super cute I think it’s a great and it’s like super heavy to you guys how cute is this look at this frugal fam so we’re on our way to find some squishies and we found this new Dollar Tree so we’re gonna go inside and see what new goodies they have by the way if you’re not a part of the frugal fam subscribe and don’t get to click the bell so you never miss another video super cute how are these they look like little fiberglass wavy glass hearts have a little heart pics and you can hold pictures or maybe use it for table numbers or something this is so cute oh my oh there’s another one a little welcome sign hanging above the doors super cute are we bring matching headbands today yes and they also have some more of the fairy garden figurine I guess come on oh my oh look at these little fairies we have some from last year’s so I don’t think I’m gonna buy much and there’s another one right here I’m potting soil they have tons of it in this Dollar Tree I showed you guys the of packs before but these are really cool did you get something on the inside I can’t remember no it just inflate this Dollar Tree has a really nice garden section gloves tools little hanging trinkets and even some flower seeds oh look there’s some more little fairy garden figurines hiding over here I think these are all the same I’ll put them back then over here they have these LED lanterns these are an amazing score at Dollar Tree we used both colors to hang in the tree in the backyard for birthday party it was really cute and they do have LED lights on the inside so you just pull the red tab and cut it on have some hummingbird items over here some supplies and then these solar lights are another awesome buy a dollar tree we had those in the backyard as well for her party and it lit up pretty good and they’re actually still working you just have to take them out when it’s really sunny because you can damage them in Dollar Tree always carries these little pick sticks this little frog eye looks new look at his well sticking out it’s cute and then they have some more little wind twisters or wind chimes bamboo chimes and some more cute little frogs with big and lots of little trinkets to hang in your garden or in your front yard in the st. Patrick’s Day section and I love how they have the green organization containers over here so this is your color it’s nicely sorted out you can redo your pantry here I’ve been in closet or something some cute little fuzzy helping toys we just twist it and he hops or she hops yes hi guys my little rabbit Scotch double sided tape definite score and Dollar Tree it’s good for like scrapbooking or photo albums and stuff this is probably going to be a quick come with me to doubt the tree today because it was unexpected and the store is pretty small of course we have to see if we find any

dollar deals on some awesome toys oh if you guys haven’t checked out the Dollar Tree squishy hole you need to do so because it’s so amazing super cute and relaxing and lots of fun it’s for the baby bears of the frugal family they have lots of little squishy balls in here and bouncy balls and light-up balls well they have hot glue sticks in this Dollar Tree and some more of the wooden dowels lots of paint sets over here we have a Mickey Mouse one Star Wars a regular one Disney Princess and they have tons and tons of stickers in here you guys oh look this is new phone gift tag yes Mickey Clubhouse those are stickers stickers yeah this Dollar Tree has a ton of stickers really nice ones too oh these are nice there are the little pamphlets 325 400 stickers 400 250 oh I love little eyes stickers and little pop-up stickers paw Patrol book covers let’s see if they have any other patterns read and that’s it so I found some Diamond wrap maybe this is from but I don’t remember seeing this dollar table for oh my goodness guys look at this is just a plain wooden little I think it’s a butterfly bumble bee not sure it’s really cute you can paint it and hang it or something looks like I found a new washy style tape a fox elephant and a lion saw that one found another new one too please we have the small variety pack of foam balls in here and they have the larger reefs that I’ve seen at Dollar Tree I think this is the biggest size that I’ve seen in just some other little floral phones over here wow this is new create it’s like a little trinket jar I love the little rustic distress marks and they have these these are so nice oh my goodness they’re super heavy to you guys look how thick this crackled glass is an amazing score oh my goodness haven’t seen these in a while looks like dollar tree might have changed the but not the material but the finish is super clear and glossy and the other ones are like a frosted clear love these and then over here I found this just like a regular glass jar with some twine at the top you know these are super cute for like ever well this Dollar Tree has the matte frames just some smooth looking and hi into definitely doesn’t look a dollar I found some M&Ms some M&Ms candles let’s see what do we have here do they have I’m sure they do vanilla orange is this one rid Oh Oh cinnamon citrus vanilla and then this

