Smokey Asian Eye (Hooded Eye) by Robert Jones

Alright so we’re going to do a silvery smoky eye. It was on all the runways this season and it’s always a great easy way to wear a smoky eye So we’re going to basically do a smoky eye but we’re going to use very silvery shimmery shades First thing we’re going to do is we’re going to highlight her brow bone So I’m going to take that and I’m going to apply it to her brow bone Just right underneath the arch Now as with most smoky eyes, I like a little bit of shimmer on the inside corner because once again it will help keep the eye open I’m actually going to use a pale matte pink crème Once again using my number fourteen brush, look down for me, because I just want it right at the base A very detailed area where it’s going to effect her Putting on that crème Kristine: So Robert in some of the makeup videos I’ve seen, like they’ll do a shimmery like all the way into her but of course because of my Asian eye, I’ve kind of got that hood so how do Asians do make it shimmery? Robert: Well you do, you still put it there Like that’s what I’m going to do now is I’m putting the crème there first so it will make it more powerful But it won’t connect like you’ll do on top and you’ll do on bottom but it won’t really connect Does that make sense? Kristine: Mhm Robert: And that way you get the effect because you don’t want to really highlight the hooded skin that you end up with as much because then it’s going to make it come out more. Kristine: Ok Robert: So now I’m just going to use a nice shimmery pinky beige I’m just patting it right on top of that crème And if you pat it on top of the crème it’s going to give you a more powerful color Once again making sure you’re staying below that crease Now I’m gonna start with my midtone which is going to have a little bit of an oakery almond color to it And I’m gonna go, chin up a little bit, there we go Starting at the base of the lash line, working it all the way across working it up over all that fleshiness Now I don’t want it to be too dark so I’m just going to do a nice light layer of my midtone Using my brush number twenty-seven to lay it on and then I’m taking my brush number twenty- eight to blend it out Because even though this is a smoky eye it’s not a dark smoky eye. It’s like a fresh kind of silvery shimmering smoky eye Making sure you blend really well where the midtone meets the highlight shade Yet also making sure you’re leaving enough definition Kristin: I’m really glad you said it’s not like a dark smoky eye ’cause that’s all I know how to do. Robert: Oh is a dark smoky Kristin: But I think most people too they think, when they think smoky it’s dark Robert: Yes. And actually smoky is an application technique it’s not a color

Kristin: Yeah good luck curling my eyelashes, if you want me to do it just let me know Robert: Girl, I’m good at it! Ok, as most of you know I like to have a layer of mascara earlier verses later so I can start to see what I’m going to get from the lashes. Look down for me Open, but look down. There you go So that way I can start to see what’s happening Kristin: I’ve got to have the shortest eyelashes you’ve ever seen Robert: You actually don’t, you actually have very long ones. Kristin: You think so? Robert: Yeah. Kristin: You’re the first person to ever tell me that Robert: They’re not as short as your think they’re just very straight and very sparse. They’re not super thick Kristin: So on the eye that you’re curling right now, I have like three eyelashes that won’t, like they just don’t curl Why is that? Robert: I don’t know Kristin: So what kind of mascara are you using? Robert: I’m using Maybelline Lash Discovery because I love the brush for my first layer And you always want to make sure your first layer is waterproof because it helps hold the curl and I find this waterproof is easier to get off than most waterproofs. Kristin: I agree I love waterproof Robert: Yep. Well for an Asian eye too you’re better off with a waterproof too because if you blink too hard your top lashes the shape of the eye, it can smear underneath Kristin: Oh honey I know. I live with these eyes, I know Robert: You’re just better off You have a lot of lashes for an Asian girl What’s your Asian heritage? Kristine: Vietnamese Both my parents are from Vietnam Robert: I wonder if that is where the freckles come from Like if it’s more of a Vietnamese. What is Lucy Liu? Robert: No she is Chinese Robert: She’s Chinese, ok. Kristine: I’m pretty sure I was adopted. That’s why I’ve got the freckles Robert: So you’re really Chinese but you’re adopted. Kristine: Maybe So you said this is just the first layer? So what are you going to do with the second layer? Robert: What do you mean what am I going to do with it? Kristine: Like you’re putting another layer of different mascara? Robert: I could Kristine: Couldn’t it become clumpy once it gets dry? Robert: No it’s actually that’s where you mess up is if you wait for it dry if you don’t wait for it to dry And actually I thought this tube was newer than it is. I was telling Bart I need to go get a new tube That’s why it’s taking me so long to get the first layer on See it was my clear one and it was the newest but it wasn’t whatever Ok, now in order for the silvery smoky to have more pow to it, I’m going to start off with a crème kind of silvery grey crème because any time you layer a powder on top of a crème, it will give you more color. Kristine: Ok Robert: Look down for me And so I’m just going to start by layering my crème in the area where I’m going to lay my silvery shadow on And it’s really no big deal to get it all the way up because you want the intensity closest to the lash line so just getting some on there and then blending it up and out You don’t have to have an even layer of crème over the whole area Kristine: So are you supposed to only go out as far as your eyebrow? Robert: Yes nostril to your outer corner of the eye, that’s as far out as you should go Kristine: Oh, is that past my eyebrow? Robert: No Ok so we’re laying a little bit of crème on Now I’m going to go back over that with my nice pretty silvery shimmer So what colors look best with brown eyes? Robert: Everything Brown you get to wear it all You’re the winner Oh that looks good Not that I should be shocked Okay look down Every color ’cause the brown won’t compete. If your eyes were blue and you were to wear purple they would compete But with brown you don’t compete so you get to play with color And you can see how that area where I laid on that crème really took more color which was the whole reason for laying it on So I get a little more pop at the base

