ADLEYS 5th BiRTHDAY!! the ultimate 24 HOUR surprise! playground park, swimming pool, and ping pong!

– Welcome to the best day ever – Adley’s Birthday edition Wait, “Happy Birthday?” How does this house know it’s your birthday? (camera clicking) – My own key!? (screams) – It’s up here! – [Shaun] No way! – Yes! – [Shaun] Seriously? – This is the best friend ladder – Happy birthday! – Wow! (laughing) (happy upbeat music) (yells) (happy upbeat music) – Guys, it’s Adley’s birthday Here, grab a balloon – [Jenny] What are we gonna say? – Happy birthday – [Shaun] Okay, are you ready? – [Jenny] Who has hands to open the door? – [Shaun] I don’t have hands Hold up One, two, three! – [Niko] Morning Adley! – [Shaun] Happy birthday Adley! – Happy birthday! – You’re five! – [Jenny] Five! (screaming) – [Shaun] Look at this giant five ballon (yelling) – Happy birthday, big girl – Five years ago me and Jenny became parents You’re our first baby! – Thank you, Niko (screaming) – [Shaun] We have a surprise – Is it my birthday cake? – [Jenny And Shaun] No! – [Shaun] Oh boy – [Jenny] Your first present – [Shaun] Your first surprise Are you sure you’re ready? – Yes! Hi, baby, today’s my birthday – Aw, the baby’s gonna be at your party She’s gonna be partying in mom’s belly, having fun – She’s gonna be like, “Oh yeah! “Birthday party!” She’s gonna be like that, the baby – Exactly like that – Close your eyes – [Shaun] So Adley, it’s your birthday What do you think we’re doing today? – I don’t know You guys planned it – [Shaun] What’s that over there? – What’s that? Where are we going? – [Shaun] We’re going somewhere for your birthday – Where are we going? Tell me! Dad, where are we going? Tell me – [Shaun] It’s a surprise, everyone get ready! – [Jenny] Surprise number two, a new dress – [Shaun] Wait, so we’re not gonna be home at all on Adley’s birthday? – Nope (groans) – Last bag, everyone’s ready Let’s go Final suitcase Who’s ready for a birthday party? – Me! – Your birthday! Look how cute everyone looks Our family got dressed up for Adley’s party Adley has this beautiful dress, I have dad pirate ship – [Jenny] And Adley, one more thing for your outfit – [Jenny And Shaun] Birthday Girl! – Let’s go see if it glows in the dark – [Shaun] Come on, mom We gotta see if the birthday girl goes – [Jenny] Oh baby Baby, get outta the way – [Shaun] Aww, yeah! Birthday dance! – Can we put this in my suitcase, it’s too big for me – I will tape it – [Shaun] Okay, should we go get in the car? – [Adley] Yes! – Let’s go! To a birthday surprise We’re here – [Jenny] Good morning, Niko – [Shaun] Good morning – Good morning, Adley – The kids took a quick little nap Adley, presenting your birthday mansion (screams) This whole house is yours for the next 24 hours We can do whatever you want in here (upbeat music) Wait, “Happy birthday?” How does this house know it’s your birthday? – I don’t know – [Shaun] This house is far away, what? (upbeat music) – Balloons! – [Shaun] What?! – This is awesome! (screams) – [Shaun] Are these all for your birthday? Niko, look, a pirate boat – What? – A chicken?! Oh, Niko, a shark! – Shark! (growls) – [Shaun] Holy cow, this whole place– – Look, reindeers, reindeers! – Reindeer? I did not know there were deer in here – Over here!

