Young Scientist Challenge Webinar: April 1, 2014

welcome everyone it is a lovely evening here in Maryland where I am joining you from and I see that we have a number of folks from all over the country joining us thank you so much to those of you that has been sharing with me what grade you’re in and what state you’re in we’d love to learn more about you but my name is Kyle shut and I’m really excited this evening to to chat with each and every one of you and really to be able to share some really fun strategies we used to really put your video application for the young scientists challenge kind of above and beyond we get a number of folks that are interested in a register they want to be a part of it but they’re not sure how to put it all together so we’re that’s our goal tonight is to help you take that next step and really finalizing your video because as you probably know already only a few weeks april twenty seconds our deadline so we want to definitely provide that for you and of course we do as you see in our panelists window we have a number of finalists as well and folks from last year that have lots and lots to share with you in addition to that I’m going to allow dr. Cindy moths to say hello in just a minute here and introduce herself but I’m on the right that’s me my name is Kyle shut and I do work for discovery education specifically I help out our teacher community and I’ve been a part of the young scientist challenge for a number of years now because it is just such an amazing event and a great opportunity for students to have mentorship experiences real-world connections all kinds of fun stuff so so I’m looking forward to seeing hopefully some of you in Minneapolis in October when we get to the final event and talking to you as we go throughout the summer but we also are really lucky because this evening we have dr. Sidney loss on the on the presentation and she’d be able to give some guidance to some ideas and things about judging in the process that goes into analyzing how to make how to select one of our finalists have become America’s top young scientists so she’s going to share a lot in a little bit here but to start with finding dr. Moss would you mind sharing a little bit about yourself to think below sure hi guys I’m glad you’re here this evening I was a high school biology and chemistry teacher for 20 years and then in charge of science and math in my school district in charlotte north carolina and now I travel the world and thought the school districts company is government nonprofits about what kids and teachers need to do stem science technology engineering and math the young scientists challenge is an amazing experience and I’m so happy for all of you that you’re going to be part of it and after the webinar tonight I think you’ll have a better idea of how to make your video stand out so you can make it to the finals and it’s it’s a one-of-a-kind experience with kids when I was in Middle School in high school I went to the science there’s actually went to the International Science and Porto Rico and always loved those kind of events but this events even more special so as we go through tonight hopefully you’ll you’ll understand a little bit more about that great thank you so much and I couldn’t agree more is it’s such a fun event and it’s so unique compared to many of those other ones so there definitely has a special quality so so we’re excited that we get to hear from dr. Moss this evening and of course we want to get started off up front and and let you know in case maybe who knows you somebody signed up for you i don’t know maybe you haven’t seen exactly what’s on the line and why you should be motivated to help us out and to join and so forth so real quick of course the challenge is open for grades 5th through 8th and I think I’ve seen everybody on this evening that said that there’s somewhere within that range so that’s a good start and yes there’s twenty-five-thousand-dollar scholarships on the line or seller ship on the line there’s also some once-in-a-lifetime trips and that’s really that’s really really great and of course it’s a one to two minute video on a select topic and so we’re going to get into that but really meant remember that it’s so difficult we know that to narrow it down and you’ll hear from the finalists that will probably tell you the exact same thing getting it to one to two minutes is such a challenge but that’s all we want not more not less so so that’s important and we’re going to share some tips and things like that in just a little bit here what do we want that one to two minutes video to do what we want you to explain the problem and how it impacts you right tell us your story and we find that oftentimes if you find something that is more meaningful for you then you’re able to speak to it more clearly and more understandably so that’s definitely a quick bullet point off the bat that if you haven’t created it or you’re not sure what to do we suggest you start there and then of course also described your new innovation or your solution that could solve or make an impact on

that problem so we have a little bit of feedback on one second think I need to mute or calling easier there we go so think about what you can do to describe that innovation and solve and and how we can solve a problem or impacted and of course what’s the content connections what’s the sign so it’s the technology the engineering or even the math what are those content connections behind your innovation that help you come up with the idea and that’s so super important in all in all inventions and all any ideas and then of course we want you to illustrate how it can both address you know an everyday problem and then how it can have a broader impact locally so that’s that’s the goal just kind of one to two minutes and we always think just as your teachers you know I want to start off this the right way start off I’ve been thinking you know kind of with the end in mind whether it’s my goal and how am I going to strive to reach that so how are you going to be evaluated that would be crucial right we want you to think about that creativity that’s thirty percent of your score so how innovative you are scientific knowledge is thirty percent as well we want to know that you’re applying all that great content that you’re learning to school and