Adaalat – अदालत २ – Episode 2 – 5th June, 2016

Here’s the last ball of today’s match India needs three runs to win One ball and three runs The audience at the stadium is quite excited The bowler is ready! Here goes the last ball and the batsman has flicked on the leg side Bad fielding and the first run is scored very easily The second run, the fielder has thrown and the batsman is out! England has won this match India has lost it And once again they’ve lost the match they could’ve won Keshav, what happened? Is everything okay? Yes, I’ve missed a lot of calls and messages from my wife She’s not answering the call now. I hope She must be busy – Right I-I’m leaving. Bye – Okay, take care Where are you going? – Sir the road ahead is under construction Hello, Aditi. Where are you? Why is no one at home? Your mom is not answering the phone either Okay, fine. I’ll call you up once I reach home Jhanvi Jhanvi Jhanvi Jhanvi! Was there no one else at home? Normally, the servants will be at home Today, even my daughter had been to our farmhouse in Panvel Do these bangles belong to your wife? Do you see this? We found this ring box on the table Can you tell us whom it belongs to? Sonica Malhotra! – So The.. The supermodel? – Yes She She is my girlfriend! ‘Former India’s cricket captain and current match commentator’ ‘Keshav Balhara’s wife, Jhanvi Balhara’ ‘has been murdered brutally in their house.’ ‘The police suspect failed model and starlet, Sonica Malhotra’ ‘to be the culprit.’ ‘To discuss this topic, we have in our studio’ ‘well-known director, Vishwas Ranjan’ ‘Dr. Parekh and Sonica Malhotra’s’ ‘best friend, Suhasi.’ ‘But firstly, we would like to talk’ ‘to the well-known director, Vishwas Ranjan’ ‘who was in a very close relationship’ ‘with Sonica Malhotra.’ ‘Nonsense.’ ‘She is a psycho.’ ‘My marriage was almost broken because of her.’ ‘She was obsessed about me – Obsession is understandable’ ‘but what about the murder?’ ‘Dr. Parikh, what do you have to say about this?’ ‘I’m not surprised.’ ‘Sonica Malhotra’s symptoms’ ‘were of extreme schizophrenia.’ ‘A condition where she could go to any extent’ ‘to achieve something or someone. – Suhasi’ ‘you’re a good friend to Sonica Malhotra.’ ‘So, tell us What kind of a relationship’ ‘were Keshav and Sonica in?’ ‘Actually, I shouldn’t be saying this’ ‘but Sonica and Keshav were in a serious affair’ ‘since the last two years.’ ‘Keshav didn’t want to divorce his wife, Jhanvi.’ ‘And Sonica was pressurising him to get married.’ ‘So, it’s pretty clear that Keshav’s girlfriend, Sonica’ ‘murdered his wife, Jhanvi, to get him.’ ‘She’s absconding now Wow!’ ‘This is as filmic as a Bollywood story.’

That’s wonderful Sit The case has not even started and the media has started giving the verdict It’s totally ridiculous! Sir, it’s not so hard to pass a judgement One of my friends had shot an advertisement with Sonica She’s a crazy woman She has cut her wrist twice I mean, someone who can harm himself can do anything to the others Sir, I think Sonica is definitely guilty Do you think so? – Yes, sir Most of the time what appears to be won’t be the truth and the truth won’t appear to be so So, I say that we need to consider all the aspects before coming to the conclusion This is your today’s lesson Your first lesson But, sir, Sonica Malhotra is at large If she was innocent, she would’ve come in front of all She wouldn’t go into hiding So, you didn’t kill Keshav Balhara’s wife, Jhanvi Of course, not May I smoke here? – I am sorry It is illegal as well as injurious to health Okay Look, I had been to Keshav’s home but.. – No.. Just Just a second Why are you telling me this? Adhira, I think you should call the police. – Yes, sir Don’t you dare to call the police! First, you handle my case I didn’t get you If you didn’t kill her then why are being scared? You shouldn’t be afraid Police emergency Sonica Malhotra here Mr. Pathak, are you satisfied? It’s so hot here! Now, will you handle my case? I will decide it after listening to the whole story Come on, tell me What happened on that night? I don’t get scared while doing something Since one and half year, Keshav and I are seeing each other Just a day before the murder, his stupid wife got to know about our relationship And then she sent a message saying, ‘Meet me today’ What time? – 9 o’clock I reached their house The door was open Jhanvi, where are you? Why were you sending such rude messages? I am breaking up with Keshav He is all yours He is not as innocent as he pretends to be He is just yours Jhanvi! Jhanvi! Jhanvi That’s it. I just freaked out and ran away from there Anyone would have done the same If it was anybody else he would have called the police To get arrested by the police? Mr. Pathak, what do you know about me? Do you know my history? I am a failed actress A model who is out of work According to the media, I search for a man every three months Rich and married men with whom I build a relationship and then ruin their family And why do I do all this? Do you know why? Because I am mad I am a mental patient It is your opinion, Ms. Sonica Anyone can keep their point of view Everyone has that right But only the court has the right to deliver justice KD Pathak I will be representing your case You

