightning: HACKTHEBOX theonlymonkas: yeti? th3_g3nt3lman: what is u local time tepely: this is my ASMR stream mineyful: O_o O_o script_sh: LOL rafplicz: LMAO veds95: LUL shiftpgdn: lol mars4real: LUL theonlymonkas: LUL mashafique: LUL eax_ebx: That better Mieer: lol DevoE444: hentai AI nice Kappa charlesz31415: phat! mashafique: Glad to see you’re streaming. I missed you tallestmollusk: I do that same shit all the time lol Mieer: WutFace PeinlicherAffe: nice mcint: He’s PDT, in San Diego Ev3Ns: congrats koostee: I liked the first one more saff__: B) cod4_lightning: Please do more hackthebox!!!!!!!!! mashafique: Congrats! 55start: impressive Vukasin22: use google deepmind ai to protein fold theonlymonkas: NICE KurokawaSho: nice eax_ebx: Yeah boiiiiii bsx1123: Why part time? mcint: Wooo 6e657264: 6e657264 subscribed at Tier 1 PeinlicherAffe: good to hear Mieer: Congrats, you guys did great shiftpgdn: is that a white monster *sips* veds95: Congratulations! tepely: nice neto3113: gotta love typing incorrect urls joaomacp: thoughts on Carole Baskin ? smurfd0: Fingrats tallestmollusk: wooooooo mcint: New sub^^^ eksxd: Gz thecoder15: CONGRATS lioplerdon: who needs profit? smurfd0: Congrats tepely: invest more into tesla & amazon LDRAR: grats buddy FaceTheWolf: Gz OttoCavalry: @georgehotz Whats next? mcint: Didnt you found? Zasuslive: Move on to BCI, its your destiny script_sh: Just watched your talk about jailbreaking the simulation… PogChamp merc_for_god: What’s next? Mieer: All good stories, but at the end of the day, man needs to put bread on the table tajpouria: George u really inspiring me, I try migrate from javascript to cpp TiPera: !commands mr_blandolino: bus factor Mieer: true ninjadidio: hi george, thanks for the jailbreak back in time, lot of fun with cydia ! cheers from italy Penguino138: What do you think about the model predicting 84k-240k American covid deaths? koostee: Executives and middle managers that collect paychecks! mcint: Startup employee is the high risk, more than founder th3_g3nt3lman: Congrats George doing it for passion not the money!!! TiPera: !setup AJVGAMES: execs collect the big money CheeseManUchiha: !uptime filipiek1997: hi, first time here 🙂 joaomacp: Hey I’m Joe Exotic, and this is my wildlife zoo lordkyrus: whats up george thecoder15: what word of advice do you have for people wanting to start a company and become profitable @georgehotz Vukasin22: you could look up googls deepmind ai for protein folding tepely: bankers do that shit 25missedcalls: Martin Skhreli did nothing wrong AJVGAMES: thats what they do crooks Mieer: Respect mcint: : 1: AJVGAMES: in this world shiftpgdn: what VC is letting their founders pay themselves 400k, I have some ideas to pitch Rasalas8910: oh hi, caught you live. Love your humor George <3

doctorgenus: amen Penguino138: @georgehotz hows lockdown going down there? efiggs: You’re muted th3_g3nt3lman: press F for respect mcint: Yeah. There’s startups and ponzi schemes that brand like startups PeinlicherAffe: F 55start: George dropping the truth joaomacp: @georgehotz Take a look at Portugal’s infection numbers kektobiologist: no TheSpeedyLive: f SparksCx: no Mieer: You are in line with Chonani’s CEO thinking ( Zasuslive: he’s not muted 25missedcalls: if it works it ain’t stupid polysoulz_: no ur not mars4real: Jebaited minmaxy: he’s not muted blasio115: ban that guy spyro2121: george ,opinion on zoom? PeinlicherAffe: ban AJVGAMES: not muted lioplerdon: how to hire the first employees with no money? kektobiologist: nice jebait so funny Penguino138: He’s not muted, twitch mutes the stream automatically stanislav_ts: so what is the plan for today? cod4_lightning: HACKTHEBOX HACKTHEBOX HACKTHEBOX HACKTHEBOX HACKTHEBOX HACKTHEBOXHACKTHEBOX mcint: Scam spectrum all the way to ICOs henistein: hi man you inspire me =D alienware997: Nope perfect sound thecoder15: @lioplerdon you shouldn’t be hiring then TiPera: why is that @Penguino138 saff__: PopCorn PopCorn PopCorn Ev3Ns: what are you current/future tasks in ; atm ? mcint: So would you ask founders what their take home is? lscodex: you worked so hard man, listen to it Penguino138: @TiPera so you don’t load a stream and lose your hearing joaomacp: Squid1 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4 k0ntez: can we quit biology and do flappy bird uhmas00: george why are u so mellow today bro? IsaacRamsay: hope youre staying safe out there man donald3767: George what protein are you trying to fold? kektobiologist: salt is real darealziggy_: @henistein rip he didnt read ur message THX1342: aaaaaannd it’s gone TiPera: @Penguino138 i see, thank you joaomacp: Squid1 Squid3 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid4 Penguino138: @georgehotz Updates on lockdown in Cali? marvluebke: Hello there doctor Hotz dbroers: What is the highest the average founder should make? quarterquarter: A reckoning for “sexy” companies that have prioritized growth without demonstrating an ability to monetize? Finally? lordkyrus: george do you think that bug bounty it’s worth it? i’m really interested in web hacking but the competition is crazy An4rky: Hi George, what’s good? 55start: write an AI for a classic game Vukasin22: you could look google deepmin ai for protein folding mcint: I appreciate your responses but didnt mean to hijack Mieer: If politician’s performance was measured like we measure that of business/IT people Sneakye: How is George so smart mcint: Oh nice MertEmre__: dude what u mean by saying autonomous levels are just perception? lolfulloftrolls: !uptime mcint: I can respect that tajpouria: George u really inspiring me, I read algorithms every night joaovictorsnt: good night, i’m talking from brazil thecoder15: Would you recommend bootstrapping or do you think the only way is VC monies @georgehotz Mieer: it depends.. you can’t generalize that ipedrinho: I don’t understand anything, but I liked, BRASIL Penguino138: Does anyone have a good image processing glow algorithm? TheAwesomezter: what did i just tune into joaomacp: Then they’re smarter than you 55start: obs is being shown, just letting you know lol AJVGAMES: 500 billions to corps bsx1123: Fouders should get weather if startup is successfull, not from salary Farafire: What would you be doing if Comma didn’t worked? daghers: Would you ever show up on any podcast that wasn’t involved with tech? bsx1123: wealthy darealziggy_: @tajpouria rip he didnt read ur chat kelvin99: – what are your views about this mcint: Which “episode” (#) in the covid-19 saga is this? joaovictorsnt: do you know brazil ? cod4_lightning: hackthebox hackthebox hackthebox hackthebox hackthebox hackthebox hackthebox hackthebox hackthebox hackthebox PLEASE! Mobius5: Yo what you working on George kelvin99: episode 7 32bitrobo: do you get paid the least in comma? tepely: I don’t know anything abot biology feelsbad chateauuuuu: i have just read your biography, amazing i am from france what is your secret ? saff__: 😀 grenaderaven: whats most expensive thing you own? k0ntez: if comma doesn’t work then he does flappy bird 2.0 IsaacRamsay: HahaThink Mieer: Everything is based on trust.. we allow for those things to happen Penguino138: @georgehotz Are you gonna give us updates on your research and the virus numbers? CheeseManUchiha: 5Head TiPera: just on food and drinks , easy Pog Zasuslive: George start developing brain computer interface software aliman_21: hey mashafique: You need to get more groceries George to fill the background for the stream joaovictorsnt: do you know brasil ? donald3767: George you running for president? mineyful: weren’t you just about to buy thousands in bio equipment quickie309: Covid will cripple the economy djmpath: Did you find your portal Xent12: @georgehotz how do you know so much stuff about chemistry? merc_for_god: How much moneys? 32bitrobo: respect sir stanislav_ts: aren’t you the owner? FreakNONE: yeeahhhh buddy joaomacp: You should spend on financial advisors and lawyers and do an IPO THATTACHYON: Elon once said hiring talented folks was the most difficult thing. What hard is it for comma to hire talented folks? furure_jedi: hello from India 55start: whose comments is he reading lol FreakNONE: first time i didn’t miss a stream Krylexx: PogChamp aliman_21: hello doctorgenus: is that enough? ryanm0012: what do you think about non technical cto’s? lolfulloftrolls: do you pay rent? alienware997: Money just for tea and drugs? Nice! veds95: George shoutout from NL PogChamp mashafique: $10,000 is for Japanese Green Tea LUL daniboomberg: Hello kektobiologist: wow thats quite low probably less than entry level dev mcint: You should call that berkeley diy biohacker guy shiftpgdn: George finna to split the atom darealziggy_: @55start not many ak0ya_: congrats on becoming profitable, george! Mieer: So basically, I heard the CORONA rise is becoming slower here in Amsterdam kelvin99: what are your views about S&P 500 potential death cross taking place amidst covid-19 Mieer: FUCK IPO efiggs: $78,000 is a lot shiftpgdn: IPO roadshow is the worst shit ever TiPera: 78k ‘-‘ aliman_21: @georgehotz never go public you’re whole focus is gonna have to be profit profit profit Mieer: I hate how they valuate cod4_lightning: $78,000 is amazing!

0Day_H4X0rz: Hello Chat and Hello George Everybody stay strong and healthy, together we can do this! @georgehotz merc_for_god: 78K isn’t a lot Penguino138: george you seem tired today, hope you’re doing well mcint: Direct list instead?? 55start: Comma is not an IPO company tallestmollusk: So permanently private for comma? th3_g3nt3lman: hello from 🇦🇱 squiggly_nibba: That’s why elon musk hates it you loose a lot of control Tb4sh3r: !uptime cro_blade: hi mcint: Bless. No ipo THX1342: ICO Kappa mr_blandolino: you can create a cryptocurrendy directly linked to the state of and go public that way furure_jedi: why dont you decentralize minmaxy: What’s the long term then? There’s virtually no privately-owned big tech company efiggs: If you don’t think 78k is a lot than you are privileged mcint: What did fb do idigscars85: @efiggs depends on where you live JjohnConstantine: HahaSleep HahaSleep HahaSleep HahaSleep joeleonard212: what’s your favourite framework to train neural nets ? anyway you should buy some gold (spot) on monday ryanm0012: what do you think about startup CTO’s who don’t code? powerofpickle: Is it possible to unlock car doors via CAN through my car’s OBD port? Vukasin22: use google deep mind for protein folding TheAwesomezter: hey george, why do you prefer to use jupyter over any other editor/ide furure_jedi: erc20 idigscars85: 78k in certain areas of cali isnt shit merc_for_god: I mean for his skills George should be getting paid more Mieer: anti-CEO Cookbook –> Penguino138: george you seem either tired or chill, hope you’re doing well SCHEPMAN: 78k is low for engineering K0enich: interesting Mobius5: 78k a month or a year? Kappa ayasalama: Hello from Cairo kjaripov: i thought you barely studied bio in college where’s all the KNOWLEDGE from? ibimsmarry: how can you afford to pay so much ? Tb4sh3r: then let me work for you 😮 grizvok: grizvok subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 6 months, currently on a 6 month streak! 100k/day FreakNONE: that’s my debt brah tepely: 78k in silicon valley ? THX1342: 80k and living in San Diego.. .I’d take it Tritous: george is really honorable MonsterMannen_: icognito OwO CheeseManUchiha: 78k salary and 10k/day stonks Kyoto_o: didn’t you give ted talk? @georgehotz KEKW PeinlicherAffe: :O myasovlavashe: LUL rstk1: LUL kelvin99: igzmatic: @georgehotz Check out I think they are trying that saff__: 😮 quickie309: Ppl always complain, they are never greatful Xent12: LUL shiftpgdn: George when are you gonna let accredited investors buy shares in private asheritis: first stream mcint: Not even TEDx quirky kjaripov: i thought you barely studied bio in college where’s all the KNOWLEDGE from? PeinlicherAffe: tedx went so bad 🙁 grenaderaven: tbf he didnt say profits are bad, he said people should come first Penguino138: @kjaripov it’s called research merc_for_god: He makes up the knowledge bro Vepicfishal: !up Tb4sh3r: The only way to profit is to make the customers as satisfied as possible daniboomberg: whats about non-profit? merc_for_god: That’s how good he is furure_jedi: decentralize everything Pantoflor: What is your position at comma MertEmre__: hey man you said smth in one of your interviews.I am curious about aces.what u mean by saying autonom levels are just perception? esence: goddamn, thank dog our GEORGEY is bak! fafws321: YekBoard Mobius5: You should do a PhD in bioinformatics George, you’d be a fit person Vepicfishal: Vepicfishal subscribed with Twitch Prime mcint: Do you think CA price gouging laws will do more harm Long-term? bichid69: was going to do work tonight, ain’t no work when there’s a corona stream! stand1ngwave: stand1ngwave subscribed with Twitch Prime Farafire: Mark Zuckerberg earn 1$/year LUL furure_jedi: decentralized CEO bsx1123: Also Uber buying up markets from VC money is bad dr_set: “people over profits” that is what none profits are for squiggly_nibba: You’re paid based on how easy you are to be replaced saff__: what is “fair” champ900: If you received 1b would you know what to do with it? Most people wouldn’t AJVGAMES: 100% Mieer: @georgehotz That what he is talking about. The description of that video is shallow. He discussed how he build a business community by reprioritising focus joeleonard212: do you have italian origins ?? grenaderaven: so how much do u think amazon workers should be for ex nedstarkned: TheIlluminati b2kemann: Austrian economics grenaderaven: paid* see_you198: Hello mashafique: People should be paid for their value. And besides, if a company isn’t profitable how are they gonna pay people besides by getting external funding asheritis: some people need money mcint: Do we need better indexes for human health and thriving…better than GDP? alienware997: alienware997 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! cyb3r_4rt: how he code for this topic? sal_gent: hey all daniboomberg: hey Tritous: LUL mikhailangelo: PogChamp furure_jedi: you mean Ted talks = fake enlightenment gorodinskiy: what do you make of zoom situation? gyne: scam train PogChamp forklifting1: TED talks are abstracts that monopolize attention REEEEEEEEEEEE Mieer: @georgehotz I agree, but that CEO’s track-record is clean. Think you like him Chaosmordoru: @georgehotz at the age of 21 you earned your first million? Penguino138: @georgehotz Did you have time to do nature hacking during your streaming break? mashafique: Scam train PogChamp fluzfluz: scam train Hawklite: paying a living wage assumes the idea that life should even continue existing CheeseManUchiha: jailbreaking the simulation was fucking dank igzmatic: Regarding the token thing…. check out They are a startup in that area minmaxy: don’t you deserve more than your employees just because you’re so productive? mcint: TEDs yeah dopamine reveal. Infotainment Waabi_: True LUL i gave up on ted talks after walking all the few good ones squiggly_nibba: DO you own comma? Zasuslive: when are u gna jump on brain computer interfaces george erichtp: Zoom is Malware change my mind esence: you gotta use our ZOOMER app cod4_lightning: Are we coding tonight? Waabi_: watching* kjaripov: u hold any extreme views? Mieer: I gave up on Reddit powerofpickle: Tesla stopped using Zoom TheAwesomezter: who decides your salary> Penguino138: @erichtp no one disagress lol mashafique: Have you seen the TED talk where the guy talks about how people fake being smart on TED talks by the way the talk and gesticulate? THX1342: George do you think we are watching the tipping point of China #1 and the decadence of the USA? jimmyadaro: So he is back

Crowz4K: @georgehotz are paychecks public in comma AI? mr_dd_: hi MonsterMannen_: boom > zoom cod4_lightning: Do you know web development? From where you’ve learn it? Mieer: Define the distribution of ‘deserving’. He takes more equity jimmyadaro: Big dick is back in town asheritis: were doing online school now, whats ur opinion on that? jimmyadaro: @cod4_lightning I know web dev, wassup garica111: WutFace srdking: How can I buy comma stock? alienware997: alienware997 is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 8 in the channel! alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 1 sub to thecoder15! donald3767: Do executives and middle management only work work big companies? nedstarkned: ResidentSleeper rssholmes: do you think the engineers in your company are better than you? champ900: How do you decide which founders get how much equity Zasuslive: @georgehotz brain computer interfaces? u getting involved? fynnmaarten: What’s ur opinion about Lex Fridman? b2kemann: Dude upgrade from jupyter notebook to jupyter lab!! grizvok: @cod4_lightning yes he can build web apps furure_jedi: are driverless cars really prone to Lazer projections? doctorgenus: if ur not rich, would u still pay urself 78k? mcint: Thought that was angel jnvesting kelvin99: In midst of covid-19, pharma company stocks have still not grown in value that much xrealyy: how much you’ve learned about bio so far esence: tfw I got hired in this time instead of fired xd gorodinskiy: about zoom: CheeseManUchiha: stonk giveaway PogChamp Tb4sh3r: The more impactful your decisions in your job are, the more you earn PeinlicherAffe: you need emotes!! aliman_21: @georgehotz whats commas valuation? Mieer: CORONA — In Amsterdam, they are saying the acceleration of the rise is slowin mcint: Will you skip VC for your next company? TheAwesomezter: in the end, doesnt equity matter only if the company went public? joeleonard212: do you communicate somewhere in advance you are gooing to stream that day ? TiPera: what are the differences between chrome and chromium? tepely: they’re private like Valve veds95: I see all this questions and wish he answers all of them LUL alvaromemo: @georgehotz you are trying to understand Covid using python? furure_jedi: how can I send u a gift ? THX1342: @georgehotz do you think we are watching the tipping point of the China vs USA race? Penguino138: @joeleonard212 no he streams when he wants, it’s been a few days aliman_21: @georgehotz what’s commas valuation elephantpandas: i feel like 500k should be the max salary, unless you buy useless stuff its hard to spend that much lol mashafique: Only need money for Japanese green tea and burger streams wenancjusz: @georgehotz where do you live? bloodstrive: idk if i can ask questions abput cpmma here but was there a specific reason u stepped down as CEO @georgehotz elephantpandas: 500- 1 mil jimmyadaro: @alvaromemo He uses that because he needs a visual representation bsx1123: @Mieer in Holland R0 is way below 1 bsx1123: So def slowing PeinlicherAffe: @alvaromemo actually yes joeleonard212: @Penguino138 is been a few days he was not streaming you mean ? 6e657264: why don’t you need to pay for the apartment? phi_syche: lets start the hacking kelvin99: In midst of covid-19, pharma company stocks have still not grown in value that much ninjadidio: please run for president kjaripov: why use a mac when u can boot arch. i use arch btw featuredloot: What do you mean you do have to pay for the apartment? jimmyadaro: @kjaripov LUL MertEmre__: hey man you said smth in one of your interviews.I am curious about aces.What u mean by saying autonom levels are just perception? Mieer: @bsx1123 good thing they extended the counter measures until June tallestmollusk: How big should the employee option pool be when you start a company? Penguino138: @joeleonard212 yeah but it’s probably cause he is working on Comma sometimes too aliman_21: @georgehotz how much equity do you have to give up to go public sal_gent: what’s the best option for a newborn startup between the 3s? CheeseManUchiha: CEO 10k/day OttoCavalry: schooling mostly chateauuuuu: How much time do you spend learning a day? Mieer: lol MonsterMannen_: why use arch when u can use windows 10? @kjaripov lunix Kappa minmaxy: are you a majority shareholder? do you want to stay that way? forklifting1: how to make money when you’re a dilettante grizvok: In Elon’s words take the worst distilled shit problems of the company and take care of them joeleonard212: @Penguino138 ok thx kelvin99: In midst of covid-19, pharma company stocks have still not grown in value that much bsx1123: @Mieer absolutely lolfulloftrolls: Do an apartment tour Mieer: In a cardboard box TiPera: @georgehotz what are the differences between chrome and chromium? bsx1123: Hopefully over soon tho montecarlo: already QnA time? sheeesh furure_jedi: are driverless cars prone to Lazer projections aliman_21: @georgehotz what’s commas valuation LDRAR: comma pays dividend t? THX1342: all Q&A stream? PogChamp 32bitrobo: You Inspired me to learn python ryanm0012: apt. tour! olvroger: time for talking is over time to push buttons tepely: lol k0ntez: is 78k enough to live with in cali? i always had the impression it was so expensive OttoCavalry: suck earning reports dick powerofpickle: Is it generally possible to unlock car doors over CAN bus through the OBD 2 port? THX1342: I’ll be your roomate Kappa Mieer: Let’s get things done and shit talk !!!! WutFace mashafique: Just room with Elon Kappa zelkh9: finally reading a tutorial or still stumbling blindly LUL HazedR6: beauOrange xrealyy: im wondering what are you doin self quarantinned and no stream in a day furure_jedi: how can I send you a gift ? srdking: I really appreciate what you are doing. Would love you to see working in the space of self play aliman_21: @georgehotz damn nice alienware997: I think you get your most subs when you rent on something. dekarlGenuss @georgehotz ryanm0012: tour! Mieer: I hate it, I lived with two dudes in KL spitzerkid: Do you frolic on the beach? CJslider14: time to fold reality? Farafire: Congrats man wenancjusz: where do you live? TiPera: @georgehotz what are the differences between chrome and chromium? stanislav_ts: get back to work! Mieer: Now I live alone daniboomberg: roomtour Mieer: much metter bg7kd94: Congrats on getting to profitability jimmyadaro: @georgehotz grizvok: @k0ntez i mean i think you are going to see some insane differences in rent in california FileTheSystem: CEO is someone who has scheduled days down to minutes, has a huge responsibility for many people and big capital , so thats not for everyone TiPera: @georgehotz would u say chromium is better? adnaann: World needs more people like you fynnmaarten: What’s ur opinion about Lex Fridman? HazedR6: looks like a french noodle to me b2kemann: Congrats!!! Rzxd_: @georgehotz how much is rent? TheAwesomezter: yep i’d forgotten how fast he typed Xent12: @georgehotz why did you decide to be involved in management and not go full technical? Penguino138: Villin sounds like a villian lol grizvok: @k0ntez if you are saying 78k in LA…yeah that’s probably pushing it mcint: Awesome! Profitable = sustainable. Hope it’s enough for the vc cod4_lightning: how many rooms is your apartment? uhmas00: george why are u so serious today? xrealyy: so you dont really write down anything? its amazing that you learn just by reading Penguino138: @georgehotz Do we know why the proteins are shaped like that? Is there some physical force that curves them? k0ntez: @grizvok yeah i figured, thanks! jimmyadaro: esence: wasting time by writing things down LUL grizvok: I make that much in Pittsburgh and feel rich as shit haha jimmyadaro: LUL merc_for_god: Let the man concentrate cyb3r_4rt: what is he doing zelkh9: proteins fold to minimize their free energy mcint: Watch actin videos. Yeet. Bio nano machinery AresRai: @Penguino138 chemistry bonds PeinlicherAffe: actin is the protein interacting with myosin to perfom muscular contractions jimmyadaro: @cyb3r_4rt stuff jimmyadaro: @cyb3r_4rt with his computer Penguino138: @cyb3r_4rt He’s developing a vaccine to post on github duhhh zelkh9: that’s true of everything alienware997: alienware997 is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 9 in the channel! twistanoname: hi arent you limited by using a mac? programming wise alienware997: alienware997 gifted a Tier 1 sub to doctorgenus! joaomacp: Superhero <-> supervillin Mieer: fun

