PVC Toilet Flange Broken In Concrete Replaced

CB here’s the plan we’re gonna reset this toilet so pull this set it aside we clean up the wax, then we are gonna change the flange see how its rocking we got a real rocker here folks! Broken Flange! Who is the best helper? were gonna pick up toilet and put where you are then we gotta change the flange both set of bolts are off?yeah now look just like this huh that’s one yeah put it down real nicely nice all right there it is the culprit right there bad flange get a scraper some type of cardboard or trash with the old wax in okay You know what that is Chuck its sewer gas I did not fart where’s your nut driver for that size ok here is what we got going on here this job is a continuation from last year we were to do this over the winter change this flange and I already see there is a flange inside the pipe anyway change the flange before the season started well the season starts in two days so now we’re down here in crunch time trying to get this done going ram bit three inch we have here that is a repair flange down the pipe so what I’m gonna do here is drill it out hopefully it works I’ve never used one. I been a plumber for 30 years this is my first time using this joker here we go I don’t what this its the wrong size I tell you that its cuts out the pipe. we are making due Aright CB. Oh we got all kinds of issues. oh this is interesting Chuck We might get lucky here CB. Now I know why its floating all over the place

its a flange inside a flange yeah there we go this isn’t going good we have more they’re broken flange we got you We got two broken flanges who the hell did this? let me see that insert flange CB guess what we’re gonna make that work CB same tight they had this type of flange. same type push tight three-inch gasket closet flange but they didn’t cement down good enough so if I punch that in I can get that in an inch go flush use these bolts because they’re stronger and Hilti I got the hilti gun some anchors right in there and we set it and I got some quick dry cement will set in cement underneath you know I mean we’re going for it next trip out to the truck we’re going to need dust pan and brush I’m gonna cut these bolts I came down here last year they did this while it was open and they were supposed to break up the whole floor and redo the bathroom and now they’re not they’re doing other stuff and yeah I had to shut the bathroom down and do the best I could all right here’s the plan as you see this is the old toilet flange it must have raised an old floor went flange in a flange so what we’re going to do fill it with concrete preset the flange let it set up and anchor it to the floor and set the toilet in cement we gonna go with the extra long bolts Pre fab these okay no time to Jack the floor this is the ladies room and they get crazy in here this is quick drying cement another bottle water somewhere here give me some water in this sewer smell coming up here smells really nice mother fudger. that was my wrist

so I couldn’t put it before because it go right down the drain and I mean the odds I really got to do this to make sure it gets on the side of the bolts know what I’m saying oh that’s where the toilet rocks are you cementing the holes by accident right now? just here yeah no it’s already tighten the bolts on okay then we let it dry then we be anchoring because it’s quick-drying cement yeah I like it though. I like what is happening here this is the old toilet flange change the two-minute warning of super bowl season then I was just told we got a broken water service for a strip strip mall that’s been broken for three months. So I don’t know what were gonna do with that alright CB we can clean this up a little bit we look at this here and when that is solid as a rock we can drill it here’s the best part is this floor is really out.we have a big dip right here you can see so we’re gonna be setting this in either quick drying cement again or plaster was recommended trash. trash. lets put this in here and stop this smell

lets clean up reall good and you can throw that in the trash all right we’re gonna let this set now if we’re going to go on a kitchen do the other thing all right let’s sweep this up okay little pressure today a little pressure alright this isn’t drying quite as fast as I like so what I’m gonna so is put the light on it eccelerate the heat process mega big yes CB I like that better Oh CB I like this oh yeah that drill the hole too big for the other tap cons I had to buy big boys oh you have to a hole too big oh come on don’t do daddy wrong right now I don’t want to break the head I’ll show let me just see what happens here I might have to re drill a little bit. man you know if they both real hard I will re drill super tight where you can’t hand tighten them in oh I like this one Chuckie there ya go. get in here dude. give me the screw gun real quick i drilled this one too big that’s why we got to go into bigger tapcon all right it’s too wide hand tight them and don’t worry about this one all right Im gonna go see Brett real quick ok. Hand tighten them in ok if you feel your gonna break it. stop! CB you still here? Come here real quick tell me this is to tight or am I being to soft? No. Thats tight take one of these with you see if we have a little socket to fit this okay because this is a come on man yeah huh hmm

all these tools for one toilet flange reset Hilti screw gun cameras CB2 doing it it smells great CB get er done CB get er done there you go Don’t go crazy here’s why what’s your head bleeding did you hurt the pipe yeah here don’t go rock it back and forth because here we’re gonna fix with the cement you do this Chuck yeah take your step back make sure toilet is straight before you tighten it down that’s all you gotta do 1/4 inch above the bolt we don’t have caps you want some water oh yeah I’m gonna go get a bottle bang nice nice CB were gonna mix some cement I’m going to opt with it I’m going hydraulic cement again press here lip flap okay no not that this is too big a too big a gap but they all have a good flange you know I’m saying so let me see your mixing thing that that’s in the other container over there and a bottle of water here we go CB more cement in this I don’t want to make you wet we are just gonna fill this in right here and let her set up Frank said he is ready do some plumbing away retires all right you know we used to

work together man 20 years ago is he retiring soon part-timer by the time I retire the time job the same time fireman and then we we surf till 11:00 and we plumb till 1:00 cause wer are retirees and that’s where you and Angelo come in as Gods carrying squad all right you’re not responding you’re not responding you just talk I’m gonna take care of me and Frank you and Angelo you get Morgan to be the secretary we got to take care of your dad’s CB I like that all right all right baby let’s let her dry baby I’m gonna turn it on CB are you confident theres goes another satisfied customer no I need eye contact and there goes another satisfied customer