CRAYOLA MAKEUP… Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

What’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel hi, how are ya in today’s video? We’re going to dive into something that is going by roll all over the Internet girl, if I get one more tweet about the Crayola Beauty collection I’m gonna come out this damn camera and fight you the day. We are gonna be testing out this collection We have it all here now If you haven’t heard of this you may be busy taking care of your kids or blowing your husband But I will tell you this, this shit has never been tweeted as much as like, oh girl Don’t drop it. This has been sent to me all week I have this overnighted and then you know what happened the other day you guys when it got here the jet lag Hit me, you know, I was in Europe last week. I am still 10 hours ahead mentally so girl I’m finally able to sit down get some energy Besides this review. I have been working hard, of course on as so many brand new collections first of all, the thirsty collection launches June 16 where she a girl BAM Of course this in my entire summer collection launches on June 16th at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time Alright shameless plug over but also the jeffree star cosmetics concealer. It’s coming this year So saddle up. Alright you guys so let’s dive into this review. I have no idea what to expect But if you want to see this debauchery go down then keep on watching alright, so if you have been watching my channel all year, you may be having a moment of like No when I first saw the press Pictures for this collection. I was like, wait a minute now in February I reviewed this bad boy the box of Crayons palette now this eyeshadow palette went viral on its own and so many of you requested me to review this now I actually lived for this palette. I’ll link this video actually down below It’s almost like 4 million views and so many of you lived and breathed for this palette I know a lot of you have bought in it and this brand is actually really cool. I love their creativity so when I saw this I was like Hmm now obviously this brand was inspired by Kranz. First of all, I know y’all gonna read me crayon or crayon We all come from different parts of the world. I always just say what’s up crayon? And if you don’t like that, I’m sorry So if you guys remember or did not watch this video Let me give you a quick recap this brand of course was inspired by crayons They actually owned the trademark for this now I had to do a little google search on everything because I was a little confused There has been a little conspiracy going around the internet that because this was such a huge seller months ago that the Brand Crayola was like hmm. We need to come in the game and kind of do our own thing now I don’t know if that’s true. Is it a myth? Is it a rumor? Is that reality? I have no idea you’d have to ask the CEO of Crayola but I have to do some quick googling searches because I was confused of What things were? So a crayon is a pencil or stick of colored chalk or wax used for drawing Obviously, we know that but I wasn’t sure if Crayola owned the word crayon They actually don’t so when you go to search for trademarks now You can look up anyone’s trademark from any brand and see what they own So if you look up jeffree star cosmetics on a trademark site you will see I own the words Androgyny Beauty killer skin frost. So if anyone else tried to use those words for makeup or fashion, I could sue them Which I have done before in one. So anyway, the box of crayons palette is Trademarked by the owner of course of this brand and the crayon case which is the name of the brand is also a registered trademark so they do have their business in order now Crayola of course itself is a Registered trademark and they have teamed up with of course the brand ASOS is ASOS allowed to be called a brand It’s a big fashion website that a lot of influencers buy or get free clothes from and a lot of people shop on there I personally have never been on there, but I broke my virginity because I had this collection overnighted to my house, of course And I bought a lot of these staples now when I looked at the packaging I thought it was kind of cute Let’s be honest. This is very reminiscent of my childhood I did not grow up with iPads as a kid. I grew up with crayons markers and playing hopscotch Okay, we did not have a fortnight and I blowing anyone yet Or was I all right. So when I saw the packaging I was like, okay, I’m gonna lie bitch. It’s cute We’re gonna go into it a little in-depth more later, but I have to smell this. It’s most normal Now we’re gonna try it out. I have some we have a face palette. So we’re gonna do contour highlight some eyes and live That’s what we’re getting into today people. So To me. This might be a little overpriced. Okay. Now when I see the packaging I’m like that’s on its underwhelming Is it a Crayola staple? Of course? Yes, but it’s not like it’s mind blowing. This is literally a cheap box so when I saw the price of this I was like all right, so this little guy is $24, I’m like, oh Fuck I just put Red Bull everywhere pause. Alright, so these bad boys are also I

