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It is not very often that I can boast of having almost a full collection for you guys to see as a first impression, but today is one of those very reduced days where I can actually say that Today we’re going to be first impressioning- that even a word?- the collection… the newest $0.99 only collection Hello everyone and welcome once again to today’s dose of craziness I’m your host Vanessa and today, as I said in my intro, we’re going to be looking at the new Smole and Mirror’s collection that has recently hit the 99 cents Only store shelves and which instantly called me This collection has a range of makeup items that I absolutely had to try Before we do that let us remind ourselves that we are not being sponsored in any way, shape or form by Smoke and Mirrors, the company, or by the distributor and manufacturer which is Pearl World Inc We’re not being sponsored either by the 99 Cents Only stores or anyone involved in those companies I actually bought this with my own money, I looked for them in various stores and I am very excited to try this out because if they work they are extremely affordable and something that I like Yes this is not a sponsored video and this is not an ad so let’s go ahead and do a first impression I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with the range of items that it includes; it includes foundations, bronzers- I don’t know if it includes blushes because none of my local stores, and I visited three stores, none of them have a blush- liquid lip glosses, matte lipsticks… liquid matte lipsticks and liquid highlighters and eyeshadows So we’re gonna try them all out today oh they also include mascara, which is one of the first things that I am going to show you guys I did not get any of the foundations because I couldn’t see the colors… like the pans the pans are about this big so it is like a regular size pan for like powder foundation, however the top of it was pink and it wasn’t see-through pink, so there was no way that I was going to be able to see the shades unless someone opened one and in my case none of them were open, but I do believe they have a three or four different shades of foundation out there I know for sure there’s at least three other Volumizing mascara which says “Volumize your lashes with Smoke and Mirror Volumizing Mascara which enhances lashes for a naturally thicker and more volumized look.” Now I already have mascara on so that’s pretty much gonna be a dud for me A dud in the sense of trying it, but I am going to show you guys how it looks on the inside It says “better than false lashes” which is what really got me to buying them I love the packaging; the packaging is very much like plastic with this little inserts, but I love that they all have like a little bow This says “Better than false eyelashes; up to three percent…” no “three times the volume.” This one comes with 15 milliliters or .53 fluid ounces Oh here we go Oh okay… so the wand looks plasticky, which isn’t bad I’ve seen other mascaras that have this type of wand, but it’s like a really short bristles that are made out of really slim plastic and it looks like the wand is a slightly curved I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell but there’s a curvature to the wand right in there It does smell very chemically though I don’t think I want to put this near my eyes It is black; it doesn’t give you any other color options This is how much it was put on my hand with just one pass I get literally just like pulled it out It doesn’t say that it’s waterproof It is very, very soft I don’t know if you can see but like it It’s extremely soft wand and I think it’s ergonomic in that sense Let me go ahead and apply a little bit This is the one that I already have; so this is the difference between not having this one on this one, just has like the Better

Than Sex Mascara, and this has this one Do you see that this side is definitely darker which could be just because it’s brand-new application, but I see some lengthening I think this is going to be one of those that does clump up a little so if you are someone who likes like a thicker application under lashes, then this is definitely a mascara for you I don’t mind a thicker application but I don’t like it when they clump up like a lot The next thing that I do want to try out is their bronzer; they did have two different shades, I believe, at least in mine they had two different shades One of them was way too dark for me and this one was the “Honey.” The honey wins I’ve never applied bronzer I don’t really know how to apply bronzer but I did want to go ahead and swatch it for you guys so that you know how it looks It is definitely very soft it smells like powder and it has like a little bit of a scent This is how it looks on my hand I really don’t want to mess my Jeffree Star Cosmetics look right now, so I’m not gonna include it on my actual face, but this might actually be a little bit too light for me It is very, very soft It is not powdery at all It’s it’s very soft and I think it’s very blendable Since we mentioned our Jeffers star highlighter, let’s go ahead and look at the highlighters that came in this collection In my stores we had three different kind of highlighters I’m having issues with the little gluey thing that they put for it to stay on the box Those are the three different colors they had of highlighters in my store Let me go ahead and read to you what it says under the highlighters It comes almost like in a lipgloss wand “an out-of-this-world Glow with this illuminating liquid highlighter Creamy formula with a luminous light reflecting finish that lights up your entire face Infused with just the right amount of shimmer and a buildable blend that lets you customize your glow.” “Bronze” one is very, very soft, very hard to see It did apply a little bit streaky so this is the first dud for me “Sunbeam” this one is very, very pearl, very whitish It applied a little bit streaky but it is something I can