The Creative Process

– [Peter] We’re all going? – Yeah – Everything is, this is tough man – Yeah – There’s like three cameras There’s one I’m not in that frame Am I kind of in that frame? Can we zoom that? – You’re kind of Yeah zoom out – [Peter] Zoom in a little bit – Oh, hi, nope, now it’s just me I’m just in this frame now – I don’t wanna be in that frame And then I’m in this one – [Chris] This is my camera – You’ll get my shoulder – [Chris] Your shoulder looks good, though – Thanks, man Everything should be rolling Audio should be, like We’re goin’ off one mic so if it sounds a little janky, like tin or whatever, it’s Chris’s new favorite word – Yeah, No, janky Dictionary. Done – Janky defines, like, yo that’s a janky setup Like look at that janky car Even if like here, oh that was a janky slight It works across the board So, have fun with it – [Chris] Yeah, new favorite word – Let’s just enjoy it, remember where it came from – Hundo P is out Janky is in – Hundo P is Chris’s thing Between the two of us our vocab is just absurd – Yeah our own dictionary it’s, like, a hundred pages thick – Here’s the concept for today’s video I like to post Mondays, Tuesdays, sometimes Fridays but I like to keep it sporadic I don’t wanna ever, I don’t wanna stick to a specific schedule because things happen, different people are in town, and sometimes I’m out of town and I just like the sporadic, just off the cuff nature of YouTube I don’t know about you? If you’re the same way – No, like go with the flow, The thing is, like, everything’s always in a constant state of change so you wanna, like, have fun with it Like if somebody new’s in town, or whatever’s happening – Or if you’re like, “Come up to our boat” and I’m like, “oh I didn’t even plan “Okay, yeah that’ll be great “I’ll post that tomorrow.” – Yup – So I’ve never really All of that to say, I was trying to come up with an idea for a video for tomorrow and I was like, oh I’ll call Chris and see if he has any, if he has any ideas And we talked for 28 minutes, – Yeah, it was more like three hours – It felt like an eternity In a good way It was like, oh I haven’t seen you and then we were talking about kite surfing and the most random thing We weren’t talking about kite-surfing, but – Yeah, and janky hair, it just covered a lot of stuff – [Peter] It just kept going like it is right now But the idea we came up with was let’s make a video, okay so What do we make a video about with regards to ideas? Let’s make a video about coming up with ideas I mean, it’s something that we do every single day It’s part of the process of creating every single day And it’s tough, it’s not always easy We started getting chat, we started to talk about it more and more and then we’re like, yo, this is great, you should come over – Yup – Let’s set up three cameras and just have this conversation on camera because, I feel like I just said camera eight times, but I feel like this could be valuable for other creators that are doing the same thing That are in the position of having to This is throwing me off so much – There’s so many cameras – I don’t know where to look – It’s like a newsroom, and he’s just waiting for the red light, This camera, now this one, now this one – I should pull up my phone so you guys can actually, I’ll put up a little video clip in of my phone so you guys can see what we’re looking at right now I don’t know whether to look, I don’t even know where to point That’s me, that’s Chris That’s us, that’s the monitor – [Chris] It’s paparazzi, basically – We gotta make sure we’re the right direction, It’s crazy Anyways, I’ll get rid of that – So that’s one more angle actually Just the iPhone angle in the corner – Now there’s four cameras to deal with So the overall concept is, how do you come up with an idea for a video? And sometimes, are you trying too hard? Are you putting too much work into the idea when it’s not really even being expected of you So I think let’s start things of by saying the amount of work that you put into something doesn’t, with regards to YouTube, doesn’t necessarily convert to views – Yes – [Peter] That’s fair to say – No, 100%, and you can see it in the stats I’ll look through my YouTube channel, I’ll be like, oh that video that I spent four hours on has way more views than when I went to the Azores for eight days and edited for 40 hours – Yeah, like I did a whole short film on Kenya I was there for seven days, it took me more than seven days to edit that video, send to a thousand people It did pretty good, but it didn’t do as good as, like, chasing a lemon down the street – Which was great, by the way – Which was great, but you think about it, I literally, okay, so fun fact, with that lemon video It was like 40 minutes to sunset And I was standing in my kitchen and I was like, I don’t have time to do this today And my wife was like, what, how long, what time is it? I’m like it’s five o’clock, sunset’s