Yays and Neys | March 2016

hi and welcome by time I channel so today I’m doing my March yeas and nays uh Marsh has been a kind of busy not so busy month for me um started with me being sick for two weeks actually I was taking all februari to soar just continue into March and then it was Easter we were still like the whole family was sick I was easier every homer still sick but we were going to go to the cabin so if you follow me on snapchat you know we went to the cabin for a week we were just supposed to be there for a couple of days but then I got even more sick so we decided to stay for a couple more week no Sarno weeks four days um I broke a couple of nails and skiing I was so stupid I put on a pillow faced before we went and it’s kind of just feels off after just one day in the slopes but yes um I also brought a couple of new products with me to the cabin and I’m going to talk a little bit about them here in this video so I hope that you enjoy and i also have a lot of nail stuff to talk about this time and i thought that maybe if i did this like every month i am the products what kind of it wouldn’t be as many products every time but i was wrong there’s a lot so grab a cup of tea some biscuits coffee popcorn like whatever and please enjoy and also disclaimer on the knee side I’m not bashing the brand I’m not bashing the products these switches products that did not work for me and they might work for you and if they do great and also my favorites might not work for you but they do for me so for me so let’s start with some na products but when we went to the cabin I brought with me these sample sizes from Iran luckily they’re just sample size it’s just something I got in a magazine we were packing lightly so um I thought that maybe I should just bring on relies on his sample sizes so that it was an something for the lips moisturizing face cream and an eye cream these broke me out like my whole forehead was just small white bumped all the way um I have struggled with that skin for a very long time since I was 10 when my first pimple came out and these just these were not good from me for my skin my skin did not like these at all and so another product that is not awful but it’s it’s the Maybelline and master sculpt contouring light to medium I brought this with me to the cabin and I already knew that it was not um it’s not really that pigmented this is what it looks like so like they also have a medium to dark and the medium to dark contour color is a little bit cooler than this but I I picked this up because I wanted something that I could both bronze and contour with but this visser is it’s not it’s not pigmented it’s not pavement it at all but it’s probably perfect if you just want that sup little bronze and highlight for those non makeup makeup eight days just going to swatch it hair so you can’t see so yes the highlight is a little bit glittery but it has just a natural shine and the bronzing it just blend out pretty nicely but yeah it’s perfect for am it’s perfect for a weekend at the cabin when you don’t want to wear too much makeup but you still just want to I don’t bring some work to your face just have that oh like I’m not going to use it anymore at you oh I’m going to keep it but solely just for

those probably summer days when they come I don’t know when they’re coming probably never um I live in Norway it’s cold here it’s cold Grange rains but yes that’s not my favorite but a product from abling that I also brought with me to the cabin was as a baby lips and moisturizing lip gloss and my lips have been so sore and dry and patchy and I use like every single product that I have from only bombs to my beloved will ahead likes and flip treatment lips scrubs like everything but then like one morning when I was doing it oh hey I might as well just put on my lip gloss and just work it and this made my lips completely hydrated it fixed all my prime all my problems like the the nasty like cross the head form around my lips like the dry cross around my list it just disappeared in a matter of two days using this so I don’t know if you can see but it is quite empty but this one can chase them the baby lips lip glosses actually contain a lot of oils and also bitumen II and since it’s a glass it doesn’t and your lips don’t soak it up straight ahead it stays on your lips like a film and that’s probably why it worked better than lip balms that just lips just it up so this one is a highly recommendation or a cheap option to try if you’re struggling with chapped lips and another lip item I have been loving are at the Lancome and you live oils go or he’ll shakers and these are just awesome you just shake them up like and this and like all the products you need is here on this little sponge and I’m going to see if it means watch it so there are very very pigmented but they are super super hydrating so this one has and this one is very in love so it has a more like purplish and tint to it when the oil dries down you’re left with is super nice tin and I can also show you this one which is lemon explosion they all smell differently and also have like a little taste to them this one is in more pink it actually hasn’t and it almost not any color but this one is the only one with some sparkles in it and when the oil dries down and your lips are left with a small tent and it’s very very hydrating and as I was saying they all have different smells and tastes and it’s often like a referral to how like their name so the lemon explosion is more lemony and the berry is kind of very tasting smelling really really nice the mascara I’ve been loving this a month or past month has been the Max Factor voluptuous a false lash effect mascara this is their newest one and I was very skeptical too late when I first saw it cause it has I it has a very huge brush as you can see and it also has like the ball tip if you can see that very few mascaras here in Norway have this ball this ball chip but I’m really really long it it separates my lashes perfectly it gives the ball you might want it also gives a little bit of length and the ball tip makes it so easy to just do my lower lashes and I’m also able to get to the lashes out at my outer corner very easily and also in the inner corner and the ball also makes it just easy just to separate the lashes I’m really really loving it and I also recommended it to a friend and she’s also loving it at the moment I mascara that I did not enjoy this month is the l’oreal false eyelash wings

