Intro To my new channel & My Fave Products for 2013

hi welcome to my channel my name is Michelle and this is kind of an introduction / favorites video for 2013 and the reason i began my channel was because i have so many friends and family asking for advice on how to do their makeup what products that purchase how do i take care of my skin and I figured that hey why don’t I just make a youtube channel where all of them could go ahead and get all their advice from that channel and see tutorials so here I am I’ve been contemplating it for like a year now and I just never had the courage to do it and I finally say you know what I’m gonna do it and here i am i’m not gonna make this a really long video it’s gonna be a short and simple video and i’m just going to talk to you about some of my favorite products that i could recommend and let’s keep in mind it’s my first video so please i would love some feedback or whatever you guys have and um give me some feedback on what type of videos you would like to see in the future so i know what you guys are looking for a specific now let’s begin with my favorite products now i’m going to begin on the oil in the order that i actually use my products so i start off with my eyes i always start off with my eyes because I’ve any fallout i usually dark like to use dark colors like this look that i have here today going on so because of a fall out and i’m kind of messy when I’m doing my eyeshadow I like to do that first so I’ll begin with my favorite favorite favorite primers now I use urban decay’s this one is the eyeshadow primer primer primer potion long-lasting eyeshadow base and this one I use for when i’m going to use like glittery eye shadows like i have today it’s just very pigmented this um eyeshadow base and it gives me a nice it adds to the glitter that I put in my eyes so that’s when I use this one and then my favorite is the original this one right here that one is my favorite and this is one that I use on a daily basis I use this one all the time Oh the way this one is sin my bad this one is called sin I use this one on a daily basis for all my looks okay now moving on to the next and now my favorite eyeshadow palette I absolutely love this palette this is my go-to palette is the Naked 2 palette yes it is I know it just has great colors has great matte colors for lensing it has light colors it has a darker colors it’s just an awesome talent and I go to this palette for everything unless I my looks the looks that I have today I use this palette I didn’t use anything else now moving on to my eyebrows I’d love to fill in my eyebrows I have very sparse hairs my hairs are all over the place and I absolutely love this product I found it at the makeup show in orlando it’s from ofra cosmetics I hope I said that correctly and it’s a semi-permanent waterproof eye brow gel and this is it right here i’m using since my hair is a little light right now i’m using the light brown i was using the dark brown so I love it it’s like a gel and it’s waterproof so even if it rains or your sweat and in this Florida whether it’s good to have waterproof um I gel I brow gel so it’s my go-to is my favorite and it really leaves a nice sleek look really clean look and it keeps it has a gel in it so it keeps your eye let eye brows in place the hairs aren’t all over the place then after that I go to my favorite absolute favorite face primer which is lorax poor fection mattifying face primer this is it right here right there I have very very oily skin it doesn’t matter the time of the year I just have really oily skin so this has helped control that oil when I put my foundation on I do not reapply I never have to set with powder throughout the day it’s just a really awesome awesome face primer and it’s a great investment I mean this has lasted me this bottle is 1.7 ounces and I’ve had it for over six months already I mean it’s really good to use a little bit to put on before you put your foundation now moving on to under I corrector now I use a corrector because i have um dark under circles and they’re kind of like purplish bluish kind of so I learned from makeup geek marlena or

make a big TV that you should use the corrector and usually use like a peachy type of corrector so that’s what i use and mine is from Tarte cosmetics and my color is medium to tan and as you can see I’ve gotten down to the last bits I’m like literally on the rims I absolutely love this I place this first and it covers up those dark circles you can even saw have dark circles it’s crazy and then I go to my go-to absolutely love my foundation it’s a long way and it’s full coverage foundation I have a lot of acne spots on my chin my cheeks my forehead around my nose area I’m just really prone to acne and I love full coverage foundation even for a daily basis use it’s kind of weird but I love that full coverage feel I don’t like from my imperfections to show and you really can’t see them right now and I have them all around here can see them nope and the reason why is because i use this Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour full coverage foundation absolutely love and the color mine is in tan deep sand and I love it cuz its oil free it’s perfect for those women with oily skin it’s just a great position as I has SPF 15 sunscreen which I know that that’s not so good if you would really love to take pic cheers but I just love this foundation I use it you know when i’m taking pictures i just love it it’s my favorite I don’t care it doesn’t matter after that I set my powder and my corrector with my absolutely favorite mattifying powder