in 45 minutes, She’s like, just go You have 45 minutes to chase a lemon around town You can’t get that done? And I was like, that’s a great point So I just went and did it, got it done 45 minutes, great concept, funny Did way better than a lot of my videos that I’ve planned and shot for days and days and days – Yeah, over planning kills it sometimes And it kills the energy on things, too There’s so many times where I’ve planned out the whole thing of everything I wanna say and I’m like, point number one I’ll start to camera like, (mumbles) and it just doesn’t feel natural, but then sometimes when you haven’t planned, we just go and do something really fun, that video’s great and it’s really fun, and you kinda create in the moment Like my favorite song,

I used to be a musician, by the way I used to be a musician, by the way, and my favorite song I ever wrote I wrote in an hour – That like, it kinda chaps my ass a little bit, but it’s a good thing to remember when you’re creating content and we were talking about a specific video Okay so Christmas time, Casey’s video with Samsung that I helped him with, we did, we turned a whole abandoned mall into a winter wonderland That’s crazy, that’s like Oh you think about that from a content standpoint, you’re like, that is so good There’s so much to film there That’s gonna be a great vlog And then I went and made a vlog about how to vlog and I scrapped that whole thing and just talked to the camera There was no cuts, there wasn’t even like a cross fade in that whole video and it did better than the abandoned mall, snow palace thing You think to yourself, well how, why is that? And I think it’s because people want like we’ve said in that video, people want your personality, they just wanna see you, it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing which is why you said one of my favorite videos of yours is like, when I went to get the mail, or something – Yeah when he went to go pick up his coffee machine – [Peter] That’s what it was – I remember just being like, I think I’ve been through a similar experience going to pick something up And the relatability of that video is what stuck with me I don’t know why, sometimes I’ll think of Peter’s channel and people will be like, oh yeah, when he went swinging does that stuff, It’s like, no, no When he picked up his coffee machine That’s my favorite video – But it’s like, and that reminded me of when I cleaned my garage for a video because I think I’m Tai Lopez, like, “Here at my garage.” – You wanna be successful – Read books – Yeah, shoot on a camera (laughs) – But I was cleaning all the boxes, right? Because I have a problem with cardboard, and everyone was like, how did I just watch a 10-minute video of this dude cleaning his garage, and like, I enjoyed it And it was interesting And I’m sure that video has done better than, like, half the stuff I’ve, like, okay Sometimes it takes me several days to shoot a vlog like the one we did together, we got back together the next day and just like kept it going You put all this work into it Not that that’s a bad thing Work ethic and putting all that kind of work into a vlog is great This isn’t us saying- – Don’t try (laughs) – Don’t try, just film whatever ’cause it’s probably gonna do the same It’s not that Sometimes that is the case and that’s kinda the point It’s just that, you know, we spent an hour on the phone this morning, and ended up just making the idea about making a video about making ideas – It’s so meta, guys – It’s like this super weird loop that we’re gonna be talking about But, I don’t know, it’s just, sometimes it’s a bit discouraging, though I don’t know if you have that? Because you work hard on an edit you try something new You’re color grading, you’re like super-pumped, you find the perfect music, those matte bars come down, B-roll starts and you’re like, woo! And then, you make a video talking about shoes for two minutes on the curb with like the most janky angle that you could possibly find, and it does way better – But, okay, there’s the thing I like about it There’s no recipe to success for this That’s what, it keeps you on your toes all the time, because the fact that you can’t be like, oh, I can just do this over and over again and it’s gonna get, like, a million views each time, that just, it doesn’t become fun And this, the whole idea of YouTube from my perspective, is it’s like, you get to use it as a creative platform, try new things and because the audience will resonate with it in different ways and will find it’s way on the internet in different forms and factors, you can always just be creating, and the exciting thing is if you don’t rely on the fact of views you can just use it to create, and you can be excited by the fact if something does really well And like that’s what I love Is it keeps you on your toes, and constantly keeps you thinking of new ideas – Yeah, and sometimes