Interview Makeup Tutorial!

hi my gorgeous beauties now today I wanted to bring you this look that I’m calling like my job interview or new office or big meeting interview basically the kind of makeup that you would wear to a job interview or if you were having a meeting with some new people at your current job or if you just started a job and you just want some ideas on like appropriate makeup now this is just what I like and prefer so if you like to do something different please share with us I’m sure we’d all love to hear but basically when it comes to a job interview or anytime I have sort of like a new or I’m going to a new meeting or meeting new people and I’m gonna be talking a lot there’s a few things that keep in mind one I want to look really alert I want to look awake so there’s no smokey eyes there’s no smoking out the lower lash line because that can make you look like you are still wearing makeup from the night before and make you look like you’re just you know you want to look like you’re right for the job if you’re getting a job better Sephora or makeup store then by all means smoke it out till next Tuesday but if we’re going for an office job you want to just look really put together you want to look youthful and you don’t want to have too strong lines on the face and I also don’t like having anything that’s gonna make people go I want people to just look at me and take me seriously and but also I wanted to look like I take care of myself and I put effort into making sure I look appropriate at all time so that I think that’s important as well so those are sort of sort of those are sort of the things I look for I look for when I’m getting ready for a job interview or meeting new people in my case I meet new people and have meetings with new people very very often for different projects so this is something I go to so I hope that you find it’s helpful I hope that you find that tips helpful if you do please give me a thumbs up and let me know what other makeup looks you want to see in the near future my shirt is from Target on my nails this SC’s topless and barefoot I believe I will list everything down below I hope that you enjoy this and without further ado let’s get into it now we’re gonna start with the eyes first now I have primed my eyes using my Too Faced shadow insurance I always do that you guys know no matter what I’m putting on and now as a base I’m using this Milani shadow eyes 12-hour eyeshadow in the color almond cream now what I’m looking for is where I’m going for it’s just to look really wide awake and open and because this is like a beautiful creamy color with no sparkles in it it helps it helps me achieve that so I’m just gonna put that on both of my eyelids and then using like a some sort of stiff dome brush this is from Sonia Kashuk I’m just going to blend this out into one thin layer now I’m using this Smashbox heatwave palette I’m pretty sure this isn’t limited edition but I’m gonna go in well you can use any colors sort of in this color family I’m gonna go in with this color right here which is a beautiful matte Brown kind of like soft brown on a fluffy brush I’m just gonna pop that into my socket or into my crease and I’m just going to give this is going to be basically my crease color and my transition color as well just buff that and I’m gonna actually add another layer of this now for all over the lid I’m gonna go in with this color right here there’s no colors so I I can’t there’s no I don’t know what the color names are because there’s no names but this is the one right over here with just a shade what is this a large shader e60 I’m gonna pop this is a beautiful bronzy color but because we applied a light base it’s not gonna come off as dark and as intense which is what I want I don’t want anything too dark because when you’re going for a job interview or your first few days at work and your new job we’re in a big meeting when you’re meeting people for the first time you want to look awake and alert you don’t want to look like you’re tired or you’re can’t still makeup on from the night before so I don’t like to do anything too too heavy I’m just gonna use a wash of color onto my eyes and you also don’t want to do what I don’t undo anything that’s too glittering so I think this addo is like perfect because it’s going it’s got a nice sheen to it but there’s no sparkles just taking that 840 and just blending out the edges there’s nothing on it from dad any product now to just make my eye look a little bit lifted I’m gonna use a slightly darker brown and I’m using this brown right over here and this is from the naturally glamorous quad from Revlon