one is pear scent found some workout DVDs I haven’t seen this person and any of the other dollar trees we always see that Julian Michaels and other guy they have some new wall stickers in here that I’ve never seen a Peppa Pig nightlight this is new paw patrol Sofia the first letter Me one back there I think there is one down here Wow my little pony so cool look at these clam like mugs they’re ceramic and they have one in like a navy blue that’s cute I haven’t tried it yet but I love the makeup wipes so I’m assuming these are gonna be just as good this is my second time seeing this at Dollar Tree and I think I’ve seen this in like Marshalls or something I don’t know all these little skin care packages look the same shea butter edge control for edge gel that’s new just cute little bottle how many of you show hands so my Dollar Tree makeup challenge video oh my goodness you have to check it out as all of us you have to check it out there are the makeup wipes I need to get some more these things are amazing love them and then they have a ton of wet and wild brushes in here you guys already know these are a score if you find at Dollar Tree grab them if you need them looks like they have some Beauty benefits in here ooh elf powder in medium have never seen medium in the elf powder before some more beauty benefits little lip gloss and looks like they have some Revlon nail polish she’s in here beautiful ruby red one with like some glitter new of fake nails and Dollar Tree and it’s like the patterns or the designs are endless in here meanwhile my nail looks terrible yes wig caps at Dollar Tree and they have a ton and the bonnets oh is this like that section oh I think this is where that little edge gel was from I don’t wear any of this stuff so I’m just saving it because I know somebody’s gonna has asked each other in the comments but this stuff looks just like the brand name I think this is the brand name stuff better like in beauty supply stores I need another comb for sorry like a tail comb oh this right here awareness kitchen towel something I’ve never seen at Dollar Tree there’s just all types of kitchen towels in here very beautiful I picked up some from the 99 cent store look at this you guys I don’t even know what it is this like a so it’s a little food container that’s super cute look at these placemats minions cars this one is definitely new spider man 3 so we’re near the register where all the little cool trinkets are you have some jumbo pins over here I thought that was shopkins then they have these little hand sanitizers I think we’ve seen all of these before and one of the other come with me to Dollar Tree trips and we have some cute little doggy coin purses manicure says the fruit shade shea butter lotion and cosmetic bags

these canvas art pictures and more lotion this is definitely the quickest come with me to Dollar Tree video ever right sorry that surprised me let’s start off with this nail lovers Dollar Tree gift basket I have this card you all know there are plenty of beautiful Valentine’s Day cards at Dollar Tree gonna put that to the side and I’m gonna show you all how I put this together and everything that I used we’ll start with your Dollar Tree plastic bag and then place this LED heart have little LED lights around here and you just put the batteries in the back and cut it on and off this is going to go at the base or at the bottom of your gift basket next with the largest item I’m just gonna place this in the back and I like how it sits nicely and it has this little rim to keep everything in place you have seen me haul this from Dollar Tree is just a little fun nail kit in front of that I’m gonna put this utterly smooth hand cream and next to that I found this cute little pink picture frame from Dollar Tree so behind that I’m gonna put this five piece manicure set it comes with nail clippers nail scissors nail file tweezers and cuticle pusher let’s put this strawberry-scented LA Colors nail polish remover down here and I like to build my gift baskets like this because you don’t have to worry about picking this up and then placing it inside of the basket bag and we’re gonna put this duo la colors nail polish set on top of the nail polish remover pads next let’s put this beautiful red nail polish from LA Colors and put this beautiful Dollar Tree pink rose right here I’ve set this up a few different ways if you want to add a personal touch to this gift basket you can put a picture or you can put a card right here so I hope you all liked this first Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day gift basket I did let’s check out number two this next one is a spa inspired a gift basket so let me show you what’s on the inside so as a base and you can put this in a gift basket if you choose to or it will probably fit nicely in a Dollar Tree gift bag so anyway I’m using this as the base inside of the glass I start with my tallest piece which is a brush foul and this little exfoliating brush down here on the bottom next I have this pink massage roller this was such an amazing score I found this last year at Dollar Tree and unfortunately haven’t found any this year in the back I’m gonna place this makeup cloth and I would assume that this is just like a face towel but it’s microfiber so it’s really soft and we’re just gonna fold that and place it in the back I love the idea of matching items for a gift basket or gifts in general it just gives it a really unique look and it definitely does not look like each item cost one dollar in front of