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joining so a couple of things there is I’m Megan by the way Megan tell me I’m a nutritionist this is my book the anti cookbook and in my book my favorite chapter is called I’m diet beauty care there’s actually an entire chapter in here all about my homemade beauty care recipes and all the things I use that are chemical free look at me all made up and pretty um all the products that I use that I make from scratch from food ingredients but I do not make my own makeup just yet um I knew a periscope on haircare I should do a periscope on hair care but that’s not what I’m doing today today we just get this so it’s not fold it over one second I just raised the table up today I’m gonna do a periscope on me cap so what a lot of us don’t consider is how toxic makeup is the makeup you buy at the pharmacy at the drugstore they’re essentially chemicals there dies there’s stabilizers there’s preservatives there’s heavy metals like lead cadmium like there are they are essentially a cocktail of chemicals and when research is happening around cosmetics what they actually test is like a single product so like oh hey here’s my mascara and this mascara has only trace amounts of chemicals in it not this one but and they’re like it’s safe levels of use but the problem is that what if I’m putting on an eyeshadow and then an eyeliner and then a mascara and then I’m taking it off with an eye makeup remover and then an eye cream and or soap and then I makeup and cream and no one is testing the cumulative load of what we’re using on our face so most women use on average it’s like 11 products before breakfast that hat can have a combined total of 124 different chemicals there are 80,000 80,000 chemicals approved for use most of them 60,000 were grandfathered in in the 70s so they were never tested for safety so we have absolutely no control over the chemicals in our environment you know when you leave your house and what’s out there you don’t know when you’re working in your office you don’t know what flame retardants are on the carpet you don’t know the flame retardant that are on your computer that are like it’s everywhere so so what we need to consider that are the things that we can actually change and control and optimize and do better with and makeup is one of them so if you want to take a moment share this and then we’re gonna get started and I saw a couple comments on how much how much we put on our pretty faces which is true and most of us are at our well not most of us I think we’re all that our most beautiful with a smile and a little bit of sunshine and I think that’s like the ultimate beauty routine but though I can smile I haven’t had sunshine in several months so I’m gonna go through my favourite brands and products and if you want to get the full list it’s over on my blog today at Megan telecom slash blog or if you go to untie it dot me slash I don’t remember what the short link is so go to Megan telecoms laugh blog and you’ll find the full list of beauty care products so let’s get started this is my face powder that I use it’s by Gabrielle and yesterday I learned that my face is medium beige color and I love this one because it’s it’s almost the color of my face I’m not wearing it right now so yeah think dirty app is a great tool to check your cosmetic products so I use this just as a powder usually when I’m filming things and I just don’t want like shiny nose syndrome or when I’m getting my photos taken but typically I don’t use any Foundation and what’s really interesting about foundation is that the more foundation you use the more foundation you need to use because it it effective it effectively makes your skin worse because of chemicals and it doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and so the less makeup used typically the less you need to use which is kind of a happy opposite catch-22 so I only use powder to avoid the shiny nose thing when I’m filming or when I’m having photos taken so I use this one from Gabrielle and

it’s got the ingredients right on it and it’s all predominantly organic and I also have sensitivities like I can’t I’m a sensitive just pineapple and I’m sensitive to grapefruit so I wouldn’t want to use I wouldn’t want to use ingredients that I’m sensitive to and someone I didn’t see the name but just commented I hate the way my face looks with foundation so do i I feel like you want to like peel it off so that’s the powder I use it’s by Gabrielle and a division of Gabrielle is called Zulu luxe and so this is my blush that I use and this is in color haze blush and again I love that they have the ingredients right on it and in most health food stores our place where you can buy these cosmetics or online you can actually go right to and see the ingredients and you can look up each one if there’s one you’re like I don’t know what this is look it up because it matters Esther says she stopped wearing makeup many years ago very sensitive skin I don’t wear makeup I actually it actually happened when I had my first book shoot I’m diet and I hired a makeup artist who did a great job it looked fine but I let her just use whatever and my eyelids were so swollen and it actually took almost six months to get the eggs EEMA away from my eyelids that had developed from that photo shoot so the zoo zoo Lex is what I use for for blush and I use this brand called zuy Organic Zen UI I organic enriched gold as an eye shadow and the reason that I use this one and I wrote about this on my blog post so you can go over to Megan Telecom slash blog and there’s actually a link on the side for all my beauty care resources you can go to the beauty care category and