In the next room! – [Shaun] Oh who’s room is this? – This is our whole family room! – [Shaun] We could all sleep in here Adley, Niko just found something – Present! My birthday present! – [Shaun] Should we just go for it? – [Jenny] Sure! – Whoa! It’s covered in bubbles – [Shaun] Oh boy – Covered in bubbles that means it’s really fragile – [Jenny] It’s true – [Shaun] That means this is important This is your special gift – Whoa! – [Shaun] Adley, I remember when you told us you wanted your own jewelry box – And I do! Friendship bracelets for me and Allie! – [Shaun] What? – It’s so beautiful! My own key! This is so exciting! – [Shaun] Oh baby, that’s a good present Happy birthday, girl! – Let’s go find more presents The string leads over here now (yells) We have on own laundry! – [Shaun] We have our own laundry! (Adley screaming) Wait, there’s a upstairs? This place is huge! – The kitchen! – [Shaun] Look, Adley What is that? This place is ginormous! – There’s a present up here, guys – [Shaun] You’re gonna go get it? – Yes – Look how tall up she is I’m going up after you, girl (glass shatters) I’m glad that’s not your jewelry box one Hold on, blog, come up with us – These are our own beds! – [Shaun] What is up here? Oh baby! – [Adley] Catch! Hi, blog This is where the blog’s sleeping tonight – There’s whole beds up here! – [Jenny] Oh my gosh! – All right, let’s go get that present Mom, catch the blog (groans) – [Jenny] Ooh, double ladder here – Yeah – [Jenny] How do you feel on that side? – This is a best friends ladder – [Jenny] Nice – Happy birthday – Yeah – Adley – My present! (paper crinkles) I can make my own bracelet! – A bracelet maker? – [Jenny] Do you like it? – Whoa, there’s another bedroom for me and Niko – Holy cow, let’s go see Niko – Mom, this is me and Niko’s bedroom, okay? – [Shaun] I love this bedroom! – The presents up here! – [Shaun] No way! – Yes! – [Shaun] Bombs away! – [Adley] Bombs away! – [Shaun] Your bedroom has a sink – [Jenny] Wash your hands before you go to bed – Our closet! Let’s open my presents – Let’s do it What do we got? – Oh, baby! – Look, it’s my own picture book – [Shaun] That is cool, you love picture books! – These are for taking pictures! – [Shaun] What is that? I think this is film – Mom, how did you know I always wanted this? – ‘Cause you told me! – [Shaun] Your own camera? What’d you get, Niko? – [Jenny] It’s a case for your camera – Whoa! I always wanted this! – She’s the best – Seriously – Whoa, it’s purple! Wait, dad, we have two cameras! – [Shaun] Vlog, meet your little brother Hi, little brother, meet the blog – Sister – [Shaun] Oh, sorry, little sister Hi! – [Adley] Hi – [Shaun] I film videos, what do you do? – I take pictures – [Shaun] Yay, wanna be friends? – Yeah! Whenever we’re done taking videos, maybe we could take a picture with my camera (camera clicking) I’m gonna follow the string – [Shaun] We’re setting up the camera later We’re following the string – It goes in the pantry – [Shaun] The pantry? I don’t think there’s anything in there – [Adley] Wait, there’s a string – [Shaun] Oh, boy! What do we got here? – It’s a umbrella! – [Shaun] You have been wanting an umbrella for a long time, girl – Whoa! Over here! – [Shaun] I got it There are presents all over this place! – Maybe the people who own this place brought them for me – Or maybe mom and dad went really late in the middle of the night and put them here – Yes Whoa look! – Your doll clothes! You’re welcome! – [Jenny] There’s another one! – [Shaun] There’s another one! – Night time clothes! – [Shaun] And a little stuffy It looks like your Adley unicorn stuff, you’re twinners – [Adley] And some little slippers – Oh my goodness, this is excitement overload And we’re just getting started guys It’s still early, early in the morning – Dad, look! – [Shaun] We got a pool table (yelling) I didn’t know this house had a pool – Oh my gosh, there’s so many bunk beds