Had bad luck the face palette is also $24 and I think here is the blush one of the blessed shades fell out. Okay, there’s no pan in there So this is $24, oh wow, when you try to press it back in into breaks and the mascara will retail for about $13 so the prices aren’t that crazy, but for how kind of like this looks I mean this looks like kids makeup Does it not it should be a little cheaper? I think but I think they’re trying to put on the ASOS price tag, and I’m like Honey, slow it down. Okay, so we’re gonna attempt to use this face palette and They all look very shimmery. This looks like it’s from Claire’s does it not we all take a breath of fresh air here. I’m like Okay, so this multitasking palette includes ten shades a blusher bronzer and highlighter the soft and creamy powders Create create a healthy glow for every skin tone The talc free formula is easy to blend and build to help you sculpt brighten and contour It says for adult use only even though it looks like it’s worth five year old it’s made in Italy this collection is cruelty free Vegan, and they keep saying talk free I don’t mind that a lot of eye shadows have talc and they blend this is a Crayola official licensed product quality guaranteed Okay, let’s see if it really works. So we’re gonna open up this bad boy now Obviously, I have foundation on concealer and foundation powder. That is it So we’re gonna take a little so we use this a little big let’s do this and we’re gonna bronze our faces now This is what we get. I think for bronzing. This is very shimmery to the touch one. Oh, it’s it feels really soft Oh, wow. Okay. Well, we’ll wait a minute here. Let me let me swatch a few for y’all Let’s see what we really think here. There we go. And there we go. Woah highlighters. There’s pigment y’all. There is mother Hey Okay, so we’re gonna take this Charlotte Tilbury brush. We’re just gonna go right in here and let’s see That’s so weird how they chose to do it like flat. There’s no names. There’s no nothing. It’s just like a little like kaleidoscope Let’s see what happens Okay, I mean it showed up right away thank God thank God Alright so we are bronzing up the forehead the Cheekbones and now a little bit on the nose now, I’m actually not mad at this powder. I’ve definitely reviewed a lot worse No is everything else can over? Let’s see in a second. But so far so good. All right. Now the swatches are the highlighters We’re kind of like whoa living and breathing for so we’re gonna highlight in a second. Why don’t we do a little blush? Okay We’re gonna take this little Seurat Beauty blush brush. What am I feeling today? What am I wearing? Oh wow This look a little dark for me. Maybe well, it’s barely even though the one that broke is a really pretty color Oh, wow, there is pigment on that brush Alright that’s pressing into my skin and oh, wow. Okay, it’s there It’s a little clown like let me defuse it in a second, but maybe want a high-fashion. Look today, honey and Crayola. What’s good? I could have went a little less with that. Jesus. Take the wheel. Okay. Now we’re gonna do the other side Let’s try the paint. Who cares to color cheeks is like the new thing bitch. Well, this is a little more softer I kind of lived for this one. The other one was really pigmented which we all love on this channel. We love a pigment I always do this lipstick Nick calls this Veiling taking a little bit of powder on a brush and just kind of pushing the products together Mixing the bronzer and the blush together and just me. I’m a family All right, give me a highlighting brush, honey, and we’re gonna go in with this Little champagne and rose golden moment. Let’s do both. Let’s dip and dip. Oh wow, bitch the fall out though, honey Looks like Johnny Depp snorting coke and blow like I can’t ah Okay little better, there we go it looked more reflective on my hand not gonna lie, but this is cute If you’re someone that doesn’t want to look like a beacon or a lighthouse you may like this. Okay, it is buildable We aren’t too bad at it. Let’s put them on the brow bone. What brow bitch what fucking bro She has a little bit of shine people to fall out though I hate blowing like in videos this much, but girl, who would that is severe? Okay, the highlighter works praise Jesus all right. Now I’m gonna dip into this little gold shade and back and forth We’re just gonna go on the bridge of the nose. Oh Okay, like this fuckin poet ain’t not bad. Alright now, let’s move on to the eyes Okay. Now this is whatever one kept telling me like Geoffrey. You have to try these pencils So the packaging looks like this like a literal Crayola box. And now as a kid, I loved crayons. I love drawing I loved Just art in general. I was art obsessed. Now. This is a multitasking crayon for eyes lips and cheeks Okay with highly pigmented color and an ultra creamy soft

Texture. Alright, so eyes lips and cheeks, huh? That is interesting Okay, before we dive to the eyes though I forgot we had one more thing a Crayola Beauty has a Highlighter crayon shine a spotlight on your skin this creamy textured and easily blendable highlighter will give you the ultimate radiance girl Let’s see about that. Alright, so this is what it looks like. Oh wow It looks very like something Pat McGrath did to be really honest here. Okay, let’s see what this looks like here Very cream highlighter And what I mean by that is like it looks like a lot of stuff have tried this year How does blinding as I would expect it has a little bit of a sheen, but it feels very like Slick so I look if I put this over this it’s gonna like pull my foundation off and we don’t want that Let’s just do a little right here. Okay. There we go I’m just gonna put on my