White House Hangout: Vice President Biden and Mayors on Reducing Gun Violence

Mayor Rybak: I’m Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak And I want to welcome you to this White House Hangout via Google to talk about guns with the Vice President And we’re here with an all-star group of mayors here We have Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Mayor, good to see you — Mayor Rawlings-Blake: Good to see you Mayor Rybak: — from Baltimore Mayor Karen Wilson-Freeman from Gary Hello, Mayor. How are you? Mayor Freeman-Wilson: How are you, Mayor? Mayor Rybak: And Mayor Steve Scaffidi from Oak Creek, Wisconsin It’s a great group of mayors here and we have many others who are listening We are very, very blessed to have the Vice President here He was even kind enough to wear a tie in Viking purple today So we thank you for that, Vice President (laughter) But more importantly, we are very, very blessed because you’ve done a phenomenal job fighting for us to try to make our community safer I think all of us on so many levels have had incredible experiences that we hope no one ever has to have about what has happened with guns in this country And, no, it’s not easy And, no, it’s not simple politics And, yes, you have been there every step of the way for years and years So let’s start by saying thank you We also want to just have a very informal conversation and my job as moderator is to get mayors to do things that we’re not accustomed to which is to keep it short, not canned We’re not going to give big speeches We’re all very happy we’re here so let’s get that out of the way and let’s just dive in and let’s ask Mr. Vice President for you to maybe start and have an open-ended discussion And if any of us mayors get a little windy, my job is to keep them tight And if you do, my job is to say you’re the Vice President; you can say whatever you want The Vice President: No, no, R.T You know, I have — I’m hampered by 36 years in the Senate so I’m inclined to get windy, so stop me But, look, first of all, the mayors have done an incredible job I’ve been working with you guys on the gun issues for a long, long time and the reason I find mayors so passionate you walk every day outside and you find gangbangers out there, you find people who are injured by guns People who are using guns to commit suicide And they happen You go to the funerals You’re there. You see it And so but it’s not just the mayors, as you know You know, there are people on the social media For example, you know, many are posting right now I’m told, there are thousands of people posting right now about why they feel so passionately about us getting rational about basic gun safety initiatives And, you know, this is a pretty important day In about 30 minutes I’ve got to get up out of this seat and go up and sit and preside over the United States Senate on a really important vote And the irony is that on something where the vast majority of the people have already spoken, where 90% of the American people believe we should have extended background checks, not changing the criteria, just extending the people who have to get a background check from the 40% who don’t get one now to be included, that it’s requiring 60 votes in the United States Senate A super majority to get that done And I’ve got to go up and preside So this is going to be a close vote And it’s going to be — but I can assure you of one thing, that we’re going to get this eventually We’re going to get this eventually If we don’t get it today we’ll get it eventually because I think the American people are way ahead of their elected officials And so I’ve got a question for all of you, what are you feeling? What are you seeing? What are you hearing from your constituents on the street, democrat, republican, independent? Am I right that they’re way ahead of the Congress on this or am I kidding myself? Mayor Rybak: Let’s open it up Somebody jump in Mayor Scaffidi: Well, I’ll jump in I mean, I think the overwhelming majority of Americans understand that there needs to be background checks that make sense that stop people from having guns that shouldn’t have guns And if you make the argument that go after the criminals, one of the easiest ways to go after criminals is to make sure they don’t get guns in the first place So that’s what I hear every day I get e-mails I get phone calls I have discussions at community events, that’s what the public’s telling me Those are simple things that we should have already done, frankly Most Americans, a significant majority of Americans believe that We need to get that done Mayor Freeman-Wilson: That’s absolutely correct, Mr. Vice President There is a concern relative to the background checks, particularly in Indiana as it relates to the gun shows There is a lot of activity in those parking lots and when you have states like Illinois where you have a lot of activity in Chicago, it’s very easy for people to go across state lines to come over to Indiana, Gary, in particular, and buy guns illegally with straw purchasers and then use them in Chicago And that’s happening a lot now Mayor Rybak: Yeah, I think what we’re hearing out here is pretty clear in what the polls are reflecting, that people are ahead of the discussion in Washington right now and they’re with you and they’re with the President

