Carrie Underwood Makeup Tutorial

hello everyone it’s a bee on friday and i think i’m not sure um anyway i’m going to show you today how to do your makeup like carrie underwood um to save time because i am still using a webcam i already put on my foundation which i’ll show you i’m using covergirl classic ivory oil control 510 because I’m freakishly pale after I did that I already set it with this cut with another cover girl product True Blood minerals pressed powder in translucent fair I’ve do that because i have a very I have very oily skin so I have to do that to keep it set all day if you’re not if you’re only going to wear for a short time and bet you probably won’t have to really worry about it although even when I’m wearing it for a short time I have to have it I do have to use powder because I’m that bad all right next I’m going to all right now I’m going to actually show you how to do this stuff I am going to show you how I’m gonna do my brows which have already brushed through with a um eyelash and brow wand from elf and hold on i do have to i am using a picture reference because i do need to look at something while i’m doing i can remember most of it but not all alright so i’m probably going to use ah whoa it is a lot i know i have a huge eyeshadow palette i’m going to use a color right around here or here probably for my brows my brows are very what they are thick while they are they are kind of sparse in like the way the hairs replaced i have to use a light color too because because they are so dark and that’s a little bit of a reddish color as you can see but it fills them in the way I want I do have a no matter what my hair always pulls a reddish gold or color from whatever color i use no matter what it always does that let’s hope this is the color I use yes I am aware that this is a reddish color i do use read more on my brows no no than other colors just because they look it looks better on me nelson e is a brown and I can’t talk i’m going to give you a brownish color a very light brown there we go hope they look nice hope you guys like them I’m going to brush them through again just to make them look a little more natural if you’re like me and you have thick brows you know you can’t put a lot on them or they look like man’s browse all right oh and to do my eyebrows I used an elf professional eyeliner brush I have a lot of elf stuff because it’s very cheap and it does work really nice so I would recommend that if you are like if you want something like this this palette was like 15 bucks and there’s 144 colors so got my foundation everywhere I was putting it on just came flying out a bottle um am i doing max is okay on two eyes alright first when we use this profession elf professional eyeshadow brush and put on a very light color i wish i could hold this up and show you every time but i don’t think i can but i think this is going to be a light base color Oh first if I was going to leave this on all day which I’m not I would put on primer because I have oily lids to so if you’re going to do this look for all day definitely do that if your oily and I’m not using any progress because i’m not going to keep this on long it’s later in the day alright i’m using this very light color as you can see just going to put that all over the

lid and up to my brow bone can see it’s really nice color all right definitely going to put i def i also have a lighter white color which i’m going to use later and i’ll show you a little sparkly actually i’m not using the white i’m still using the same color I just want to get enough on there all right next let’s say I’m looking at the picture so um bear with me all right im sue under pressure huh all right next I’m going to be using a brownish color we now hold this up so you can say um boom can’t hold this comfortably ah where’s the color I want to use they look different on the screen I’m going to say that much um god I can’t even point out which one I’m going to use there’s so many but you could you see what I’m working with so understand please um I’m going to use a lightish brown color um a tone warmer than beige kit and you can see that color um I’m going to put it all over the lid something I notice to keep opening up my mouth when I’m going to do something on the eyes um there’s no reason that’s that’s not never been proven why women do that but we do it anyway cuz that didn’t blend to on me is this little this cheap little blending brush I got at the dollar store it has no name it’s just this all right um all right next which the next for this look you’re going to need black or very dark gray it doesn’t matter you can use either one and you’re going to use a liner brush again this is just one of the ones that came in that drugstore pack then I realized I messed up there but it’s okay because I’m going to blend it I know it looks really bad but I am going to blend it it’s going to look okay so unless you’re like a neat freak your it doesn’t matter and there you go you do need that it just gives your eyes a little bit more definition on the lashes as you can see um I’m actually almost done with the eyeshadow I just need a liner brush again use this one cuz it’s clean although i did use it to use to do my brows there’s not anything left on it um I mean I me use a warm brown but a very light 1 i’m going to take this under the eye hope you can see that all right I know

it doesn’t make much of difference the moment on my eyes because my eyes are just we not weird I can’t talk cuz I haven’t been talking because I had a cold I poked myself in the eye now I don’t really like a lot of eye shadow underneath the lid because I do think it looks a little odd but it is okay to wear some clearly but some people like that look that where they look like they’ve been punched in the face but hey I’m not going to make fun of that if you like it wear it because it does work on some people just I’m not one of those people it works on all right i’m gonna be using my covergirl liquid line blast it is not a liquid um eyeliner it is just this I’m going to put that on the upper tier line a good way to put this on is to close your eyes while you have this here and it’ll get it on just fine as you can see it may feel a little weird to you though so don’t do it if you don’t like it I’m going to be under one tail too bad it’s not coming off huh and it’s okay if that’s messy cuz she does wear a little Messier I can’t just do one I for you when that be so much easier just done with no okay I realize it to just get it down here I’ll it’ll go off fine and I am going to put on concealer so oh man I just keep poking myself in the eye ah yes I realized that not exactly that even but makeups never exactly even on eyes all right so that’s that and next I’m going to move on to the mascara the eyes I can’t really see that they never wear much on the eyes i am going to curl mine because I hate false lashes like with a passion they just died and i usually don’t need them i do have very nice long lashes also before i do those just remembered i’m going to take this little covergirl brush that came in a kit with some eyeshadow so i’m going to take a whitish color and just put it up here on the brow bone wow I’m graceful right and I can’t really tell the difference but it’s there okay and what was I gonna do next

eyelashes yes all right i’m going to use Maybelline New York falsies volume Express waterproof mascara because i only have waterproof because like i said i’m very oily and whenever I’m out and I’m laughing my eyelashes which are so long will start to imprint right down here which is actually pretty far down but they do that I may take some more black eyeshadow and put it down by and put it up on the lid the upper lid to get more of the look that carrie has and I know this is a long video I apologize for that when I can finally film on that camp that nice camera I got i’ll let you know okay i’m going to take this again and get some more black right more towards the outside than the inside how’s that look nice I hope so um alright i would put concealer on but i really don’t like just putting it on for a little bit i may put it on later you are welcome you are welcome to do that because you will have stuff that falls down but i’m not going to and finally i’m going to do my blushes so that you can we can wrap this video up right i also do not have lip gloss because i really just did not feel like working at me i’m going to be pretty honest plus I don’t have time to run and go get some since Brett 17 minutes alright i’m using elf contouring blush and bronzer and an elf ah studio blush brush yes sorry I’m still getting over my cold as you can tell she is wearing a lot actually you wouldn’t think she is but she is and we use the pink first just whack a ton on and then use some bronzer I do pile them both on top of each other because it does work if you can see I think that looks nice beautiful face blush breasts face blushes that does make sense but that’s not what it’s trying to say i want to turn my face the other way to do this we’re almost done I’m sorry that this is so long I’ll get better at these all right they’re almost done people hang in there I’m sorry it took so long I didn’t think it would it’s up on my cheekbone and it is contouring my face so as you can see it gives it a nice look doesn’t it all right and she does actually have nude lips so I’m going to cover mine up real quick what do you think it is pretty simple i realized that and I know my neck looks like it’s different color then my face again that’s just the pigmentation of my skin I have very odd pigmented skin sometimes I actually have to put foundation on my neck so don’t think it’s just just the way it came out it’s not gonna happen to you maybe but just depends on what type of person you are anyway um sorry this took so long I hope you did like it at least I like I think it came out pretty good it does look

like what it is what I was going for Philippe I don’t know what all right oh this is 20 minutes I’m so sorry bye