what’s up everyone so I am so excited to finally bring you guys my makeup collection I have been trying to work on this for quite some time getting everything organized the lighting set Matt’s been helping me with filming it and it’s finally done hopefully it is good quality and you guys can see everything fairly well with all the angles and stuff it’s hard it’s hard to film this video and this is very exciting for me to show you guys I have a very large collection I am hoping to very soon do like a massive declutter of all the products that I’m not using and I’m kind of neglecting right now and giving those to sanitising them and giving them to like friends and family who will give them more loving than I could and just kind of scaling down on my shopping if you haven’t seen my project pan I’ll link it down below but I am kind of doing a no buy six months freeze where I’m not buying any makeup for six months and so I’m hoping to kind of slowly start using all of my makeup because although I use it very often like I’m always using different products every day I like to give love to all of my products I have a lot and so I have enough makeup to last me many many lifetimes for probably many people so I’m trying to kind of be a little bit better so I really hope that you guys enjoy this video it might be a little bit long so just kind of get a snack and get ready to see a lot of cosmetics so I’ll see you in the tour of my makeup okay so this is the makeup area and then over here are my towers you can see and I have the lights on right now so I’ll go ahead and turn those off so that you can see it better got those lights at IKEA my dad I’m install them and then this vanity is from Amazon so I’m going to start with what’s on top of my vanity first on the left hand side so I have a lot of my eyeliner brushes and some kabuki ‘s on this side that I use every day I’ve got both of my Beauty blenders over here as well as my Real Techniques Beauty Blender and then I have all of my kabuki zahl behind here because I’m always grabbing these to blend out any of my blush or bronzer got some of my eyebrow stuff and then I have all of my Sigma brushes over here cuz I like to grab those the most and then I’ve got my mac fix+ as well as my Urban Decay all nighter spray which I use everyday I’m obsessed with this and then I have some of more of my high-end eyeliners here I have all of the eye brushes that I use every day on this side I have all of the brushes that I use to blend out I have all different brands I’ve got elf I’ve got BH Cosmetics I’ve got Coastal Scents love these and then I just have a bath and body candle holder that’s in there that i depotted and then on this side I have all of the shadow brushes that I use to kind of pack on the color I’ve got tokidoki Real Techniques again BH all of those and I have just little beads in there that I got from Michael’s to hold all of them I have a chapstick here that I try to get to every time before I put on any products I’ve got a hand sanitizer I’ve got a little sharpener as well as my tweezers I got these little holders from a hot look and I have a bunch of the lip glosses and some lip butters that I love grabbing every day so I have up here I had mostly all my Revlon lip glosses as well as a few of my NYX ones and then this one which is a cream puff that I got in a swap it’s a European brand and then I have a NYX matte soft matte and lip butter in the first drawer and then second drawer I have all of my Milani lipsticks as well as sub Physicians Formula one this one is great and then one of the new all my lipgloss is a Rimmel one as well as this one which is that like stain and then I’ve got these three lip glosses that are from Sweet Pea and Fey and kind of like lip tars they’re very very pigmented and you only need a tiny amount then the next one I have all of my Revlon lip butters as well as a few kind of randoms I have another Revlon that wouldn’t fit up here a starlooks lip gloss and a bare

minerals then I have all of my wet n Wild Fergie lipsticks I love these lipsticks they were so amazing and I have the color so I can kind of see and then I’ve got another wet and wild annex a wet and wild lip gloss a lip light and a NYX lip gloss and then in this drawer it’s so pretty in pastel I love this one I have a couple of the color whispers a few of the laurio of some of these L’Oreal like I don’t even know what they were called the name’s not on there I don’t know if I really love those ones and then I had to get this beautiful lavender in this gorgeous mint lip gloss because it reminded me of my wedding colors as well as I got this one and they’re all basically sheer but these are some of the color riche balms and then the last drawer is my tarte lipsurgence drawer I have a bunch of these I absolutely adore these products so these are kind of like all my chubby sticks that I grabbed on a more frequent basis and I’ve got a covergirl one I have a baby lips and a couple just little baby sample lip glosses I have four palettes that I keep here on my vanity I have all three of my naked palettes which I know all of you have seen already and then I have my Mac palette that I have not filled up yet but I really have been drawn to the shadows a lot so I haven’t here on my vanity grab two especially a lot of these neutrals I wear almost every day and then I have my face brushes that are over here on the side then this drawer I have a bunch of pigments and glitters from this