so it’s actually a pallets on a quad so I’m just going to take my same brush which is it’s gonna DAP it in there pretty pigment it’ll shake off the excess and I’m going to just place this on my outer third and you can see I’m kind of pushing up because I want to have that it’s like sort of lifted effect so I’m just going to pop a little bit of that on my crease as well but I’m not gonna go too dark or too heavy I don’t want this too low for the smoky eye I want it to just look like there’s a little bit of dimension and then I’m back in with your e-40 and blend away now you couldn’t leave this as is but I’m actually gonna add a little bit of liquid liner and you can add black you could add brown but what I don’t want is to add too thick of a line or anything too drastic I just want something small and I do think that a little bit of a winged liner again helps with that lift of the eye so I’m just going to use my steel on one I’m going to make a baby wing and I’m actually not gonna come in all the way either I’m gonna stop like three-quarters of the way start with your wing and then just run it in and that is my wing now I haven’t gone all the way in for a couple of different reasons one I think it’s a little harsh for a job interview and two if they tend to get nervous like I do or sometimes your eyes water and if you have black liner all the way in your waterline like all the way in your inner corner it can kind of start like I don’t know I melt and get all gunky right into your inner corner I don’t know if that’s the right word to use but I’m hoping you can understand I’m coming from and I don’t want that I don’t want to do anything that’s gonna make me feel nervous and stressed out and like I just want to walk in there feeling really confident that’s why I’m doing something that I know works and using products and techniques that have worked for me for a long time and then I continue to rely on so what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to go in with a highlight under the brow bone and for that where is it I’m going to use this creamy one from this little palette and this is a small eyeshadow brush from Sonia Kashuk I’m gonna pop that on the brow bone you don’t want anything too shimmering I’m also going to pop a little bit of that into the inner corner again just to give you that appearance of I’m awake I’m alert I’m here to learn and I’m fit for the job and now I’m gonna do is I’m going to coat my lashes a couple coat my lashes curl my lashes because I want to again just lift the eyes I want to look away guys I want to look alert and I’m going to pop on a couple of coats of mascara you can if you want to add some false lashes but again I don’t want to add anything to make me nervous and then I’m afraid that I’ll be in there and then hoping and hoping and then wondering if the inner corner of my eyelashes are gonna fall apart or I don’t have to worry about any of that so I’m gonna pump up my lashes with a couple coats of my essence I love extreme mascara and then we will be ready to live the rest of the face now one more thing I want to do before we go on to the rest of the face which this is one of my favorite parts about this makeup look is using a flesh tone eye liner for your inner for your waterline again this is gonna make you look awake and makes your duh by using a flesh tone eye liner or even a white one a white anything is a little bit too stark it makes your whites of your eyes look really white so I’m just going to take some of that and just pull gently then I love this one this is by NARS and there’s no actual color name on it it just says larger than life long wear eyeliner and that’s all it says there’s no name or anything but it’s just a one that’s got the like nude top I don’t even know I don’t even say I’ve had this for a couple of years now and that is it I’m not gonna do anything to the bottom of my waterline because I don’t want anything to make me that makes my my eye down so this is it for the eyes and now we’re gonna move on to the rest of the face now for the rest of the face make sure you are primed and make sure up try make sure you are moisturized and you all ready to prime now the primer I like to use that I’ve been using a lot is the L’Oreal Revitalift miracle blur the reason why I chose this one to show you today is because I think that this is a really good one because it does blur the appearance of pores so if you are up close to someone this really helps kind of blur them out and makes me feel a little bit better because I know I have some large pores right over here this is the area where I have larger pores so by putting some of this on there makes everything else go really smooth and definitely minimizes the appearance of pores in my opinion going

in with my Armani corrector and OH – want to cancel out those dark circles I’m just gonna blend that in just using my finger for foundation now I suggest you go with something that has a semi matte finish good coverage not cake like the Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation I think that’s too heavy and cakey you want something that’s good good medium to full coverage you want something that’s going to have a semi matte finish because we all get nervous on job interviews and or in meetings or in a new office it’s inevitable we all do what I don’t want is for you to wear something and that’s like luminous and it’s got it is beautiful like glowy finish to it because if you start to sweat like nervous sweat which I get then a starts to show and my foundation starts to break up a little bit if I wear a like luminous finish foundation and I start to get nervous and sweat I sweat right here and I start to sweat right here and you can see your foundation kind of breaking apart when you do that so that’s why I always use my trusty I stay a lot of double wear right now I’m gonna mix together my tawny and this is a little sample of the color cache shoe that I picked up I do need to pick up a new one because this is so light for me so I have to mix these two together so just gonna mix a little bit of this in the back of my hand when it makes it both mixture of the both of them and this foundation is also extremely long wearing which was really really helpful if your meeting is really far away or if it’s maybe like a training or something and you’re gonna be there all day long and you want to make sure that your makeup looks good from the time you start till the time you finish and this definitely does that for me I’m just going to apply that with my finger and I’m gonna blend it in I’m gonna use a damp beauty blender to blend this into the skin now I love the Beauty Blender because even though this is a thicker finish foundation I feel like it just makes it blend into your skin so perfectly I love this Beauty Blender for my concealer I’m gonna use my Estee Lauder instant age rewind by Maybelline it’s because I know this doesn’t crease I know that this stays on for a really long time and when you’re going to go somewhere when you’re doing something that is a new you know everything is sort of new a new interview or new meeting new people or whatever I like to rely on things that I know work really well which is why I went with my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear my trusty eyeliner that I know stays on for a really long time favorite mascara my favorite concealer so that’s just a good tip to keep in mind in general it’s kind of like when you’re cooking for people my fear and you Hank when I’m cooking for someone new I rely on recipes that I’ve made over and over and over and over and over again and I know they worked really well because then the chances of something going wrong were slim to none so same thing kind of with makeup I’m just blending in with my Beauty Blender for a little extra coverage I’m gonna go in with my bare minerals well-rested powder now if you have a really dry under eyes you might not like this in fact I don’t have really dry on your eyes but I have to be careful when I use it so I have it I have some right on this little brush and I’m just gonna Mich it around so it’s not so concentrated and then dab this under my eyes and this really helps brighten things and it really gives me a little extra coverage especially because I I always have dark sir my eyes always have and this really does help and then to gently set the rest of the face I’m using my makeup forever kabuki and my Laura Mercier translucent powder just because even though this is a somewhat matte finished foundation I think just adding a little bit of finishing powder really helps with longevity and mattifies it just a little bit because again I just want to make sure that I’m covered in case I start sweating by the way show of hands for those of you who are nervous sweaters yeah I sweat when I’m nervous hope that make sense I can’t help myself my mother is the same way so now that we have the base done it’s time to move on some color I don’t want to contour I don’t want anything sharp now if you are interviewing like a Sephora or like a makeup place then you do it up I mean you put on all the makeup you want but if you are just out of college and you’re interviewing at an office for an office position or anything like that and you want to look put together I just I’m against going sort of full full glam just because it can be distracting and I also want them to think the feel like I definitely take time and taking care of myself and pulling myself together for this meeting but you know I’m not gonna spend an hour and a half getting ready every morning and be late for work if that makes any sense so I want to warm up my face with some bronzer but I want to use somewhat of a natural bronzer and this is the beach the beach

