Why You Shouldn't Touch Black Womens Hair

– [Woman] It’s so weird! You’ve never seen natural black hair? – [Man] No it’s just so (overtalking) – [Woman 2] Oh no! ♪save me♪ – Hi guys welcome back to my channel, it’s your girl Jackie Aina (laughing) ♪Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie♪ So, today I wanna talk about a viral video, that was all over Twitter, at the beginning of the month And I reacted to it, the Tweet went viral, and the topic covers why non- black people, and I’m not even just gonna say white people, because, like I said this isn’t just a white people thing, but like non- black people in general, touching hair – Don’t (echoing) Don’t touch my (singing) hair! Don’t touch my hair Don’t even think about touching my hair Don’t look at my hair, don’t breathe next to my hair, okay that’s extreme I feel like there’s enough education and resources and viral memes, that we should know what time it is, but unfortunately we don’t So, there were also some reactions to this video on social media, that I felt were a little unfair, and came off a little victim blaming So ,I wanna talk today, about why you shouldn’t touch a black woman’s hair That’s the first issue we’re gonna cover And also, why incidents happen, in the first place, because, I guarantee you she probably doesn’t really wanna be there But unfortunately, a lot of people reacted to this, as if she just sat there aimlessly and hopelessly Again, victim blaming, and we don’t really know what happened I don’t even know what happened, but I just wanna bring the conversation to my channel, talk a little bit about it, while getting ready to go see a movie tonight You know how we does a little get ready with me’s, where we spill some teas First, I’m gonna hydrate my skin I’m a little dry tonight, because I’ve been traveling, and I was in Arizona, and girl let’s just say I need a little moisture So, that video that you just saw, like I said, originated on Twitter, and in the caption it says, “the fact that she’s actually standing there, while they’re treating her like a zoo animal, is making me mad Like are you serious, right now?” By the way shout out to my t-shirt, I got this from a black owned brand, the name escapes me, right at the moment, and of course I will link it down below, in the description box, because you know, I do ghetto like tendencies, and I’m proud of that, moving forward Speaking of ghetto, I forgot one thing I’m just gonna tie this up, to protect the sanctity of my edges Y’all act like my braids, by the way? This is actually my last day wearing them ’cause I have a really big shoot, tomorrow I really just wanted to show YouTube how cute they were, because I’m proud of them! I did not do them myself, my friend Kamara Brown, did them, she’s here in LA! And she’s good To prime my skin I’m gonna use the Milk Hydragrip Primer, one of my absolute favorites Oh, did I tell y’all I was moisturizer I used, I am so sorry, please excuse my rudeness This is the Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer, this is actually one of my favorite scents, from the entire Fresh line I just like to re-juje the skin, right before a lil night cap, you know, right before a little movie date We are gonna see that Michael B. Jordan movie, so I’ll report back and let y’all know how it goes Anyway, back to the subject at hand GEICO insurance The topic of black women’s hair, you shouldn’t No further questions your Honor (gavel clanks) I don’t there’s anything wrong with naturally being curios about people’s hair, but it really annoys me that I hate to say this, but like in 2020, the fact that people are still playing that oblivious, to like other people being different I mean, are black people really that different, I’m confused, like there’s millions of us all around the world, if you haven’t seen one on TV, you’ve probably seen one in a movie, at some point, a book, a magazine, YouTube, TikTok? So, I’m gonna take my rise color corrector, from Live Tinted, their Huesticks Just around the perimeter of my mouth, because it’s a little bit darker around my mouth area, you know, women of color have complex, complexions We tend to not all be one color One way to balance that out is by taking a color correcting shade, like a dark orange, if you are highly melinated, like myself, a little on the darker side, or deep dark This is what will help, I don’t like the word cancel, like darkness shouldn’t be canceled, but just balance it You know what I mean? It’s weird technique, don’t, I didn’t make the rules, man Just blame color theory, I don’t know how to explain it, it just works And once you put foundation on top of it, it goes away Now we’re going to blend it out, with a sponge, just so that there’s no harsh edges, or anything like that And then, because we don’t want this product to move, I’m gonna now go back to my translucent powder, and set it, but I also do this like all over the face, you guys, because if you have oily skin, or if you are worried about foundation, like not lasting long enough, throughout the day, I promise you, powdering your primer, 100% will help, not only with the long- wear- ability of your makeup, but also, helps to control shine throughout the day There’s just something about putting on a liquid foundation, over a translucent powder, no it does not make your skin cakey, that just I don’t know, it’s like you’re getting rid of the first initial layer of shine, so just lasts longer Okay, so as you can see I set my face with some translucent powder, it’s nice and matte, and it even adds a little bit of coverage, never cakey though, because remember it’s translucent