Just creates a really nice effect And just as a point of reference for people watching this was her brow highlight that was her highlight on the inside corner This matte ochre color was her midtone Then I did a gray crème and the silvery taupe shade is her contour shade So I’m first going to start by doing some black liner just right just right at the base Open and look down fro me Kristine: I’m really impressed you didn’t poke me in the eye Robert: Do people normally poke you in the eye? Kristin: Oh all the time, no Robert: Look down Kristine: I usually don’t have people doing my makeup But I normally close my eye when I’m doing it Robert: Oh. Kristine: So what’s the advantage of keeping it open? Robert: The advantage of looking down and keeping it open is you actually get to see right at the base When you close your eye it squishes it down so you can’t get really at the full base of your lash And especially for you because of your eye shape, the closer you are to the base the better off you will be as far as it bleeding onto other areas of the eyelid And just staying put for yourself Kristine: I notice some girls put like eyeliner in the eye Robert: On the wet tissue, yes the thing about putting it on the inside wet tissue of your eye is it closes the eye in so if you don’t have big eyes it’s going to make them look smaller So it’s not your best friend. Kristine: Yeah, I’ve never tried it Robert: Open and look down for me. Now look down, there you go Now I’m taking my flat eighteen brush and some matte black shadow and I’m going over that liner to set it and smudge it out a bit Kristine: So why are you going over it? For the smoky look? Robert: It sets it Yes, well I always I will always set my eyeliner with shadow just because it gives it a better setting it smudges it out a bit And it just looks softer Kristine: And for the smoky eye it’s probably better to use like the kind of pencil you use instead of liquid right? Robert: Yes liquid would give you too harsh of a line which would go kind of against the idea of smoky So I’m going to go way we’re going to clean up underneath her eyes, get rid of all this excess that we dropped I’m going to put some false eyelashes in the outer corner and then foundation her and we’ll be back to finish the eye Ok, so we cleaned up underneath her eyes. Got rid of all that shadow fallout I added some false lashes to the top. They’re not very dramatic ones ’cause I wanted them to be pretty soft And then I put her foundation and concealer on underneath Now, I’m going to finish her eyes Next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to take some of my midtone and my number thirteen brush, look up for me, and I’m just going to smudge it into the bottom lashes Ok, now I finished the midtone now I’m going to go back over it, look up for me, I’m going to take a little bit of my crème just at the base once again it’s going to really help give me a powerful payoff with the that darker color when I put it on I’m keeping it right at the base of the lashes And then I’m going to go over it again with my number thirteen brush with my silvery contour shade. Look up Now too because I did it with a