grizvok: @twistanoname wat TheAwesomezter: could someone please tell me what he’s doing right now? jimmyadaro: LUL Penguino138: @AresRai the bonds naturally form these shapes? aloexai: holyy shit adotout1: “Supervillin” I bet that scientist thought he was really clever xrealyy: @esence when i dont write down something during studying, any information I absorb just disappears in minutes/hours Penguino138: @TheAwesomezter developing a vaccine to upload to github cyb3r_4rt: how can he doing a vaccine by using coding dongmuya: WoooHooo you said the last stream was going to be the end of the series. What happened? TheAwesomezter: wait what Mieer: @TheAwesomezter – Unfolding the Protein and Sh*t Talking Vukasin22: use deepmind ai to fold proteins THX1342: can’t you just get the protein stream straight from the translated RNA? aloexai: George mate George you are the king veds95: have to go sleep now, work tomorrow, have a good one @georgehotz and chat SeemsGood b2kemann: Awesome # wtf mayakuya: Why does the protein fold? esence: @xrealyy the trick is repeating it twice or thrice (interval has to be 4-8h) xrealyy: @esence props for you if you learn by reading only essSau: what ” is your display jimmyadaro: AI is the new big shit, i love it jimmyadaro: ML too PeinlicherAffe: uniprot is the right site ophicleidon: Did you learn microbiology on your own? grizvok: @mayakuya all proteins fold im pretty sure TheAwesomezter: so basically developing a vaccine in hopes that someone would be able to synthesize it? mayakuya: yeah.. but why? Penguino138: @mayakuya Apparantly the chemical bonds cause the shapes, but I’m not sure if there’s a more specific reason jimmyadaro: @grizvok But can those do THIIIIISSS??? ck1956: happypuppppy: !uptime cyb3r_4rt: Mr. Hotz what is the purpose of your code? Mieer: @jimmyadaro Ai is too general. AML is more practical for now (2020) aloexai: George dont care people aays about you you are amazing noooic iTeQo_: Damn I miss the old George who banned people for asking stupid questions jimmyadaro: @Mieer Explain how zelkh9: proteins fold to minimize their free energy adotout1: @mayakuya some amino acids have hydrophobic and hydrophillic properties, these make them rearrange themselves PeinlicherAffe: @zelkh9 that’s it zelkh9: that’s just statistical mechanics yoloswag360noscope: any tips on how to memorise, im only 26 and i read something and 2 sec after i dont remember it xrealyy: @esence he also talks to himself, pretty useful i guess, thanks for advice grizvok: check out the learning how to learn course on udemy jimmyadaro: @yoloswag360noscope Stop fucking around with this internet bullshit Penguino138: @zelkh9 So folding isn’t something we only simulate, they do it naturally as well? grizvok: actually recommend it for everyone tbh srdking: Have you checked quantum espresso/vasp? jimmyadaro: @Penguino138 Yep zelkh9: @penguino138 yes brbdontdie: hey george, are you working from home? MonsterMannen_: what happend to his 350z? THX1342: from biology import folding yoloswag360noscope: @jimmyadaro what do u mean jimmyadaro: @yoloswag360noscope u know man tepely: i don’t get anything rn Penguino138: @zelkh9 Why do they need to free their energy? Is that how they interact with other objects? yoloswag360noscope: @jimmyadaro nope lol PeinlicherAffe: it’s always about minimizing their free energy to find the optimal folding structure (it’s still not completly understand) jimmyadaro: PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS @georgehotz grizvok: @Penguino138 yes. the folding of the protein actually helps give it the shape necessary to perform its function Vukasin22: deepmind has ai for folding prpteins HazedR6: mans trying to jailbreak humans :O nedstarkned: VirtualHug b2kemann: You should buy crispr set Marcel63: Hacked corona yet? cyb3r_4rt: I couldn’t understand what he is doing the_loyal_mapmaker: Click the scroll button to open links in a new tab lordprosper1337: hey guys, first time watching the stream. George u still think that we are in a “videogame” or somekind of simulation? (thinking the same, just asking) 😀 jimmyadaro: @cyb3r_4rt HE. IS. THINKING PeinlicherAffe: @cyb3r_4rt what exactly? xrealyy: @cyb3r_4rt like 80% of viewers, no worries 😀 Penguino138: @grizvok So why aren’t they already folded? Why must they make the transition to be folded? tepely: we are in corona lockdown simulation mcint: are viral proteins simple enough that you can stick with ~simple folding approximations? roberto_in: hello hamwater210: why do you place your index finger on your 3rd eye when reading? knilecrack: Hello ayasalama: guys my stream is really jittery is this the norm ?.. first time on twitch MrDestructoid sidthescikid: @lordprosper1337 he previously expressed that it was a possibility but more of a joke or interesting speculation kjaripov: so what’s the goal for today george Mieer: @hamwater210 LOL 3rd eye XD Cube_Is_Life20: gone from hacking corona to folding chicken proteins Marcel63: @kjaripov read the title Kappa PeinlicherAffe: @Penguino138 proteins are just an amino acid chain. the folding has to be after the translation of the rna to the amino acid chain mcint: I know e.g. proteins with metal co-factors are harder to fold MrMcaustin1: Did you see this george, ? zelkh9: @penguino138 proteins come out pretty disordered from their synthesizers then fold due when exposed to solvent/water/ions of their cellular environment cyb3r_4rt: I couldn’t understand what is the purpose of his software currently being coded lordprosper1337: @sidthescikid yy i saw a conference about it, that’s y i was asking it, of course it is a speculation:) Penguino138: @zelkh9 awesome thanks for the insight kjaripov: @Marcel63 i mean it’s folded already, so Cube_Is_Life20: @cyb3r_4rt no purpose, just gaining knowledge

xrealyy: macbook madman, sold razer blade huh lordprosper1337: what is the time there? xd cause it is 23:57 at here couso_99: what are we doing? isaacs1Chufa MrMcaustin1: @lordprosper1337 its 14:57 ophicleidon: I always find the clacking to sound better when recorded and heard through speakers/headphones than in real life. PepoG PeinlicherAffe: @cyb3r_4rt he just saved the genome of the virus and did some stuff (finding the genes etc) Penguino138: @couso_99 developing a vaccine to upload to github, or you can read the title and not ask silly questions lordprosper1337: @MrMcaustin1 niceeeee 😀 jimmyadaro: @couso_99 We need the ansewer pined up Vukasin22: its 23:57 Cube_Is_Life20: @lordprosper1337 he’s in cali so 15:00 MrMcaustin1: couso_99 read the title jimmyadaro: 18:37 here jimmyadaro: 57* Penguino138: Why do people even come to this stream if they can’t read the title? amo77777: 23:57 here minmaxy: genetics-computer analogies SempiternalNox: @lordprosper1337 we’re on the same timezone >D 55start: GitHub wasn’t down today… at least for me MrMcaustin1: Did you see this @georgehotz ? kjaripov: what plugins u use with vim? Mieer: @georgehotz — why Chrome instead of Safari b.t.w.? :O amo77777: Github was down for me grizvok: @Penguino138 yeah i guess in this case evolution kind of found the path of least resistance maybe? ie the folding happens simply by the environment into which the protein is thrown after it is synthesized wholesome_pepe: what protein we lookin at today? the spike? MrMcaustin1: safari just sucks ass jimmyadaro: @MrMcaustin1 Oh wow lordprosper1337: @SempiternalNox yy xD central europe? PeinlicherAffe: @Vukasin22 yep, in main europe MrMcaustin1: what jimmyadaro jimmyadaro: @georgehotz mcint: protein strucure: 1º – sequence of amino acids, 2º – local nearly self-assembling structure (aplha-helix, beta-pleated sheets, …), 3º – full structure of a single protein, 4º – functional assemblage of multiple proteins into a useful protein molecure / enzyme 55start: @mieer chrome is superior mcint: MrMcaustin1: ah the dataset Vukasin22: yeah jimmyadaro: @Mieer Chromium, actually srdking: What do you use bash/sh/zsh? jimmyadaro: @srdking zsh i think victorzarzu: are you using vim or vi? archiveutility: Lmaoo nudax: hello from sweden! happy to see you live PeinlicherAffe: 😮 Mieer: @55start, @jimmyadaro Really ? :O MrMcaustin1: victorzarzu vim PeinlicherAffe: D is asp wholesome_pepe: how u so fast on vim wtf? PeinlicherAffe: aspartete lordprosper1337: does anyone knows what is going on? (of course except George xd) flippe31: have you looked at deepminds sars-cov2 protein folding? pjayys77: oh hello there jimmyadaro: @wholesome_pepe He’s a God jimmyadaro: @georgehotz Mieer: @srdking Mac is transitioning to ZSH from BASH m4ul3r: this dude needs to give a tutorial on his brain zelkh9: d is aspartic acid yes jimmyadaro: @m4ul3r no way MrMcaustin1: haha facts m4ul3r sidthescikid: D = Asp PogChamp jimmyadaro: fasta LUL yoloswag360noscope: @wholesome_pepe the dude is a genius u think he has time to be slow 😉 srdking: Thats cool.. I have loved zsh over all others neverdomination: which drugs does he use for this btw LUL xlowground: i would be a genius like you xrealyy: oh no someone from sweden, i heard these guys spread the virus even through cable wholesome_pepe: LUL scerj: wut game is this jimmyadaro: @neverdomination Motivation 55start: @mieer (in my opinion) Safari has great minimalistic design but Chromium is more powerful. I’m testing our Firefox developer bc apparently it’s a mix of both pjayys77: !uptime amo77777: @georgehotz if you had a biotech StartUp, what name would it have? mcint: jimmyadaro: and maybe spare time zelkh9: use molefacture in vmd jimmyadaro: @georgehotz zelkh9: @georgehotz neverdomination: @jimmyadaro are you sure m4ul3r: @scerj the. game is george being a genuis nudax: @xrealyy :O neverdomination: adderall maybe? zelkh9: @georgehotz use molefacture in vmd MrMcaustin1: Did you see this @georgehotz ? jimmyadaro: @neverdomination Not now Vukasin22: you could use google deep mind ai for protein folding georgehotz: scerj: ok jimmyadaro: @georgehotz filipiek1997: 5Head kjaripov: u gotta use some powerful hardware to fold a protein xrealyy: @nudax is this true about sweden? you guys dont self isolate hard way? THX1342: @georgehotz have you been talking to bio people to get a feeling of what their biggest pains are? or are you just exploring by yourself? TiPera: can some1 give me a heads up of what he is doing? iam new here, iam sorry guys jimmyadaro: come on mf enter in this nytimes covid data repo omfg jimmyadaro: @georgehotz m4ul3r: what’s wrong with ny github? MrMcaustin1: jimmyadaro he said stop so lets stop please

MrMcaustin1: I know I was posting it too but he said stop jimmyadaro: @MrMcaustin1 Aight THX1342: @jimmyadaro he said he is not going to look at it jimmyadaro: Am out PeinlicherAffe: email too much effort? MrMcaustin1: TiPera read the title Cube_Is_Life20: *trying to solve protien folding* “wow that seems really complex” joaovictorsnt: MrDestructoid m4ul3r: @jimmyadaro why are you posting the github for it srdking: @jimmyadaro why? zelkh9: @georgehotz use molefacture in vmd 55start: @cube_is_life20 lol m4ul3r: what’s special about it pjayys77: @MrMcaustin1 do you know if there is any commands set? like !uptime MrMcaustin1: nope MrMcaustin1: no commands pjayys77: alright TiPera: @MrMcaustin1 thank you MrMcaustin1: hes been up for about 30 minutes though THX1342: molecular bio is amazing… really starts blurring the lines of what life is or isn’t flippe31: did yiu look at deepminds sars-cov2 protein fold prediction? MrMcaustin1: Or at least thats how long ago I got the notification Marcel63: “../fun/corona/..” LOL pjayys77: isee, thanks otsukaranz: hello nudax: @xrealyy Almost true, we have some restrictions. there will be more k0ntez: he is playing flappy bird now zelkh9: molefacture was literally made for this Rashad242: you’re awesome man xrealyy: @nudax word ‘will be’ is key here, but better late than never i guess PeinlicherAffe: @Rashad242 thanks 🙂 mashafique: PogChamp sidthescikid: Me 🙂 nedstarkned: can i hack the corona? mescal33t: wuuut m4ul3r: your jupyter notebook is a mess and its beautiful 55start: Who else deletes a whole word to fix one letter zelkh9: @georgehotz use molefacture in vmd mashafique: @55start I do sidthescikid: Was there a stream in between corona ep.6 and this one? srdking: What are you using for molecular dynamics? yoloswag360noscope: @55start u know the drill lordprosper1337: @55start same xd F22LightningBayArea: That’s a cool Visualization MrMcaustin1: sidthescikid I dont think so THX1342: I thought under 40aa chains didn’t fold most of the time mashafique: A lot easier to press ctrl backspace one rather than tap or hold backspace m4ul3r: @GoldNux you’re on to something here lordprosper1337: bruh xD 55start: @mashafique true repxanhoe: Hey i have a question. What is he doing what does it have to do with corona? bsx1123: Nothing Iliftmymousealot: He is Hacking corona lioplerdon: he is jailbreaking it PeinlicherAffe: @GoldNux funniest thing i heard in 2k20 LUL MrMcaustin1: repxanhoe he is trying to fold the proteins for fun repxanhoe: @mrmcaustin1 oh okay cool ty 55start: @peinlicheraffe what did he say I couldn’t read it 69alfonso69: He is trying to make AI that will DDOS corona on molecule level raiikouu: Hello George ratirlSmile m4ul3r: this dude is too smart for anyone in chat srdking: ab initio? neverdomination: Then he should focus on the proteins that are responsible for replication TiPera: ikr @m4ul3r yoloswag360noscope: hes trying to go in the 4th dimensions to kill the virus lioplerdon: @peinlicheraffe what did he say? he deleted it repxanhoe: I was just confused cause he linked a github and the link had corona in it lmao mb Vukasin22: use deepmind ai to fold proteins saff__: the real question is can george code a this faster than folding@home

m4ul3r: He’s hacking our simulation to figure out why the cornavirus was released in our simulation 3lava: !uptime zelkh9: your pdb has hydrogen already zelkh9: must be nmr xrealyy: @m4ul3r guys like him are created to work their ass of to make us happy, im fine Iliftmymousealot: George how are your Bills doing? xrealyy: off* echotaco: Meth-eye-o-neen @georgehotz THX1342: steps back. What is an atom. perochDerp m4ul3r: @xrealyy i agree with that PeinlicherAffe: @Iliftmymousealot pretty good. his company reached a quarter zelkh9: bruh the hydrogen are right there tinkerzwhothe_t: what’s the text editor he’s using? i’m new here srdking: is tht pseudopotential file? ck1956: a THX1342: @tinkerzwhothe_t vim m4ul3r: i really should be doing my school work but this is much more entertaining pjayys77: guys hear Gilead biotech company showing experiimental drug having effect in the states ck1956: how much cash you got for bills neehowmaa: the IDE is in Jupyter gyne: LUL xrealyy: leave school become a ninja Iliftmymousealot: @peinlicheraffe sweet Marcel63: Jebaited DShot92: goddamit, i should sleep now. Here in italy is midnight, and tomorrow i have to get up early! AndreB8: is he still calling it methioni? THX1342: @pjayys77 link? zelkh9: the oxygen is missing due to the peptide bond PeinlicherAffe: charmander amber FeelsGoodMan zelkh9: like what grekler3: !uptime jrrbls: jrrbls subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 1 month streak! Hey PeinlicherAffe: @Iliftmymousealot GunRun mcint: DShot92, sleep! wholesome_pepe: twitchcoq LUL zelkh9: this is what molefacture was literally made for pjayys77: @THX1342 no link, I can try looking, so it on the news so guess take that with a grain of salt m4ul3r: George plz share some iq points for the rest of us xrealyy: @DShot92 waking up early? in italy?right now?boiii sleep till dinner srdking: check order mcint: zelkh9, got a link? 55start: will this notebook be available DShot92: @mcint i cant, this is so much entertaining nedstarkned: i need iq level to m4ul3r: @55start it’s on his github THX1342: 55start SA20Knightmarre: He must have seduce so many girls showing off his vim shortcuts mescal33t: wow byte_baron: is it f’ing for anybody else? zelkh9: kjaripov: damn george ur computer be whirring 55start: @m4ul3r @thx1342 thanks m4ul3r: @georgehotz why do you prefer macos over windows? zelkh9: c and n are the termini BulkBarn123: 5 end and 3 end is DNA, N terminus and C terminus are ends of an amino acid chain mcint: @zelkh9 ty b2kemann: Have you read the Feynman lectures? xrealyy: @m4ul3r 1 hey_is_me987: hey_is_me987 subscribed with Twitch Prime RomeroCesar: oh this is the guy right? m4ul3r: yes

m4ul3r: don’t talk comma ai on stream m4ul3r: rule #1 caiooliveira2014: I lost track, where is this? PeinlicherAffe: @m4ul3r why not? cooliocooliocooliocoolio: cheer100 huge fan zelkh9: bruuuh Iliftmymousealot: He is “Guy” pjayys77: lets see this Iliftmymousealot: *the xrealyy: he doesnt want to talk about work during stream or some shit aloexai: coronavirus: I am inevitable mashafique: He’s working on a hobby. Doesn’t wanna talk about work th3_g3nt3lman: DrinkPurple srdking: which molecular dynamics tool? saff__: @RomeroCesar i thought it was tim cook Bloodswordz88: Hail brethren. I almost missed this billymack: !mouse garica111: LUL LUL LUL aloexai: geohot: Hold my beer zelkh9: lan-geh-vin mcint: @caiooliveira2014 SD, CA, USA nedstarkned: SeemsGood SeemsGood th3_g3nt3lman: BrainSlug BrainSlug billymack: what mouse does @georgehotz use? nhyy24: you are a fucking legend geo aloexai: noooic srdking: how come 5 bonds? m4ul3r: The white house needs george on the coronatask force because he knows more about the virus than anyone else (except fauci) b2kemann: On fire today caiooliveira2014: @mcint why? THX1342: overflowed the oxygen pjayys77: pjayys77 subscribed at Tier 1 echu1587: echu1587 subscribed with Twitch Prime virtual_machine: PogChamp grizvok: @m4ul3r no he doesnt F22LightningBayArea: F22LightningBayArea subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak! yes. cool viz spitzerkid: I mean this put every bioinformatics graduate program to shame mcint: “caiooliveira2014: I lost track, where is this?” ??? aloexai: echotaco: Famous last words before 6 hours stream LUL saff__: 😀 virtual_machine: !uptime grekler3: what level of knowledge on biology, Gen ,chem he has ? Iliftmymousealot: Just as bilboballin: ur a legend kapssa: cheer100 Bloodswordz88: You are the hero we deserve tho HahaThisisfine THX1342: DansGame THX1342: WutFace srdking: this one 7th coronavirus stream? PeinlicherAffe: still doesn’t solve the vanillin folding problem FeelsBadMan mashafique: You need some 100 isotonic drink George Kappa eyesonlyug: why are we folding proteins? THX1342: corona streams are over. this is now Kappa shaselton: For books — have you checked out Quickstart Molecular Biology? It is directed toward software devs xrealyy: this guy has to get married and have a children, someone has to carry on his legacy b2kemann: Herd immunity ? asheritis: George can u answer my msg on ig nugpax: I have meaty pepperoni nipples, but with the use of focused brain power, i can transform them into the shape of tater-tots alexandru_cristiean: !uptime mcint: ^^ use molefacture th3_g3nt3lman: you gonna teleport with u fingers in that position Erixp: NaM PeinlicherAffe: @eyesonlyug to understand the structure ophicleidon: apparently has been registered lol JumpTwiice: what are we doing nizero: georgehotz is everyone at comma working remotely ? donald3767: Gay codon zelkh9: the energy is infinite if they overlap kenqzzzz: what’s jupyter used for? i’m new to python THX1342: JumpTwiice simulating the universe srdking: probably by george himself @ophicleidon THX1342: kenqzzzz it’s an interactive IDE m4ul3r: @kenqzzzz it allows cells of code to be executed separately bichid69: why are you setting them all to 0? zelkh9: it’ll never work, the energy becomes infinite

Caesar_Arthur: Hey ! I’m so happy I finally succeed to catch one of your stream ! 🙂 bichid69: just start with a linear chain kenqzzzz: oh thanks boys kenqzzzz: 😀 PeinlicherAffe: @kenqzzzz and to see visually the steps PeinlicherAffe: outputs kjaripov: no face touching george u know the drill it’s corona season mcint: @zelkh9 how good is MMTK? YouPowerRush: xd zelkh9: really good mcint sidthescikid: toasty 🙂 CJslider14: oh man so warm caiooliveira2014: @mcint Look the context 😀 GoldNux: Warm it up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) grekler3: oh i get it now 5Head zelkh9: for what george wants though this is better bichid69: it ‘s a dumb idea Erixp: NaM logi6000: holy shit he’s back. I thought it was the end when we bricked him with the portal story vybster: sends me back to Nam bichid69: you have to start with the linear chain jrrbls: Nah he was faking it 3lava: !uptime aloexai: George please stream often dont listen fukers just know you have lots of fans THX1342: that’s really cool 1boi: Pog Digital_donger: NaM mashafique: NaM SHREKonVHS: WHADDUP turds shrek is in the HOUSE!!!! b2kemann: Overflow? Wrathedd: what packages are you using for this aloexai: George you faking legand dontpanicdontpanic: ahh hell yeah, geohot live! nizero: @logi6000 i was there … lol m4ul3r: FutureMan logi6000: @nizero same dontpanicdontpanic: dontpanicdontpanic subscribed with Twitch Prime aloexai: George you are amazing faking knawladge nizero: so funny pjayys77: can someone tldr why we need folds mcint: @georgehotz @zelkh9 and molefacture takes the …pdb files, just download and run? bichid69: what’s your timestep Cube_Is_Life20: folds at body temp? aloexai: kNaWLedGe logi6000: @nizero loved his bubble sort tutorial THX1342: doesn’t heat make proteins fall apart? djguslim1337swe: Pog grizvok: yeah it can denature them dontpanicdontpanic: Ay Ive been watching all your old streams while working from home SHREKonVHS: george decided to learn computational biology in a week zelkh9: molefacture lets you build linear peptide chains sidthescikid: PogChamp Folding! SHREKonVHS: my name jeff anguscupcake: anguscupcake subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! yaaayyyy SHREKonVHS: poggerz dontpanicdontpanic: Just finished the Arch install video, so good! PeinlicherAffe: probably about 37°C but these folding algorithms increase temperature to reach to optimum vybster: Heard you like rap music JackiePuppet: protein is made of amino acid chain ck1956: PJSalt DShot92: greeting from italy quarantine! zelkh9: @georgehotz Jaenisch: im literally wearing the same thing xrealyy: read the chat more often please hotz srdking: That chair is cozy PeinlicherAffe: das was xrealyy sagt SHREKonVHS: i came to watch him eat noodles, if thats not happening then im out of here Digital_donger: any folders? LUL vesche_: @georgehotz can you put your ipynb file on github pls Caesar_Arthur: Caesar_Arthur subscribed at Tier 1 nizero: @georgehotz you can use comma’s machine learning servers to compute ? m4ul3r: if he reads too much chat he won’t be able to fold as much 6e657264: what about ML based folding? Cube_Is_Life20: good thing he has access to a decent size rig at comma 1boi: PogChamp RomeroCesar: what’s a villin protein? thecoder15: yeah boy spin up the comma GPU cluster FaceTheWolf: Origami stream ftw F22LightningBayArea: are you planning to dedicate commas unused systems for FoldingAtHome research? Digital_donger: actually folding PogChamp grizvok: FOLDDDD yevenesh: what is your pressboard? grizvok: THE DOOR GoodOlSmokey: ROFL m4ul3r: FoLlLlLlLlLlLlLd mashafique: FeelsGoodMan Lars_December: IM FODLING Digital_donger: madman has a gpu farm? PogChamp nedstarkned: LUL LUL LUL Iliftmymousealot: qips Inc m4ul3r: foldGoodMan nizero: for the good of the people, george save us

tepely: oh god what’s happening m4ul3r: foldsGoodMan logi6000: I wish I had a gpu farm but that expensive af grekler3: what am i watching? FeelsGoodMan kenqzzzz: what mac is he using? pjayys77: no idea what folding does by Gah Damn Fold HrdDR WutFace anguscupcake: 2019 mbp 16″ ck1956: Kraft mac xrealyy: 16′, recent model LilacAndGooseberries_: aynisiAt1 ninjadidio: i don’t know what is happening, but is epic PeinlicherAffe: i wish i had more than 16gb ram Caesar_Arthur: Cheer100 So glad I finally succeed to catch one of your stream ! You are a huge source of inspiration bro xrealyy: @PeinlicherAffe what for bruh b2kemann: How folded are we feeling today? Vepicfishal: parenthesis THX1342: LUL Aizshing: LUL Erixp: couple LULW logi6000: are we Galaxy folded yet THX1342: just need a petaflop pjayys77: so when is the Folded merch coming out Bloodswordz88: Folded merch Quev1337: just buy a supercomputer grekler3: PogChamp here we go existentialcalvin: LUL THX1342: he has one 1boi: lets goooo akaCube: Is this gpu accelerated? xrealyy: never seen you drinking pure water, im shocked hotz Usisuvach0: what is he trying to do now? sidthescikid: are energy drinks neurotrophics? m4ul3r: @akaCube probably not zelkh9: wanna build a linear peptide chain? PeinlicherAffe: @xrealyy currently i want to solve the rubiks cube optimally. for that i need to create a database containing all 43 trillion (i think) states for the cube m4ul3r: nvm peter35_: an apple/day saff__: what gpu? Ayyyy420Lmao: uptime? kenqzzzz: idk what people prefer mac os or windows for this kinda work tepely: need quantum computer to fold this tbodt_: @PeinlicherAffe it’s 43 quintillion mcint: NAMD will be used for groundbreaking coronavirus simulations that will run on the Frontera supercomputer at TACC. The Amaro Lab of UC San Diego is working to build the first complete all-atom model of the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus envelope in order to investigate how the virus interacts with receptors within the host cell membrane. The coronavirus model is anticipated to contain 200 million at Checkmate624: gonna sub once my twitch prime month renews ck1956: what happened to Golem? xrealyy: @PeinlicherAffe isn’t there more efficient way to do this? srdking: Unstable ak0ya_: minimizing is good logi6000: @tepely wouldn’t actually be that good for this case. I don’t believe mannekchin: yo george ibimsmarry: whats your intention behind this??? ak0ya_: so negative is good mannekchin: big fan from portugal TriHard 7 6e657264: have you seen peter35_: this SARS sequel is lit DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: DabOnEmHatersEcksDee subscribed with Twitch Prime tepely: @logi6000 worth a try Ayyyy420Lmao: arnt all potentials negative since they take 0 at infinity as reference? Cube_Is_Life20: @ibimsmarry no goals, just exploration and learning for fun Penguino138: @ibimsmarry He’s making a vaccine to upload to github zelkh9: more negative means deeper in the potential well PeinlicherAffe: @tbodt_ 43 quintillion? in germany it’s trillion, but thats not the same i guess b2kemann: That means you’re trapped bichid69: chaos theory bro 6e657264: find different local optima based on random starting location srdking: is it DFT? bichid69: yes we wanna deepthroat mcint: r a n d o m traversal of very high dimensional space Penguino138: wiggle wiggle wiggle bichid69: @srdking nah this isnt dft yoloswag360noscope: scuffed protein zelkh9: you wanna be there saff__: unfolded protein MrMcaustin1: Its not binding to anything 1boi: LUL zelkh9: wanna build a linear peptide chain? smurfd0: ruh rooh mcint: these aren’t the tools you’re looking for ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: WubTF FusRoDead: me 🙂 bichid69: @georgehotz start with a linear chain, not random LiveOverflow: 84 raiders from LiveOverflow have joined! Cube_Is_Life20: go to atom view to appease my autism thanks