And I think one of the challenges is we have got to keep this as simple and clear a message as we can and we have to not let people fall into despair on us So a simple message, this is pretty clear This is one law that should apply to everybody We don’t let 60% of the people get on the plane and 40% go without a check And we shouldn’t do the same with guns You know, assault weapons, which is not the discussion right now, and you have fought for years on, to me that’s a pretty simple message and it’s a pretty heinous one It’s the idea that we should have a person who is a mass shooter before us to reload Now, how low a bar is that? But that’s all that’s about And this is common sense stuff And part of the discussion that happens, I think, a lot is that people will say, well, I believe it but, you know, nothing will happen in Washington so if the vote goes the wrong way today then people will say, well, I told you so Well, what I loved, Vice President, is that you said, no, you’re not giving up and I can’t give up because I know the moms I’ve stood with on corners with dead kids and I’ve been at funerals and I’ve seen mass shootings and I’ve had to preside over them And I’m not giving up and I know you’re not either Mayor Rawlings-Blake: I agree with the mayors that have spoken about this And the one thing I want to reiterate is that we have to continue to push forward I was listening to one of the talk shows over the weekend and a Senator from Florida said that, you know, we don’t need this legislation; we need to have a conversation about violence But I was thinking to myself as they said this, if it were your child that died in Newtown, would a conversation about violence be enough? Would that satisfy you that your country has responded to this issue? And my answer is no So the Vice President — and thank you for being in Baltimore yesterday — was in Baltimore, in Maryland where we have taken some huge steps on our public safety with respect to our gun legislation that the governor headed that the effort in the past session and we need to continue this fight We cannot let whatever happens in the Senate today as the Vice President presides over the Senate, whatever happens we can’t stop The Vice President: R.T., if I can quickly comment You know, the point that Karen made about gun shows in Gary, Indiana and throughout Indiana, you know, there are 2,000, minimum, to 5,200 gun shows every year The big gun shows they sell a thousand, a thousand guns at one of those shows And a significant portion of those sales require absolutely no background check None whatsoever Now, how does it make sense to walk in, have to walk into Dick’s Sporting Goods store and all you give is your name, your address, your place of birth, your country of origin, et cetera, you don’t even have to give your Social Security number What happens is that clerk picks up the phone and calls a speed dial number to the FBI or the National Instant Background Check System, says R.T. Rybak is in here to purchase a gun Doesn’t say what kind of gun Doesn’t give a model Doesn’t give a serial number Is he qualified under the law? Within three minutes, 92% of all the answers come back and say yes or no Denied or go forward It doesn’t say when denied why denied It doesn’t say criminal background It doesn’t say adjudicated mentally incompetent It just says denied And within 24 hours even that inquiry has to be ripped up There is no place in all the federal government where you can go to find out who owns a gun, what kind of gun is owned and you don’t even know the person in the NICS system, the FBI doesn’t even know whether you actually purchased a gun You may be standing there while your wife is buying sneakers for your kid playing basketball and just as you get approved comes by and says I’m going to buy this and says we can’t afford that now They may not even buy the gun Nobody knows Yet 40% of the people can walk right by that Dick’s Sporting Goods store to the field behind the store where there’s a tent, literally, sometimes, and purchase a gun without any, any background check at all Last point: 80,000 plus people a year who go through the background check system are convicted felons or adjudicated incompetent to be able to own a weapon That 40% means there’s got to be statistically somewhere between 30 and 50,000 who get a gun who are not qualified Probably higher How does that make any sense? And the NRA, though, in the NRA and the gun groups out there are saying this is a slippery slope

We’re about to go out and they’re going to force us to register their guns or they call it registration Nothing can be further from the truth Mayor Rybak: Well, you know, Mr. Vice President, we know this because in Northern Minnesota, there’s a guy who goes around to different garbage sales and buys up guns and then he has all of those that he sells at his own garbage sale and then we track those coming into North Minneapolis where there are crimes committed with them Well, that’s just a different set of laws for the people who buy a gun that way than the person who, as you mentioned, can go into Dick’s Sporting Goods That’s not pro or anti-NRA or pro or anti-hunting That is just two set of laws in a country that is supposed to be one set of laws So let’s say that we all agree on this All right I mean, I think one of the things we’ve got to do is figure out the politics of this And I think that obviously one of the things going on in Washington is people are afraid They’re afraid to take a tough stand on things that they may think the right thing to do because they’re afraid it’s going to mess them up for the next election Well, one of the messages I hope you get back to them is, you want to get messed up in the next election? Do you want to know what’s happening in this country? Do you know what kind of a lobbying force is being built by having one