Hugh Jackman reveals what his campaign slogan would be if he ran for political office

[Applause] and the star of the film Hugh Jackman in sexiest it’s a big year because I’m too big major film festival films Tulley we talked about and now you have the front and runners starring this man right here so tell us about the film set it up for us sure well this is a story that happened when I was young enough that I didn’t really know what the first time around in 1987 Gary Hart the presumed next prize in the United States wound up in a sex scandal and he wound up honestly in the middle of the night news back-alley with three journalists and no one knew what to do because no one ever been in their shoes before and he went from being the next president to leaving politics forever in less than a week and it is it would just felt like a thriller and it had all this connective tissue to all the things that we’re talking about today now how did you know you wanted Hugh to play Gary Ari oh my god I mean like everyone wants you to be in their movie it’s more to know he was saying yes he’s one of our great movie stars and he has this reputation of being overwhelmingly decent overwhelmingly hard-working and I am happy to be here to say it is all true [Applause] people you’ll ever meet in any walk of life I gotta come back tomorrow morning but it is your first time playing a real-life person yeah and your first time too I reckon the film about someone who is a real life person who’s gonna watch the movie who’s going to watch the movie so did you talk to Gary Hart before this and if so what did he think about it about the worst three weeks of his life probably so you know not the making of the film we both talked to him a lot but yeah we both met him and and I travelled to Denver rapper who’s done to bring him the film show to him and I remember sitting outside the movie theater as he and his wife Lee watched the movie and it’s about the scariest screening I’ve had since my father watched my first short film I I was lucky enough he was open and generous enough to invite me to come and stay with him in a nice face he met me at the airport curbside he was there with the trunk of the car opened my hand for the other hand on my cheek and immediately I felt at ease with him I mean it’s a I’ve never been in this situation before I take it very seriously any job of course but when you’re in charge of somebody’s story I mean the story we have about ourselves is really the most precious thing we have right which includes our families but who we are that’s and so Maryse eriously I wanted him to know that and he we’ve become really good friends I admire him greatly what’s fascinating is you speak of Gary Hart losing a career in a week because of a sex scandal how do you remedy in your head where we are today because this wouldn’t it was that wasn’t meant to be completely funny but when you think about how times have changed in 30 years because that destroyed a man and now right where we’re at now it’s just such a different time no look you’re right and I think I start my day the way everyone here starts the day you wake up you open up your phone you open up the news app you go wait what and and we’re trying to figure out how we got here we’re all trying to figure out that it doesn’t matter what your politics are what side of the line you are on and and as a filmmaker I’m just lucky that I get to tell stories that allow me to kind of chew on that and inside this movie there’s 20 main characters other than he was the star but there’s you know I’m sorry there were other and but the journalists that can pay people all trying to figure out what’s happening as life is just shifting under our feet and and whenever you have a campaign you have to have a slogan so we did something the other day there was this who created it a Twitter thing where you take your last name and you and you take your last name and you add it to the last tweet that you saw text that you sent out so you guys have your phone my texts oh this is great Hanes gonna be a fun night I am seriously relieved is that like a month I bet as Jackman that is gold right right then about to go on TV I’m wearing makeup right now [Laughter] hahahaha won’t happen often good to me I think we all have winning slogans my job

but this movie is definitely a winner you got the winning combination theaters right now and everywhere on Thanksgiving so grab everybody take them out to check it Jackman jason reitman well hey there GMA fans Robin Roberts here thanks for checking out our YouTube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe button right over right over here to get more of awesome videos and content from GMA every day anytime we thank you for watching and we’ll see you in the morning on GMA