Monthly Haul~ November '13.

hi so welcome to another monthly hall I I don’t know what I’m doing in my hands but this feels cool so I I know I said that I was only going to do one monthly hall but I think I enjoyed hoarding items for so long and I think it kind of helped me just to save money for things instead of just randomly going out and buying stuff um so you didn’t really work like that but i did did like keep me conscious of what i was actually purchasing and most of the things here were either bought when sales on all now bought when they ya wanna sell on so there was actually a forty percent off sale while ago this month so there are a quite a few things from priceline um there’s a that’s yup everything else is just hoarded and i will say I’m not bragging um I just I want to do this to help people find things that will so damn so make sense I’m just special so like I want people to be like move you know I want this but I don’t know how it looks not like hey look at this yeah don’t know why I did that yes so I did purchase quite a few things this month um and hopefully I’m helpful if you’re looking for a certain item or I hope you enjoy seeing when I got because I like what you need people I like watching people doing videos it might just be me but um when I am see something I like fools that I’m like I’m gonna find that yep so this is my monthly hole ah what do I start with um first thing literally the first thing on my list were these earrings from a little shop a shop called misery cats creations and the lolly lady who made these I actually met her at the Gold Coast show I don’t know how long ago that was what I was I was up there visiting my mom I remember that much and I saw I didn’t purchase these then but I did stalk her on facebook um and look at these cute things that you sells I mean what so she had a sale on 24 18 um and I pretty much braid it up I was like trying to get in there like a few days before and she’s like no dude I’m trying to try and do things but ya bees he’s the ones that I got I’m trying to shake him over it sooner so I got Bambi little baby earrings and I got a unicorn’s pink uniforms ah she has an Etsy and she does still up things like necklaces and bows clearly hair bows um it’s unique because you know that your product is it gonna be the same as anyone else you know I mean I mean I don’t obviously these earrings gonna be like similar but it’s not i like about so i did also order a bow from her but like I needed to this video’s so but I feel hopefully be in december i was thinking about doing a December probably will so yeah this is from misery creations and i will put her facebook link down below thanks you’re only sells to sri in residence but I could be wrong you can go and ask yep all set I get um city chick had a sale on God knows when uh they it was like a sweets and treats sale or something and they had this skirt this is good and I kept looking at it and I was like no you didn’t have all the sizes then I was like no you know I don’t want to get a size is too big and yeah they didn’t have it installed try

on either so I kind of I made the chance to do it and as soon as I got it they actually ran out of stock online I mean it’s too big for me but um get this scary piece dirty I new glasses I actually um my lady look at these pair and I actually got a pair of sunglasses which which I’m really excited about um leg depths so I can see for the next year or so or the next month until my vision decides to hate me again it’s great ah we also decided that’s not best look like a happy face it’s just like a face we got to xbox headsets with our console and while we’re playing grand theft auto online they both decide to hate us and be like no we’re not working for you so I’m browsing around we found this little baby which is usually a God knows how much and we pushed it just purchase it if you get dollars i think so let’s pretty lunch like a Christmas present to ourselves means i mean i have heard turtle beach reviews and most of their headset snap so I’m hoping that this does not snap because if it’s snaps i’m gonna throw this at someone yeah here we come explore and watch out i’m gonna yell you something um i did i did i say this us in this last month as well i like you know what i did the worst thing in the world i went back I’m to struggle bit about I didn’t I went to lush instead this month I went to lush I got most guy got more strawberry this stop is great and I’m going to hate the day when lush steal it again because this stuff is just so good um out I bought rows down as well um Ilana doesn’t like this but but i think it’s i think it’s a very nice flavor sent this is allows you the loud loudest thing i’m gonna color signor italy pretend it’s butterflies i also love blue my pants now i also got sweetie pie which is cherries and coconut it’s buckles and it’s like bold on but that is it looks like jelly poo it doesn’t smell like chili poop smells like good i also i also got this let the good times roll it’s an exfoliate and it pretty much smells like butter popcorn and caramel all in one and this is also a limited edition things i have to live without it for another year when they stop selling it but um I might start off after Christmas it just depends because this stuff is actually really good and my skin hasn’t you know decided to zipps I make a lot of noises I don’t know if anyone’s gonna understand me it’s just just keep talking if you’ll be fine and the deal oh wait wait wait so I can’t exactly show you these the bees I decided to go under steam if no one if no one knows what steam is imagine imagine going into like a game shop online and I’ve I was so many games I just I don’t know like how I suppose like I all these gay there’s like like seven games that i bought all up on