fluzfluz: hack the planet MrMcaustin1: zelkh9 stop spamming please ripSquidd: hey liveoverflow pjayys77: wait ilveoverflow has a channel? MrJeff_: You ever looked at RedStar OS? MrMcaustin1: :O thanks LiveOverflow !!! srdking: ohk T3chHS: @LiveOverflow Didn’t know you streamed! nice b2kemann: Lol yoloswag360noscope: negative vibes nedstarkned: WutFace WutFace logi6000: at live overflow here pjayys77: rip raid hype, the mans too busy workin PeinlicherAffe: @xrealyy you have to save all the states, but currently i’m saving it in strings, that’s not good. i have to index it to save memory yoloswag360noscope: PogChamp mescal33t: beastyH 1boi: it folds so good Kreygasm joaovictorsnt: live is stuck as hell bichid69: max 2fs ehisoka: !uptime bichid69: where you’re at for the integrator lolfulloftrolls: Fold that shit bichid69: can’t really go higher gordon1337: can’t believe your’e still working on it PeinlicherAffe: @xrealyy AND like in dynamic programming firstly solve all edges, then corners then the whole, so 3 databases zelkh9: more than 2fs and it’ll blow up nizero: wiggle wiggle wiggle frederikoo0: my man is solving the corona crysis ? mcint: So @zelkh9, if you build the linear chains first, 2º structures, the 3º assembly will be easier? ck1956: do microseconds bichid69: @mcint yes mayakuya: cant you give it a fixed initial potential energy? nuffleee: yo RomeroCesar: use %timeit on jupyter Marcel63: “femtosecond is’nt a lot” ..well true nuffleee: finally caught a stream live RomeroCesar: @georgehotz use %timeit in jupyter Caesar_Arthur: even if it’s long you should write your own b2kemann: A for making cell above bichid69: amber99SB should be okay for this protein Marcel63: hamster buyer Kappa nizero: only beer and butter logi6000: beer and butter. sound fun kenqzzzz: i like how he just randomly goes to the kitchen LUL Marcel63: HÜHNCHEN MIT REIS nizero: sounds like the start of a comedy Caesar_Arthur: What is he trying to do. I don’t quiet get it :/ 1boi: ManChicken jrrbls: Is George a fan of LiveOVerflow

ytazn: Pog protein Penguino138: @Caesar_Arthur He’s developing a vaccine to upload to github ytazn: keaneEz williamjennings1: can we fold a proton sebastia2001: sebastia2001 subscribed with Twitch Prime ytazn: RlyTho Caesar_Arthur: @Penguino138 sounds to be a reasonable goal in life LUL caiooliveira2014: vaccine? ytazn: YEP Penguino138: god people are dumb and cant read williamjennings1: NotLikeThis ophicleidon: what if he just kind of messes up the position of the correctly folded protein slightly to see what the energy should look like? kokadoo: Great job keep it up Keijo: protein this and that, just lift more bro and results will come ytazn: YEP COCK Wrathedd: YEP dils2k: I really wanna know your opinion about college 1boi: YEP ytazn: becFat Zepcon7: Watching the stream on iPhone, where ist my magnifier again? Cube_Is_Life20: they used AMBER14 Qrutzarn: how do i make it? vesche_: we need something written in C or C to make this folding go fast my man xrealyy: i guess he has mac connected to a monitor or tv screen? Mieer: You know, I used to be good looking.. and then I started Python CollinPCO: next wave of biology happening right in front of my eyes? poildo: have you heard about folding@home project? blusubz: @dils2k what do you wanna know? Vrookems: lmao mashafique: My ears WutFace ᅟᅟᅟᅟ: D: ehisoka: teach us to read fast saff__: 😀 Bloodswordz88: ClappyDerp Wrathedd: WutFace okeeeeeee: LUL 1boi: NotLikeThis saff__: omd’s Ziv0: LUL okeeeeeee: wtf W1lkins: WTF polygxn: LUL tepely: what logi6000: XD Quev1337: LUL Ayyyy420Lmao: is this related to protein folding? Caesar_Arthur: LUL THX1342: godamn I’m deaf now zelkh9: openmm is already c ytazn: Simulation of structure pjayys77: dayum Deluxe_Ryan87: SourPls dils2k: @blusubz Should I go there? ytazn: Pog Vrookems: best stream logi6000: I’m fucking dying gyne: LUL pixeldragon94: How fast is he reading TriHard okeeeeeee: hhah bbrak: nedstarkned: ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper blusubz: long story short: yes memphisFPS: lol Penguino138: oookrrrrrrr Marcel63: @pixeldragon94 yes blusubz: or learn on your own Wrathedd: okurrrrrrrr grekler3: what kind of fields you need to know to do this kind of project, like bio, chem, and on what level ? jrrbls: Yerba Mate stream Mieer: @georgehotz Let’s start a Religion. It’ll we our own new Startup ehisoka: @georgehotz teach us to read fast 🙂 kelvin99: how the hell he reads too fast fahalz: hey george ahahahaitslit: anyone else think george sounds like quentin tarantino logi6000: @kelvin99 I mean you only need the important parts Keijo: george likes feet also 1boi: just move your eyes lol GoldNux: More like Covid Quarantino Marcel63: Kappa xrealyy: reading fast is easy, but try to remember 😀 ehisoka: he hack his eyes Penguino138: Quarantino tepely: cardi b – bodak yellow grekler3: you dont read fast ,you just look Caesar_Arthur: Can i talk about one of my project ? I need to gather people 🙂 bichid69: if you want a more modern forcefield use ff19sb, but thats some funky shit ytazn: Is a simulated building legit? biglennysgut: Satya Nadella would solve this problem in mere seconds because of his commitment to collaboration logi6000: @caesar_arthur what is it wholesome_pepe: villin is $400 a micro gram holy shit smurfd0: kelvin99: @logi6000 i know he is looking for important facts but how do you know where is it. you dont look for just compound name in a paper raystriker98: !uptime Caesar_Arthur: @logi6000 I’m building a creative based social network builed around a system i built ytazn: Test on the mousies

Penguino138: @kelvin99 the more programming you do the better you become at noticing patterns and the things you searching for GoldNux: Is he making teh antivirus? Marcel63: @Caesar_Arthur github link? mcint: @Caesar_Arthur just link to a pastebin of your pitch ytazn: Can you buy a mouse for testing? logi6000: @kelvin99 look til you see a word or set of words that goes with what you want to find raystriker98: busy week, George? smurfd0: ytazn: Pog proteins as arrays ytazn: Pog atoms as html derfreak69: is this a hacker from a hollywoo movie derfreak69: ? derfreak69: hollywood Iliftmymousealot: yes treestompztv: early stream PogChamp derfreak69: pog champ Marcel63: from a iphone kelvin99: @logi6000 thanks ehisoka: He’s elliot from Mr Robot Penguino138: some nice HTML parisng foti_kasparov: corona stream is now a saga solero0: no hollywood hackers use cmd J3rwin: ya they use visual basic sebastia2001: what programming language is this? Marcel63: The do, but with green text and black background kelvin99: python ytazn: Don’t hackers eat snickers? tepely: python GoldNux: Hes creating a gui in visual basic to track the virus ip-adress Iliftmymousealot: Hollywood Hackers use visual Studio code kenqzzzz: lmao kokadoo: CovidCleaner parasite_is_a_snakee: TriHard ANY GIFTERS TriHard Marcel63: HollyWood hackers use Sratch tepely: I’d buy a vaccine from george donald3767: Hollywood hackers use google docs 1boi: youd be bugged out of your life borang: coronara1n nuffleee: id buy an open source vaccine from george Penguino138: Hollywood hackers use custom made UIs n’ Shit unless they make a realistic movie. Most cinematic hacking is fake, except like the social network dejvid1998: My favorite tweaker coder is live grekler3: i use notepad ,best editor, i hate colorful letters nuffleee: so i can make sure he doesnt install any vulnerabilities into me kenqzzzz: george > government Lana_Lux: 168 raiders from Lana_Lux have joined! PeinlicherAffe: some germans here? J3rwin: did he learn molecular bio in a week lmao tepely: pog 1boi: PogChamp kenqzzzz: LUL nuffleee: J3rwin lol yes grekler3: PogChamp tepely: lena_lux pog ivche1337: POG @Lana_Lux rafaill: PokPikachu pixeldragon94: @peinlicheraffe sicher abk467: lanaluRaid lanaluRaid Penguino138: 168 fresh viewers? Lana_Lux: hey! 🙂 J3rwin: not surprised but ha Marcel63: @PeinlicherAffe Dark_entity: PorscheWIN

billymack: is george still using that chair with no back on it? PeinlicherAffe: @pixeldragon94 @Marcel63 SeemsGood shhaadow: @georgehotz hi man cockwizard69: show tits Penguino138: George we got a raid incoming logi6000: magic time pistolpetepcp: POG @Lana_Lux logi6000: @penguino138 by who whyZaya: Wait his chair doesn’t have a back? foti_kasparov: Game devs raiding George lol mescal33t: boom akaCube: Damn, some nice magic you got there Marcel63: TombRaid saff__: shadow legends? Penguino138: Lana Lux billymack: @whyzaya i don’t think so borang: gamers #1 life wasters Penguino138: whoever dat is saff__: who? PeinlicherAffe: @borang not really tepely: george you got raided lieprs: Been waiting for you to stream💪 borang: ya man Checkmate624: na man PeinlicherAffe: if it’s fun -> no life wasting jax05_: @Lana_Lux FutureMan parasite_is_a_snakee: TriHard ANY GIFTERS TriHard grekler3: @borang i think your only safe here saying that LUL Checkmate624: right? doing what you enjoy is never a waste of time saff__: lana lux? sounds like a pron name saff__: 😀 ahahahaitslit: i enjoy heroin jax05_: yo don’t be rude wtf ytazn: How do you buy pcr machine? kenqzzzz: toxic logi6000: @saff__ what I thought borang: safe? always safe from gamers. they’re no threat. to anybody. or anything. l o l parasite_is_a_snakee: he isn’t wrong though Kappa metanoiaJMJ: dont be rude to the female girl wtf saff__: i dont wanna search it now Iliftmymousealot: this a Christian Stream, No drugs!!!!! saff__: wow Keijo: george is calculating the dimensions of average male rectum atm pistolpetepcp: @Lana_Lux how’s the video game going Lana_Lux: @jax05_ hey! 🙂 Lana_Lux: @pistolpetepcp its going well 🙂 ytazn: Amino acids pog saff__: hey parasite_is_a_snakee: anyone even know what this guy is doing LUL logi6000: @iliftmymousealot nah we should be good. George has smoked on stream before XiaolongTK: Whats the point here? 1boi: aa is aminoacid anguscupcake: cure coronavirus Penguino138: @XiaolongTK developing a vaccine to upload to github, or you can learn to read the title MrMcaustin1: Hey Lana_Lux derfreak69: what is he trying to do acctually? tepely: @Lana_Lux you got any toilet paper jax05_: @parasite_is_a_snakee you mean you don’t know but you’re begging for gifters? lol Lana_Lux: @MrMcaustin1 hey! pistolpetepcp: @Lana_Lux nice I hope to get a POG out of it parasite_is_a_snakee: TriHard ANY GIFGTERS TriHard XiaolongTK: @Penguino138 Actually the title is not what you said, so calm down boy Lana_Lux: @tepely i got some. i’m tp middle class tepely: nicee borang: thanks video games for further separating the lower level minds ISD_Schogol: o7 Lana mashafique: @Lana_Lux PogChamp Keijo: any gifters in chat TriHard parasite_is_a_snakee: @jax05_ LUL u so mad foti_kasparov: Just value Penguino138: @XiaolongTK lol learn to read MrMcaustin1: parasite_is_a_snakee please stop spamming that message MrMcaustin1: Next time its a timeout alextodoroki: geohot is probably the most based person to ever exist Iliftmymousealot: Lana has that blue checkmark pz3300: What’s happenin George? Penguino138: @XiaolongTK you must be new here, it’s VERY obvious mashafique: GeoHot data parsing Kreygasm Checkmate624: @alextodoroki he’s based? what ehisoka: @georgehotz teach us to read fast pls ! 1boi: data parsing PogChamp Turtle_L9: how is that guy still not in jail? alextodoroki: B A S E D ISD_Schogol: thats purple Ayyyy420Lmao: based bc he smokes base parasite_is_a_snakee: okay mod take it easy BloodTrail ImpalerV: @ehisoka just skim through things omg, he is skimming Lana_Lux: @georgehotz you’re going to be on what? F22LightningBayArea: new DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yo Lala8671: HahaBall AndrewSides: first live stream I’ve got woo garica111: me Checkmate624: @alextodoroki yeah that helped a lot, thanks for explaining 1boi: me 🙂 Penguino138: @XiaolongTK ok sorry i’ll tell you the truth, He’s making a vaccine for github FargioFarmani: you ll YouPowerRush: ban wave confirmt ? parasite_is_a_snakee: personally i prefer shkreli over this guy BloodTrail Mieer: New is relative saff__: dont snitch either J3rwin: Kap

c0rz1: @Lana_Lux It’s a dating app for famous people basically garica111: TheRinger Iliftmymousealot: freeshkreli raystriker98: why do I have a star in front of my name ytazn: Can you compare these amino acids to the sars amino acids? Mieer: Have some RESPECT FargioFarmani: you look like someone who can code @georgehotz Lana_Lux: @c0rz1 oh lol!! pz3300: Insta bans! Lala8671: hello from Poland HeyGuys MrMcaustin1: you a sub raystriker98 tepely: respect is everything #gta2 vesche_: respec LirkoB: Im relative new aswell, dawgs ehisoka: @ImpalerV i dont think so alextodoroki: do subs get more leeway in shitposting? OwO peter35_: to shkreli clintSuave deed02392: s Marcel63: PRESS F to pay respect to Geo! Marcel63: F PeinlicherAffe: @raystriker98 because you subscribed to his channel (or get it gifted) Penguino138: @XiaolongTK might want to look up gullible in the dictionary THX1342: @Lana_Lux time to use that angelina card on them Lala8671: it’s my 1st time on Your stream ! @georgehotz raystriker98: hmm someone must’ve gifted it to me Checkmate624: yeah subs get away with whatever most of the time okeeeeeee: alextodoroki yes Iliftmymousealot: hopefully shkrelii does Not Catch the covid Turtle_L9: whats the ultimate goal here? parasite_is_a_snakee: @peter35_ Indeed will be out soon PogChamp .. maybe early release due to corona zelkh9: pdb are fixed width files JustAsGoodJo: lol you need pyrosetta if you want to fold a protein ahahahaitslit: why tf is shkreli still in jail ImpalerV: when you start to read documentation on random programming tools and so on, you will easily adapt to only finding the information you care about in a document ahahahaitslit: miss that guy’s streams pz3300: Being a sub gives you diplomatic immunity sebastia2001: are u a bioinformatician? parasite_is_a_snakee: shkreli may get released early.. the rapper 69 is being released early akaCube: kinda looks like any amount of spaces bichid69: biopython sucks anguscupcake: cause he scammed PeinlicherAffe: why you always write “protien” 😀 grekler3: @ahahahaitslit hes 7 years, hes geting rejected alextodoroki: does anyone else still binge watch @georgehotz’s light it up contest video THX1342: is shkreli gets covid he will process the antibodies and sell the vaccine at 3000% markup ahahahaitslit: he’s been there too long tho ahahahaitslit: 7 years is fucked c0rz1: @JustAsGoodJo HeyGuys lanaluTP Can I ask you stuff If I don’t understand things. Which will be about everything anguscupcake: they should let prisoners live stream from jail y_rohilla: @PeinlicherAffe Cause i before e except after c solero0: i miss shkreli streams, he predicted netflix stock price perfectly robotboy987: jezz 840 ppl watching Penguino138: @XiaolongTK you’re watching a stream with a title that tells you exactly what he’s doing. If you choose not to read it and ask what’s going on, we’re going to tell you what george told us to tell your type of people andrewmorozko: @sebastia2001 nope, just a simple hacker parasite_is_a_snakee: BibleThump shkreli streams logi6000: who is shkreli JustAsGoodJo: @c0rz1 yes of course :). but i just tuned in so i’m lost at the moment. protein folding is a complete challenge that everyone tries to do in structural biology PeinlicherAffe: @ctfnubz420 what? i don’t get it pz3300: Have you see tiger king George? shokoo: i would love to sit in that blue bed and watch him code Iliftmymousealot: shkreli is an interesting Guy hopefully Mail does Not Change hin. He actually did stuff 1boi: hmmmm nuffleee: lol shokoo nuffleee: wtf is that bed tho? looks like shit 1boi: D: Iliftmymousealot: *jail Marcel63: TwitchUnity saff__: its his prison cell parasite_is_a_snakee: deffo going to crack a cold one when my boy shkreli gets out grekler3: Bed from the gulag LUL Bloodswordz88: HahaSnowhal ethiopianmale: he’s probably in a white collar prison pistolpetepcp: georgetin shrelihotz nuffleee: gulag bed c0rz1: @JustAsGoodJo I see. Well this is going to be interesting inmygut: Yo, computational chemist here, I pretty much exclusively work with protein molecular dynamics. just tuned in after seeing some stuff on youtube 2547techno: @XiaolongTK @Penguino138 lets just all get along now pz3300: He under house arrest 1boi: D: Iliftmymousealot: Martin shkreli Google him saff__: christian stream Penguino138: He was very rude inmygut: The TF should be in the pdb, but you could probably find it in the original literature from the PDB porteus: D: Mieer: Well done 1boi: LUL YouPowerRush: bUrself alextodoroki: that chair is sexy Mieer: keep it clean boys Marcel63: BloodTrail Iliftmymousealot: @saff indees Iliftmymousealot: *indeed pz3300: Me? Penguino138: George tells us to tell people this stream is for uploading a vaccine to github, that’s what we tell them pz3300: Phew xrealyy: george is walking like he’s about to fuck someone up pistolpetepcp: lmao dude was put in the gulags Keijo: SirShield SirPrise SirSword Mieer: I bought a ‘Herman Miller’ for very cheap one month ago featuredloot: Can I use my twitch points to invent in comma? gabrielopesantos: WutFace J3rwin: HM and cheap. okay jax05_: @xrealyy that’s his normal swagger lul Cube_Is_Life20: @inmygut you familiar with protein folding simulations? kelvin99: how many of you have studies bio in thier high school or have a major in bio related area? anguscupcake: leap v2 ftw whyZaya: 20 seconds! FargioFarmani: lmao @xrealyy merc_for_god: Who is being rude guys? shr1ftyy: he took a piss pybanana: soggyPee parasite_is_a_snakee: @XiaolongTK BibleThump

Penguino138: @XiaolongTK was being rude alextodoroki: MAC N CHEESE BASED whyZaya: That was only four seconds Mieer: calm yourselves guys v0sn: damn george looks so good today ehisoka: no 20sec donald3767: pee 2547techno: @Penguino138 i mean to be fair you were being a bit obnoxious saff__: dank treestompztv: Kreygasm knilecrack: very healthy peter35_: FeelsGoodMan whyZaya: Wash your hands for another 16 seconds mcint: @inmygut what tools do you use? recommend? others have been pushing for molefactory, and picking a different ff model robotboy987: wash your hands Penguino138: @2547techno I was telling him about the vaccine george is working on bbrak: JustAsGoodJo: certain AA’s tend to be in certain locations in a protein, based upon their bond geometry, type of atoms, polarity, and ability to form H bonds with either other residues or water bojosos: @georgehotz Do you know where Bulgaria is? sondreal: Hello PogChamp whyZaya: This man is trying to cure CoViD-19 and he’s only washing his hands for four seconds knilecrack: I need to spend this points man MrMcaustin1: Ugh time for my online class, see you george ahahahaitslit: lmfao the pi ahahahaitslit: c Lala8671: can’t actually believe that even on such a unique and great stream with superb quallity ppl are still being inmature BibleThump @georgehotz knilecrack: Fake news jax05_: @kelvin99 bio is usually studied in all high schools in the USA pistolpetepcp: does anyone else add hot sauce to their mac ? parasite_is_a_snakee: PogChamp no more mods shr1ftyy: lol Keijo: right penguino 1boi: rip featuredloot: Can I use my twitch points to invent in comma? Bloodswordz88: HahaShrugMiddle ehisoka: how do u read so fast ! VitalyzedTv: no? Penguino138: You said 3 streams ago to tell new people that you were working on a vaccine? Mieer: George, which town are you originally from? alextodoroki: george hotz is a very attractive man and i’ve probably watched the Light It Up Contest video like 50 times inb4 timeout Penguino138: @georgehotz I’ll stop if you don’t want us to anymore 1boi: imagine wasting 380 points ytazn: TwitchUnity WalrusShoes: new here – what python libraries are you using to do protein folding and rendering? gannydormally: why does he want to fold a protein? mayakuya: “Temperature factors are a measure of our confidence in the location of each atom. If you find an atom on the surface of a protein with a high temperature factor, keep in mind that this atom is probably moving a lot, and that the coordinates specified in the PDB file are only one possible snapshot of its location. ” pistolpetepcp: 380 mrzlz: all dogs deserve love Ayyyy420Lmao: this message is highlighter Tritous: Mac and Cheese PogChamp JustAsGoodJo: i say the key to any protein folding is forming the right H bonds and simulated annealing ytazn: kurumxFIRST whyZaya: @1boi Right? mayakuya: Turtle_L9: have you ever smoked weed in class? inmygut: You can derive it from the B-factor in the pdb donald3767: How does the force field work? DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: George Hotz is super attractive, especially when i see him giving me a passive agressive python tutorial chateauuuuu: SoonerLater SoonerLater SoonerLater inmygut: which i thin it shte second to last column ehisoka: #nohomo inmygut: double check is though shr1ftyy: wtf alextodoroki: dude this is also my computer sitting position pistolpetepcp: George Hotz is super attractive, especially when i see him giving me a passive agressive python tutorial shr1ftyy: he type one handed fast THX1342: chat is thirsty today alextodoroki: i think me and geohotz should get married :/ DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yes Penguino138: @georgehotz Sorry I was talking about a “vaccine”, you said it a few streams ago as a joke but I’ll stop lukasfbv: What is this actually guys mcint: @donald3767 a model to inform folding mashafique: Have some water chat. elaChug chateauuuuu: SoonerLater SoonerLater SoonerLater Mieer: @ALL I am gonna eat, don’t miss me guys. Will be back MrDestructoid BloodTrail mescal33t: 380 40 foti_kasparov: cbrahTinder cbrahTinder cbrahTinder cbrahTinder grekler3: @lukasfbv no one knows LUL mashafique: @Mieer I miss you already elaHYUG alextodoroki: geohotz did u take your vitamin C for the day janisAYAYA Mieer: BisexualPride LesbianPride sondreal: remember to follow and subscribe boys Lana_Lux: wait, he gives passive aggressive python tutorials? i’ve been looking everywhere! DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yes of course FargioFarmani: Can you give us another Python Coding Tutorial? @georgehotz parasite_is_a_snakee: yes bubble sort is his speciality mashafique: Can’t forget the passive-aggressive bubble sort tutorial K177: no 🙂 Lana_Lux: LUL mrzlz: george i cannot access the localhost website my chrome browser gives me an error please help me access the localhost website george hotz prvk3: what’s jupyter? K177: because you’re our dancing monkey pistolpetepcp: LMAO ZEROHOOT: lol treestompztv: has just subscribed with Twitch Prime! DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: simple you are on the wrong localhost kito__: LUL mashafique: @mrzlz LUL knilecrack: Lies 😀 grekler3: remember to follow and subscribe boys lolfulloftrolls: 780K a year not enough? echotaco: You can probably try and get partnership after this month of streaming lol J3rwin: Kappa lolfulloftrolls: 780K* sebastia2001: @prvk3 its a programming platform for making code grekler3: Kappa tepely: you heard him GoldNux: George my printer is not working can you help me out? Mieer: thanks lolfulloftrolls: WTF I keep adding a 0 ImpalerV: Kappa eeXecute: Kappa Checkmate624: nooo intellegent things in a twitch chat? Mawcat: monkaHmm tepely: sub all bichid69: YOU NEED THE TOPOLOGY BRO akaCube: very rarely though Checkmate624: I don’t think so fade7: Kappa Bootstraps: he is wearing the same sweater he wore last stream fSyLyndon: @mrzlz maybe type the error message out? iiiiiiillllliiiill: BrokeBack logi6000: occasionally. lol Penguino138: @georgehotz No more vaccine joke talk like you said a few streams ago, I got it! Keep on foldin’ jomkingal: I’m sorry george, i’ll subscribe when I get more income. for now you got my moral support lolfulloftrolls: THICC echotaco: $3.5/sub instead of $2.5 mayhaps shokoo: where is his usual drink that has lemons? prvk3: what’s the point of using it? @sebastia2001 thecoder15: @georgehotz you buy that sequencer i linked a few streams ago ??? parasite_is_a_snakee: is it me or does he walk like a penguin pistolpetepcp: I need to be in the mindset bro! JustAsGoodJo: but how lol