and I use a mattifying powder because I have oily skin again and mine is from urban decay if the d flick comes in this cute little as you can see right there and it looks like this it’s like it’s white was not it’s like clear it does not and I just love it I tried set my foundation with it I do not have to reapply throughout the day at all and i live in florida and I sweat a lot and I never have to reapply after I do that I go to my contour and highlighting and my favorite palette to use for that absolutely favorite palette is my naked urban decay flushed palette okay and it looks like this it has a bronzer the highlighter and a blush and I absolutely love this this is great for travel I just want I just came back from vacation and this is the only thing I took and it’s just great great colors for bronzing highlighting and your blush I just absolutely love it it just keeps me a great color and eye contour pretty well with it I just love it that’s my favorite palette to go now when I just when I do a dark eye and a dark lip I really don’t like to use too much blush or contour too much so I go to my bronzer and the bronzer that I’ve been using is this wet and wild choleric on I don’t know I’m sorry if I butch that i butchered that it’s a bronzer with SPF 15 and it’s in the color 740 bikini contest I love it has a little bit of a shimmer I love me some sure I’m Michelle I love it and it’s just a great color I really like it I use it sometimes for contouring it depends where I’m going or what I’m doing but I really love that color so I use that something awesome by the way just when I thought you should know um for blush my go-to blush has been Bella bomba from Benefit Cosmetics it comes in this little box here I’m in love with this color like for real seriously I’m sorry if my lighting is bad it’s my first video I’m sorry and the lighting in my room was not so there’s some taking us in my bathroom okay so let’s watch this just on this color it’s just really just a beautiful beautiful color it’s just an amazing amazing color I don’t know if you can see it there my lady is kind of bad it’s just a nice color I love it it’s like a rosy hue color and I love those rosy hue paint colors that’s like my favorite my next favorite blush that I go to on a daily basis I put this blush over that blush I then I just love blush if you could tell i don’t know if you can tell but I love blush and it’s tarts memorable is the name of the color is the Amazonian clay 12-hour blush and it

literally does last like all day this cute little pot that it comes in it’s just adorable okay so then i’ll try though all of that i highlight with i absolutely love this for highlighting it’s a l’oreal true match super blendable crayon concealer and mine is in n 1 2 3 fair or light this woman here this is it right here I absolutely love this to do the main this is my go-to and this is what I use for highlighting you could get at the drugstores and to blend my highlight i use my favorite beauty blender you can’t you gotta have these like these are great these goes right in here in the tear duct boo boo right into the news yep everywhere I love it my favorite then let’s go to mascara I absolutely love benefits they’re real this is a sample size i just found in my draw but i love it because I have these little dane eyelashes that gets stuck with each other in the corners and in the here in the inner this is a pain it’s just a hot mess it’s really a hot mess calm like I don’t I can’t even deal with it so I love this brush I love it because of the brush look at the brush in the tip I don’t know if you can see it but the tip it literally you put it in that little area and it takes it right out it detangles at little area I absolutely love it and they really it gives me full lashes I don’t like to use fight fake lashes because I have really bad allergies and it just irritates my eyes when I put fake lashes on the couch because I don’t know it’s just weird and so this is my go-to like it makes my lashes fuller and longer and helps you tango like those little corners and the other my other favorite um mascara is the light camera flashes from Tarte this is it right here at first of all I love the packaging on it gold yes and then this is the brush which I love the brush also I like those plastic like kind of brushes but those are like my favorite kind of brushes used and this really gives some volume and it’s just crazy how my god I should look they don’t really look like this actually like I don’t know if you can see but anyway yes so now moving on to brushes I’m going to talk about a couple brushes I absolutely love this I got this like in a some special edition package from Tarte that they had on QVC or some sort and I got two brushes and I I have a bunch of brushes but these are absolutely i go i use these every day i use this for that corrector that i showed you earlier on this side you apply the corrector you apply it to your eye yeah you pack the eye or whatever areas i do around my nose also and then with the darker side with that dark brown side you blend it oh my gosh it’s just an amazing brush I love it I don’t know you can find out on their website or not but you can try I’m not sure maybe QVC’s website I’m not one hundred percent shore and then the other one is canes with that same little special edition package or whatever it’s a double-ended and you apply your foundation with this side it’s a flat top and then you’re supposed to blend it with this I really don’t blend it what i use this side for is my Ben Nye powder to set my corrector so or my highlighter so that’s what i use this end for but this is amazing it leaves my foundation like flawless if you see that i’m looking to the side i’m looking at myself in the mirror I know it’s weird i don’t know i just want to make sure that my face is in focus so anyway so yeah so this is an amazing amazing brush I just absolutely love it it is awesome then a couple other fishes that i’ll show you all that i use but i use this for hi um contour this is from Real Techniques this is the contour brush if it’s perfectly right here it gives you that nice little sweep that you need for your face I absolutely love it and they’re inexpensive brushes you can find them on an ulta the other walmart now they have them in what

