Dream Cast Episode 97 – Control How You Exist Online

hello and welcome back to the Dreamcast I am your host Denise Walsh I combine science scripture and stories that will inspire you to dive deep breakthrough your own personal glass ceiling and design a life of your dreams dream caster’s I’m so excited to personally invite you to my first live event of 2019 save the date for dream space January 13th in Grand Rapids Michigan you are invited I would love to have you join us not only will you hear from myself and other special guests but you’ll have space space to dream space to heal space to breakthrough your own personal glass ceiling connect with what it is you truly want most connects with your life’s purpose and then create an inspired action plan so you can start taking steps in that direction we’re gonna end the night with a come as you will be party this means that we’re pretending like it is the year 2024 and coming dressed as the person that you want to be in five years oh my gosh we’re gonna have lots of talk time to help you prepare for this event but I know that this full-day workshop experience is going to be life-changing for you and I want you there space is limited and it will sell out so go to dream life tool kit.com to get your dream space ticket today big-big welcome back to the Dreamcast in our next interview our guest strives to help others balance the health business and lifestyle domains he’s a former US AFS hotshot wild land fire fighter he’s a self-obsessed mountain biker road cyclist skier climber just just about anything and everything outside he’s a Cross Fit trainer coach and all-around passionate outdoors in Fouzia stand he thinks that his growth is due to his imperfect action he’s taken risks throughout his entire life and is committed to do so in life in business and because of that he’s gained many lessons through past roles and corporate big business public service in the health and fitness space and entrepreneurship and I actually met him because I was a guest on his podcast live the fuel and I you guys his energy was contagious I was like we need to keep this conversation going because you can just feel that he’s passionate about what he does and he wants to help anyone and everyone get to their own next level as he continues to get to his own so big dream cast welcome to Scott Mulvaney thanks for bringing me on with you again I know we connected a few weeks ago on your show and I thought I need to hear more about your story as well because you’ve done just about anything and everything from being a fire fighter to skydiving to starting businesses and growing them but you really love balance and health in all areas of life so Before we jump into what you’re doing now I’d love to hear just a few bits and pieces and why you got interested in entrepreneurship to begin with because I didn’t pay attention to my father well the funny thing is my father has been in entrepreneurs whole life he’s never worked for anybody else I mean unless you consider your customers who your work for it so I just saw the struggles of what we went through growing up and I wanted nothing to do with it so I chased the whole oh maybe I’m supposed to going to the big business space in the corporate space I grew up was a farm kid so I didn’t know any better and I wanted to do everything different so I thought that I knew what I was doing and that I think it’s fine you fast forward you know over 20 years later and I’m now exploring the entrepreneurial space for the past few years so clearly maybe I should have paid a little more attention to my pops so he was a farmer in his so his business was with farming initially but then actually his father his so my grandfather his father was a cattle broker and along that journey what my father has basically been a cattle broker his whole life besides the farming I mean we didn’t have a farm our whole lives it was most of it– most my childhood his binkham primary income was obviously transporting people’s livestock and brokering and you know in the cattle and the horse space and everything else and then my younger brothers still have their own businesses in that to this day so ok so interesting and I really do think that sometimes we either are like alright I want to do it just like my parents or the opposite and we kind of swing the pendulum yeah and you thought oh I’m still pretty opposite of farming is big business corporate world so what did you do in the

corporate world first the funny thing was I in high school which I recommend by way nowadays anyway listen to this is I go to a technical school while you’re in high school like I did so I actually studied micro electronics technology at a vocational school while going to high school so I guess she got into working for a company in my senior year of high school to get a little taste of it and then I saw the potential right I saw this tuition reimbursement thing and this whole like oh you don’t have to pay for everything yourself if you’re good so I like oh maybe I need to chase this big business stuff so yeah I got into telecommunications actually so the the call center world there was a startup company here in Pennsylvania that I got involved with and we I mean that company still exists this days I think they’ve changed her company name a couple of times but they have call centers all over the world now and the Philippines everything else but when I worked there in the late 90s it was oh my god I think I helped open a call center in Connecticut and Riverside California some nothing overseas but I was also like 19 and working for the president the company and he thought I was so I mean most nineteen-year-olds are not thinking business decisions they’re not thinking training folder adults I’m sure when you’re opening these call centers you were working with people older than you and having to become a leader in that situation which is unique for a 19 year old you know whose freshman in college partying every weekend I mean so yeah that’s what I should have been doing but I was not yeah well my friends were partying yeah yeah well I think that just comes at you we always say the 1% shift you know the 1% change and at 19 you were doing different things and other 19 year olds and that’s that 1% little shift that kind of takes you in a different direction what did you end up doing after that oh gosh after that I’ve had haven’t worn many hats over the years so uh let’s see Missy they they I got lip there in the end of 99 then I thought I’d moved to South Carolina and I was gonna get back into that space again but this time with like well nowadays is called Verizon back then I was bulimic mobile and they were just becoming Verizon and then I realized the South was a little too slow for me I just did not click very well at the time of my age so I moved back north and then got involved with a company here called Omni Point which then got acquired and rebranded years later as voicestream and then it became t-mobile to this day so t-mobile USA I was in that world before T Mobile existed and then I worked I worked my way up as a guy answering phone calls and customer service to becoming one of their management and coach I was coaching and developing managing 30 person teams and I travel around to some of our outsourcing call centers once I became a business analyst I was working for the headquarters out in the Seattle Washington and all this without a degree by the way okay okay how long were you in the corporate world before you decided to start your own business ooh well the shift the shift in the dream so to speak what happened when I decided to go back to school I decided I wouldn’t be the first person my family to have a degree so on nights and weekends I was taking accelerated learning courses at some local universities to accelerate that timeline so I was still a t-mobile then banged out a bunch of classes this in pushing reimbursement racked up busts on my own college debt as an adult that was the end of my 20s and then realize I didn’t like it anymore got into the IT space works for a start-up IT company for a couple years then got tired of that then got into finance had my federal licenses in selling insurance and retirement for small businesses with a big big big company called ADP who does a lot of companies payroll and then finally set the goal to finish my degree and I left it all behind and became a wildland firefighter oh my gosh she really have worn a lot of hats what was your degree in marketing and actually if I would have waited two more semesters it would have been a dual major marketing and psychology but my professors were like listen Scott number one you already an adult you already have a resume you already have careers in motion do you really need to wait longer and get the double major are you gonna go for a PhD in psychology and I was like no they said then just graduate now I’m like you know what that sounds like a great idea yeah yeah so yes I’m a geek about psychology and marketing so oh yeah well they really do go hand in hand like how to get in people’s heads to take them in a direction yeah and just really understand more about human behavior but also like it’s tied perfectly into the the past two plus years of the podcast and helping understand the importance of mindset with everything we do you know so tell me what was the importance of you being the first one in your family to have a degree I you know it’s full rack it up to some old-school thought because nowadays I actually have no problem telling people don’t do what I did because I was I still thought well I mean maybe the degree is holding me back right and because I was in the traditional business space and I said oh well I mean if I want to move up and get the even bigger salaries I should go back to school and I want to set a good example I had a nephew that was growing

