A half face high end half face low end makeup tutorial inspired by Sheribaby35

I’ll do this side low end and that side high end so first of all knowing any makeup so who I actually uploaded this I’m going to be doing a blue I I thought lose smokey eye so first of all I actually quite like this but not enough to really buy it it’s my first foray into beauty bombs so-called and this one is the Maybelline Dream fresh and this shape is in light so just do that gives really quite good coverage actually quite light coverage and the other side I’m going to be using Youngblood liquid mineral foundation this one’s going to be a bit more full coverage we’ll see ya bit more just share it down a bit is about very light coverage ring with a heavy or striking blue I to best to have from a very natural looking base or you do look a bit k cheeks is going to be my low-end shadow and I’m putting it on top of this which is the Maybelline 24-hour color tattoo in turquoise forever and this is davek by Mac and I’ve also got this by as dual order I think both of these are actually discontinued because you know what they are like I’m not sure which to use I think I’ll give don’t pick paint pot I’m going to use that as my base so it’s a really nice turquoise slightly different shades but I think so lon it should look imperceptible just using my finger for this say that age of a light I like our application there’s certainly a lot more intense because there’s a lot more intense i’m going to her on my high end i am actually going to use the Estee Lauder I thought that might happen so bit of that on this is really lovely they have discontinued it i’m using my high-end finger that’s more like it sing a bit underneath and I’m going to put a bit of the Loreal underneath the other is why I’m going to use a high-end and low-end brush my high end is going to be wonderful Louise young brush not sure the number but I really think she’s got that many it’s the flat shader brush and this is I think this is low end it Sonia Kashuk laydown brush your shoulder number but again probably easily identify wall so I’m going to start off with the lemon side which is this side just going to pile on that turquoise shade

and now i’m going to use mac equities yuck for the other side which is this shade here that’s a tiny fraction wards heal for my blending brush I’m using a sigma SS well I think they’ve changed the number since then but the dupe of the 217 and for my high-end music thicknesses high end makeup designer II really good fluffy brush which I love and I’m going to use Mac too much which is good he’ll i’m just going to use the other side of the jeering and hopes that it looks ok good to do my low inside I’m going to use that on bottom of my eye as well using that blender brush just take it up a little and other side using that brush and too much or plumage if your pep talk and again on the underside of the eye say again even though they are different colors that you think you can really tell now for my mascara I actually think these are quite good oops at least this really reminds me of hip notes when i first tested it and now i use this every day and it’s been a while since i’ve used lancome hypnose this is lore’l lash architect 40 i’ll do that so i’ll do that and decide on come on that high in the bottom lashes as well do not call my place now and this is in the shade it’s just black they’ve got a few blacks this is a really good mascara well they’re both get using a pencil eyeliner and I’ll just show you what these look like they’re literally dupes the slightly more greenish one is mac black line and that is metallic brass by gosh they’re both black with a touch of gold in them but black lines that lines the motivation of course that pile is really amazingly soft but i really love metallic rasp so i’m just going to load the upper lashes with that and maybe the water line as well this is my high-end black line

just come out tiny touch now choose a horse phone metallica crust do my eyebrows now using for the high-end side I’m going to use a steel or dare automatic brow pencil and this shade is soft brown and for my other side i’m using a powder this is a brush i got an ebay really good not seeing the moon while i’m sure there somewhere there by a brand called a pupa they come from i think china and they will had a really good quality using my favorite sleek palette using that brown and I use it all the time for my brows and when panic brake see sorry about that going to lose them quite thin it’s now the brow pencil hopefully it should look here same color anyway very nice as she cut her bro now I really need blusher occur without blusher and this is the low inside again very well-loved it’s berry and blusher in terracotta and for my high-end amusing working Republic in foreplay from I lohan brush I’m using an elf brush again really good brush and for my high end i’m using a kabuki brush by their middle put it on my chin as well a bit and just side of my nose a bit on my face and then I end foreplay because this needs a bit more dense coverage is not as bright as a very m but it looks the same when it’s on and again I bring that bit towards my chin nose face of it hopefully you can see that going to powder my face as well this is my high-end gather meteorites in its terrors and this is NYC smooth skin can’t really compete but I really love to be skin and first going to do my under eye concealer actually so this is brand new from their minerals and i will be reviewing this very soon this is the shade luminous one and i’ve used it once i quite liked it i’ll be blogging about this and this is Maybelline Dream looming so I’ll do you low-end first comes with a brush applicator I actually use this brush to smooth it out to get it from that pupae range that i got from ebay just gonna bring that down a bit shut it down

it’s not a bad concealer actually the other side using the bare essentials one which i really like it’s a lot easier to control it’s got a really nice brush kind of flat so I don’t need a brush for this from Skinner he’s my fingers it’s a lot more pink than the dream lumi which is fairly yellow it’s quite thin but more light reflective yeah it’s really light reflective actually I really like that really like that it’s actually miles better than the dream Louise a bit of an unfair test ceiling block the light out really nice um so yeah thumbs up so far and naive testing out the where time so I’m going to use that movie again and the meteorites for my high end side do that if a girl I brush is the best one to use but I love I’m washing out at the moment sir home I like to put it under my eyes as well it’s quick good for that that’s that’s slightly elf brush again for my pouch I use all the time I like to put powder on top of the blush because turns it down with and like to put that under my co is well this is a really good brush for being able to squeeze it just easy around your news on your eyes really really nice brush if you don’t have it definitely look into highlight as well i’m using the number seven again I’ve breaking it and the number seven limited edition out afraid I absolutely love this it’s one of my favorite highlighters and it’s called natural radiance highlighter so it put up on my I point of my lou and face it’s a bit it’s really reflective and using my finger just putting that in the corner of my eye just a great in that side up and begin of my favoritest under the arch july and music good old Mac vanilla I don’t have mac counts as high end by I’m counting as high end and I’ll use my kabuki take a bit from the lips actually use a bit from the inside it’s really shimmery some down that side in my nose my need to put a bit more of the number seven because the Manchester socially that taking it over so hollow lewd it’s just like and then I pigment except I prefer it oh and going to put something in the pigment inside my eye as well you see my finger a bit on the high point again I’m not sure this is larry and i think it is it’s german kid wheezing her lip liner in almond and i’m using jane iredale for the high end and further end amusing a topshop lip polish in iced coffee and illamasqua intimacy lip gloss and now do you my low-end click side

first just using my finger these lick punishes are really nice actually not sure about these new brushes they brought out actually a really different color it’s actually a totally different color hmm sure about that because it’s a totally different color for the high end I’m as you get to use going up just put it on top illamasqua well it will have to do its bit more peachy than top shot one but CZK so in conclusion that is what the eyes look like I think I prefer the high end because the plumage my Mac just looks really has more depth than that blue from the show EG that’s the look the lips are completely different color but I think the eyes are possible I think the high-end one is nicer they but yeah overall I don’t see if I give our like this so I’m not hundreds in chilly weather might even out a little bit but I AZ in your would you really no see sorry about the window trying like hell to light that really what you think and also by all means try and do it yourself show your do much better job