The Beauty of Oil Painting, Series 1, Episode 7 "Chrysanthemums"

hi I’m Gary Jenkins and welcome to the Jenkins aren’t studio today we’re going to paint some mums it’s really not really important what kind of flower we’re painting it’s the general approach and it’s your attitude about painting that’s so important let’s take a look at the painting that we’re going to be doing today so you get an idea of where we’re going with everything well there it is you can see we have a yellow mum we have another one down below that’s a little on the orange side we have some oh boy we got those long tapered leaves on the bottom we’re going to have fun with this one so let’s come on down to the palette and let’s take it we have to find out whether the mums are on the canvas I love mums because they’re full of all these wonderful petals we’re going to take a little orange and yellow Oh before I do that let’s come up let’s take a look at the canvas that I’m working on because I want to tell you talk to you a minute about this this is an 18 by 24 canvas and you can’t see it at home guys but there’s some white on the outside of the canvas and I use a very large brush this is a excuse me number 32 and the white extends in about 4 inches on each side and maybe 6 inches down but there’s nothing in here because I don’t want a lot of paint getting in the way of our mums so we use a large 32 inch brush to get that white on there and this is wet okay now we’re going to come in here and we’re going to sketch just a little circle kind of a ragged circle really to find out where the mums are located we have another one down here it’s no big deal just a little kind of a rough sketch now we keep it rough so if we don’t like where the mums are located we can move one up or down or over wherever okay it’s just that we don’t want to paint it in and say oh no we don’t like it where we have it located that we would have to scrape it off so this is very flexible and very loose and we’ll put our little happy face on there so you can you can keep something to look at other than just our little sketch huh let’s come down to the palate and look at the cover this is our acre of diamonds down here we have if you’re going to paint flowers you must have color on your palate because if it’s not down here guys that’s not going to find its way up to the canvas we need a nice dark color I’m still going to use this very large brush because it’s really great the large brush will enable you to paint nice and loose now you notice the brush how it’s moving back and forth it’s loose and it’s free and it’s crazy you can get those free loose strokes going and hit that canvas and and do it to it honey get it on there we’re going to come back down and pick up a color I don’t even know what it is let’s see oh boy that’s sort of a purpley color you never know what a color is because when it comes out of the tube many of the colors are very dark sometimes you have to mix a little white watch what happens when you mix a little white you can see now the color the true color comes out so you really don’t know what you have until the colors there so the white is mixed with it let’s take that up here and put a little bit of that in here now this isn’t in the painting that I’m looking at when I’m copying from but who cares you can’t paint the same thing twice who wants to it’s boring everybody will go to sleep get it on there now look at how loose it is now when Katherine and I do our workshops it’s so difficult to get people to paint loose we don’t care what’s really happening in here it’s the outside edge so when I tell folks well let’s paint loose let’s have a nice loose background they come in and they paint these little boxy shapes like this now you see this is very tight this is terribly left-brained painting we want right-brain painting that’s where all the creativity starts this is tight this is loose this is fun this is boring don’t do that and if you see yourself

doing that slap yourself in the face and go no don’t do that loosen it up and keep it free let’s put some more color in there let’s take you know I love color yellow and orange and let’s throw some of that up in here not too much it will get too crazy now we have our very rough outside edge and we’re going to come in remember I have that white back there and this is our large blending brush and we’re just going to come in and soften some of those edges out yeah and get that brush to do its thing fit it nice and soft sort of a dreamy look to the whole background now when you first have these brushes the large blending brushes until they get broken in they will shed a little bit no boy you know I I’m going to this happens on ground every other show that I get these hairs on the canvas and I just take them off of there and pick them off I take them off and I’m saving them on my head every one I get I’m going to pick another one off of there there’s another one save it up here while I tell you pretty soon I won’t even be able to I have to go back to wearing my cowboy hat cuz I’ll have so much hair yeah let’s get back to the painting mm-hmm let’s Block in them up we have a nice lot of nice color let’s start with this guy up here we’re going to take and take a little yellow an orange but we need to darken it up a little bit so I’m going to take a little bit of this good old sienna I have a little touch of medium and we’re going to come up here and block it in and well the mum just before I came on here to do this for your Catherine said the mum is the fall painting I just had to I just turned around looked at Catherine it’s and she shook her head yes so I must be right so we have a mum up here and then we’re going to have another one down below and when we pick up some crimson a little touch of orange and this one is a much warmer color we’re going to block this one in loose then I use the side of the brush to kind of get a feeling of the moment and I’m still using that nice large brush sometimes my hands on the way I’ll try to keep it out of there all right we got a couple spots down here use your finger to get rid of that so what we’re after now is just a feeling of the mum we want to go in here and get a little bit darker so we’re going to take our crimson and no medium and make it darker right in there wipe the brush and we’ll pull that out just a little bit and keep it loose and keep it free we’re going to go up to the top one and way up here we’re going to put in a little dark in here no medium it’s sort of Pat it in there and then we’re going to sort of soften that edge out mm-hmm and maybe way in here we’ll take a little touch of green and mix it with our crimson to make it a little bit darker and we’ll get a really nice dark Center in that one now everything’s laid in the stage is set for us to take a brush that’s very important and let me show you this brush down on the pallet this is called a filbert filbert brush is the brush with the rounded corners can you see how round that is so when we make a stroke I’ll pick up a little paint here and show you when we make a stroke a petal you’re going to push down and you sort of can turn it to the side you see that stroke that’s the pedal stroke for your mom mm-hmm and it’s the round hairs that gives you the round size this is also a great for painting daisies see this same thing could be come a daisy and you would just simply put a little Center in there and a little white and pick out some petals so this brush is very versatile it’s used for a lot of different things okay now we’re going to take our white with a little yellow and orange I’m going to take this and come on up here now the mom this one women maybe face it a little bit thataway thataway and they’d say there’s the first stroke is straight mm-hmm then we’re going to come around and put