up my sister’s son and I was like you know what let’s set the example they have that kids a smart kid man he’s got to have somebody in the family to look up to no offense the rest of my family I just for some reason that’s what was in my head at the time and I and plus I just love big hairy audacious goals is the same right so I wanted to have a little bag on there so I went for it I just wanted to be just set a good example and show that hey the farm kid can do whatever he wants so then I think it’s funny though obviously that I left that all behind the psychology of ourselves like it is interesting when you think of did you really need to do that but you’re at your point at that time you did like as an identity shift I was a psychologist for several years and I worked with several kids from the ages at 14 to 18 yeah one they were the first one in their family to graduate high school and it was a huge huge deal for them to have that like down there just in part as a part of their identity you know back you up on that there’s probably some personal stuff in there too like hey I like setting goals and and you know I want to show everybody that I didn’t just have like people didn’t understand what I did because I was making more money than my friends coming out of college and like I don’t understand what you do because you make more than I do and I have my degree because again people think that you have to have a degree to make a lot of money and I’m like number one if money is your goal but number two again fast forward to today I know a lot differently guys like you don’t need a degree to kick butt and launch a successful business and you just need to understand things at a much deeper deeper level but the degree did well round me I did appreciate being reminded about the importance of studying and learning too and really this learning in general I do still give props to that process but in the end traditional education is still blatant memorization and I use none of it in my business today yeah we used to say it’s the best debt to have and now we’re like no it’s not but with your background you get that I mean honestly I do still reinforce that education makes perfect sense the clip the traditional University route makes fence for like I’m like my fiancee she’s a doctor of equine veterinary medicine so anything medically related I’m like you better know some things you better study and you can’t learn that on YouTube University is not going to help you become a very successful veterinary doctor sorry yeah gentlemen so you started the shift you started the pivot you started the dream you got your degree and then tell me about launching your business when did that dream stir well they obviously I took the two-year break gave everything away fit my life in a car became the hotshot wildland firefighter for two years served in public service fought wild fires all over the West realized that was not my long-term goal you know at 32 and decided to move to Colorado tried getting back into the traditional you know job market job II job and I have a spreadsheet to this day that shows over 200 jobs that I applied to in 2012 to 2013 and it was it was brutal Colorado man it’s full of people like me they’re just crazy outdoorsy nuts they move there and it’s just saturated with great talent so it’s very aggressive you better have a job lined up or a career lined up or you read there’s just motion to move there so I just want to kind of throw that in real quick but then a friend of mine needed help growing her new business and she’s like hey can I convince you to come back to Pennsylvania I was best friends with her husband that’s what brought me back to the East Coast and I funny thing is I used to work for her but now she’s my client so because I have my own business so I was doing sales for her and growing her sales and marketing rep firm and then I decided to ixnay that and then came back in as a consultant so that’s one of the trigger points I can actually thank you know that friendship and the work I did with her to kind of kick start me and say you know what I don’t like having a boss I think it’s time to figure out this entrepreneurship thing so yeah that would have been probably the 2014 a tooth yeah 2014 was the big shift here so so what I hear you saying is there’s there’s a lot of pivots a lot of changes a lot of all right what’s next what’s next I mean job changes moves that kind of thing oh yeah when you went to go do the fireman route what was the pivot there what was your thought process when you’re like alright I need I need to do something different I said you know there’s been a lot of explanations on that and I’ve been actually working on that right now because I’m actually writing a book and this is a big part of the book and it’s you know I just did everything that I thought we were supposed to do yeah you know I chased of corporate dreams you know I I was chasing the dollars which was not is not the answer ladies and gentleman life the money will come if you’re doing things you enjoy doing I truly believe in that and I just realized like you know what I got a great resume I look great on LinkedIn i but on LinkedIn still was founded I now have a degree so like what the heck let’s take a risk and I while I was finishing my degree on nights weekends and still

working in the corporate space I I found a fire academy in New York that could get me certified as a federal wildland firefighter and then I started doing my business thing I pulled the professor but I don’t think they call them professors the instructor aside and I said listen everything I found out about wildland firefighting sounds amazing but this whole hotshot thing these guys are the elite right he said yeah it’s like okay I’m only gonna do this if I could be a hotshot and he just looked at me and just laughed he’s like you have no firefighting background you think you’re gonna get on a hotshot crew and I say if I’m gonna do this I need to tab the hardest job possible that’s just the way I’m wired I was like I want the hardest job I was like by the way also where’s the hardest area he’s like the region 3 like what’s region 3 region 3 is Arizona New Mexico he’s like you go there and you fight wildfires that’s one of the hardest areas that hotshots serve I’m like sounds good ok for those that don’t know tell us what a hotshot is so most people who live in any towns villages cities a center you lose you’re used to your traditional City firefighter ok highly respect that career you you can actually if you work for cities usually are a government employee pensions and all this wonderful stuff wildland firefighting is different you don’t wear air masks you can grow a beard because you want to worry about the air mask you don’t carry around an air tank on your back you’re carrying around a backpack full of MREs and your snacks and and water and you hike in the mountains you don’t shower for sometimes a week or two and you fight wildfires at Mother Nature so it’s a different lifestyle hotshots along with smokejumpers which are the ones who skydive in these are the these are like according to the movie that came out last year they call us the Navy SEALs of wildland firefighting there’s only a hundred hotshot crews about 105 hotshot crews in the nation but basically we’re trained very militaristically and they send you in to the hard stuff we’ll just leave it at that ok and there’s something about your personality that says I’m not gonna be a Wallflower even as a wildfire wildfire wildin