– [Shaun] Holy cow I don’t see any presents up here – Bombs away! – [Shaun] Whoa, whoa! – Bombs away! – [Shaun] what kind of bombs you got here? – Niko, look! Pajamas? – [Jenny] Dress – Beautiful dress – So cute! – [Shaun] I love it – And a scarf? No, jammies! – [Shaun] Those look like way comfy jammies – Yeah, whoa! Niko, do you wanna open that for me? – [Shaun] Okay, what’d you get? Oh an Ariel jammies! Oh, I love snuggling with Adley when she’s in her soft jammies – [Adley] And Tangled – [Shaun] Holy cow, I don’t know if there’s more This is crazy! – I don’t know if there’s more either – Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop – [Shaun] This house is ginormous! We went in there – Guys let’s going all way downstairs! – [Shaun] We’re going three levels – Lights on Whoa! There’s a present – [Shaun] Foosball? This is gonna be a fun day – Niko, this is for me and you! Look at it, sharky! – It’s shark with balls I think we got lots of things for Niko, too so he has fun today – Whoa these are water toys! – [Jenny] Do you know what you do with these, Adley? We make them really big and then you can swim through them underwater – [Shaun] You swim through the middle of them? – Yeah – Did we bring my swimsuit, mom? – Maybe (yells) – Wolfy, wolfy, wolfy! – You’re distracted – Whoa, I found another present! – [Shaun] Wait, is that a Christmas present or a birthday present? – [Adley] I think it’s a present Whoa it’s another water toy! – [Shaun] ‘Cause you were saying you wanted Dory stuff for your birthday All right, where do we go next? – Bathroom! – [Shaun] We got a bathroom More bunk beds? Holy smokes, this place is ginormous – Didn’t see any presents up there – [Shaun] Do you think we got all the presents? – I’m gonna keep looking – [Shaun] Okay – Box, box! – [Shaun] She just found another present! Holy smoke That one’s for Niko – [Niko] Mine? – [Shaun] Yeah, then Niko has one and you have one – Oh, that’s so sweet of them! – [Shaun] Wait, who’s them? – The people who own this house – [Shaun] No, those presents are from mom and dad – What, another bedroom? – Okay, this room is cool – [Shaun] Oh my goodness – Guys, I need to tell you something Me and Niko are sleeping in this one and we’re not sleeping upstairs at all – [Shaun] What? She’s having a sleep over down here for her birthday – [Adley] Yes! – [Shaun] You have a lot of bunk beds Niko, there’s your sharks! – They’re blue – No birthday presents up here! – [Shaun] Let’s go find more presents! – Are these presents from you and dad, mom? – [Shaun And Jenny] Yeah – Wait, a drawer Whoa! – [Jenny] A bra? (laughing) – [Shaun] That’s not for you, put that back – What the heck? – How did it get here? – I don’t wanna know – [Shaun] We did not put that there – [Jenny] Okay, let’s grab the presents and take them upstairs – [Shaun] More bunk beds? Holy smokes, more bathrooms – We could have a space station party here – Seriously We should invite the whole space station here when the sickness has gone Mr. Deer, you got some pink stuff on you – Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen – [Shaun] Oh yeah, kitchen – For me and Niko! For me and Niko! Niko! Hey Niko, here you go! – [Shaun] That’s for you buddy – [Adley] That’s for you, buddy Candies and sweets! Dad, chocolate! – [Shaun] Chocolate and unicorns?! Already getting a chocolate That’s how you know it’s her birthday, she gets chocolate in the morning Look, it says, “Adley is five.” – Fridge! – [Shaun] And we got some milk and some fruit and some drinks – Ice cream, ice cream! – Ice cream! – Ice cream? We are prepared over here Wow, parents of the year planning and preparation – I wanna get this party started – [Shaun] The party is ready to get started over here, look Little pinantas – [Jenny] Look at this basket full of goodies – We should make some Adley party stuff Have you guys ever wanted to have an Adley birthday party? We’re gonna make Adley birthday party stuff I just decided, like little Adley balloons and stuff We’re gonna do it, we’re gonna do it This is puffs, you love puffs Fun fact, Adley still eats puffs – She does – Even when she’s five Oh no, oh no! Nope, hide that Sorry, Chicken – [Jenny] And you got some more Chuckle & Roar stuff Go Fish, Slapjack, Old Maid, Crazy Eights, fun card games we could play together as a family – [Shaun] Deal? – [Jenny] Deal – Look, swim stuff! – [Shaun] What? Wait, we can swim through that Okay, there is a lot of swim stuff I think that’s a hint – Never been over here yet – [Shaun] This place is huge – [Adley] We have a place to put our shoes and jackets – [Shaun] Oh, this is where we’ll put our shoes and jackets