Do you believe me? But why? – It will be good if some things are discussed in the court See you in court Sir, you are fighting her case Sir, she is a fraud I mean, it is published in the newspaper that she took Rs. 20 lakh from a film producer in Kanpur as a signing amount for a film And then she backed out Even in Delhi, there are two forgery cases on her Adhira, I know What you are saying about these cases Maybe she has done some cheating on a petty scale We are fighting a murder case It is possible that she is not a murderer As long as I am here, an innocent getting punished You know what I am saying Let’s see And I promise you if I feel that she is lying or if I get a doubt that she is the murderer then I won’t fight this case Let’s get on with this case, Adhira. – Sir Yes, it is true Sonica used to ask me to leave Jhanvi But I was not able to do that Out of frustration, Sonica handled the matter by herself and killed your wife Jhanvi had threatened that now, either Sonica or she would survive I am sorry, Jhanvi Because of me, you had to – Did you hear, sir? ‘Either Sonica or she would survive.’ Silence in the court! Your Honour these are the chat records from Ms. Jhanvi’s phone which took place between 6 and 7 o’clock that evening Two women were fighting for a man and were threatening each other One states, ‘Shut up or else’ ‘I’ll come there and kill you.’ Your Honour Haven’t you written this? Mr. Pathak – Yes, Your Honour Have you seen this? – Yes, Your Honour In that case, you must have also seen the other evidences, Mr. Pathak. I mean These pieces of bangles recovered from the crime scene Footprints of Ms. Sonica’s sandal which we have recovered from the crime scene And this expensive diamond ring which Mr. Keshav had gifted to Ms. Sonica I hope you have seen all these – Yes I have seen them – Even then, you are saying that your client hasn’t committed the murder! Yes, sir You are absolutely right A good lawyer sees with his heart and brain along with his eyes. What about you? – Yes, of course I saw with eyes, heart, and brain. – I see. Good! Examine all three powers and tell me Why would my client bring the ring to the crime scene? To make her envious Do you think she took the ring with the box and the receipt only to make her envious, Your Honour? Yes. Maybe Maybe she wanted to return it To return it, correct? Your Honour, I wished to tell the court that Ms. Sonica had gone to end her relationship with Keshav and not to kill Jhanvi Give it a thought, Your Honour Why would someone trying to come out of a crisis aggravate it? Your Honour, this made me realise that Ms. Sonica is innocent. – Wow! – Your Honour.. – Wow! You mean to say that your client didn’t go there with the intention of killing Then, why are her fingerprints found on this knife? I hadn’t touched this knife! – You have! Your Honour, the knife recovered from the crime scene which was used for killing The knife is a piece of this set, Your Honour which was found in my client’s kitchen This means, all the knives belong to her and it is obvious