firefighter planned fire you’re not gonna just take the easy route and and do something local you want the hardest thing yeah that’s kind of where my brain was at like if I’m gonna take this huge risk like what if my thing was this what if this is what I meant to do like what if I do this and I fall in love with it so I was like let’s take the hardest possible job possible if I get it great and then I can see if this is what I meant to do and I honor this position I respect this position I run charity events to this day that benefit Fallen Firefighters and it truly created a shift for me back to your point on but why was corporate space never taught me about Brotherhood sisterhood this bond that first responders and people who serve in public service have police fire paramedics military they all have this weird bond like when I talk about like right now my hair stands up on my left on my arm on my arms like it’s just to this day and it’s like I need to see what that’s all about I needed to experience that I didn’t have that in the corporate space everybody is all cutthroat people would step on you just to get your job didn’t matter so did you know anybody who was a wildland firefighter up until that no I discovered it thanks to a short-term romance there’s always a love story somewhere in the story but yeah I had briefly hung out with this girl here in Pennsylvania she was moving back to Nevada and I’ve never met a girl in like her because I’m an East Coaster and she’s from Nevada and I was like already moving back for it and she said oh I’m gonna go be a hotshot like what the heck’s a hotshot and she’s like it’s cool like she you get the whole summer you’re in the mountains you hike everywhere you’re fighting wildfires and you can’t spend your money because you’re doing the job 16 hours a day on the fire line so this is not a personal 8-hour shift job by the way and she’s like you just Bank your money up and she’s like I want to go pay for myself to put myself through massage school she wanted to start her own massage therapy business she loves healing people and she did and that impressed me and it left a mark on me so while I was finishing my degree on nights weekends I couldn’t get that out of my head and I just started googling it all the time whenever I got distracted I’m like hotshot Google you know well what else could I find what else could I find that’s cool that’s really cool well I have to say I love and I’ve never heard this and I’m now gonna adopt it the mentality of what if this is what I meant to do yeah because I think so many times and people are take a shift you know they’re they’re pivoting in life they don’t know what to do next they’re asking what should I do and they’re unsure they’re Restless they’re double minded meaning they’re like the second-guessing every decision and they’re asking the wrong question instead of saying what if this is what I meant to do and dive in a hundred percent like full-on no questions asked a lot of times people every step they take go is this the right way I’m not sure and then and then you’re not going anywhere so what if this is what you’re meant to do where did you was that something you learned was that just

something you can cultivate him cultivate it just popped in my head one day I just said okay me and my stomach heard that’s what it was like there’s your brain there’s your gut yeah and I will tell you in that career choice to day in and day out there’s a chapter in my book it’s gonna be called situational awareness this was key to keep ourselves alive and keep our you know our fellow firefighters alive is that our slogan was you have to keep your essay up meaning your situational awareness that’s what it stood for and you let your essay drop next thing you know you’re falling off a cliff or you know that tree that is on fire could fall and hit one of your crew members like every if always heads up spin it around you you’re so overly dialed in it’s mentally exhausting long story short you have a great night of sleep every single night because you’re just so exhausted physically and mentally but that back to the original drive it was just I just it was a gut it’s just Wendy but I’m like yeah I kept saying what if what if what if and I had to keep reminding myself of that an over ride my logical thinking mmm-hmm my logical brain said dude you’ve already got everything in motion I had colleagues that the founder of the IT company was a friend of mine that I was working for for those two years and he even said he’s like skies like you sure you wanna do this dude like dude you’ve always here’s the sales and marketing you’re you’ve been a business coach you’ve been a coach in the corporate space he’s like now you have your degree like now it’s off to the races and I was like yeah I can do that too in two years so what if cuz I can always come back I already had everything laid out so that’s why I did it that’s so good and so many times we let our brain win and our guts telling us some different and when you take when you say yes to that intuition or to your gut I feel like that’s when the most amazing experience is happening I was explosive I I still to this day remember that because yeah I already had a few things here and there over the years that would kind of give you a little bit of that but like this was the first one worse like whoa like I was I was high I was like what if I mean fYI never did a drug before when that moment happened like I was just like what if I like dude this is like I just got excited and I got fired up and that’s why I was like all right it’s on like we got to go for this look everybody’s saying no and I’m saying yes well you can’t I mean it’s like it’s like the alternative of not listening to your gut when you feel such a pull in a direction it feels like you’re dying you know you’re like the alternative is not acceptable and the best part was here’s the funniest thing ever by the way just to fast-forward what connect deeper into have you want but it’s okay to this day what do I do now like wear one of my tag lines is control how you exist online so I help people grow their brands because I have the marketing background the degree right but even though what I’m using now my business I’ve had to self learn everything just like I the self learn firefighting so the point here is that I started post I would disappear in the woods go fight some fires take a bunch of photographs and then when I come back I I launched my facebook profile in 2007 so up from 2007 to 2009 it was barely a blip on the radar and then I disappear for a month five fires come back plus a bunch of photos disappear again and that was my life and all of a sudden there was crazy interaction people like what are you doing like what happened to you where are you what is this fire stuff those mountains are gorgeous and like everybody’s just reacting to all this content and the funny thing was that’s when I started geeking out about social media watching the response so now it’s funny that it’s kind of funny how I did that just for fun and now years later I’m paid to do this for people yeah yeah it’s just again it’s when you say yes to your gut there’s always the reason and one thing leads to another and it may not make sense at the time but it like all lines up ya know it just cracked me up so yeah you don’t realize how things can become a full circle until they do and then it’s like wow that all these things do happen for a reason you just haven’t realized it yet the take the risk this is part of life this is part of the entrepreneurial dream too is like if you’re not willing to take the risk then you’re not willing to be an entrepreneur I’m not saying everybody has to be an entrepreneur some people are meant to be amazing amazing career-minded you know employees that are that lead companies let them do it I just want nothing to do with it so you made the pivot you said yes to your intuition which you had done previously and and it always served you well were there any times when you were in the mud and you were just like you maybe let fear take over or it took you a while to actually listen to yourself or take a step forward or is there a hard time as well how can give you professional examples but I’ll give you one of the fire examples I the superintendent who gave me a shot I was considered an old old guy I was 31 by the way but like really I’m old because most of their employees that they hire our young moldable fresh out of college or high school football or whatever right and so it’s like 18 to 24 so I’m Lily some guys called me the old guy on the crew and I’m 31 mind you that’s a time I’m 41 as we’re recording this by the way this is