sculpt this is absolutely awful um i i i i really just want my money back on this one but yes I looks like I bought it on sale so did not cost me a lot but yeah this is what the brush looks it’s a slanted and it’s supposed to you’re supposed to be able to push like this upper side up into your lashes so you get that black fill in that some people feel that it’s hard but ya know this is a sticky sticky formula I put it on one lump I put it on my lashes on one eye and I was thinking do I have to put it on my other eye please but I get cuz I was going out and I I’m always doing my mascara at last so no it’s it’s like glue to your lashes it’s hard to get off it does not want to get off it doesn’t want get on this is probably the one thing that I’ll just blunt I would say junip I do not buy do not buy now let’s look at a price that I have been loving and also wanting for a while even though it’s not really that expensive just really really wanting in it it’s the dream cheek blush and highlighters from viva la diva this is really inexpensive and it’s a really really nice polished you get a small mirror and this is what it looks like it’s for blushes and two highlighters they are really really gorgeous pigmented and the highlighters are their subtle almost for every day so if you want the strong strong highlighter this might not be thing for you but it has like a pink tone highlighter and a gold-tone highlighter and I am wearing it today know if you can see in this bad lighting but yes I’m wearing today I’m also wearing um the rosy rosy cheeks ah blush which is this one I feel you can build up these colors and they are just I think it’s like a perfect start up blush palette blush and highlight palette really loving them in us also kind of a spring feel to it I’m really into springtime feel things i really want to bring in though it’s raining outside it’s cloudy that’s how it is the final makeup product that’s in my favorites right now is I don’t know if I mentioned this in my favorite favorites but yes it’s the elf illuminating is it a luminous yes luminous powder now i’m using this as a staging and baking powder but it is illumined like it Amin said it does have like small small grains of luminizing powder specs or something like that so it is said it’s supposed to hide away fine lines and or blur out fine lines and pores so if you don’t have those types of problems if you’re not if you’re not having those types of problems this might not be the powder for you a friend of mine also bought it and she’s quite younger than me and it did not fit her quite well um but for me I’m I’m older I’m grown up this is perfect for my grown-up skin so if you have if you want to try out a setting powder and if you are middle-aged I won’t say a middle-aged but I probably am ah this is the powder for you oh I’m doing a lot of mailing today the last product online and nays list is Maybelline brow drama pal made crayon it’s not for me like my brothers are nearly not there so this stick crown thing it’s too big for my eyebrows and also it’s not really bad pigmented it’s really really really not pigmented if you can see it’s also very sticky so I feel like it slides around on my brows and that’s my cute I’m sticking I’m sticking to my brow pencil