mass murder after another, by having this ongoing slow motion mass murder in cities across America? Do you know how many parents are out there? Do you know how many families are hurt? Do you think they’ll be quiet if somehow you look at this overwhelmingly hideous thing in Newtown and everywhere else and choose to do nothing? You want to see what’s going to happen in an election? Well, the sad fact of the matter is any person in Congress who wimps out on this thing is not taking the easy way out It’s a long game But I’m not giving up And none of these people who have seen this horrible stuff are giving up So game on, guys The Vice President: I know none of you, I know none of you are giving up I want to hear from Stephanie, but I know none of you are giving up But here’s the deal: I often get asked about what can we do All these people posting, for example, online now as we speak What you’ve got to do is not only make it clear that you support rational, rational gun safety that has no impact on the second amendment But you’ve got to say this means the most to me For example, all those polls show 80 to 90% of the American people think there should be background checks It’s logical to them to extend the background checks to the universe of people out there Well, you know what I hear from members of Congress? I just met with one He says, well, that may be true, Joe, but that 10% who doesn’t agree, they’re going to show up, they’re going to show up and vote And that 90% thinks it’s a good idea but they’re not going to vote for me or against me because of how I vote on this You’ve got to make clear, people have to make clear, this is important to them This is not just another issue This is one of the big, important issues for that 90% who think we should extend this Mayor Freeman-Wilson: Vice President, I think you are absolutely right And I think that we need to show that it’s important across the board The thing that we can all agree on is no one wants to go to another funeral Two weeks ago I went to a double funeral, a mother buried two sons who were killed at the same time I — that was one of the most heart-wrenching things I ever experienced But it’s also important to our law enforcement, our police officers who are out here serving and protecting every day to have some level of security that the guns that are on the streets aren’t in the hands of the wrong people And so not only is it important to families, to parents — that should be enough — but it’s also important to law enforcement officers And if you’re concerned about who’s going to vote about you, then vote for them Mayor Rybak: Right. Can I ask Steve a question and bring into this? You know, the discussion right now is all about Newtown Well, the Mayor just mentioned a great example that all of us have is we’ve had these different incidents so it’s not just in Newtown, but in Oak Creek you had a horrible incident, you know, how long ago and how many months ago? Mayor Scaffidi: It was August 5th of 2012 Mayor Rybak: When you go back to those victims and try to keep them engaged in all of this, have they given up working on this issue? Mayor Scaffidi: They have not They are so involved both in our community and both nationally in a lot of different initiatives But when I met with them the day after the shooting on August 5th, that Sunday, they asked me to stay committed on this issue Obviously I come from a gun-owning state Lots of law-abiding citizens And they worry and they expressed to me in the e-mails and phone calls and conversations that they worry about their Second Amendment rights are going to be eroded by any action that is taken But for me it’s always been leadership is about taking action and getting results Not leading by fear Not being afraid to take a stand on things I know that it’s not popular to take stands on some of these issues But that’s not how I would do business

That’s not how I live my life They have asked me to get involved on this issue They know it better and closer than anybody else because they lost six members of their families on that day So my commitment is to do that And I’m going to do whatever it takes within the second amendment to make sure that these things don’t happen and that’s really what our roles should be Mayor Rybak: Yeah. Mr. Vice President, you mentioned it a couple of times, you want us using social media and especially right now anybody listening right should be doing this because there is a vote on it What messages are most important? What would be most powerful right now? The Vice President: I think there are three messages One, a lot of these guys and women up in Congress say, well, I’m going to have to look the NRA in the eye and the gun groups in the eye Well, that’s true But you also have to look those parents in the eye Those parents of Newtown are up there They’re sitting there One of the woman that lost a child that I don’t have permission to use her name, I had all the families to breakfast at my home before they went up, this is the day before yesterday, and she is asking me what do I say to the senators that we’re going to talk to? I said, well, just tell them what happened She said, how can they not do something? Quote, my little girl was hiding in a bathroom and this man shot her through the heart That was the phrase The other father said to me, look at me, and he said, you know, they always say, these gun lobbying groups, they say guns don’t kill; people do Well, if people kill, why don’t we keep the hands out — the guns out of the hands of the people who kill? You know, the NRA supported, I was a