work with This purple one not so much I think it like really fades into my skin color I don’t think it highlights all that well Liquid highlighters I… it’s like, I don’t have very much expertise with liquid highlighters but I don’t think that I really like them I liked the Sunbeam one, that one was really pigmented and didn’t apply as streaky as these other two this one is definitely way streaky for my skin It doesn’t look like… like it just blends with my skin tone and you can’t really see it as much of a highlight This one though it did apply a little bit streaky, it is something I can work with because it does have that pearlescent effect and it is white enough that it does contrast with my skin The lipstick collection has two different kind of lip products; one is a liquid lipstick, but matte lip gloss which I got and I believe two different three different tones, and then we have the metallic lip glosses which are these over here Now the metallic lip gloss I love them I’m looking forward to them because they’re metallic but I am very iffy on the gloss part I’m the kind of person that plays a lot with her lips so if the gloss is too thick it makes me play with my lips, if it’s too thin it makes me play with my lips so I don’t know I’m looking for like the perfect glossy effect Let’s go ahead and swatch them I have four different metallic glosses, so we’re gonna try those right away For the metallic lip glosses which are these four… they’re sticking together because of that thing The metallic lip glosses which are these over here and it says “Intense multi-dimensional color collides with the glistening effective gloss for out-of-this-world lips like you’ve never seen before

Creamy smooth with a dazzling metallic finish, our metallic lip glosses covers your lips in lustrous color that feels good and looks like a gloss.” I’m gonna first try them on my hand and then I’m gonna show them to you guys on my lips First one that we’re gonna try is called Lady Red and this uh…again we see that lips lip gloss applicator that the metallic highlighters had Let’s go ahead and swatch Oh that is a pretty color! This is the swatch of the “Lady Red” which is of this one right over here It applied like it has color in there but it’s also a gloss It is a little bit see-through This is the “Exposed” shade which is very much of a copper tone Well this looks copper to me Let’s go ahead and swatch that; the first application on this comes out very, very, very pigmented but then when you go over it, it does kind of go a little bit streaky, so just keep that in mind The next one is called “Frostbite” and it is a silver tone This is the least pigmented up until now Definitely, definitely very, very streaky It looks very streaky doesn’t it? I think these would work more as a lip topper than just a lip gloss, at least from what I see I don’t like the imperfections in my lips to shine through, so I think these would work far more for me as a lip gloss topper than just like a lip gloss Then the last lip gloss that we have is this one which is “Black Ice” Unlike all of the other liquid lipsticks and highlights and everything else, this one has a contrast with white Everything else has contrast with black I know it just makes it like stand out to me but I don’t know if it’s because it makes it almost look like it’s not part of the same collection I don’t know, but this is called “Black Ice” I don’t think it’s really that black It looks more of a chocolate to me You be the judge It doesn’t quite look black I have on NYX lingerie liply 1, so let me go ahead and put this Black Ice over it to see how it works, how it looks it like dried up! I wouldn’t call this black I would call this more of a chocolate color That’s so weird, because it like completely dry down; on my hand they’re still good to go, but on my lips they’ve dried down Let me go ahead and take it off and let’s see all the lot First we are going to try Lady Red It’s more of a pink than an actual red, it definitely has a metalish look to it Surprisingly this one a dried up on my lips really cool like it was cool I wouldn’t really call it a lip gloss the way that it dried on its own Then we have “Exposed” this is a true copper color While it does have some color it’s still applied patchy, but we can work with it, definitely work with it “Frostbite” was to clear and to patchy to really used by itself I will probably end up using it as a lip topper but not as a lipstick “Black Ice” isn’t really black to me but it is the most Pigmented out of the bunch and the one that needs the less layers Definitely one that you can use just by itself I don’t think it’s black, it looks more like a chocolate on me Something to note though, even though it says gloss it didn’t really give me the feeling of wanting to play with my lips, this actually dried up on my lips It’s behaved like a liquid lipstick but it’s still has that metallic finish to it It’s really interesting It so it does stay as a true metallic Now is it transfer proof? Yes, it is transfer proof So it really has dried up on my lips Now let’s try the velvet matte liquid lipsticks In my store they only have three shades, which makes me really sad because I love matte liquid lipsticks I mean I like all matte lipsticks but I have an obsession with matte liquid lipsticks Now I tried to find more colors but unfortunately they didn’t have any in the three stores that I went to so these are the only ones that I was able to find So here are the three matte liquid lipstick Let’s go ahead and try “Cherry”, this is the darkest of the velvet liquid lipsticks, it is a berry dark red