powder, not powder foundation, translucent powder I’m gonna take the PUR 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie foundation, this is one of my favorite foundations, if you have oily or combination skin Very long wearing, and it’s a really really beautiful formula and finish The color that I use is DG5, and I’m just gonna bloop bloop bloop, bling bling bling So, what really bothered me about why I wanted to start this conversation, also is the reason why I responded to that viral tweet, and then my tweet ended up going viral, after I responded, and that a lot of people don’t, wait I forgot the original point that I was making, I feel like I was talkin’ about (shrieks) I dropped my foundation I forgot what point I was tryna make, I’m sorry Oh, oh my God, now I remember where we left off, I was basically talking about, how if you live in America, I’m pretty sure these people do, because their accents sounded like American accents I’m not buying the excuse that you’ve seen natural hair, before I’m sorry, I’m just not buying it! I’m not! This is my Farsali, liquid powder, as you can see I use a lot of mattifying products, in my makeup routine I just feel like betting on the excuse that you’ve never seen it before, is not an excuse anymore Not in the good ol’ years, the golden age of 2020, and also just because you’ve never seen something before it doesn’t mean you can just like berate somebody, you know what I mean, like that doesn’t give you an excuse to just sit there, and like isolate someone and make them feel like a freakin’ weirdo Like, oh my God I’ve never seen it before, ahh, curly hair, ahh! Black hair’s just curly hair! It’s just literally just curly hair, get over it It’s not new, it’s not original It’s not unheard of, it’s not unseen Stop with this behavior I just don’t understand why that would ever come out of your mouth Like it’s just hair Like, I love when people say, like black people always make things about race, ahh! But then, you behave like this, when you see curly black hair for the first time I mean, I just (stammering) Make it make sense to me, ’cause it don’t right now, it don’t at all There are definitely some people who are cool with you touchin’ their hair in general I’m sure probably once or twice I’ve been like yeah, you could touch my hair, it’s fine, if I know that person, if I’m friends with them, but if you don’t know them like that, like why are you diggin’ yo dirty hands, like let’s just talk about the fact that a lot of people do not even wash their hands these days Like, after using public bathrooms, I’ll be clockin’ people Some of y’all do not wash ya hands, I see y’all General just best practices, just keep your hands to your self bro Like keep your hands to your self, this is work, okay? It’s not science class, just keep your hands to yourself, and you won’t have these problems, and you wouldn’t get these criticisms What was even more disappointing about this video, is the fact that this girl looks literally hopeless, like I’m looking at this video, and she looks confused, embarrassed, ashamed, am I orange? – Girl look how orange you (beep) look girl – It’s fine, I’ma fix it, I was supposed to grab GG7, oh it’s a big difference, it’s a big difference, I already see it I’m so stupid Please hold while I transfer you, just give me one second, I’m just gonna fix this This is what happens when you touch black women’s hair, I get stressed out, and I start grabbin’ the wrong foundation shades I just, I, it’s like PTSD for me I’m still a little orange, but look y’all gone have to tolerate it, just like I have to tolerate misogyny on YouTube, you gonna have to tolerate the fact that sometimes, my foundation gone be orange, and I’m gonna fix it later, moving forward I’m gonna take shade 14 in my Kevin Aucion concealer Full, maximum, ultimate, snatchable coverage, I’m tryin’ take selfies tonight, girl So, yeah I’m not ultimately buying the excuse that you’ve never seen something before, or you’ve never experienced something before, you never heard of something before, in the golden years of 2020, because at the end of the day, like I just don’t care, that’s not my business, that has nothing to do with me What you can do is you can look, but you can’t touch, unless of course, I tell you that you can touch, after you’ve looked from afar, if I told you not to touch my hair, what you can do is you can go home and you can Google You can go home and utilize the good resources that the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ has given you Google it, if you’ve never seen it before, Google it Okay? That’s what the rest of us do when we’ve never seen things before, or we wanna learn more, or you wanna be educated about things, or you’re naturally curious about things Why do you have to put your dirty hands in my