shoji22: YEAY, GEORGE LIVE AGAIN 1boi: true DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: damn rip penguino george will never see his message 1boi: rip Tritous: Peepee poo poo y_rohilla: !uptime 1boi: 1 borang: Penguino’s 100 apologies lmfao Checkmate624: nice Penguino138: @borang Senpai notice me :p SurfCat: notebook codeblock monkaS borang: love it ehisoka: hahahahah akaCube: Amount of spaces could actually matter, since it looks for specific colums minmaxy: literally folding at home pistolpetepcp: Penguino needs to donate to get unbanned 😀 logi6000: I have like 3k channel points and need to spend it somehow so -380 dongmuya: Jupyter notebook saves your vars. So you need to restart the notebook from time to time T3chHS: Imagine apologizing LUL Penguino138: @pistolpetepcp I’m not banned, but I did apologise parasite_is_a_snakee: @T3chHS LUL Iliftmymousealot: this matters inmygut: yeah, for pdb files they’re organised by column K177: lmao rudolphdoesgames: OXT ending? or i dont even remember if it was OXT @georgehotz pistolpetepcp: @Penguino138 oh lol Penguino138: @pistolpetepcp a few streams ago it was a joke but I took it too far clearly inmygut: look up rudimentary pdb format. it’s detailed JustAsGoodJo: you can fold any protein, but how do you know if it’s correct or not. there are numerous ways to fold a protein, and the lowest gibbs free energy or entropy score doesn’t mean it’s biologically relevant Caesar_Arthur: split string from spaces and delete empty objects in the array parasite_is_a_snakee: @JustAsGoodJo I agree 🙂 5Head re1mond: hi unobomber! pz3300: Penguins on a $5 bond T3chHS: Imagine being a decent and pleasent human being LUL 1boi: biology brandon andrewmorozko: wb porteus: imagine imagining tokumei64: inmygut: look up rudimentary pdb format. it’s detailed. @georgehotz Penguino138: @pz3300 what’s a twitch bond? knilecrack: why don’t you swap multiple spaces with one space Caesar_Arthur: split string from spaces and delete empty objects in the array @georgehotz JustAsGoodJo: @parasite_is_a_snakee <3 andrewmorozko: why would anyone care about the number of spaces? logi6000: imagine everyone not using the imagine thing because it's annoying ISD_Schogol: one space too much after the first column? donald3767: Listen to inmygut bichid69: this is why you never create a pdb from scratch inmygut: but i mean, what are you trying to achieve @georgehotz ? akaCube: remove a space, if it is 4 chas long inmygut: because protein folding using contemporary force fields is incredibly flawed inmygut: if you're looking for biological insight Penguino138: @inmygut he's trying to fold a protein bichid69: pdb is such a shitty format ehisoka: @inmygut read the stream title T3chHS: BabyRage 1boi: here we go again bichid69: but unfortunately it's the standard aloexai: George stream often you are amazing SCHEPMAN: has he talked about when he reaches from vim vs jupyter? inmygut: yeah but why, even if someone in silico determines protein folding extrovertintrovert: @inmygut yeah im asking that question myself too inmygut: it's not likely to provide biological insight parasite_is_a_snakee: why doesnt he just grab both ends and fold it 4Head 1boi: true ^ inmygut: unless it's highly conditioned- which no one does in MD mrzlz: both of my parents are dentists DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yea george listen to this guy he knows how to fold Penguino138: @inmygut he's mostly spending this time to become very familiarised with the concepts. It's the first stage of any kind of hacking donald3767: ? mrzlz: wasn't this whole thing already disproved? inmygut: that's fair, if this is like learning there's really no better way inmygut: but i don't know if going through this without any biochemical intuition... where it'll lead

borang: mrzlz hahahaha bojosos: tabs or spaces? ISD_Schogol: isnt it ATOM m? bichid69: BRO THIS IS WHY PDB SUCKS Penguino138: @inmygut I’d posit you can only develop the intuition if you learn a lot about it CazzarS: You’re missing the temperature factor? mcint: @inmygut so what does the “prod” / not-just-for-learning version of this look like? donald3767: There has got to be a better format satanthelord666: hi Nawelz: regex this inmygut: yeah if you learn a lot about chemistry and physics you’ll develop an intuition for biological molecular dynamics 1boi: monkaW inmygut: but can that be gleaned from wrangling data blindly? inmygut: meybe- ISD_Schogol: i said that twice Q_Q Penguino138: @inmygut he said a few streams ago the same process went with cracking the iphone, he had to spend weeks and weeks learning and becoming familiar first Tuhafadam: Do you make research before streams or you learn this stuff on stream ? JustAsGoodJo: pyrosetta is undocumented and hard to work with, but it’s software designed for reading in pdbs and folding proteins dongmuya: @Tuhafadam Both St47ik: @Tuhafadam both kelvin99: @Tuhafadam yeah same question glitch_95: Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne Tuhafadam: Wow Tuhafadam: he is smart grenaderaven: we still hacking coronas? pistolpetepcp: How do I get the intense focus as George does satanthelord666: HahaHide Penguino138: george does most learning on the stream guys donald3767: Bio data is more complicated than an iPhone extrovertintrovert: guys why is he trying to fold that villin protein? what he aims for ? St47ik: smart googeling Kappa Nawelz: regex would be easier? (.*?) (.*?) (.*?) kjaripov: what vim plugins u using Penguino138: @georgehotz how complicated is a villin protein compared to others? anguscupcake: config is on his github donald3767: Not very architectzs: what is that text editor on the right? tepely: all this folding makes me hungry l33tkr3w: VIM architectzs: ty Iliftmymousealot: emac mescal33t: beastyG fSyLyndon: me 🙂 misterbinu: Can you help us turn superhumans next? St47ik: how would you format it then @georgehotz LUL tbodt_: inmygut: berating a over half century old file format :LUL: t00big2fl4il: got qira on my ubuntu 16.04

kelvin99: I specially got up early to watch his stream, but now I am feeling sleepy again ;P y_rohilla: yeah its old so it must be the best way to do things xD pistolpetepcp: !uptime extrovertintrovert: @tbodt_ haha 1boi: PogChamp Bombapil0t: next episode of Hotz vs. Corona POG donald3767: Does VIM have a learning curve? Checkmate624: um yeah re1mond: !up 1boi: exponential y_rohilla: kinda like the corona curve Checkmate624: vim is great though lolfulloftrolls: Kreygasm kjaripov: it’s a step function kjaripov: goes from 0 to 100 real quick Iliftmymousealot: @misterbinu fun fact I think that might actually be His endgoal with moving top the Cloud ans stuff borang: what does “:LUL:” mean? Penguino138: anyone know how complex a villin protein is compared to others? lolfulloftrolls: 1337 lolfulloftrolls: LIT kjaripov: yo can anyone link me george’s dotfiles? Bombapil0t: crazy typespeed. faster than virus! novomage: u use vim for oop as well? 1boi: lajsdfsjflsdjf Checkmate624: the age old joke: how do you generate a random string? answer: you ask a first year cs student to exit vim Lala8671: check on Your food BlessRNG @georgehotz mik12f4: your back….nice kenqzzzz: is chromium good to use? Penguino138: @kenqzzzz check out brave browser St47ik: Food 🔥 P0LY: what is this for? kjaripov: firefox quantum user here gogenhub: we passed 1 million: Checkmate624: brave looks like it actually does what firefox says it does y_rohilla: ctfnubz420 subscribed at Tier 1 1boi: burnt LUL saff__: juicy maccoronis christianthefalco: oh no the macaronis! St47ik: rip 4zimut: NotLikeThis Bombapil0t: holy macaronie kenqzzzz: ive been quantum for 5 years xD tepely: mac and cheese ? Penguino138: @georgehotz if you successfully fold the villin do you move on to more complex proteins? DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: he may know how to code, but his macaronis just got cooked too long mcint: @kenqzzzz try Brave Checkmate624: is there any difference between firefox quantum and the newest version of firefox? Checkmate624: or are they the same thing christianthefalco: google it 1boi: rude thecoder15: lol @Checkmate624 dont ask dumb questions l33tkr3w: lmgtfy St47ik: PogChamp Checkmate624: whatever the question was relevant Lala8671: yummy nickmercsLOVE Lala8671: @georgehotz enjoy misterbinu: Suddenly, a cooking stream tokumei64: does it matter how long it got left if it worked out fine? ellaTHINK haidook: i don’t understand a thing, but i’m mesmerized by this tepely: gourmet chef PogChamp bichid69: BRO U SHOULD TRY JAX-MD, MD WITH AUTOMATIC DIFFERENTIATION kirmit318: Kraft Foods introduced its boxed macaroni and cheese in 1937 saff__: edible dontbeameme: Why is Deborah Birx and HIV specialist on the corona virus task force? I thought it was just the flu? St47ik: Edible Kappa 1boi: Kappa ninjadidio: @Checkmate624 i think they are the save, quantum is like the engine

Penguino138: @georgehotz what’s next if we fold the villin? srdking: 5 in the morning at my place… Good morning guys.. gtg kenqzzzz: Quantum is Mozzila’s newest engine i think aniketbande123: is he reverse engineering a malware? kjaripov: found a gem Ayyyy420Lmao: @dontbeameme because just like HIV this is a hoax Kappa srdking: ResidentSleeper THX1342: aniketbande123 yes. the malware is called SARS-COV-2 saff__: ^^^^ y_rohilla: @aniketbande123 if you call corona a malware 😛 aniketbande123: @THX1342 damn so cool <3 Tuhafadam: What was the purpose here ? What we are looking for dontbeameme: @ayyyy420lmao No they know the virus is immune deficiency virus and it don’t care what age you are occptal: What are the four model types when designing a RDBMS? itsChopsticks: i disappear for a week and george is a doctor what the fuck Penguino138: @Tuhafadam right now we're learning lots to make progress towards understanding COVID saff__: since when did people think viruses had fellings kirmit318: if it's like me it will be wasted on video games saff__: :D Ayyyy420Lmao: @dontbeameme official killcount differs 1boi: PogChamp christianthefalco: very much correct christianthefalco: lmao Tuhafadam: So are we searching cure = mcint: lmao St47ik: A.C.I.D Kreygasm occptal: thank you fellow psychonaut t0mcr8se: found the cure yet? Penguino138: @Tuhafadam I suppose that's the overall goal, but right now it's more about learning how proteins interact dontbeameme: Deborah birx hiv immunology specialist corona virus task force for the flu Tuhafadam: thanks UrosRiznic: Hallo from Serbia!!!!! Love you MAN! bichid69: BRO U SHOULD CHECK OUT JAX-MD, MD WITH AUTOMATIC DIFFERENTIATION St47ik: Yum Kyoto_o: opusti se @UrosRiznic logi6000: me and the boys running away after telling the autistic kid to wave check the Muslim girl christianthefalco: we minimizing potential energy up in this? bichid69: @christianthefalco ye bro christianthefalco: sick mcint: bichid69: this isn't even MD, it's just minimization christianthefalco: don't get stuck in those local mins bro christianthefalco: unless biology does, then you can too :) St47ik: right now the best thing we have is Anti-body serotherapy Tornyl: rly streaming on mac whats wdong with you kapp EvilPisces: How is your experience using jupyter notebook for coding? Penguino138: @georgehotz What's next after the Villin? Is it a complex boi or relatively simple? bojosos: do you only answer question you know the answer to? bichid69: how u have a gpu in a macbook? 1boi: :) Penguino138: Are we shooting for low or high potential energy values? dongmuya: @bichid69 Hes clouding it

porteus: wiggle wiggle DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: Cheer1 ZeeZaxean: twerking Joshuagollaher: igpu @bichid69 ehisoka: now teach us how to read fast vovapi: @georgehotz you know that jupyter supports some of the vim keybindings? You can delete cell with dd for example CazzarS: @georgehotz I think you missed file naming on writing the unfolded pdb in the library aloexai: George you are faking legend do more stream dont listen what people say ooMariaoo: damn sureom: dang THX1342: what temperature are you folding the protein at? mattdougherty22: have you read this yet?: thecoder15: @georgehotz are you bummed OpenCL is going to get deprecated on apple saff__: hackintoshes with amd gpus are painful St47ik: PogChamp Penguino138: ‘licorice’ porteus: PogChamp kjaripov: but amd gpus are horrible for ML & AI tearisten68: watcha eatin’? aniketbande123: can i get his github link? saff__: gotta get them cuda cores amirite mattdougherty22: possible vaccine?: have you read this yet?: Penguino138: EvilPisces: Is usually good for their pockets LUL J3rwin: flash LULW mcint: geohot/corona christianthefalco: fuck apple and their fiat depreciation Joshuagollaher: its deprecate not depreashiate lol kenqzzzz: i see apple running amd cpus on these mcb pros christianthefalco: smh aloexai: @georgehotz i like your stream do more stream dont listen fukers aniketbande123: can somebody provide me with his github repo pls christianthefalco: fiat gpu standards OUT Caje_Vi: amd all the way uppp St47ik: new AMD laptops are hot 🔥 J3rwin: @aniketbande123 it’s geohot saff__: @aniketbande123 which one elevenand12: George. Big fan. Glad to be here. Glad you’re here Ayyyy420Lmao: it’s not good for a pc to be too hot TusKaN_BaNaNas: @mattdougherty22 The thing is that Pitt is already behind other solutions that are already in human trials mcint: aniketbande123: @J3rwin thanks a million bro TusKaN_BaNaNas: The interesting part is that their approach “could” be fast tracked aniketbande123: @saff__ official repo i meant Penguino138: @georgehotz is there a separate config required to run this on a GPU? mcint: anyone sign up as a corona volunteer? thecoder15: Holy shit thank to @alienware997 for the gifted sub Joshuagollaher: yo the 2060 super is only 400 bucksw Danilok100: sasha grey is streaming boois christianthefalco: @georgehotz what kind of cheese bro? orange? 1boi: except Exception EvilPisces: I hate your font Loutlot: emote for this channel any time soon by chance? kjaripov: why use mac when u can just boot up arch? i use arch btw ayasalama: what does folding mean in this context bubabii: it’s like 3d shape warmWinter_: AI origami St47ik: @Loutlot what should the emotes be J3rwin: “Folding….Folding…Folding..” emote mashafique: elaHmm saff__: 😀 Penguino138: @ayasalama From what others have said it seems to be what proteins do to release free energy and interact with others Loutlot: @St47ik “,” ayasalama: cool thanks guys ! akaCube: Currently there is not nearly enough computing to really do any progress?

SurfCat: pasta would be a great one since he’always makes pasta LUL ytazn: Let’s FaceTime in bill gates ytazn: becFat St47ik: StinkyCheese StinkyCheese StinkyCheese christianthefalco: what’s the water model being used? field? explicit? THX1342: yes saff__: burnt maccaronis mashafique: LUL ytazn: RlyTho treestompztv: yeah one sec goldensoap_: omg geohot is back kjaripov: i remember u used to hate python3. any thoughts now? thecoder15: ask Bill why he released the plague on all of us djvex: Why do you switch b/w using jupyter and vi for writing code? ytazn: Python is like java except a lil but diff Penguino138: pasta fasta F22LightningBayArea: what browser extensions are you using? andonink: u are awesome! ytazn: kurumxLiquid y_rohilla: @djvex I think he writes code in vim but uses jupyter to test stuff out :/ not sure tho bojosos: Why 300*kelvin mcint: jupyter for a notebook, replayable/shareable, vi for the library files, reusable components THX1342: bojosos cozy 26 celcius ytazn: TBAngel Penguino138: @georgehotz is the VIM lord aloexai: some hacker shit going mate djvex: oh ok bojosos: isn’t that not a * Joshuagollaher: You should buy a raspberry pi and set up checkra1n on it THX1342: how did it get this much faster? what did I miss? GPU? DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yo we folding! saff__: folding, folding,folding ytazn: kurumxBlind ooooooooo kurumxBlind y_rohilla: me akaCube: Smaller print interval THX1342: oh.. I thought it was struggling with 100K steps before Penguino138: is it that easy to push it to a gpu? i thought you had to refactor a lot? blndv: COVID NotFire_: rona WutFace NotFire_: Kappa kjaripov: how many gpus u got? J3rwin: Yeah nice ayasalama: anyone know what are the numbers being printed FaceTheWolf: Gpu hype o/ tokumei64: @Penguino138 i think that’s handled by the underlying sim library metanoiaJMJ: it’s ok 🙂 DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: just alright saff__: CUDAS!!!! mescal33t: beastyPoggers Joshuagollaher: holy J3rwin: barely 1boi: big fold PeinlicherAffe: holy shit saff__: speeeeed Penguino138: @tokumei64 damn that’s useful, in C you have to make a whole new library sometimes St47ik: BaraCUDA Lala8671: PogChamp topC: PogChamp aiis: LUL lolfulloftrolls: SwiftRage SwiftRage SwiftRage saff__: folding,folding,folding, thecoder15: zoom zomo ehisoka: PogChamp PogChamp Loutlot: CUDAAAAA mescal33t: beastyAmazin beastyAmazin beastyAmazin shimylowgo: Titan V baby! goldensoap_: H ACKERMAN PogChamp thecoder15: ok i have work to do later all christianthefalco: couple more orders of magnitude LMAO FaceTheWolf: PogChamp ehisoka: holy shit St47ik: Folderman lolfulloftrolls: MercyWing1 SwiftRage MercyWing2 tokumei64: @Penguino138 yeah, in this case, none of the code he wrote is actually running on the GPU, it just creates a declarative model of the data to pass to the sim which uses whatever compute is available ehisoka: macbook 20k$ luhartt: luhartt subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 9 months! St47ik: CUDA PowerUpR lolfulloftrolls: is it macbook or imac bojosos: Still don’t understand the 300*kelvin Penguino138: Nothing is too much for a Titan

mcint: numbers are iteration count, and free energy of model. negative numbers trying to get lower and lower -> more stable in nature from random interactions teerv: egpu or hackintosh? Penguino138: damn that’s a lot of steps being calculated Joshuagollaher: sshed into other machine @teerv ehisoka: dry cough saff__: who gave u that machine? St47ik: , thecoder15: its the comma culster @saff__ saff__: wowo aloexai: jorji saff__: big cudas NotFire_: what has more fold, obesityAmerica or this protein 🤔 ? thecoder15: yea christianthefalco: more stable in the model anyways. Can’t even deterministically model a single atom in nature aloexai: hacker shit tokumei64: potential energy isn’t going down though ytazn: kurumxBANANA4 aloexai: George you are legend Penguino138: @georgehotz What’s the ideal potential energy value? saff__: that would be optimum folding andrewmorozko: tqdm is a nice progress bar lib, could prob use that aloexai: nkt emiven: why are you folding this protein? just got on twitch ayasalama: thanks @mcint tokumei64: maybe the step size is still too high to be accurate? ophicleidon: tqdm is super neat diffact: What is his goal ? coding what? eeXecute: NaM Penguino138: @emiven creating a knowledge base of protein folding and biochemistry to learn more about COVID guccibruf: NaM ❓ saff__: hahah NaMD saff__: my favourite polygxn: VIET___ ❓ gyne: NaM 8FollowSonik: NaM ❕ goldensoap_: Nam? swagvyper: @diffact He’s writing a python script that cures covid-19 St47ik: LUL Penguino138: @swagvyper hey no more of that, we got in trouble earlier for that ZeeZaxean: dancin! swagvyper: Oops my bad tokumei64: it’s not really changing 1boi: folding PogChamp St47ik: Kaotavn: how rotronx: what is his real purpose then? zero_sum31: WHat is he actually doing? Kaotavn: how’s this notebook going****? Penguino138: @swagvyper it was a joke a few streams ago but now we’re focusing on truth THX1342: LUL saff__: they say corona may have 200 million atoms, thats alotta folding THX1342: I knew it St47ik: LUL ayasalama: @zero_sum31 trying to get the 3D structure of a protein Ayyyy420Lmao: oh so when twitch chat says it, its bullshit, but its on some israely website then it’s fact akaCube: Isn‘t it supposed to be curling into coils? Doesn‘t really do it St47ik: it’s only 100 nanometers PiroFloydian: when was this? saff__: thats what NaMD says saff__: on there web zero_sum31: @ayasalama and what’s he gonna do with that? Penguino138: @georgehotz how big is a virus compared to a protein? eeXecute: So is it a bioweapon christianthefalco: @georgehotz is this model using DFT or mol dynamics? THX1342: Corona is the largest genome in the virus world, right? y_rohilla: @PiroFloydian looks like 2004 Loutlot: maybe that nums include outer shells of virus? RomeroCesar: so is that negative number like a loss function we’re trying to minimize or what? THX1342: looks like it just wants to vibe PeinlicherAffe: i would say 20-30 atoms per protein weeblbull: What will it look like when it folds? PeinlicherAffe: *aa

PeinlicherAffe: not protein rotronx: what is stopping computers finding cures to diseases? Ayyyy420Lmao: maybe its already folded because it a simple protein? srdjani: are you on drugs? mcint: ayasalama: @zero_sum31 probably get the 3D structure of something in COVID (guess) PeinlicherAffe: 😀 Penguino138: 20-30 atoms per aa, then how much is a virus? ophicleidon: step size too coarse? Cube_Is_Life20: What is the potential energy of the folded protien? How close are you to that? St47ik: Coughs NotLikeThis mashafique: Isn’t that article form 2004? LUL josergdev: The U.S. debt to China is $1.07 trillion as of December 2019. More conspiracy xD saff__: damn echotaco: What is the solvent? peter35_: WHO calling “covid19” instead of SARS 2 is.. interesting St47ik: @mashafique SARS was in 2001-2002 THX1342: peter35_ they did that to avoid panic in Asia grekler3: PogChamp Penguino138: Didn’t the virus start in November, so shouldn’t it be COVIN-19? srdjani: your code sucks mashafique: Got the proteins doing the worm bubabii: What is the method used here, how does it decide? What do you think about deep learning methods like AlphaFold? St47ik: @Penguino138 D is for disease not December saff__: folding,folding, Penguino138: @St47ik thanks for the clarification m0407308: Yo george, stumbled upon you on youtube, and binged like 10 hours of your history and a whole bunch of other shit. Big fan of yours brother! THX1342: @Penguino138 COVID is from Coronaviridae rotronx: what does getting a protein to fold mean????? tokumei64: so that’s 6 billion femtoseconds tokumei64: oh boy THX1342: not December LUL raystriker98: titan V should be using 300W St47ik: PogChamp num_air: bro why are you not in the office ? NotFire_: very moving Kappa THX1342: must. adjust. learning. rate Joshuagollaher: “Very moving” raystriker98: Use the Dgx station Penguino138: @num_air he’s doing comma part time right now alicanhimself: just here to say that I appreciate your work will watch whole series raystriker98: use your Dgx station PeinlicherAffe: 30k bp = 10k aa => 10k * 20 = 200k atoms in ncov doctorgenus: Is it possible to use machine learning to solve the coronavirus? Bootstraps: @georgehotz i still dont get why we want to see it fold? what does folding tell you? aloexai: nais 1boi: its cool Cube_Is_Life20: What is the potential energy of the folded protien? How close are you to that? inciMage: yeah just use genetic algorithms bro 🙁 @doctorgenus bubabii: What is the method used here, how does it decide? What do you think about deep learning methods like AlphaFold? num_air: man i love these streams ! saff__: “The simulations will run on up to 4,000 nodes or about 250,000” – NaMD srdjani: why dont you use java THX1342: it’s easy. it’s just a matter of increasing complexity and entropy. simple. perochDerp bojosos: can you explain the 300*kelvin bichid69: @Bootstraps you want the final structure ultimately to understand function Cube_Is_Life20: @bubabii it’s just a physics engine calculation the next move per atom iiiiiiillllliiiill: just hack the molecules bro Penguino138: @georgehotz how do you now when it’s folded? When it reaches a certain PE? THX1342: bojosos 300 kelvin is 26 celcius Bootstraps: @bichid69 how do you derive the function from the folding? 1boi: PogChamp lolfulloftrolls: fold bitches saff__: tf is it doing treestompztv: is this generating MS paint drawings? THX1342: bojosos proteins have an optimal temperature where they exist lnter0: is folding the calculation of the lowest energy state of the protein based on its structure?