guy that was writing this legislation in 1994, they supported background checks back then And what, the second thing people should say is there is not a single change in what is being done here We’re just extending to everybody — not even everybody, to probably 60% of the remaining 40%, we’re extending the requirement of a background check There are still holes in this Still holes in this But it’s nothing new There’s no no’s under the tent, there’s no Second Amendment right laws For example, Justice Scalia in the last case, it was a Washington, D.C. case that went to the Supreme Court, acknowledged that the Congress has a right to eliminate certain types of weapons, weapons of war — my phrase, not his — that is totally constitutional We have a right under the Second Amendment to say convicted felons shouldn’t be able to own guns There is no, zero, no infringement on the Second Amendment, not one Not one, not one single thing being proposed Mayor Rybak: Mayor Rawlings-Blake, I wonder if you could think this through, too, as we think about how we can go back to our communities and engage this because, you know, gee, how can I look at the NRA after if take a vote Well, how about looking in the eyes of Tyesha Edwards, Brian Cole, Accent Printing or any of the people that the individual or mass murders in my town and, Mayor Rawlings-Blake, I’m sure, you’ve had plenty of personal experiences with this, too, I wonder if maybe we should be asking them to look in the eyes of, you know, the folks of Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake: That’s why I have such a hard time understanding how knowing what we know about what’s happening on the streets of so many of our cities every day, how, the thought that inaction is even a possibility Now, one of the things that I’d like to talk to the Vice President about is the fact that, you know, we’ve seen significant decline in violence in Baltimore over the last decade but we still know there are too many illegal guns on the streets of Baltimore And in Baltimore, I know that the Vice President had mentioned how you can go into a Dick’s Sporting Goods in some areas and purchase a gun in Baltimore, we have one gun store One gun store in the entire city yet for far too long our city has been flooded with illegal guns that are coming in from up and down the 95 corridor Now, the Vice President noted yesterday about the strong gun control legislation that we were able to get through the Maryland legislature but our laws are only as strong as or only as good as our neighbors’ laws So we really need the federal government’s help, and I’m looking for ways that we can partner as mayors across the country to figure out ways that we can fight these illegal guns that are coming into our cities The Vice President: Stephanie, if I may, one of the things that we feel very strongly about is a federal anti-gun trafficking statute There is no federal law right now And so we say that if you go into a store and you’re able to buy gun but you’re buying it for the express purpose of giving it to, selling it to someone else other than taking it home as a gift for a family member, then you are violating the law Because that’s how straw purchasers work They go out and they go to various gun stores,

they go to these gun shows, they buy these weapons, they’re legally able to buy them and they then take them out and they sell them for profit to a third person, to a third party who then goes out and gets them engaged in this stream which is a major racket of gun trafficking For example, one of the groups I met with, Stephanie, one of 228 groups we met with in drafting what we would propose to the President, was a teacher And she said my — I think it was a fourth grade class, don’t hold me to the class, but I think it was fourth grade — and said, well, where can you buy a gun? He said, oh, I’ll show you Come outside The black truck The black truck Every neighbor in every major city has the equivalent of a black truck Why? Because straw purchasers provide the flow of these weapons into other people’s — into these organized crime groups that then go out and sell it to gangbangers, sell it to people who should not have and cannot have a gun And but you can’t state to state do that But if there’s a federal law, if there’s a federal law, Stephanie that says you can’t go to Virginia and you can’t be a straw purchaser and sell a weapon to somebody who doesn’t have a background check, that you don’t know for certain has, is able to own a gun, then you’re guilty of a crime That will put a real pinch on how many of these illegal guns end up in your city Mayor Rawlings-Blake: I agree. And sign me up to be an advocate for that I think it’s essential that we stop the trend of legislating to the exception Because as you’re talking I’m sure someone is listening and saying, but, oh, no, you know, what about in this one instance when that should be possible Well, that’s the exception And the rule, the majority of times those straw purchases that you talked about are flooding our streets with these guns and they are putting them in the hands of people who we know are damaging our communities Mayor Freeman-Wilson: I think we need to also be concerned about the whole movement that’s afoot to gain reciprocity for the concealed carry So if I have a gun permit in Indiana then it’s valid in Illinois, it’s valid in Michigan We have to be very careful about that because that cuts in the opposite direction The Vice President: Well, as a matter of fact, Mayor, one of the leaders of the republican party is going to introduce an