wash- n- go? Damn Now, because I’ve become tragically orange, by mistake, I’m gonna take a really yellow concealer, just to kinda balance out, the overall tangerineness, of the foundation that I’m wearing right now The shade that I’m gonna take is from Nars, their Radiant Creamy Concealer, in the shade Walnut While I apply and blend this out, I’m just gonna talk about why you also shouldn’t victim blame in situations like this Which is what I saw a lot of in the tweet that went viral When I say victim blame, like I’m not talkin’ about people genuinely concerned, about why this young girl didn’t defend herself in this video Some of the reactions that I saw, was just like wow, that’s a harsh take on that bro, like I mean y’all swore she kicked your mother-in-law, the way that you responded to this viral video I just saw, you know, a lot of people responding to that video, basically calling this girl out of her name,

calling her derogatory names for black women, such as the C word, or bed wench When I say “C” word I’m not talking about c-u-n-t, “C” words, I’m talking about the other one, the one that rhymes with moon I feel like that’s a interesting take, I mean, this girl didn’t invent racism, this girl, not to say that this video is racism, but I’m just saying like she didn’t invent the inherent problems that we have in the United States, or wherever this video was filmed, I’m sure she didn’t invent the problems, okay? So why you blamin’ Gracie? It’s not Gracie’s fault, Gracie is just a byproduct of her environment, all right? Stop blamin’ Gracie Free my girl Gracie Here’s why you shouldn’t victim blame First of all, she may be at work, she may be at school, I don’t know, but like I’m just gonna assume work, this is a great example, because, scenarios like this happen all the time We don’t know if this woman has kids, we don’t know if this woman is a care taker for somebody, like we don’t know what she has on her plate for her to like not have to jeopardize the job she has So the reason why it really kinda bothers me, about people who kinda were like reacting to this, in a really derogatory way, as if it was her fault, is that I don’t think a lot of you understand what this wokeness looks like at work Like a lot of you don’t, and a lot of people like to just sit on Twitter, and talk about what I woulda did, well you didn’t, well if I was in that situation, well you aint, you’re not You’re at home, stop If I was there I woulda busted they heads, you wouldn’t have, ’cause if you would have, you wouldn’t be on Twitter, you’d be out there in the streets doing the very work you claim you’re gonna do I’m just like not here for it, because everybody loves to talk about what they would do, what they would do, what they would do, what they would do, and that all sounds great, until you have a job or you have a career, that you can not jeopardize for saying something, or being outspoken, or defending yourself Even if it’s justified So, I said all of that to say, I understand 100% what it’s like to be in situations like this, and let me tell you something that ends up happening, sometimes when you’re at work, and somebody does something that you know is stupid, but maybe you’re out numbered, maybe you’re the only woman, maybe you’re the only black woman, clearly this woman is one of the only black people if they’ve never seen black hair before, and there’s no other black people in the video, like it just looks that way to me Picture the scene Go to work, you’re one of the only unambiguously black people that work there, right? There have been a number of occasions, where someone has pointed out certain things about you, or maybe even made some racially insensitive jokes, about you or maybe they’ve made some remarks that aren’t very peace-y, what ends up happening is that if you, we all know how it works, most of us know that working in a corporate structure of any career, it’s like playing a game, it is like playing a game You can not just say it like you mean it at work, you can’t, and if you say you can (clapping) wonderful for you, your Grammy’s gonna be mailed to you in three weeks Not everybody has a job like that, they just don’t, but what ends up happening when you start standing up to those remarks, and when you start defending yourself, and you start going to HR, what ends up happening is if you’re the only person who basically sees the problem in these remarks, you become the problem You become the person who always makes a big deal out of everything, you become the person who’s always complaining, who’s always difficult to work with, who’s not a team player, who’s this, who’s that I literally have a friend who was told several times, by one of her employees that her natural hair was literally unprofessional If she were to challenge that, what do you think would happen? Do you honestly think they’d be warm and welcoming and receptive, no! They’ve already told her, her natural hair’s unprofessional, do you honestly think that they would be, “oh I apologize, that was racially insensitive,” no! No! There are literally consequences You have a job and no one else looks like you and maybe they make you feel different all the time, it happens It literally does happen