Cube_Is_Life20: @Penguino138 when it looks like what the true folded protein looks like bichid69: @Bootstraps the shape of the final structure, where other molecules can fit in etc ytazn: How much heat kills corona? christianthefalco: @lnter0 ye doctorgenus: wait if we fold the protein, we solve coronavirus? CuckLordAndy: hello im a non sub sorry akaCube: Could try to fold with the correct pdb file and see, if it is any different. Then it’s not ff or solvent Bloodswordz88: HahaThisisfine keyeh1: two states with same energy? Usisuvach0: @ytazn it dies on 56 Celsius Penguino138: @Cube_Is_Life20 but mathematically how does one tell? Is it a certain minima? THX1342: ytazn you can’t kill what was never alive WutFace PeinlicherAffe: @THX1342 but it truly isn’t 26°C. so his question justified. i don’t know what exactly the parameter 300K says ytazn: 56 Celsius pog doctorgenus: is it like origami, maybe if we fold it into a crane, we solve coronavirus bichid69: @doctorgenus unfortunately no saff__: hey, the virus has feelings trajenx: is he hacking the matrix? i don’t understand what is happening CaSpErTbH: has he created the first self driving vaccine yet? THX1342: @PeinlicherAffe oh sorry, it’s 26.85 celcius FailFish Cube_Is_Life20: @Penguino138 george will just go by the shape and how it looks PeinlicherAffe: @THX1342 that’s not what i meant FailFish aloexai: hackers sending fake who email with a exploit iiiiiiillllliiiill: he is hacking into the neutrons n shit RomeroCesar: @georgehotz consider using docopt or click instead of raw argparse christianthefalco: @Penguino138 you’d compare it with observation from protein crystallography. if your model is good, at lowest PE the model will look like reality. that’s the only way to say anything useful adorablejaay: @trajenx Hes decoding bigfa bichid69: BRO U SHOULD TRY JAX-MD, MD WITH AUTOMATIC DIFFERENTIATION Penguino138: @christianthefalco is there a goal PE to know if you’re going in the right direction? Bloodswordz88: this is better than video game hacking brah HahaShrugMiddle H3lix303: Folding into it’s native conformation allows a structure to be in the lowest energy state, which is where it wants to be akaCube: I think the Problem could be the pdb file conversion. Could test it with original on the station as well lolfulloftrolls: dat song doe doctorgenus: why are we folding proteins? we should be generating sand paper proteins to sand off the red spikey things on the coroanvirus protein metanoiaJMJ: ew it’s staring at me metanoiaJMJ: pls stop 1boi: 🙁 m4ul3r: it’s not staring at you eaasye: I understand This lolfulloftrolls: so sexy St47ik: Emotional hacking PogChamp m4ul3r: you’re staring at it mik12f4: your the only person on earth who puts fun and corona on same line THX1342: LUL I sent a lazy pull request for the steps argparse christianthefalco: @Penguino138 there is no way to know if you are in a local min or global min, you can only know if you are going down or up. same as any gradient space lolfulloftrolls: @St47ik LMAO ReturnToDust: This the guy from Say Anything iiiiiiillllliiiill: just shoot the virus KKorona nyxarious: godlike music choiced srdjani: THIS SONG IS DEPRESSING AS HOTZ CODING m4ul3r: it’s this max bemis? PeinlicherAffe: i love sad music ohG_Rivenroth: sup george asherism: why are we listening to emo muzak derfreak69: what is he trying to archive guys? christianthefalco: is this Christian rock? ReturnToDust: Yeah, it’s Max Bemis nyxarious: lowkey midwest emo vibes SA20Knightmarre: @georgehotz Would be nice if you could use the plugin to show your inputs PeinlicherAffe: @asherism bcuz it’s good THX1342: derfreak69 youtube channel has it later BlueSeamoose: Anyone know what switches those are? lolfulloftrolls: holy this song is intense AF m4ul3r: max has such a distinctive ‘distortion’ vocal doctorgenus: this is so much more fun that leetcode Dark_entity: bb gl inciMage: know your inner hipster teen guitarist girl CazoDK: Hey @georgehotz How has the Lockdown affected your business, if I might ask m4ul3r: such a legend THX1342: BlueSeamoose the ban kind rotronx: how this guy go from listening to lil wayne to this m4ul3r: @georgehotz is emo at heart, mad respects nannan11: i hope this is not copyrighted music, otherwise commai archive will have to cut sound again probably doctorgenus: i like how fast george types DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: ^ PeinlicherAffe: @m4ul3r FeelsBadMan m00dym00d: for new comings, he is trying to create a computer virus based on corona virus inciMage: @BlueSeamoose hhkb2 asherism: we stan emo make no mistake asherism: i am just surprised Penguino138: Where my SADBOIS at? grekler3: maybe 15-17 pharmaceuticals firms are trying to produce vaccines and shit nyxarious: song name? iiiiiiillllliiiill: typeracer vs reckful Pog PeinlicherAffe: 💯 St47ik: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump doctorgenus: it feels like george is typing in ryhthm of the song glitch_95: How are you simulating the proteins on python? PeinlicherAffe: SwiftRage m4ul3r: for more great emo -> you blew it! and tiny moving parts PeinlicherAffe: good one saff__: every country has claimed it has a vaccine in testing adibaby04: lets do code reviews saff__: political based science

asherism: we’re in it for the long haul folks bichid69: this parser shit is boring af BlueSeamoose: @inci ty St47ik: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump lolfulloftrolls: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump PeinlicherAffe: How’s the song called? rotronx: what text editor is this? asherism: vim andrewmorozko: I have no idea about protein folding, but isn’t the temperature kinda important? Folded protein can’t have much less potential energy if it’s hot… Any comp biologists here to enlighten me? grekler3: @saff__ everythings political PeinlicherAffe: @rotronx vim i think Loutlot: does compiling make folding any faster? THX1342: rotronx vim derfreak69: what kind of protein is he trying to fold? THX1342: derfreak69 villin derfreak69: thx saff__: title lol aloexai: nâîč smurfd0: happy foldin’ 1boi: wait asherism: he do be foldin lockpick123159: How do you deal with eye strain? saff__: national fold day Rewhiam: f.lux LJRewiind: whats goin on here St47ik: @lockpick123159 less screen-time maybe? nyxarious: this is so fucking cool i wish i knew how to do this bubabii: alphafold echotaco: Learn! PeinlicherAffe: villin is calcium-regulated and modulates the assembly of actin filaments ninjadidio: One fold to rule them all Penguino138: @LJRewiind learning about protein foldering and biochem to learn more about COVID Cube_Is_Life20: Wouldn’t now be a good time to spin up the gpu cluster? saff__: i aint got time for that THX1342: @georgehotz have you talked to bio people to figure out what their pains are? or are you going from your own experience only so far? eaasye: 24 hour stream PogChamp PeinlicherAffe: what was the song called? christianthefalco: @andrewmorozko gibbs free energy is defined wrt temperature (dG = dH – TdS) PeinlicherAffe: pls help blitzkriegsterr: SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood akaCube: Could try the original pdb to see, if it actually folds, like it is supposed to m4ul3r: @georgehotz is a sad boi St47ik: 27 hour stream PogChamp mashafique: Just vibing and folding proteins with the bois Exabits: more gpu power m4ul3r: listens to TWIABP m4ul3r: and shit like this m4ul3r: a legend grekler3: @Penguino138 how does the folding correlate with the virus ? swagvyper: @gre mindfog: PogChamp bubabii: timeout ReturnToDust: if it dies, it dies christianthefalco: @grekler3 viruses are made of proteins and rna Penguino138: @grekler3 Building a knowledge base in a new field to build our way up Moerius: noice bubabii: !timeout christianthefalco: and fats saff__: theres proteins in viruses andrewmorozko: @christianthefalco ah. obviously. Thanks Kaotavn: @georgehotz once it’s folded, what’s next? THX1342: is protein denaturation caused by the atoms kinetic energy? m00dym00d: !uptime Cube_Is_Life20: YES emiven: FEVER 003random: this is great St47ik: hot fever

1boi: YEP ytazn: When do we start designing our own proteins? THX1342: temperature ~ learning rate? ReturnToDust: you need to eat an entire family sized box of hot pockets for that @ytazn christianthefalco: @THX1342 temp gets too high -> amino acid chain has enough energy to leave the potential well -> unfolded protein Ace: hello Kaotavn: 300K ~ room temp bichid69: Use FF19SB ytazn: I got dibs on gold based atoms instead of carbon THX1342: christianthefalco cool ReturnToDust: LUL ytazn: KEKW PeinlicherAffe: the song’s called your father by sayanything Penguino138: how many proteins need to be simulated to map out their interactions in human systems? iiiiiiillllliiiill: just create a new virus that attacks corona bro St47ik: 4Head m4ul3r: knilecrack: damn NY has 93k cases THX1342: christianthefalco does the polypeptide stay intact (i.e. aa still in a chain)? FreakNONE: how does he and everyone in this chat understand what he’s doing? THX1342: can you re-fold a denatured protein? 1boi: i dont 🙂 christianthefalco: @Penguino138 look into the “proteome” metanoiaJMJ: we all have PHDs in bioinformatics mashafique: @FreakNONE google PeinlicherAffe: @iiiiiiillllliiiill viruses don’t have these ace2 receptors ytazn: Or tag the virus with nickel so we can track it better Penguino138: @christianthefalco glad we’ve got you here, you’ve been crazy knowledgeable seffieinsane: FreakNONE: damn, smart people in here seffieinsane: intresting SurfCat: @georgehotz Are you using one monitor atm? I can’t seem to use only 1 unless im just watching stream etc 😛 christianthefalco: @THX1342 yes, the energy necessary to break chemical bonds is a couple orders of magnitude higher than the energy needed to rotate chemical bonds K177: not me 🙂 DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: same andrewmorozko: @christianthefalco and i guess if temp too low then it doesn’t have enough energy to actually move around and “find” the well PeinlicherAffe: xD Ace: The protein is too think you need to add water molecules seffieinsane: no clue 🙁 goldensoap_: call some sciencist Jehhred: Yeah I have zero clue fallenengine: yo. what’s up grekler3: monkaS DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: facetime bill gates christianthefalco: @andrewmorozko correct, you’ll get stuck in whatever small well you’re in PeinlicherAffe: try fold the smallest corona protein THX1342: christianthefalco interesting! I always thought ‘denatured protein’ meant the chain was broken.. never thought it was a matter of ‘shape’ stability akaCube: Could be bad pdb conversion bichid69: YOUR INITIAL CONDITIONS FUCKING SUCK BRO THATS WHY, MD IS A CHAOTIC SYSTEM echotaco: @georgehotz make sure solvent is correct pH, it affects the side chains and terminus iiiiiiillllliiiill: just use a hydraulic press to fold it bro christianthefalco: ye, initial conditions and solvent model are gonna fuck this experiment. Still useful for learning tho 🙂 knoerriefast: hi toekneebalony: @georgehotz can you ELI5 what you’re trying to do with these streams? knoerriefast: what keiboard he uses??? echotaco: ^lol not_Awful: how do you escape local mins? mashafique: @knoerriefast that’s not a good question to ask around these parts PeinlicherAffe: @iiiiiiillllliiiill it’s sooo difficult to fold these proteins. we don’t even know how exactly it’s done (see levinthals paradoxon= THX1342: @georgehotz is there any way to mess with temperature in a dynamic way? like having dynamic learning rates in ML knoerriefast: why mashafique: Scroll down and read the rules @knoerriefast

fwef64: @knoerriefast look at the stream description 1boi: monkaS Tuhafadam: did he write villin protein fold similator ? goldensoap_: NaM ❓ echotaco: @georgehotz make sure solvent is correct pH, it affects the side chains and terminus knoerriefast: ): Cube_Is_Life20: increase the temp 8FollowSonik: NaM ❕ Penguino138: @goldensoap_ NaN = not a number bichid69: YOUR INITIAL CONDITIONS FUCKING SUCK BRO THATS WHY, MD IS A CHAOTIC SYSTEM THX1342: would be cool if you could measure something akin to a loss goldensoap_: YOUR INITIAL CONDITIONS FUCKING SUCK BRO THATS WHY, MD IS A CHAOTIC SYSTEM PeinlicherAffe: @bichid69 then say how to fix it grekler3: YOUR INITIAL CONDITIONS FUCKING SUCK BRO THATS WHY, MD IS A CHAOTIC SYSTEM christianthefalco: @THX1342 I think the only temps we should care about are body temperatures. pretty small range toekneebalony: YOUR INITIAL CONDITIONS FUCKING SUCK BRO THATS WHY, MD IS A CHAOTIC SYSTEM PeinlicherAffe: xD bichid69: linear chain bro PeinlicherAffe: D: Ace: @georgehotz are you from RI PeinlicherAffe: no cheat THX1342: christianthefalco I was thinking an initial boost in temperature could kickstart the folding goldensoap_: linear chain bro m4ul3r: only cheat with cheat engine m4ul3r: please toekneebalony: linear chain bro tokumei64: linear chain bro St47ik: can’t cheat biology tho Kappa PeinlicherAffe: xD bichid69: START WITH A LINEAR CHAIN OF AMINO FUCKING ACIDS BRO PeinlicherAffe: you guys so stoopid xD echotaco: Your protein won’t fold if it’s just sitting in water goldensoap_: START WITH A LINEAR CHAIN OF AMINO FUCKING ACIDS BRO grekler3: START WITH A LINEAR CHAIN OF AMINO FUCKING ACIDS BRO anguscupcake: NO U toekneebalony: START WITH A LINEAR CHAIN OF AMINO FUCKING ACIDS BRO School47: its ok to cheat corona Kappa Penguino138: stop copy pasta’ing everything in caps lol THX1342: someone said here to try folding the original villin pbd file. I think that’s a good idea just to check if the framework is working SurfCat: Suddenly everyone in chat is a scientist Keepo St47ik: Linear Chain Bro FaceTheWolf: The chat has learned to communicate, i see christianthefalco: @THX1342 that doesn’t seem like a bad idea doctorgenus: we want it neat brooo doctorgenus: linear it brooo School47: i feel like i become a genetic MD LUL goldensoap_: @bichid69 LUL 1boi: 2 eeXecute: broo PeinlicherAffe: monkaS keyeh1: twitch chat fucking bee hive minded LMAO y_rohilla: LUL eeXecute: like broooo micai_the_titan: This is a certified linear moment borang: *studies chat* christianthefalco: @georgehotz unhappy fact: proteins start folding as they are getting synthesized 🙂 not all at once after it’s fully baked saff__: 😀 bichid69: SOLVENT IS FUCKING IMPLICIT BRO eeXecute: LUL PeinlicherAffe: i liked it 🙂 doctorgenus: if we want to fold it, we gotta flatten it out. it’s like paper and origami St47ik: SOLVENT IS FUCKING IMPLICIT BRO School47: What is going on here guys???? bubabii: what do you think about AlphaFold? echotaco: @georgehotz Sodium dodecyl sulfide will stretch it out toekneebalony: SOLVENT IS FUCKING IMPLICIT BRO stalys_: chat is fuming today Ayyyy420Lmao: flatten the curve brooo adibaby04: is that your bed? you sleep there? goldensoap_: xD bojosos: Do NN folding Penguino138: Armchair biochemists St47ik: Collective chat mind LUL PeinlicherAffe: “good thinking” = copy pasta MingLee Ace: @georgehotz if you go all in, I BET the protein will fold mashafique: @Penguino138 LUL featuredloot: Is that a studio or 1bd? St47ik: it’s an all in one pashacar: @adibaby04 LUL saff__: @School47 were learning how to code snake on python not_Awful: first channel chat that has a real purpose fwef64: 2 guys doing thinking and the other 766 just shitposting here pashacar: @Ace LUL vovapi: yay! PeinlicherAffe: @fwef64 “thinking” Penguino138: @christianthefalco Knows what he’s talking about, he should be the only one sending CAPS messages Digital_donger: @fwef64 it’s perfect FeelsGoodMan St47ik: @fwef64 not everyone here is a biochemist Kappa lnter0: well thats how twitch chats works LUL DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yea we are just here to copy paste anything someone says that seems somewhat knowledgeable featuredloot: What’s an all in one? socialnotsocial: george while you’re at it can you cure aging? alexandru_cristiean: YOU CAN “ESCAPE” “D” “D” adibaby04: @pashacar what ytazn: ChefFrank bojosos: Wouldn’t reading the Alpha Fold paper be easier

christianthefalco: if natural proteins actually fold from a straight chain then you shouldn’t be able to denature them by heating a dilute solution because they would just fold back (but you can denature them that way) Cube_Is_Life20: no bonds? bubabii: @bojosos i agree with you jkim_0: DoritosChip 1boi: i agree with christianthefalco ytazn: OSFrog ajaykarpur: it’s just vim keybindings ajaykarpur: escape, dd, j, k, etc pashacar: @adibaby04 mb wrong autofill DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: christian’s point makes some sense keyeh1: thinking? DansGame echotaco: Primordial synthesis who needs bonds broooo mashafique: thinking in 2020 LUL not_Awful: @1boi touche saff__: we like straight 😀 Jehhred: You’re right, thinking is overrated bichid69: BONDS ARE DEFINED BY THE FORCEFIELD BRO ytazn: Should we compare lung cells with bats? St47ik: FEVER WARM TheLurkingStarman: PogChamp lnter0: great idea christianthefalco: things are heating up! PeinlicherAffe: monkaS St47ik: 800 PogChamp adibaby04: is that kelvin? mashafique: monkaS fwef64: Isn’t the whole point of AI so that noone has to think anymore? saff__: k? mashafique: 800 Kelvin no degrees lnter0: now its gettin hot in here christianthefalco: solution to Corona? an oven Kaotavn: yes guys, kelvin jkim_0: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4 saff__: r we melting steel out here PeinlicherAffe: protein denaturation initiated monkaS grekler3: PogChamp St47ik: Bern the Rona 🔥 goldensoap_: hackerman PogChamp pashacar: ur protien ded toekneebalony: BONDS ARE DEFINED BY THE FORCEFIELD BRO DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: if everyone sits in their self driving cars we can all be six feet apart rx_boy: @fwef64 no lol Ayyyy420Lmao: no it will denature it and possibly stuck it into a global minimum that was not accesible b4 t. twitch chat profesional PeinlicherAffe: @pashacar xD Loutlot: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit t00big2fl4il: Let’s GO!!!!!!!!! SurfCat: fwef64 think it’s more like assisted thinking. But what do I know Penguino138: Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle bichid69: BONDS ARE DEFINED BY THE FORCEFIELD BY ATOM DISTANCE BRO ytazn: What is kelvin ? 1boi: PogChamp happypuppppy: monkaS Kaotavn: it do be viibin doe anguscupcake: we are going to make the corona pay Digital_donger: the madman PogChamp mescal33t: beastyHot beastyHot beastyHot toekneebalony: BONDS ARE DEFINED BY THE FORCEFIELD BY ATOM DISTANCE BRO H3lix303: High temps break bonds between amino acids so it should just break down St47ik: Denaturing CurseLit bojosos: just use the deepmind alpha fold code meowtit: Thats lit bro dantusqq: wassyp Loutlot: geoHOT THX1342: goodbye villain BibleThump D2Cookie: ooo das hot doctorgenus: it looks like zerglings spawning St47ik: Geo CurseLit PeinlicherAffe: @ytazn 273 Kelvin is 0°C or so m4ul3r: proteinVibe fluorogarbage: adibaby04: @christianthefalco actually, like in the 1918 swine flu, the virus went away in the spring/summer but came back in the fall worse than ever, killing more people bichid69: haha u guys r great St47ik: George CurseLit z socialnotsocial: george while you’re at it can you cure aging? anguscupcake: just lock down again in fall bichid69: BONDS ARE DEFINED BY THE FORCEFIELD BY ATOM DISTANCE BRO Ayyyy420Lmao: if they always start from a chain theres gotta be an option to arrange the peptide chain linearly built-in bojosos: Deepmind shr tokumei64: just increment one axis bro Digital_donger: just google it 4Head ytazn: Guys is kelvin Celsius plus 297? Zer01123: heat it up more, i am sure corona does not survive over 9000 K St47ik: FORCEFIELDS BRO DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yeah just heat up all the people with corona mashafique: @ytazn Kelvin is a measurement of temperature usually used when referring to atoms or molecules. You don’t put the degrees in Kelvin. You just say 100 K not 100 degrees K keyeh1: dude atoms in a crystal are like 2.5-4.0 Angstrom apart Cube_Is_Life20: @adibaby04 @christianthefalco and with the sapnish flu the first wave killed mostly old people but the second wave killed everyone DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: or cool them down too much tbf St47ik: NotLikeThis THX1342: I saw an open source forcefield project the other day.. I had no idea what is was all about 🙂 kiikoh: how much did you know about (is it chemistry?) before you started this project m4ul3r: DOES GEORGE ONLY READ THINGS WHEN THEY ARE IN ALL CAPS? christianthefalco: @adibaby04 I wonder, now that we have global transportation and it’s always winter somewhere, we won’t see something wuite like that again Loutlot: may the FORCEFIELDS be with Hotz mashafique: @ytazn 273.15 you add PeinlicherAffe: @ytazn 273 Kelvin is 0°C. so 24°C is 297K t00big2fl4il: Ubuntu 16.04 qira Let’s GOOOOOOOOO!!!!! PURP__x: can some explain to me in stoopid terms what hes up too tonight ? bichid69: FUCKING TOLD U BRO ytazn: Grassy DEEP ASS anguscupcake: everyone should just be programmers and work from home and then coronavirus will go away goldensoap_: TWITCH CHAT PogChamp J3rwin: lmao legendarydarkstar: are you gonna jailbreak the ps5? Penguino138: CAPS CHAT GEOHOT = SOLVED St47ik: XML DansGame l33tkr3w: @PURP__x Typing adibaby04: @christianthefalco it might be spotty in places that are warm and then come back mescal33t: beastyLULWW PURP__x: LOL thanks @legendarydarkstar mashafique: Charge your laptop broooo alexandru_cristiean: you can CONTROL ENTER to run without advancing mcint: battery?!? tokumei64: just use ElementTree Kappa christianthefalco: @adibaby04 little hot (cold) spots PeinlicherAffe: @legendarydarkstar no because of you legendarydarkstar: hahaha hajyand: LUL St47ik: LUL ytazn: You are doing great george PeinlicherAffe: PogChamp christianthefalco: 5Head echotaco: LUL Digital_donger: loooool 4Head saff__: unfolding unfolding unfolding benjen1: haHAA dantusqq: is he trying to find the vaxx? grekler3: 4Head Digital_donger: good one 4Head goldensoap_: SourPls SourPls SourPls SourPls St47ik: just raise the temperature bro 4Head eeXecute: macaroni Loutlot: maybe we can destroy corona with this process?? wholesome_pepe: unfolded proteins = mRNA Pog PeinlicherAffe: make some music 🙂 kelbs: sorry, haven’t seen the other streams. Why are you folding a protein? mashafique: 800 Kelvin not 800 degrees Kelvin

keyeh1: put 10k K saff__: do like 500 benjen1: just get a house LOOOOOLL echotaco: 373 THX1342: protein hot knife: a youtube story bubabii: did u look at the alphafold? micai_the_titan: naught proteins get put in the boiler St47ik: THE RONA NEEDS TO BERN happypuppppy: just unfold it so much that it folds 4Head christianthefalco: @mashafique pedantry St47ik: CurseLit benjen1: elinaHead D2Cookie: yea, and the person who has it as well adibaby04: BRUH YOU SEARCHED THAT UP mashafique: @christianthefalco Stick to the convention t00big2fl4il: xml.etree.ElementTree St47ik: CurseLit THE RONA NEEDS TO BERN CurseLit 6e657264: too shitty christianthefalco: @mashafique fair leolivecodes: inits are perfect bichid69: Thanks for coming to my ted talk Digital_donger: any folders? legendarydarkstar: the ps5 would like to know if you wanna give it a jailbreak mashafique: @christianthefalco Plus less syllables LUL St47ik: Any folders in chat doctorgenus: it looks like a tie PeinlicherAffe: how do you know it’s not fold? t00big2fl4il: WTF what the fold? raystriker98: talk about jailbreaking=get banned fwef64: can we get the hypetrain going? bubabii: bojosos: If folding is so good can’t Google use their AlphaFoldie and some GPUs to cure corona? haidook: my desktop is full of folders socialnotsocial: make coronachan hot again happypuppppy: everytime he looks away at chat and doesn’t say anything that means he is disappointed in us BibleThump THX1342: doesn’t the protein start folding as soon as it leaves the ribosome? knoerriefast: did you try stretching it tokumei64: @PeinlicherAffe we know what it’s supposed to look like, look up villin pashacar: just pull it from bothsides andrewmorozko: @christianthefalco so you can start by simulating first k amino acids, find some well, make k 1, repeat… that should kinda simulate it folding partially as it is made? mashafique: @t00big2fl4il folding proteins broo TheLurkingStarman: two fold LUL bojosos: two fold bichid69: ALPHAFOLD FUCKING SUCKS keyeh1: two-fold AHA St47ik: 2 Flod 4Head St47ik: Fold PeinlicherAffe: @tokumei64 ok, thank you. haven’t seen it DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: why dont we use beta fold then!!!! MihaiAlexandruTudose: 6head saff__: do a tier list of these fold solutions 😀 😀 grekler3: offcourse .. 5Head St47ik: Omega Fold MihaiAlexandruTudose: true! iiiiiiillllliiiill: inject addy into the virus mate bojosos: Write a good one then doctorgenus: lol noobss Zer01123: all n00bs saff__: hahaha PeinlicherAffe: @tokumei64 so we need some alpha helices MihaiAlexandruTudose: TRUE St47ik: PogChamp bubabii: thank you echotaco: Slightly different proteins are PogChamp for drug development Penguino138: @georgehotz is trying to solve this problem for science, google trying to solve it to make money anstefa: Hey ho METH_HEAD_MIKE: but its made by google Daz1337: Agreed lol christianthefalco: @georgehotz i disagree. we need good in-solution models. crystallography is a solid-state distortion PURP__x: fuckin iceclimbers doctorgenus: thanks for making it understandable to us topC: LUL Loutlot: PokPikachu PokPikachu PokPikachu 2547techno: unless you wobblin TheLurkingStarman: melee marth DansGame wholesome_pepe: new tooling Pog bubabii: I was wondering your thoughts anstefa: Useless bichid69: R U USING CONJUGATE GRADIENT FOR MINIMIZATION? m0407308: whats your view on veganism man lnter0: DansGame 24786d: Folding@home doing the same thing? zTsuna: where did you get your hoodie george PeinlicherAffe: xD GoldNux: Aaahh wire!! St47ik: LUL pashacar: LUL twitchystalk007: what drugs do you still do? bichid69: ARE YOU USING CONJUGATE GRADIENT FOR MINIMIZATION? christianthefalco: alpha fold is a good way forward Cube_Is_Life20: R U USING CONJUGATE GRADIENT FOR MINIMIZATION? PeinlicherAffe: THIS SOLVENT IS FKING IMPLICIT LUL pashacar: R U USING CONJUGATE GRADIENT FOR MINIMIZATION? St47ik: CONJUGATE GRADIENT BRO mashafique: Chat is so memey today LUL twitchystalk007: where is your ice tea? mcint: covid does not simply boil in us bojosos: Then just use that computer for Folding@Home ytazn: Why is protein folding da wae? mashafique: Lan-gev-in zTsuna: maybe you should tell it not to complain next time keyeh1: its french bro Digital_donger: oui Kappa nuffleee: 100c is the boiling temp of water. denaturization temp of your protein is probably different J3rwin: 4Head m4ul3r: just fold the proteins bro m4ul3r: they fold bichid69: USE CONJUGAT GRADIENT MINIMIZATION BRO, GET SUM SPPED N ACCURACY zartharus: @georgehotz missed the las 3 streams. Care to briefly explain what are we attempting today? Bloodswordz88: HahaThink christianthefalco: get some little origami bots up in there Exabits: if you cant fold then you’re bad at origami PeinlicherAffe: USE CONJUGAT GRADIENT MINIMIZATION BRO, GET SUM SPPED N ACCURACY nuffleee: USE CONJUGAT GRADIENT MINIMIZATION BRO, GET SUM SPPED N ACCURACY PeinlicherAffe: GET SUM SPPED N ACCURACY Theguywhobea: damn, that macbooks fans are screaming grekler3: just change it to ssh 4Head l33tkr3w: SUBSCRIBE TODAY and get a free George Hotz CAPSLOCK key. Never have your message missed again! Digital_donger: just unfold in reverse 4Head iiiiiiillllliiiill: @zartharus pretending to understand viruses nuffleee: i presume bichid69 is a smart boi and knows shit?