indie brand called geek chick cosmetics and they had a really cute Harry Potter collection that they came out with they have a lot of really beautiful glitters and they have cute little themes with each of their products and then I just have a random benefit lip gloss that I need to open and try out drawer just has eyelashes and then it has a random airspun that I need to use up store it’s kind of a little bit of a miscellaneous I try to keep products in here that I use all the time just like my great lash that I used to kind of set my eyebrows this concealer by covergirl no lay my gel liner or some products that I’m just kind of using and reviewing so I’ve got some covergirl products over here top drawer of my first dresser is all of my foundations concealers powders and eyebrow products so I’ve got a bunch of different foundations I’ve got like my drugstore I’ve got some Revlon nearly naked I love that stuff my Rimmel BB cream some L’Oreal and then I’ve got like some Mac powder this stuff is awesome I think it’s just consent tinted though it’s like truth and light it’s like a cooling powder I’ve got some primers I’ve got some more Geller stain that Mac I’ve got some primers in here and then I’ve got a bunch of concealers from a bunch of different brands I’ve got hard candy Sonia Kesha Dalton this is an amazing concealer some bare minerals and then eyebrow stuff I’ve got like the elf eyebrow kit which is really good I really like that the starlooks one which is amazing but the second drawer is one of my favorite drawers this is all of my Mac products all of my blushes MSF’s all of my Tarte blushes and some high-end stuff so like I’ve just got a ton I’ve got some different collections from like the Betty and Veronica collection I’ve got this one I can’t remember which collection that was from I’ve got some of the mineralized skinfinish –is which they are my favorite got a bunch of those and then I’ve got more kind of MSS on this side over here this is my all-time favorite blush ever from Mac this one is so beautiful is the Azalea blossom love this one I’ve got a bunch of the mini little tart blushes these are beautiful and then some of the bigger versions The Rocketeer blush from benefit is life-changing totally have to have that one in this drawer I have a continuation of some high-end products and then I’m kind of going into some drugstore so its high-end drugstore on this side so I’ve got all my balm products in here this is the Bahama Mama is Sigma blushes from the creme de couture I love these blushes they’re so pretty this one is also in my favorites from the Sephora Pantone collection NYX and then these are a bunch of the Mac creme these were like a you can use it

as a lip gloss or a cheek product and I normally use them as cheek products so I have several of those then on this side I’ve got this I love these cream blushes from ELF but the packaging is huge so got that I’ve got a bunch of my Milani blushes these are fantastic then a hard candy bun a couple of the next ones this is a really good one it’s really nice and neutral it’s dusty rose next drawer is my highlighters and my bronzers as well as some cream blushes continuing on with the blushes I have so many and then just to let you know these little organizers I also got an Ikea just for a few bucks each and they have come really in handy so I have bronzers over here so I’ve got a few this one’s from the Napoli need I’ve got this one from pixie which is amazing this is really great for anyone who has really fair complexion and then I’ve got some highlighters I love this Mac beauty powder that came in the Marilyn Monroe collection this is an amazing highlighter of this one this is from wet and wild this is reserved your Cabana this and the Marilyn one are kind of similar kind of give us some one look to it and then I have the Naked illuminator this is beautiful from Urban Decay then a few more Fergie wet-and-wild products this Too Faced bronzer and this a Victoria’s Secret one which is beautiful and then I set a few more cream these are the elf ones this is star looks and these little NYX blush sticks so the next drawer I have a bunch of eyeshadows and these are mostly cream shadows but I have drugstore and high-end so as you can see here I have layers of the Maybelline Color tattoos I’ve got the whole permanent collection except the white one and then I’ve got the limited edition ones as well that have come out for like spring and fall love these they’re so good and then on this side I have a couple of the flower cream shadows these are amazing if you haven’t tried them you totally need to get them and then I’ve got a NYX roll on shimmer and then these by bare minerals these are so good I absolutely love these shadows they go on so creamy lasts really long time they have a beautiful like metallic glow I’ve got a bunch of the L’Oreal infallible eyeshadow and I’ve got those kind of layered these are also super beautiful one of the best eye shadows that you can find I think at the drugstore so I have a bunch of layers of those extra hours so I have a lot of the Mack pigments that come out during the holidays these are by far like the best segments ever they’re so good so I have them all right there and then on this side I have a bunch of the tokidoki like single shadows and these I don’t think so anymore I don’t know if you can find them anywhere else but I loved these shadows they’re so pigmented and creamy as well as I have the lorac