you’re filled with ideas Sometimes it’s just like, I can’t stop coming up with ideas, like I check my phone, the little notes app, (digital sound) just like tons of them, and then sometimes it’s just nothing and I call Chris and we chat for 30 minutes and the idea ends up being – About making ideas – Making a movie about ideas But like, I don’t know, sometimes it’s hard and we liken this to setting expectations And it’s funny because I feel like because I teach cinematography and photography I love to like, make videos look as best as I possibly can I have this false idea in my mind that every video that I make has to be the best video I’ve ever made The intro has to be incredible It has to have a great story The ending has to be great There gotta be humor in it Like there has to be tasty, slow-cooked, juicy, delicious, to the right temperature B-roll Everything has to just be on point, or it’s not a good video And I think that sometimes, obviously your audience don’t have the same expectations It’s funny, like, okay, so for example Let’s use Casey for an example I’m like never, if I see that he’s posted, I never think to myself, oh, this better have X,Y and Z before I hit play I just hit play because I wanna see Casey, he’s my friend I just wanna see what he’s up to – You like his personality, you’re excited about that – I just like his videos, yeah I don’t actually think, well there better be a drone shot,

there better be some f-ing matte bars coming down there Coffee has to be in there, Chris better be on his one-wheel his hair better be down, it must not be in a bun, it has to be flowing Like, people don’t have those, we have those expectations as creators, and I think that’s part of what sometimes makes it hard to make videos – Yeah, that puts so much pressure on the creative process, too, because then it doesn’t become fun, because then your, oh, it has to be this or it has to be epic, or like, every idea isn’t good enough, when really you could just have something simple, build on that, like the lemon video, and go and have fun with it And I think that’s such a key thing is like this is all supposed to be like- – Yeah, having fun you’re supposed to have fun YouTube is supposed to be a fun thing – We’re making videos – We’re making videos – With our friends, and just like, being creative and like, you are the director of everything My friend Chris Ramsay always says, like, “You’re the God of your own social media, “so do whatever you want.” It shouldn’t be stressful, it should be, like, oh, I’ve got a great idea, I’m gonna chase a lemon around town, I’m gonna have fun doing it and peace, out It shouldn’t be like, sitting in bed at night, like, (frustrated sound) I need content and it has to raise the bar from the last video I did And it’s easy, super-easy to get into that, for me anyway, like I struggle with that a lot – And it kills the energy, too I find, like, a big thing that excites me about my favorite videos, the ones I’m most proud of, are the ones I was in a good mood It felt really, like, natural Everything was kind of coming together, and we were like, living in moment, bouncing off ideas, versus it being like, no, that’s not in there Has to have the drone shot here – The edit happens easier, too, right? If you were editing, and you were like, suddenly you’re just done and you’re like, damn, that’s a good vlog That’s just solid good vlog You don’t struggle through the edit, you’re not like, it’s just the music, the pacing, start to finish, everything just happens – When I sit down to a planned edit where I’m, like, almost following it on my phone I mean, like, oh, okay, cool Now I just need to do the work Rather than being like, oh, I could put this here, I could do this, or I could flip the image around, and like that would be fun – That makes a huge difference when you’re excited about the edit, and you’re not really thinking about the edit because you’re in the zone with the edit And suddenly it’s just like it’s just done And you’re like, oh, great Like, I remember, the couple of videos I made before, the couple of videos I made before the abandoned mall in Milwaukee I remember there was lots of planning to do with those, because I was like, I’m not gonna be at home Like, how am I? I should bring Jesse to come help me with these vlogs, and it was a big process And the video I made right after when we got back to New York to edit that video, Casey’s final video, I think I started filming in Casey’s studio, 6:00 p.m I ordered some room service It was like a super-fast vlog that I didn’t even put anything behind Like there was no B-roll in it And I remember getting home thinking, like, I might not even have enough for a full episode And that, that’s another topic in and of itself, right? You never think you have enough And then I made this vlog, titled it, talked about a camera hack in there, and I was like, that’s cool, yeah, I’m down with