Cole’s you go buy them online like if you have the member right now and then the other Real Techniques brush this was like it’s a dual fiber face brush this one right here it’s a tiny bit dirty I mean I just kind of spot cleans it because I was gonna use it for the video because I you actually use these brushes before I love this for blending everything after I apply everything I don’t want any harsh lines or anything so just go and blend everything and I love it for that absolutely my favorite for that and talking about blending i use the bdellium tools blending brush number 776 this is what it looks like first of all I bought it because it was pink my favorite color is pink and the top it’s pink wholesome and I love it for blending it’s so soft and it fits right in there and it could blend perfectly right in I right right right there we don’t want any harsh lines ladies remember you must blend blend blend until it’s perfect and then for packing on shadow right in here right on that eyelid I use it for the dark and i use it for the lighter colors is from the same company bdellium tools number 758 and this is it right here I think it’s the medium size if i’m not mistaken because i also have a small one but i love this one packs the right amount of eyeshadow onto the eyelids and then the other brush that I so do we love is the brow rush now I’ve seen mixed reviews on this one it’s from Real Techniques but I love this one because it is fitz exact from my eyebrow shape like when I’m doing my eyebrows with that gel that I told you guys about like it’s just perfect for my eyes all I actually really love this one people have said it’s too thick I’ve seen on on YouTube but I just I really like it it’s I think it’s like the perfect size for Mike from my eyebrows actually yeah I like it thumbs up for that one and says we’re talking about tools I gotta tell you that my favorite tools used for plucking my eyebrows I actually wax my eyebrows but to get those little ugly hairs or right before you have to wax you always have these little straggly hairs well I was in the search for some tweezers for a long time and I couldn’t find any good ones like they were always mess up so I bought these at the Orlando premium beauty show premiere shop right i bought these they’re from tweezerman first of all they come in this cute little package I like it they don’t have pink saw has to settle for the purple but it’s still cute and they’re right under their decisions don’t come i brought the scissors separately but these two come in here and it’s these pointed ones and that’s for those little difficult hairs to get and they’re so sharp and you have to be so careful like you can cut yourself and then this is the other one these are the slanted ones okay and I love love love love my tweezers and then i bought the little scissors also to get those long hairs out and the cool thing about this company is that they sharpen them for you for free every year so i love that i mean coach you know they get wasted and so so I really 82 back now I’m going to talk to you about my favorite setting powder which I really kind of mentioned it a little bit but I’m gonna mention it again it’s my Ben Nye banana luxury powder I absolutely love this I use this to set my highlight at the ends after doing all my makeup I use this to set that and anywhere that I highlight I love it if you’re so light and it really really really sets that um concealer in and that highlighted because I hope a lot of I mean there’s a fair editor eat some because I’m old I’m not old but I have a lot of wrinkles under my eyes that’s just the way we are in my family we have light wrinkles crow’s feet and all that great stuff at a young age and I just left the fact that my eyes do not look like they are all wrinkled like after and I don’t see the concealer or the correct or anything like in the lines I love it that’s why I really love that and it lasts a long time I’ve had it for a month and I’ve barely used and you look at that like I got it for like six months and I haven’t used any so and now we’re going to talk about lipstick and lip glosses now I have like my favorite