10 years ago now and anyway the superintendent said Scott and this guy’s name was Patrick Moore and Pat I met him a second fire caddy I went to in Colorado so I can I went there on purpose to take more advanced courses so they could see that I was serious I want to take courses that hotshots take and I wanted to network and that’s how I met this guy I met him at the fire academy he was teaching ignitions so here’s one of the underlying little best practices go to where people are to connect with them if you want something and he told me in the interview over lunch she said listen he’s like you’re not my normal candidate he said yes I’m impressed you’ve run marathons and you’re an endurance athlete you got this he’s like ROTC your career just tells me you work hard has nothing to do with this career choice though he’s like you have no fire background he’s like you asked me to take a big risk and I say he said but he’s like I’m looking to rebuild this crew so I need people with a leadership mindset that are still willing to follow because you’re a rookie but he said if you give me two years I’ll consider getting your shot so I committed to that two years and at the end of the first year is one of these pain points because there was a fire we were on I didn’t like some of the decisions that he made and I’m a rookie so I know I don’t know everything but Mike dude you made me hike over this one Ridge where no one else had to hike I just it was even some my brothers and the crew were like dude I can’t believe he made you do that there’s a whole backstory behind this like I I broke his little camp stove and I didn’t know I broke it and when I gave it back to him I thought it worked and apparently was broken and he was questioning my integrity because I didn’t tell him and I’m like I didn’t know there was a problem anyway so the next day he Lily made me hike it’s totally militarized right like just make your rookie suffer and I just didn’t agree with it I was like this is a hard enough job as it is we need to be as physically fit mentally and physically to stay alive day in and day out for your brothers I just didn’t understand why you would exhaust one of your top guys just because I broke your camp stove anyway I told him a back story point is at the end of that season I second-guessed going back for a second year it really made my gut turn and the owners when I went back is because I was brought up on my father to be a man of your word and I’m old school of some of this stuff like I still opened the car door for my fiancee right like it’s like chivalry all this old school stuff that people call old school needs to be new school it can’t be old school it’s got to be new school and one thing one thing that no one can ever take away away from you is your word and that’s why I went back for the second year but it was a tug of war because I was pissed I did not like that guy it’s really interesting that you mentioned this because you’re in a leadership role which means you’re relying on your leaders and your and you are relaying information down and that the core of the Brotherhood is trust yeah and if that trust has been broken it sends waves all over the place it was it was a hard decision so but I said I went back I sucked it up and and the second year was awesome and I got to I got to do something that year that I normal rookie wouldn’t be able to do I was able to towards the end of the fire season I was a they moved me out of the digging crew and up to the chainsaw operators so the Sawyer’s what they’re called they go in first you’re the front every hotshot crew is a 20 man crew or 20 woman 20 man a woman test mothers women they do this by the way it’s very impressive these ladies kick some butt butt anyway the Sawyer’s always hiked in first is there they’re cutting open the break where the rest of the crew is the digging team and they’re digging the break that way that’s how you contain a fire you don’t put it out you just put a big perimeter around it it’s like building a hiking trail around a giant wildfire and then hopefully that slows it down and stops it and you contain it so so anyway the second year I was actually put into a full full-time role as a Sawyer so I was always in the lead two to three man groups that were going in first and it was cool it was something different but to this day I’m still obsessed with chainsaws I have like three of them out my garage take care I take care of the local mountain biking park with other volunteers I even rigged up a backpack system so I actually mount bike in with a chainsaw on my back everybody thinks I’m crazy but I was like hey I just I’ll never let it go it’s people’s brands online and on the internet space and and I just I just I just threw it one of my clients from 3,000 to 10,000 followers on Instagram we hit 10,000 on Sunday and I’ll celebrate this my buddy’s like I shown that text music yeah but don’t you run a chainsaw I click a keyboard on one hand and I’m revving a chainsaw on the other hand and that’s my life balance yeah keeping keeping all passions hot and active yeah I mean I never expected to become that obsessed with it but I haven’t let it go in ten years so let’s transition to your marketing business because you came back and you said okay that was awesome and I went all-in and I and it was a big goal and I did it but something pulled you back home so you went back home did you immediately start your business or

that’s when you know and you went to your friend okay transition space she brought me in back into one of my natural skill sets that I was avoided which was I have the gift of gab and sales and marketing requires a gift of communication and so I got to help her grow her sales firm which I still do to this day and it really conds marketing in me but obviously I wanted to manifest that differently you know fast forward to today in more of the digital space like she has nothing to do that she’s still a classic sales rep ferm I coach a couple of our employees and develop their sales techniques and everything else nowadays as a consulting relationship but the core of you know my business you know live the fuel is a is a DBA of fuel enterprises that’s my LLC and so I like the whole you know fueling people’s marketing online that’s why my tagline is control how you exist online because nowadays anybody can slap up an Instagram page a Facebook page a Twitter profile but nobody bothers to take the time to put together strategy and it drives me crazy those like guys like before you take the action at least slow down a little bit to put some type of strategy in place because I can’t tell you how many times I come across people like well I put all this stuff up and it doesn’t seem to really work I’m like oh yeah what do you stand for what do you care about what is your brand and body how are you trying to change the world right like all that goes in before you can even develop a strategy which then those pages are supposed to help reinforce so that gives you an example of what I care about yeah yeah absolutely so you meet with the client do you help them with that brand strategy or do they come with you with a bit prefer to do that okay so you prefer to start from the beginning yes and no I also like cleaning up the mess so look at something I’m like well have you ever thought about it this way and they’ll be like no no one ever brought that up before but I like it and I was like okay well we could if you like that then we could possibly work together but I’ve also like there recently was an oncologist I had him on the podcast show very knowledgeable guy fellow ketogenic lifestyle lover like me we love our Tito and we started geeking out and that turns out his wife as a health coach I had no idea and they they have a blog together and alike they contact me a couple months ago and they said hey you know we really love being on your show you shared so much stuff you know we’re finally able to start doing something with this blog so like how do I turn it into a brand so that’s an example of somebody I was recently helping because he’s a highly intelligent on Colleges cancer doctor and she’s a passionate health coach and their blog contact comes from both of them he puts an article up she put snark I think it’s a beautiful balance of medical world and how coaching but they need to build a brand behind that now so that’s an example something I was helping recently so if somebody wants to build a brand what kind of questions would you ask them to hone them in on a specific focus well admittedly there’s a little little form that I send all my new clients I make them go through a little bit of a brand discovery it’s actually really it makes you thinking