is waiting bare minerals already color boost and the beach is waiting this is just a bare minerals bronzer in the Sephora brush and I’m just going to dab it in the darker side and then just put it in places where you would contour but just not so concentrated for blush I’m going to use something that makes me look alert and like youthful I’m gonna use a really pretty peachy coral e blush this is the Clinique cheek pop and the color is peach pop and my makeup forever brush and this is a really pretty brush it just gives you like a youthful cheek look so I’m just gonna pop that onto the back of the cheek and a little bit on the Apple is you got a big fan of a little blush on the apple of the cheek as well I just makes your the your cheekbones pop and then think that it’s a pretty look but if you don’t not into that you could just pop this into the back of the cheek that’s enough blush for me I’m not gonna go too heavy with it and then I do want a highlighter but I want something really really subtle so for that I’m gonna use an oldie but a goodie this is my lorac perfectly lit luminous powder in the color I have it in a spotlight I love this this is I think this I think is like the perfect highlighter for more mature skin as well because if you do have any lines right over here this doesn’t have heavy sparkle in it this is actually a really subtle highlight so there’s no heavy Sparkle it just gives you a subtle subtle glow I use this for years actually this one’s my favorite highlighter for years so and you can see it’s like not strong at all but it’s just subtle enough to give you a good pop of color now I’m going to just set everything using my Lock and Load setting spray from Kat Von D fan it to get everything to set in place and as I set we’re gonna move on to the lips the first thing you want to do is get rid of any foundation that’s on your lips because and this is gonna be like kind of a you might think this is gross but I want you to be prepared and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I’ve made the worst thing you can do is have a foundation on your lips and then apply a matte or a really opaque lipstick and lip gloss on top of it because when you start to talk for a long time and probably will in an interview or in whatever you get that really gross looking film in the inside of your lip and I don’t want you to get that because it is the worst I’ve had it happen and also made something I’m really conscious about any time I’m I’m talking to people now I make sure that the lipstick is completely off and I put on a really natural lip balm or some sort of a lip balm me that’s sort of natural that’s not gonna do that so don’t touch the lip sticks don’t touch the glosses do something really natural that way you don’t have anything to worry about so what I’m gonna do I’m going to outline my lips lightly using my boldly bare foam Mac this was from Anna Holliday could audition a couple years ago lightly nothing too strong and then what I’m gonna use and this is one my favorite like go to lip products this is the just betting balm stain from Revlon and the color is honey it’s really natural you can see it doesn’t it’s kind of like your lips but better but it doesn’t create that thick film so any balm me like lip product is what I would recommend and I always just sort of smooth it out and blend it together and then that’s it I don’t put any lip gloss on and he met lipstick nothing else this is it so I’m going to just zoom you in so you can see the eyes and then the cheek looks sort of natural with an inner glow look to it and then a super super simple looking lip just gonna see me out and that’s really it it’s really simple sorry my hair is like but it’s really simple you look put together and you’re not and nothing’s gonna happen if your sweat your foundation won’t come off if you like if you start to get like some sort of teary-eyed or something on the inner corner your your your eyeliner and then gonna get all gunky you have a subtle look to the skin to the eyes you still look put together you look awake you look alert you look like you are ready for this position this is the job that is meant for you and above all else above make up above where you’re gonna wear just remember that walking in there with your confidence and knowing that you’re you’re up for the job is gonna be the most important thing that your confidence will definitely show through and that’s definitely something that I know a lot of companies are attracted to if you walk in they’re sort of really nervous and not knowing what the job description really well like you just want to walk in there knowing everything you need to know and just kind of be like I got this do you don’t mean so

good luck if you are job hunting or if you have a new you know meaning to go to and meet new people or if you just started this job and you’re just getting your feet wet and getting to know everyone I wish you the best of luck and let me know what you guys want to see next and I’ll see you next time bye-bye