THE Adele Makeup Tutorial featuring Guest Artist Michael Ashton

I get asked a lot to do an Adele makeup tutorial I think it’s one of the most requested for me the only way to do this is to ask the original artist the person who created that look luckily I happened to know Adele’s makeup artist his name is Michael Ashton and he is not only incredibly talented he’s also a really lovely guy Michael’s been working with Adele for nine years now so right since the beginning of her career doing her hair and makeup and this is a really lovely example of a performer working with a makeup artist – weren’t really working together and collaborating to create a signature look now I know Michaels got loads and loads of tips he wants to share with you so without further ado over to you Michael thank you Lisa – kind hi everyone I feel absolutely privileged to be here today as a guest artist on Lisa’s channel I followed her career since I first moved to London from New Zealand so I’m here today to share with you one of my signature looks which is lashes and liner a look that I often do on my longtime client Adele who does have fantastic bone structure and beautiful almond-shaped eyes you know working with any client it’s always a collaborative process so I’m going to be sharing with you some of my tips and tricks my personal favourite products I hope you enjoy let’s get started so I’m just starting by prepping Lottie skin using the Bioderma cleansing water just helps to remove any excess oil before we start using serums and moisturizers so depending on our clients skin type will depend on the sort of prep that I use but one of my favorite products is this deck Leo rose oil which really plumps the skin eliminates any redness and really just hydrates smells amazing it’s delicious isn’t it a final product I always like to use before I start working on the eyes is Bobby Brown illuminating balm which has tiny tiny reflective gold particles in it and it just I do this before we start everything else so the product has time to read they soak into the skin and do its job but this gives a natural sort of strobing effect underneath any base that we’re going to use so now we’re going to start working on Lucky’s eyes I always like to just brush the brow into a natural shape using a clear brow gel just to help us give us a better idea of the shape then I always this is one of my go to products it’s the Mac I paint and groundwork just close them so I like to apply all over the lid right at the base of the lashes coming up to where you’d sort of have your natural crease in the socket so I just find this gives a little bit of added depth and X is a really great base before we do any powder products so a little bit underneath and I go back in with a map-21 7 brush look straight ahead really just soften out that line great so now we’re going to go in over the mat ground work the paint that we’ve got on the eye using this beautiful Tom Ford I shadow palette called new dip mainly using the tude lighter colors that we have here at the top of the palette I’ll be mixing the two lightest shades together which have a sort of Goldy bronzy hue and really buffing them into the eyelid to create an expensive-looking finish I also like to always just bring it a little bit into this inner corner so that we get a natural reflection which helps make the eye look a little bit more open and then I like to finish using a slightly larger fluffy brush look straight ahead really just blend that right up to the brow so you can’t see where it starts or finishes so now we’re going to start working on lattes eyeliner I personally like to apply the gel liner to the back of my hand first it helps to dry it out a bit so that it’s a little bit more workable you close them so I generally start by applying the eyeliner towards the middle inner corner of the eye working outwards first and then gradually building thickness and this initial stage is just about getting the product on quick you look straight ahead so we’re not necessarily worrying too much about the shape and clothes so I’d like to bring it out just past the end of the natural lash line and then what we’ll do is we’ll wing the liner at the very end once we get the thickness sorted so we’re going to go in now that we’ve established the the bulk of the line I’m going to go in and work in on the inner corner so I like to really stretch out the eyelid to avoid any sort of creases pop the brush as close as I can to the

