Makeup Chat with Karisma

guys charisma here I just decided to make a little video just I want to say it’s like a hall / review alright so I know many of you guys have pretty much heard of jewel man shoemint home mint is it an intimate I think there is but I mean I have Joel meant i usually pretty much skip every month as I’ve stated in a previous video lessons just something I’m just like okay but I usually wait to do it when they had like a coupon code out but pretty much i actually did skip the month of december i got on my computer and physically skipped the month and i still got charged i know i skipped them up because it said I successfully skip the month and then i got charged yeah so I was just like art whatever um the necklace that I wanted was the gold lemon necklace I didn’t end up getting that because we sold out I’m sure like you know I could wait you know they had this option where you could get like a notification if it came back in and I was just like all right well you know I look around see if there’s anything else the month well this month they had a some mystery box and pretty much I think you got like three to four three to five pieces at least three guaranteed pieces in your box and apparently they had one like the month before and for like Black Friday and stuff and you know I looked up to see you know what people were getting is he make everybody was getting like pretty different things so um I’ve only worn one piece of it and this is like slightly different because none of the things have names when you open the box usually jewelmint they like to put the name of and give a little story behind the piece and what design the piece was so there is this square bracelet now this bracelet is really heavy it has like black and turquoise and a little bit of pearl type of enamel go all around it is a very detailed piece that I actually really like and I was surprised because when I looked at you know when i looked on youtube for other people’s mystery box mystery bag whatever type of thing from jewelmint a lot of pieces I’m just like oh I cannot like that now initially I thought I received three pieces but once I took you know the little foam and velvet thingy out I realized that there were four pieces so this is another piece this is a pretty delicate type of necklace it’s a little bit longer when I wear it it stops maybe like an inch before my belly button and mind you I’m very tall I have a mostly legs with my torso is pretty long as well you can double it to you know make it shorter I mean obviously is not gonna I don’t know I don’t know I can’t do believe but I mean if you had like a smaller head whatever you probably could double it but yeah this is something like a pretty simple piece and this is probably something that I would not have normally picked but it’s definitely is something that I do like I don’t know how they’re kicking these mystery bags like kaisa bullet base up your profile I don’t know then there is this other necklace and it has like a little flower flask and I didn’t even realize it with flowers but I didn’t realize that jewel meant they do have like very detailed pieces like it’s flour and some type of checkerboard and then it’s supposed to look like a little bit old so if you look closely some of the checkerboard pieces are like I don’t like more um raised and then the less raised ones are like darker on the inside and then on the top of the flask there’s I want to finish kinda like a little pearl type of thing and you can actually twist off the cap not like you can actually put anything in here because the only the size of this pen but you can actually twist off the cap and I do tend to like you know slightly longer necklaces and when I do wear a chunky a shorter one I usually like to

be chunky I mean it can go either way with me I’m not I’m very kind of specific when it comes to type of jewelry I rare where I do have quite a few necklaces even though earrings is kind of more my thing I just feel like when you have big lips you need big earrings they need to be shown like right now today you can’t see my earrings because I don’t know but these are like my favorite areas i think i got these for you the 380 or 480 45 or 21 i also have the ones with the pink light pink in the middle as far as i know it only came in those two colors but they were not expensive at all then this last piece was this charm bracelet and just has different random charms there is an Eiffel Tower and the charms ultimate some of them are gold over silver sword Eiffel Tower is silver this is some type of leaf branch thing and it actually has like little green stones then there’s a star I don’t know what this is supposed to be anybody who has this let me know what it’s supposed to be then they have a set of lips with rhinestones on it they have a pair of roller skates and then oh wait they have a lightning bolt gold lightning bolt and then they have a little silver type of old-fashioned perfume bottle overall I am pleasantly surprised the mystery bag will I ever do a mystery back again it’s quite possible because I do actually like the pieces that I got um like I said they were they weren’t necessarily something that I would get for myself but I got for Julian pieces for 29 99 which I do love that price point now oh okay I recently took a trip to ulta and I was looking for the Urban Decay Naked basics palette I saw it and I was quite I was disappointed because I mean I knew what sticks colors but like when I saw them up close I felt like there was they were for someone who had a lighter skin tone because the only thing I’ll be able to do is pretty much mix the black with something to get a nude color I love Urban Decay that’s probably one of my top five makeup brands to buy because their prior to do work they do work well they last for a long time and i’m happy they have a wider range and their foundations however when I saw the palette it was twenty seven dollars which is definitely cheaper than all the other naked palettes they those pallets were always probably about maybe just pretty weighs like fifty bucks so it definitely was a lower price point but it definitely was smaller it had like six eyeshadows in it and they were met and I really wanted an automatic Naked palette but I wanted a wider range of colors like as far as neutral colors and I just felt like it was like it just pretty much looked like all the colors that were in the Naked 2 palette but just mattified with different names even though I do feel like the black that was a naked 2 palette is darker than the blackness in the naked basic basics palette 2 overall disappointed so it was a girl at Ulta who I’m assuming she was like some type of representative for steel or that was like the things she was supposed to get people to buy because she was already helping someone at the Stila section I always pretty much just browse as the steel exception if you have you know pretty decent makeup products um it sounds like eyeliners and stuff like that in my opinion I’m not necessarily a big fan of their eyeshadows but she convinced me to try the Stila in the no shadow palette we have 10 colors and they’re all match I did use Yesi so i did use some of the colors like i used this one which is called fire um of course I use the black but they’re all mad I actually really wasn’t like wild with this one either it was a little bit more it was forty dollars but I mean you do get a better range of colors I just I don’t know I just wish that urban decay with it what

