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Hi, I’m Leesu I’m doing a Get Ready with me session today This should be the first GRWM video after I dyed my hair It’s been quite sometimes since I got this hair color It used to be dirty green color But I couldn’t manage to do a GRWM at that time so this seems to be the 1st GRWM session I dyed it blue when I was doing the Blue Dragon Beauty Project But the blue color faded away after that so it becomes this grayish color And it used to be like a cool gray color It was a pretty greenish color But now that the color is fading away And it’s more of an ash or warm grayish color Anyway, let’s get started with the GRWM today Let’s apply primer before moving on to the As for primer, I’m going to use this Bobbi Brown It’s almost winter It was still 5-10 °C few days ago But it suddenly got so cold, and it’s even snowing today My skin get so dry because of that Normally I prefer primer with stickier texture But it seems to be not moisturizing enough so I’m going for creamy texture these days My hair color now doesn’t suit the season at all It’s as in I’m in the phase that I’m tired of my own face I feel bad doesn’t matter what kind of makeup I do Now I’ll proceed to color correction by using the Stilla Color Correcting Palette Use the concealer on the dark circles while the yellowish green color on the red spots and pink color for the dullness area around the jaw Use the sponge to blend it It had my original black hair color for a long time There were some people saying that they were tired of my hair color I felt the same too That’s why I changed it But there were people asking me why did I dyed my hair after too I think I’ll dye it back after trying few more colors People were curios of the reason of me keeping my black hair color all the time like why didn’t I dye my hair Well, I used to dye my hair a lot You know I’m doing a lot of concept makeups and black hair since to suit most of the makeup looks I tend to do the makeup looks according to my hair color Black color just happens to suit and better present most of the looks so there was no specific reason of me keeping my black hair color Now I’m going to apply the foundation It’s Estee Lauder’s Futurist Now that I think of it, I tried many kind of hair colors before I wanted to do brown hair color too But it had been black hair ever since I started my YouTube channel I mean like I did try a lot of different colors but why do people feel a weird about it It’s because I always show you black hair on my channel that’s why there’re people seeing this for the first time Use a wet sponge to pat it I was considering quite a few colors before dyeing my hair I had no idea which to go for I wanted to try red, but the red dye tends to get washed off easily that’s why I feel like I should do it at last but I’m not sure what colors to do before it I’ll need to dye it green later I was really satisfied with the blue hair color But the color fades every time I wash my hair It’s hard to keep the color I really liked the color when I just got it It’s a mix of blue, gray and purple color I really liked it It’s shame that the color fades away so quickly I’ll try it one more time and move on to other colors Before getting this color,

I went to a big chain hair salon to dye my hair gray But it turned out to be a dark gray color, which is definitely a waste of money My friend knows someone who is an expert in this so I went to the hair salon that’s specialize the hair bleaching and I really like the result It’s always to good to do some research first That’s all for the foundation I’ll use the concealer from Laura Mercier on the dark circles, nose sides, forehead and jaw Apply the loose powder after makeup base Mix the powder with these two colors from the color correcting palette Apply the powder on the face thoroughly Use the smaller brush to remove the excessive oil After removing the excessive oil on eyelids, use a screw brush to organize the eyebrows That’s all for the makeup base I’m going to draw my eyebrows Etude House’s I’m going to use a gray color pencil since my hair is gray in color I used to use brow kit a lot but since I prefer it to be quick lately so I tend to use eyebrow pencil more Brow kit does give a better overall look and better color adjustment as well But it seems like I’m only using pencil lately Make sure you use screw brush after using the pencil and after that, touch up again with the pencil Pencil can get smudged easily by the excessive oil on the eyebrow Hence, it will be relatively less long-lasting By using the screw brush to brush it and touch-up one more time helps to create a more rigid look It’s relatively long-lasting and good looking Instead of trying to finish everything fast, it is always better to do it layer by layer But of course it will take a longer time Use the cotton swab to wipe the under part Let’s move on to the shading part by using Ameli Macaron Gray I’ve been doing a lot of heavy makeup looks these days It seems weird to do a daily makeup out of sudden I’ve been making non voice-over makeup tutorials Now that I feel like my pronunciation is getting bad It’s never easy to fix the pronunciation I feel more comfortable when I upload a non voice-over makeup tutorial Use this to do the shading for the outer face too That’s all for the outer face shading Give a darker shade on the jawline by using Ssin Stealer That’s all for the base Let’s move up to eye makeup Use the lashes curler before the eye makeup Today I’m not going to put on the false lashes That’s why I’ll curl the lashes more thoroughly The lashes will become flat after putting on the eyeshadow that’s why have to make it even curler Use a mini curler I bought it a long time ago at Daiso But it seems like it’s not available anymore That’s why I’m trying to find something similar Was it Aritaum? I bought a similar black mini curler from it but it was so painful when you use it, it was as in you’re really pulling off your lashes that’s why it’s not good But I found it again in Daiso not long time ago I bought it again but it’s different from this one