you’ll find my blog post that has links to all of the products that I use so Ashley just it’s not it’s gold eyeshadow since 98 so for my grade 12 formal when I was in I was like 17 or 18 I wouldn’t had my makeup done by Mac it was I looked atrocious I had like a French twist with these like tendrils that were really like elaborate sideburns but I had my makeup done and they put on gold eyeshadow so now that’s actually the only eyeshadow joyfull Jill I think that’s what your name is I look 18 thank you that’s half my age I’m 36 you can see cuz I’ve got gray hairs coming in see you there like right there so so yeah so I’ve been using gold eyeshadow since 98 I don’t know if Lexi does anything um but that’s the only eyeshadow use I think personally I think eyeshadows weird like let’s paint our I would pearly blue or turquoise I don’t know not for me um oh and then this is like like if I had to pick two only two things that I would ever use it’s gonna be this one and this one these are the two things if I could only have two cosmetic products ever it would be these two this is a mascara I get it in black Shh my mascara is by 100% pure is the brand and its fruit pigment this is an ultra lengthening it’s great it smells supposed to smell like green tea I don’t know but this is an amazing mascara and because I make such a mess of my face all the time like I’m always rubbing my eyes are like doing weird stuff um this one is really good the other one I have I love this one is called kiss me it’s not as natural but it’s a tube mascara and I got this actually for my wedding and it shows how much I use it because I should probably throw it out so I was three and a half years ago but um I’ll tell you where you can get this into one second but this one I love especially if you’re like me who like laughs till you weep or just weep a lot I love I have this list written over my blog Megan tell Norcom slash blog so you can go over there and get the full blog post with the outline of all the products but this one I get at pure and simple and this one I love because it actually it’s almost like an acrylic I don’t know what it’s made of but it like peels right off so it doesn’t absorb in so okay it’s smudge proof so this is a good one for like weddings or if you’re a synchronized swimmer actually you can actually check there’s a short link in there I’m Diet dot me slash Beauty natural beauty care 20 natural beauty care I don’t know what that short URL is but um so 100 percent pure you can buy it online the detox market is a great location to get a lot of this stuff and you can get the detox market dossier or detox market calm in the US you can order this mascara there the other product that I love so much is my maiden

fern blushing balm this is by living libations it smells amazing there’s like cinnamon in here and Rose Otto lavender like beautiful essential oils natural pigments a little bit of cayenne ginger and this you can use on your lips and on your cheeks so these two together like I literally I was participated in the Good Book Drive last week or two weeks ago and they came to do a photo shoot and I completely forgot and Ashley had this in the office and I was like this is all I have here today and so I just put on my lips on my cheeks and had a photo shoot so and that’s what that’s a benefit of never wearing makeup but if you ever are in a pinch and you have to go out without makeup you don’t look like you’re not wearing makeup you look like you always look and then when you put makeup on they’re like look at you you’re so fancy today lush also is a great bath Friday box I’m not a fan of lush they have a lot of perfume and a lot of fragrance in their products and perfume in fragrance are not natural so whenever you see fragrance on an ingredient that can have upwards of a thousand ingredients makeup perfume or fragrance and I know that lush uses those and lush also has other preservatives in their products so it’s definitely not one of my my go-to for body care stuff the other thing oh I have an eye liner this is by Gabrielle and I’m terrible at putting Gabrielle I’m terrible at putting eyeliner on so I typically only use this for photoshoots coz you have to like oh you know but it’s like it’s good that I never get close-ups like they’re always from far away thank you everyone for sharing really appreciate it so I use this one just when I’m doing video photo and that’s kind of it just to like outline my eyes but it’s usually like a huge disaster a mess the brushes I use are this is pure Ananda are the brushes that I use this one’s by Ecotools and both of them are actually synthetic brushes so they’re not actually made with animal hair so that might be important to some people bamboos sustainable bamboo and these can easily be washed with soap and water dry in the Sun that’s you know the best way to go about it with these and then I have a lipstick so we’re onto lip care the brand I have is Ilya Ilya I don’t know if you can see it’s sort of reflecting funny um the color I use is Arabian Nights and I love this one because it goes on I’m wearing it right now it goes on um it’s not like super opaque so it’s got a little bit of a shimmer and it’s really good for people like me who just put it on straight from the tube and don’t like I don’t use a brush I don’t use a lip liner I don’t do any of that so for me this one works really well and I love the color they have great colors and this one is also organic certified organic certified gluten-free um I think most of these are actually certified gluten-free as well but I’m lipsticks obviously very important because you eat it typically um and it’s Canadian made so I love that one oh