hi guys how are you my name is TARA SIGARI I am here to teach you guys how to do a beautiful glowy bronzy everyday makeup but also give you guys that snatched dramatic fox eye I look with a couple of tricks that I know I really wanted to tape my eyes but I couldn’t find that so I did another hack that you guys could do with an elastic band um if you guys like this videos please put a thumbs up any suggestions leave it in the comments I mean what I’ve already applied my moisturizer I’ve already applied my primer the moisturizer was Charlotte Tilbury and the primer was good so a trick that I’m going to tell you is if you have combination skin I tend to have a lot of smile lines cuz I laugh a lot I’m happy personally and my foundation really creases over there so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna mix a couple of foundations you don’t need to do this if you have normal skin and you know you’re privileged like that you wouldn’t need to do this process I applied the Fen TVD foundation just around my lips this is a dry dry situation and this won’t crease around my mouth area and then I could just apply whatever foundation that I want to use today I’m thinking of doing a bronzy bronzy this has beautiful undertone this is the NARS natural radiant long wear foundation and the color Punjab okay so I’m just dabbing the Punjab on my face the reason why but this color is it has a different undertone and it’s more golden and I like that golden look and around my mouth I usually tend to conceal anyways so I went with a lighter shade I’m thinking today to do a very simple look despite the eye the eyes probably going to be the most difficult part of this look just because if you want to watch this tutorial and achieve like a nice beautiful glow from within face makeup to do on your daily base and just skip the eye part you would be able to learn something and if you’re here to learn how to do the Fox eyes you could just skip to the I part work you want to do the whole look you could watch the full tutorial so I want to do something for everyone okay so I applied my foundation I’m gonna start contouring my face some product from youth sticks I love these three in one magnetic lip plush teens yeah that’s what it’s called that’s a tongue twister this color is shade I’ve never used and I’m going to use it as a contour it’s called Tahiti hockey let’s do this I’m just gonna apply it very much bones are I don’t know if this is going to be a beautiful copper shade but we shall see together I usually use but if you need tag or and that’s one of my favorite products but I don’t want to just keep using the same products and stuff product I’m gonna start well this is beautiful so the good thing about this product that’s why it was very you know confident about using inner camera is they blend incredible the blusher I’m going to be using today is the same instincts but blush why can’t I talk for campaign lunch so I was not worried about you see the contour that blend beautifully your side you might see that I pulled my brushes in a weird way that’s just because they have a different from most people I have arthritis so my grip is like very different I know how to do techniques I know how to do makeup end result is always the same as make artist just that the way that I pulled my brush I hold it in a way that’s easier for my grip so yeah that’s beautiful I love this product this is Tarte shape tape light me money my all-time favorite focus on me sir okay so the way that I apply my concealer to achieve this Fox I look has a different technique I go here I go here here so the regular part but I want you to definitely put the concealer in an angle like that and I shrink about the Tarte concealer is if you let it sit you get more pigmentation so I let it sit for like a couple of seconds the more it sits the more it dries so if you’re someone with a lot of dark circles you could go and start color

correcting and then apply the concealer let it sit for a couple of minutes and that blend it up by the way this was like my fourth video and the other videos that I did it was a voiceover sorry just film easily and then I would record it on a microphone but talking to the camera is such a new territory for me that I had the Apple a lot and work balm in a lot so that’s I’m not good I apologize it’s kind of taking a little while to get the hands of this it’s pretty awkward instant interval shot your camera so I just blend that out like that so after that splendid I’m gonna take my translucent powder this is Laura Mercier in the shade translucent obviously it’s called translucent loose setting powder Sarah I will start baking not too much around my laugh lines as I mentioned it is very problematic for me I laugh at every stupid joke the consequences foundation being all my last lines all the time so I look like a little old lady Alicia before I would just avoid applying foundation there but then I was in a good book guys and then I’m gonna start applying it underneath my eyes make sure that you blend out