amendment today or tomorrow that effectively begins that kind of process It’s not likely to bring the concealed and carry exception into play But, for example, it’s going to say that we have background checks But the truth is, it’s not background checks What they say is we’re going to reform the existing background check system which means that you’re going to be able to say to a state that the federal government — or the state will be able to say the federal government can no longer, if someone is adjudicated mentally incompetent by a federal agency, that they shouldn’t be able to do that They shouldn’t be able to deny the sale of that weapon to someone because at a federal level you are adjudicated that way There’s all kinds of things that are happening now where not only are they resisting the rational approaches we’re talking about, but they’re trying to loosen the existing laws which are already too loose And it just — it makes no sense and we’ve got to make sure we don’t let it happen But that’s how far they’ve gone Instead of saying I understand the problem and I acknowledge we’ve got to do something, they’re saying, you know, I understand the problem of what we do is right now we have too much — too many laws We keep guns out of too many people’s hands We ought to let more people own guns who in fact now are denied the right to own guns That’s coming Mayor Rybak: Mr. Vice President, one of the things that we also have is when we get down with law enforcement there are a lot of detailed issues that matter a lot and they’re not part of this national debate right now but I worry about them in this whole amendment process All of the Tiahrt Amendments, basically, are very detailed issues and obviously you have been the lead on this here and get what we’re talking about, but when I’m standing on the corner with a parent and a child who is dead I want to be able to say where did that gun come from And I have trouble with that because my cop can’t work with the ATF because Congress won’t, A, allow them to share information and, B, won’t let a lot of things be on a computer which, you know, kind of makes as much sense as telling the Treasury they have to use an abacus It’s nutty All right? The second thing is if there is mental health involved in all of that, the national system we have with registrations and all of that are voluntary, Minnesota happens to be involved in that Other states don’t So somebody with a severe mental illness who comes across a state line tracking somebody, harassing them,

maybe it’s domestic violence, you know, all of this stuff wraps up together, well, one of the things that I’m afraid of in this amendment process is all of those little chinks in the armor are going to come up And we need to win on background checks which I know is a very heavy lift right now, but we also need to keep the public aware of the fact that when people start messing around with these, quote-unquote, details they matter to that person on the street who wants to know where that gun came from The Vice President: Details matter And, look — go head, I’m sorry, Mayor Please, you go ahead Mayor Freeman-Wilson: No. After you, Mr. Vice President The Vice President: Well, the point I was going to make is no matter what happens today on the vote up in the Senate, the President has already acted to lift those restrictions on being able to gather information about the gun violence in America And not only that, we’re moving forward and the President has proposed everything from a hundred million dollar proposal to begin to map the human brain so we know whether he neuro-pathways of ten-year-old kids watching four hours of violent video games affects the their behavior We know that the mental health is most needed and most urgent in people ages between 16 and 25 We’re making significant proposals to fund availability of mental health and focus on that cadre of our young people because that’s where it essentially overuse — I mean, oversimplification of the brain is stamped, that is where things happen, that is where help is needed But what we have also done is we have lifted those amendments which we argue are not legally binding on the Administration, those Tiahrt Amendments that said that, for example, the CDC can’t compile information, we disagree with that How can, in an informed society, how can we be afraid of the facts? We can’t! And so we are moving ahead And there’s a lot of things that are going to happen, R.T., that hold promise beyond legislation For example, I’m working with the Office of Science and Technology with a brilliant guy who runs that office now and bringing in a group of scientists You know, you can build a gun now, make a gun now that can only function if the biometrics of your hand allow that trigger to be pulled And we’re moving in the direction where some day in the not too distant in the future, it’s going to be cheap enough you can put that on every single gun without increasing the cost of the gun so the only person who could fire the gun is the person who legally purchases that gun So there’s a lot of things we’re doing relating to research and development that we’re insisting on no matter what the Congress does, no matter what they said Now, they can deny the funding for it but they can’t deny us being able to move forward and the research be done Mayor Scaffidi: Mr. Vice President, you know that law enforcement is a big part of this and I know that the President has made comments about adding police officers What commitment is he going to make to the citizens of the United States on that side of it? Because