this That vlog did better than the last four videos before it And it’s just so interesting, and that’s kinda where this whole thing comes from Yeah, I remember thinking that I don’t even think I have five minutes of content And I think I cut stuff out, like that’s always, didn’t that happen to you? Like a day ago, Chris’s last vlog, same thing – Yeah, we had this whole scene and we shot this whole thing, and just like, gone, and I was like- – Yeah, it’s funny that like, a little bit of talking goes a long way, but you never think you have enough You get home and you end up dropping so much But I never remember that stuff when I’m out there shooting I’m always thinking, no I gotta keep going, I gotta make this better, I gotta put all these pressures on myself to meet expectations that don’t really exist, and it’s so easy to fall into that trap So if I had to give anyone advice who’s starting a vlog, who is looking at starting a channel or is making videos currently, is that your audience isn’t expecting an Oscar-Award winning vlog, tutorial, whatever you’re doing, review, tech review They just want some consistent, they just wanna see you having fun, doing what you love And I think that’s super easy to forget – Yep, 100% For me the whole reason why I started this and wanted to get into it was to have a platform to just share my personality, get more comfortable on camera Have fun making content Like, I own a production company, and all the videos that we make now, like literally, I used to when I was younger, make all these super-fun videos, and it shifted into a business and then it became not as much fun I was like, no, I need to have fun again – You’re like, oh, I don’t wanna go shoot that – And then the first couple of months of YouTube was oh, this is so much fun! And then all of a sudden the stress started creeping in and I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no no Expecations, push them out Go back to that feeling you had when you first started I think is so key, and enjoy- – Yeah, when you first pick up a camera, and you’re like, I’m gonna take pictures of everything – [Chris] The best! – Because it’s just so much fun Grass blades, I don’t care what it is And now it’s like, I need to be standing in front of the most epic mountain vista, to be satisfied to take a photo And even when I’m there, I’m like, meh, if it was sunset it’d be better

– Yep (laughs) – It’s terrible, when did this happen? – Where are the Northern Lights right now? – Who here, by show of hands, has seen The Office? Is that your favorite show? – Yeah, by far – But why is it? Okay, so my favorite show is like, Lost, 24 Those seem so old now Like, 24, that happened back in the eighties, I feel – You know what’s funny? The Office is the only show I watch And it’s funny, because people will be like, oh, well, have you seen the latest Netflix? Oh, The Office, again, for the 18th time in a row watching it? (laughs) The reason why I love The Office so much Two reasons Number one is they’ve turned, like, a normal situation, a very every day thing into something epic Into something that you can relate to And I think the relatability of The Office is what pulled me in so much And number two is, it’s so character-driven Like you fall in love with the personalities And I think on YouTube, you don’t fall in love with people’s concepts Like, you’ll see one video and be like “that was a great concept.” – You don’t fall in love with the mountains that I’m shooting – What has you coming back, and what I think is one of your strongest things, is people love your personality And people love certain YouTube personalities You constantly keep coming back You’re like, subscribe to their personality And you’ll watch whatever situation they’re in over and over again because you want to see how that personality reacts to it And I think that’s such an important part You’d be like, oh I should go do this, I should like, go on an epic trip We should fly to Hawaii, helicopters It’s like, no Just go chase a lemon – Just go chase Oh, yeah, it all comes back to the lemon – You need more lemons in your videos, clearly – That’s so funny I agree on the relatability part, for sure You can’t always relate to someone hanging out a helicopter You know, I’ve said this in vlogs before, it’s the personality that counts, and that’s why with are addicted to certain TV shows, and characters, and stuff like that And it’s like, if Daryl dies, we riot Because, like, I like Daryl more than I like the actual Walking Dead series I like him as a person, I like his acting, I like his character in the show, and if it wasn’t there I’d be like, well, to hell with this show And it’s almost the same as vlog, right? Like you remove anybody from their own vlog episodes, and fill it with just some random, or just fill it with nobodies, it’s just like no talking, B-roll of all these places for the whole thing, you’d be like, this