out of school and then persuasiveness and effective communication style that’s twenty percent so a little bit less and overall presentation quality is also twenty percent so you can see this challenge specifically focuses on how creative you are and how much you understand your content you know sixty percent of it is just those two things with with twenty percent or forty percent on persuasiveness in the presentation itself so if you want to know more and I know you’re going to have a lot of questions and luckily Megan who else to run the entire challenge is on as well and she’s able to answer a lot of those questions tonight but if you want to know more we do have all of the rules and everything spelled out at young scientist challenge com that’s where you signed up so we hope you know we’re how to find that URL but but definitely make sure you take some time to kind of dig through the website there and find out exactly you know what they’re so speaking of that I think it would make the most sense that we jump out to the young Sciences challenge website because there are really three areas that we want to highlight and as you know there are a lot of resources on this website but there are three areas we want to highlight so what’s going to happen here just as a quick heads up your screen is probably going to just kind of flash for a second and you’ll you might even not be unsure where your chat window went out a problem that’s normal so bear with me i’m going to share my desktop you perfect and now you should as long as everything is working well you should be seeing young scientist challenge com so that was that URL and I just want to show you a few places that are helpful you’ll notice as you’re on the on the front page and you scroll down there are lots of ways to get your questions asked to interact with us we do have a Twitter feed that sharing information for you we do have ways to stay in touch by signing up by email and we do have resources in ways you can connect when you’re a parent a teacher or a student so that you can learn more and of course if you want to know why again take a look at some of these videos about the challenge meaning the mentors the voyage of ideas we have a lot of things here they can really get your mind thinking and focused on the right direction here so young scientist challenge com what I want to do though is let’s first go to our top 10 reasons to participate so I already had this open but another way to get here would be click on the bar at the top here 2014 challenge okay I want to do that click on top 10 reasons to participate on the right hand side and so we’re going to do a little have a little fun here have a little drumroll if you have a contact chat window again that’s at the top of your screen kind of hover over top the top center and a menu will appear and if you have questions as I’m going through this please let me know but some things that might be really helpful for you specifically these top 10 reasons and ways that you should participate so drumroll please here we go number let’s do backwards right that’s kind of how they do it on the leno’s show and such so number 10 you could be America’s top young scientist that would be amazing and that’s a huge reason to participate right what about number 9 being a part of a science community and I can’t stress that enough the relationships are built here and the connections being a part of working with a company like 3m what an awesome experience and also potential job implications down the down the road so definitely one for the college resume and so forth number eight what about traveling at st. Paul Minnesota how fun is that I mean exclusivity all the way we’re talking about going inside of a place that only select people can go to so Oprah has special hand right there and so many fun

and amazing people the owners of big stores like Walmart and so forth and not anybody can go there so it’s it’s such a treat to be able to go inside of that building it’s a lot of fun also what about no textbooks right this is outside of the box is dreaming planning innovating we want you to take that content that you’re learning but apply it in a fun new way and while you’re doing that of course number six present your your real competition ideas to a panel of judges getting great feedback and that can always help you learn and become a better learner number five competitors ideas and innovation as well they can make a real difference in the world and learning goes way beyond the classrooms and the real world of innovative number three friendship yes I mentioned it already but we find that so many of our finalists become lifelong friends because they’ve had a great experience together and they see each other and connect with each other online moving forward and of course I mentioned it but working with 3m scientists number two is just such an amazing opportunity and we’ve already mentioned this to you but 25 thousands not too bad and some once-in-a-lifetime trips Alaska Costa Rica lots of places we’ve gone before so there’s always that piece of it too all right I see some questions and Megan thank you for for answering those I know you know you’re probably also wondering okay those are the reasons I should participate what about when I actually participate in and I’m trying to find things out well take a look at our video tips section again in the 2014 challenge menu interesting video tips is the front page these are some really solid tips and these are put together from previous contestants previous participants that also have said the exact same thing passion we’ve mentioned it a few times it’s going to come up numerous times tonight very important planning ahead also super important we’re going to talk about this right here the YFC storyboard in just a minute but there are links and great resources like this one right here and I’m going to talk about that in just a minute here so storyboard planning at very important research effective communication keeping things simple take a look at these pimps because you might just say I don’t feel like reading that but these are things that almost every single finalist previously have followed and then I think the last thing as a student what you will need to know and want to know so that you have a little leg up on the competition if you