pashacar: JUST PULL IT FROM BOTH SIDES BRO bojosos: Try backpropagation Loutlot: can you render from tip of the chain and then adding aminos to simulate generation? D2Cookie: how do you read so damn fast geo ethiopianmale: @D2Cookie iq itsxaos: he has big brain with high clockspeed D2Cookie alexandru_cristiean: JUST FOLD IT BRO mcint: does this protein self-assemble? mashafique: @Loutlot I have a tip to render Kreygasm Ayyyy420Lmao: what? you’re literally using optimization to fold it bichid69: @nuffleee unfortunately i know this shit Punkfx: Just hyperplex in the sigma galaxy nuffleee: D2Cookie how do you read so damn slow happypuppppy: just use a protractor 4Head ISD_Schogol: try folding at absolute zero temperatures. it will snap Kappa bubabii: it’s like Leviathan Paradox 😛 @georgehotz iiiiiiillllliiiill: @d2cookie addy xBR4Dax: when the protein folds…. Kreygasm D2Cookie: FeelsAverageMan nuffleee: unfortunately? thats like the most ebic thing ever! PogChamp bichid69 Penguino138: Chat: Just solve P = NP BRO ITS EZ ytazn: How do we simulate a moving car? doctorgenus: can we make a scissor protein to trim off the spikes on the coronavirus protein? Tuhafadam: Is your code can calucate ph and tempeture of this process while folding bojosos: Use qira bichid69: @nuffleee EBIC HazedR6: is this some kind of wizardry nuffleee: yeah, just solve the PP-hard problem Cube_Is_Life20: I HAVE A QUESTOIN: why does the energy increase sometimes? ck1956: itsxaos: @doctorgenus youre really onto something here DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yes absolute zero is perfect Kaotavn: Pepega grekler3: He obviously needs to use gghb protraction bojosos: nothing happens at abs 0 St47ik: it’ll go to the fifth state of matter PogChamp mashafique: Absolute zero elaGa hajyand: Pog pashacar: it’ll do absolutely nothing tokumei64: you don’t say! christianthefalco: @georgehotz maybe protein folding is an implementation detail you don’t need to worry about? Exabits: i fold all the time…… poker bichid69: JUST USE AMBER TLEAP BRO PeinlicherAffe: these algorithms mostly work with minimizing energy to find the optimal structure, why do you think you doesn’t do it here? mashafique: zero point energy BRo Mariosavitch: its alive itsxaos: maybe we could make a little net protein to catch the virus 🤔 Digital_donger: it’s shivering 4Head forklifting1: not 0 forklifting1: 😀 Jakob753951: it’s cheating bubabii: it is shaking St47ik: 5th state of matter bro wholesome_pepe: dat wiggle echotaco: Chilly protein c1tr0n75: c1tr0n75 is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 15 in the channel! c1tr0n75: c1tr0n75 gifted a Tier 1 sub to happypuppppy! tokumei64: potential energy bro T3chHS: have you tried denaturing by changing the pH level? FaceTheWolf: Nobody told it pashacar: MAYBE ITS STILL HOT FROM BOILING BRO PeinlicherAffe: make pH to -14 monkaS ytazn: How do we measure our progress? t00big2fl4il: LAMMPS MD software package happypuppppy: i’m part of the crew Pog ty c1tr0n75 xBR4Dax: “the quantums would be upset” doctorgenus: LOL socialnotsocial: quantum political correctness T3chHS: LUL forklifting1: have u tried putting it in soap TheLogg: Superman Icecream!! bojosos: Use qira xBR4Dax: the quantums are tiggered nuffleee: bio script kiddie LMFAO PeinlicherAffe: monkaS St47ik: LUL HazedR6: bioskid thats my new username bichid69: JUST USE AMBER TLEAP BRO, PARSES FORCEFIELDS AND GENERATES TOPOLOGIES FOR YOU BRO wholesome_pepe: fill the space with sodium ions doctorgenus: can we build a QIRA for this 128p_: Ain’t nobody gonna tell me I’m not watching a bio-engineering holywood hacking movie DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yes nuffleee: JUST USE AMBER TLEAP BRO, PARSES FORCEFIELDS AND GENERATES TOPOLOGIES FOR YOU BRO bichid69: DEFINITELY INITIAL CONDITIONS christianthefalco: @georgehotz maybe protein folding is an implementation detail you don’t need for what you care about? ISD_Schogol: @georgehotz you should try pulling at both ends. that should unfold it Keepo nuffleee: i wonder if bichid69 is just making up words Kappa okeeeeeee: inital conditions are always the problem grekler3: LULW kaiokenx90: george hotz i challenge u to a code off PeinlicherAffe: capslock = right bojosos: Look at openmm examples St47ik: ALL CAPS BRO ytazn: Should we start with a nicer virus? PeinlicherAffe: YOUR CAPS IS IMPLICIT BRO DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: george is pretty smart i trust he definitely knows that people who type in all caps are more knowledgeable happypuppppy: where are his sub emotes at how am I supposed to show off BibleThump architectzs: wth is george doing tokumei64: H web server ? 4Head St47ik: WutFace PeinlicherAffe: PogChamp HazedR6: NaM l33tkr3w: @happypuppppy CAPSLOCK bubabii: amazing keyeh1: what? LUL Cube_Is_Life20: SMALLER STEP SIZE AND MORE COMPUTE BRO H3lix303: Uhh, in nature it starts folding while being synthesized, it doesn’t come out stretched out iiiiiiillllliiiill: @bichid69 schooling this kid St47ik: @happypuppppy , is the emote rn igzmatic: It’s pronounced “Meth-i-oh-nine” btw. 🙂 ISD_Schogol: They have a molecule of the month? LUL

adibaby04: @georgehotz whats ur snap bojosos: give it some -j t00big2fl4il: check it out — LAMMPS MD software package itsxaos: @igzmatic 9 or neen? t00big2fl4il: saff__: that doesnt sound as good T3chHS: to change the pH level you just need to change the amounts of H and OH- in the envoirment. cells usually kill things/denature damaging proteins by throwing things into capsules with huge amounts of H (low pH). if you could simulate that it might work funkacrylic: Dude you need a desktop Mariosavitch: use an iron igzmatic: @itsxaos 9 D2Cookie: pull at both ends PeinlicherAffe: liquorish Kreygasm D2Cookie: use a pair of scissors D2Cookie: Kappa dongmuya: Look at that protein, it’s just mocking you! cmonBruh cmonBruh Mint2bSpiced: Why are we heating the proteins? Are you studying the pcr amplification process? saff__: crispr PeinlicherAffe: monkaS christianthefalco: @georgehotz straightened out is an unrealistically high energy starting place happypuppppy: just put it in a chinese finger trap 4Head wholesome_pepe: add heat to denature protein? forklifting1: what’s the point of folding? andrewmorozko: is this stuff what pros use? H webserver? Rly? Kinda looks like a bunch of tools cobbled together) 128p_: *play hacking music* t00big2fl4il: python Python wrapper on LAMMPS as a library T3chHS: to change the pH level you just need to change the amounts of H and OH- in the envoirment. cells usually kill things/denature damaging proteins by throwing things into capsules with huge amounts of H (low pH). if you could simulate that it might work echotaco: trueeeee imfrazzzzzz: play some dark souls please itsxaos: or spin it very fast and use centrifugal force 🤔 Ayyyy420Lmao: brooo just simulate it folding as it exits the ribosome!!! JjohnConstantine: !uptime keyeh1: i think you can artifically put temperature 10000 and see what happens JjohnConstantine: !time christianthefalco: brooo just simulate it folding as it exits the ribosome!!! igzmatic: @georgehotz Meth-i (not e)-oh-9 J3rwin: Lol christianthefalco: just simulate the ribosome bro!!!!! ck1956: PeinlicherAffe: monkaS l33tkr3w: Smokes Georges laptop echotaco: Proteins fold as they are being translated, why would they ever be straightened out? zartharus: Don’t some enzymes help with the folding process? Kaotavn: imagine this proton being inside a star Kaotavn: crazy okStevie: how do you guys even know what he’s even doing bichid69: JUST SIMULATE AN ENTIRE FUCKING HUMAN ATOM BY ATOM BRO christianthefalco: imagine running unix programs without unix. no ribosome, no folding! Kappa Mariosavitch: dude your simulating another universe stop before shit breaks iiiiiiillllliiiill: you need more mitochondria. they are the powerhouse of the cell Digital_donger: a noodle PogChamp mescal33t: melting bichid69: JUST SIMULATE AN ENTIRE FUCKING HUMAN ATOM BY ATOM BRO! PeinlicherAffe: protein: “pls kill me” St47ik: @bichid69 we are in that simulation already bojosos: How is the protein alive echotaco: Add this to solvent epicshrekguy9000: @okstevie we don’t know we just like watching a smart guy ramble vanst0rek: is this going to be on youtube Mariosavitch: we are in a computer simulating how it was made St47ik: @vanst0rek yeah christianthefalco: our simulation sucks! can’t even simulate a single atom perfectly SMH socialnotsocial: what information are you trying to get? Ayyyy420Lmao: its fucking soap PeinlicherAffe: @vanst0rek i think so JjohnConstantine: When is the new photo in the insta?)) KappaPride KappaPride happypuppppy: am I being simulated in an alien jupyter notebook right now monkaS ytazn: Viruses would rather not kill you Penguino138: @socialnotsocial you mean what is his goal or what are we stuck on? goldensoap_: @vanst0rek comma ai archive has all his vods PeinlicherAffe: @happypuppppy yep and don’t say smthing wrong monkaS pashacar: OUR SENSE OF SELF IS THE SIMULATION BRO socialnotsocial: both St47ik: @happypuppppy we were made by some script kiddy LUL thickbordiga: why is it jiggling hasWeird okStevie: I need a mini run down of what’s he trying to do/solve SeemsGood bojosos: We already live in a simulation why bother simulating proteins Exabits: iron and ironing board = unfolded PeinlicherAffe: YOU IS IMPLICIT BRO happypuppppy: I hope they don’t refresh the page monkaS itsxaos: @okStevie were curing corona Penguino138: @socialnotsocial learning about protein folding and biochem to gain a knowledge base for COVID, we’re stuck on why the simulation isn’t doing well JjohnConstantine: When is the new photo in the insta?)) KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride toma_lozano: Physical Chemestry by Peter Atkins; Basically molecular thermodynamics… Page 675: The protein folding problem christianthefalco: @happypuppppy they do every time you go to sleep 🙁 Mint2bSpiced: Denatured and linearization are to different things happypuppppy: @christianthefalco whoa i think you’re right

iiiiiiillllliiiill: elon musk already has the cure Cube_Is_Life20: temp while folding should be body temp right? St47ik: This simulation is getting warmer CurseLit PeinlicherAffe: @Mint2bSpiced what is linearization in this context? saff__: annealing 273-373 christianthefalco: if i was elon musk I would believe the simulation hypothesis 100% Mariosavitch: they already cured corona.. lets cure something worthwhile like bad coders ISD_Schogol: just add pressure or Force to unfold it keyeh1: lets gooo METH_HEAD_MIKE: no shahay: @Mariosavitch where exactly did they cure corona pashacar: CORONA HAS CURE FOR US BRO saff__: the cure for corona is too survive corona Mint2bSpiced: It you add sds like they do in SDS-Page that makes the protein linear, boiling with heat denatures PeinlicherAffe: 🤔 ZeeZaxean: @shahay 1st successull rat trials already out happypuppppy: they’ve prob advanced from python3 to python420 by now St47ik: MOAR COMPUTE BRO SMOrc H3lix303: Physics of protein folding is sill being heavily researched adibaby04: LETS DO A CODE ROAST – PUT UR GITHUBS HERE christianthefalco: @PeinlicherAffe a linear chain of amino acids, totally unfolded. doesn’t exist for long in reality if at all shahay: @saff__ no, it might mutate and become worse bichid69: write an MD simulator in tensorflow and run on tpu St47ik: @happypuppppy LUL saff__: seasonal corona bichid69: write an MD simulator in tensorflow and run on tpu BRO saff__: what out for corona streams season 2 saff__: *watch PeinlicherAffe: @christianthefalco oh, ok. so just the pure aa chain# igzmatic: @georgehotz If you cool a boiled egg it generally does not renature 😀 St47ik: @saff__ i hope not NotLikeThis D2Cookie: @saff__ this is season 2 anguscupcake: coronavirus 2: electric boogaloo D2Cookie: sars-covid-2 saff__: oh damn St47ik: oh right saff__: that first one doesnt count PeinlicherAffe: ich liebe dieses leben bojosos: Why are there minecraft people here St47ik: SARS 3 is next saff__: trace routing solved that bichid69: bro bichid69: the bichid69: initial legoushque: he is trying to fold protein using only amino acid sequence? bichid69: fucking PeinlicherAffe: condition bichid69: conditionsd St47ik: >If you cool a boiled egg it generally does not renature TRUE LUL Mariosavitch: this is real life bojosos: it does not work Mint2bSpiced: The protein needs a cold shock (like ice water bath) to anneal or refold igzmatic: @georgehotz A cooked egg does not renature on its own christianthefalco: THATS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY Cube_Is_Life20: @legoushque yeah what else would he need? METH_HEAD_MIKE: you wouldnt even be able to tell beypazarigurusu: @Mariosavitch wait saff__: yes singularitytoatea: Geeeeeeoooorgeeeee!!!! PeinlicherAffe: anfinsen itsxaos: usually they dont go back PeinlicherAffe: says PeinlicherAffe: no bojosos: dedenature? singularitytoatea: Daaa Little peep yooo is that emo rap lol Exabits: how do you know the code is even doing what you want PeinlicherAffe: the aa chain determines the 3d structure saff__: this is why protein physics is the worst T3chHS: There are three ways to denature a protein: by tempeture, pH level changing and with another protein Mint2bSpiced: e.g. convert dsDNA to ssDNA but boiling for 10 mins and then shocking in a cold ice bath keyeh1: can you fold my whey protein BRO? toma_lozano: The protein folding problem: Page 675 in Physical Chemestry 8th ed by Peter Atkins bichid69: NO THEY DON’T, THE MISFOLD BACK UP INTO A FUCKED UP STRUCTURE USUALLY, IF YOU BOIL AN EGG AND LEAVE IT, IT’S STILL FUCKING COOKED BRO legoushque: Cell has proteins called chaperones that help protein to fold. Also there is a lot of things that matter Cube_Is_Life20: NO THEY DON’T, THE MISFOLD BACK UP INTO A FUCKED UP STRUCTURE USUALLY, IF YOU BOIL AN EGG AND LEAVE IT, IT’S STILL FUCKING COOKED BRO St47ik: BRO

METH_HEAD_MIKE: LUL Exabits: put some acid on it MrMcaustin1: yall stop with the caps T3chHS: There are three ways to denature a protein: by tempeture, pH level changing and with another protein t00big2fl4il: add ammonium compound, breaking the disulfide bonds, align the amino acids in a different pattern, apply an oxidizing agent and the disulfide bonds reform between different amino acids thickbordiga: I can unboil eggs Zer01123: not sure if the 1000K one is reversible LUL Mint2bSpiced: @bichid69 yes cold shocking with change the structure thickbordiga: that’s what my dad used to say about me and my brother @georgehotz St47ik: KappaPride D2Cookie: just use your hands, straighten it yourself Kappa echotaco: Please find out how to alter the solvent ytazn: Your mom is straight maxjowett: !keyboardtimeout happypuppppy: just use an iron 4Head bichid69: @D2Cookie VR BRO akaCube: Search for some python scripts to convert fasta in pdb. EZ Clap alexandru_cristiean: !help ytazn: doctorgenus: this might be a bit off topic, but where are you guys getting TP nowadays? ytazn: OSFrog St47ik: Social interactions DansGame architectzs: is vim only a linux thing? PeinlicherAffe: @akaCube you can’t just convert a sequence into 3d protein structure St47ik: @architectzs it’s everywhere now ajaykarpur: > The principal challenge we encountered under most conditions was hysteresis between folding and unfolding titrations. PeinlicherAffe: @akaCube you have to do some simulations ytazn: !uptime architectzs: i can’t find it bichid69: @doctorgenus I have a bidet itsxaos: @architectzs vim is open source im sure youll find it for windows saff__: St47ik: @architectzs what OS ? legoushque: @architectzs this guy is on mac architectzs: wind St47ik: @architectzs install git for windows akaCube: You could convert it into a straight protein chain though? Not really sure @peinlicheraffe Cube_Is_Life20: someone remind me why it’s easier to assemble the aa’s randomly than in a line doctorgenus: @bichid69 with the drying feature? thickbordiga: @architectzs literally google vim windows and click the first link 4Head Ayyyy420Lmao: how cant u find it its literally itsxaos: architectzs: what is got architectzs: git tearisten68: @architectzs There is a vim plugin for vscode at the least bojosos: ff15 itsxaos: @architectzs check my link theres a download for you bichid69: @doctorgenus of course, i dont buy cheap shit PeinlicherAffe: @akaCube what is a “straight protein chain”? saff__: NotLikeThis thickbordiga: @architectzs here Ayyyy420Lmao: @PeinlicherAffe straight edge, it doesnt do drugs happypuppppy: whoa exe links in the chat monkaS alexandru_cristiean: NICE PROTEIN WIGGLER St47ik: Reverse folding PogChamp Ayyyy420Lmao: woah he needs wine to run exes Sharlock93: vim is the cool kids table bichid69: TRY FF19SB BRO TRUST Cube_Is_Life20: someone remind me why it’s easier to assemble the aa’s randomly than in a line PeinlicherAffe: @akaCube you want the 3d structure and you can’t get it easily bichid69: FUCKING AMBER FF19SB IS THE BEST FOR THIS BRO TRUST dongmuya: Haha Hotz gets annoyed quickly then goes back to work “why you guys talking about vim?” PeinlicherAffe: TRUST BRO bojosos: amber14-all.xml from openmm example goldensoap_: BRO TRUST ME St47ik: AMBER FF19SB IS THE BEST FOR THIS BRO TRUST ME delbertooo: imagine having to run all this on the poor little macbook PeinlicherAffe: FOR REAL JUST TRUST BRO akaCube: @peinlicheraffe a straight Chain of aminoacids bonded into an unfolded protein. Don‘t actually know that much about bio ckrpasa: a protein fold has not always a good shape it could seen weird sometimes eeXecute: BRO alexandru_cristiean: BRO St47ik: BROH legoushque: Protein does not fold by itself. Surrounding matters. Also it starts to fold during translation and this shit matters to. It is really hard to predict structure of protein using only its sequence Ayyyy420Lmao: cmonBruh Mint2bSpiced: @georgehotz you will be changing the structure by heating the proteins, the is why PCR is destructive process (thermal cycling) read this article

Mint2bSpiced: *this bichid69: TRUST BRO, AMBER FF19SB Ayyyy420Lmao: broo just simulate some chaperones dongmuya: BЯㅇ! Sharlock93: what a rookie he doesn’t have the thermostat socialnotsocial: are you streaming tomorrow george? St47ik: chat’s gon wild LUL itsjustRobby: this is the guy who hacked the PS3 and the OG iPhone righto? bichid69: YOU DO HAVE A THERMOSTAT THATS HOW YOU SET THE FUCKING TEMP BRO saff__: 😀 bichid69: BRO YOU DO HAVE A THERMOSTAT THATS HOW YOU SET THE FUCKING TEMP BRO PeinlicherAffe: @akaCube you said “convert it into pdb” file. the pdb file contains the 3d structure. you can’t just “convert” fasta to pdb. the step to get the 3d information about the protein is not that easy St47ik: @itsjustRobby ye it’s him PeinlicherAffe: @akaCube you know what i mean? j0ca1995: chat, what programming languages do i need to learn to work with API integrations? alexandru_cristiean: @itsjustRobby nah it’s the Google guy saff__: more active hajyand: Yes Ayyyy420Lmao: I’M GONNA FOOOOOOOOOOOOLD iiiiiiillllliiiill: @j0ca1995 css saff__: faster St47ik: He jailbreak the iphone by googeling Kappa itsjustRobby: @alexandru_cristiean this guy is a GOAT echotaco: No PeinlicherAffe: still like “kill me” Digital_donger: it really wants to fold araeasmes: fold deez itsxaos: LUL it just looks like it has less fps bojosos: Just install Folding@Home on Comma servers num_air: bro its 3 AM here cookie042: @j0ca1995 the languages those apis support saff__: thats 0.000001 micro second worthy happypuppppy: a watched protein never folds :z andrewmorozko: @j0ca1995 any language will do. Python is an easy starting point bichid69: 120Hz bro thickbordiga: 144 fps please HorseRacing4Life: Fold fucker! j0ca1995: @andrewmorozko atm i know html and css itsjustRobby: love that he’s streaming on twitch 🙂 akaCube: @peinlicheraffe but as far as I understand it, that is exactly what he did? So I suspect that doesn‘t work as well? alexandru_cristiean: fingers per sausage? dontcrust: George, total side question – can you talk at all abt your experience at defcon with PPP? socialnotsocial: i love first person shooters bichid69: fuck per sock aj47official: WHATS UP Exabits: porn is pretty good at stretching things socialnotsocial: Kappa alexandru_cristiean: so is ur m0m Caje_Vi: wwwooow num_air: NotLikeThis PeinlicherAffe: @akaCube i think he just downloaded the final pdb file. but he wants to do the folding on his own xalariian: LUL wow Ayyyy420Lmao: defqon 1 in the NL? Penguino138: @georgehotz have you seen the show Devs? About quantum computing and determinism goldensoap_: ??? PeinlicherAffe: FeelsBadMan itsxaos: hacking hacking gunnaren: bug bounties = so 2017 man socialnotsocial: why dead? 24786d: Bro, don’t fold till after you see the flop St47ik: HACKING IS DEAD BRO xraddireal: What pills/medicine do you take to stay focus? Digital_donger: FeelsBadMan bichid69: flop the fold andrewmorozko: @j0ca1995 well, html/css aren’t programming languages really. But if you know web you can start with javascript. node js can be used for your goals Minghello: What do you mean organized? itsxaos: smooth Kreygasm Cube_Is_Life20: inb4 “george you should bounty hunt again” St47ik: @xraddireal coffee bichid69: why are we folding this shitty fucking protein anyway? num_air: FOLD GODDAMMIT NotLikeThis NotLikeThis happypuppppy: put it out of its misery I can’t watch this BibleThump t00big2fl4il: They didn’t ruin hacking! saff__: what about the governments goldensoap_: BRO guacDev: georgie tokumei64: it definitely doesn’t start tangled unocygnaeus: 3D print the protein and fold it by hand socialnotsocial: just increase the first person fps mashafique: all the space PeinlicherAffe: @bichid69 you didnt understand xraddireal: @St47ik coffe is not a derivate of amphetamines tokumei64: shouldn’t start tangled* PURP__x: i have 0 clue what im watching im jus enjoying teh chat yell athim lol deebomc: The struggle is real singularitytoatea: lmao