that her fingerprints were found Thank you so much, sir Thank you so much You made our case much easier You are the one who said that the knife belongs to her and even the fingerprints Now, this case has been solved Well.. No, Prosecutor Now, firstly First think, then understand Then speak The knife is hers The knife was in her kitchen which had her fingerprints This knife was found in the crime scene Have you seen any culprit do such a thing? So, I wished to say, Your Honour the knife was in her kitchen, it was with the set Someone stole it and used to kill Keshav’s wife and this knife was planted there to frame her You mean to say that there was a third person But the police records don’t state anything like this A third person wasn’t there I mean, he was travelling back and forth I will explain through my next witness Your Honour, with your permission, I would like to call to the witness box Mr. Dinesh, Mr. Keshav’s driver Permission granted Mr. Dinesh, you are Mr. Keshav’s driver The love affair that was going on between Mr. Keshav and Ms. Sonica I hope you are aware of it – Yes, sir Well.. I have dropped Mr. Keshav to Ms. Sonica’s house several times So, sometimes, you had dropped Mr. Keshav to Ms. Sonica’s house It is obvious that you had placed Mr. Keshav’s luggage If you are intending to say that I have stolen the knife from the kitchen, then it isn’t right, sir I didn’t say that yet Forget about the knife Tell me. Where were you the day Ms. Jhanvi was killed? What were your engagements? – I was with Mr. Keshav, sir He was delivering commentary at the stadium and I was with the vehicle, downstairs I was with the vehicle, for the entire six hours Is Mr. Keshav’s vehicle Is it given by the company? – Yes.. It is the company car What is the distance between the house and the stadium? It is 6 kilometres – Yes I know that because my assistant over there has travelled this distance in her car So, I know, it is 6 kilometres In that case, the commute between the house and the stadium is 12 kilometres It means, the remaining 12 kilometres.. Look at this The reading at which you collected the vehicle and dropped it back is registered in the log book This is how it works with a company’s cars I think you left your boss to continue with the commentary in the stadium and went to his house You went back to the stadium from the house Why did you go home? I went home but I didn’t go with any wrong intention I went to ask for money Did you go to ask for money? What money? My daughter’s wedding is going to take place the next month I had asked Mr. Keshav for Rs. 50,000 in advance and he refused to give it to me Ma’am is kind-hearted So, I thought of asking her for the loan without informing sir Mr. Dinesh, you made a mistake Your daughter cannot get married now because your boss refused to give you money You asked ma’am for it Even she refused to give it and you killed her – Why would I kill ma’am? She used to give me salary However, I saw the person who killed ma’am Who was it? I saw that somebody was bending over her dead body The knife was in that person’s hand I took out my mobile phone and clicked a photo immediately so that I don’t get accused Why didn’t you inform the police if you had clicked a photo? I was scared, sir I was supposed to submit the photo to the police But the police did the right thing before that Look at this Here you go Sir, we could call this a self-goal if this was a football match Sir thought of giving a new direction to this case by calling Dinesh here But what happened is the exact opposite of that As he says, shocking I lied. But.. – Unfortunately, my ears cannot tolerate lies It is a manufacturing defect Anyway, I have decided that I won’t fight your case

Okay, darn it! I did hold that knife But I held it to remove it and not to kill her Really? I have heard such stories from many criminals But I’m telling you the truth I recognised the knife as soon as I saw it It was my knife That is when I realised that somebody is trying to trap me Ms. Sonica, your story is interesting I believe it, too But none of the judges will believe it I’m really sorry, I cannot fight your case Mr. Pathak! Mr. Pathak, where are you going? Mr. Pathak, please listen to me Please! Mr. Pathak, trust me I can never forgive myself Never! – Don’t blame yourself You are not at fault Mr. Pathak Thank you Mr. Pathak, it is good in a way What? – We got to know about that woman in the first hearing itself Anyway, there’s this new case It is about the murder of the owner of Mehta Industries Look at these photos The first photo was clicked by the driver, Dinesh around 8:17 p.m The second photo was clicked after three hours by the police Spot the difference Sir, the furniture has moved The things have moved Even the paintings are rearranged Very observant I’m proud of you You deserve to be my assistant Thank you, Mr. Pathak Adhira, the question is why is the furniture moved and the paintings rearranged? Do me a favour Inform Inspector Rathore that I want to inspect the crime scene Sir, we have left this case Yes, we have But what if we have overlooked a few things? We should identify it in that case We should give it a shot Enough, keep it there Keep it there Thank you Move it back a little – KD Stop! What were you saying? What is this? The case is not going to move ahead by moving furniture Yes, possibly you are right but I am going to take out that painting for sure It smells of the oil made of Indian gooseberry Well.. When we found Jhanvi’s corpse it was also smelling of the same oil You should also apply this oil on your hair, Rathore It will relax you I don’t understand this The mark of the oil on the wall hidden behind a painting How? What are you looking at? – The triangle marks on the floor Aditi Did you send for me? – Yes I need you to answer few of my questions Please Can you tell me where were you on that fateful night? I was at our farmhouse in Panvel, with my friends The laptop that’s kept there Does it belong to you? Yes Please type your password and log in Who else knows your password? No one else except me Why do you ask? Just like that Aditi, can you please come outside with me? I need to ask you something about the painting that’s on the wall of your drawing room Okay What will you find in this laptop? The secrets of one’s life could be found

