Everyday Easy Glam – No False Lashes

hey guys today this is a today’s video is going to be SuperDuper random at least it’s SuperDuper random from me but I’m excited because I love filming random videos I was planning on filming a totally different video today um but that’s gonna get pushed back a couple of days because now this one is taking its place because I cannot believe how many requests I have for the look that I’m about to do for you last night on snapchat I just quickly snapped myself laying on the couch awful so good to lay on the couch and eat popcorn but anywho I snapped saying I felt like I was naked because I wasn’t wearing false lashes cuz I just had like mascara on my regular normal god-given lashes god forbid and whenever I wear my makeup like that I always like kind of feel like oh my god do I look okay like do people notice I feel like I’m like I’m sorry I’m not wearing falsies like it’s ridiculous this is why if you don’t wear false lashes don’t start only wear them like a couple times a year on a special occasion don’t start doing it every day because it’ll become like me and you become high maintenance for no flippin reason and it’s not necessary so for today’s video I’m going to do the look that I haven’t snapchat last night that was so highly requested from you guys it’s crazy because I don’t know if I’ve ever had that many screen shots in my life on snapchat even my friends and family were texting it was screenshot like please to a makeup tutorial but are you kidding it’s so easy so it is going to be a full coverage look but it’s gonna be fresh it’s gonna be dewy it’s a little very hydrated very girly and we are not going to be using false lashes but we’re still gonna bring attention to the eyes so let’s get started I feel like I have like cleavage galore and girl that’s not my style so don’t judge me so I got to whisper at you guys okay my hair is back so now we can do our face without any disruptions alright I am going to start off this look by priming my skin today I’m going to be using the Becca backlight priming filter I love this it has like a really beautiful Sheen to it it kind of frost the innocence so if you are oily and you don’t want to add any like additional um like shine to your face I would try to stay away from this one but if you are looking for that oh my gosh my favorite one and if you’re looking for a more inexpensive dupe the Loreal one from the drugstore is Bob then I’m going to take the make up forevers step one primer and this is the smoothing one they have a huge line with all different options all different primers but I’m going to use the smoothing one today just because currently I am having some texture issues right around my nose area and so I’m just going to take this and I’m going to rub it right on that section to kind of blur out those pores and that texture that I have this is not necessary right now you don’t even need to use a primer if you don’t want I personally just start using primers like the past year and a half maybe two years I never used it in the past I never needed it um but this one right here is very similar to like a benefit Porefessional dr. brandt pores no more it’s not going to eliminate any acne or any pores that will kind of fill them in and blur them out now for foundation I’m going to go in with the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD stick foundation this is my number one foundation at the moment I will say I tried the YSL Touche Claw radiance awakening foundation um two days ago my first impression of it was really bad you guys it kind of sucks um but I’m gonna keep trying it might be because my skin was so dry that day so I will try it again to see if my opinion changes because girl Ray’s been too much money on a foundation you force yourself to like it I’m going to put two stripes on the cheeks one here now I have been using the artiste brush a lot recently for foundation which is this right here but today I’m going to switch it up and go back with one of my other favorites because I feel like this is the only brush I’ve used like the past five or six weeks and I kind of miss using Sulur ones so this is the morphe m-43 9 and when you are using a regular foundation brush like this you actually need more foundation if I was using the artiste oval brush I would only put one stripe on my cheek because less is more with that brush but since this is a regular one we’re going to do two stripes and then I am going to just buff this out you know the drill here it’s so for concealer I’m going to go in with Urban Decay Naked skin concealer I’m using shade medium light neutral and I’m going to just paint this on the under eye area I really don’t have a rhyme or reason and doing this I just kind of slop it on there I have so much texture right here right now and I don’t know what is causing it but it’s been there for like a month I’m like I’m high when I blend out my concealer I make sure that my Beauty Blender is very damp not just a little damp but I make sure that it is like I put it under the faucet and I squeeze it probably 20 to 25 times that way it’s like as big as it possibly can get and then I wring it out and either a paper towel or just a clean hand towel and I just squeeze like twice and then that’s it I want it to be really really damp because I wanted to give my skin like that extra hydration also the more damp your Beauty Blender is the more it will help you avoid