the 3d Luster’s these are so good I have the permanent ones and then the ones that were holiday edition I have a bunch of little baby samples of the Mac pigments and I have this website I’ll have to try to find it and I’ll link it down below if I can and for a couple bucks you got like a little sample of it and pigments as you know lasts forever so I tried out a bunch of the pigments that way by just getting the little sizes of them and then I’ve got some more Mac shadows these are some of like the winter edition extra dimension the latest pigments and glitters from this year’s Mac collection a Too Faced glitter and a bunch of makeup geek products these are the pigments and glitters so good as well as some of the zodiac glitters from Lime Crime Lesure is one of my favorite rumors and this is a lot of my lip products this is a lot of lip glosses as well as drugstore lipsticks and lip liners as you can see it’s so hard to get lip products organized I always feel like every time I try to organize it it still is a mess so right now this is how it’s gonna be I have a lot of my buxom buxom is one of my favorite favorite brands for the glosses and lip products so a bunch of bars on public you’re a bunch of rimmel a couple Avon lipsticks this is a tart lipstick on D lipstick and then over here is a lot of revlon a bunch of starlooks lipsticks and then liner mostly NYX and drugstore a few Mac ones I’ve got a lot of my NYX round the lipstick some elf products

like their lipsticks as well as their hyper shine lip glosses what wild love these from Milani they’re like the lip flashes those are so pretty all of the Maybelline Vivid’s I love these these are so beautiful love these covergirl lipsticks these are amazing so long-lasting it is insane how long these will last on your lips so must-have is the covergirl lip sticks over here I’ve got some of my NYX mega shine lip glosses again some more my visits I’ve got all of my funky colors from clean color don’t use them so much because I don’t usually walk around with blue but they’re good to have just in case got some of my NYX butter glosses over here that I’ve gotten and stocked up on and I have a deep palette that I’ve repotted some Sephora and then I have a couple of the Inglot shadows and then I’ve got an urban decay book of shadows I got a bunch of the BH and Coastal Scents palette the Sephora by Pantone palette this is a Victoria Secret one that I got another old-school Urban Decay one I love that I got the starlooks palette this came and one of the subscriptions couple years ago so we have a drawer of all of my drugstore eyeshadows which I hope do deep hot all of these it is gonna be quite a task but that is my goal I got several different little cute palettes from ebay that are like the Z palette so this line here as you probably all recognize are all wet and why fabulous trios so I’ve got a time from different limited-edition collections as well as some of the old-school one got all of the eight pan pallets over here all of the limited edition ones as well as the ones that are permanent got the spring ones over here those are all there then I’ve got more trio waving so deep potting is gonna be out of control but needs to happen and then I’ve got my Maybelline eye studio little palettes here these are super cute I really liked how pigmented these are last but not least or all the products that are on top of the dressers are all of my MAC lipsticks I have a whole video on my MAC lipstick collection so you can go check it out as well as I have a few from it cosmetics over here a Dior one NARS a Tarte lipstick and my sera half lip slip so beautiful and then I’ve got a couple of what is this one Pantone I think from Sephora so these are all those lipsticks and then I’ve got in here just a cute little glass container that I found in my dad’s house is the Revlon lip lacquer bombs these are amazing absolutely love it then I have my tart kit that I got from Christmas and then in this little bowl I have all of the ones that I don’t want to take out of the container so I’ve got the hell of sailor my two beautiful YSL lipsticks I’ve got the lime crime lipsticks and some of my lip tars are all of my other palettes and so I have them by the princesses in the back over here then I’ve got all of my Sigma palettes back here I’ve got a Tarte one I’ve got the bomb whoops I’ve got another Sigma the lorac one I’ve got Stila and the light I’ve got this beautiful one by Saucebox another Sigma one some more lorac some sugar the Cinderella one from Sephora the meat mat couple Mac ones this is all like Urban Decay palette this is Too Faced as well as some Hello Kitty ones and I meet naked basics I got this organizer from Costco it’s for like paper and then I’ve got my coastal I mean my BH Cosmetics ones by pretty rebel some more lorac and some bare minerals so these are the conclusion items of all of my makeup products so I really hope that you guys enjoyed that video showing you all of the products that are in and on my vanity and in the home of my drawers and on top of the drawers as you could see there is a lot there so I really hope that you guys enjoyed it definitely leave any comments down below push the like button if you enjoyed seeing my makeup collection let me know if you’re interested in kind of like the decluttering a video that I would like to do in the future and don’t forget to subscribe so that you can continue watching more of my videos I’ll see you

guys later bye