about what you care about most what you want to embody a lot of people forget your brand’s are more than just money generators like your brand is a piece of you weight does not feel your name okay like obviously I own Scott Mulvaney calm but that routes to live the fuel calm until the book launches and I start building my a possible author following I don’t need to create a separate site I might always keep everything under leather I feel calm I haven’t decided yet on board so your point is people need to sometimes just pause and say well what do I want to stand for what I want to embody and theirs later into exercise I put him through like okay you could say like literally the one client said oh well I’m thinking about a logo with blue with like black and gold and you’ll appreciate this by the way because I was like oh really so have you ever read the psychology behind colors and it was like a deer in the headlights he looked at me like there’s psychology behind colors I’m like oh yeah there’s an entire guide on it let me send it to you and sure enough after I sent them that two weeks later on our next coaching call they’re like yeah so here’s our new colors we’re thinking about a nice bright like sky blue and I was like oh wow so no black and gold huh okay hmm how do you go from black and gold to sky blue sometimes it takes something as simple as me just having them pause and say what what are you trying to symbolize like black and gold are very bold strong colors and my gold is obviously a symbol of money as well and if you’re trying to go something more natural more wellness more touchy-feely you might end up changing your color ideas so it drives me crazy if you want a logo from day one yeah that’s usually the first question how do I get any logo and you’re like what is your logo tied to like you I could tell you how many pieces there’s businesses who launched online and they don’t have a logo it’s okay as long as you have a clear you know what if you want to call it a mission state or a purpose statement and you’ve

already got products that were able to be sold or services we sold then great we can still launch a website we don’t need a logo I mean the logo comes later what does that logo supposed to be tied to my logo is is fire all right I have blue and white in my logo because if you’ve ever looked at the different levels of fire intensity and if you ever deke out about science like I do and stars and all this other stuff if you ever look at the remember science class we talked about the life cycle of the Sun mm-hmm and as the Sun gets older it moves into a big red stage and then it starts shrinking down and getting in tenser and tenser in tensioner switched into a blue phase in a white face now grand we look at the stars in the sky and need to see white stars but that’s my reason why I went with white as for the color of my fire because I want to burn like white hot blue hot but white hot is most important to me because yes if you think of traditional fire it’s red it’s orange yellow those are warming colors no no no I’m going white hot baby all right we’re going we’re going intense so but see there’s I could talk to that there’s meaning behind that right right it’s not just throwing something up so when you you’re helping with the brand strategy meaning the why behind the why the why behind the what like all of the the layers of clarity really because if you just throw something up and pray that people get it it’s it doesn’t always work that way now do you in terms of getting the their message out do you focus on Instagram Facebook YouTube all of it Google what it was your main focus yes and no okay one I’ll give you a matter what I did live the fuel I locked down with a fuel everywhere yeah because I call it I call your online real estate right so it’s like listen I’m gonna I wanted to make sure my digital footprint is a hundred percent now nowadays this is getting harder and harder for people right it gets harder and harder to ensure that your screen name as it’s called is not taken by somebody else like maybe you can get it on Twitter and Facebook then maybe somebody or he has it for some strange reason on Instagram I don’t know the point is is that you might be able to do that you might not but my one of my goals is I lock it all down all right that doesn’t mean you need to use it all you have to come back to your comfort level also comes back to what your business is or what your brand is gonna be doing like sometimes people start something it’s not even a business yet they’re just trying to build the brand in the beginning where the fuel was not a business it was I launched a Facebook page within with it with a ghetto looking image of a flame as my logo my facebook like page profile image and I started pushing motivational and inspirational content because even since before firefighting when I started making my pivots as you called him earlier and shifts is because I started putting in the work I was doing personal development professional development I became obsessed with it and I am to this day so that’s why that’s why I started pushing content I didn’t have Instagram yeah I wasn’t even using Twitter I don’t know what the heck I was doing a lot of stuff and Twitter’s still one of my weaker profiles cuz I just I just tweet stuff once in a while it’s not really a primary platform for me I focus heavily for me on Instagram YouTube and Facebook but that’s for me like when I do a podcast like for you when you were on my show I record the video because YouTube is powerful for long-form format and there’s and the podcast world is shifting so I started doing that a long time ago because I want to get ahead of the curve that’s why I care about YouTube long-form format but if your talk you and I were talking to somebody right now a friend of yours and they’re building a OH like maybe they’re gonna be launching a cookbook in two years well then whatever that brands gonna stand for or maybe you’re gonna have multiple cookbooks then great maybe your brand is your name cuz you’re a chef or you’re just a at home guru when it comes to cooking then you’re gonna buy a nice camera and you just start photographing all the food you make well clearly I do popping that bad boy on instagram instagram is image-heavy Facebook’s become a pay-to-play platform you have to exist just from an SEO perspective so my response to that is when you’re in Instagram and you can set up other social media link profiles I would just set them all up and then when you go to post just swipe for Facebook at slice and Twitter I just like go ahead and duplicate don’t even I just don’t even care about Facebook right now I post to it all the time because you have to but to get anything significant out of it you got to be it’s a pay-to-play platform just gonna throw that out there helped a little bit yeah yeah I think it is interesting to think number one what is your message what do you stand for click being clear about what that is and then which which platform are you focusing on and then why like Instagram is image heavy so if you have an image if you’re going to do that we got to take good pictures we got to be consistent in and they don’t have to be professional photos let me clarify that there still you can still do just good old-fashioned iPhone photos I do it all the time yeah this comes down to what you want to symbolize but if you’re gonna be building content towards a professionally printed cookbook then some of that beautiful imagery is gonna have to start cycling into that feed because you’re building the momentum to