The rubber stopper of that one is completely square while this is more curly That’s one doesn’t work that well The user experience is just weird This is so far the best but it’s no longer available As for the Kai Mini Curler you know the one that look like a tweezer? That one doesn’t work too It would be great if they decide to release this again That’s all for the curler Let’s proceed to the eyeshadow Today I’ll focus on the pink?…something red i want to try something shimmer too Hence, as for the eyeshadow I’ll use this color by Laka’s Just Palette Apply Red and Pink Burgundy color on the overall eyelids Make sue it is not too dark There’s only 6 months left for my housing contract The contract is going to end soon next summer The rental in Seoul is so expensive I’m thinking if I should leave Seoul I’m still thinking about it The truth is I’m always home, so there’s no specific to keep me in Seoul But sometimes we tend to have meet ups with friends It can be annoying if I’m staying far That’s why I’m struggling in making a decision I’m still thinking about it It’d be great if 2 trillions just fall from the sky I can even buy a house with the money Getting a house and a car and spent it on things I want I think 2 trillions is hardly enough for the recent world My life is complete if I could have my own house That’s all on the eyeshadow I want to make it a bit shimmering Among all the Etude House’s eyeshadows, there’s something called ‘ Dancing Aurora’ It’s a pink base shade with blue shimmer within Instead of the back, put it on the front eyes wow, the blue shimmer is quite obvious The camera can’t really capture this kind of blue color I’m not sure if you can see it It’s not a bright blue color But more of a shimmer sky blue color Apply it from the front to the center of upper eyes wow, I like the shimmer look I’m not sure if this color is still available It’s a pretty and magnificent color Etude House is good in making eyeshadow But the problem is, it always become unavailable in the market after a while It doesn’t really come up on the camera Normally this kind of blue color doesn’t show up on camera that clear For under eyes as well The eyeshadow is cheap and come with a variety of colors Normally I’d just buy it whenever they release a new color so eventually I’ve too many colors that I never used That’s it I want to make it a bit more flashy so..This Stilla Sea Siren color It’s a liquid shimmer shadow that comes with a bit of pink or light purple color within I bought it because the color is so pretty It’s a very unique color for daily makeup that’s why I haven’t used it yet Pat in on the front eyes and pat it gently The color is..so pretty I like this kind of hologram color It’s a bit too much for a daily makeup look Can you see the green color? I know it is getting a bit too much It’s alright. It can happen too The under eyes too As for eyeliner I’m not sure if I should use burgundy color or black color Firstly, fill in the inner eyelids with this black eyeliner After that, I’ll enhance it with the burgundy color Fill in the inner eyeline Use the eyeliner on the inner eyelids