will well I would say say you know take a look in the About section you might not know it but in that about section there’s a whole section for students and I appointed you there a little bit earlier but we have length 1 help on researching your topic why not take a look at some of these websites to get an idea of what else is going on in the world of science what about expert tips again the storyboard Kathy shocks died of digital storytelling great resources their kids did another great idea and way to help see how to product produce videos science extras and then even lots of our partners they have great things for you as well so those are all wonderful and then look we have webinars just like the one you’re on tonight if you want to see some other future resources that can help you kind of push it above the rest what other stuff finalists have done in previous years go back to 2011 for example here what Brayden did and how it was helpful so so those are the three areas that I really wanted to touch upon but you know what okay one why I said only a few but let’s do this one too getting started if you didn’t check out this section in the challenge this is another helpful helpful one because it also asks gives you some questions to ask yourself and then follow along so okay there was a little bonus one there but let’s go heads back because i want to get get back to some of those ideas i’ve already mentioned so oh speaking of let me just pause see if there are any other questions that megan hasn’t answered or that maybe i can reiterate they can can help clarify some things a great point Megan was mentioning to sit there about having finalists so created solutions to solve something in their house and hours across the world it’s very far ranging which is really fun yes Andy absolutely I couldn’t agree more about fine personal issues or something global that really maybe has a lot of meaning for you prototype yeah so so the whole idea right is that is that that that there’s a solution that there’s a prototype that that doesn’t how can I say this clearly because I’m not being clear that then it can show what you’re trying to do that your video I’m sorry what I’m trying to say is that your video will show what

you’re trying to accomplish I’m seeing other comments in Harrison in the video okay so these are some logistical things revolutionary you know those that’s we don’t want to see you send in a same ideas that someone else’s had so let’s put it that way when we’re looking and talking about innovation we want to be creative and find a different solution okay it if it’s already out there it’s probably not the best solution maybe that’s the best way we should put that all right so so keep asking those questions cuz I think they’re super important and we definitely want to help you in answering all of those questions as well I do want to secure this for a few minutes before we hear from our finalists and what they have to say I want to give you some suggestions for capturing your video for creating it kind of ending it revising it and well also for submitting it and making sure that it’s the best possible product that you could have and that that’s where I mentioned a little bit earlier storyboarding storyboarding is so important and I’m sure your teachers have told you this ole output it really does make a difference we sleep fine often that those folks that make it to the finalists category and that they get to come to the young scientists challenge they had spent a good amount of time I’m not sure you know it’s done an overwhelming amount of time but they’ve spent a good amount of time thinking about and planning what it is they want to do and so storyboards are a perfect way to do that storyboards are a way that you can outline your ideas and you can make it visual before you go to capture your video of whatever it is you want to say so so what would happen on a storyboard you can see in the squares each of those squares are numbered 1 2 3 4 5 6 that’s where you would put your scene and stick mad drawings are perfectly fine so if you know that you’re going to stand next to a waterfall you want to draw you on the waterfall and then you know that you’re going to put your hand into the waterfall number two would be putting your hand into the waterfall and then describing what’s going to happen so that you can think and really narrow down this is what helps you tighten up or your strips so to speak or your story that you want to tell within that one to two minute time frame I notice all those lines underneath the scores that’s where you can put your notes so again the storyboard the whole idea and why we give this to you is so that just like creating an outline you can slow down and think about all of the thoughts that you want to have and you might need five of these pages to get it correct but you can really map out what you want and then when you are having someone help to shoot the video because you’re probably going to be in the video you know that whoever is shooting it can do exactly what you want them to do and you can help them to capture exactly what you want so storyboarding very helpful in getting your point across but we know you know my favorite way to do it is with the paper and a pencil i think that’s the easiest way but we know that you want to use technology so of course we want to give you a few digital tools and things that that might help you out so here’s a storyboard here from tomb tastic and it’s an app that you can use its I don’t believe it’s actually on the on Android I believe it’s only on I devices iOS devices I think we found that out last time but if you use an iPad or an iPhone or something like that or even the web you can go ahead and create a storyboard that will fit and mine is being loud right now you can create a storyboard that digital right so you can kind of map out your ideas on ipad do you have to do this no there’s a traditional storyboard like a piece of paper and a pencil work absolutely but we always want to give you some ideas and things that might help out so fantastic is a great one that helps you to kind of map out your ideas and think and look through what happens and pop thought out the destroy that you want to tell okay what else could you think about or should you think about again when you’re mapping out that storyboard you want to make sure that only you are in the video right we don’t want to see else only you and that’s super important and well there’s a 2-minute limit right so don’t go over that two minutes keep trying to share that but don’t go over those two minutes because you know that’s the limit it’s one to two minutes and not anymore not in u.s. let me take a pause right there because I do see that we have a few questions here and of course we want to address those as we can so