the brush I’m going to place this other massage roller just have it hanging off like that front of the rolling massager I’m going to place this facial brush facial brush and take this out of the plastic because it comes with a plastic top here you have it something very simple and of course these were one dollar each and I did get everything from Dollar Tree I get that question a lot from my new subscribers or new viewers they just cannot believe what you can find at Dollar Tree if you don’t want to use a glass face Dollar Tree also has lots of cute little coffee mugs you probably wouldn’t expect to see something for your pets and somebody’s Valentine’s Day video but you guys know I love my fur babies so I decided to make a gift basket for the both of them so to start off I have this Dollar Tree pet bowl this is the really big size one and then I stuffed some tissue paper in the middle and I put this balloon weight in the back so really I just picked up a bunch of a toys and I just played around with the placement and put them in here you know how I thought it would look nice that’s pretty much what happened thing that got into the toys she got into this one already and this is the only toy that’s not for animals this is like a kid’s toy but I thought it was really cute so I decided to throw this pink monkey in there where we own like what is this for

I think let’s move on to number five I think number five so the next Dollar Tree gift basket idea is for I took a Dollar Tree bin from the organization section a red one so I used some wall decal stickers and wall art stickers to create her little personal gift basket so these are the letters and you all know and have seen me show these and all these and plenty of Dollar Tree videos how cute is this right when I do our basket this will probably be the front I think it’s really cute so I have two of our from the wall sticker collection and it came with four mermaids two on the front and two on the back with lots of little accent pieces and fishes bubbles and some other cute little clams and everything I decided to of course put her name on one side on this side we have a large cute little monkey and this little guy or gal is from this wall art pack and there you have it a cute little personalized Valentine’s they get baskets all from Dollar Tree I’m just gonna pull stuff out and show you because really I stuffed everything that I thought she would like and I tried to stick with some beautiful vibrant colors so we have this cute little a caterpillar and I found these little hangers at the front of the store like near the register and then I have stickers because you all know she loves stickers we have some more plush animals here a little dog and a cute little bear and then this right here is the only non Dollar Tree item this is one dollar in the target dollar spot section how cute is this little hair tie then in the back we have many she loves many at the moment I also found a Minnie Mouse hairbrush cute right I cannot believe I found that and then in the back inside of this glass heart vase I placed a Minnie and Mickey heart shaped balloon so how cute is this card is perfect I mean seriously edges and then I have this paint set I picked up too because we’re gonna paint these and send them to her grandparents and then I just put oh I forgot about this little guy dog that looks like muffin little bobble head and I wrapped this Dollar Tree bracelet around its neck and then on the inside I just have white tissue paper so hope you all enjoyed this gift basket let’s move on to the next one alright that looks much better so this last a Dollar Tree gift basket idea is a unicorn inspired one I was so happy to find these cute little plastic containers at Dollar Tree and on the inside I have a lots of beautiful colors so on the bottom we have the traditional sweetheart candy I think it’s a great alternative to putting white tissue paper or decorative tissue paper in the bottom of this basket then I have this cute little fluffy unicorn keychain and I have for fun and flavorful chap sticks and these are all from Dollar Tree every last one of them and then over here we have this cute little figurine from paw patrol out of all of the Dollar Tree gift ideas this is probably the most playful with the beautiful pastel colors in this fluffy a little unicorn I’m in love with this so hope you all enjoyed this quick little video leave me a comment and let me know which one it was your favorite but we hope you guys enjoyed this short little join the fam subscribe like this video share we’ll see you in the next one ah oh sorry this one right here is my Dollar Tree gift basket I just have this Dollar Tree balloon in the back with this extra large red ceramic cup and on the inside I have this circle floral foam sitting on the bottom so I used to fix I put the toothpicks inside of the floral foam and then I scattered some of the traditional hard hard hard candy on the bottom to cover up the floral foam and to cover up the toothpicks then I scattered some of these cherry Tootsie Roll pops throughout the little waffle cones and it looks super this looks like some french fries fingers like crawl it up out of the ground or something I don’t know maybe you can get some inspiration from it’s maybe not maybe you just need a good laugh in this video so here it is