Another bedroom, more bunk beds – Dad, there’s a whole other room up here – [Shaun] You know, Adley, we have a lot of swimming stuff Where are we gonna use all this swimming stuff? – Maybe there’s a swimming pool here Let’s go check it out – [Shaun] I don’t know Come on, Niko bear – [Adley] There’s just chairs out here – [Shaun] Wait, there’s no swimming pool – Over here, maybe There’s a playground! Let’s see if we can find a swimming pool – [Shaun] I don’t think there’s a swimming pool Looks like there’s just a playground – This better be warm – [Shaun] Let’s see Test it – Oh, hot – [Shaun] Ohhhh, okay – Do we smoke in it like now? – [Shaun and Jenny] What? – Did she just say should we smoke in it? – Mom, dad, mom, dad Look behind you! – [Shaun] A beach volleyball?! – It has sand! Wait the swimming pool’s in here! – [Shaun] Wait, what? You think it’s here, let’s see (gasps) the key! Is this really a secret pool? Let’s find out – It’s a pool! – [Shaun] You think? – Yeah, look! There’s just a mattress covering it – [Shaun] How do we open this thing? Oh, moms has an idea (chime dings) – Whoa! – It’s a pool! Oh yeah, we got a pool for your birthday This is perfect This is all yours today, for your birthday – Let’s go look for more cool stuff! Let’s go get our suitcases and jump in our swimsuits – [Shaun] Should we get this party started? – Let’s get this party! – Welcome to Adley’s Fifth Birthday party, vlog! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Look at this thing! Under doggy! Whew! (Adley and Niko giggling) – [Jenny] Good job! (silly music) (water splashing) – [Shaun] Hey, birthday girl! – Hi! – [Shaun] Niko’s in here! What’s up dude? – Watch my birthday hand stand (Jenny cheering) – [Shaun] Wow that was a birthday full flip! – [Jenny] Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding (bright music) – [Adley] The sharks (indistinct) It’s a rolly situation (bright music) – [Shaun] Okay, get in like a hamster wheel Start rolling it Walk, walk, walk and walk (bright music) – [Jenny] Okay, dad (screaming) (bright music) – Okay – [Jenny] Good job, Niko Oh hey, dude – Oh yeah, you got it! (Jenny cheering) – [Jenny] Good job, buddy! – Sunglasses for momma, goggles for Adley Cannonball for dad! – [Jenny] Oh boy (water splashes) This is so fun! Look how beautiful it is out here – Into the unknown! (bright music) Cannonball! (bright music) – [Jenny] Woo! – Good job, Niko – More – One, two, three! (water splashes) Yeah! – [Jenny] Are you loving this? – Yes (growling) – [Jenny] No (growling) – Watch out! – Watch out! (growling) Pop her boat! (growling) I got her gun (Shaun yelling) – Ring coming out! – [Shaun] All right, we’re opening up the rings There’s one – There’s two – [Shaun] There’s two Hi-yah! – Three and hi-ya! – [Shaun] Good job Alright, let’s go get the water blog Ooh, mom, you catching bugs? – Sure am – Good job, mama This is our cool water vlog So that you guys can see half underwater and half above water Watch how rad this is Water vlog, activate See, look how cool that is Swim through a hoop, let’s see it – Let me hold the vlog – [Shaun] Oh, you’re going with the vlog? (water splashing) (bright music) (laughing) (bright music) – It’s harder than it looks