let me take a peek here should you have a strict or should you wing it on the video Tanner that’s completely up to how comfortable you are in front of the camera but we do find that those people that are successful usually even if they don’t have a script they have a very good story board with points and bullets that map out their ideas of what they want to say yes explaining the science behind what you’re inventing super important and and dr. Moss is correct recommending a script yes it is a recommendation to that can help you stay within those time limits especially if you have a hard time and you like to talk look sometimes I have a hard time so for example for this event I mapped it out and IVA stored one so that I know that I’m on time so that that’s something that you might want to consider but what you don’t have to do it alright so let’s keep plowing forward storyboarding is very important what else might help you as you’re trying to do this well let’s talk about shooting your video there are a few tips and suggestions that might seem very simple but you know what it’s it’s sometimes shocking some of some of the videos that we receive that haven’t thought through this and I think it’s the best way to get ideas for your video well is to watch other videos and there are so many videos on the 3m young scientist showing website previous finalists and so forth but you can get an idea we’re going to share some of those in a bit but there are some simple tips that you can do for example steady your camera use a tripod if your camera looks like you’re in the middle of an earthquake we’re probably going to have a hard time and it’s going to be distracting from your content never do anything that’s going to take away from the story you’re telling in the content the scientific content that you’re trying to share again as far as scripting perhaps you don’t want to write out every sentence but at least green bullets of your talking points ahead of time so that you know what you want to say and you’re very concise as you’re sharing your ideas speak slowly and clearly I know that sometimes I struggle with that to make sure that everyone knows what you’re trying to say and just because it’s a two minute video doesn’t necessarily mean you need to talk faster maybe you simply need to be more creative in how you present the content will share some ideas for presenting content in a bit here and then when you’re shooting your your video consider lighting if it’s really dark and we can’t see you well maybe you need to add some flashlights or some lamps in the room or something to make it a little bit more friendly and then of course reduce background noise if there’s something going on that is taking our attention away from you that’s not a good thing so if you’re outside of course you can’t reduce background noise but if there’s somebody screaming in the background or something else perhaps you could try it again until we can focus on what it is you’re trying to say and how the content you’re trying to get across and then lastly we’ve mentioned it before and I’m going to mention it a whole lot of times have fun right passion is contagious it really is so the more you’re passionate about your topic the better your ideas are probably going to come across and so what can you shoot this on and you can really use anything I mean I have a picture here of an iphone an android device works well we’ve seen some great videos that are shot on mobile devices again following these suggestions using tripods and things like that so that they’re steady do you have to know you can use whatever whatever is at your disposal you know that’s a great question Annabel where’s the best place I think that up to every single finalists and I think that when you’re considering where you might shoot your video I would really think about what is it you’re trying to say and then where should you shoot your video you’ll see that in some of our finalists videos that they shot it in very specific places because it helped them to portray what it is they were trying to share so if you’re going to be talking about something outside it’s good to be outside but if it’s something inside maybe it makes more sense to be inside you alright other suggestions and things to consider well shooting your video of course you know if you’re going to use a mobile device that’s perfectly fine again we’ve shot lots of great things and even things for our company on mobile devices and it works really well but again think about a camera when you should a camera it always shoots it horizontally what’s known as widescreen that’s why it fits on the television right you don’t shoot vertically and that’s why I like this at the YouTube capture right you’re used to watching

youtube videos we’re sure if you use the app youtube capture that’s on both Android and iOS devices and I believed it even on Windows devices it doesn’t even allow you to record when the phone is vertical so you can see I was trying to shoot a quick video of the website and you’ll see that the picture on the left there’s that graphic of the phone and the arrow inside that’s literally telling me rotate your phone make it horizontal no up and down the video so when you rotate your phone then it will give you that record button that’s on the right-hand side of the picture on the right that red button and then it allowed me to record so make sure you’re shooting horizontally that’s a super helpful tip right there ok let’s talk take a brief minute and talk about editing because we’re sure that you you know kind of probably how you want to shoot it what camera you want to use and so forth what you might not know and what you might not have thought about is how are you going to edit your video and do you need to edit your video some people don’t sometimes that two minutes can work really