sucks Like, this is just, like there isn’t, I’m not getting what I need or what I normally get from these episodes, ’cause the main ingredient is missing, which is you – You know, think of late night television You watch Jimmy Fallon for Jimmy Fallon, because you want to see how Jimmy Fallon reacts – You wanna see him break down when he’s trying to make a serious face in some game that he’s playing – And being awkward again – You don’t watch it because you’re like, wow, the camera work that those crane operators, like if you are a crane operator on The Tonight Show, like great job – Yep, great – But I’m sorry that we’re not watching it for your great camera operating, you know And I think it’s the same with stand-up comedy You say relatability and stuff, and I think people find jokes so funny sometimes because you’re like, that is so true Why is it that whenever that happens, and whatever the joke is, like, you know, what’s a good example? – Like customer service or something like that, and you’re like, I’ve been there! I did that, right? – Yeah, Jerry Seinfeld’s really good at highlighting areas in everyone’s life that you would never otherwise think about, that you’re like, why is that a thing? Why does that happen? Why do you have to put your coin in that way? That’s super-annoying, I’ve never thought about that But you’re relating, which is what’s making you laugh, which is what’s making you open to the experience, – I think one of my favorite jokes, yeah – and that’s why it’s powerful – one of my favorite jokes, it was like a female comedian, she was like, anyone else’s husband to this? And spins the bread bag, and then puts it down and folds it underneath – All the time! – But it’s like the smallest thing, but people relate to that so much, and I think that’s it’s the little details Think about the little details and how you can turn that into a story or something really exciting – And own the little details Like, I was telling Chris about this woman who made a super-funny joke about like, I suck at math, like I failed math in high school I failed in in like grade 10, I failed in grade 11, I’m terrible at it And I always like, oh eight times seven is why we have calculators, and she’s dealing blackjack, and they’re like there’s a five and a seven, do you wanna hit or bust? And she’s just “I can’t add, so I don’t play blackjack.” And I’m like, I fully get that, because I’d be like seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, oh 12, I should hit But I just own the fact that I’m miserable at math I just suck at it, it’s why I use my phone But, like, it’s the relatability to that woman that I had, when I was like, I’m the same! Which is what instantly draws a connection And I think those connections are more important than the stress that we’re putting on ourselves to come up with ideas, to shoot great B-roll, to try and travel the world, to use great, to shoot in 4k, to make sure that these lights and this microphone are all perfect Like I’m sure, everything aside, if we’d just set a livestream, and done this on our phone, or if we’d just filmed the whole thing on our phone, people would still watch, because it’s less about the phone, more about the topic and the two personalities – Yeah, and the converstaions that are being had The message that we’re trying to talk to you guys about

– So with all that being said, this video’s entirely pointless, good bye (laughs) Tell me about that song you wrote back in that time of your life when you wrote songs – Okay, so- – Do you still write songs? – I wanna get back into it – You should, man You should get that on your channel – [Chris] Do you guys wanna hear an acoustic album? – Chris sings and plays music and stuff And that’s what he used to do back in the day, and you should do more of that – I will, I wanna bring it back to life – It’s just like everybody wants to see more magic tricks and stuff You need to do more music – Okay, you do magic A magic video, while I’m playings songs – Interesting – There’s the collab – Okay, cool No bad ideas – Actually, on that note, in terms of like, saying yes, and or like no bad ideas, one of my favorite things is when I was working with this one producer We were recording this song and he was always like, “hey, we should put drums on this track, now.” I was like, “ah, but does it need drums? “Should we think about it?” He was just like, “no, no “Let’s just try it.” I was like, “sure yeah, let’s do it.” He’s like, “cool, here’s a drum.” I started playing some stuff, we started building upon it, he’s like, “here ah, bass line now “Let’s add a bass line.” I was like, “but I kinda wanted the song to be like raw,” he was like, “no, no, bass line, let’s do it, bass line.” I was like, “okay, cool producer “I’m just going with the vibes.” So he puts the bass line in, actually this is, this is sweet What else can we put on? He’s like, “yo, shaker, kay, let’s