I dipped my little paws in this when I first got it because I just couldn’t help myself because it’s so beautiful whoa hello Meh not happy Sara’s not happy right now… are from a kit that I just…Oh gosh! What’s happening? The worst smell in the world hey everyone it’s Sara from The Style Blog welcome back thanks so much for tuning in today’s video is going to be a full face of drugstore makeup first impressions I picked up all of these this week and nothing is over ten dollars so I placed an order from ELF that came in this week so many pretty things I’m so excited and then I just went to Target and picked up everything else I was missing for a full faced look so I kind of just had fun at Target going down the aisles and thinking ok I need a foundation for this look which one looks good oh I need some contour I need a highlighter so I’ve just picked up things that either you guys had told me about or I wanted to try or that just kind of looked fun so let’s just super quickly here go over what I got and then we’ll go over putting it all on my face so for primer I picked up the elf poreless putty primer that I’ve heard everyone talk about I’m so excited to try this then I got the Maybelline matte and poreless fit me foundation I also got the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless powder I got the ELF 16 hour camo concealer which i’ve heard amazing things about I also got this Maybelline master contour so I just thought this looked fun I hadn’t really seen it before I picked up this Milani blush and also the ELF matte blush duo then I picked up a NYX micro brow pencil and then this wet and wild hello halo it’s kind of like a holographic highlighter which I’m really excited about so for eyeliner I picked up this elf cream eyeliner in a pot which I’m excited to try and then this Maybelline lash sensational mascara so I kind of got a lot of eye shadows I wanted to try these elf bite sized eyeshadows these are three dollars apiece not even on sale like that’s their actual retail price that’s amazing I’m so excited to try these and then they threw in this elf best friend eyeshadow duo with my purchase I don’t know it was just a freebie and then I just saw this Revlon enigma palette at Target and it looked so beautiful that I couldn’t say no then for lips I picked up a lot of lips they’re all really like neutral colors but they’re all really beautiful and I’m so excited about these and last but not least I picked up some nail polish from Target I’m wearing this blue one today and it’s really beautiful ok so I finally got everything unpackaged here and let’s begin so first I’m gonna start out with this elf poreless putty primer say that ten times fast I don’t think I could this looks really smooth and I’m so excited to try this because I’ve heard so many amazing things about this so I’m just gonna go ahead and apply it around my face so I’m not gonna do a full day wear test and then come back tonight like I do in some of my videos because this video would be three hours long and no one has time for that but I will put in the notes below where I link all the products if something really performed terribly throughout the day just so you don’t try it and waste your money on it this is just super soft and it feels really nice it especially feels really nice when you’re blending it into your skin it doesn’t feel heavy at all which I really like my face doesn’t feel like goopy or greasy which is really nice so I’m a fan of this so far hopefully it holds up underneath my makeup all day ok so I think I want to do my face makeup like my foundation concealer powder before I do my eyes today I don’t know I’m just feeling like going in that direction instead of doing eyes first so I did buy this Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation this is in shade 120 classic ivory I was actually pretty disappointed by their lower end shade range like their light colors because they all looked a little bit I don’t know really warm and almost orange-y like muddy and I wasn’t so excited about that but I did want to try this formula because so many of you have recommended this and it’s a $5 foundation like that’s crazy it does have really good reviews on line so I just got as close as I could just using my Beauty Blender sponge here not real Beauty Blender my Amazon sponge that’s like $8 for six of them I did apply my self tanner last night so I was hoping that it would be a better match so maybe that helps but it’s still not perfect all right so this is giving me a pretty medium coverage I would say medium to full but not completely full I do really like how it feels on my skin and I’m wondering if the elf poreless putty primer helped with this feeling so smooth and nice on my skin so far we’re doing well on products I haven’t hated any of these yet so that’s positive next I want to try this elf 16 hour camo concealer when someone puts 16-hour on their product like it better last all day so I have really high hopes for this I’ve heard really good things about this as well this is in the color light sand so to me this is really reminiscent of shape tape with the wand and the tube etc I’m a really big fan of shaped tape so if I can find a less expensive option like I’m all up for that and obviously like I got a lighter color than my skintone just because that’s normally what I like underneath my eyes and this foundation is a little bit dark I’m just gonna take my beauty sponge again and blend on out and let’s