well for you if it’s all one take and so forth however we do know that that a number of students like to edit their videos they like to add their ideas and make it kind of mix it up and make it interesting so what would you want to consider if you’re going to edit your video well we would say once again keep it simple don’t distract from the content you’re trying to share don’t make lots of transitions that transitions don’t really help tell the story we’re not focused so much on you make me pretty and making this a pic you and be nominated for a great video entry as far as the picture quality we really really really want to hear and see you talking about science math technology and so forth but sharing that the scientific thinking and what went into this project audio is the same thing if you’re going to use audio background tracks and so forth it’s nice but don’t take away from the content being shared and same thing as I mentioned with transitions so if you’re looking for tips there are lots of tutorials again youtube videos ways that you can learn more but here are just three different suggestions if you if you’re looking for some if you’re on a Mac environment take a look at I movie that’s an easy one you’ve probably learned and heard about it already and that’s also on an iOS devices ipads and iphones and so forth you’re on a Windows machine Windows Movie Maker still works great so take a peek at windows movie maker that’s very helpful and if you don’t like either of those or you simply want to just use we wet the internet in order to help edit your video we video is a web-based tool that we find can be very helpful and it’s extremely for the most part very user-friendly there’s lots of tutorials to show you how to use it and it’s one of those web sites that we think to help you as you’re looking to edit things thank you so much for sharing that Megan and yes of course it’s been great question yes adobe premiere and things like that those are actually professional editing suites and products that professionals use so yes anything high-end we work great but what we’re trying to share just some some basic editing tools because you don’t have to have anything high-end to make a great video we’ve seen some phenomenal stuff that’s been edited on on these tools before and thank you for sharing your ideas I FX ten tenor we appreciate that too so just just a few suggestions just a few tips if you’re looking for things but those I think that’s enough to get you started and thank you so much for all of your questions let’s go ahead and kind of shift gears here so I’ve given you my recommendations right I’ve been able to say these are some things that we’ve seen in previous videos that we think work really well what we like to do right now is take some time and show you some of our finalists videos so this is how this is going to work I’m going to share a video and it’s from one more finalist you’re going to what I’d like you to do is to consider what words of prose what did you see in this video that really helped tell the story and I think this would be a great way to think about what you can do when you’re creating your videos and just reflect on what made this video successful we’re going to have a brief conversation about that and then well lucky for you guys you’re going to even be able to hear from the finalists that created the video so we’re going to start here with a Shawnees video and this video is called skier smart do you enjoy texting people with your

phone I love communicating with my friends using this amazing modern technology but is it straight they named this a text and call while driving unfortunately a major challenge we now faces accidents dude phone usage while on the road while many approaches to reducing using cell phones while driving focus on penalties my Nevada video is to use positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior to reduce distracted driving various studies show that mesta mated twenty eight percent of all car crashes occur due to client and texting while driving this appalling number can be reduced significantly using my Play all smartphones have an accelerometer which reports a user’s movements along x y&z coordinates over time my idea is to use the phone’s accelerometer data within a smartphone app called steer smart to interpret whether the phone user is driving driving mostly comes it’s a movement on one axis at a certain speed range we can filter out other former movements like walking jogging and running totally track driving the application will stop checking with a movement stops the driver gets points for refraining from answering an incoming text or hanging up a call in less than 37 to inform the call the drivers in the car these points can later be exchanged for discounts from the auto insurance company this reward system helps not only to driver earn an incentive for mining safety of himself and others but also the insurance company people driving more carefully means less car accidents that the insurance company has to take care of so this combination of smartphone app steer smart in a reward system that I hope device is beneficial to everybody drivers get warded for doing the right thing and insurance company and society at large have less car crashes to deal with I believe that this innovation will reduce the amount of accidents on the road by a lot and Chris drivers drop that thun in focus on the road ahead so I hope you had the opportunity to enjoy that video in case or if it didn’t finish don’t worry i put the links in the chat window and they’re all on our on our website already but what I want to do is I want to hear from you guys so so take a minute here and we make sure that this is this is working alright so take a minute here and share with me what did you see based on everything that we talked about our suggestions for capturing video even editing anything that you saw what did you see that helped this video kind of go above and beyond and make it successful so this is your chance to respond to me my question is what did you see that helps make this video really work well had research yes definitely research so understandable speech yes the explanation of how it works super important right not only was an idea but talking about how the idea could could be implemented you yes I think