go.” (shaker sounds) – And we just started layering things, and I was just like, “yes and.” It’s like a whole improv thing Yes, and, build on things Because that’s what ended up making that song so great, is because if it didn’t work we’d be like, okay, scrap it, but we said yes, we would try it, and I think the idea of adapting an improv lifestyle to video is the “yes, and” is so important because you can just take a simple starting point, where it’s like, let’s get together and go and hang out and then yes, and, yes, and, yes, and, and then there’s something that might come from it that might end up being the best video – [Peter] Might not – But it might also be the worst, but that’s- – [Peter] That’s fine, too – That’s the thing, right? With ideas, specifically, kind of build upon them Doesn’t always have to be, like, that’s the best one, or this is the worst one Build upon it, because you might even end up at like a different area that you really loved Long tangent (laughs) – And that’s fine Yeah, shut up, Chris (laughs) I think it’s kind of like, I like when people say allow room for the unexpected, and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised and stuff Not necessarily like setting expectations, like we mentioned at the beginning One of my favorite vlogging experiences, not for the fact that is was super-fun, but I learned a lot, was when I went to Amsterdam to vlog with Casey I was literally in the air longer than when I was on the ground, which is crazy He called me, like you guys know, with less than 12 hours and hopped on a plane, flew to Amsterdam, made a whole vlog Was super-pumped in it, but that was a lot of work That was like, it was fun and it was great, but it was exhausting, I had to pay to get there – I think it was evident that it was a lot of work – Yeah, it was so much work And the funny thing about that vlog, is like two days later, Casey was in Toronto, giving a talk at some influencer conference, and he called me again that day and was like, hey, can you get to the city in an hour? Drove down, we just made both, we both made just stupid videos within like 45 minutes or whatever he had for his lunch break That video for me did better than the vlog where I actually flew to Amsterdam to make a video with him The video the next day, that I made in 40 minutes, that had like, no B-roll, like had nothing, was just like, it just did better And his vlog was also super-funny and we both laugh about it because we’re like, wow, that was a great trip, but those other videos, too, did those just come together so well? And it’s just interesting how sometimes you would expect, like, nah, this is gonna be huge, I’m putting all this effort, and all this work, I’m flying all this way I’m going to this epic place This is gonna be like the culminating piece of my entire career, and then you make a video about making videos, sitting at your desk with your buddy, and it does better than like seven days in Africa, and the best edit you’ve ever made But, I don’t think that means those movies, those films, those videos, are also necessarily worse, because they did worse – No, I think you should be very proud of that vlog you made with Casey, because it was so epic, and I remember, when I first watched that I was just all like amped up, I was like, I gotta create So there’s something, there’s value to it But I think going on that, you don’t have to judge that something was good because it got a lot of views There’s different lenses that you can look through, and I think, you know, the film that you made in Africa, that’s something that you can always be proud of – Oh, it’s like my best work I still think so to this day Even though it doesn’t have half the views that some other videos that don’t even, in my opinion, deserve the views, I don’t think it means that it’s less than – I think there’s also certain content that you wanna go out there and create Like, one of the things that I wanna do this year is I’ve always wanted to do a short film I’ve never made a short film I was always just like, social, social, social! More social, corporate commercial! And it’s like, I wanna make a short film, and it’s like, even though I know that probably not a lot of people are gonna see it, I’m doing that for myself So, just changing my lens, too, where it’s like the ideas don’t always have to be like, views