did a better job sheet like this fire color really is like some type of orange and I kind of Phileas it’s hard to pull off mostly all this palette came with like a little booklet pretty much explaining to you some looks that you can do and I try to do one but look how I wanted to do like this one like nice and simple and it did not come out the way I wanted it to because that orange is like orange like when you put it on your eyes it also came with some type of still a pencil and like a gray did I yeah and a gray this is a smudge stick waterproof liner and this color is called half moon it’s one of those retractable type eyeliners which I do like these products sell I mean just definitely boost it up my readings on this product is because it had this seal it does have you know pretty decent eyeliners so Adam 10 scale 10 being the highest i would say i would give this product like a six and a half seven now oh yeah I got one more thing this is probably the second thing that I purchased from Tarte it’s not necessarily like I needed another like cream blush or cream-colored base but I do hear a lot of things about it’s hard Amazonian clay um blushes I saw those and 41 the blushes are like 25 bucks right the colors that I would naturally be drawn to as far as blushes are typically like peaches oranges corals whatever the case may be I still felt like in my opinion they were too light and not really pigmented for someone who’s my skin totally felt like it was geared more towards someone of the library skin tone so I saw these um err blush maracuja bouncy blush I got the color in shimmering poppy which is one of the darker colors and it is a type of coral I feel like well for me personally like I want to like the NARS orgasm in the North soup or he hasn’t blushes and all that other stuff but the color payoff for my skin tone is not that great is too sheer a lot of times it could probably use some type of highlighter but it’s not a blush for in my opinion for someone with my skin color or darker um however this is one of those blushes that is a cream pot product that seems is very light it’s very feathery I guess bouncy or whatever case may be so as you touch it like it definitely cuz that your finger definitely puts a dent in it it is light shimmer but it kind of drought draws to like a powder so it’s like right in my opinion is like a cream to powder type of finish and I do like this product I just wish maybe it’s just I’m applying it to lightly because I like to build like just put a little bit and build a little bit and build but sometimes I don’t have time for that so I do feel like this is one of those buildable products would I buy another one if they came out with other colors possibly but being that there’s like four colors or five colors I want to say this will probably be the only one of this type of blush from Tarte that I will buy so I also stopped at I was looking for this product um I I used to watch Pixiwoo back when I first really got into YouTube then I stopped and I started watching it again because you know her pick things that coming up into my feed and all right let me just watch as he was going on and she did this tutorial that I really like to look and apparently she I don’t know if she were to somewhere I think to less the type of it and she had and I wanted I hope that this is the pencil because I didn’t rewatch the video since i bought this pencil this is the NARS train blue like French blue um some not like French boo but like how you say blue in French velvet matte lip pencil this thing was like twenty four dollars I went to for those who are from New Jersey or familiar with New Jersey i watch the garden state mall and I was like Ireland goes for see what they had i want to see they had an occ lip tar since sephora now sells them mind you on the website they don’t have like as bright of colors as OCC cells on their website i really want some occ lip stars to try them but I mean I guess I’ll just have to wait until they come until local Sephora mean they had like three all the colors I did