underneath your eyes when you apply the concealer right before you apply setting powder just because if there’s any tiny lines in you apply setting powder it sucks up all the moist that’s a weird word and you could really see that all the little tiny wrinkles the bronzer that I’m going to use today is Guerlain terracotta these products some of them might be pricey and you don’t need to use a pricey product I could tell you the undertones and if you have something similar it’s gonna work one thing I wish I knew before becoming an influencer of content creator I hate the word influencer is that you could do any makeup look with any makeup I used to think that I need that lip gloss or I need that foundation to achieve that look if that’s not the case at all so this is a warm tone so if you have a warm tone bronzer then you’re good to go you could use hoola Carmel hoola bronzer you can see Charlotte Tilbury you could use the Mac give me spots sun that’s one of the best ones I finished this a Maggie I’m gonna achieve I’m gonna apply I’m going to apply this bronzer with an angled brush just exactly where I find my contour and I’m going to bring it a little bit up here and I’m gonna bring it a little bit inwards but I’m gonna stop where the middle of my eyes are so a lot of people start bronzing their foreheads and that’s the way to do it so electric car – and usually goes like I do with three-inch does this and she goes down I have a very tiny forehead well our groom is feet on my forehead is basically no real estate so I’m not gonna start bonding it up as if it brought it up it’s gonna appear smaller so if you have a larger forehead that’s something you should do I also have a tiny chin so I’m not gonna start bronzing it up you could if you want to put a smaller chin and you give this larger chain you could bronze it up I however will apply this bronzer I’m gonna go neck up around here just under my jawline and then in photos you look at me everyone will let my god your jawline really it’s Nauticus draw it off from the back of my ears like that but underneath tension same thing but new show you so this is my jaw line here this is my girl in here this is like maybe looks it and then after I do this I’m going to bring it down of course and then because I said my bronzer as a warm tone I’m like this is not gonna cut it with that this is for work you know that goal you don’t contour ever with a warm Pleasant okay so what I am going to use for contour is Kevin a Quan sorry going on in the sculpting powder called medium this is a very cool tone let me show you guys it looks practically like a brown gray depending on your skin tone if you don’t have a sculpting powder you could still use like a ledge I shadow that’s

brown but it’s very cool tone that would work and then the darkness and the lightness all depends you don’t skin John so I’m gonna let get this on a blending brush and I’m not gonna apply it on my eyes so I’m going to look straight into the camera I’m gonna start sucking in my cheekbones I got a lunatic and then I’m gonna start contouring that eggs like that and they look that actually does make a difference this side doesn’t have it and this side does and look how high my cheekbones up here that’s the magic of contour my face looks fatter like flatter and fatter and then this one looks like it’s chiseled and then so if my dark shade that I bronzer is here I’m gonna apply the contour a little bit like and tiny bit above that towards up and then break it down and stop so I’m not bringing my contour here because then I’m gonna look very light just stop there here and then take a bigger brush just like whatever I drawn to it go on top and try to blend that out so you can’t see where that line starts and with it where that ends with the same sculpting powder and a tiny blending brush can you see it yeah it’s a little small blending brush the smaller and the denser your brushes the more color it picks up and you could apply it but you it’s very difficult to blend with that but the bristles of this is very sparse but it’s still very small so it’s gonna be easy for me to blend and I also find a lot of color I’m going to go like a little Yu Shi Yu shape underneath my nose cut my nose shorter so advise shorter when you see me because there’s shadows here pick it up like that you know so I want to blend it with my hand I could do that I’m gonna put my meal just to give it an angle so it’s a straight line and I’m gonna apply it right over in the middle of my nose like here so it gives a round cute button shape later on I could go in with my Beauty Blender to just blend any harsh lines and then the Beauty Blender that I applied my it could be the same Beauty Blender of my setting powder there’s still a little bit of powder I’m gonna see can i nose apply some white and let me tell you the reason so when you put white you bring it up right so this is gonna blend in with my cheekbones and now my nose looks tiny bit skinnier okay so we’re gonna go to one of my all-time favorite blushes to achieve that