As you can see, it has the same wand that all of them had It swatches like a burnt red on my hand It looks like it has a very good pigmentation on it Now let’s go ahead and try “Sunset Blush” This is a very pink blush tone… like one that you’d find in an actual blush palette, so the fact that this is in a liquid lipstick is awesome because I love this tone This is how it swatches on my hand Oh this is definitely a beautiful color! This is how it swatches on the hand We’re gonna swatch the last of the liquid lipsticks which is “Sandy” Let’s see how it swatches on my hand This is more on the sheer side Definitely more liquidly than the other two I usually refer to this as Barbie pink, which I’ve been known to favor once in a while Now let’s go ahead and try them all on the lips because we definitely want to know how they behave on the lips as compared to how they behave on the hands Let’s go ahead and try them on the lips “Sandy” was a very liquidy and very translucent color I didn’t like how it applied at all, however I absolutely love Golden Blush” It looks like a very natural, very nude color on me “Cherry” is definitely the most pigmented out of the bunch and I thoroughly love this burnt Red color My thoughts on this matte lipsticks To get it out of the way, the pink I did not like it It didn’t behave like a matte lipstick, it behaved almost like a gloss except it did dry down, but it dried down super super patchy so I didn’t appreciate it These I absolutely adored; they went on perfectly like a matte should, they dried up super fast, they look very dark, it’s almost like, and I know I’ve said this before, it almost looks a burnt color I don’t feel that they have extremely dry down my lips, but they’re still dry so I don’t know It also doesn’t feel like it’s gonna move around so I think it has some velvet properties but some properties of like a liquid to matte lipstick I absolutely love this lipsticks, both of them in fact The only ones that I don’t like are the lighter shades on both I didn’t I didn’t like those “Dress your lips in a decadent color with this matte lip gloss, a luxurious lip that glides right on and never feels dry.” and yes it does not feel dry It feels like… it feels velvety but it’s… it’s dried I think that there’s a little bit of residue left behind, might be because it’s still in the process of drying, but I absolutely, absolutely love these the last two Not the pink one I didn’t like that The final things that I have to show you guys are the eyeshadows Now I won’t be showing you guys like a look with these because there’s so many colors and I do want to swatch them for you This is how they come; they come in a cute little box don’t get me wrong, but I totally destroy it, but this is the cute little box they come in and then this is the actual palette For these you are getting a total of nine grams or .32 ounces in total Each of them does have 6 colors It comes with this little eye applicator which I am NOT gonna use They do come in three collections; so we had the Smokey Shadows, we have the Neutral Shadows and we have the Rose Gold Shadows I do know that there seems to be a fourth one which is like a bunch of different like really Popish colors I believe I saw in a video, but I wasn’t able to find it on my 99 Cents Only store, so these are the ones that we have They do come with the names written on the actual little top So they do come with names which makes it much easier Alright let me go ahead and swatch the “Smokey Shadows” for you guys with the soft beige which is “Cream” followed by “Sand” which is a very muted Brown, then “Dark Roast” which is brown, then we have “Love Stoned” which is a mixture between that Brown and almost like a grey or a very soft grey, then we have “Twilight Nights” which is the darker Grey and “Burnt Almond” which goes back into the Browns There was a little bit of a fallout during application Now we’re gonna go into the “Neutral Shadows” which are these and it says

“Smoke and Mirrors Neutral Shadows has everything you need to achieve the perfect neutral eye Silky smooth texture can be used as a liner on the lid and in the crease of the eye for an expertly contoured and balancing effect.” So this is definitely a mixture between some shimmery colors and some matte colors but this is how they look on the pan Again, you get the exact amount that you did on the other one Let me go ahead and swatch them and I’ll show them to you in a second This is how the neutral shadows look; we start with “Ivory Sunshine” color which is very pearlized, then we have a “Sunkissed” which also has that pearlescent effect, then we go into two matte colors which is “Mocha Pink” and “Salted Caramel” I really really like mocha pink; it is a very, very subtle color, then we go into another pearlescent which is “Mocha” and finally we have “Sugar and spice” which is the dark black matte shade Finally we’re gonna go to the more Popish colors that I was able to find This is the “Rose gold shadows” which look like this in the pan Let me go ahead and swatch them Again there is a mixture between some metallics and some matte colors, so we have three shades that are metallic on this side and three shades that are very much not Let me go ahead and swatch these for you guys and show you how they look This are the ones from the “Rose Gold Shadows”, we start with the metallics which is “Shy” and “Enhanced”, followed by “Morocco”- I really, really loved “Morocco” and “Enhanced”- then we have the mattes which are “Bitten”, ”Coco” and “Goddess” I have to admit that the first one almost had absolutely no fallout, this two had a little bit more of a fallout but it isn’t something that is extreme It is very much a normal fallout I would say these do feel soft, they are definitely What was it? The smokey shadows have less pigment than the other two I think this one is the one that has the most pigment in all of the colors I am actually going to go back on my word because I said that I was not gonna do an eye look, but having looked at these I really, really want to try something Let me go ahead and figure out if I can do an eye look This is a look that I was able to create; I did start it with “Goddess” in all of my lid, which came from the “Rose Gold” palette, then I added tiny a little bit of “Coco” on the edges of my eye, which was then blended in with the “Dark Roast” color which came from the “Smoky Shadow” I added “Cream” into