not want and that was it so I didn’t get there and I was like all right let me see if I could try to find so I went to the NARS little gondola or whatever inside sephora and they only had the sample they were out of this color and i was actually pretty pissed off so there is a jcpenney in garden state plaza and they also have like a little sephora but they also had an artist gauntlet but it was smaller they did not have this pencil they never got it they only had like four colors vs. house afore probably having eight so then I was just like all right cuz Garcia plaza they surprisingly they do not have a mac store I think there’s a mac counter connected to the macys I don’t know this one of Bloomingdale’s or in those other stores I notice one with the macy’s and it’s one with the North’s room so they are display I was you know going somewhere so I was like all right let me stop at nordstrom systems like go on the way over there and the makeup floor was already on the sword I was honest I don’t have to travel far I saw I was like oh they have an arse counter also could went to Laura Taylor because that they have a pretty decent lauren taylor who sells nars products as well but I went inside nordstrom but wait Lord Hill doesn’t have mac and I wanted to know okay you know kill two birds in one stone so I went there looking for this and actually a Mac girl had helped me because the one Norris girl that was there was a busy how was my pleasure she pretty much ignored me in the matte Grosso I needed help so she looked for this for me now I wore this already yes it is beautiful yes it is dark it is kind of like a dark berry color love this color would I buy more of these yes because lately I really have been into mac lipsticks and Mac does not make enough matte lipstick savasana other alternatives i know that i really like NARS products is in my top list as far as you know lip products and all those other things so yes I would buy the skin that’s one thing I got from NARS well as you guys know when I went to Mac so I got two colors that i don’t own in my collection do I have things like it probably but I just want to see what the hype was about because i don’t own them and i want to see what they’re about so i purchased saint-germain and saint-germain is an amplified and i’m surprised i didn’t body before because amplifies and you know some of my favorite finishes saint-germain is a you know pretty bubblegum pink it’s not quite like Lady Gaga’s lipstick but amplified creams I like one of the best ones as far as like moisturizer and all that and it’s just for anyone likes and remains is a really nice color I also purchase myth which is a side now when I’ve seen people who liked myth like I was your delicious and she’s coming back on Jenny where I’m kind of kind of excited Tracy one of my favorite characters on jerseylicious she wears myth now she is well she used to be she still kind of tan but she used to be very very tan and I feel like she was just wear concealer on her lips but she said that myth is one of her favorite colors and myth is one of those nudes that is more of a brownie Beach base if you’re not careful it can wash you out when I do see people of lighter skin tones where myth it does just look like I don’t like the way it looks is not like the type of like I personally prefer peachy nudes but this actually does work for me um when I not peachy news pinky nudes this really does do the trick I definitely do wear look longer with it and I pretty much wear a lip gloss that is along the same colors without any pink and I like the way it looks surprisingly i just want to see what the big deal was it’s um yeah it’s definitely more one of those brown to brown toned nudes now for those who have been followed me for a while I do also like inglot a lot and it’s just that England being that’s all the way in garden state law is not necessarily the easiest to get to but when I got discouraged about not being able to find the NARS pencil at first I went in there see if you know do they have like a matte dark purple berries hip lipstick as I just wanted to be mad like I was just determined I need to thought on that one the girls told me no but she said I can show you how to make one I said okay fine now I mean I do do freelance I don’t do it often as i would like but pretty much what i would use as

a mixing medium would be I drops I do have any other things to mix like I can make my own lip gloss I can mattify things with the mat up with the Mac matte gel thingy but I don’t know if they’re safe to use on the lips I most who’s use it or my skin itself but inglot has this product called dura line and on the back it says dura line is a special transforming liquid that will turn any inglot powder eyeshadow into a liquid formulation that is true any few videos I saw on YouTube about this product they did talk about it as far as turning other eyeshadows into like a gel liner pretty much it looks like this it has a little thingy on top where you can pull the product up into the thing and you pull it out and it’s clear you really only need a few drops of this stuff to do whatever you need to do so she showed me how to do it with a purple pigment and this is a body pigment powder in color 253 I do own I think a yellow inglot pigment I don’t know if I hold anymore maybe blue one too but yup um so its color 253 it is a dark purple and when you put it on your lips it like this is probably close to um what color cannot think of the matte color it’s probably close to shadowy lady or something along that lines when it dries mind you left it when you’re putting it on your lips as far as I try to Matt Matt down this eyeshadow to make it into a lip color need to use a brush and you need to mix this well to make it into a tight you know consistency to put on your lips you need to work fast because it does dry fast and it will stay on your lips for a very long time like you physically need to remove might get makeup remover to take it off your lips usually I’ll just shoes makeup wipe eventually it would just come off you know throughout the day but it does stay on for a long time I have not tried it with adding a lip gloss to it like just to see what the effect will be but it is Matt now will say that this color number 253 which I did purchase along with this I guess is a blue based purple because it maybe it could have just been the lighting inside the in cloth store but I feel like it looks pretty blue if you want to see a tutorial about how I use this in this or any other powder product that I use let me know and i think that’s it that’s it for all I bought recently I will be back with more videos happy merry Christmas to everyone celebrates Christmas Kwanzaa Happy Hanukkah happy new year everyone be safe and by the way today is the 20th sunday it’s going to make ten weeks i have not had a relaxer and it’s getting if for me is it a little rough it’s gonna lower off i will say that bye