Like, you think that people don’t make racist jokes at work, do you work? If you do then you know what I’m talking about The reality is, is that for a lot of people, this stuff happens, and the moment that you become confrontational, and you bring the same energy that you would like within your friendships or out on the streets to like work, people aren’t receptive to that It literally could start the paper trail of you being the difficult one at work, that could potentially and eventually lead to getting you fired Now, I talked about this in my tweet, and a lot of people were like, “well you just have to stand up for what’s right, and blah blah blah, it’s not worth it to have a job..” those things all sound great, in theory and you’re not wrong, I’m not saying that I disagree with that theory, at all Do I think this young lady did what was right, in the video, I’m not saying yes, and I’m definitely not saying no What I have handled it differently if I was in situations like that, because I have been in situations like that, abso-freakin-lutely, I have Not a if I was, what I’m saying is I have been, and I did There’s a huge difference between what I would do, versus what I’ve done, listen up to the words they’re very different words What I’m saying though is like, not everybody can just like leave their job, and like take those chances It’s just a reality for a lot of people, and I think that a lot of people aren’t really realistic, when it comes to like that kind of stuff, and like I said sometimes people, just don’t understand,

what it actually looks like to be woke in real life, and like all of the commitments that it actually requires It’s not easy, sometimes you’re gonna lose opportunities, that you couldn’t afford to sacrifice, you could lose a job that you couldn’t afford to lose This girl could be takin’ care of her family, and like I said I do not know this lady, but I’m just trying to get people to be a little more empathetic, because it was really kind of sad to see people kind of tear this lady down, for literally just doing nothing but being visible, and present and maybe she was uncomfortable in that moment, when they were approaching her, and touching her Maybe she froze, like some people’s reaction to being uncomfortable is to literally, sometimes laugh, sometimes people freeze, sometimes people are just in shock It happens, I’ve been there Sometimes you have a delayed reaction to things How many times have you been in a situation, or like in a argument or confrontation with someone, and you said to yourself, later on, this is what I would have said or this is what I should have said, if I would have just thought to do it at that time Like we’ve all been there I’m just so tired of people being like Martin Luther Keyboard warrior all the time Like this is what I would do, girl shut up No you wouldn’t, shut up You wouldn’t so shut up I know that, that was kind of long winded, but basically I was just saying all of that to say that we don’t know what it would actually look like if she were to stand up for herself, and potentially lose her job, if that were to take place That’s why we shouldn’t judge, that’s why we really should not be so quick to freakin’ judge every single situation that we see Especially from like a viral tweet, or like a viral video I know, I know, I’m doing the same, but I’m just making assumptions based on like history, and like making assumptions based on my personal experiences I’m gonna powder my under eye, using Honey from Fenty Beauty, this is her setting po- this is her Pro Filt’r Setting Powder, which is awesome And again, we’re going yellow, because I wanna balance out some of the red that I’ve got going on We gon’ fix it child, we almost there We gettin’ warmer, pun intended According to Google, microaggressions is a term used for brief and common place daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or untentional, intentions don’t matter, impact does, but anyway, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights, and insults toward any group particularly, culturally marginalized groups I feel like a easy way, I feel like an easy way of describing what a microaggression feels like is just like, I feel like a easy way of summarizing that is just like when someone just makes you feel small, and like you can’t really defend yourself, because then you become the person that makes the big deal out of everything, and there’s nothing more annoying than someone telling you, that you’re making a big deal over something that you genuinely know is actually a big deal I’m switching to my brown powder now and I’m gonna powder the remainder of my face, get us nice and shine free child So I wanna talk about some of the experiences that I’ve had, and some of the experiences that my followers have shared, in response to this viral video, and why these incidents like this are a problem The Siobhan Zoey said, “this is me at work,” and she post a video of her gorgeous flourishing fro and she said, “this is me at work, I wore my hair out for Christmas, casual day never again, I was told I look like Goldmember, my hair was touched and criticized, two hours later I tied it back up It honestly made me feel like an animal in