when the cookbook gets released and you’re these are basically and become teaser images because that’s part of your brand if that makes any sense now are you do you teach much on engagement or how do you build followers besides just posting well like for my client that I’ve got to 10,000 this weekend that’s all been organic we’ve never paid for one of them I don’t believe in that it’s all junk I tell you all the time it’s not about the quantity it is about the engagement you can have 500 followers but they’re heavily engaged followers that are always commenting and engaging and you are also commenting and engaging back to them it’s engagements a two-way street then you might have just a very loyal following of 500 to 1000 people there’s nothing wrong with that my client is trying to get a movie launch next year so the more followers he has and the more traffic we can drive to for example watch the trailer for the movie on YouTube obviously that’s my goal every tweet every Facebook from time to time not every single one we’re gonna try and remind people hey every see every like fifth or sixth post hey guys don’t forget about that movie coming out go go watch that movie or something but lately we’ve been trying to get more people into his personal background he’s been around for over 50 years so recently we were posting some throwback pics of when he used to play football in high school and stuff like that he found all these old photos and he photographed with his iPhone we were getting crazy engagement of that because he has such a loyal following from his podcast show and the book that he put out a few years ago now people were excited to see him on Instagram it’s a different demographic and then but people never knew his background from years and years and years ago so when eight when he every once a while we throw out an old-school pic people like what I can’t believe that’s you you know and you crazy engagement at that so it’s okay to throw yourself off of your traditional from time to time if you looking for some shock factor so yeah yeah it’s interesting cuz not everything can be an action post can be I do this buy this watch this definitely not know you if you want to think about a very basic mathematic equation and it changed sometime in time but I tell people every seventh post you could ask this is the same thing with email marketing right every seventh email for example ask you’re allowed to ask part of that know you’re building a relationship you’re building a engagement but if you are if you post every single posts with like hey swipe here buy this swipe here to download this or every email you send your list is bye-bye-bye you’re gonna crash and burn just wrong it really is it is that psychology of being a friend somebody you like know and trust because they’re gonna be when you mentioned the throwback pictures they’re excited about him and because they’re excited about him they’ll purchase whatever he gets whatever he creates whatever he comes out with next because they like know and trust him and and he’s kind of the the person behind the brand which his brand his name is his brand and he does have other companies now he’s got a coffee company he’s got a vitamin company and those followings are very small compared to his name so now we’re doing cross-pollination back and forth but only from tamo time like once or twice a week we’ll take something from his vitamin company or his coffee company and share that into his primary brand feedeth behind his name but we’re not drowning people in that it’s just a hey reminder that you know I do this this and this oh don’t forget about this this is my other you know my other thing right so we’re not we’re not drowning people in that so and that’s where the strategy comes in where you can take a look at your week or take a look at your month of what you’re posting what your guiding people to the journey you’re putting out there so that way you know alright every seventh post is an action post throw some lifestyle some story some getting to know me type experiences in their video text pictures all of it and it can be well-rounded because you’ve thought it through oh yeah I mean like we just posted this weekend they unfortunately his wife unfortunately lost one of their longtime dogs had passed away it’s like 16 years old it’s like crazy but so they right away they already had another dog was of Isla visa was apparently are very beautiful breed and they wit there’s you know what we’re getting another dog right away and they picked up a visa puppy we posted that thing less than 24 hours already had a thousand likes there’s already people commenting on it like I can’t wait to see the videos start the video the dog running around like people are asking like please post a video of your dog running around seriously ok but she’s got that kind of following so we’re gonna work that yeah and actually we are gonna launch a new Instagram feed for the dog might as well people are asking well because via this visually is specifically a show a show level dog it’s a puppy but he said and within a year they will be the dog will be competing and being shown because that’s the bloodline it came from so I just jokingly said well well we should launch an Instagram feed while he’s like why I was like well you’re basically building that dog into a professional and nowadays literally people do this like people have Instagram feeds for their dogs I was like then we’ll have the name the dog Bonzo so I’m like I launched a feed called Bonzo the Vizsla because I actually launched a dog a dog

feed for our dog Calvin the coon hound because I every month now I’m pushing Calvin into my content because he’s been through a lot of past two months we helped him we he survived cancer he almost lost him two weeks ago because a renal failure from the cancer and now he’s back and he’s he’s a tripod now he’s a three-legged dog because we had to take his leg to get rid of the cancer so again I’ve had people ask me like hey say hey how’s Calvin doing you know so I don’t drown my feet with it but I say you know let’s start working that in from time to time like people get to see what’s behind little fuel what’s behind Scott you know what’s now my fiance wants nothing to with my feet she just want to be in my feet at all but but so Cal but Calvin gets in there now but it’s part of my life is part of my brand so well it’s part of the authenticity it’s part of the reason why everybody loves reality TVs because they want to know the backstory and they want to really feel like they’re getting to know you so throwing those pieces in they’re gonna make a big difference when you do have a product because they again feel like they’re like no interest well I’m doing the same thing I’m going back and finding some of my old firefighting photos and I’m gonna be turning them into quoted images I’ll be cycling that and some light content throughout the rest of the year into next year because once I finish the book getting under me self publishing this book and the book is gonna be a for purpose book I’m actually gonna be donating proceeds to fall on firefighters so I want to really make sure this book is successful not for me it’s because it’s a giving back initiative so if I could start building some of the steam with behind the firefighting theme again reminding people that’s what live the fuel came from I can use it to build some steam get back you know towards the book launch and you know we’ll see where it goes from there awesome but again you’re starting with the end in mind and a year or two before it even launches you’ve got your plan in place and then once you’ve got your plan in place you can simply execute you don’t have to think you don’t have to be wishy-washy you don’t have to wonder you you just go and because of that and you mentioned action risky action action dream plan do I totally noticed that on the Dreamcast I thought if you have bought that by the way that’s actually new I added that a few weeks ago yeah dreams land ooh I love it cuz you do you create your you’ve got your clarity right you create your plan and then you take massive action and that’s how you create momentum well let’s translate dream is your vision right it is your end goal right your plan is why I geek out so much about strategy I love being a strategist that’s my analytical mindset that’s part of my psyche I’m obsessed with it and do is my entire brand I’ve always been an action taker so I love little little pieces like this where it’s just different verbage but it’s the same thing I mean your dream is your vision right so people need to remind themselves of that it’s okay like have a vision have a goal it’s not gonna end away that my logo changed of probably at least five times since I created live the fuel until I finally got to this it was a metamorphosis because it wasn’t my top priority I was focusing on quality content and building a loyal following with good quality content that people respected and appreciated I wasn’t I was never trying to sell anything so is there anything that you’ve seen like an entrepreneur comes in or maybe a mistake that they made or something or you’d say okay don’t do this if you’re a new entrepreneur stay away from this don’t do this don’t make this mistake one of my coaches reminded me a long time ago I don’t work with them anymore because we just grew a beyond where we were at but I loved his point it reminded me of this is that there’s two types of entrepreneurs or two types of business startups you’re building something that’s gonna be a legacy that you’re never gonna get rid of never could probably never sell or you’re building something to be sold that’s it there’s two kinds of businesses so he’s like what are you building your brand your business anything else are you building something to flip it or sell it or put go on the shark tank you know and and get investors they’ll now own half your company or are you building something for the long haul and do you truly have the patience to get it there because that’s the other thing every wants everything now and that’s that kind of summing up this this theme I’m going with here for you is that stop rushing perfection one there’s no such thing as perfection okay we have to take imperfect action we have to expect imperfect results you tell them hinted that in my bio it’s the most powerful lessons we learn that create the most exponential shifts in life and in business are the ones that we screw up right I mean there’s a quote from Reed the founder of LinkedIn and obviously he’s clearly sold that company for a lot of money but one of his famous quotes is if you’re not embarrassed by your first product you waited too long I really think about that let it be your product or your service if you’re not embarrassed by it you waited too long so sometimes you can rush things right