Obviously that’s a nice part about it, you want people to see things, but that’s not the only reason why something is valuable – Sometimes you just wanna try stuff, too Like, I’ve been wanting to try more comedy, and just like- – You should, do more please – But it’s been fun I’m just slowly working it in when it feels right, or if I have what I think is a funny idea, I’m like, you know what I’m gonna film that And I’ve got a couple of like, skit ideas, that I plan to do, and they might not be super successful, – What, nothing – They might not be super successful but it still shouldn’t stop me from executing those ideas And I think sometimes, a prolem that I have a lot, is just following through with an idea I could have 17 things written down on my phone, for stuff to shoot for YouTube videos, and then I look at those things two weeks later, and I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no, forget it I still don’t know what to do And I think it’s just like, get out of your own head, and just make stuff Like have fun making stuff, that’s why you’re watching these videos, probably to be inspired and ’cause you enjoy making things, too, or whatever it is Whatever field it is, I think it’s important to just like, execute on your ideas versus letting those ideas become things that you’re just not interested in Which is what, I’m really bad at that I’m still trying to do that myself, because, ugh – There’s ideas that are on my phone that have, like, lived and then died in my phone And I was like, super-excited about them one time, I was like, I’m gonna make that, I’m gonna make that And then it’s like a year goes by and I never made it, or someone else goes and makes it, and you’re like, “why did I overthink it so much?” – Or you’ve shot it, like let’s say we shoot this whole little interview, video, whatever, and I’m like thinking about it tomorrow morning, or I’m thinking about it tonight, and I’m like, you know what? It was way too long We talked about so many different things, like I don’t feel like editing it because it’s probably gonna be boring, like three angles And then next thing you know, maybe you don’t put it out until Tuesday, or maybe you don’t put it out until Friday, or maybe you’re just gonna, I’m just gonna work on it I’m gonna color it better or, next thing you know, you’re like, I just don’t care It’s almost a good exercise If you are someone that creates content, and like I’m a perfectionist If my B-roll doesn’t look a certain way, there’s a slight camera shake in just a, if I’m shooting in 120, and it’s moving in close and then, oh, it just kinda goes out It’s garbage, delete it I don’t even wanna see it And even still, at the end of my videos, I’m pretty much always unhappy with my videos, it’s just like, I don’t know, I don’t like my own stuff And it’s because I’m so hard on myself, and such a perfectionist It’s kind of like liberating, also challenging, doing a video like this where it’s like, I’m not gonna have any B-roll in it There’s no music I can loop for 30 minutes without wanting to go crazy I might not even put music in this video, and just thinking about that stresses me out It gives me anxiety But I think it’s good to do things that make you feel so uncomfortable That means you’re growing That means as a creative person, you are expanding that toolkit that you have And I think the bigger that toolkit is, the more valuable it is, because you just understand everything better This, in and of itself, is kind of like us stepping out of our comfort zone, and doing something that is completely outside the realm of everything we’ve done before as far as YouTube goes – Yeah, and not sticking to that formula is really nice This feels really good, and I like the idea of going with good energy and constantly building upon that, too I really enjoy this I’m glad that, this video took a turn in the middle of making it – [Peter] It really did, yeah – We were like, oh, yeah, here’s a concept and then it’s like, now we’re here and thank you for joining along and building upon it – But having a positive outlook going into any project is important And we were talking about, like, being pessimistic versus being optimistic I’m an optimistic person – [Chris] I would also feel like that – I would even say like, I’m maybe, I probably come across on camera as like an over-the-top optimisic And I try to be I try to be like pumped on everything, yeah, everyone’s got good intentions I probably, realistically, sit somewhere in the middle I understand that like, I understand that this is reality, this is where I’d like it to be, and I know that there’s the happy medium But I think going into projects with a positive attitude, even if you’re unsure of what it is that you’re shooting, is going to be a big, what I’m trying to say, like it’s gonna dictate the outcome of that piece – 100% – Right? So if you go into this being, like, I don’t think this is going to be a good video He wanted to come over and talk, and it was his idea to just for, just roll the cameras It’s probably not gonna be good, but we’ll see – [Chris] It’s got three angles – Yeah, let’s set up three angles Now that’s a great idea But I think going in with that attitude to anything, you’re probably gonna come across, it’s just not gonna be good So I think, yeah, that’s kind of my point – The first time Peter asked, he’s like, hey do you wanna come over, we’ll make that spark video, like the- – The uh, what’s it called, steel wool!