Steam and that was including when they have that daily deals and their sprit the current the current give me your money sale um I got Dino horde which which is pretty much pretty much just imagine like halo maps with dinosaurs and you have Dinah would find my enjoyment i also bought the killing floor which is zombie-related castle crashers because i have wanted that game since it has come out it came out and I was like hey so I bought it it was like a complexin dawn um I got safehouse Diaries which is another zombie game got primal carnage which which some people say that Dino horde is like primal college but they are very similar but the graphics on primal carnage uh-hmm whereas the graphics I’m Dinah hold on and I was good considering they’ve got Hailie guns slow but yes anyway and i was about half life 2 before anyone judges me for buying cars life to the only reason why i bought it was Bulgaria’s one because Gary’s mod has little third-party games that connect into the game and I was like well you know how you guys the half-life 2 was like four or so and it on I won’t have so many areas anymore and hello more games I also bought counter strike source I think it was it could be wrong but that’s also another one that kind of into inside to garys mod um so yeah and I can’t wait to finally clear gmod too long but no more slowly so i did i do by deadpool too but now it’s like seven dollars so i am going to be all game doubt and no one’s gonna find me for like thank ya because i’m going and playing all these game good i bought this this is essence as an end essence product no um it is a clear lip gloss in your lives in there the name of pure chick i bought up to nail polishes that day as well this was when I you priceline you join priceline and you’re like and this is the club and you saw you spend a certain amount in a certain amount of time and they give you money back so I pretty much got money back and I was like hey good press line so enterprise life and I got this nail polish remodeled prefer and it’s called money money like a metallic turquoise that matches my hair but it’s kind of more greeny and then I got revlon nail polish I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself um this is this is called scandalous I it’s pretty much a purple litter bubble little purple glitter with black now wash the only thing i hate about rent one I don’t know why I keep going back and by Revlon is that this stuff just comes off like it like you know pinner my nails and I feel like a top coat and I’m okay look at my nail it flicks off so those those three from that priceline experience um I got more hair dye because as you can see my roots are green and my hair is light blue this is turquoise by directions I got a master of disguise kit I don’t know how this is a kit considering is one product but um you can disguise yourself as a ghost well done team way we discovered what the kids for this i bought it flatulence and I was like you know I’m gonna keep this around just in case of what I good do stuff with it Mary Pat my face white because it’s not wide enough already is my price line haul so I

wouldn’t have never tried these and I go through makeup wipes like I go through my underwear so it’s pretty much every day they pretty good i mean i usually go flip the toggle bread I mean makeup wipes and makeup wipes to me and you know as much as they all say on the packer that they good for you they help do the same bloody thing so you can try these out although I don’t like the dumb ones they’re really gross they’re actually really oily and don’t work well with me so obviously my cell types aren’t always just make up lies um I got an essence lip liner in the color satin wove I wanted I I keep going for like I don’t know like pinch 22 red lipsticks and I’m like well you know why let’s go for like nude stuff knit that’s not really nude but you know I mean it’s like a good neutral pink it’s not like a bright pink like one day old pink so yeah and then while my computer has a heart attack about that I got rimmel’s apocalypse um this stuff actually looks really good I was looking at it and I was like hey yeah looks fancy and this was also in the forty percent off area so I decided to try one and liner would actually go big pretty well with this color I finally left here yes so it’s a nice pink maybe we’ll go that well but yeah well pretty soon learn off weren’t just coffee okay i also i got revlon’s just bitten kissable in McCulloch precious this is like a leg annuity nude everything like everything neutral or pink tired or or like brown is just new to me I’m sorry if I’m saying like dude it’s like a wicked red barely barely noticeable look at that click orange nude I did get one of these I was looking at them ever since they came out and I was like you know what just keep in I mean they look like I don’t like them but I want to try them is that make sense so I went for this color which is lust for blush I’m so I’m wine at the moment without my glasses and that is just like a nice little soft pink and this reminds me of t-birds from NYX to be honest with you I got now three nail polishes from that whole a priceline whole I got sugar coat by sally hansen called razzleberry and that’s just an effing here it’s pretty much like I am it’s a sign his earlier or what is that it’s just it’s just a bumpy nail polish that just feels like you did a bad job anyway but then you just trying to cover up that bad draw with chalk art also got dorial in the color 828 because they don’t have any other oh wait they do it’s called flushing lilac the next one I got this is the last nail polish is from Max Factor and it’s called fantasy file and I saw blogs on this and now they’re from years ago is easier but um thats this fire over that color so I I thought that you know is a pretty good color / colors okay then and this is last villa lips that I needed from australis and this is this is like this is a bright orange I’m not even joking it’s just it’s just unbelievably orange but I did wear it and I did like it I mean it looks reddish but when it’s like spread I’m gonna spread out it I’m sorry I’m sticking yet but when is spread out it’s orange ended up wanting to try out essences new lipsticks and i