lash line and really work it along to blend into the line that we’ve already established even though this liner it is very black and quite opaque you do need to keep going back over revisiting and straight ahead and just build up that color density so now I’m going to come in and just finish off the the flick on this eyeliner what I like to do is to start right at the root of the lashes using a little bit more pressure on the brush so that we get a thicker line and as I drag it outwards and upwards at a 45 degree angle towards her head temple just take a little bit of that pressure off so that you get a thinner softer flick so now that we’ve got the initial shape of the flick that we want I’m just going to get lottery to close her eyes and come back in and really just sharpen up the edge of that liner using the brush and also a little bit underneath and then if you have made a mistake or it needs to be a tiny bit sharper I always have Bioderma water handy and these amazing little Muji cotton tips look straight ahead and you can just sweep that across here and lift it up and out and it actually helps to create that very fine drag to the liner at the end so I’m coming back in now again using the gel liner to really build the thickness the density on the outer edge of the liner because we want it very dark very dramatic so I’m just working from the outer corner in towards the middle of the eye and just making it a little bit thicker so we get there add a bit of drama now I’m going to go in and we’re going to start applying the lashes my favorite lash glue is the black duo glue I always use this because I find that it dries matte and also because it’s black it really helps to blend the false lashes into the natural lash line so today I’m using a wispy style lash which is a little bit more wearable but when I’m working with clients for the red carpet or performances will often do instead of custom blend two or three different style lashes that can be closed early that can be cut or you know layered upon to really give a full flattering effect so I just place the lash right at the root of Lottery’s natural lashes and then again using this Luigi cotton tip just coming in and you can just really press that right into the base and before it dries what I like to do is just using my finger just lift that up and out to help give us a nice finish so now that we’ve got the lashes on the base of our liner I’m going to go in and start working with mascara this is one of my favorite mascaras it’s the Dior show off and black I personally like a mascara when it’s a little bit older because it tends to dry out a bit more and I find that I can get the product on faster with a thicker application I tend to start on the bottom lashes so what I do is apply mascara again to the back of my hand and I have a great little fan brush here which I then used to do the bottom lashes look up for me really working the product into the base of the lash line and I find it almost gives you the look as if you’ve just smudged a bit of black eye Kohl in there if you do get any on your waterline it’s fine can go back in with the tip at the end and clean that out but this is a bit of a slow build because you want to get it nice and thick at the base and then have it a little feather little more feathery as you get to the end of the lashes so now I’m really just making sure that we’re blending Lottery’s natural lashes into the false lashes that we’ve just applied so the final stage to getting the perfect feline flick is at what I like to call product cocktailing so it’s using you know two products together just close for me so we use the gel liner to begin with which gives us a fantastic base now I’m coming in with a liquid which is very thick it almost feels a little bit like tar what it does is it just adds almost like a patent leather shine to the lid to the liner it really just gives it extra intensity this brush is superfine so what it means

is as you’ve got rid of most of the product on the brush you really can come out and just drag that line to the finest point I think to finish off any eye look is really important to make sure that the brows are perfectly groomed it doesn’t always mean that they’re completely filled in but it does mean you know that they’re in place that they’ve got a sort of symmetrical shape so I go in with a clear brow gel first which I just find actually really house a to put the hairs in place but also it gives something for whether you’re using an eye pencil or brow powders it gives something for the product to adhere to so starting on the inner corner just using little fine strokes get your initial shape in there and if you ever do need to just tidy up the top of the brow I like to go back in you can just use a nice concealer brush with either a little bit of moisturizer by Odom or whatever you need you can just take that top line off to to make sure it’s nice and clean so once I’ve got the initial outline in with the brow pencil I always go back in with a little brow brush like this and really just soften it out with filled lattes eyebrows quite a lot but we still want it to always look soft so the final stick I always do with finishing browsers I like to go in and set with a matte eyeshadow so this great palette of neutrals and actually a little mix of you know three or four colors just to get a bit of a custom blend and then I just go in using you know it’s a slightly rounded but flat bristle brush and I just press the shadow on top of the pencil that we’ve just done and I find by using this sort of brush rather than an ankle brush or anything like that it just gives you a much softer blowing out finish to the brow so now we’re finished working on lottie’s eyes which I think they’re looking beautiful we’re going to go in and this is one of the reasons that I always do eyes first a it tends to be a focus feature for me but it’s also that if you have any little mistakes but cut for me already drop down you can just clean up quickly before moving on to doing your base whereas if you’d started with your base you know at this point you’d be removing a lot of your hard work a little tip for you at home one of my favorite things is just a cotton bud with the flat tip wrap it in a face wipe and then you have an instant and quick way to clean the under eye area now we’re starting to work on motty’s base but before I do that what I always like to do is just go back in and reapply some more of the facial oil because I really even though we want a flawless finish we want it to be as sheer as possible and I find by just popping a little bit more oil on it really just sort of sharez out the foundation and gives us you know a finish where we can still see some of the skin and it’s also very luminous and glowing now we’re going to start working on giving Lottie a flawless base I’m working with my favorite foundation which is been a making it for years it’s the Estee Lauder Double Wear light again I like to apply the product to the back of my hand initially using a natural bristle foundation brush or crema molding a product brush and then I just start on the forehead really buffing it into the skin you know circular patting motions to begin with Safiye on the forehead look up for me you know either side of the nose and if you need to use your finger really blend matte so what I’ve done is mixed two shades on the back of my hand we’ve got one and 0.5 which is the two lighter shades so initially we’ll get this apply it all over lot his face to give us the base and then I may come back in you know a little bit later on use the lighter shade through the t-zone to give us a bit of natural contour sometimes what I like to do is I switch brushes this is the Charlotte Tilbury powder and sculpt brush which I love look up for me and I really just polish that into the skin the first brush is great for getting the initial amount of product you need on but I find this brush which is just a little bit less dense really gives you the polish to the skin that you want so for me it’s always super important just lift a little bit to really make sure that you continue