sunkissed look I would never go for a blush fist color I just stumbled upon it because I had pee I package and I tried it and I’m like oh my god this is nude stakes the same formula magnetic lip plush pins and the color sweet sangria and it’s a burnt red orange and I’m like this would look beautiful on like darker skin tones I wonder if it’s gonna look as good on a medium skin tone or it’s gonna be too dark what was that I love it let me focus on my face it’s so blendable right now you see me powder my face I’m gonna apply this blush around here like on my nose and my cheekbones not on the outer part so I’m gonna just do a couple of dots and I’m gonna build it so that’s like four little tiny ones and this is my blush brush it’s a dual ended dual fibre sorry ongoing duo fiber blush brush so hard saying that I’m just gonna stipple it on my face I’m just gonna bring it to my nose so like where my under eyes are you see that it’s so beautiful and it’s so glowy it’s full it just gives you lights on my forehead and then take my Beauty Blender just go on wherever I hide it and then

blend it out on my entire skin what I’m going to do next is apply some highlighter this is the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty light wand easy highlighter and the color spotlight this is one of the original ones there we go I love a fine liquid highlighter and then on top of it just stick some powder highlight and it just really makes it more tonight look at that picks up all night maybe the stash a lot of people don’t like that massage right but I do like it defined Cupid’s bow to just blend that out on my nose so you can stop right here you don’t need to go this far I want to even make it a little bit more dramatic I’m gonna go in with my champagne pop Becca highlighter and just layer it on top of the liquid one I’m gonna take a smaller brush just because I said the smaller the brush the intensity of the color payoff anymore and okay so the thesis is done this is how the face looks like we’re going to go to the eye so I’m gonna zoom you guys in and we’re gonna try to achieve boxy smokey smoldering mysterious I love it together okay so this bra has nothing and then this brow I made it like a longer and long even more so we’re gonna do this brow like this brow precisely my fan and the shade 5 precisely my brow start okay so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna brush this down and then brush these parts up we have a little bit of eyelash glue here yesterday so I’m gonna draw a straight line right and then where does my brows end that’s good and then connect the ends like that down and then brush brush brush brush brush cuz I don’t want any lines to be there straight lines here put them all downwards oh yeah that’s nice so it’s up down or my arches and then I go up and then I’m gonna take a concealer the same tart shape tape on the back of my hands just a dot not too much and then I’m gonna carve out and maybe even school on my brows the parts that I wanna you know I don’t want to grab attention to it so I’m gonna probably put on the end of my brows and pin see there like that and I’m gonna let it sit I’m not gonna let it go underneath my brows and then I want to take the concealer and I’m gonna probably apply it to my arch even like that I’m gonna let it sit for a second until it dries I think it’s good blending it that’s perfect like arm I eat my eyebrows are so long right now I’m gonna take my benefit 24 hour brow setter this is just an eyebrow gel here one of my favorite ones I’m gonna apply it like down down down okay so even if I were tops to Nashville in detail right now this eye looks elongated in very Fox I even for my round eyes so what we’re gonna do next is we’re gonna start contouring our I shape my eye shape meets a lot of contract because we want to get it as less round as possible okay so I’ve done one eye and I’m gonna do this I know I did this one off camera just so I could have a reference of what I’m going to show you guys to do what I did is I take just regular tape you could do this a couple of ways you could apply your eyeshadow on brows first then white and do your foundation you could do it and then clean it up with concealer I think the easiest way for me is to have regular tape put it apply it apply the regular tape back of my hand so it’s not