which is from a bloom which I am loving and but this one has its if you cute build it up but I find it when I’ve used it i’m i’m i’m filling in with a pencil actuals anyways so that over to some head products i bought these ones from Civil War II and man no like i like i like theorem i like their normal like the original smell but these ones in sugar crush and the smoothie star they are sickening i mean if you may they are at least to me they are sickening no it’s supposed to be with is it with almonds almonds and vanilla ah no no I don’t like vanilla smells but this one with the almond amulets it’s sickly sweet sickly sweet with marzipan nuts and vanilla no I don’t want my hands to smell like that and this other one with a sugar crash sweet lime it’s it’s better than the smoothie star1 bug and I also use this at i am using it just because i don’t want you like this one i’ll give away to someone who likes the vanilla smell but Oh Eustace just because it’s it is a good hand cream they are good hand creams it’s just a smell and it’s not for me the hand cream that I and loving and that is my favorite and it is my Holy Grail and I’m crying because we’re not selling anymore anymore it is the dead sea spa magic super hand cream that is a mouthful to say but this is so good I love it um the smell is it smiled nothing special just a mild flurry fresh scent I love this it hydrates my hands I can go and wash my hands after I’ve used it and when I’ve dried my hands on a towel they still feel hydrated it’s so so good and over tooth and nail stuff and the base coat I’ve been using for the most part of March is the bins and nail a lacquer around it’s my peel of base coat and I saw simply no logical use this and I just wanted to see if it’s as good as she’s hyping it up to be cuz I’ve never used a single p love bass go that’s worked on my nails I think my nails are kind of dry and so every time I put something on and they just suck it up like whether it’s nail polish like the color from nail polish my nails get stained like all the time and so whether it’s like anything they just but this one it works it absolutely works the polish i’m wearing today is antigua from tex polish and now this is a an indifferent which i absolutely love this is a minty green with gold specks and i have been wearing this for six days so it really does hold up and if you follow me on snapchat you saw me applying it and yada yada and loving loving loving this color also for spring and summer and it’s from their last year’s summer collection which i bought like the whole thing and i am just loving this another polish that i got in and now in march which i’m just i’m so happy i got it like you know when you have your favorite polish and they don’t make it anymore and then you find it and it is opie eyes golden I like I’ve had this tiny little bubble like okay I does not write their names on their small bottles so this is my DIY write your names on her small bottles please anyway I got a large new bottle and this will ask me not forever but at least a quite while huh so this is my this is my favorite gold sparkly polish and i love it and i have a tutorial

coming up where i’m using it so you’ll see live to another thing i’ve been loving in march is spring colors I really been feeling spring and these um matte velvet nail polishes from Isadora which is a swedish friend have been in my favorites and i’ve been using them quite a lot both by themselves and in design and I’m just loving them they are they were super soft and kind of interesting cuz they’re not just mad polishes some of them like Pink Sugar for instance it has like a slightly sparkle to it which is so so nice so we have five polishes of these and I have a blue call blue cloud and also wide spring which is the yellow one and of course pink sugar and bohemian which is a like a nude brownish color and also quite well with with the white one hood which is a nice white all of these are opaque and two coats are more than enough to get a nice coverage but as always I recommend using a top coat over and then I’m at taco so I don’t know really why they make them mad budino they don’t have to be mad but that’s something are completely different like another rant but yeah I’m loving them and finally my meaty brushes i have been using them quite a lot now our um I don’t know if you can call them they’re more like professional nail art brushes but I am just loving them and there’s also one that I’ve not used but these this is just like the perfect set like it has the fan brush a slightly slanted brush a talking to a detail brush and then just a flat brush these are high high high quality easy to clean and um I don’t know they they don’t wear the same way as a as some cheaper brushes if you want to invest in some good good nail art brushes these are highly recommended and lastly just um like in the nail universe something new that happen in March is that I find it down my nails um if you can see I file file them down more squabbled squarish yeah I just wanted some change now I love having almond-shaped stiletto nails I feel it makes my hands look longer and I don’t know more feminine because I have quite large hands and it runs in the family um but yeah but sometimes it’s just nice to do something else something different now they are still quite long I don’t know if you can see let’s just turn them around but I’ve actually trimmed it down almost a centimeter it’s only nails and they grow out they’re also quite patched up at the moment since I broke broke this one I’ve broken this one this one’s slightly broken and this is the pinky pinky that I broke a month ago it broke here and I patched it up so now the whole name has now but I added just a little bit of my old nail repair powder and glue to the tip just to make it just didn’t make them all a little bit more even like I am I’m not gonna help my nails down to Nub’s just because my nails break I’m just going to fill gonna build them up with whatever I have and seal them with a gel polish and that’s it for this video of marches yeas and nays I hope you enjoyed it and that you find it a little bit helpful if you did please pick the like button and if you’re not already subscribed please do for more weekly nail art goodness and beauty stuff and as always if you have any requests a video meet you make or just a question please leave a comment down below and remember to say hi to me on

instagram snapchat and Twitter all of my username is normal again the same way spell here I hope to see you soon bye