crème first I then I went over it with a shadow I should have less chance of smearing and smudging with your eye shape Now I’m going to mascara your lower lashes And then I’m going to mascara your top lashes Now the trick to really getting false lashes to look like they’re yours is to mascara your lashes into them. Open and look down And then to make sure you get the lashes in this interior part so there’s not a sudden stopping point from the false lash to yours Kristine: So do you ever not do like the first layer of eyelashes and then just put the false on and then do them both together? ‘Cause then they kind of like mesh together? Robert: I don’t because I can’t get the curl as perfect as I want and I feel like I can’t get the dark as close to the base of the lashes But at the same time it’s not going to be a deal breaker if you did Do you know what I mean? Like it’s not going to make them not look good it’s kind of in those kind of instances it’s what you’re used to doing You know what I mean? You get in your routine in your habit and you kind of go with what you know Ok now I’m going to start, I’m going to bronze you, do some contouring So I’m going to take a matte bronzer I’m going to go right barely on the cheekbone Then we’re going to bring it down onto your jaw Then up on your temples Kristine: So what face shape would you say I have? Robert: Square Which is less common when you’re doing Asian faces they’re either oval or round More often than square But you’re pretty square maybe you were adopted. Kristine: Seriously. We should call my mom Robert: Do you look like your sister? Kristine: We actually do look a lot alike but she does look a little more Asian than me and her eyes are like a little more cat like Robert: Yeah ’cause you round in the middle which is… Kristine: And she has no freckles Robert: Now I’m going to take a little bit of bronzer my number eleven brush and I’m going to go right along the nose to give you just a little bit more of a bridge Kristine: You don’t like my flat nose? Robert: I love your flat nose look at mine If we could meet in the middle we would both be happy Kristine: I like my nose! Robert: You’ve got a nice little petite nose I’m just trying to get more of a bridge. Kristine: You know what’s funny though, I could use a little bit more of a bridge especially with my eyes. Robert: Sunglasses and stuff? Kristine: Yeah they just they sit on my cheeks not on my nose Robert: Where I have the opposite problem I have a very high bridge so sometimes they sit up too far Kristine: So what exactly are you putting on my nose? Robert: Just some bronzer It also blends your brow in. Kristine: That’s interesting Robert: With everything that way it’s not sitting up there all by itself Kristine: Didn’t you put a light color right underneath my… Robert: Right there. Kristine: Oh Robert: Not all the way across just right there. Kristine: Oh, I see. So why do you do that? Robert: You never want it all the way across. Kristine: Why? Robert: Because it would make a disconnect between your brow and you’d have this white puffy spot. Kristine: Oh Robert: Do you put white all the way across or light all the way across? Kristine: Mhm. Robert: You’re making a mistake. Kristine: I thought I looked pretty hot Robert: I doubted you had much of a self confidence issue When God said self confidence you got in line Kristine: I created self confidence Robert: You did?

Somebody had to. Kristine: That’s right Robert: Now I’m going to take a little bit of a nice peachy glowy color for your cheeks Smile for me To accentuate your freckles. No I’m just kidding You probably don’t normally wear blush do you? Kristine: No I do actually. Robert: Ok Kristine: But I, my color is a little bit not as pink as what you use. Is that the color you would recommend? Robert: Yeah ’cause it just looks fresh. Kristine: Ok Robert: And you don’t want it to have full on shimmer you just want it to have a hint of shimmer Kristine: Where at? Robert: In the blush. Kristine: Oh, ok Robert: ‘Cause you not a lot, some blushes are super shimmery like these well on that one you can’t really tell This just has a hint of it in there. Kristine: Ok Robert: And I know that ’cause I created it It’s a shade I created. Kristine: Sweet Robert: Alright now we’re going to do your lips because once again it is a smoky eye I just want a really soft beige lip I’m going to conceal your natural lip color away Just using a little bit of concealer just lightly conceal away your natural lip color Just so that we don’t have a definite line on the edge of your lips Kristine: Well you know the little creases inside the lip? You know what I’m talking about. Robert: Mhm Kristine: How do you get rid of, you don’t? Robert: That’s just your lips Some people just happen to have more creases than others Probably because of where you live so dry, it probably accentuates yours more than they would be if you lived in an area that was more humid Which is just your cross to bear But yeah, it has nothing to do with anything that you’ve done or it’s just, that’s just you. Kristine: Would you recommend putting on maybe like some chapstick underneath? But it won’t stay huh Robert: It won’t stay, lip gloss never does. I’m just going to do a gloss So it’s not going to hurt you but you don’t want chapstick cause chapstick is a wax it has no moisture to it You want like a lip moisturizer for you lips So I’m just taking a nice beige Kristine: Are you a fan of lip stain? Robert: I would think during the winter it would be next to impossible to wear it up here because it won’t grab evenly if your lips are chapped at all I’m not not a fan It’s not something I go to very often because I usually like a paler lip But I think it’s great for it’s purpose which is if you want some color that’s going to last all day that’s just you know like hint almost like your natural lips kind of bitten color. I think it’s great. You’re not going to beat it for like the wearability Dang girl you clean up good! Kristine: You know it! Robert: You know it Ok so as you see we’ve done a smoky eye a silvery smoky eye on her The main things you need is you need your different eye colors. Once again with this smoky eye as I’ve been doing lately I did a lighter shimmery shade on the inside corner of the lid. A darker skin tone shade, matte shade on the brow bone You need that midtone that nice almondy midtone and then my shimmery silver for my accent color my contour color So on her eyes we started with a matte blush color as her crème shadow layered a shimmer pink on top of it a shimmer champagne pink on top of it then we used and matte beige on her brow bone then I used an almond matte midtone and then a very shimmery pink silver contour shade On her cheeks she just has a bit of apricot on the apples and then on her lips a very beigy sandy color