lipsticks I don’t really love all lipstick colors I have like certain go to colors that I love for specific lips and these are the colors I used but my go to the product is glosses I’m absolute freak about glasses I absolutely love classes but let’s talk about lipstick Chris so I love pink I absolutely love pink so I have this hot pink it’s called an arcing from urban decay and first of all of the packaging whether the packaging isn’t it gorgeous packaging so sleek I just love the packaging and then this is a color and they’re so pigmented and they literally last all day like I put this baby on and it lasts like all day long I never have to reapply this lipstick they’re a little expensive but I love the fact that I just don’t have to reapply so I love it that’s the reason why I love it now another goal to paint color is from l’oreal you can buy this at your local drugstore and it’s called ballerina shoes number 135 and it this cute pink see color this is like on those days that I don’t feel like so daring I wear this color right there there goes right there yep I love it I love that color I just absolutely got then a nude I love my nose I sometimes I just feel like color on my lips sometimes and this one is forever nude and this one is from bhcosmetics their cream Lux lipstick like that baby and they’re like super cheap trick three dollars or something and if you get them on sale on their website they’re like really cheap and they’re really pigmented and the last pretty much all day and then like my go-to red lip absolutely you know this one it’s from NYX Cosmetics and it’s called chaos chaos and you could get them like a target or Alta on their website next website and I love this because they have like the swatches down here so you can see the color red right up here miracles Ricker I love it I don’t have the color so gonna show really well so please don’t be mad at me and I keep looking at the gangway wrong side of me why do I keep doing that if the cameras right there okay so then my favorite lip glosses I absolutely love Steelers lip glaze and color vanilla it’s number 11 and it comes like this I’ve actually used up almost all of it I’ve been like saving it because I liked it so much I just don’t want to waste it all I means a little swatch least watch guys because I don’t you get checks two colors I know I soon let’s see if it I still pick nothing over that I just thought it I was from one little clique and it’s so in last me all day like I love this color and I really barely have to reapply I really like it and then now my other go to the colors which i buy these at the premiere Orlando show but um I’ve seen them like on amazon on their website so I’m pretty sure you could get it they’re also their looks where looks Luke’s or Lux where the glosses and they have lipsticks also in liners and all that stuff but i only use their no classes because they’re very pigmented let me show you my favorite color my favorite color is Barbie and Buzz and it comes like this as a double-ended and these I bought them in June and they really last a long time like and they’re super pigmented we show you absolutely and I just combined these like I’m using that today with my forever nude bh cusp no I’m wearing forever I’m right the ballerina shoes with the Barbie color and that’s it right there those to the barbie is the bottom and the buzz is the top color they’re really great colors I use these like almost everything and then the other colors that i love is called social light it’s like a kind of a reddish it has my glitters in it and it’s super cute if you want to get its kind of reddish peachy I’m not explain it I’m not very good explaining colors but you guys cleaned up Tony did it get better and then this is it right there look at that it’s really pretty that’s

it right there and that’s the color am i doing that remember you know socialite there you go and then this one is so unique I love that they have this it’s from the same company looks right and what is called Twilight and the other one is called pearly whites and look at it it’s a black and white lip gloss I had to buy when I saw this I was like I gotta write it’s so different it’s kind of like grayish black and I’m like of another color I just love it it’s really so pretty and I’ve warned them a couple times you know where every day but these are the colors right look at that there’s some pigment ink I love that so that is so pretty yeah so that’s 0 1 more so to clean my brushes and any of my products like brushes my little piggies I’ve been using this monda studio professional makeup brush cleaner and I use this to spot clean I think you could buy it online I know that they should sell it at the makeup show and they felt a bigger gallon but I just wanted to try it but I really do love it and I just use it to spot clean everything so I can reuse it while i’m doing makeup so yeah that was basically it I just wanted to say thank you for watching my video I’ll see more videos I’ll be doing some tutorials oh by the way like in my little hair clip I love the bling my favorite color is black which I know black is not a color but that’s my favorite color and pink cute right family dollar two bucks and everything will be in the bar in the bottom toolbar bar bottom bar I don’t know what you guys call it in the YouTube world but I will figure it out and all the information all the products that i have here gonna be on the bottom and if you have any questions just ask down there and i will respond i tase no negative comments i just wanna be nice and I want to help you guys out and if there’s anything that you guys want to see on my channel comment below and I will put that into the flu oak all right thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it this will give you a little bit of an insight on what kind of products to look for you go look for these products in the drugstore also does I have to be a name brands that I use I just specifically like these kinds of these products and specifically they work best for me um I’ve figured it out to trial and ever because I’ve used drug store and high-end and this is what’s working for me right now it might be different a year from now when I to mind 2004 2014 favorites so we’ll see how it goes I don’t know um anyway till later i hope this video wasn’t too long and i will talk to you later bye