having under I like cakiness because the moisture will help soak up the additional the excess product so that you don’t get cakey another tip that I learned from a MacPro artist when I was getting my certification was that when you’re tapping out your under eye concealer to never just go one way if you just do this it’ll give it more of an opportunity to settle your fine lines but if you want to go back and forth and kind of pounce like this it’ll kind of confuse the concealer should not sit in one place and you’re rubbing it in the same motion so going back and forth in a patting motion will really help it not to settle into fine lines and I when I first heard him say that I was like okay but I actually think it works okay so now I’m going to take the Kat Von D shade light palette and I’m going to grab this beauty vole banana shade right there in the center this is one of my favorite highlight powders for under the eyes of all time my absolutely love the anastasi banana one but I don’t have that with me right now I hit pan on it so hard as it up against the edges and I’m like scraping it out I come to mama so I’m gonna use this one I’m gonna zoom you guys in a little bit so you can O see any more using you know oh alright I’m going to just tap this all underneath the eye oh girl that is alight okay it’s okay it’s okay don’t worry guys we’re going to make it work always set my eyelid no matter what look I am doing because if I don’t set my eyelid all this concealer and everything will get really crazy taking that same powder I’m going to just put it on my chin all right here and then I’m also going to let me grab different brush for this and I’m also going to take it and put on the center of my forehead these are just tricks to balancing out the highlight on the face so that you don’t just have a stark white or yellow under-eye highlight doing this will kind of help balance everything out and then once we bronzed it’ll tie everything together and make it forever two five one broader t5i bronzer this is the compact waterproof ultra natural bronzer right here my favorite bronzer I think this I mean that Cassie’s my favorite out of all the browsers and cosmetics but it’s one of my absolute favorites I love the texture I think it looks super natural on the skin so I’m going to pick this up I am using the tum 4:05 brush I don’t wanna talk about you guys this brush is ridiculous it is so so over the top and it is so ridiculously expensive like it’s shameful but honestly you guys it is my favorite bronzer brush of all time I try to talk about too often because it’s like one of those things it’s like you can live without it but once you have it you’re just like my baby and then when you get a stain on it you’ll cry yourself to sleep because you’ll be like this cost more than my home I’m just going to bronze right at the hairline like literally on the hairline and I’m going to bring it down cut up to the tail of the eyebrow like this and then when it gets to the center the forehead I want to leave this blank because I want that to stay nice and light right there and then only at the hairline in the center and then over here bring it kind of down wrap it around the eye towards the corner of the mouth but not all the way to the corner of the mouth and now for brows I’m going to go in with the Anastasia brow definer and I’m going to only fill in over here my nose I can’t see it you can feel it ah I got it and what I’m going to do since we are doing a more quick natural look today not going to fill in the brows like I normally do I’m only going to fill in specific area that are bald and just need the help so on this brow it is always right here for me and I’m going to go really light handed it’s hard to talk when I’m doing this and go in and I will just lightly fill in the tail this is the brow that is always a pain we all have that one brow this is my brow it drives me crazy if I can’t you just be like your brother right here I have a little bald spot so I’ll just okay now I’m just going to set my brows with clear brow gel this is by anastasiya as well I’m telling you this clear brow gel is literally superglue I’ll never forget the first time I tried this I was like I am NOT going to buy this this is not worth the money it’s a clear brow gel that is ridiculous my friend was like just wait this is literally superglue in a tube it’s perfection it’s the best brow gel of the world and all that fine and now here we are 27 bottles later and I am completely addicted for eyeshadow I’m going to do literally like the most natural thing in the world I’m going to grab the morphe 35o palette and I’m going to take the center shade right here that is barely a difference from my own skin tone because I just want something so subtle like a natural shadow and this is so quick and easy and

I’m going to grab any fluffy brush that you have and I’m just going to lightly dust this in the crease of my eye really only on the outer corner this isn’t even necessary you can just go with absolutely no eyeshadow and be completely fine I’m just doing this to be you know ridiculous as always I just realized I didn’t bring my Mac nylon over here what am I going to highlight my inner corners with trying to find something to highlight with it’s going to be comparable to Mack nylon because my Mac night wait a second I’m gonna take a tiny little precision brush this is the morphe 35n our corner brush boom you can put as much or as little of this on as you please I prefer a lot mMmmm are you surprised I’m also going to put that on my brow bone as well just right underneath this is not the brush that I like to use for this to use a flat synthetic brush but I don’t have one with me like a Mac 242 I just discovered one by morphe yesterday that I really found love with as well but this brush will do the trick so the eye liner I would like to use is the ardency in one this is my favorite eye pull of all time as you can see it’s like completely destroyed on the top I do not have a pencil sharpener with me so I can’t sharpen and use that one so I’m going to use the makeup geek full spectrum eyeliner pencil I haven’t used these yet I have no idea how it’s going to perform but we shall find out so first thing I’m gonna do is just line my waterline and then same with the top I’m just going to really focus on that outer corner on the top of the eye right there okay now what I’m going to do is just grab any angle brush this is technically a brow brush by anastasiya um it has like a spoolie on this end but it works great and what I’m going to do is I’m going to take it and I’m going to put like the product on the pet like on the brow brush itself and then what I will do is just strictly on the outer corner I am going to kind of buff that liner out and as you can see it’s not intense there’s not like a ton of product on the brush that’s making this really dramatic or anything but I’m just kind of buffing this out a little bit so that it’ll be just kind of like a little smokey only on the outer edge and now I’m just going to do the exact same thing down here as well kind of smoke it out the purpose behind this is it’s going to make your eyes with a little bit bigger because when you do line your waterline and you just walk away it will tend to close your eyes and they can make your eyes look small and kind of beady um and if you have very large eyes and that’s not going to be like a worry to you but for someone like me where I have like during medium-size eyes um it can make my eyes look really really tiny and squinty so doing this step will open the eyes back up I’m going to curl my lashes really quick I am using a Kevin a Quan eyelash curler just going to give it like a quick little squeeze I don’t want my lashes to be too insanely perked up now I’m going to be using better than sex mascara this is by two-faced right yes two-faced – or foo face if you guys know where that’s from then you’re my people this mascara as you can see when you initially apply it it like mix your lashes I don’t want to use the word chunky but it does it makes your lashes kind of chunky really intense right off the bat um so I like to really make sure that I wipe my brush off like I like to kind of this on a paper towel to get off excess products because I don’t like it when my lashes look SuperDuper chunky like that um but I do love this mascara in general so after I rub off a bunch of the product I like the way it looks better on myself do you see how freaking messy I am this is not even funny like I cannot even control this one I’m so messy but the good news is is that when this mascara dries in like 30 seconds all I have to do is just grab a q-tip or a brush and it’ll just come right off like I’m not trying to not be messy because I know it’s so easy to clean up it will say I like the ardency in eyeliner better than the makeup geek