because that’s how you gonna learn like you don’t know what’s gonna do until you put it out to the marketplace and if it does flop then clearly you know to move on and try something different but if you never take that action as you said then how are you supposed to know well you can’t pivot if you’re not moving right so I love that because you can put something out and get feedback and learn and do you know ask your people your community what do you think what do you like what don’t you like what would be better and you can evolve as you go but if you never actually get it launched yeah doesn’t work so what are you building legacy building to be sold what type of business reveals a legacy come on really is that a question I mean like I I’m bill I want to leave something powerful behind and I mean granted like you know what if with the book and everything else like because I’m being patient what if I just become I don’t know like I’ve got in like the past year or two I got more into public speaking now I wasn’t planning on that it just started happening somebody invited me to speak at their event and then they invited me back again then somebody else had me to come into their event so I’ve only done a couple of special events a year but now I’m doing public speaking more and I actually love it because it’s just like podcasting only you’re in person and in the end I’m not selling anything they just asked me to come up and give back to their audience so just like I do in podcasting just like we’re doing today for your show is if I truly believe if you give enough good you’ll get what you deserve in the end and I think a lot of people just want everything now going back to my point earlier but not being patient with the process is that yes go ahead and put your product and service out there so you can start finding the mistakes and you learn from them but as far as your success you need to be patient with that process you got to give yourself a long timeline for your vision because here’s the best part if you give yourself five ten years for that vision but you do it in three bonus you don’t know what’s gonna happen until you start taking that action now if you were to talk to your 19 year old self who is kind of doing things opposite of your of your family of your friend kind of pipe pave in your own way knowing what you know now what advice or thoughts would you give them well I will preface that response by saying first that I truly believe we cannot live in the past many of us end up pausing and spinning our wheels because we dwell on what has already happened you can’t change what happened I mean hey maybe there is some pose and one day well find this time machine thing but in the end right now I’m living in the moment I’m living for the future so that’s what I would tell myself I would not change a thing I would not change I mean yes I’ve there’s been a lot of struggle over the years financially readerships I didn’t plan for again making myself go to school and then having school debt as an adult what’s up with that but I think I can’t change that i hack and it has to it has to happen as it is because maybe because a lot of people think oh well so are you happy that’s like well how do you define happy I mean if you’re taking risks and you’re learning new things day in and day out doesn’t that make you happy I don’t know what makes people happy so if I went back in time I said I see my nights in yourself like dude just keep making steaks bro I mean like keep making mistakes please because that’s actually gonna make me stronger down the road I need you to keep making more mistakes now that doesn’t mean you go and drink your face off and you get DUIs okay I’m not talk about those kind of mistakes because I did that once I I started sharing on the podcast a couple of times I never talked a lot about my background I say you know I made that mistake one time and luckily I had a clean record and I went into a program right away and they wiped that out and I never made a mistake again because it’s just life is short and you should not be risking people’s lives it’s a whole different podcast but my point is again transparency people thought oh Scott’s the former firefighter and in the corporate space and I’m like high achiever and I do Spartan races I skydive and almost crazy stuff like yeah but I still made mistakes I’m still human you have to make the mistakes embrace it yeah I’m not seeing it as a stop sign no I call them speed bumps or if you ever do Spartan races it’s just another wall you’re climbing over or when I did with my fianc and her girlfriends another wall you’re throwing yourself over because I live in a wall you work man teamwork so how did you meet your fiancé Facebook okay I’m not even kidding you I was not set up I mean I had moved back and a mutual friend had noticed I had returned and my fiancee it just becomes single recently and she was mutual friends with both of us but we weren’t I didn’t know Kristen at all and that girl basically took my profile photo and sent it to her and then did the same thing to me and then then went and actually hung out with Chris and has said hey they they did the classic Facebook stalking

she was already friends with me so she was able to allow Kristen to go in and like dig into my whole profile and they saw the firefighting photos and I rock rock miles living Colorado’s rock climbing and racing mountain bikes and stuff like that was the most crazy stuff and like well he looks fun so that helped kick it all off and our first date was a one of my favorite little restaurants where I used to live in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and they’ll down the historic village we met for a glass of wine and and that’s how we over facebook messenger mind you and then she was surprised because I actually literally came drove to pick her up the next city over and then you know drove her to the date and back again and also other stuff she wasn’t expecting that either I’m like well she wasn’t she wasn’t expect me to call her she thought I would just text her when I called her to set up the date she wasn’t ready for that that’s how much things have changed man like weirdo because I called you you know it’s it’s it sounds like through the risk and through the vision and through the big audacious hairy goals you continue to say yes to yourself you continue to say yes to your community to the people that you love because you’re committed to designing a life that you love and you’re committed to helping other people do the same kind of find their fuel and live it so one last question you have talked a lot about digging into personal development and really getting a PhD in personal development what are some of your favorite books oh god there’s well here’s the problem there’s a couple of authors that have a lot of books yes Jim Rohn I got I just named chopped because I mean there’s so many books he’s done put me on point now so Jim Rohn obviously right and then you got actually more of a newer influencer for me in the financial space is the author of profit first Michael McHale what’s I’ve incorporated that into my entire business format it’s my entire back-end it’s like he basically flipped the entire accounting world on its head with what he designed so he’s a multi author but his best-selling book has been released a second times called profit first so Michael McHale what’s do not try and spell that last name I’m look at my library behind me and who is the Think and Grow Rich Napoli’s no thank you Napoleon Hill oh yeah here’s the best part you don’t need all these new school cats okay like they’re just