the zoo.” The only word that I can think of to describe an experience, like that is humiliating. First of all, I’ve been following Siobhan for years, I really don’t think she would make something like this up, and also for context she lives in Australia, and what’s particularly funny about this topic, is that a lot of times when I bring up these issues, and you know I remember when I did my Marc Jacobs video a couple years ago, about you know his response to putting his models, in dreads for his show, and he got a lot of backlash for it Quite a few people hopped in the comments of that video, criticizing me, for responding to that basically saying, you know this race thing, is like Americans are so obsessed with race, and like this doesn’t happen where I’m from, and in my country and blah blah blah And this girl sent me this video, Siobhan Zoey, she lives in Australia, and I’ve seen some of the most wildly racist stuff, here on YouTube, from people who are from Australia, so just because you think it isn’t happening in your country, it doesn’t mean it’s not But also, I sometimes feel like people think it’s not racism, unless you’re like in a KKK hoodie, or there’s people being lynched every five blocks from where they live, that doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist where you live sweetie, it just mean that racism has different faces, i.e microaggressions, okay? It’s almost like a different way of saying like undercover racism It’s undercover racism that may have gone unchecked, or undercover, what’s the word I’m looking for, prejudices that went unchecked, or stereotypes that have gone unchecked, maybe you don’t know any better, and guess what I’m not gonna fault you if you don’t know any better The fact still remains that there’s, I can assure you, no one is that traumatized by what has happened in this nation, that they subconsciously keep it going, by their own doing

This isn’t something that we just keep pestering on, because we want to keep living it, experiencing it, and talking about it It’s because, these uncomfortable situations, take on many different faces, like telling someone that they look like Goldmember, and laughing at them in a work setting, for them being their natural selves You can’t say that it’s just a US problem, and then I have girls around the world, sending me videos like these, and sharing experiences like these, it’s not just us boo boo, it’s not just us, come here’s a seat sit down at the table Now, using my baking powder, Honey, again, how you doin’ hey, nice to meet you We’re gonna go ahead and highlight that nose, just like we’re highlighting racial injustices and microaggressions on my channel Then, in gonna work on my brows, ’cause I don’t wanna be late to this movie, for my eyes, I’m gonna be using my palette, and also the Colored Raine Safari palette, one of my favorites, so I’m gonna start off using Ginger, (singing) Ginger, Ginger, yes ya buddy Ginger, Ginger First we’re gonna take Ginger, pop that into our crease, for our transition shade, and then eventually I’ma just keep talkin’ okay, ’cause I gotta go, eventually I’m gonna pop Clay on top of it So, you’re gonna basically see a mixture of Ginger and Clay, being mixed with one another, being mixed together, okay? Just so you know So, one of the few experiences that I’ve had with something really awkward, in a professional setting, is that when I was in hair school, actually some of the worst things I’ve ever experienced happened in hair school, and this is considered a professional setting to me, because I went to one of the best hair schools around the world, I went to Sassoon I remember going there, and I don’t wanna put nobody on blast, but now moving on to Clay, just so you know, I remember one day, one of these guys, another student, saw me wear me wear my natural hair, for the first time ever and asked me like, “oh! That’s your natural hair?” And I was like, yeah, I was like what about it? And then he was like, “do you wash it?” And I was like, do you wash your hair? And then he kinda paused, and I think he thought about it and he realized that was kind of a dumb question, huh? And like I didn’t even have to say anything, sometimes the roast, just roasts itself We just kinda stood there blinking at each other until the other answered the question, and he got my point, and then left me alone, and then like he felt really bad and he apologized for it later, and I didn’t even confront the guy, and he apologized for it, you know what I mean That’s what I wanted to talk about earlier, in this particular situation, and I want to stop focusing on Ms. Gracie, Ms. Gracie was of course just the catalyst, now I’m just swtichin’ over to Credit, I’m intensifying the outer crease of my eye, with a dark brown shade from my palette Gracie, was really just the conversation starter, for this video We don’t know what Ms Gracie had on the line, girl Ms. Gracie coulda been an intern, Ms. Gracie coulda been, you know entry level position, she probably coulda got that job two weeks ago, we don’t know, we have no idea But I do know that when I was in hair school, I was betting everything on making a name for myself, from being there, you know at that time, I had no