on either one’s mobile phone or on one’s laptop Your Honour, there’s nothing left in this case The image procured from Dinesh’s phone has sealed the fate of this case Photographic evidences of the killer by the only witness Your case has been clean bowled Indeed, but on a no ball I mean, no out I mean, the game is not over yet Could you please tell me what is mentioned as the time of death in the autopsy report? The time was between 9 and 10 So, the time was between 9 and 10 Your Honour, the autopsy report says that Ms. Jhanvi died between 8 and 9 But the picture was clicked by Dinesh at 9:30 p.m This means After 30 minutes of Jhanvi’s death I hope you get my point, Mr. Gujral The mathematics here is quite simple As per the autopsy report she died between 8 and 9 p.m It’s a regulation that after committing a murder the murderer flees the crime scene Then why did my client, Sonika, after going there and committing the murder stood in that pose with a knife in her hand for about 30 to 45 minutes? Why? Why would she do that? What’s the truth behind this picture then? Your Honour, the truth about the picture is that my client, Ms. Sonika, is speaking the truth She did go there But when she reached there Ms. Jhanvi was already murdered The murderer had fled And she was not trying to stab.. – This case rather she was trying to pull the knife out That’s when Mr. Dinesh clicked the picture You are misleading the court – You are getting misled The case is still on the right path It’s very simple The murder took place between 8 and 9 p.m Ms. Sonika reached there at 9:30 p.m Which means, someone else was there between 8 and 9 Silence! – And not just that if I am right then he or she was there at 8:19:11 p.m Were you standing there with a timer? No, not a timer but a laptop This one This laptop This laptop, Your Honour It belongs to Aditi, Ms. Jhanvi’s daughter And it is password protected No one else knows the password It shows a login at 8:19:11 p.m The police cyber cell has checked it, Your Honour Here’s the report for the same Silence! But I was at my farmhouse in Panvel How could have I logged in to my laptop from there? Are you trying to suggest that a daughter killed her mother? No, Mr. Gujral I wish that never happens I am just saying this password-protected laptop which belongs to Aditi was logged into by someone else Some files were deleted from it, Mr. Gujral I mean, few pictures But the killer forgot to delete them from the recycle bin Do you want to take a look? Take a look Aditi I request you to shed some light on these pictures Please I am sorry, Dad I didn’t want to do this But But I was helpless Ayush and I love each other That’s why we got married Mom didn’t want Ayush to either talk to me, or meet me She used to say that he isn’t worthy of me We wanted to keep our marriage a secret That’s it Was Ayush with you that night, in Panvel? He wasn’t with me But he was to join us He said that he had a shoot and that he would be late Hold on Ayush also knows the password of my laptop Has Ayush I haven’t done anything, sir I didn’t go there But the sunglasses I see with you

It’s kept on the table But I went there without my sunglasses Silent! Sir, I.. I went there to meet Aditi’s mom She had a lot of misunderstandings about me And when she learnt about our marriage she threatened to go to the police I mean Sir, I am an actor My career would have been ruined That’s why I went to her home to talk to her and convince her At what time did you go there? It must have been 8 or 8:15 p.m Ms. Jhanvi I was dumbstruck to see Ms. Jhanvi’s corpse Sir, I was scared because the only proof of my marriage with Aditi were the photographs in Aditi’s laptop Sir, I was scared that police would recover the photos and establish a link between me and this murder That’s why I went to Aditi’s room logged on to her laptop and deleted those photos But I was in a great hurry and I forgot to delete the pictures from recycle bin Sir, I swear.. To avoid the blood spilled on the floor I went out through the other part of the hall Did you see something unusual there? Sir, there was a sofa there a chair and a There was a projector too What was it? – A projector Mr. Banhara I didn’t find a projector in your house Do you have one? No – He doesn’t. – I swear, sir There definitely was a projector and it was placed on a tripod I thought it was Aditi’s – Tri.. On a tripod? Yes This is a tripod Due to the heat, the rubber on its legs has melted It was kept in the hall But there’s no projector here We will find what we are looking for, in this room What is this, sir? – It’s not a projector No, it isn’t a projector But many people can mistake this for one And this gadget is the key to this case’s secret But what is this? – Your Honour This is the mystery of this case However, in order to solve this mystery I would need to show the court something with your permission – I object, Your Honour Permission granted – Thank you, Your Honour Silence! Your Honour, ever since the beginning of the case the suspects in the case have changed First suspect was Sonika, Mr. Keshav’s girlfriend And then it was Mr. Dinesh And then we thought that Aditi is involved in the murder But then our suspicion shifted to her husband, Mr. Ayush Your Honour, since beginning there were two things that were bothering me First, who moved the furniture kept in the hall of that house? And why? And secondly, the oil stain on the wall of that hall Stains similar to the one we have on this wall Oil stain? – Yes, Mr. Gujral The stain of oil made of Indian gooseberry And I would like to draw court’s attention to the fact that on the night of her murder Ms. Jhanvi had applied the same oil on her head Your Honour, with the help of my assistant I researched about it and found out that a stain could be this big only when a person rests his or her head against the wall for six hours Mr. Pathak, why would someone rest his or her head against the wall for six hours? Your Honour, the public prosecutor has asked an apt question A person can do that if he or she is unconscious for that time and if he or she is made to stand in that position Silence! Your Honour, when I saw the oil stain there my attention diverted to the other side of the hall