don’t like them I got an eyebrow tint from australis I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while and I better not know how I feel about Thrones ask you think everything but I don’t know how I feel about it it comes in a little chippie chippie um I probably did get a dot too dark or I’d be get to light because I tend to go go for dark eyebrows I mean it might dry dark I don’t know that I did try it and I’ll like me i also want essences um miss car and tube and this stuff’s actually really good I went to tosh a tizzy and as as some of you know they have opened up Nick’s in targets across Australia and I decided to get in on that action and i went in and i got mine got three things um I did get nexus eye shadow base I do wish I got this in skin color because I already have pencil I jumbo eye pencils in the exact same color exist um pretty pretty happy that they have nicks yeah I just I wish that they copied off the prices in America because a jumbo eye pencil in America’s like four rollers where they’re selling them here for like ten and that’s that’s pretty pretty big difference you know I’m going to get a I route pout up with wax this is in dark brown / brown um I don’t know if I’d like it I mean it’s good to have this I mean I can use it as a backup color if I end up running out of my quad palette from essence considering those people like taking everything off this the shells that that’s popular and replacing it with something crap the last thing I got from mix was their lip matte cream matte lip cream soft matte lip cream I don’t know why I keep messing up those words um a shirt color huh the color is in Monte Carlo I don’t have this kind of red I don’t think I mean I have like mmm I like um normal residence this was like like like vanilla looks similar I like mmm so yeah look at that then I went to Maya because Maya has chichi products and I was like hey you know one is good at maya and this is laughs dressed like going Christmas shopping your cycle I don’t have any much below spray why they’re not fighting that a target and I don’t like the smell of it um so I did get the matte matte liquid lipstick in the color crazy in love miss is exactly like tea rose from NYX again and this smells like strawberries that is another one look at it doesn’t say that it’s like hey I’m on a bend man i like i like the packaging so like it’s like heavy duty when I could probably check this out a wall over 25 I so this is this confession to op today first one was with lush and now where we’re going to be talking about lime crime um I live in Newcastle not in New Year puzzle but fairly close to Newcastle and there there’s a there’s a shop in Charlestown I was actually looking for presents and i found this shop and it was all pinup stuff found out that they sell lime crime so um is such old town by the way it’s called cat fight collections got my collection I think it’s on the level of Bo Wallace

near JJ’s yeah I found it and I got excited for it and I only let myself buy one thing um and this is my first lime crime what break in all the be cards today so I’ve been pretty excited to have this and look at the packaging I don’t everyone says this but look at the packaging the Unicorn is ripped in half at the moment bit so I got the color so I pentene I don’t know I I don’t know what convinced me to go a green I mean I could have chosen from the lilac which is another color that I love from them and I could have gone well you know there’s like Celine unicorn but i really liked all those born to die which is blue this is great it’s just great so I am pretty happy my purchases is what she’s watching all of my hand hope that you will enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it I have to say though I’m very tired I haven’t slept again but I will leave now and I hope you enjoy watching it and if you have any questions on the products that I showed you today please feel free to ask me questions I will respond i will tell you how they are because i probably will be using them now type album and show you so yeah ah subscribe share it comment I apologize if you give or if you hear the cicadas outside cicadas for you Americans hahaha um but why