After filling it in with the eyeliner, use this burgundy eyeliner to enhance it We created a color gradient with the black and red burgundy color It seems pretty It’s easy to trace the eyeline but it seems easy to smudge it too It’s better to draw a thin line There’re a lot of people asking me about the way of doing the front eye-line There’s no specific way of doing it so it can be hard to explain Well, my eye shapes look like this right? I just simply draw it according to the shape of it Basically other than tracing the eye-line there’s nothing special about it Firstly, trace it according to the front eye shape Instead of drawing it all at once, try to pat it slowly and once at the time You can see it better now right? After this, draw it according to this part draw it while opening your eyes Make sure it doesn’t get thicker Just a little bit Skip this part Try to just blend it instead of drawing it You can see it if you see it from this angle Try to blend this part and try to bring it backward according to the shape That’s how you get the gradient It looks like this when you open your eyes There’s a point here when you press it down Just blend it gently like this After this, it will get connected together right? Try to pull in outward, then you can see the part that is not yet been connected right? Fill in that part Just simply follow the line from the water mark to the center of eyes If you want your eyes to look sharper, you can draw your front eyes look sharper Yeap, that’s it Connect it together by according to the shape Blend it..and move to the front eyes like this It’s quite simply without any specific method Use the previous red eyeshadow on the front eyes Blend the front part and create color gradient so that it will look for natural and borderless Same applies to the back part of the under eyes Let’s move on to the mascara after the eyeliner This is Peripera that I’ve been constantly used lately This is No. 1 Long Lash Curling I’ve No. 2 Volume Lash too Normally, I’d prefer volume over long-lash Since I like to have better volume so I prefer volumize mascara But this one seems to create more volume than the ‘Volume lash’ so now I prefer No.1 more Apply on the under lashes too Instead of applying it like this, try to put your eyes like when you’re tired when you want to see your eye bags It’s easy to apply it like that While waiting for the mascara to be dried, try to organize it and untangle it with the fingers, so that it looks more neat That’s all for the mascara I’m going to apply blusher I’m going to mix this two colors together Use the relatively darker color for the cheekbones and the lighter color for the upper cheeks and blend it afterward That’s all for the blusher I’ll move on to the highlighter Just like the eyeshadows, I want the highlighter to be a bit blue-ish too So I’ll use this highlighter by NYX

I’m not sure if you can see it clearly, but it’s a shimmer green color Pat it with the finger It’s a bit moist and sticky at the same time For the forehead as well That’s all for highlighter Let’s move on to lip makeup As for lip makeup, I’ll use a newly launch product I received a full set of it I’ve all the colors with me I’m going to pick one color from it Here’s the product There’re two glossy products There’s this strong metal glossy color Also, there’s a hologram shimmer pastel gloss too There’re two types of glosses Personally, I used to not like the shimmer lip product But I started to find this shimmer metal color to be pretty wow, this white shimmer color is pretty There’re a variety of colors It’s hard to show you all the colors I think there’re a variety of colors There’re a lot of colors that match my taste Today’s makeup concept focuses on a red yet greenish color Hence, I’ll use a green shimmer color to match the overall concept I’ve chosen this full metal gloss with a red color within As for the holo pastel gloss, I’ll use this blueish shimmer galaxy I’ll mix these two colors up Firstly, I’ll apply a light layer of the Matchless Red color This is a metallic brick color This is one of the metallic red colors that I really like My lip condition is not very good But since this is a lip gloss, so I guess it’d be fine Firstly, apply on the inner lips After applying it on the inner lips, try to distribute it through the lips This makeup doesn’t match well with heavy lip makeup so I’ll make it light Blend the outer lips with the fingers and clear the borderline Blend it naturally to make it look lighter Now use the Galaxy Blue color for overall lips It comes with a purple base color, which is quite unique It’s not common in Korea, so I’m happy to finally find this here Apply on overall lips other than the inner part There’s color on the tip already so just pat a small amount on and blend it gently after Use your finger to blend it Compared to the full metallic gloss, this is more glossy and thick So somehow it makes my lips look more plumpy That’s all for the lip makeup I’ll use the highlighter on the cupid bow Since it’s glossy, I’ll wipe the inner part a bit That’s all for the makeup I’ll be back after setting up my hair and get changed I’ve set my hair and get changed I’ve simply just put my hair down and make it a C-curl at the end I’m too lazy to curl it lately I prefer the natural look more, so I just put it down like this I’m going to wear the lens I’m going to wear Idol Queen Lens, blue color Since we’re focusing on blue color today That’s why I think blue lens is a good idea

so I’ve the blue lens on That’s a wrap for the preparation You can really see the color clearly on camera But it has a blue and silver shimmer look in real life and the highlighter has a blue shimmer too so does the lips The color scheme is very unique A strange feeling I can sense the oiliness on the face I’ll use Fix Me Powder to remove the excessive oil That’s a wrap As for the outer wear I’m going to wear this fluffy jacket phew That’s all for the GRWM Since I’m done with the preparation, I’m ready to go out Bye!