channel might be a little weird to everyone but hi Maybe a UFO will just land right at my chin later. So what does that even look like, honey? Let’s take a peek here. Oh what my god. What the hell did I do? You guys? Oh my god, okay I’m I’m insecure about this but we’re gonna zoom in on my chin it lid. It took the foundation off. Oh uh, uh Okay, now we’re officially moving on to the eyes this one where does this call this is called the fate Okay, the face cran, this is shade marvelous now. I have no idea what to expect It looks like this of course a real crayon and look like I’m about to go coloring now I don’t know. How much product is in there. Let’s look at the box. It says Zero point zero seven ounces now. Okay when you turn this, let’s see. How much is actually in here Well, okay, that’s a lot of product. I’m not mad at that whatsoever So let’s do a little hand test to see what the hell we’re getting ourselves into. Oh, wow. It looks like a sheer Satiny lipstick to be really honest now. It says it’s for the eyes cheeks and the mouth I don’t know. What is about to happen But let’s put this on the lid and see what happens and then we’re gonna dive in to the mermaid eye shadow palette which looks like this it looks identical to the face palette, but of course with all Shadows, and I guess the whole dick shimmery to me. There’s no mattes But we’ll test if you guys will see what what’s gonna happen. But first of all, let’s take this. Let’s try it on my lid Sturdy is a little bit of product that came off right there this I don’t know about this grant I mean, this is the hand and that’s the lid like How does it more share my eye and how does it look at that like that on my hand? I’m so confused Okay. I’m a little confused you guys the eyelids are not Looking cute. Let me take this clean brush. I think it’s clean. Let’s make sure yes it is Okay, and let’s pretend we’re just gonna like blend that out. Oh It still feels like tacky like some just came off on my finger I wonder if it dries like okay, let’s move on and let’s try to dive into this guy. I Immediately want to go right here and just go blue. Oh, wow. Okay. So this has pygmy. I don’t know what’s going on here We’re going to go back to that in a second But this let’s see if it actually works on the I will just tuck this into my crease here have a little cotton candy fantasy We’ll try the other side in a minute. But oh, wow. Okay. Okay as I start to blend out though, it is Shearing out a little bit. We’re just gonna take the brush and blend upwards So we get a nice little airbrush moment It’s like the quality of this shadow is not there like I’m hitting it with my brush and I’m like cue work and then as I blend it out, it’s just kind of like Alright. Alright now I’m gonna get another brush. We’re gonna apply the other eye that has nothing on eyes There’s no base and let’s go over here and let’s dip into Let’s do this little cyan blue color Is it gonna see I’m barely dipping in and there’s a lot of fall out not the end of the world But and then I hit it once all the products gone So, I don’t know if it’s the ingredients or what but let’s blend this out And actually just press that on my lid Mm. Okay. Now, let’s go to this dark purple shade see if we can get a little bit more pigment over here Okay, so last year I did a video testing out actual kids makeup children’s makeup And this is very reminiscent of that Like what in the actual hell is going on with this palette? Look at the streakiness. This is so weird I’m gonna tell my head back. So you guys can see what the actual hell happened right here Okay, we’re gonna dip into let’s try this one. You know, I’m gonna try my finger. Fuck it. Okay. It’s all my finger Let’s press it on the lid Okay, is someone playing a fucking joke on me right now, I mean I feel like I’m going crazy I have to grab something else to make sure my lids aren’t just flopping What if my lids have no pigment today? And I’m a fucking idiot. Okay, we’re gonna take the Breanna highlighter. Let’s just do this

Hi. Okay. Am I going crazy does my skin not want to take makeup today. Now, this was just sitting here I know I filmed it that last week I still live and breathe for these and you guys can see the huge difference in quality of this which isn’t even a real eyeshadow, but of course Rihanna and Priscilla Oh, no, we’re like honey. Everything can be used for everything it works. Great How do make sure I wasn’t going crazy because for a minute I’m like am I? Hi, I’m sober today. What’s happening to me? okay this No. All right. Now there’s one more. I just want to make sure I’m not going crazy lip and cheek crayon. This is Only for show that’s so weird. What does this one say? I and this one only says this is so bizarre I’m still gonna just test it on my hand here. Oh, wow. I mean you guys that is fucking sheer Anyway, what else do we have for eyes looking at the table? Oh my god. Mascara, duh. We showed this off in the intro So there’s black and blue. There’s two colors. We have turquoise blue and black. Alright, let’s dip in Let’s try this until they’re gonna work or it’s not that’s really the only options here people You guys Where’s the box Water-resistant that gives volume and definition got it how to make sure because I’m like not really singing either here Let’s be fair. We’re doing another dip. Got it BAM. I Feel like the bottoms are a little better than the top. Haha. Alright just to make sure I’m