Friday make up haul

hi beautiful faces the sugar ebony I came is pretty lady 0 86 and um yeah just got home um had a lot of things I had to do today and I’m just coming at you guys with I micardis a Friday makeup haul because it is friday and i did go to some stores as i was out and about picking up some makeup items now i went to a total of five different stores i went to dollar tree dollar general targets kroger and CVS so i went to went to all those stores and got some some sort type of makeup or whatever but imma get into this heart because i haven’t opened nothing yet like i said i just got home about 30 minutes ago and i want to hurry up and upload this video so i’m not going to talk a lot i’m just gonna get on with the video first face up today imma make it shorter simple my video that I shot yesterday I said it was on the new where’s the party wouldn’t Wow 8pm pallets and one of them drinking a glass of shine I said I was going to use one side and that’s what I did I used these four colors I used this black down here from my waterline I used and then I went to order um use the brown for my crease up in there um this like I don’t know what you call this color but I use the eyelet color for my eyelid and I use the brow bone color just as they said use it but the definer color is the only one I didn’t use correctly and I put it on my waterline and of course I did my eyebrows and mascara and you know eyeliner but yeah this is drinking a glass of shine and I use these four colors on this side and tomorrow I might use these colors but I use your steez so that’s just the face of the day really can’t see it is my life but I think it turned out pretty decent ok so I have 29 makeup items that I’m going to show you I that from dollar tree I had to go there because my son has eczema he has bad skin and when i get wintertime his skin breaks out a lot so I’m echad is petroleum jail / troll IAM jelly I can’t talk tonight y’all um cocoa butter Senate I try this one his face get dry every now and then I could put someone and it smells good it also can go on his lips too so I put some on his lips tonight when I got him ready for bed and I also well yeah so I’ll make sure I tell you how this work but it’s thick so I look like it’s going to do the job I also picked up his cocoa butter petroleum jelly creamy cocoa butter petroleum jelly vitamin e enrich skin protectant hydrates and even skin tone I got that and I put this on him tonight and this stuff it seems like it’s going to work because it’s very thick and that’s the type of texture I’m looking for in a cream to moisture his skin he needs that thick stuff so I should have picked up to tease cuz I’m liking it already only been here 30 minutes and I put it on them just a few minutes ago so yeah this thing like it’s going to work got this from dollar tree it’s nine makeup items now moving on to dollar general of course I picked up my car max I have negated I was running out of Carmack so I picked that up put this on the floor too and then I also was going to add a cosmetic cotton-tipped applicator so I had to pick to ease up this is a dollar at Karma that car max was like a dollar and some change but these was a dollar and I you see I love these things I use these when I do my eyebrows I use it to clean it up put alcohol and not clean up the edges of whatever and they work perfect so I had to pick up some Ortiz my light is bright so you really can’t see with those and i also got a good deal on the makeup palette by Black Radiance I picked this up it comes with two what is this eyeliner pencils and they’re black and this one is down it’s called

downtown Brown and you probably can’t see but in the corner here it’s cracked and it was the last one I had so it was half off so spot all I saw in the pan 250 for it so I got a good deal on that and I’m gonna open it right now he got a girl was in there she was nice or whatever so 250 you can’t beat that and I went to a CVS for sales black radiance and these things are selling for like seven dollars a song so yeah it comes with these two black councils boom I lighting pencils so i’m set on those and you might get open this at all all right get my little handy Danny box cutter to open this hopefully it don’t make it won’t get everywhere yeah we can just I can just clean that up on the sides that’s what I did so there it is this is called downtown Brown and I love the colors in this I seen one YouTube video on this young lady was doing a tutorial using this palette by black radiance and uses is a very similar it’s very similar to waiting on our palates they ate pant palace but yeah this um downtown brown so I’m excited to use that and you see the look crack right there but it’s okay 250 you can’t beat it so that’s that all right on to the next target I got two items from target I was running out of concealer so i got this self concealer and this is in apricot beige this is supposed to be a new color number 400 one the other color I have that I still have this running out I think it’s light beige so it’s probably not gonna make a difference but this is called apricot beige number 400 1 so that’s how that looks well you can’t see them I like to bright way yeah this is the F tone correcting concealer but I use it for my brows when I finish doing them to clean up the look that was a dollar then I also picked up this elf concealer brush I don’t have one of these I don’t own one of these so I decided to pick one up and of course this was a dollar to at target because you know target cell elf products so this is how that looks want to do it so I’m gonna use it for my concealer ok so that’s from target moving on to kroger not yesterday actually I got this stuff yesterday um it’s Halloween stuff and they had a 75-percent of clearance I’m not on all their Halloween you know makeup or whatever so I picked up all of these items that I might to show you was sixty cents apiece so I was like wow because we got the same exact items at CVS and they’re fifty percent off so I was like 60 cents I might as well pick him up at kroger instead of paying you know a dollar ninety-nine you know or dollars some oh yeah I’m so tired I’m so sorry anyways that was kind of rude but set up an like a dollar a dollar i-9s CBS I just picked these up for 66 at kroger and I got everything they had so today was bowed out anyways this and this is Halloween makeup so first up is this I got three nail polishes and it’s cute the little rest them rest in peace tombstone and its cough is by fantasy makers of course by weight and wild you know the halloween stuff is fantasy makers this one is called rest in pieces rest in pieces and you really can’t see but it’s like a glittery color that’s that rest in pieces 67 also got this one for 60 sent this one is called nails