one that I just tried the ardency Inn is a little bit blacker and I feel like it stays in place like I can see the mega peak one is already kind of so lightly starting to leave my waterline so I will say that the ardency in still my favorite eyeliner okay so now for blush I’m going to go in with this broken one right here which is Mac Melba I need to replace that I’m going to go in with Mac Melba and I’m going to mix it with a little bit of Mac margin these are like my one of my two favorite this entire palette is actually my favorite Mac blushes but these two are I think my two top one so Melba and margin they go pretty strong in the blush today because I really want to have intense like rosy girly cheeks a really great dupe for the color combination I’m using right now for blush would be Milani Luminoso which is from the drugstore it is such a beautiful shade I went through an entire compact a couple years ago I love it so much and it’s super similar to this so now for highlight I know tons of people were wondering what highlight I was wearing on snapchat last night I mixed champagne pop with Anastacio crushed pearl which is this shade right there and as you can see crushed pearl is like an icy pink and champagne pop is very champagne gold so those two together are going to create a very unique color of highlight I don’t want to use crushed pearl on its own because it is just so pinky and so I see um but I want to mix it with this because it’s kind of like the perfect combination I’m literally going to go back and forth between the two and get like a perfect combo of both shades I’m going to grab a fan brush this is more feet m31 oh and I’m going to just hit that oh god I hate the way my highlights on camera it makes my skin look like it has so much texture it does not look like that in person it drives me crazy okay so we’re gonna just blend out this zebra stripe I’m going to bring it up on the side but let’s Hill the brow kind of thin it down then what I’ll do is go back in with the blush brush really quick quark and just run over the base of the highlight so that we don’t have a zebra stripe of highlight running to through our face and it kind of blends in with the blush instead of being like you know I’m syan you’re not then I’m going to go back in with the morphe 35o palette and it’s going to grab this shade right here I’m just going to put it underneath my lip to help it look a little bit powdery and fuller okay so now I’m going to take some touch-up luminous dewy skin mist I’m going to set my face right I’m going to cover up my eyes because this will make my mascara and eyeliner transfer because it does have oil in it so I’m just going to cover that up and then spray my cheeks for lips I’m going to be using a Xenu a bite Beauty a lipstick this is the amuse-bouche a lipstick in the shade honey comb it’s this really pretty nudie shade nudie shade I’m gonna go in with Marc Jacobs lip gloss in the shade pretty thing pretty much the exact same color as the lipstick are you guys that completes in this makeup tutorial I hope you enjoy keep in mind that I am really into highlighted and dewy skin and I know that’s why so many people requested this look because they were loving all the highlight on snapchat but you can still achieve this if you want an all matte look as well just follow the steps and leave out the highlighting steps that I take just make this your own make my looks your own your own say whatever I do make it work for you you might be really crazy oily and I’m crazy dry so do whatever works for you I just want to give you guys a good general outline and help inspire you but I want you to do you so anyway that is it for this video all I can say is I’m praying that my highlight is coming across on camera because sometimes it doesn’t and when I look in the mirror right now it is literally the hallelujah chorus being performed by baby angels on my cheekbone but when I look into that viewfinder that viewfinder scares the crap out of me because it looks like a zebra stripe cover and oil and texture not cute that defender is trying me right now I’m not even gonna look at anyways thank you so much for watching this video you guys thanks for spending the afternoon with and thank you for requesting this video so yeah that’s it I love you guys and I’ll see you soon yeah bye hello darling please super drew but a little route lean very dehydrated looking I’m so

awkward I was looking super hydrated guy who’s like the hydration was so real thirsty hydration