not going crazy. I’m gonna pull out this little benefit for fun and we’re gonna do a little battle right here And now people let’s do it. There’s a mascara dot on my skin. Usually mascara dries that one Water-resistant did not dry So we’re just gonna let that dry for a second and then I’ll show you guys a good tip how to remove that So let’s go back over here Jesus today, it’s not my day Okay, now this is how I like my bottom mascara you can definitely see the difference Here’s the Crayola side. And here’s the benefit roller lash side. Now whenever mascara bumps my skin. I let it dry And then I take a spoolie and you can just kind of go like that and look wallah. It’s gone. Yay. Okay Yeah, see the difference with the mascara, honey okay, guys, we’re going to move on from the eye section and we have one more thing to Review now it is lips now. I expected this brand to have a liquid lip or a stick lip formula I’m looking on the website here and That does not exist, but there is a customizable lip palette now Remember, these are supposed to be for lip and cheek as well. But I was expecting like a full pigmented lipstick thing There is a customizable lip palette now when I saw this, I was like, ah, Nastasia Beverly Hills what’s happening, honey? This is very reminiscent of the lip art palette not reminiscent identical Now when I opened this this little card came out maybe business for mixing or scooping out product I am Not sure. I am NOT gonna be mixing products today I am just going dive in like this and we’re just gonna see for fun if this has pigment Alright, so I got me a lip brush right here Now of course all these are supposed to be are melted down lipsticks in a pan But oh wow actually looks like it has some color. Ah Oh, wow. Okay. Maybe there’s a happy ending to this Feeling a little gummy see you like Kind of flaking off a little bit It started off really good at that first swatch and now it’s turning into like I’m putting on Halloween makeup a little bit Weird, it’s a very flaky like I’m not living for the formula action I’m like I started to get excited and then I started to apply more. Uh-huh All right, you guys this is what’s happening with the lips today. This is such a weird formula. What is this? Okay, I think this is as good as it’s gonna get I think I’m about to perform in the circus girl. I really do Okay, just for shits and giggles. I gotta touch this white one This is like a mixer but I guess want to go right here. I like Mm-hmm. Got to get my mouth some redemption here Okay, oh wow, what’s up All right. I’m ready to dive into my final thoughts now I was planning on setting this face, but I don’t want to keep it on all night I don’t want to keep this on much longer Alright, so let’s dive in I will say this. Let’s start with the positive there was a few moments that I actually was like, you know what guys this is cool and That would be the face palette Now the bronze are in the highlighter minus the packaging flaws and the blush falling out. I over all liked it I think the bronzer was cute at first I was like what is about to happen? But it turned out really nice. I would wear this on the daily. The highlighter is very cute It’s a little sheer for my liking but I like the way it looks when I’m moving my skin my skin

Mm-hmm when I’m moving my face, I’m like how it looks it looks really pretty love this. Love it all No, I don’t look at all. That’s a lie, but I did love this moment I think this is probably the only product from the collection that Is cute no everything else You guys just saw what happened? Let’s keep it really real with each other this I over here until Fenty was on the lids It was a flop a girl. This Scranton was not cute. I don’t know what kind of blush This brand was thinking was gonna happen here. Not today. Now the mermaid eyeshadow palette girl. What the hell? I don’t know if the formula is different than the face palette or maybe these are just really sheer not supposed to be like on The like high-end side I’m I mean for the price point $24 I expected some pigment and the packaging says for adults only so insert joke here. This was a flop for me I’m looking the monitor like got it. This was a flop for me now moving on this lip I feel like I’m in like I’m playing in like old like my grandma’s makeup like it feels a little a little play-doh We I’m not living for it at all. The idea was there it could have been cute but Flop is the Crayola beauty collection jeffree star approved after I applied the mascara and saw it looking pitiful It was a no for me The entire collection I think the idea was cute I still can’t get over this Happening was Crayola. Like wow this company is having a crayon moment And now we want to have our moment and try to enter the beauty world it the timing In the same year is a little off for me and it’s a little weird So I have no idea but overall the packaging it feels kind of cheap It does look nostalgic and kind of cute almost like a Nickelodeon moment, but then the formula I can’t do it So without further ado, I am going to go take this all off. Please pray for me because This was a no for me. All right, you guys thank you so much for watching today’s video This is how I’m feeling right now, like imagine this is a really pigmented lipstick it would be a disaster It’s like already. I can’t like probably wipe it into my skin and it would be Evaporated. Okay. I love you guys on to the next one. Mwah. Bye guys