(Niko giggles) – [Shaun] Hey, what are you doing? – Two, three (bubbles gurgle) I love that he just smiles under water (bright music) (parents laughing) – [Shaun] We got some chickens ready to fight Which chicken is the best chicken of the pool? (bright music) You’re the winner chicken! Good job, chicken! Okay, I wanna challenge you – Can’t believe I lost What’s your chicken’s name? – Becky – [Jenny] Bocky? (laughing) I think you’re gonna beat dad in this, Adley – No way – [Jenny] Ah, it’s a pirate! – My chicken likes to dive into the water (bright music) – [Adley] Dad, you go (indistinct) (Shaun clucking) – [Jenny] Chicken fight! (bright music) Where are you guys? (bright music) Niko’s the winner! – Those chickens are kind of a hard thing All right, ready? – [Jenny] What are you doing? – A trick (bright music) (dolphin whinnying) Quick little juice break Oh, he’s loving this – I got my glass Time to go in the hot tub time now! – We’re doing whatever birthday girl wants And it’s hot tub time – [Shaun] I think we’re gonna be jumping from hot tub to pool a lot today Hot tub! – Hot tub time Oh, this is warm – [Shaun] Is that feeling good? Can you push that side? (grunting) – Dad, hurry up! Do it, do it, do it! – Timber! – All right, I’m getting in, this looks nice (grunting) Not you vloggy This is too hot for vlogs – Oh, dad! – [Shaun] We gotta wash you guys off You guys still have paint on your tripod from when we did painting in the backyard (fast techno music) – [Adley] There’s a whole family of lady bugs! – He just squirted my face and the vlog! We got in the whole family in the hot tub Are you in the hot tub? Talking to your glasses? – Talking to my vlog – [Shaun] Bye glasses vlog Look at this view! A beautiful Jenny and beautiful mountains all around us (Adley clears throat) – [Shaun] Yes? – Am I beautiful? – And a beautiful Adley, the birthday girl, wait how old are you? Adley is officially five, five! We have had a kid for five years We started this vlog five years ago Wow, we’ve been filming best days ever for five years and life has been so much fun When you choose to just try and be positive and just always have it be the best ever, it’s hard, it’s a choice, but when you do it for five years, I can tell you one thing it really makes your life better It’s fun – [Jenny] Ready? – Ready! (ball bounces) (laughing) – [Shaun] Mom and Niko are gonna play some ping pong What are you doing, girl? – Gonna put all my jewelries – [Shaun] Oh, cute You getting that all set up? – [Adley] Oh, Niko – [Shaun] Should I come help you, Niko? You ready? And hit it (ball bounces) – [Adley] Mom, can you help me? – [Shaun] Get it, Niko! – I try! – [Jenny] Beautiful necklace on Adley – [Shaun] Ooh, it matches cause she’s beautiful Okay, ready, hit it! (ball bouncing) – [Jenny] Ready? – Ready! (ball bouncing) [Jenny] Were you ready? – Sorry (ball bouncing) Woo, good job, Niko! We’re enjoying Adley’s birthday You locking it up? – Do you like my bracelet, it has a unicorn on it – [Shaun] Hi, little unicorn That’s so cute – And! – [Shaun] Oh wow, that is beautiful – This opens up and you can put pictures in here – Wait, what? – [Shaun] You could put a picture in there of your family Is that cute? I love it What a special birthday All right, you wanna play ping pong with us? You’re up! – Let’s see if I can beat you – [Jenny] Oh, three against mom? – [Shaun] Hey, two You’ve got the baby I’ll be the backup plan – Ready? – Steady, go! (fun techno music) – [Shaun] Woo, good job, Adley (fun techno music) Good pass Get it! (yelling)

Oh, good job Good job (fun techno music) You got this – You got this – [Jenny] You’re gonna do two? (fun techno music) – [Shaun] You hit the baby! – I’m gonna do two to you! – And then we’ll both hit them (fun techno music) We got it! Get it! (yells) Hey, log’s not playing – Remember when we used to play ping pong with chicken? – [Shaun] Oh yeah She did it twice! And Jenny did always win, she’s good at ping pong – I’m better! – [Shaun] I don’t know, your mom’s pretty good (fun techno music) – Thanks, dad – [Shaun] You’re welcome Oh yeah! That was an ace! You’re welcome Oh, yeah! – [Jenny] Thank you – [Shaun] Oh, yeah (fun techno music) Oh, I just hit you Whoa! There you go! That’s another good one Niko’s over there playing soccer by himself (ball bouncing) – That’s a good shot! – [Shaun] She just scored You gotta pay attention – Gotta hit it back to me – [Shaun] Oh, good hit (ball bouncing) – [Adley] We mean business (yelling) – [Shaun] That business almost hit Adley’s head (yelling) (laughing) That was awesome! – She just hit it like this – [Shaun] Oh, I love it – You’re gonna lose and I’m gonna win – I’m gonna win – [Shaun] Whoa! – Mine was