Drilling Holes & Laying Fiberglass: Installing a Windlass | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 18

-We have protective packaging for offshore passages here Figured out our system, you start with a layer of blankets and then we get nice, soft cushion in the middle and a little bit stronger foam on top then we protect our precious cargo right in the middle -Okay, show them what’s really happening -We’re packing up our bed Because we’re sleeping in the salon while we worked on the windlass, which is done! It’s so done, I’m so excited We’ve spent the last, what is it? Two and a half weeks maybe working on this windlass -And drill some holes through it -Bruce, I think that worked And it is finally finished So when we first bought this windlass, I measured out this area here and said, “Yes, it’ll fit.” Our chain would drop right into the chain pipe and we’d be good We did some preliminary measuring and it looked like it was going to fit in between our two foredeck cleats right here But when we set the windlass down there, we realized that was going to be a terrible idea Our chain pipe is located really far forward It would have been nice if this was back here because our hands, our lines, anything going around these cleats would just be banging into the windlass Here we go So I spent a week learning how to fiberglass upside down on the ceiling in the chain locker, which was not that fun and then had to get all the backing plates and the starboard mounting deck plates and everything drilled out and cut down That was kind of don’t — which sucks Then I had to cut a new hole in the deck for the new chain pipe It’s been a big giant project I’ve already hit my first roadblock I took all the screws out of here and this thing won’t budge at all I’m trying to decide is it heat, sharpness, brute force or chemical that is going to break the seal of whatever this caulk or glue or epoxy or something that’s holding this chain pipe down, I don’t know I’m going to ask the experts Okay, we’re going with option A, brute force Nice, perfect, success A little help from the friends you can get just about anything done Okay, we’ve done just a little bit of scraping to clean off the caulk that was used, the next step is going to be either use some acetone or to just start grinding I need to sand about a eight or 10 inch circle around and bevel it out just to get the edges down a little bit, so we can tie into the glass and give the glass a nice, clean spot to attach to -While Kirk prepped the old chain pipe hole for glassing, I started my first sewing project: covers for our teak handrails and whatever else I could make out of this old mainsail cover we got just before it was being thrown away I’m thinking I’m probably only going to get one handrail out of each of these sides -But do we have enough? -From this whole thing? -Yeah -Sweet free canvas, who cares if it doesn’t match -I gotta go bother Brusth Bruce – [with a Looney Tunes lisp] I gotta to go bother Bruthce to see if we can use his sewing machine All right, I’ve almost got this boat ready to do some sanding Hopefully, this keeps the dust out of here for the most part because I don’t fancy sleeping in fiberglass dust We’re all set up here, I got my mask, my goggles, some padding to sit on, some gloves to wear, sander, sanding stuff Let’s do this -What happened?

-I just tried to do two things at once I tried to pull the pin out while I was still pressing the foot pedal down The fabric shifted to the side Wow Yeah, look at that -Ack Love- Yeah? This is free canvas -Yeah, that has nothing to do with the canvas though That’s my stitch work there All right. Well, hopefully, that’ll hold -That’s even on the inside part, right? So you’re going to flip it over and then stitch it again -You’re right Good thing no one’s lives are depending upon this sewing project -I kinda wanted to get a little wet before… That’s fine I was just curious and not use the silica till you’re ready to fill -Well, I’m going to make it nice and thick on the underside I’m going to wet the underside, but I don’t want it to be a little, I don’t want to be drippy like that -Okay -I read it in a book -Okay I believe you -As they say, there are probably six ways to do it -It doesn’t really matter, you probably can’t f*ck this up You even bought a cute little roller, cool -I spared no expense I wanted to do this right Greg -There is no right, man, I’m telling you -Did you ever see that movie, All Is Lost? -Yeah That’s stupid -The movie about all the things to do wrong I couldn’t even finish it -Well, can you imagine what Carol would do to me if I went out and it’s pouring down rain and the dodger’s down and I leave the hatch open? Are you kidding me? -Here I go -Your legs are ridiculously large for that tiny -Hole they’re coming out of? Yeah -Yeah -It’s very close to dripping on my face -Do you want like a… face mask? -I’ve got a face mask Luke, [in Darth Vader voice] I am your fiberglass master -Too many chemicals to the brain -Yes, chemicals and beer -It’s Saturday morning and it’s beautiful and still out here and I think it’s about seven o’clock And it is day two of fiberglassing the chain pipe closed Kirk and I have been sleeping in the living room– salon– for the last four days I think because the vberth looks like this So last night you put on two layers right? -Yes -And this morning this is three and four? -Yep All right I think that’s it So this is the plug that I made to fill the hole from the top down when I laid the first glass underneath This gave me a close to flush surface so that when I laid the glass down, it laid nice and smooth and it didn’t have big wrinkles in it Whoa there, killer -I have 32 of these stitches to go -Really? -I just say 32 total, I’m four in. And that’s not including the stitches I have to make on each side of the handrails to pinch them together So that’s another eight So I have 40 -How long is this going to take you? -I don’t know -It should go faster now that you have a template, right? -Yeah, I think so I was hoping I can get them done tonight but I think that’s probably a little ambitious -So am I making dinner? -Yeah, what are you makin’? -Fajitas -Kirk’s making leftovers -Here’s what I’m mixing up nice and soupy but a little bit thickened -You got tons of fiberglass in your hair -Awesome Oops It’s pretty tight in there -Yeah -This is fairing compound