ck1956: $162,068 PeinlicherAffe: jiggabytess guacDev: jiga jgia itsjustRobby: find the GB’s happypuppppy: should have at least 1.21 jigabytes for sure Loutlot: jiggo watts j0ca1995: @andrewmorozko ty! St47ik: @xraddireal but caffeine is a drug Kappa Penguino138: Jigglybytes alexandru_cristiean: jingle bytes Michaeltth: jigglebites num_air: FOLD THAT ASS LUL bojosos: Download more jingle bytes PeinlicherAffe: PogChamp SuperEvilDude: Jiga or giga? itsjustRobby: 2700 GB Caje_Vi: jigglypuffs St47ik: Qirabytes alexandru_cristiean: Mars bytes Penguino138: Bitch betta fold my protein keyeh1: 24h stream Pog akaCube: @peinlicheraffe I’m very sure, since he just wrote some sketchy code to place atoms of an aminoacid randomly into a pdb file 😀 Digital_donger: brute forcing bio PogChamp xalariian: when that fold, whats next? socialnotsocial: begging to fold, it wants to fold so fucking bad itsjustRobby: are you hacking the corona virus bojosos: It better fold DrakenZA: 😮 doctorgenus: i’ll get the popcorn ready saff__: if it dont fold we riot thickbordiga: it’s probably slow because you’re using a mac :tf: AugTV: 24 hr stream albitoci: Protein don’t fold just like my wallet P3droPL: Stuxnet? St47ik: 27 hours LUL bichid69: IF YOU HAVE THE FOLDED STRUCTURE YOU CAN USE RMSD AS A METRIC TO SEE IF YOU’RE HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BRO Peekofemto: he do be folding tho bichid69: SAVE YOU A DAY doctorgenus: don’t hold our breathes delbertooo: on what hardware does that run? christianthefalco: this protein is such a slut. just begging for some folding THX1342: using tons of energy to virtually fold a protein. the universe laughs in entropy Cube_Is_Life20: IF YOU HAVE THE FOLDED STRUCTURE YOU CAN USE RMSD AS A METRIC TO SEE IF YOU’RE HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BRO saff__: @christianthefalco 😀 THX1342: perochGib itsjustRobby: @THX1342 human big peen goooo bichid69: IF YOU HAVE THE FOLDED STRUCTURE YOU CAN USE RMSD AS A METRIC TO SEE IF YOU’RE HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BRO, SAVE YOU A DAY OF COMPUTE BRO biglennysgut: Why would you ever use Python when Rust is available? t00big2fl4il: noob tutorial on qira on ubuntu 16.04, excellent time spent alexandru_cristiean: 24h Q&A sesh thickbordiga: IF YOU HAVE THE FOLDED STRUCTURE YOU CAN USE RMSD AS A METRIC TO SEE IF YOU’RE HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BRO dongmuya: Watching this protein trying to fold is like watching flies fuck. cmonBruh num_air: who knew protein folding is so hard :/ akaCube: IF YOU HAVE THE FOLDED STRUCTURE YOU CAN USE RMSD AS A METRIC TO SEE IF YOU’RE HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BRO, SAVE YOU A DAY OF COMPUTE BRO goldensoap_: IF YOU HAVE THE FOLDED STRUCTURE YOU CAN USE RMSD AS A METRIC TO SEE IF YOU’RE HEADING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION BRO, SAVE YOU A DAY OF COMPUTE BRO St47ik: it’s always been hard LUL bojosos: You should solero0: Why would you ever use rust when assembly is available socialnotsocial: how much of a scam is current biology on a scale of psychology to physics? saff__: which season? happypuppppy: no hype train today :z happypuppppy: WHAT biglennysgut: Try using GNU Linux instead of Apple echotaco: Any gifters FBCatch HolidayPresent THX1342: how many watts are you using to fold that protein? LUL thickbordiga: @socialnotsocial ever heard of theranos doctorgenus: pleasseeeeee t00big2fl4il: Noob qira tutorial!!!! Let’s GO doctorgenus: we love q/a AugTV: when are u gonna jailbreak our simulation? saff__: 1.11 days christianthefalco: NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z itsxaos: cliffhanger DansGame goldensoap_: KEKW saff__: no Cube_Is_Life20: awww cliffhanger St47ik: To Be Continued LUL doctorgenus: what are you doing for the rest of the night? PURP__x: dammit dont leave yet saff__: nead more CUDAS!! alexandru_cristiean: WHY NOT JUPYTER DARK MODE? gunnaren: Next time on George vs the universe alexandru_cristiean: Jupyter DARK MODE!? bojosos: Use more Cudas ck1956: yes Cube_Is_Life20: yes more cuds itsxaos: more cudas = more fold St47ik: more kudos thickbordiga: yeah why aren’t you using jupyter blacked edition christianthefalco: USE YOUR TWITCH MONEY TO RUN ON AWS THX1342: power hungry protein PeinlicherAffe: all Kudaz!!! Ayyyy420Lmao: “Look at that deformation. It’s beautiful” – geohotz 2020 Kappa St47ik: MORE SMOrc thickbordiga: PogChamp okeeeeeee: PogChamp imrooty: Pog bichid69: YOUR I/O IS PROBABLY BOTTLENECKING IT AT THIS FPS BRO, CHECK GPU USAGE happypuppppy: PogChamp St47ik: PogChamp dongmuya: AAAAAhhhhhhh sheeeeeit! Michaeltth: FutureMan num_air: FOLD U BIAATCH NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis 8FollowSonik: VisLaud PeinlicherAffe: BROO Penguino138: I COMMAND YOU TO FOLD lolfulloftrolls: Kreygasm itsxaos: can you slow it down? its really hard to see if its folding or not hefty_sum: Just fold it bro SurfCat: Protein o nthe bigscreen B) 24786d: Pog Frames not_Awful: 24h stream? imrooty: fold it Kreygasm St47ik: PROTEIN BRO BE FOLDIN ck1956: dont doctorgenus: maybe we should upload it to a ec2 instance alexandru_cristiean: lotta inches t00big2fl4il: initial set up Noob qira on ubuntu 16.04 LETS GO!!!!!! christianthefalco: this is some protein weeb shit Jehhred: inb4 George buys 10 graphics cards to get it to fold num_air: BRO THIS AINT FOLDING bichid69: gg Cube_Is_Life20: hook up to comma cluster for more compute? dongmuya: Where do babies come from? 0deinkymi0: wait what is this supposed to look like at the end? Ayyyy420Lmao: what constitutes a good question? PeinlicherAffe: FeelsBadMan bichid69: gg bro doctorgenus: what you doing tonight? socialnotsocial: what age are you going to start working on a cure for aging? JjohnConstantine: BRO

not_Awful: you can just leave it here jiggling, I have nothing to do AugTV: when are u gonna jailbreak our simulation? christianthefalco: @georgehotz favorite Lex Fridman interview? Penguino138: @georgehotz Any updates on Cali lockdown? No M16s yet? DrakenZA: Hack into folding at home and steal compute Kappa hefty_sum: Pineapple on pizza or no? geokwi: Do you like math? num_air: i folded my sheets…this aint folding ! PURP__x: what if it hits? St47ik: It might KappaWealth wenancjusz: i dont believe you i want to see it whyZaya: You should leave it up folding on stream all night. @georgehotz itsxaos: i asked you about urbit the other day, have you looked at their weird programming language at all? THX1342: gotta know when to fold ’em……. KKona Guitar tokumei64: have you tried larger steps? eax_ebx: Are you fuck hot chicks? bojosos: Do you know where Bulgaria is? PeinlicherAffe: i don’t think i can take this FeelsBadMan Ayyyy420Lmao: what constitutes a good question?? t00big2fl4il: qira initial command on ubuntu 16.04 point at port ???? alexandru_cristiean: What made you so curious? Nature or nurture? itsjustRobby: for someone who is new can you give a quick high level overview of what we are watching twitchystalk007: where did you learn biochemistry portion to do this bichid69: gg bro ck1956: how much money do you have in your bank account dongmuya: HA mashafique: @twitchystalk007 the power of google LUW Exabits: as if super computers were useful socialnotsocial: when are you going to start working on a cure for aging? treestompztv: how many self driving car startups is corona gonna kill? 4Head npeck0: @bojosos az znam Kappa powerofpickle: What sweater is that t00big2fl4il: qira Penguino138: @georgehotz Hows your lockdown going? Any men with M16s yet? ck1956: i have 4 alexandru_cristiean: Why do you have a bed in your kitchen? Ayyyy420Lmao: tree fiddy? itsjustRobby: thats code for 3million Ozonemaster: at least 3 Pog christianthefalco: @georgehotz favorite Lex Fridman interview???? PURP__x: LOL 3$ and a dream alexyzdev: why do you want it to fold this protein george? montrealchrislee: what can I do to work for solero0: have you shorted the sp500 toma_lozano: The folding protein problem Page 675 on Physical Chemestry 8ed by Peter Atkins alexandru_cristiean: Can you show us out the window? keyeh1: did you buy any weapon in case of food shortage? 0deinkymi0: what’s the end result supposed to be like? Bootstraps: @georgehotz can we lave it on util its done? twitchystalk007: how did you know to fold the protein bichid69: dude can you stream earlier like today? us in the UK would like some sleep! Cube_Is_Life20: why haven’t you hooked up to the cluster?? duudzzz: @georgehotz ohgod christianthefalco: @montrealchrislee he’s talked about that. top 1% coder alexandru_cristiean: Why do you have a bed in the kitchen?? treestompztv: BYE YOUTUBE itsxaos: i asked you about urbit the other day, have you looked at their weird programming language at all? dongmuya: Screen saver. Hotz built a screen saver! vesche_: @georgehotz could you upload your current jupyter file to github pls? JjohnConstantine: It’s Alive bichid69: dude can you stream earlier like today? us in the UK would like some sleep! pls t00big2fl4il: qira question. Initial command? imrooty: best anime ever THX1342: have you seen any good business opportunities in bio yet? is better folding tools one? happypuppppy: 24 hour stream PogChamp lexxy23: and your mac is like kill me plz rrobomonk: TOMCR00S3 SHOULD RETURN num_air: JESUS CHRIST ! NATURE IS MESSY bojosos: Why don’t you install folding@home on Comma servers people aren’t driving anyways christianthefalco: @georgehotz favorite Lex Fridman interview???????? keyeh1: did you buy any weapon in case of food shortage? Caje_Vi: why not use linux? BPRSM: can AI help fight coronavirus? alexandru_cristiean: Do you feel like you live on the fringe of society? Do you want to???? Penguino138: @georgehotz How are things in California? christianthefalco: MORE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS saff__: i dunno im in the UK and this is a perfect time. 2 in the morning PURP__x: GL man thnak you for everything you doing PeinlicherAffe: aren’t there some good c implementations of these protein folding simulations? would be way more efficient than python thickbordiga: @georgehotz can you do DSGE models next pleaaaaaaaaase anguscupcake: do u use custom key bindings for hhkb ck1956: did you research about how to disable the spike protein on the virus shell powerofpickle: wait i wanna know the answer to the bed question not_Awful: previous book recomends?? St47ik: KappaPride alexandru_cristiean: Why bed in the kitchen? saff__: hes in jail Ayyyy420Lmao: @PeinlicherAffe obviously written in c and you call it from python PeinlicherAffe: @Ayyyy420Lmao so a c wrapper tokumei64: ObViOuSlY itsjustRobby: Why isn’t he a twitch partner!!!! num_air: Why bed in the kitchen? christianthefalco: MORE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!! thickbordiga: it’s called a studio apartment you bourgeois capitalist pigs THX1342: we need CYBER ball biglennysgut: this dude pressed right arrow and backspace instead of delete LUL PeinlicherAffe: BRO JUST FOLD BRO Michaeltth: more of a comfortable cell alexandru_cristiean: @thickbordiga so he only has a bathroom and that’s it? num_air: Why bed in the kitchen?? PoorSkillTV: poorskPixel poorskPixel not_Awful: what more??? I missed it happypuppppy: you guys got him saying bro all the time now :z ck1956: try surfaceparser echotaco: ^its the other way around araeasmes: literally me thickbordiga: @alexandru_cristiean no he also has a bed and a kitchen num_air: broooo why bed in the kitchen? DrakenZA: dafk shimylowgo: XD echotaco: He started bro first itsxaos: unicell saff__: how long is your sentance? ck1956: kdtree bichid69: who started to bro? eax_ebx: Are you fuch hot chicks BROOOO? itsjustRobby: WILL IT FOLD?! alexyzdev: it is a good question, does he cook in his sleep? num_air: Why bed in the kitchen? bichid69: I am the og bro, bro TusKaN_BaNaNas: @not_Awful Infinte jest Crime and punishment Atlas shrugged Permutation city Godel esher bach 48 laws of power alexyzdev: Why kitchen in bedroom? whyZaya: @num_air Rich area. Small houses PURP__x: hyperball t00big2fl4il: qira BRO St47ik: Crowd-source viewer bros GPUs while they’re asleep to speed up folding LUL imrooty: 24 hour stream inc socialnotsocial: when are you going to start working on a cure for aging? TusKaN_BaNaNas: were previous book recommendation kaboomyoo: this takes 24hours? Streetmaniac: bros can someone fill me in on whats going on gabo_sk: nice spagetti Penguino138: @georgehotz How is lockdown in CA? bichid69: qira BRO CacheOverride: This protein is my spirit animal alexandru_cristiean: Why do you have a kitchen in your office? bojosos: Superball Minghello: Is it more difficult to learn biochemistry or binary hacking? PeinlicherAffe: @bichid69 IMPOSTER BRO thickbordiga: @georgehotz can you do DSGE models next pleaaaaaaaaase not_Awful: @tuskan_bananas ty kind sir saff__: botnet mik12f4: it might fold if we smoke enough weed ck1956: do you have parties with girls at the home? num_air: Hallo aus Deutschland ! itsjustRobby: would need quantum and qbits? PURP__x: how many are you triyng to fold in total? dongmuya: What time tomorrow? alexandru_cristiean: Is it desirable to live on the verge of society? alexandru_cristiean: fringe* ivylions: folding@home whyZaya: @georgehotz Just solve the TSP while you wait

THX1342: I control ‘affiliate’, how can I exploit this: document.cookie = “affiliate=” affiliate ‘; expires=’ date.toUTCString(); ‘; path=/’; itsxaos: preach ck1956: true christianthefalco: @georgehotz favorite Lex Fridman interview??????? ck1956: lol itsxaos: economics is a scam J3rwin: lmao bojosos: Just use the comma servers for folding at home PeinlicherAffe: this isn’t macroeconomics MingLee doctorgenus: what’s not bullshit?! St47ik: @georgehotz idk if i should ask this LUL but what do you think of Ethereum 2.0 Mariosavitch: ur bullshit mashafique: Can’t wait for big homie to leave a youtube comment on how you’re brainwashing us Kappa vtcN_: bifolding proteins eh? echotaco: Renaissance technologies solved the economy LUL DrakenZA: you telling me systems that cant survive a couple of weeks of shutdown are scams, no way man Kappa ck1956: nope happypuppppy: you mean i spent a semester taking a class for a scam BibleThump PeinlicherAffe: what? that hasn’t do anything with that PURP__x: no lol Peekofemto: no SolarBerry: what about the lunar cycle doctorgenus: yeah economic is highsight man Ayyyy420Lmao: @DrakenZA just shut down ur kindeys for a week brooo bichid69: BrAiN WaSh Us BrO PLs Miestensauna: use cheat engine speedhack to speed it up CacheOverride: astrology bichid69: BrAiN WaSh Us BrO PLssz RedDarkh: how are you george ck1956: lol J3rwin: lol goldensoap_: LUL mashafique: plS maKe me WokE brO St47ik: LUL alexandru_cristiean: BRRRR picklesareok: economists have long studied the idea that down = bad elevenand12: @RedDarkh Good, thanks THX1342: draw the fibonacci lines! PogChamp itsxaos: BRRRRRRRRRRr okeeeeeee: LUL ck1956: yes everything is BS 8FollowSonik: PogChamp but how? 8FollowSonik: Kappa THX1342: Needs more trnedlines bichid69: BrAiN WaSh My AsS BrO PLs bojosos: Proof that everyone k ew about the coronavirus happypuppppy: slow down i can’t take notes this fast PeinlicherAffe: BRAIN WASHING BRO Cube_Is_Life20: is your temp at 310k? num_air: GEOHOTZ: “society is a scamNATU: have some corona virus bro bichid69: BrAiN WaSh My AsS BrO PLsZZZZ St47ik: Inverted Yield Curve LUL LUL LUL socialnotsocial: do you think the scammers (psychologists, economists ) know they’re bullshiting people or do they actually believe it? dongmuya: Wuhan recession mashafique: @happypuppppy wait for the yt vid bro and watching 0.25x speed bro echotaco: The medallion fund gives crazy returns using tons of data and ML vovapi: STONKS num_air: EOHOTZ: “society is a scam NATURE: have some corona virus bro Lourned: we going to have an expansion Poggers itsjustRobby: @georgehotz buy stocks now when they are low right? PURP__x: fuuuck the news Vackin: half half picklesareok: probably depends on the scam THX1342: TA predicted Corona C0deCane: LUL the economy is like a pendulum RedDarkh: @georgehotz No coding today keyeh1: technical analysis IS bullshit, but macroeconomics is not tokumei64: markets are stuck in a feedback loopo goldensoap_: tell us what is truth PogChamp TusKaN_BaNaNas: I mean cnbc is low hanging fruit Mariosavitch: wow really CacheOverride: it’s too idealized, companies are run by people and people do random shit Michaeltth: PogChamp TowerofGodManhwa: Milton Friedman Mariosavitch: big if true Ayyyy420Lmao: doesn’t make any sense DrakenZA: true vtcN_: buy high sell low JAMESB0N9: no strippers and cocaine shimylowgo: shivfps200IQ shivfps200IQ itsxaos: tragedy of the commons, prsioner dilemma Penguino138: @georgehotz What do you think about the current models for 84-240k deaths in the US? St47ik: Ethereum 2.0 is the future of economics PogChamp ck1956: cnbc is economic cancer THX1342: buy land alexyzdev: buy high sell low print more money when you run out bichid69: sell high buy low brO Lourned: Apple supply and demand Kappa ImpalerV: buy the dip wntrBRAIN echotaco: PURP__x: buy low get your strippers from craigslist unocygnaeus: buy high, sell high happypuppppy: investment advice I’m gonna be rich 200ft yacht here I come PogChamp K177: no buy high sell low vtcN_: GUH bichid69: FUCKING SHORT ME BRO DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: guys yahoo finance live is the only real market new source doctorgenus: do you watch trump’s daily news update? alexyzdev: money printer goes BRRRRRRRRRR bichid69: SELL HIGH BUY LOW thickbordiga: real heads read the financial times Bloodswordz88: when does the Rat come into play on this? mcint: psychohistoryyyy, hit me with that Asimov peter35_: young erin burnett on cnbc bro..back then id watch bojosos: D Penguino138: @georgehotz What do you think about the current models for 84-240k deaths in the US? shuedaddy: @toma_lozano what chapter is the folding problem? Any idea? I have the 7th edition Michaeltth: bought me a mypillow Kappa christianthefalco: @georgehotz favorite Lex Fridman interview? St47ik: BUY HIGH SELL LOW BRO 4Head guacDev: stache looking great! rrobomonk: BRING BACK TOMCR00SE <3 bichid69: SELL BUY HIGH LOW xraddireal: adderall or coffe Hawklite: do you eat lion's mane mushroom? igzmatic: Keynes is to economics what astrology is to astrophysics bichid69: tomcr00se St47ik: Tea TowerofGodManhwa: you guys need to read up on Milton Friedman picklesareok: ez doctorgenus: what do you think about dr. fauci? love him or hate him? Jehhred: How fast is your internet speed?!?!?!? xraddireal: adderall or cofffe PURP__x: do you ever get the itch to jailbrake an other iphone bojosos: Don't believe in China data ivylions: kushner popped in today itsjustRobby: @georgehotz any gaming that you are into? Penguino138: @georgehotz What percentage of cases do you think NY is gonna have in the end? Cube_Is_Life20: Thoughts on second wave in the fall? FoxMcWeezer: @georgehotz I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and they said the My Pillow is their notoriously most returned item Lourned: covid69 fucked my vocation bichid69: gaming bro? thickbordiga: @georgehotz do you think Italians are People of Color? Like Dr. Fauci? HorseRacing4Life: Fold fucker!, alexandru_cristiean: Best to live IN or OUT of society? borang: your poor vacation fallenengine: where do you get your news??

THX1342: Is China passing the USA as the world’s superpower? RedDarkh: @georgehotz CTF untie today mashafique: I can’t fuck with politics. Just out of touch people arguing with each other bichid69: @Lourned is it now a… VACATION? Bloodswordz88: Covid69 😀 borang: ruined my job lol doctorgenus: amen St47ik: tomcr00se back when Loutlot: i bought Sayl Chair watching this stream ck1956: 13bil Cube_Is_Life20: Thoughts on second wave in the fall? alty1066: Do you feel Bergen County Academies was a good opportunity for you? Digital_donger: are you good at visual design? twiggy_io: What was it like talking to Lex Fridmen? dongmuya: Gas is 95 cents 🙂 doctorgenus: do you think there will be riots next month, when people actually can’t pay rent? not_Awful: jump when you fell like it igzmatic: Not unlikely as they have about triple the pop Bloodswordz88: not in cali Lourned: GDP is goods and services, services Kappa itsjustRobby: @georgehotz apply on Dxracer mashafique: Lex PogChamp alexandru_cristiean: Are we going to have #election streams? THX1342: I think China will roll out a Marshall Plan because of COVID AugTV: @georgehotz when are u gonna break the simulation !!! ck1956: did you watch mr.robot? vtcN_: @georgehotz you need to fold it in three halves to make it look really folded itsjustRobby: @georgehotz I can email VP their contact and tell her who ya are Michaeltth: LUL C0deCane: LUL exactly TusKaN_BaNaNas: @doctorgenus Fucked up thing is a virus is pretty good riot control, as who is gonna go out and possibly get infected twiggy_io: Did you enjoy the podcast you did with Lex Fridman? christianthefalco: i’m rioting right now fuck yo uguys mashafique: We only do twitch riots LUL Digital_donger: true LUL ck1956: lol alty1066: Do you feel Bergen County Academies was a good opportunity for you? Lourned: @georgehotz why only americans get free moneys? christianthefalco: FOLD PROTEIN NOW OR RIOT Penguino138: @georgehotz How can I calculate the percentage of COVID cases my State will have? % of population? itsjustRobby: they have a “sponsorship” link on the dxracer website … really awesome group to deal with St47ik: @georgehotz Do a podcast with Eric Weinstein PogChamp Ayyyy420Lmao: no i get taxed t00big2fl4il: ~$ qira doctorgenus: 53% of american live paycheck to paycheck Jehhred: How fast is your internet? shimylowgo: “free” money hajyand: Free Kappa imrooty: nothing IS free money ck1956: peanuts Lourned: no, in Russia we dont get free money bojosos: But if we currently have 20% death rate from closed cases doesn’t that mean a lot more deaths? Ziv0: LUL the baylouts C0deCane: you want a free home too? how about free food? Prison does that right? LUL AugTV: xD THX1342: laughs in 3rd world contry on the brink of collapse MikeHogu mashafique: Thanks man. i can get a bag of chips with this dollar Bloodswordz88: make a music video to this alty1066: @georgehotz Do you feel Bergen County Academies was a good opportunity for you? SolarBerry: don’t look up the front of the IRS HQ in maryland v0sn: this is so sexy alexandru_cristiean: do you think this is just an opportunity for politicians, and corporations to profit?? So many billions thrown at the wall bichid69: in russia, free money gets you twiggy_io: So you and Lex Fridman good buddies now? Penguino138: @georgehotz Is there a somewhat accurate way to calculate the % of virus cases my state will have? ooMariaoo: oh THX1342: jiggle jiggle okeeeeeee: no free money in communist state, but in usa ? LUL treestompztv: LUL mashafique: LUL itsjustRobby: @georgehotz DUUUUDEEE how much of the financial comp sci script in Ozark on netflix is actually real? thickbordiga: do you think children should go to school? @georgehotz treestompztv: NJ gang itsjustRobby: like the actual lines they say …. I’m like I don’t think thats how it actually works tho socialnotsocial: when are you going to cure aging? anguscupcake: buy mbp 2019 or wait for 2020 BPRSM: capitalism or socialism? doctorgenus: if push comes to shove, will you donate comma ai 3d printer time to print ventilator tubes? mashafique: People just be asking anything LUL St47ik: Even Cryptocurrencies wont save us Kappa THX1342: LUL AugTV: Do you think u’ll be able to crack our simulation? itsjustRobby: cure aging yayyy Penguino138: @georgehotz Have you seen the new show Devs? About quantum computing and determinism DrakenZA: LUL Miestensauna: children should just stay home and play world of warcraft bichid69: capitalism or socialism? bojosos: Can you sing It was called cold war because Russia was cold Miestensauna: Kappa Jehhred: Do an internet speed test Mariosavitch: dude crona is fixed. fix something useful and more dangerous like bad programmers Hawklite: print some atoms Cube_Is_Life20: college is mostly useless, but what about law school? THX1342: I printed 50 faceshields for local hospitals ck1956: I was actually hoping bitcoin and ethereum would go up bichid69: left wing or right wing? DrakenZA: Not Stupid-ism is the best mattdougherty22: you gotta listen to The Portal, so many good episodes recently St47ik: Ethereum 2.0 will go up Kappa Lourned: Finland has social programs free shit but its capitalism itsxaos: @georgehotz do you think we as a society will learn anything from this pandemic? after many people will see that the world really didnt need them to do their job (during the quarantine) ktzkalash: he’s libertarian fellas t00big2fl4il: ~$ qira usage: [-h] [-s] [-t] [- -gate – trace Address] [- -flush-cache] thickbordiga: private ownership of industry vs public ownership of industry @georgehotz recovering_sophist: yo george did you know you can run command line commands in jupyter note book by putting ! in front of the command Digital_donger: are you good at graphic design? christianthefalco: @georgehotz fav podcasts? guacDev: its a little folded igzmatic: Here in Europe we are at an intersection. Soon people will have to decide between socialism or freedom. It’s scary shit, as we have been brain washed pro-socialism for ages now by the media 0deinkymi0: should i drop out of an ivy league school @georgehotz ? doctorgenus: do you think this pandemic is impacting comma sales? Ayyyy420Lmao: fav pornstars? recovering_sophist: like !cat thickbordiga: because you were on Reason itsjustRobby: hes a gull darn AMERICAN Michaeltth: AHA! 👉🏻 metanoiaJMJ: lolbertarian brunofrancioni: hi from argentina george Mariosavitch: moderate bojosos: nothingarian not_Awful: why do give a damn? happypuppppy: @0deinkymi0 cool flex BRO St47ik: BASED bichid69: should I give up on my PhD? SkywardDev: Yo I hate IP so much