just my paddle (indistinct) – [Shaun] Uh, Adley? Wow – We did it (indistinct) Oh, no it’s raining! Put the umbrella up We’re on the playground – [Shaun] You go down the slide – Monkey bar time – [Shaun] Oh, you can do monkey bars? Okay, good luck (adventurous music) Good job! Good job! Holy cow, Adley Dude, that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a five-year-old do – Okay, now for the slide – [Shaun] All right, whoa! Fireman pole Whoa, Niko! Are you old enough to do this? Freaking me out kiddo Whoa, shoot! – I got the coolest thing you’ll ever see – [Shaun] One, two, three jump! We did it! (fun techno music) Whoa okay! Hi – Hi (fun techno music) – [Shaun] That was awesome! What do you see? – All sorts of things – [Shaun] Really? – [Jenny] Whatever you see – [Shaun] That’s what you’ll take a picture of – [Jenny] And then it comes out – I took a picture of you, mom – [Jenny] And then we just gotta shake it like a Polaroid picture – [Shaun] It’s starting to come in Oh, I see Mom This is gonna be so awesome You can take pictures of all your favorite birthday stuff – [Adley] I think it’s ready! – [Shaun] Aw, that’s so cute! Your momma and your dada at your fifth birthday party – I love it! – I wanna take a picture of baby – [Shaun] Oh, okay! (fun techno music) – Is it just my belly? – [Shaun] Look how cute that is though! I’m gonna love all these little memories she’s gonna take – Yeah – Okay, it’s almost ready – I wanna see it! I wanna see it! – [Shaun] That is such a pretty picture of mom She did awesome, babe! She is so good at photography – [Jenny] Oh, I love it! (fun techno music) (yelling) – Oh it’s printing! – [Shaun] Come show me, girl – It’s almost ready, I’ll show you– – [Jenny] Ah, she’s running! – Dad, your slide picture is ready! – I love it (fun techno music) We want cake! We want cake! – Happy birthday! – Wow! I love my cake! – [Shaun and Jenny] Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! – Cheers! – [Shaun and Jenny] Cheers! Cheers! – [Shaun] You get your pizza? How’s being five so far? – [Adley] There’s one more present left (kids yelling) – [Shaun] Hold on, we gotta figure out what Niko needs (ominous music) – No, I don’t want that – [Shaun] It’s like another language and we gotta guess – Yeah! – [Shaun] Yeah, you guessed it! – There’s one more present left, let’s open it – [Shaun] Who’s that one from? – I don’t know – It’s from Allie! – Allie is Adley’s best friend So you know Nick who helps us in some of the Adley videos, his sister’s Allie and she always hangs out with the kids and it’s so fun – Oh, look! Pencils and a book – [Shaun] Oh, that’s so cute – MnMs

– [Shaun] Silly string? – I’m gonna spray you, dad, tomorrow (Shaun groans) And bracelets! – [Shaun] Aw, those are way cute! And hanitizer That is really nice of her How’s your pizza? – Good – [Shaun] Yours sounds delicious How is it being five? What does it feel like to be five? – It feels great to jump on the bed! – Oh, Adley jumped off the crazy bunk bed We filmed that slow motion, pop it up here (screams) Yeah, that was crazy! What were you thinking? – You guys wanna see a crazy jump? Follow me – [Shaun] What’s this crazy jump? – [Jenny] I don’t know if I like this – [Shaun] Oh yeah Mom, you might wanna close your eyes, she did this earlier and it’s kind of freaky All right, I’m gonna get a good angle So fun fact, when you’re filming a jump or something on a skateboard or snowboard, the lower you get the bigger it looks Watch out, Niko – [Jenny] Watch out, Niko – [Shaun] Are you sure about this? (screams) – [Shaun] Good job – Wait, mom, wanna see a replay? – No, not again! Not again! – The replay? – Daddy! See! – [Shaun] Oh, hold on! Oh, is it dark? We made it all the way through Adley’s birthday Oh, instant replay (yelling) – [Jenny] Ah, happy birthday! – [Shaun] Happy birthday! Did you have the best birthday ever? (screams) – Thanks for watching! Bye! – This is baby Adley She is amazing on camera Been teaching herself these duck lips, everything She knows how to work it, look at this Oh yeah, get those duck lips Pretty good I think her diaper’s full now Good job