sticky anymore apply my T in an angle so I’m not gonna bring it to up because this is not a cat eye this is the fox eye so it doesn’t go eyes up it’s more just elongated you know and then when I put I could even put a couple of you know false lashes here and it’s just gonna even give it more of a elongated look and imagine on my round eyes if it’s giving you such like a pulled up you know elongated look what it would be for you guys if you guys have smaller or more all vinci code you guys been killing this look what i’m gonna do is i applied this everything is gonna be focused on the outer corners rather than in the corner because whatever you apply the inner corner it’s going to make it more round shaped so I’m gonna take a brown eye pencil and this is in the shade narce map maybe these two end parts and with my brown pencil very messy why it could be any brown pencil preferably if you’re gonna apply eyeshadow you would want if you’re applying this as a base you would want a creamy eye pencil so if it’s like a drier pencil it won’t work well you could just skip this part and do it with an eyeshadow and I’m just keeping the focus on the outer part and after this I’m going to take my put of Beauty new it’s a palette in the shade medium and I’m gonna take a brown shade you just probably gonna take that brown shade over there with a big blending brush bring it I’m gonna take a regular eyeliner you could skip this part you could do it with a black eye pencil you could do it with the black eyeshadow or whatever you feel more comfortable with this is a liquid eyeliner from Charlotte Tilbury the feline flick and the tip of it is super thin and it’s very easy to use for detailed looks for this one you don’t even need it if you use whatever at the end part of my eyes nothing Hey and then before it dries I’m gonna take that blending brush – so don’t let you brush while it’s still wet and I’m gonna start blending that in I could have been used walk I shadow I just don’t want to go that concealer I’m gonna put a little bit on the back of my hands pull this tape out and then I’m gonna blend it with my blending brush because it’s probably have a you see like a hard line if you like that line you could keep it I personally don’t what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start blending blending blending and then with a flat brush I’m going to just pick up my concealer perfect and then on the other side with a curve that’s what I’m doing it it’s as a curve like a little like it’s gonna become as see but it’s not I’m then my beauty blender and there’s a couple of reasons of doing this a being the shapes gotta be perfect evening that there was tape there so there might be a little bit of makeup gone because the tape might have picked it up okay so this eyes done and we completed the eye shadow for this eye I’m gonna go in with a brown pencil that I used just in my waterline in the outer corners and I’m gonna start applying mascara this is the it cosmetics this is called the lash blowout mostly on the outer corners a really good trick is I’m gonna apply this mascara from the root wiggle and then give it an angle and then towards this way see what a difference it makes even if you apply a couple of falsies individual it’s just at the end of your eyes that’s gonna even get like for let’s do it on the other eye you get any mascara anywhere do not worry don’t touch it but I think you better scrape it off or you could even the eyeshadow okay so that’s it for the eye shadow mascara and I’ve done my face already I’m gonna do my lips now and then I have an extra trick and this is what celebrity makeup stylists to do so I don’t recommend doing it on databases cuz it’s not good but if you really really want that true Fox I look this is

how you get it just keep on watching I’m gonna go in with Mac and the shade spice I’m gonna over line my lips a little I knew it let me get rid of like keep its cool just for this little I’m going to go for one of my favorite combos this is Charlotte Tilbury new Kate it’s a muted nude so beautiful apply it on the center and then I’m gonna go for this is a tri-c duo now that I’m seeing it kind of feel that this is a Dior lip gloss for the shade 7 1 1 7 11 and this is a brown oh that’s beautiful you smell really good too okay so say you’re not done here you want to go to the next level I don’t suggest this to do often because it really if you put your face back your hairline goes back it’s not good from you sag your skin there’s a lot of cons rather than pros you could tape it that’s what makeup artists like harus does I also have face tape someone’s stolen it I don’t want to get into it but another way and other hack is just get a little tiny elastic band I’m gonna um divide my hair and put it in a bump here what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take some here where I want to pull maybe maybe I’m gonna pull here goes back it looks like that you have to strategically pull out a part that you want your skin to be pulled out for I’m gonna do that underneath the bun I’m gonna take the tiny elastic band that’s enough for me put my hair down wanna so I could even pull it more from here underneath I don’t like it even though it does give me the fox eye effect it really gives me migrants and I don’t like my friends if you guys have suggestions for my videos to get better I know it’s not good you guys don’t need to light leave it in the comments oh I know like I already ordered a better microphone so my voice is one I’ve ordered a good microphone and if there was any other suggestions guys have please comment them and I’ll try to make it better in the next video I love you guys mwah and also leave me a comment on what makeup you guys want me to do next bye