the corner of my eye and on top of that I added the “Ivory Sunshine” just to give it a little bit of a light up in color, which I also added on the sides underneath my eyebrows I also added a tiny little bit of “Coco” on the underneath of my eye just to give it a little bit more of a continuation of the color I love these eye shadows they’re super easy to blend There is a mix of you know metallics and mattes and a little bit of pearlescent colors in there They are creamy enough that they glide on super super smoothly There is minimal fallout There was a little bit on my cheek at the beginning which I blew away but right now I haven’t like taken off any fallout that might have happened so there is very little to minimal fallout It is extremely easy to get the pigment into the brush, you do have to tap it a little though because it does get a lot of product, so you want to be really really careful in the amounts that you’re putting If you’re going for a more dramatic look of course this might be something that you want to consider because it would make your job much much easier Final thought on this collection; of course with any collection there are some hits and misses but there are a lot of hits that I personally find interesting and that I absolutely loved The bronzer went on really creamy on my hand; I haven’t had a chance to add it on my cheeks and I don’t really want to comment a lot on it because I don’t have a lot of expertise on the bronzer I do think I chose one that was a little bit too light for me but there were only two options so I think it should have

gone for like the darker “Cocoa Bean” one that they had The mascara seems to have worked; I think that they are definitely looking longer, I did apply them though over another mascara so I am very interested to see how this one works in itself because in the two times that I’ve applied it on one side it applied really beautifully and lengthen them, it didn’t clump them up but on the other side it clump them up and they don’t look as long as they do now The metallic lip glosses I must have misunderstood what lip gloss meant because these do not have a lip gloss texture, so when they go on the lips they are like a lip gloss, it is a liquid product that you’re putting on, but then it dries up without taking away the metallic effect on them, so I absolutely loved these three Wasn’t much of a fan to the lighter color because it definitely looks very, very sheer and applies super patchy, but I am looking forward to trying it out as a lip topper maybe that might work The matte lipstick; so I definitely love the “Cherry” and the blush one, they came on perfectly, they work and they behaved as a matte lipstick does, however the “Sandy” one did not, it was very, very, very liquidy, it applied very patchy and even though I do like the shade, which I refer to as Barbie pink, it just… it wasn’t a good combo I don’t think I can work with this one at all so this one was definitely an absolute dud for me Now the liquid highlighter; so I’m not gonna be boasting about my liquid highlighter abilities because it is a hassle for me but color wise and pigment wise I really loved this one and this one This one applied a little bit patchy but it is a whitish tone so it is definitely something that you can work with at least that I can work with This purple one also applied patchy, however it wasn’t much of a highlight for me personally because of my skin tone, it kind of blended out so if you’re looking for like a very demure very not so in-your-face highlight I think this one would work for you but other than that if you’re looking for something more sunkissed this one work would work wonders for you If you’re looking more for of a statement color on your cheek I think the white one would work beautifully The eye shadows I absolutely loved the three collections that they have which is the “Smoky” the “Neutral” and the “Rose Gold”, they go on super easily, they glide beautifully, they are very, very, very easy to blend, almost has minimal fallout, they go on a brush really fast and really pigmented to the point that you you do have to like tap it to get rid of some of it because it does pick up a lot Some of these I absolutely love, some of these I can work with, some of these I don’t want anything to do with them, but most of these were really, really good for me, so I think that if you are an extreme budget, such as myself, or if you want to learn how to apply certain things without, you know, using really high-end products that cost a lot, this is definitely a connection… a collection that you can look into If you’re in a rush, if you need to buy like something super inexpensive to get you out of a jiffy, then this is definitely something that I would look into Each of them is just $1 which is insane to me because the quality of some of these I really, really liked, there definitely make up on a budget That’s all I can say This has been a very long video but if you guys absolutely loved one or if you guys want to try one please leave a comment down below with it If you guys want to go ahead and subscribe to this channel please click that subscribe button If you guys want to receive notifications of whenever I upload a video please go ahead and click the little a bell button If you guys… if you guys want to see the weirdness and randomness and craziness and anxietyness and depressioness and craziness and makeupness that is my life, please go ahead and follow me on social media such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr Under @Vannenanne or by scanning one of these Other than that, I just hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day or rest of your week, that you get to do something that you thoroughly enjoy and if that includes staying at home and Swatching makeup that is extremely on the budget side, then I hope you guys get to do it because you earned it I hope you guys know that see guys happy is what makes me truly happy and that I hope to see you guys next video