see how this works all right so do I think that this works as well as the shape tape? no because look you can still see the bag underneath my eye like I’m not so impressed with this and I’ve heard such amazing things about this hmm I also feel like it got a little bit like cakey splotchy under my eye and I barely have anything on yet like I haven’t put powder on or anything yet so that’s not positive ok so I do like it for lightening up my under eyes my under eyes look like I slept a ton and I’m super awake which is always a good thing but I don’t feel like it gave the most amazing coverage because I can still see my dark bags it’s just like starting to kind of cake & crease already which I’m it’s not 16 hour wear ok so next I just saw this on the shelf and thought I really wanted to try it it says Maybelline master contour and it’s just like this stick but it has you know like dark on one side and light on the other side this is in the color light here’s the dark where we want the dark and then the light where we want the light ok I mean I guess this this works let’s blend it out and see what happens ok I mean it is contouring which I like so let’s go ahead and blend all this in and see how we look after ok and then I went ahead and did the other side just so you kind of see all together I don’t hate this contour stick it to me it feels a little bit greasy so I’m not sure that I would use it for like an all-day look especially since my face is already so oily but if you do have dry skin you might try this out ok so next I’m gonna go in with my Maybelline fit me matte and poreless powder this is for normal to oily skin which I definitely do have this is in shade 100 translucent I was too scared to go with an actual color on this after our like super dark foundation so I just went with translucent because I figured you can’t go wrong with that so I’m just gonna apply this with a brush here oh my gosh this is going everywhere haha okay just kind of set my makeup in place ok well I don’t feel that it’s translucent because now I feel like I have a film of like super light all over my face feels nice and silky like it doesn’t feel grainy or gross I think I’m gonna wait a few minutes & try to brush some more of this off I don’t because it’s kind of now giving me this white ghost sheen which I’m not a fan of ok I hope I got enough of that off Whew ok I think it did help set in all of my cream products but I don’t I don’t love their colors on this fit me stuff and fit me it’s supposed to mean like you can find your exact shade and I’m kind of frustrated with it because I tried so hard and I kept buying things and taking them back and I just I don’t think that their fit me like fits me ok and next I’m gonna go in with this Milani blush I’m so excited about this the packaging is super beautiful this is called berry amor and it’s a baked powder blush here we go I’m so excited ok I think that’s pretty ok I kind of was going for a between a peach and like a light pink oh boy I got a lot on. This color payoff is really good. uh might have to just like blend out a little bit now because it kind of looks like I have super rosy cheeks I just like ran a marathon ok let me fix this ok got a little carried away with the blush now we know that the color payoff is super good on this ooh la la yes super good they had a beautiful range of shades and like this I can’t get it open ok and like this is gonna last you forever I’m a fan of this I’m just gonna go a little bit lighter handed next time ok so I know I bought a lot of eyeshadow palettes and I didn’t really mean to I think I might save these elf bite size palettes for like Valentine’s Day st. Patrick’s Day sort of makeup because they’re like pink and green and then use this Revlon color stay so these colors are gorgeous and I’m so excited about these I dipped my little paws in this when I first got it so that’s why if you see like streaks that’s what happened because I just couldn’t help myself because it’s so beautiful ok so this is the enigma palette and it’s gorgeous and I’m so excited about this I want to do like a purpley gold pink look it’s gonna be so pretty I’m so excited because I keep looking myself in the mirror and like I look like this bronzed goddess not really goddess but I just look like super bronzed and it makes me excited that I was like in the sun but I wasn’t because it’s like 20 degrees and snowing right now but a girl can dream I’m just flying by the seat of my pants here hopefully it looks good let’s cross our fingers okay I’m gonna take my biggest blender why the heck is this not clean I washed my brushes last night maybe I

forgot this one oh well there’s barely any color on it ok I’m just going to take this little color here this kind of taupe-y beige-y color and just kind of go all over the crease on my lid see like look I have to like squeeze this to get any of the color and hello that’s going everywhere ok ok we’re getting some color payoff so so far so good ok I’m gonna get another like sort of large blender brush here and going with this top purple color Wow going everywhere ah ok color doesn’t blend as well come on come on Oh my gosh this one’s so splotchy look I can’t get this to blend hardly at all what a disappointment. The first shade did well. Ok I’m just gonna keep going at this for like 20 minutes to try to blend this out hang on ok that kind of took forever to get that to blend out but I think we’re sort of there ok and then I’m gonna go in with this purple here so hard to pick up the color because my brush wants to go in like five colors at once I feel like the key to this palette is just to keep blending until you can’t feel your fingers anymore because some of these colors blend well and some of them just like are so chalky ok we’re getting somewhere I wish I could have you guys vote in real time whether you wanted this color on the lid or this one Ehh this one is this color- the top one and this one is the bottom one top was just like a smidge darker but I feel like these look like the exact same color so I guess it doesn’t really matter