that’s a great idea used images and facts to support absolutely information research okay so maybe there are some things that you think you could I like that you are thinking through that maybe even applying and that’s I think that’s part of the key you can always get better even after you’re finished I’m sure our finalists I shiny would say the same exact thing that she could even make it better now that she learned and done it before but at some point of course you have to kind of pull the plug and say this is this is my best for now so other things that we’ve talked about well using graphics and slide to think I shiny did a great point of that using those graphics and slides to be able to convey her ideas and she had very succinct points right she had used storyboarding you can tell because she outlined I want to be standing here and famous that I want to use an image here and I want to say this and I want to show this and I want to say this and of course she’s been very passionate and her idea was very innovative so let’s just take a minute here and what I’d love to do is let’s see if we can take a shiny off mute are you there oh there we go so in case that echo happens again you can probably actually hang up your cell phone you see that you’re on your mic is working on the computer so that’s perfect so how are you tonight how’s everything going oh good how are you I’m doing great we have a number of students that are starting to hear from you so I want to just ask a few questions to start what would your biggest challenge in creating that video my biggest challenge I’m really sorry about the echo but my biggest challenge was probably getting all my information into two minutes and getting my point across

in such a short time yes we hear that often isn’t it so so tough to get it into that to hit window thank you for sharing that what so knowing that that’s a challenge what would you say weird you have any suggestions about that or anything else that might help with the student that’s entering why I see this year I would say that before you actually shoot your video plan out what you’re going to say and how long it’s gonna take say it and so perhaps even say what you want to stay in time it so that you know how long it will take mm-hmm okay great i love it what about me I’m sorry what was that since I oh no I was hearing you say something I didn’t want to cut you off so another question for you can you talk a little bit adult so once you were accepted how did your ideas change that was your your submission video is that exactly what you ended up working on then for the final the final presentation no I had actually gone on to another idea because I thought that this um thing that I had suggested for my entry video would take a lot of like cooperation from different companies and I thought that I wouldn’t really have enough time to do that so I just moved on to another idea they’re not so I think that’s important if there’s a lot of back oh I’m hearing you say that there’s a lot if there’s a lot of that choice Shani weeks we can hear you talking about your listing but you might hang up the other phone should I should we come back to in a minute are you okay oh yeah I’m here are you there okay we were hearing a lot of a conversation of something I’m doing no that’s okay so another another question then so what does the final event do for you I think that that’s a great point that hey your first idea might not be the idea that you carried all the way through to the competition as you get I other ideas from scientists but what did you learn and what was the experience like being a part of the the final event this whole experience has been amazing and I learned a lot about the 3m innovation process in general and even though I didn’t stick with my original idea I really learned a lot from this whole process and so what was your favorite part my favorite part was most definitely working with my Syria mentor because I learned a lot from that experience about this whole thing yeah it’s actually cool cool opportunity to speak with the scientist that does the work that you’re trying to do every single day and actually gets paid for it so that’s pretty neat so thank you if you can what I’m lovely to do is just hang out for a little while longer we’ll see if we have any other questions and of course you can type into the chat window to answer questions as well but we’re just going to call us now and thank you a Shawnee we’re going to now shift gears here and do the same exact activity so what I’d like to do is we’re going to watch this next video and this is an issue this video on the website and we’ll share those links as well but I want you to watch this video and think again what made his video successful what is it that sticks out that really helps you to understand and see everything that we already suggested hi my name is Anita Lodi and I’m from Greenville South Carolina as the world grows and expands finally a sustainable solution to our energy needs is a necessity it may reduce our dependence on oil and conserve energy we can reduce the carbon dioxide in the air and stop the increasing temperatures but we need to act right now in order to end energy crisis for once and for all we must seek alternative waste your energy while researching alternative renewable waves of energy i came across dye-sensitized solar cells dye sensitized solar cells are photovoltaic cells that use different dyes to produce electricity these different dyes can come from anywhere but it must contain anthocyanins dye-sensitized solar cells have many advantages it is inexpensive it has thin film technology this lightweight and robust are my way to a new invention I experimented by making homemade dye-sensitized solar cells the my solar cells I had a different dice leaf you blueberry red cabbage turmeric blackberry pepper and make after testing for 24 hours I decided that turmeric was the best guy one of the main things I noticed was experimenting is that the