nail and a coffin that’s nail in the coffin the kind of looks similar but they’re not the last one I got is once upon a time and this is like going to be my favorite because I love the color red and that’s like a glittery red so that was 60 sent at kroger y’all and I picked up this fantasy makers sparkling lip gloss and this is in wicked witch that’s wicked witch so um let me see if I can open this yes I can this is a black glittery lip gloss so we don’t see how that works it’s going to be interesting to try but 460 sent I come pass it up I was like man i’ma get it so yeah wicked witch okay and I got three and hit what is this enhancing body cran my fantasy makers I got this one is called red now what I plan on using these for I know they say you know body crane or whatever but they look like they creamy in their thick so my plans are to use them as base for my eyeshadow because it was only 60 cents so you know I just was like why not try them out and it you know at that price you can’t beat it so that is red it’s got red but see how thick and clean that look so after that one also got this one in black it’s just a black 67 and the last one I got is in glow I don’t know how that’s going to work out but we’re going to try it that’s glow so all of that i got from kroger for sixty cents a piece so yeah I have a local kroger that still doing the clearance on the halloween stuff you might want to go check it out and see what they got moving on to the last or CVS of course actually I went to to CVS I went to my CVS and I went to another CVS so i’ma go to the I’m skip over minor go to the other one I went to this is nine Halloween but excuse me I was shopping around and trying to find me long time no this is old but I’ve seen it and I had to get it and it’s my wedding while of course and it’s the flora collection so it’s like this I love this palette I got it mainly for this it looks like that is the flora collection I’m opening 2 i’m at 13 minutes let me hurry up I’m not trying to have this video extra long ok let’s see what you got here ok this is a blush it come with a blush and it’s called mellow wine number 8 33 so that’s a blush milla 18 33 which i’m not going to use probably not I probably OOP dropped it hold on i’ll probably use it as a shadow or something but I don’t wear blush so but this one is um mellow wine array and this is called flora that’s the palette is called flora very pretty colors and here y’all cannot wait to put those on that’s flora you also get able lip gloss is the the glassy gloss lip gel and this is what is this mode the glass number 314 that says that that’s what that’s called mo the glass yeah so we’ll try that out I get the gloss and you also get a nail polish and this is called twining vines number 33 599

that’s a pretty color very pretty so you get all for those items for 499 of course at 14 99 for me cuz I got a discount but yeah it’s still cheap and it’s pretty alright going on to my CVS um this stuff was sweetie percent off and this is Halloween makeup and it’s also by wed in a while fantasy makers I got three mascaras it was for the pink one was gone I was so mad because I really wanted the pink one but we’re gonna see how these work this one is dark night this is a black and it’s called dark night I think these are 199 since they figured out they won 99 but this is dark night this purple one is called magical mixture magical mixture these are mascaras and the last one is my Oh blew my mind this is like a bluish color and we’re going to open this one just to see how it looks now wondering I can’t wait to see what the color payoff like if you actually can see it on your eyelashes you never know that’s how it looks and you probably not gonna get that much color but it’s okay alright the last two things I got was these hunt wait what is this I’m feeling hun to lean hip if I’m saying right whatever these pecs that looks like this it’s the first one I got like I said this is Halloween so this stuff over here i’m not even going to use give it to my nieces or something oh and put it to the side but it comes with a wait a while I make up palette glittery palette and a black eyeliner so I’m going to open it number back at that instruction oh how you do your little makeup which halloween is over so i don’t need those I got a little stencils so which I’m not going to be using I just got these pallets for it got this packet for the makeup in it and yeah this is a black eyeliner and that’s the palette and it just said glittery palettes but that’s one of them love it and I say a YouTube video on these from a long time ago cuz I guess every year they come out with these glittery pellets and the young lady on there was saying once you get past the glitter you got like a creamy color so i guess the glitter is just on the top and the top only like once you use the first time the second or third time you use it you’re not gonna get anything but that’s one of them and the last one I got is this one seductive swine I guess that’s that one then again you get the little temples or whatever that’s not going to be used got a black eyeliner and here’s the pellets I like this one better I can’t wait to play with them though and yes they come with a little brush I mean I’m gonna keep this cuz I’m along with my other ones because I don’t want to touch the glitter with my normal makeup brushes because I want to damage it because I just don’t want glitter I don’t want glitter all over him so yeah that’s one very pretty and this is also called glitter Paris yeah that’s the last one so that’s it for my arm Friday makeup all from like five different stores and thank you guys so much for staying here in 19 minutes and 39 seconds watching me show you what I got today and I hope y’all have a blessed night and a good in a great weekend and once again thanks for watching and please subscribe up there somewhere one I think as I right there subscribe to my channel thank you

bye bye