you guys don’t really need to vote because they’re gonna look the same I’m gonna pull out this 16 hour camo concealer I’m just going to use like the tiniest amount see we can really see coverage now I don’t feel like the coverage on this is that amazing because you can still really see the purple through it and if I put my dang shape tape on here you wouldn’t be able to see a thing through it so I’m just gonna go for the bottom one the darker one I don’t feel like it’s as sparkly and shiny on the lid as it looked in the pan hmm I might put a little bit of this top sparkly on top of it yeah I do like that one a little bit better guys I don’t feel like that is really sparkly at all I was so excited about this these two colors being super sparkly on the lid and I just feel like they’re not that’s disappointing so what else do we have here that will sparkle for me hmmm I’m half tempted to use this elf gloss but it says plumping and I really don’t want to use plumping on my eyelid so what about like this hello halo it’s kind of like a purpley color let’s try that highlighter on my eye ok I feel like we might be getting somewhere now with this little highlighter at least it’s a little bit more sparkly and like has some dimension to it ok I think that’s way prettier than these sparkle colors on this so it is this wet-and-wild hello halo holographic highlighter mega glow it’s a lot of words on this I feel like that looks kind of fun so guys so since we have this hello halo highlighter out this is not a color i would typically buy I typically go for really warm tones like sunkissed tones but I saw this and I was like I’m gonna try this whoo hello yes oh I feel like this is such a pretty highlighter I’m gonna apply a little bit up here apply some on my nose tip and my upper lip here so it is a little bit purple-y it’s kind of making my face turn a different color can you see like my nose ah yeah I kind of wouldn’t just apply this all over your face but I do like it kind of here as kind of like a highlight it’s pretty shiny and shimmery which is fun I think if you got this in more of a warm tone highlighter color like they have lots of colors of this that you could apply all over your face it’s just kind of turning my face like a purple color which I don’t love ok I’m gonna go back and kind of cover up my nose because I don’t really like that very much that was little bit too much purple in the middle of my face for me I feel like there’s too much color in the gel part I wish it was kind of just like purple sparkles in like a clear gel ok I’m gonna do my brows now this is the NYX micro brow pencil I think this is in ash brown yes so here’s the color on my hand so it is just like a… I would compare this to the Anastasia soft brown in their pencil ok so I’m just going to apply this like I do any of my other pencils. Does anyone else like hold their other hand while they’re doing this to make it more stable like I feel like I always notice that I do this and I don’t even do it on purpose ok so that filled out my tail really nicely actually I’m just feathering in the front now I feel like this did a really

beautiful job I’m just gonna kind of thin it out with this other end of the tool I really like when these pencils come with this wand at the other end I feel like that did a beautiful job like I really like this I might just try using this for now instead of my Anastasia or my benefit pencils because this is really nice so you can compare these two so one obviously looks a lot more defined and I just really like this NYX micro brow pencil hmmm ok I feel like this is gonna be the ultimate test this elf cream eyeliner I feel like these are either really good or really bad I love how when you first get these they look so perfect and then you dig in the first time and it’s all over okay so I’m gonna try to do just like a nice little wing with this so the trouble I’m having is you have to get a ton of product on your brush for it to even show up which I don’t really like and it kind of shows up as like this gray color not like a true beautiful black which I’m so used to with like my Inglot and Mac pots I feel like I’m giving myself a bigger wing just so I can like see the color so I’m really not that impressed with this I wanted like a much thinner wing but I had to put so much on my brush to even get a color payoff that I feel like I don’t know I don’t love this product I don’t love it ok so that eyeliner took ten minutes to even like try to get something that looked a decent because it was so splotchy and like the color payoff is horrible like it still doesn’t even look super black and the only way I was gonna fix this and get a better line was to take off all my makeup and start over with not this and I wasn’t gonna do that so I got as good as I can I usually do a pretty good wing check out my other tutorials they look so much better than this this was definitely um this product that just stinks and honestly this is my least favorite product of anything I’ve tried today don’t buy this elf eyeliner it’s not good it’s not good I feel like I need to use a good product now to get the bad taste of that one out of my mouth because I’m a little salty about it I’m not happy Sara’s not happy right now so I’m gonna go back in with our favorite purple from this palette and go underneath for like a bottom liner I would’ve been better off just doing this on the top – I don’t know why I tried that stupid elf liner ok so I’m going to have to get in a good mood now that I’m done using that oh this camo concealer is creasing under my eyes look my little fine lines here it’s like causing these creases gross I don’t like that either elf is not doing so well for me today come on elf come on honestly I’m just gonna take these same colors I