– He’s like, do you wanna come over? Do you wanna make the steel wool video? I was so nervous, and I don’t even think it was, it’s not even about the opportunity, it was just that, I was trying to always stick to this format I was like, it needs to be good There was so much pressure I put on myself, that I feel like, I didn’t have, almost like it felt uncomfortable for me It was a good exercise, because I was like, oh, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone But this feels amazing I feel a lot less stressed out I don’t know, there’s something special about that, that feels really good that I like trying this thing, something new, and you’ll feel that a lot of the times on set, too, where you’re like, you’ll have a shot list for everything Like, especially with our corporate and commercial work, there’s so many times where I’m like, shot list, we need to get this, this, this and this And the best shots always, the best shots were the ones I just showed up, was like, all the light right there looked amazing, – Do that again! – [Chris] Quick, go over there – And then you’re like, “You know what? “Turn off all the lights, just forget this “Come over here, come over, drag that to this side “Pump that mist there “Oh, this is looking so good “Forget it, they can go home, they can go home “Forget this whole thing.” And then you look back, and you’re like, “Wow, we didn’t use any of the stuff we rented, “we didn’t use half the people we needed “We did all this outside of the studio that we rented “And it’s like 1000 times better than it would have been “had we just, like, stuck to the script.” Nothing wrong with the script The script’s there for a reason – Yeah, a balance between the two, for sure – Allowing room for improv, and for, just anything to happen It all kinda comes back It all kinda comes back So, I mean, this was a very unexpected turn within this video – I’m stoked on it, man – I’m pretty pumped on it, too I mean, it started as a kind of off-the-wall idea as it is, and then it literally morphed mid-video to something else I’m not even sure what it is right now But I’m gonna upload it I’m just gonna put it on the internet, and we’re gonna put ourselves there, which is what it is to be a creator – You know what’s cool about this video specifically, is that I can leave here today and I feel really good about it I don’t even have to worry about, well, what’s the edit gonna be like? – Do you think I came across okay? – Like, how’s my hair look? – Yeah It always looks good, by the way – Thanks, guys – Ding! – But, yeah, genuinely this felt great, and I really hope you guys liked it, too – I hope somebody out there got something from it that at least motivates you to push forward Even like, I think it’s important sometimes for you guys to know that we’re people, too And we struggle with the same things you struggle with Just because I have a larger platform, to put my work on, doesn’t mean my work means more than yours It doesn’t mean that I’m more valuable than you It doesn’t mean that the videos I make are always going to be superior to yours It doesn’t, we’re the same We’re all creators, we’re all in this together, and we all experience the same road bumps I think we just have the experience now with making these every single day, that then we can say like, “Hey “This is where we get hung up “Maybe this will help you to not get hung up.” – Yes – And that’s my goal with this video – We’re trying to just share our lessons with you And that’s what it’s coming down to We’ve been through it and we want you guys to grow, too – With that being said, we’re gonna go eat chicken wings, because I’m so hungry, right now I’m so hungry – We’ve worked up the biggest appetite just talking Like, my face hurts – [Peter] Yeah – Yeah – And I could eat this boom mic right now I could eat everything on this desk, I’m just like I just eat the whole deck 52 of them – [Chris] Needs more hot sauce, though – 54 if you include the jokers 55 if you include the how to play poker card – Is it 56 with these two jokers? – No, it’s 56, oh, okay, I see (laughs) I was gonna say 56 if you add the card that says follow us on Facebook and Twitter You guys can do that, too, if you want Let’s just stop recording Let’s turn these off, before we start- – Bye