♥ Cute Ulzzang Makeup Tutorial ♥

hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I would like to show you a olive down cute careers makeup tutorial and I’ve already applied my makeup I’m not looking that good today I don’t know why I’m wearing my leg Barbie circle lenses and a beautiful gray wig today and I have my Alice in Wonderland bow my head I’ve already applied as usual my moisturizer and my red correcting makeup base it’s a greenish makeup base because I was very very very British today around my nose and so on so I’ve already applied it and I have played today yes makeup not ed Grimm anymore it’s because I’m I love in this man this makeup because um my mother brought it a few days ago and I actually thought it’s actually not that kind of foundation and go I was going to use my life but then I applied it on my face and it was gorgeous it was super good it’s very very melting it’s like you’re having moves in your hand moose that the moose from the forest but who shkola and don’t wander it’s only color because i was making cookies with my mother today because Christmasy here in Germany although the weather doesn’t look like Christmas at all and yes today we want to look old jagadeesh well I’ll start with a shadow base no I’m not applying it I’ve already have makeup on my lips that’s actually a good thing because the makeup applied on your lips will make the eyeshadow stick onto your eyes onto your lids and you don’t have to use a special base for your eyes because I I think it’s quite expensive for a good makeup base for your eyes like eye shadow base like from urban decay and I couldn’t afford it no I couldn’t so I thought I actually will make it always with the makeup so and we’re going to start with actually a silvery whitish I shadow and it’s going to be from this palette here it’s by the brand p to sprint please duo eyeshadow and Pilar here we’re only using this color here on to the whole lid I’m going to apply it today with my fingers I feel like doing so I love this color I mean look like how sparkly it is I put always in rubbing motions but at the end I’m always taking some eyeshadow and applying it with dabbing motions so the eyeshadow is more concentrated now we’re going to do this as you can see I I already can do it without the marrow I don’t have any today here now we’re going to use something goldish brownish coppery colors because I think it fits the I’ll just look more if you use like silvery colors or brownish of golden colors and i’m going to use today a make up eye shadow palette it’s by the brand manhattan and called perfect perfect ice I should okay it looks like this I love

this colors you can see it on the last I should have already used it up almost and this time I’m going to use a an applicator it was in this pilot inside I’m going to use the right the top one I shadow I’m going to apply it only on to the inner course close right and now i’m going to apply a darkish color darkish brown color onto the the outer part where are you yes here it goes I’m going to use a half two pellets from this brand it’s again the same but with other colors more neutral ones and I’m going to use the dark brown color here it’s actually also very sparkly I don’t know you can see yes think i’m going to apply it again with such a applicator only onto the outer corners right there you go now we’re going to use some I know it could be a little bit difficult for many girls put on the eyeliner but I think there are so many videos around the internet which can look the tutorials I can give you some tips but I also needed very long time until I could do this on my own you have to do it like for yourself you can’t say yes she’s doing this right or he is doing this right and I’m going to use it also like that you can’t say it really well as you may know the Ultron girls or boys are using eyeliner for the cat eye look and I’m going to use my mirror because I can’t say it any more in the cam and I couldn’t do this without a mirror so I’m going to use my mirror here ok so I like to start like not like most of the girls on the outer corner I’ll start like inside here near the tear duct and I’m applying like I hope you can see it I’m applying a very thin line I also fill it in immediately because it’s like this is how we do now I’m working my way out so I’m not feeling it in now because I’m going to put on the next line down here so to connect them together and then fill it in here we go it looks more difficult than ated than it is but as I already said you have to work it out for you it took quite a long time until I could do it now we’re going to do the longest I second one

again here we are with our cat I I didn’t want to make it to Kaddish because I think only the real asian girls look cute with that i’m not asian so I have to wait work my way out to look Asian not to look more I’ll Janish we’re going to use a silvery glittery you can also use a golden one I also wanted to show you my beautiful silvery stick it’s by the brand essence and it’s the long-lasting i penciled in the the color c’est la vie looks like this and I’m not going to use it on my whole I I’m only going to use it like on the inner corners here we go and as the semi last step we’re going to use a mascara and today I’m going to use now the last one I used last video with the pigment this this year today I’m going to use this one’s by the brand Max Factor it’s going masterpiece high volume and definition mascara um I have naturally very long lashes but um the Korean girls like have naturally straight and short lashes so I’m going to try to make this look at for that I don’t need this fluffy big mascara on you need the small brush going to use my mare excuse here we go now when we are done with our eyeliner and it’s already dried down I actually like to enhance the makeup by darkening the outer corners with the same color released earlier yes here we go now I

need member i’m going to put it above the line of the eyeliner i like to make the cat I a more visible yes kind of like this little bit more and now you can blend it with the same color were used at the beginning clit you can blend it in a little bit so the silver color doesn’t disappear here we go no we’re not quite done yet but you can stay with me we’ve already done anything we need okay so I’m going to use today a different blush for my cheeks I use a Manhattan one in the last video today i’m going to use the essence one and it’s called urbanized and if the color the sunny side of the street it’s like to mix colors of pink and it’s a darker pink in the very light pink like the hell Jarmusch girl use them always apply to the apples of the cheeks because if you’re using a pinkish blush you don’t want to use it like a bronzer until your cheeks here you want to brighten up your apples of the cheeks and that’s the way you do it here we go and ask the last step we’re going to make a little bit of the Cape I what’s wrong with me today I can’t speak with the gay polish lip tutorial you’re going to apply a reddish color or pinkish color as you may please I’m going to use a red one it’s called from the brand p to read I love you and it’s called kiss me honey lips take the shade is not listed here but it looks like this and we’re going to apply it enough to the hole left by to the center first at the bottom / and then the upper one you blended it don’t worry it looks kind of ridiculous we’re going to blend it in with a the class and it’s by the brand Katrice it’s called infinite shine lip gloss also no color name looks like this looks pinkish on the camera but it’s a peachy nude ish one and we’re going to use it on our whole lip to blend it in now this is the complete look I hope you like it yeah now you look like all junk doll not alike not like a kpop star something but I didn’t want to look at it like a kpop star I wanted to look like a youngish cutest karish dolly look

ish I guess and yes this is the final look I hope you liked it and if you have any ideas for the upcoming tutorials I would like to read them down below the comment box and for now I would like to say goodbye