did on the bottom and do them on the top – because I hate the look of this liner like it’s making me so angry come on let’s go with mascara ok let me find my lash curler ok I’m gonna use Maybelline lash sensational I know this is good I picked this up this week and I just filmed the lash sensational versus the full and soft from Maybelline like the drugstore mascara showdown watch that if you haven’t already I do like this mascara so this is gonna make me happy after the whole eye fiasco okay guys I love this mascara the lash sensational it’s beautiful my lashes are super long and separated and voluminous and I’m a huge fan I love this ok so the only thing I think we have left now is lipstick and gloss I got these um these three are from no these four actually are from a kit that I just I’m throwing stuff ok these four are from a kit that I bought from Target awhile ago I don’t think they still have it but I’ve just actually never tried these before so I kind of just threw them in this and then I did pick up this Revlon gloss this week it looks really pretty I’m so excited we’re definitely wearing this one I just don’t know which one I’m wearing underneath it so this one is from Noyah which I had never heard of before in the color sundress it’s a gloss it’s actually like a really peachy pink gloss I kind of wish I would have picked up some more purple toned colors ok next we have the revlon matte in seduction it’s pretty but I always forget that Revlon lipsticks like these liquid lipsticks have the worst smell in the world like it doesn’t smell bad like skunky or poopy or something like that what am I even saying ok it just smells

like this crazy oh my gosh ah it smells like this crazy cake like you went into a bakery and it was like that smell times 500,000 I don’t know like I literally… I can’t… Bleh why are you smelling this? like Sara stop you’re being crazy I just I can’t put this in my face like I think I would be nauseous smelling this all day Oh gross gross gross gross I bought one of these purp purple I bought one of these red ones for my Christmas tutorial and I couldn’t use it I had to go buy a NYX one Revlon please please change the scent on these it’s a beautiful color wish I could wear it but I pretty much think I’d be throwing up like that’s I know I’m being dramatic about this but it is so stinking strong literally stinking I didn’t even mean to do that next let’s try this elf plumping gloss I don’t normally buy plumping stuff I don’t really like the tingle and I don’t really I feel like my lips are plump enough but this just came in this packet ok look this is really pretty it’s kind of just like a sparkly nude that leans a little bit like orangie but I think it’s really pretty and then this one is one I’m really excited about the physicians horn Physicians Formula Physicians Formula um velvet finish I feel like I’m getting a little bit loopy after smelling that Revlon bakery fiasco lipstick sorry I’m getting a little bit loopy and crazy oh that’s pretty and then we’ll do this revlon gloss on top oh no guys what if this gloss smells like that other like the liquid lipstick no then I won’t be able to use it no please no oh my gosh it doesn’t smell hallelujah Revlon yes that’s really pretty I really like that okay let’s go with this Physicians Formula healthy lip velvet finish in all natural nude ok bring it on Physicians Formula I’m so excited pretty oh I’m so excited I really like how the applicator sort of comes to a point so I can kind of use it almost as a liner and then fill it in that works really well it gives a really good coverage and this is a really pretty color I’m gonna see if this dries down any before I put the gloss on why do I keep doing this like a frog Oh what am I trying to do this is weird stop it Sara stop it so now we’re going to go in with the gloss Super Lustrous gloss from Revlon this is in the color super natural that’s pretty it’s not super like sparkly it doesn’t really have any glitter in it I think it’s just supposed to be like a shiny gloss which is fine oh Revlon I’m oh so thankful that you didn’t put that scent in this gloss thank you so much so let’s recap on the ones that we loved and the ones that we hated okay so the love love love I hope I’m not leaving any out this Milani blush amazing amazing color payoff amazing colors amazing packaging I love it this NYX micro brow pencil amazing loved it definitely gonna use this like every day now I’m so excited Maybelline lash sensational my lashes are so long & voluminous & separated amazing love it awesome Physicians Formula healthy lip in color all natural nude beautiful gorgeous gonna wear this all the time love it amazing ok and then the products I didn’t really like at all and I probably won’t even try again actually I probably will just to make sure like my first impression is the real impression but I don’t really want to try them again um this Revlon enigma palette come on this third color beautiful the rest of them were kind of poopy this Maybelline fit me powder it was like made me ghost white even though it’s translucent maybe a darker color would work better this elf camo concealer I hated this and like I can see the creasing underneath my eyes and this is the only product that did that come on I really wanted to love this meh this elf eyeliner I want to just go throw it in the trash I really really really dislike bleh guys I feel like this look turned out really pretty like a lot prettier than I thought it was going to if you’ve tried these let me know in the comments below and let me know if you want to see another first impressions video and what products you’d like to see in that so thank you so much for tuning into this video I always love spending time with you all and I’ll see you next time bye