these little baby guys in so that looks like they’re looking inside the flower this one we need to get a little bit lighter okay now I’m using white and yellow and all we do now is go around the whole thing and start picking out the petals and you’ll see how easy this is and if you’re a beginner out there you’re going to like doing these because all it is is the same stroke now when you get to the outside edge you’ll see you curve the stroke more and around the back it’s much shorter because they’re just sort of peeking their heads over on down we come uh-huh curve those strokes round around we go now this is sort of the middle tone now down below the stroke goes up up and we actually paint the mum much looser now when you go and buy mums you’ll find that they’re they’re really quite tight and so we paint them looser than what they are because they look better when they’re painted loose and free notice where I hold my brush you hold your brush way back so that you paint nice and free and loose all right we’re going to come right up here go finish this little guy off this is the middle tone we want to get some highlighting going in here we want some snap crackle and pop so we’ll pick up our white in no media but we want our whites to stand up stand out we don’t use any medium oh boy look at that pop no medium and that makes those lights jumping sizzle we want strength in your stroke curve it in her throwing it throw it yes let’s go down to the next one this next one is just sitting there just waiting for us waiting for its face to be painted let’s take a little orange and yellow and we’ll this has some petals that sort of overlap here and sometimes you’ll use the side of the filbert and sometimes you use the flat there it goes boy this has sort of more of a golden feel to it you never know what you’re going to get your paint you paint by the seat of your pants that’s what you do and that’s where the fun starts if you’re painting and you know exactly what’s going to happen all the time it’s boring you have the creativity really starts when you’re not in control when you go gee what would happen if I did this what would happen if I did that there’s no such thing as doing a painting that doesn’t work remember if you’re a beginner you learn from everything and in painting you learn by your mistakes so if you do a painting and it doesn’t turn out it’s not a loser it’s a learning experience so it’s a win-win situation you cannot lose you might not want to show the penny to anybody because you say oh this just didn’t turn out it’s terrible but then ask yourself maybe it is terrible but what did I learn from it did I learn how to stroke it in this one area maybe the whole rest of the painting is down the toilet but you won this one area you said yes I won I got that to look like I wanted it to look fine then you could scrape the whole thing off or give it to somebody you don’t like and then paint it again let’s put some leaves in here we’re going to take another brush let’s see which brush I’m going to use for this one we’ll take a number number 20 and we have several leaves to put in our painting we have more of the of the mum type of leaf we will take a little Sienna and we come way over here pick up a little orange some of these colors I’ve even written down the names because we’ve got different Catherine actually comes on and mix these these up for me so I have to read what she mixed here we have a beautiful rose color that’s rose white and a touch of Mobb here we have a red and white which makes a beautiful pink and here we have cerulean blue white with a little touch of green which makes a look at these collars point they’re beautiful yes yes yeah behind every man there’s a woman mixing and laying out his palette whoa that’s right let’s come up here and get a leaf in before we run out of time now this leaf is more watch me see how it woo you can’t see that watch we kind