so it’ll level out all nice and smooth If you can get toothpicks, so I can fill in these holes that’d be awesome -I got my last two handrail covers. Slaving away 10 o’clock I’m exaggerating, it’s like, nine Just trying to save as much of that canvas as possible for all of our other things that we want to cover -Which are? -We want to cover some winches and our outboard motor We want to make a wind scoop for this forward hatch Do you think we have enough canvas for that? -Do we have enough time for that, is the question -Yeah Definitely not -You look like a creepy monster now Like a scary movie There we go, that’s better We just need a big long mount, to be able to mount this off to the side of the camera, because we could shoot in any dark weather scenario with this light -Dark weather -In any dark scenario with this Now you’re a scary person Scary story Now you’re an angel -Yeah, no Hi Love [groan] Kirk has taken to lining the cabin sole with pillows and cushions, and I have been up in the pilot berth because the vberth hasn’t had a mattress in it, for man. It’s got to have been two weeks, right? A week and a half? Okay you can stop acting like you’re asleep now -I wanna go back to sleep now -When Kirk’s not working on boat projects, he’s working in the office -What? -The way the sun is shining through the window is illuminating every dust particle -All the are particles of dust I am about to drill the first holes in our boat that I have ever drilled Luckily, they’re not anywhere near the waterline That’s scary -Hey Abby -These look pretty good Now those are some big holes That’s one After drilling pilot holes and enlarging them to slightly more than we needed, the next step was to fill them back in again with thickened epoxy before re-drilling the final holes -Why the grin? -We have all four bolts through That’s through one thing, we need to get it through two more things -Two more layers? -Two more layers of straight shot four inches of bolts without a drill press is kinda tough I kinda want to put this on the boat and see how closely this lines up What I want to see is these bolts line up with the holes and those kind of don’t. Which sucks Got one more pilot hole to drill and then two more bolt holes, and then we can test-fit We needed to keep the holes straight through the deck and both layers of starboard One on top to cover the old chain pipe, and one below as a backing plate These are the scariest two bolts These are going to be what makes or breaks the fitting So we’re using– what are these? 10 millimeter? -Yeah, 10 millimeter -Or 12 millimeter?

-Bolts If this drop in well, all four of these have to drop in, then we’re home free Two! These one’s are going to be the hard ones I should have done these first Three! [The Count Muppet voice] Ah, ah, ah! -And number four -It’s always the last one Boat projects are 75% done and then, I get called into a phone call for work, and I have to stop So close That’s what happens when you live and work on a boat Okay -What about peanut butter? -But wait What are we using peanut butter for? -So we’re trying to figure out how we can line up this backing plate to all the bolts that are going through the deck, and to be able to drill the holes through, so they line up perfectly with the bolts The only way to do that is, somehow, make a mark with the bolts onto the starboard by pushing it onto the bolts -Because we don’t think that the bolts are going through our deck through the starboard on top of the deck, and through the windlass exactly vertical -Right Kirk asked me how he thought we could make an impression on the starboard The first thing I said was “peanut butter” because I was just going to eat it -So we would dip the bolts in peanut butter -Yeah, or you know, like wipe a little bit of peanut butter on the bolts -But that seems like a stupid idea Then, we were thinking paint, which we have none of, except for spray paint, but acrylic paint would really be the best But then- -Then, I had a thing of lipstick that I used to use when we were working on the condos to do the same thing -Yeah Kirk said, “What about lipstick?” And I said, “I don’t own any.” But so I have this, thank you mom, that I haven’t used yet Clinique lip gloss, which is nice and gooey and has a little bit of color, hopefully enough so that Kirk can drill some holes through it, the starboard Now, I’m going to go and paint the bolts with lip gloss -I’m going to go pull back them out, so there’s only one or two threads showing -Okay Then, I’ll do that It’s going to take you a minute to back those threads out, right? -Yes -Back the bolts out? Okay Perfect -Hey, Bruce? -Yep? We’re going to just paint on this stuff real quick -I need to make sure the outside has it because they’re a little bit concave, you know -Yeah -Bruce, I think that worked -Excellent -What are you doing right now, Kirk? -We are putting life-caulk sealant on the threading of our bolts that are going to go through our deck all the way down, which is going to basically glue everything together, including my washers and nuts here on the end All right, Bruce? We’re ready to tighten down All right, let’s do the other forward That’s an installed windlass Freaking sweet Now we just got to cut a giant hole in the deck to put the chain through Thank you so much -You’re welcome It looks nice -Pick a hole right? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe? -Yeah, but don’t go all the way through Go into the gelcoat with this one, and then start the other one, kinda go back and forth -Now start the other one -I just cut two 2-3/4” holes in the bow of my boat It was kinda scary I’m just filing this down to get a nice tight fit, and then, we’re going to mix up some epoxy real thick, so that it will stick to the vertical walls of the core of the deck, and let that sit overnight Then, we will sand that down again tomorrow morning and put in the chain pipe to finish it up Put a lot of holes in the boat lately, but hopefully, those would be the last for a while There we are

So the chain goes right through here, straight down in and we are happy campers Lauren has been doing a lot of sewing She has made us some hand rail covers She’s also made us these cute little winch covers, a compass cover, as well, that is hiding under here and then she’s going to make us a windlass cover today Then she’ll be done sewing for a while, and I think she’s happy about it -Love, I’m stuck -Okay, I’ll get you out -Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching our video, we really appreciate it If you did like it, please give us a thumbs up, and if you haven’t subscribed yet to our channel, you can click the subscribe button below -Do it No, but for real, we really appreciated all the comments Thank you so much for all the stories and everything, it’s been really fun to read -All the emails that we’ve been receiving through our website, and if you haven’t commented below, if you haven’t said, “Hi” yet, do it! Drop a comment below