a lot of people talk about go after the criminals, enforce the laws What’s the President willing to do on that? The Vice President: Well, all these things we have to do What we’re going to do is, you know, back in ’94 I wrote a bill, it was called the Biden Crime Bill to put a hundred thousand cops in the street You guys and women know better than anybody with the recession that you paid a big price for a lot of you had to layoff sworn badges You had to layoff police officers What happened from the day we passed putting a hundred thousand cops on the street in ’94? The percentage of people murdered by a gun dropped from 6.6, I believe, per hundred thousand, to 3.6 per hundred thousand So cops matter That’s why we propose to add back 15,000 cops in the cops bill So you folks out there who were pinched by this recession are able to get federal help to go out and hire police officers because we know if you have more cops on the street, violent crime goes down and gun crime goes down And the point that I think that Stephanie was raising — I’m not sure it was Stephanie, one of you were raising — is, you know, we find in those states that have extensive background checks, 35% fewer domestic murders Thirty-five percent fewer domestic murders The point is that all of these things add up Making sure you have more cops on the street and enforcement; making sure that you have more extensive background checks; making sure that you have school safety programs and you train teachers to be able to identify those markers for real pathology in kids, not to treat it but to get them treatment; increasing mental health availability All these things matter There’s no one answer But every one of them, every one of them, including limit the size of magazines, will reduce the number of people victimized by a gunshot Mayor Freeman-Wilson: You know, Mr. Vice President, I would also add to that just the

opportunities that are available to these individuals who are perpetrators of illegal violence, illegal gun use, whether you’re talking about employment opportunities, whether you’re talking about educational opportunities and that’s both prior to them getting involved in the activity and then when they are incarcerated and they come out When they come out they have to have an alternate course to follow The Vice President: Well, you know, you’re absolutely right, Mayor The last bill that I got passed with my name on it before I became Vice President was called the Second Chance Act, and a very good friend, the Senator from Pennsylvania, Senator Spector and I, fought like the devil to get that passed because we knew what you know You know, a significant portion of the people that were released from jail in your city, in your county, in your state and from a federal prison today, they’ve served their time, a significant number of them end up under a bridge because they get out and they get a bus ticket and a stipend That’s all they get They’ve been in jail for a year, two, three, five, seven, ten, and we’re surprised they go back So we propose that there be every one released from prison have free drug counseling That it continue It’s in our interest On that day have access to housing to get them started That they have some means by which other than getting on a bus with a few bucks in their pocket and end up literally under a bridge in your town, R.T., sleeping there homeless And it’s in our naked self-interest to do that That’s the reason to do it And we should give — and this act gives the states and the cities, it gives them money for demonstration projects how they can reduce recidivism Because, you know, if you don’t have a job, if you have no place to live, if you’ve been in jail learning bad habits for the past eight years, and you get out and there’s no hope, guess what? You go back You go back to crime Mayor Rybak: Well, we want to thank you, so much, Mr. Vice President, for a great amount of time And on behalf of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore, Mayor Karen Wilson-Freeman of Gary, Indiana, Mayor Steve Scaffidi of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, I really want to thank you for staying with it We’re obviously totally with you here And I hope anybody listening is active, especially on social media right now getting to the people in the Senate But also know that this issue isn’t going away and you have stayed with it for decades in politics and that means an enormous amount to the people who have lost any of their loved ones in our communities So we’re right there with you every step of the way And let’s just keep up the fight Thank you, so much The Vice President: Well, my compliments to you folks I mean, it’s the mayors, you are that old trade expression, you are the rubber that meets the road You know it, you know better than anybody And I’ve noticed democrat and republican mayors, there is virtually no difference And this should not be political This is not a political issue This is a simple common sense issue And people up in, and I’m about to go up for the vote, they just gave me a note, “time to leave for The Hill,” I hope to God that there’s 60 people up there that have the courage to stand up and understand that this doesn’t take that much courage The people are with them The people are with them Thank you all, very much Mayor Freeman-Wilson: We will be watching it intently Thank you, Mr. Vice President Mayor Rawlings-Blake: We have your back, Mr. Vice President The Vice President: Go to WhiteHouse.gov if you want to know what we’re doing down here Thank you Mayor Rawlings-Blake: Thank you