applying the foundation under the jawline and down the neck this will also be really helpful when we come back in in a minute and do the contouring so Lottie is blessed with youth and obviously well rested so today I’m not going to be using a traditional under-eye concealer but if at home you do need something with a little bit more coverage it’s really fantastic look at for me you know you’ve got some cream under-eye you’ve got sticks you’ve got you know more opaque products that will help cover any areas you need to what I’m using is Tom Ford illuminating highlighting pin just coming in right under the eye here and then doing a little crisscross motion here which I find once you blend it really adds a beautiful highlight to the high plane of that cheekbone so just softly blending out with a little fluffy brush here and then I’ll actually switch back to the brush that I use to polish the foundation and we’ll just use that on this area here so next we’re going to move on to contouring lotty’s face but what I always like to do first it’s just a light dusting of pressed powder on the areas that we’re going to be contouring it’s really just to help avoid getting any grab from the contour and making sure that the color we get is completely even making sure that you come under the jawline because we will be contouring here also now my favorite contour palette is one by Smashbox I love this because it comes with three great colors that you can mix together I do personally tend to just use the two sort of Torpy neutral tones and a great angled blusher brush so mixing the two products together then using the back of your hand to just remove any excess powder you don’t need I find the easiest way to work out the placement for contour is I get my client to suck on their cheeks great Thank You Lottie and then this just allows you to see where you want to start applying it under the cheekbone so we’ve loaded the brush with product and then really just working it in under the cheekbone and then turning the angle on the brush and sweeping in an upwards motion to the middle of the face and if you need a bit more product just load the brush take the excess off and again just start building then bringing it up into the temple area and then a lovely big a C shape so once we’ve got the shape and the contour on the cheeks looking great we want to come in and just do a little bit of work under the jaw line down the sides of the nose so if you just lift a little for me lotting coming in here using the same brush just with a little bit less product and the jaw line then I like to swap back to the Giorgio Armani brush we used earlier this is a clean one but again the same shape so if you look up for me and just gently dust each side of the nose tip here just using the residue that you have on the fluffy brush bring it up and into this corner of I and it will really help again it’s just making it completely seamless and flawless I think a really great way to keep a look like this which is you know it’s kind of high-octane glamour to keep it youthful and fresh is to use a blusher ah one of my favorites is this one by Maybelline it’s a cream emollient blush which gives a really fresh finish to the skin so I load the brush right out of the container this is a Chanel brush which i think is actually designed for setting like face powder and things but I love it because it’s it’s dense enough that it will apply the product where you need it but you can just fluff it like that to get that very sheer finish to the cheek look straight ahead I personally like to apply the blush higher on the cheekbone and sort of closer to the apple of the cheek so it really you know bounces off the color of lotty’s eyes and just gives a maximum impact so actually if you can look up for me and starting gently here and then working softly out so we’re nearly finished the look the last two stages is we’re going to go in and just do a little bit of spot concealing on any blemishes in the areas of redness i’m using the laura mercier secret camouflage palette which i love and it’s just this is a natural fiber brush with a very fine pointed tip and we’re just going to go in and just conceal on the spot where we need to I like to go around the face first and do all the little spots before I blend it so just

stippling on the areas where we need if you have an area that’s a little bit bigger I apply to my finger and just press pad into there and then to blend the edges just using a fluffy brush you can also just stipple a little bit extra around the edges so whilst I always think there’s a place for a red lip and I think it ends up any beauty look today I just want to soften this we’re going to keep it really natural really fresh so what I’m going to do is apply one of my other favorites Lucas pawpaw pointment and also then just fill the lips using mac boldly beer which is the perfect color to just trace the outline of the lip and make it look a little bit fuller so I go in with the pulp or first just tighten for me apply that to the lips and I just like to trace the very outline here a little bit more in the corners and again on the top really just finger Pat there into the lip so it almost looks like her natural lip color so day to day I think this lip is absolutely perfect but if you’re wanting to just give it so I make a little bit added extra for maybe the evening or if you go from the office after work drinks this is another one of my favorite products is by Sicily it’s called phyto lip star in white diamond and what I love to do is just apply it straight from the brush tighten your top lip and one exit and just apply it top of that Cupid’s bow and a tiny bit on the bottom lip and if you rub together and then again just finger Pat there and it just gives a beautiful soft lacquered finish so for the final finish and polish to the look I always give a light dusting of powder through the t-zone and careful to leave all this beautiful youthful doing us on the cheekbone this is the final look how do you feel Lottie absolutely love it looks amazing thanks Michael thank you to my beautiful model Lottie and for you at home watching I hope you’ve enjoyed it