look you guys know each other that’s always nice and then the last one is I have a lip gloss from Zuzu so I love this one and it is in Crystal totally clear and I capital right now and I love lip gloss because I think it just enhances your natural health of your face and and I like this one because it’s sticky enough that it stays on but you don’t get your hair caught in it just kidding no your hair doesn’t get really caught in it your food doesn’t get really caught in it so I really like those options Oh edit and I got me slash edible beauty care for my fave natural beauty care resources so I actually have a resource guide on my website where you can get all of my favorite products and brands and all those good things and if you go on to my blog or on to any of my beauty care you’ll see a link to it so and the other thing um yes so okay so that is essentially what is in my beauty kit so just as a quick refresher we had the gabrielle is my powder base I use it in medium beige humans beige is anyone actually beige my blush is from Zuzu lacs and I use Hayes I like this one thanks for all the comments everybody my oh my my one eyeshadow is the gold for no other reason that I have no idea what color eyeshadow I’m supposed to use I rarely use it I have a black pencil and also

from Gabrielle my mascara I have a hundred percent pure and I have kissed me though I use this one on a day-to-day basis this one’s really like long where I have my maiden 4 blushing bomb this is from living libations I love this one and I have also my lipstick is Ilya my gloss is Zuzu and then of my brushes I have eco tools Pierre Ananda if you go over to Megan Telecom slash blog everything is there all the stuff I’ve outlined is listed for you right there and you can go to town on it the moisturizer I use and we’ll do another scope on my skincare but the moisturizer I use is um I use the rose glow face cream from living libations and I use a skin brush and I have a soap that I used from it’ll be another blog post so go to Megan Telecom slash blog or you can go yeah go to Megan Telecom slash blog and you’ll see all of the the full list on my beauty care post or go under categories to beauty care and I’ve got a whole ton of posts about beauty care about makeup about sunshine and healthy Sun care about tampons all the things that are involved in personal beauty care before we call it a day on the scope I would love it if you would ensure that you follow me if you don’t so you can always get these live and if you have any questions I’m happy to answer any questions you have my best natural face wash I use a face wash from C flora and I don’t actually wash my face with soap very often usually I use an oil to get makeup off my face and then I use a skin brush but I don’t typically use soap on my face unless I’ve been you know sweeping the chimney that day moat yes all of these makeups are Environmental Working Group compliance so you can actually go over to the Environmental Working Group and they have a skin deep database but if you go to untie me slash edible beauty care you can actually I have a resource list of all my favorite apps and all my favorite web resources that will help you to that will help you to start decoding your cosmetics for yourself so the oil to remove makeup make your skin break out absolutely not if you use good oil it just moisturizes and most natural oils like a coconut oil they have natural antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits which are really really actually awesome for maintaining the health of your skin so I want to thank you all so much for joining if you enjoyed the scope please head on over to Megan Telecom subscribe to my newsletter follow me on periscope and on Instagram because I usually post on Instagram when we’re gonna go live here and I do my best to always have blog posts that support the scope so that you can actually see and get references so you can actually take what you learn in the scope and then go get what you need or do what you need to do not everything’s products but you do what you need to do to live a healthier more awesome life so I want to thank you so so much and I guess the best piece of advice I can give about cosmetics and skincare and beauty and all that is that no product there’s no products on earth that is going to do for you what a healthy diet what a healthy happiness and gratitude practice can do and what fresh air and sunshine can do if you have a good diet you’re getting outside I almost gave you the finger you have a good diet you’re getting outside and you’re enjoying life that is the absolute best beauty tips I can give because the lines those smile lines I’m proud of them I earned these little smile wrinkles on my face and actually when we were doing the and I cookbook cover they can you see that I have smile they airbrushed at the lines on my face and I asked them to put them back in I earned those through a joyful life so um smile be happy cultivate that happiness every single day in your life and that is how you are going to be a glowing natural beauty thank you everybody so much for joining we’re gonna have this up on my youtube channel so that you can watch the replay and share with everyone you know and we want to keep the toxins out of our beauty care a great book is called lead in my lipstick that actually goes into all of this I’m in great detail but if you go over to undying I slash edible beauty care you’ll see a whole list of books and tools and apps and all these things that I reference that will help you live a healthy awesome undying life so thank you everyone so much have a

beautiful afternoon and I’ll catch you on the next go bye everybody