idea my YouTube channel was gonna take off, like I had no idea And I was betting on the fact that like I need to get a job after this, and if I don’t get a great recommendation from this school, then how am I going to justify spending upwards of damn near 23 grand, on my education ‘Cause that’s how much that hair school cost, something like that I don’t remember the specifics I’ma just say when it comes to microaggressions sarcasm, and passive aggressiveness is your best friend, especially at work, especially in particular instances where you know for a fact, if you confront yourself you’re going to look like the aggressor Please, do yourself the favor and perfect the art of being a sarcastic a- hole, as y’all like to call it keeping the same energy, it works, like a charm I wanna give you another example of when I was at hair school, and I defended myself and what actually happened So there was a student that I went to, who I guess thought it would be fun to like call me the N word – Huh? – And I know y’all love saying well, if it’s a -igga then it’s cool, but if it’s a -igger with a hard R then, it’s not cool Both are BS to me, okay? If you’re not black I don’t wanna hear you say the N word, point blank, period But anyways, he called another student, the N word and said it right in front of me, and I was very uncomfortable, and it wasn’t the first time he did this Next, I’m gonna switch over to Dollars, the icy green shade from my palette here And this was a student who was actually my friend, so I was really confused, I would never give anybody the impression that I’m that kinda black person where you can talk like that in front of me, some black people are like that, for whatever reason, whatever experiences lead them to be that way, it’s not my business He said it the context was very inappropriate there was no context, we weren’t even talking about black people, I did what I thought was the right thing to do, I went to the administrators at the school, I described to them exactly what happened What ended up resulting in that, is nothing, at all

I mean I went to like three different meetings, describing this incident to my superiors at the school, they all interviewed me, they all asked me describe the incident, they wanted to document it, they wanted to get down to the bottom of what, I think that they were trying to do like on paper everything that a school is supposed to do when they investigate something, that shouldn’t be happening Next I’m gonna switch over to Lioness, this is my favorite shade from this palette, this color is so beautiful and foil- y and rich, and I’m using that on top of Dollars, just to intensify the foiliness After I went to these series of meetings, it became really weird for me at school, like it became really weird I started being kinda like known as being the difficult student, and I was one of the only black girls at the school, at that time One of the only, I think there was like one other black girl, who I loved There were a couple other things that I had a problem with at this particular institution One thing that I had a problem with is, oddly enough they were really reluctant to do a lot of demos on black hair, when it came down to like demonstrating like color and cuts and stuff like that Like I could just never get stuff done, like when you go to hair school, I don’t know if you guys know anybody that’s been in hair school, but a big part of the experience is the transformation of like looking one way when you start school, and then looking completely different when you end it, because you’ve been experimented on, so many times that you end up leaving looking like a completely different person Now, we’re gonna go back to clay, we’re gonna plop clay in the center of my lid, it’s going in between, where we applied Credit and Dollars, yes we’re gonna blend it out, I don’t wanna hear no trash talk, stop it – Stop it – But yeah I basically had to complain to the school, like I don’t feel like you guys fairly represent people with my hair type, because every time it comes to demo-ing certain things or just trying to gain more education on someone who looks like me, it’s just not there, like you guys always make me feel like I’m begging just to get my hair done at the school, or just to see more demos of people who look like me, like I brought in models, I’ve suggested models, I’ve tried to even make myself available for demonstration, nothing would happen, but because of all of the rightful complaining that I did, at that school, and the awareness that I was trying to bring up, it wasn’t something that was said, it just something that you feel, you can just feel it when you’re complaining about something and the teacher has that look like, not this heifer again You know that like people talk, you just know, you just feel it You see it, it’s not something that I could ever prove, but like I just felt like they were just sick of me When that whole incident happened, with the student saying the N word to me, I feel like that was when I started to really side eye, a lot of the people that were there at that school, and it really shaped my experience and my impression about that school, all together and I was just so turned