of come up and come to a point see that then we come out come out come out down the center and this is more of the leaf that you would find with the mum then let maybe so they’re not all the same we’ll take a little more orange maybe we’ll take a look at crimson and orange crimson and orange and we’re going to find another one this is done the same way out point and down see that’s how that stud mm-hmm now when you do this and you bring these leaves up next to the mom I’m going to take a little paint and bring that mom over the top of those leaves so that the leaves sit behind yes let’s come down let’s pick up some of those wall wonderful sort of a mauve color down here Marvin white and here we’ll have some of these long tapered Lee’s this is an oriental stroke yes watch it go straight turn the brush to the side look at it you could do a whole wonderful painting this way yes and you know remember another thing out there don’t just think of painting just for painting on canvas you could be doing this on a wall and you and your bathroom work or in your hallway and maybe it on a piece of furniture on some of our shows we did some furniture but you can use the same technique on furniture and have a wonderful time and just go crazy here’s another stroke here’s another one of those wiggle wiggle going in down here mm-hmm so we’re sort of filling out the outside edge now we need to come down to the bottom we need to get some goodies happening down here we have green and sienna and we’re going to come in and we have another strong leaf yes coming out and if you’re going to make a mistake if you’re beginner out there and you want to try this stuff and make a mistake make a big one who it’s no fun making little mistakes make a big mistake here watch the edge of the brush come out and you just come out out out point out point it’s like dancing yes yeah look at that I hear that the old band musics coming back an old jitterbug musics coming back that’s great I sure don’t under I’m just too old I don’t understand this rap stuff where they just get up there and start rapping and yelling I’m a Frank Sinatra guy yes I am and I’m proud of it but I’m glad the old musics coming back that’s great what does music have to do with painting painting has rhythm just like music has rhythm painting has form and lying and movement like we’re going to come down here I’m going to take this one and we’re going to swing it yes I said swing just like in the old maybe that’s where that’s why they call that dancing swing we’re swinging we have the rhythm and the movement to our painting yes now all of this you can find in our painting packet which will outline everything for you in case you guys miss a lot of this stuff especially the colors that we’re using now are we doing here now you know you can go on and on with these paintings you can this could be finished right now you all you or you can go in and add little things to it maybe little highlights I want to get this a little stronger but a switch brushes go back down to my filbert brush good old filbert I’m going to punch see if you let your paint dry up a little bit then it’ll take the white to get that nice crisp edge now if you wipes wipe set if your whites pop too much just knock them down a little bit there but we do want to have some strength and some pop to the painting now look how loose that is now don’t go in and overwork it I see the folks in my workshops they have a beautiful painting then they go in and then they mess it all up by going over and over and over let’s come right up into this area and maybe maybe we’ll take a little crimson and orange Christmas crimson and orange maybe right in here we’re gonna have guess what

we’re gonna have we’re going to come in it’s not in the painting I’m working from but we have time to play we’re going to have a butterfly yes we are he doesn’t have his body yet so let’s get his body on there otherwise he’ll crash into the flowers and get a little body underneath uh-huh say and then we have another brush that’s called our liner brush and we use it very very wet and we come up here and they have this little antenna that sticks out so that he could pick up his favorite programs on PBS and we’ll get a little something for him to sit on uh-huh and we’ll get a little maybe a little color on his wing maybe he has a little yellow in here you can go out and get yourself some butterfly books and put whatever color butterfly you want or just simply make one up now I like to put little things in a lot of my paintings because it a little living we got another hair there well I won’t keep that one a little living nature in your paintings adds a lot of life to your painting has another dimension to it all right now don’t mess with the butterfly well that’s in its in and you get out he just landed on that little little piece there that little twig stick it out we could have now these two up here maybe they’re kind of wah-wah see that watch your composition we’re going to have put another one right in here another one in here kind of break that up okay now you all know many of you know there some of you don’t know Catherine and I have moved from Florida to Ashland Oregon what a beautiful place we sit between two mountain ranges we have a Victorian house and we have a garden in the back which is where we get all of our information for our flowers from and let me show you this it now I have a little studio in my back yard and I between my back door and my studio this is what I go past every morning isn’t that something of course right now that’s during the summertime right now we probably have rain and snow out there but this is where Katharine and I we get our camera and we get in there and we photograph the flowers we have roses we must have 90 to 100 rose bushes out there let me show you another one we have which just goes on and on oh this is a neat one to show you this has a little arbor and you see that fence back there I built the fence myself I cut all those pickets up put the arbor up and isn’t that wonderful little stepping stones yes and again we spend a lot of other time out there I have a digital camera now that I take out there and photograph and then I put them up on my into my computer and I blow the pictures up and here’s another one here with the reflecting globe which we have about five or six of those Katherine goes crazy with those she even took one of those globes and and gold-leafed it guys she go leaved it and put it in the house I don’t know we got so much stuff in our house you have to walk sideways to get through we have one she has one room where she has a doll room nothing but dolls all over the place that’s her I don’t I’m not allowed in there because I’m too clumsy I could knock into stuff well let’s see how we did I think we did super let’s head in closing up here we might want to just get a little more accent boot get my hand out of there maybe on the this little leaf coming out maybe another one right just a little shot right in there okay let’s stand back and see how we did we got a Oh wonderful mom down here our big one on the top you guys give this a try don’t forget when you’re finished working with your brushes to use a brush conditioner it’ll save those brushes thanks for watching out there and don’t forget to stop along the way and smell those mums god be with you and I’ll see you next time

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