St47ik: PogChamp ck1956: everthingtarian with reservations t00big2fl4il: noob-itarian here qira knowledge please drop mattdougherty22: thoughts on seasteading? imrooty: the sayl chair looks good. i m gona get 1 Asugan_AoE: omg u have song xD ? GoldNux: What is the future of VR? ktzkalash: Ok. You’re a human! Ayyyy420Lmao: i think IP is ok as long as you can enforce it and dont waste state resources on enforcing it thickbordiga: @georgehotz you should debate one of the Reason Magazine guys on IP THX1342: how do you manage curiosity and not let it get out of hand/unproductive? itsjustRobby: You can be an extreme or moderate or whatever and still be proud of the fact that you are an American <3 DrakenZA: sadly that logic doesnt work for most ppl, they need to pick a 'side' and they care about that then the actual problems darioushs: welcome to 2020 where you are either far left, far right or wrong. sad times Mariosavitch: so if you made something i can just steal it and resell it? alexandru_cristiean: DO YOU LIVE ON THE FRINGE OF SOCIETY? can you say something about that? eeXecute: hey guidance counselor geohotz christianthefalco: @bichid69 i did and went into software. ez choice Mint2bSpiced: @bichid69 did you lose funding? ck1956: what do you think on buying tesla and square stocks by taking a personal loan? thickbordiga: LMAO picklesareok: what do you mean? bichid69: @Mint2bSpiced nah it's just lame ktzkalash: Anarchocapitalism >>>>>>>>>> Bootstraps: LUL St47ik: @georgehotz thoughts on Jordan Peterson? Bootstraps: LOOOL picklesareok: lolol DrakenZA: LUL thickbordiga: OMEGALUL lexxy23: did you go to graduate school? imrooty: LUL Mariosavitch: yes goldensoap_: LUL bichid69: too ez Bootstraps: LUL bojosos: sing it was called the cold war because russia is cold goldensoap_: LMAOOO Ayyyy420Lmao: 200 dollar hoodei rly? Ziv0: LUL powerofpickle: What hoodie is that lolfulloftrolls: LMAO George is my neighbor?? C0deCane: yeah politicians dont do anything LUL they just take credit for all that was done Lourned: you live in narnia twitchystalk007: you said you lived in a trailer once Bootstraps: whta hoodie recovering_sophist: recovering_sophist subscribed with Twitch Prime geokwi: how probable do you think are biological weapons from terrorists from what youve learned bloopsterr: $200 hoodie LUL Penguino138: @georgehotz fav music to listen to while coding? Bootstraps: wtf WOLVESpls: san diego reppin Jehhred: Wearing a no name brand $200 hoodie adorablejaay: Only 200 dollar hoodies PepeLaugh socialnotsocial: best country other than the US? Bootstraps: send me a link to the hoodie t00big2fl4il: nevetsv7: 200 dollar hoodie weird flex but ok okeeeeeee: it folds PogChamp happypuppppy: 1 percenter hoodies PogChamp 6e657264: beer time twitchystalk007: how long did you live in a trailer???????? bichid69: UK BRO St47ik: PogChamp alexyzdev: AUSTRALIA REP twiggy_io: Whats do you think the future of software is going? ktzkalash: @georgehotz there’s a comma hoodie? THX1342: gotta balance things… $200 hoodie, gulag bed THX1342: LUL metanoiaJMJ: i like that one country where u get arrested for tweets Mint2bSpiced: @bichid69 in an application stand point, or in a career choice? Ayyyy420Lmao: UK lul it’s like pakistan daniboomberg: Switzerland? powerofpickle: Where can I buy this $200 hoodie? bloopsterr: come to new zealand to escape corona itsxaos: uk is a mess treestompztv: UK weather LUL mattdougherty22: Will you do a podcast once every two weeks if I produce, edit and book the guests you want for you for free? okeeeeeee: it folds PogChamp 󠀀 christianthefalco: Switzerland pog bojosos: Do you know where Bulgaria is? Bloodswordz88: Antarctica is the safest place right now Miestensauna: what do u think of building a gaming house with ship containers`? billion dollar idea imrooty: @Ayyyy420Lmao true guacDev: what happened to your girlfriedn doctorgenus: do you guys have comma stickers? I want to put it on my macbook to help you guys advertise at coffeshops daniboomberg: What about Switzerland? newmaidumosa: cheer100 George “on the fringe” Hotz DrakenZA: ya japan would be nice JjohnConstantine: Canada? itsjustRobby: @georgehotz me neither.. kekw, been hombrewing the PS3 CECHA01 and WiiU during this little stint of shut in.. #mybackupsAREbackedup itsjus50Rainbowrobby twitchystalk007: @St47ik lol matheusmslima: What do you think about Brazil? recovering_sophist: brazilll AugTV: Do you do meditation? daniboomberg: True elchaaaaapo: @georgehotz damnnn you finaly put away the grocerie ? christianthefalco: NZ is secret top tier mattdougherty22: Will you do a podcast once every two weeks if I produce, edit and book the guests you want for you for free?? rrittenhouse: were the hoodies in switzerland $400? rrittenhouse: 😀 Penguino138: @georgehotz plan on streaming tomorrow? vtcN_: im on the fringe of my teeth treestompztv: cdn stocks = literally free money rn twiggy_io: Do you read Donald Knuth? ktzkalash: CoMe tO BrAziL ck1956: nice happypuppppy: oh? thickbordiga: do not click on the link guacDev: niiice twitchystalk007: how long did you live in a trailer bichid69: Alright im out bichid69: gg rrobomonk: man you should go to Joe Rogan Lourned: @georgehotz why the us government fucked kim dot com? bichid69: good stream nullinf: nullinf subscribed with Twitch Prime lolfulloftrolls: @georgehotz lemme come over I live in El Cajon Bootstraps: @georgehotz do you ever use clout to get girls? recovering_sophist: Def go on joe rogan St47ik: HYPEEE twitchystalk007: how long did you live in a trailer? Lourned: Poggers FileTheSystem: Well Switzerland is the most expensive country in EU so no wonder LUL treestompztv: PogChamp CHOO CHOO saff__: hype alexandru_cristiean: HYPE LETS GOOOOOOOOOO evanbakr: @rrobomonk the world isnt ready for that Ayyyy420Lmao: scam train PogChamp alexandru_cristiean: CHOO CHOO happypuppppy: I didn’t miss the hype train after all PogChamp mashafique: SCAM TRAIN PogChamp doctorgenus: is lex super smart? nevetsv7: when you talk about girl coming over is it always a new girl? 8FollowSonik: PogChamp micai_the_titan: oh god oh fuck thickbordiga: PogChamp SCAM TIME St47ik: SCAM TRAIN elchaaaaapo: AAAAAA GRILL ? POG granti7: do you think corona deaths really matter since people in quarantine will likely reproduce themselves like rabbits? okeeeeeee: PogChamp 24786d: 24786d subscribed with Twitch Prime recovering_sophist: HYYYPPE Bootstraps: @georgehotz so thats a yes? Loutlot: Cheer100 Cheer100 seffieinsane: LuvUok treestompztv: ANY SCAMMERS? PogChamp ck1956: how did you meet your current girlfriend Ziv0: LUL St47ik: PogChamp okeeeeeee: rotation LUL guacDev: looool borang: rotation hahahaha imrooty: haha rrobomonk: ahhahaha ben137: actual chad DrakenZA: EZ Cube_Is_Life20: rotation of girls itsxaos: @georgehotz still dont like the idea of going on JRE? keyeh1: do corona lives matter? doctorgenus: do you use tinder for girls? J3rwin: binary searching girls imrooty: round robin treestompztv: chadhotz Ayyyy420Lmao: do u read zerohedge? itsjustRobby: because everybody is staying in elchaaaaapo: rooootation ? vtcN_: because they’re dead? Mint2bSpiced: @bichid69 if you didn’t lose funding and can live comfortably I would continue you PhD dado2_9293: Man I remember folding on my dual boot ps3. thx for the nostalgia happypuppppy: we’re gettin flexed on right now what a CHAD eeXecute: Sort the rotation names on python Lourned: @georgehotz how come you dont have any emotes? FeelsBadMan eeXecute: PogChamp FileTheSystem: Hope you make them sign an NDA before they show up PepeLaugh THX1342: people not leaving their homes to die Mint2bSpiced: *your Bootstraps: @georgehotz do you have a best girl? like a waifu St47ik: Joe “DMT” Rogan uther20: quick sort them treestompztv: tfw no rotation FeelsBadMan keyeh1: true Penguino138: @georgehotz when do you think we’ll reach the APEX of the curve? christianthefalco: the virgin biologist vs the chad hacker bro rrittenhouse: Yeah, when the next one comes over… shes confused why shes naked and you are staying 6′ away elchaaaaapo: whaat , noooo ? twiggy_io: Do you still have you phone in MonoColor because of addictive attributes? t00big2fl4il: hype train level 2 sick!! Ayyyy420Lmao: show us ur tinder profile GoldNux: How long will you wait until you try neuralink? pjayys77: sorry becky its tuesday, youre a thursday girl doctorgenus: do you pay for these girls? happypuppppy: @georgehotz what do you think about your bed Kappa itsxaos: Where are the girls on the internet?!? are those ads true? Bloodswordz88: in the US its alternating by 2K to 4K cases. mostly in New york tho christianthefalco: do you have a favorite color?

itsjustRobby: @georgehotz ur like a cooler version of Destiny.. with like a better more happier well adjusted outlook and personality Jehhred: “friends” THX1342: LUL THX1342: chat AugTV: Do you think there will be a second wave somewhat like the Spanish flu? Lourned: do you think people going to spend all their money on amazon now or invest? Kappa 0deinkymi0: with benefits of course ck1956: dan bilzerian Bootstraps: so you do want to use clout itsxaos: fuck i dont wanna get an instagram acc socialnotsocial: ahahahah Cube_Is_Life20: instagram is the best dating app?? ben137: LUL Bootstraps: YES St47ik: LUL elchaaaaapo: What you hack there Pc and , black mail them and make them come at your home Kappa @georgehotz okeeeeeee: 2019 plan ahead, because of 2020 dating Bootstraps: a blue checkmark is clout doctorgenus: did you get them on reddit? they all claim to be sapiosexual alexyzdev: alexyzdev subscribed at Tier 1 porteus: @itsjustRobby what? you dont like league of legends Kappa HorseRacing4Life: @georgehotz is this fucker going to FOLD or not? bojosos: Geo Rgelian Ayyyy420Lmao: @Loutlot STAFF IN THE CHAT BOIS Michaeltth: LUL seffieinsane: hehe WOLVESpls: LUL St47ik: FLEX 1ntegral_: It doesn’t ?! Penguino138: @georgehotz keep up the streams we all really appreciate it Lourned: @georgehotz thanks for jailbreaking my iphone bro grenaderaven: this is some deep ass abstract art itsjustRobby: @porteus lol I don’t love it but will play anything with a good group of friends keyeh1: what your best pickup line? bojosos: won’t fold thickbordiga: STAPH imrooty: that best pickup line ever @georgehotz guacDev: steph happypuppppy: monkaS mattdougherty22: do you know Jude Gomila from Golden? PeinlicherAffe: me is stapf Bloodswordz88: get dissed by Young Chop on instagram guacDev: stephanie pjayys77: twitch overlords Ayyyy420Lmao: @Loutlot twitch mod bloopsterr: monkaS seffieinsane: there on to u itsjustRobby: @georgehotz someonwe who works at twitch… you should be a twitch partner 🙂 TusKaN_BaNaNas: @itsjustRobby Nah they just both semi similar looking white bois, I don’t see any comparison Bootstraps: can that bed even hold two people. it looks cardboard thin DrakenZA: LUL itsxaos: @Loutlot is staff mashafique: It’s the feds of twitch monkaS echotaco: 24 hour stream PogChamp eyesonlyug: what if it fails to fold? picklesareok: LOL lines St47ik: @georgehotz Staff is a subscriber LUL InvoxiPlayGames: are you sure this is safe for work itsxaos: he just gave you 300 bits @georgehotz mashafique: “hi im geo and you’re hot”- best pickup line Kappa alexyzdev: Hype on folding boyssss happypuppppy: hide the mediocrity bois staff is here monkaS Penguino138: @georgehotz Next couple weeks gonna be crazy in the US? Cube_Is_Life20: best pickup line “hey, do you wanna chill later?” evanbakr: pick up lines never existed mattdougherty22: do you know Jude Gomila CEO from Golden, smart guy and great platform. lots of COVID info there? itsjustRobby: @TusKaN_BaNaNas facial hair, big brain, early internet notoriety alexyzdev: What happened to that girl that was on stream a few months ago george? eax_ebx: What are you write first? archiveutility: hype hype t00big2fl4il: ~$ qira usage: [-h] [-s] [-t] [- -gate – trace Address] [- -flush-cache] [- -pin][–hst host] [–web-port PORT] [-S][–engine ENGINE] binary [args [arg….]] mashafique: Someone slide me a sub LUL InvoxiPlayGames: i’d bit but i am broke itsxaos: @Loutlot go extend hype train mr admin 1ntegral_: Do you have some interesting text books on Machine learning ? @georgehotz doctorgenus: Baby, do you need toilet paper? Because I can be your Prince Charmin imrooty: best pickup line “i got sued by sony once” WOLVESpls: SeemsGood1 PeinlicherAffe: YOU NEED EMOTES! twiggy_io: Talk about Lex Fridman recovering_sophist: @georgehotz do you know who bryan cantrill? dark_jmat: !claim recovering_sophist: is socialnotsocial: favorite video game? mashafique: @1ntegral_ look up mathematics of machine learning sk84uhlivin: What have you regretted most in the past 5 years? christianthefalco: who do you main? archiveutility: Tell us more about mattdougherty22: TusKaN_BaNaNas: @itsjustRobby aight I can see it GoldNux: What do you think of Diablo 4? archiveutility: Have you played Animal Crossing yet InvoxiPlayGames: can you sing the sony rap you did around a decade ago now christianthefalco: can you z-cancel in 64? Loutlot: I can pay u but don’t wanna return my money to my company lol mattdougherty22: check out their corona cluster: goldensoap_: LUL Loutlot: Cheer100 Cheer100 FileTheSystem: what would you do if you werent into tech and computers @georgehotz HiyeTide: @georgehotz can u speak about your education and what you did to learn hacking and stuff? LirkoB: god damn norgwegian government only giving out free money to the rich people leaving the students to eat flies during the lockdown happypuppppy: @georgehotz why advise against it? Bootstraps: @georgehotz whats your biggest regret in life? i33ortal: best programming lamguage socialnotsocial: why not? itsxaos: there he is @georgehotz the staff guy St47ik: @georgehotz staff is here and subscribed 6e657264: beer time rrittenhouse: You could make that into a podcast episode haha bojosos: Favourite machine learning framework ck1956: how to make more money? anguscupcake: but then youd work for someone alexandru_cristiean: Why not start a company? itsjustRobby: @TusKaN_BaNaNas but just a smidge more down to earth and pleasant to hear from Ayyyy420Lmao: wow getting donations from mods vHyphy: What’s the future of humanity post-Coronavirus 1ntegral_: @mashafique Ok thanks doctorgenus: is coronavirus impacting sales? archiveutility: Tell us about backspace rn chuck_person: i can see why lol mik12f4: mik12f4 subscribed at Tier 1 mashafique: Like elon musk said starting a company is like starting at the abyss and chewing glass LU L DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: Cheer1 itsjustRobby: ohhh boy alexyzdev: fuckyes almost lvl3 boys alexyzdev: so closeee itsxaos: but the potential payoff is tremendous no?? Loutlot: Loutlot is gifting 1 Tier 1 Subs to georgehotz’s community! They’ve gifted a total of 1 in the channel! itsjustRobby: @georgehotz are you a mellenial? Loutlot: Loutlot gifted a Tier 1 sub to dawaeSHW! rrittenhouse: Owning a business is like owning a home. You are stuck with all of the bs and annoying crap DabOnEmHatersEcksDee: yoo St47ik: PogChamp 8FollowSonik: VisLaud TusKaN_BaNaNas: potential payoff of getting equity as an employee is big too mashafique: PogChamp dawaeSHW: @Loutlot Thanks for the gift sub dude happypuppppy: staff gift PogChamp mashafique: Level 2 scam train PogChamp guacDev: why not? gabo_sk: Pog Ayyyy420Lmao: have u donated sperm for money? eyesonlyug: How would you show two programs are equal? okeeeeeee: dont let your genes get lost man @georgehotz christianthefalco: @georgehotz do you pay in equity? mashafique: Geo just wants to spend his time coding and drinking isotonic drinks itsjustRobby: youngest of the millennial is this guys age group I do think vtcN_: home ownership isn’t much harder than renting nannan11: I’ve read prime intellect. it was good, i like this sort of stories about ai, even if it was naive in places. i wouldn’t choose the end the heroes chose though 🙂 and boi did they kill a shitton of people lol alexyzdev: HypeGhost HypeGhost HypeGhost HypeGhost HypeGhost thickbordiga: @georgehotz but I’m poor as shit man my only option is to start a tech company 🙁 chuck_person: i want to work for a university library vHyphy: What’s the future looking like post-Coronavirus? igzmatic: You into making death optional? @georgehotz socialnotsocial: less time to do SCIENCE and FOLD PROTEINS fahalz: @georgehotz hi george, what do u think about JavaScript? itsxaos: what do you think about freelancing vs starting a company? DrakenZA: @georgehotz what happened with Tesla, if you want to talk about it saff__: for some people its about the experience of it t00big2fl4il: im up to 2.1k channel points gabo_sk: LuvBrownR THX1342: who do you consider great hackers (past/present)? itsjustRobby: @georgehotz Star Trek or Star Wars? doctorgenus: is hacking still profitable? you made a lot of mils in it right?

thickbordiga: @fahalz George is a HUGE Fan of javascript C0deCane: Kim Jong-un said he had the virus and drank orange juice and felt better Kappa PeinlicherAffe: what’s the end? Ayyyy420Lmao: star gate christianthefalco: prime intellect wouldn’t allow that ending to be real bindella94: just discovered u in YouTube.. are u a software engineer? i33ortal: what you think about vr industry? eyesonlyug: How would you show two programs are equal? t00big2fl4il: noob mattdougherty22: check out their corona cluster: Ayyyy420Lmao: have you watched VR porn? saff__: @bindella94 hes tim apple happypuppppy: he’s gonna leave cause our questions are too dumb BibleThump Bootstraps: @georgehotz have you met emmet shear? picklesareok: explore universe when nullinf: Thoughts on Eric Weinstein? SolarBerry: cat or dog D2Cookie: have you starred in VR porn? chuck_person: chinchillas? Bootstraps: LUL vHyphy: Why weren’t you impressed bro Bootstraps: WH OMEGALUL Cube_Is_Life20: yeah how is backspace going? jagger_rsw: @georgehotz can you remind us what will be the main benefit for the channel subscribers, once you take over the world? mattdougherty22: and look up Jude gomila WOLVESpls: LULW igzmatic: @georgehotz You wanna live as long as you like? LUL nannan11: hey george, have you seen imperial college study about deaths from corona in uk and us from the middle of the march? thickbordiga: @georgehotz what’s your OnlyFans t00big2fl4il: would you drop some qira knowledge? bindella94: @saff__ what that means? St47ik: @georgehotz do you think Ethereum 2.0 gonna do good? HorseRacing4Life: @georgehotz razer mouse? alexandru_cristiean: not troll question: Why no-keyboard chat? exaccord: Don’t let the questions throw you off. Twitch chat is an odd mistress. But there are some great qualities of the medium if you’re looking christianthefalco: Pog powerofpickle: kazakhstan kazakhstan you is very nice place Bootstraps: @georgehotz what your most memorable interview story? as in you interviewing someone 6e657264: i want djibouti Digital_donger: LUL nannan11: Ayyyy420Lmao: you ever got arrested? THX1342: is ethereum finally immutable? recovering_sophist: @georgehotz do you remember meeting andrew morris in NY Ayyyy420Lmao: ethereum 2.0 coming next year (this time for real) 0deinkymi0: best way to get into cryptocurrency? eeXecute: vacuum sealer story 6e657264: mattdougherty22: should be PoW itsxaos: @georgehotz vitalik talked to lex about it exaccord: Best crypto to buy rn? slimpimp007: Cardano is looking really promising lately WOLVESpls: Cardano is vapor ware thickbordiga: @exaccord US dollars eax_ebx: How to get into the cloud? AugTV: Vitalik is a super genius t00big2fl4il: qira.blockchain, your thoughts? 0xnan: do you know the Chia blockchain, Verifiable delay function? are pretty interesting rrittenhouse: sharting? thats no fun doctorgenus: what do you think about startup incubators like YC? scam? recovering_sophist: @georgehotz do you remember meeting Andrew Morris in NY? bojosos: Do you know where Bulgaria isn ck1956: true Ayyyy420Lmao: 1000X less decentralized eax_ebx: How to get into the cloud? St47ik: they’re going PoS tho DiosDIO: How long does it take to make a cure? adietrichs: Proof of Stake is finished, launch in a few months. Sharded execution is what is still tbd Bootstraps: @georgehotz can you tell us a memorable interview story? worst story mattdougherty22: what do you think of effective altruism? exaccord: @georgehotz what are you working on day to day? 100% St47ik: PoS with a twist THX1342: DAO broke ethereum RedDarkh: @georgehotz Are you going to talk? you will write my software bro t00big2fl4il: qira 2.0 Let’s GO!!!!!!! happypuppppy: @georgehotz why’d you move to san diego? Ayyyy420Lmao: did you get into NANO redditboi? St47ik: @THX1342 broke the first one 0xnan: look for proof of space and proof of time, the chia network approach. based on Verifiable delay function (VDF) thickbordiga: bye 4zimut: gg saff__: ggs C0deCane: How do they determine someone has recovered from corvid 19 it seems like the numbers dont really add up to me? @georgehotz are they just reluctant to put those numbers out? doctorgenus: gg thanks geohot! eeXecute: bye bye daniboomberg: gg okeeeeeee: bye, gg St47ik: gg saff__: cya when we fold t00big2fl4il: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bootstraps: bye gg THX1342: gn doctorgenus: byeeeee igzmatic: Bye dr_set: gg itsxaos: thanks for stream nevetsv7: gg ben137: cya socialnotsocial: goodbye hotz gg THX1342: thanks for the stream imrooty: <3 chuck_person: ty for streaming :) mik12f4: what time socialnotsocial: <3 6e657264: what time? matheusmslima: george u inspire me slimpimp007: ggs eax_ebx: Пока saff__: lets fold nannan11: :) waffle_cats_: thanks yo RedDarkh: good bye bro Digital_donger: cya tomorrow PogChamp dingus74: GenderFluidPride matheusmslima: thank you Syfra: bye <3 Kinghutch: thanks for the stream daniboomberg: thank you vtcN_: LUL DrakenZA: @georgehotz great stream mate exaccord: Love your work t00big2fl4il: sub me please!!!!! AlexEDM: bye dr_set: <3 FaceTheWolf: See ya o/ Cornflays: <3 HACTuHbl_CuCbKu: Ggs <3 dorkmo: pray for folds rickkanefromarizona: bai 24786d: Bye waltyr_dacmus: GEOHACK eax_ebx: Слава Україні! dawaeSHW: LUL LUL vHyphy: I love you hotz <3 saff__: <£ 1ntegral_: At what time ? P0LY: LuvBlondeR chuck_person: ure shilling voice is lifeless saff__: <3 t00big2fl4il: Sub ME 2.0 BRO! m0407308: tomcr00000zzzzzzz elchaaaaapo: SeriousSloth FoxMcWeezer: Sub you Simpsons eeXecute: We will watch the protein become a sperg tomorrow PogChamp renatobarresi: lmao Bloodswordz88: what time tomorrow? St47ik: gn everyone <3 nannan11: elchaaaaapo: SeriousSlothSeriousSlothSeriousSlothSeriousSlothSeriousSlothSeriousSloth

daniboomberg: what time tomorrow? t00big2fl4il: MERCH!!!! 6e657264: maybe Jesus will give you a few flops treestompztv: <3 saff__: good night all my european homies dawaeSHW: show me da wae Kappa happypuppppy: he wants to hang out with us BibleThump socialnotsocial: remember everyone, like and subscribe, like and subscribe igzmatic: But don't check it without us! Please :) m0407308: time 2 fap t00big2fl4il: DON'T STAY UP HACKING Bloodswordz88: hail brethren THX1342: sorry for the stupid questions THX1342: LUL 1ntegral_: Please notice us on Twitter @georgehotz 1ntegral_: LUL nevetsv7: SeemsGood