dyes got 40 bleach and the electrolyte got evaporated this problem is the basis of my invention my invention is mu and improved dye-sensitized solar cell my new invention answers the evaporating electrolyte problem in two steps first I made the electrolyte liquid into a gel-like substance in order to reduce the risk of evaporation and to make the cell last longer i created my gel by adding packed into the electrolyte second i sealed the cell with silicon as a barrier of evaporation in my invention i use turmeric guy as it came out on top of my experiment my results showed that my new solar cell was fifteen percent more efficient and it had five times longer lifespan than a regular dye-sensitized solar cell I believe my new invention is a big step in creating a sustainable energy source so we know that a number of you have seen at a rate but again I think that looking at it from a different point of view is super helpful so let’s just take that take a minute here and do exactly that here we go what did you notice I want your turn to hear from or my tourney hear from you thinking about those tips and suggestions and things that he included in his video what did you notice that was helpful so you like the idea okay so very to the innovation it’s really cool okay so Sarah how would you describe that what makes it so cool using statistics and facts yes Jillian how about that so here’s slides your video doesn’t necessarily have to be all video as you can see he used images to create a video and talked over top of those slides to share it showed that he had conducted experiments yes so that’s talking about the scientific process and that he had taken some actionable steps towards accomplishing his goal gray / in the glad that you’re kind of seeing this to technology yes they made a prototype okay so some things that I noticed that I think we’re very helpful again he didn’t only use video but he used images to tell the story and I think that’s important and again storyboarding you can see that he had a lot to say and that there were parts where he was talking to the camera and there was part 4 he was kind of behind the camera and then again that passion and innovation is really helpful so that being said Anisha to your time your ear up on the hot seat and we’ll hear from both of you together but I Misha what I like let me first say cute how are you this evening are you there great perfect thank you for joining us at what we’re excited to have you so thinking about that video same question what was your biggest challenge as you went about that process of creating and submitting i shiny kind of talked about this too but it was more like creating all the information and putting the message that you want the audience in the two minutes that was really hard um I think when I first shot the video it was around four to five minutes and I had to edit a lot of it so it’s going to take some time so I said no the editing with the hardest part for me thank you for sharing that in fact that something that we heard on our last webinar event as well is that I can’t remember whether it’s region AR Payton but they both share the same thing that to leave plenty of time in advance before the april twenty second deadline several days because after they shot all the video they didn’t realize how much time it would take because they had so much conflict iton it up and narrow it down and that’s such a challenge so thank you for that I’m not what changed for you from this video that we just watched all the way to moving into the the final event what changed for you and and and well yeah just put tinge for you um I think the main thing that changed for me was having that like guiding the guys with the rya mentor and she actually showed me like what the process is and we learn about the scientific method in school but like the mentor actually shows you how it works in your life so that kind of change for me a lot over the process and hopefully understand now yeah it’s nothing like real world experience that to help do that and to really apply those theories and things you hear about and make them real world so that’s great thank you so speaking of the scientific method is there anything out that you can point to specifically that maybe you didn’t grasp the fourth that really helped you and could help these students as they’re building their videos well I’m one thing about the scientific method that some people forget is that you know these innovations doesn’t have to be they don’t have to be really creative I mean like if you look at my gel creation it’s not that great really I just thought about it overnight so basically what happened was I was working way too hard

on how to make the evaporation go away and I realized overnight like when I was had a dream basically that the gel was the way to do it so what you have to realize is that there’s going to be a lot of process and making innovation and doesn’t come around the first time thank you and I think dr. Moss has some great suggestions around that too as she is sharing it if you use your own experiences to come up with an idea for an invention then you can really you know understand it better and keep it almost simpler as you’re describing so that you don’t over complicate things and by not over complicating it it makes it easier for you to be more successful deafness what else um would you share you know what kind of tips or suggestions what you have for students that are creating these videos um for creating the videos I say that um you should probably practice your lines you know take the video shot the couple of times before you start go to editing could you never know how the lighting is the video quality and all stuff like that so just practice make sure you know what you’re going to stay and then another thing i did was i basically planned out a set amount of times that i wanted to use for spain introduction and then my invention so i said maybe like 30 seconds for my introduction and then a minute for my dimension and in 30 seconds for my so kind of give me that time limits to how I can plan out my video it’s a perfect example of outlining and planning ahead and that’s probably why you’re so successful so thank you for that now how did your ideas change how how and what did you end up with at the final event compared to what you just shared well I kind of use my entry video as a step stool to my my end result in my final presentation so basically um what I came up with is using this type of specular so in everyday life so that’s basically what my idea was and it actually helped me a lot that with my three a mentor how I how I got this idea with my entry me do things