recycling and repurposing and reformatting the classic content yeah and things like finca Grow Rich and and authors like Jim Rohn I mean if you just went with Napoleon Hill and Jim Rohn you’re covered for a while have you ever listened to the strangest secret by Earl Nightingale yes more recently actually I didn’t find that into my life and it added to my library until above about a year ago actually so it’s interesting you brought that up I wasn’t only a big father of Nightingale stuff for a while yeah I wasn’t either and it wasn’t Jim Rohn who introduced it to me it was somebody who learned from Jim Rohn but I forget his name off the top of my head and he said he listened to the strangest secret on audible every day for 30 days so I went to listen to it because I do what successful people do and that’s what the 1% do you know some people hear it and ignore it but I like alright I have to do it and I was so shocked when it was from like the 50’s honestly I mean for example this guy best-selling book secrets of the millionaire mind yeah see Harv Eker yeah well tea party RF Hecker learned from Napoleon Hill yes is just his own content and then actually was something for the guys out there and actually I think the lady should read this too this was something that helped me with my fiancee because part of my other speedbumps was she actually broke up with me for three months as we were approaching our first year of dating because my head was so far up my butt from those years of firefighting and not letting vulnerability into my life I was not allowing her to get close to me and she’s like sorry been there done that ready to move on dump my butt so yeah anyway I won her back now like you only you won’t you learned the hard way one time and so back to our fuel for the fire I took all that energy that I was doing for personal development and professional development and you’re gonna love this line and I this question pops in my head and I said you know Scott you’ve taken all these risks with your personal life and your professional life and you’d always personal professional development and the one risk you’ve never allowed yourself your entire life of your adult life was the risk of the heart because I never let something get close to me and I said all right well you never even gave her a shot so I went the next three months I’m a hardcore into romantic personal developments this is one of my books actually the way of the superior man by david deida okay and hits a lot of old-school best

practices that I think some of our your newer generation needs a pay attention to and this is available inaudible I actually actually this isn’t my audible library I listen to this once a quarter so four times a year I make my so go back and listen to this book again so well when you’re thinking about all areas of life and taking risks in all areas of life and growing all areas of life to be that dream ten life you and your romantic relationship said what if it’s meant to be what if I went all-in for the first time and that’s why I said I can’t I could have walked away but I was like well what if I just didn’t give her a shot like worst case scenario she could still say no but I didn’t go after right away I needed to put in the work I mean trust me I’m still putting in the work let’s be real 90 days of self-development not enough guys come on yeah okay and that’s why she’s having to remind me about that all the time what are you reading right now ooh well I’m obviously I’m the audible fan so but I actually have a few friends of mine that have released books so I’m currently an old colleague from my my t-mobile days this man has been through a lot in the military space he suffered a lot from depression and other areas affected by mental health so he wrote a book called dear Billy salvation in the Poconos and literally him writing Billy was the person who like was the caretaker of this property that him and his wife stayed at so he wrote a book as if he’s running a to Billy the guy the caretaker because the experience staying there had left such an impact on him but the book is I’m still digging through it but the book is a lot of honesty and transparency into Ben Miller’s the author Ben’s life and the struggles he’s been through since serving in the military and the post-traumatic all that drama all that all that mental anguish powerful so I’m proud of him for writing that book and then the other one was a guy who sat on my show too is a very light read but my happiness journey by Jeremy Vermeulen so a guiding principles to a happy life and he is talking about how he made some mistakes with his wife and he wasn’t putting his family first and it’s just powerful stuff so it’s interesting how I go from like business books to finance books to still nowadays I now allow more personal and I think friendship and romantic stories in there to help me you know well round my life absolutely well you guys check out live the fuel com live the fuel podcast for more of Scott’s wisdom and inspiration and I know we’re just scratching the surface so I definitely want to continue to dive in by listening to your show as well is there anything that’s brewing for you that you want to make sure to mention well the books not out yet I have fished writing it now I’m moving into editing so okay well last time I talked to you we hadn’t finished writing it so good job yes yes I’m just shy of 30,000 words my coach told me to expect more he said when you start editing he may have actually creating a whole new chapter or something so we’ll see what happens but I want to keep it a little bit more mid-level and lighter I don’t need to write a dissertation so III think if anything else I just want to remind people it’s not about me writes about you guys and I get my tagline for the show as we feel your health your business your lifestyle so whichever those areas in your life you’re struggling with don’t hesitate to reach out for help or at least put in the work to start figuring out if you’re struggling in that area after all because I didn’t realize I was struggling on the romantic side it took I took a girl to basically show me where I was down there and then with my with all my psychology background from school and everything else I still had my head up my butt and I had to realize wait a minute I you don’t know everything and maybe you should listen to some people who know more but even my closest friends like yeah you kind of screwed that one up do you have a title for your book yet yes it is the it is the line that I read when I started digging deeper into the hotshot world I came across that Forest Service website I forget what crew it was I haven’t found a sense but the line stated it was written by the superintendent and I said so you want to be a hotshot and then he lists every god-awful component of that job description and what we had to do the rest of the page his his point was don’t waste my time if you’re not willing to do all of this don’t even bother if this if you read all of this at the Bob because if you read all this and just still entices you feel free to reach out so it was just a perfect thing that I never forgot because I’m that guy I’m like oh wait man that all sounds god-awful yeah let’s go for it say yes yeah awesome well thank you so much and so you want to be a hotshot we’ll be out

sometime in the next year and we’ll definitely blessed our connections when that comes out because we know that this is going to be something that will take them on a journey you you don’t experience something like that and come out the same you know you you go in and it really does impact you on all sides and then when I feel like when you when you come out changed there’s an element of like everybody needs to know about this like this is such a transformation that so many people will benefit from the experiences that you had so live the fuel calm you guys check out live the fuel podcast Instagram YouTube Facebook all the things and then we’ll definitely keep you posted when so you want to be a hotshot launches so congratulations on everything you’ve done and for being a finisher a risk-taker and the heart that you have along the way just means you’re truly impacting everybody that you come in contact with silk congratulations and we’ll definitely be in touch much appreciated thanks so much for hanging out with us today I want to hear your aha moment from today’s amazing episode if you could leave a review and whatever podcast player you choose to listen from Apple podcast cast box Spotify YouTube wherever you’re listening from leave a review and share with us your favorite part of today’s episode thanks for hanging out and remember to dream big