where I had seen marks similar to that of a tripod’s on the floor A tripod that housed this gadget This gadget that Ayush mistook for a projector But what is this, Mr. Pathak? Your Honour, this isn’t actually a projector but a bowling machine which releases balls Like this But why was there a bowling machine inside the house? This was the death game, Your Honour First of all, Ms. Jhanvi was given a drug called Zatrocunin and made unconscious Your Honour, tests cannot detect the traces of this drug in the blood After she fell unconscious she was made to stand against the wall using two cupboards This machine was kept in front of her This bowling machine However, Your Honour That night, a knife was inserted in the machine instead of balls And then, the knife left the machine at high speed and pierced Ms. Jhanvi’s body Silence Your Honour, like I said before the furniture of that hall was moved And because it covered the machine neither Ms. Sonika, nor Mr. Dinesh could spot it Who can devise such an elaborated plan? That’s a good question, Your Honour Your Honour, not everyone can use this machine Only a person who has practised cricket for 20 years using this machine, can use it Mr. Keshav Balhara I agree that this bowling machine belongs to me Agreed that the murderer’s method was unique But Mr. Pathak, you seem to be forgetting that at the time of the murder I was at the stadium, commentating Sir.. There are many witnesses to that Are you trying to imply that even though I was at the stadium I killed my wife, Jhanvi at home? How is this possible? Your Honour, I will be right back Your Honour, this is court’s insult How did that happen? Using a remote control? – Timer, Your Honour It was done using the timer that’s attached to this device Mr. Keshav had preset it Am I right, Mr. Keshav? Am I right or am I right? Even if we believe that the timer was set but it doesn’t prove that it was my doing – One more thing You said Ms. Jhanvi was unconscious How could have she called or texted him in that condition? Exactly – GPS I am sure you have heard of it Global Positioning Satellite Your Honour, I wrote an application to his cell phone company and retrieved his phone details And I found out that he was himself sending messages and making calls to his number from his wife’s phone And his wife’s phone was with him GPS helps us know the location of a phone at a given time And your wife’s phone with you as it was first traced to the stadium and then to your way back to home

Yes I killed Jhanvi Silence! I was tired of being a sandwich between the two women Taunts, disharmony, blackmail, expenses, arguments All of it was driving me crazy I was desperate I wanted to get rid of all of it I made a plan of killing two birds with one stone I planned to kill Jhanvi and make Sonika the accuse I stole the knife from Sonika’s home And then I devised a plan to kill Jhanvi First, I made Jhanvi unconscious Then I made her stand against the wall using cupboards Then I inserted the knife in the bowling machine and switched its timer on I texted Sonika using Jhanvi’s phone and called her home And you know the rest of it Aditi, forgive me if you can Do not expect forgiveness from the judge By the way, your plan got you out, hit-wicket The defence rests Keeping in mind all the evidences testimonies, and Mr. Pathak’s wonderful arguments this court convicts Mr. Keshav Balhara on the charges of murder of Mrs. Jhanvi Balhara and orders the police to arrest him The court acquits Sonika Malhotra from all charges The case is closed Mr. Gujral – Well played, Mr. Pathak Thank you, Mr. Gujral – I lost this match but winning the next match won’t be easy for you Thank you