I ball okay thank you any any other ideas and like I mentioned I want I’d love to have you and I shawnee both together answering some questions in a few minutes but are there any other things that you’d like to say and share with the group here I guess the biggest problem I had with mine was planning ahead you know I thought April 22nd was a real go too far away time but once you actually get there you realize that you should have planned ahead like procrastinating with Olympic oh but it’s so difficult to do that great advice great advice I couldn’t agree more so thank you so much if you can just stay on hold for just a few minutes here what I love to do now is just take a minute and straight from the judge’s table dr. Sidney Moss has been sharing all kinds of ideas as we going through the presentation but what else what else Cindy sticks out to you from being a part and watching all of the finalists come through this this great program well the finalists I actually also help judge the videos and they first come in and so on the videos when you’re preparing your videos it is just so critical that we believe you and the reason the way that we believe you best is if it is an issue that somebody in the family has faced several years ago we had a contestant whose grandmother was diabetic and she couldn’t see her feet and so he is the kind of gel that she stepped on that took a picture that went to the doctor and so because he knew how the disease and impacted her he was able to speak about it with passion so that’s why I keep giving that advice think of some problem that you face and it doesn’t have to be anything life shattering but just some issue that you would like to solve and that will make all the difference in the world I also would say just take advantage of these opportunities the more you think about scientific inventions and innovations and well prepared for going reaper the world besides this competition and so just take your time everybody every one of you guys is having ideas that could become an invention and that’s what makes us as a country that’s what makes us strong what we do better than anybody else so do your best to make sure you enter and we typically have four or five times as many people who winter first as compared to the number of people actually finish it so really work hard to finish it and get your video in so that you have an opportunity to compete perfect thank you I’m just trying to see if there any questions specifically for you I’m not seeing anything so you’ve you’ve been truly informative and I

think we’ve answered everything thank you so much so what we’d like to do now you’ve heard from finalists you’ve heard from the judges you’ve heard my outside point of view and suggestions and things that I’ve seen that work we want to just give you a few minutes and ask those last questions and especially knowing that I shawnee and anisha are online we want them to be able to share with you things as well so i shaii i think i did not give you the open forum to be able to simply talk about other things you want the us to know so I’d love to start with you and here if you have any other tips suggestions things that you’d like to tell the students that are here and of course we want to tell you all don’t forget we send multiple times with april twenty second is that deadline and is entering earlier better yes always because then you have that sense of relief but I shiny I’m going to take you off you here what else can you add and what other ideas like you have to share with everyone that’s on the event here well my main piece of advice would just need to be passionate about your topics and make sure your audience is convinced that you care about what you’re talking about and also make sure that you get all your points across and make sure to use visuals to help support the idea those are lots of great ideas and visionary definitely help you to do that I think there might have been a question I shine a little bit earlier can you talk about your final product that then you could create for the final event the final product that I had created was a catalytic filter to help smoke inhalation victims survive in a home fire and so it wasn’t really related to my old theme but I decided that I would go with that sherlyn and I’m sure was also a collaborator collaborative decision where your mentor probably gave you some suggestions and things that well now my mentor really helped me make that decision yeah that’s we hear that a lot those ventures are some great people that volunteer did to do this in their free time so that’s that’s number four now he’s a lot of great advice yes absolutely and I’m going to keep you off mute and anish you’re all feared as well because again what else has jumped out at you you’re you guys are seeing questions and comments from students what else can you guys share that might help them as they’re trying and thinking about taking that next step in submitting their video well I definitely have a lot of evidence to back up your intervention like quit as much science if you can into it um show the audience as you really know what you want me about because that’s what really need to come out in the video I think that there are some patterns here tonight so all the students are listening hopefully you can take taking notes there are definitely some pattern some similar things being said well make it has a great point there if you have other questions please feel free to email us at YFC at discovery com you’re so young scientist challenge ysp at discovery com we do want to answer your questions but right now I just like to take a minute and thank our finalists and our league done dr. them all so I shani a niche dr. Moss thank you so much for your time for spending time with us this evening and sharing your ideas and your knowledge thank you thank you you’re welcome and it is been an hour I cannot believe it’s eight o’clock already but thank you to each and every one of you students that have joined us I hope that we’ve shared some ideas that will really help you out and we hope to see you soon that we hope your video will become a finalist video and then you’ll be able to go to Minneapolis booked us so thank you so much everyone we hope that this has been a help and we will see you next time take care have a great night