off, the point is like at that time, I had literally no back up, and my job wasn’t even making money Imagine the people who actually make money, like they from work or jobs, I was counting on that education to be able to place me, potentially, in a salon after I graduated, like I needed that It’s like I could raise a fuss, but only so much you know it’s a technical school, so it’s not like you can just leave and transfer your credits over, like I know you can, but like that takes time, and like when you’re already, seven eight months into course work, you’re like do I, can I really afford to essentially kinda like start all over somewhere else? Like in that particular incident, I couldn’t, like it was impossible Now, I’m gonna take Ginger and Clay, and swoosh along my bottom lash line Now, if I could have done something differently, when I was at my school, I definitely wouldn’t have said something racial back to that student, that’s definitely not where I wanna go with my earlier point, but I don’t know what I would have done differently, because the whole N word thing, was a little to blatant, where as with the hair touching it’s like can you really prove that it’s offensive, that’s one of those things where it’s up to the person, like define offensive to me, how is that offensive, if they can’t relate, they’re probably not gonna find it offensive, therefore it’s gonna be hard to like build a case and get other people to relate to you and understand why incidents like that shouldn’t happen at all Another one of my followers commented on this thread and said, “I remember my first job ever, I had a fast food job, they kept accusing me of stealing money, and would deduct it from my pay check One day after being accused again, I asked them to count it in front of me and they did, and said oh, it’s all here, it must have been miscounted I got fired the next day.” Tell me again, how defending yourself, I get it, it sounds great in theory, but it just understand that there’s consequences to that, and not everybody can take those risks, it’s just the truth, it’s just the truth, deal with it, deal with the reality that not everybody’s going to be you, great quote, stop expecting you from other people They not you, they’re not in your shoes, they’re not in your situation For blush, I’m gonna take my Sasha blush, I know throw back, I haven’t posted about Sasha in so long, but their blushes are bomb y’all Like I don’t even know why I stopped using them The shade that I’m using is Santa Fe, I don’t even know if they still carry this shade, if they don’t, my bad It’s just such a beautiful orange blush, it’s one of my favorites There’s definitely not always gonna be a perfect way to respond to incidents like this, I figured I would give some examples, but I will definitely say, to me when you kinda like flip the script back

on the other person, when they’re asking you something like can I touch your hair? Or when they’re saying stuff like I’ve never seen curly hair before, while they’re salivating at the mouth, acting like this is like a freaking zoo, sometimes you just gotta hit ’em back with that, I’ve never seen straight hair before, can I touch it, do you wash it, is it yours? As you’re yanking on the microbead extensions Ultimately the moral of the story, for real for real, is don’t touch people’s hair Then you won’t be caught up in weird scenarios like this, where then people have to make think piece videos just like this one, dissecting the behaviors and the negative stereotypes that you’re enforcing Now, I will be very honest, black people you can touch my hair, because I already know that you probably have a similar hair type to mine, you’re probably gonna exactly how to touch it to not destroy it or mess it up, so yeah I’ma be honest, my own people get a pass they do I’m just sayin’ while my lash glue dries, and I’m gonna be wearing Lily Lashes, So Extra Miami’s I’m gonna take my Infinite Sand Eye Pencil, form Makeup Forever and I’m going to line my waterline I’m gonna line my lips, with a dark brown lip pencil, this is from Pat McGrath Then, I’m gonna take this gorgeous dark brown lipstick from Natasha Denona, the shade is Lala, I don’t know what’s wrong with y’all, but I been really likin’ darker lipstick lately I’m gonna wipe off a little bit in the middle, because we gotta add an accent color, Fern from LimeCrime, just to kinda mute it out, a little bit, and yes, my lashes are still drying, and then for the center of my lips I’m gonna add Dose of Colors, Macchiato lip gloss, I’m gonna do it with my finger, though, I don’t want it to stain the brush head That is the final look, (kisses) let me give y’all a little somethin’, ’cause this face I’m not playin with y’all today, and I’m not playin’ with y’all suckers who be tryin’ to touch my hair, either, stop it Really the moral of today’s story is ♪one♪ Mind ya business ♪two♪ Stop being so quick to judge ♪three♪ Keep ya damn hands to yourself ♪Four♪ Stop touchin’ black women’s hair period You got any other questions, you can see more videos, I cover it all, contouring, eyeshadow blending, why you shouldn’t be trying it in 2020, whatever you wanna talk about it’s on this channel Any topic you wanna cover, I got you