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Guys I have a lot of products to talk about in today’s video so I hope you are here for it because this video is going to be extremely informative Welcome back to my channel everyone; if it’s your first time seeing me, hi I’m Maryam Today I am doing a round up video of my favorite products and some products that did not work for me aka faves and fails aka hits and misses, call them what you want but I am here to deliver the truth, I hope you guys are here for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us make-up Gods, without further ado let’s get into these products Remember to subscribe if you aren’t already, hit that notification bell you know the drill and now let’s get to this video So, today I think I wanna go down the order of how I apply my make-up so starting with skin care, so the first product on my favorites list this month is Pixi detoxifeye de-puffing eye patches, these are Pixi green, they are awesome, I like to keep them in my fridge so they could be extra cool and what I like these for is basically to de-puff my morning under eye When I wake up I usually feel just a little bit puffy, just a little bit swollen, especially in the eye area, these patches help out a lot These are $28.00 kinda pricey for Pixi but it is skin care so I understand the price point, these are available at Target, also pixibeauty.com and of course I’m gonna be listing and linking everything that I’m loving in this video down below in the description box Now they also have a fortifeye firming eye patches, similar packaging just a different color top, these are really great for lifting the under eye area, so let’s say you have a little bit more sagging skin here, these would be great for that, also $28.00 so again kinda pricey for Pixi but you know what, these are not Peter Thomas Roth eye patch prices, ohh a fun trick that I really like to do with under eye patches is apply them on my bare skin and then do my eye brows and my eyes, that way if there is any fallout the patches can catch it and then once you are done with your eye make-up you can remove the patches and then apply the rest of your foundation boom Guys I have a new favorite moisturizer and I am so excited, I gotta give this honorary mention to Glow Recipe, they have been coming out with some really cool and innovative products that I have really been liking So, this watermelon glow pink juice moisturizer, its $39.00 not super cheap, this is a little bit more luxurious than my regular L’Oreal moisturizer that I love Similarly this is great for oily skin to normal skin, it absorbs quickly, it’s great to wear under make-up, the reason why I like this one so much is because it smells like watermelon and oh my God, can I just tell you guys how much I love watermelon Next, you guys I have found a new favorite primer and I am talking about Ole Henrickson banana bright face primer, this is actually a duly primer to give you a glow underneath your foundation, yes you heard me right and yes I am an oily skin girl So typically these types of products are a no no for me, they just do not work because most of the time they are really greasy and they just happen to amplify my pores and my oils and my what not This product is actually, wait for it matte, this is a mattifying primer however when you apply it on it gives you just the most amazing luminosity My favorite way to wear this is on bare skin on good skin days of course or under a super sheer coverage foundation just to let that glow shine through and just to feel really healthy Plus it got vitamin C, banana powder inspired pigments so not only does it perfect your face base it also perfects the skin, so you can’t go wrong with that, smells delightful, it’s a hit Okay foundation time, I do have some new favorite foundations, I have been reviewing a lot of foundations lately so if you guys have not checked those out then I have a foundations review playlist, be sure to watch that I don’t want to talk about too many today, I just want to talk about the newest and the coolest ones, the first one being Tarte’s foundcealer, I know I’m shocked myself, I was not expecting to like this product because it is skin care and foundation mixed in one It’s a hybrid foundation which I typically do not gravitate towards, not the case with Tarte’s foundcealer As silly as the name is this actually is a really great product I do have a review on that which you can watch and I will also link it down there as well, it wears really well I am wearing on my face right now, it matifies the skin it gives you a super healthy believable no make-up foundation type of finish which I’m really drawn to and I really like On the other hand I am not a fan of Tarte’s new new face tape foundation, this is their latest re-release of this product in this category, I’m not gonna get into the long story but the short story is this this just did not hit the mark, this felt greasy, this

felt heavy, this did not do anything for my pores, in fact I think it made my skin looked worse than what it did before I did review this as well, so you guys can check it out if you want Another foundation that I have been loving lately is the Dior forever 24H hi perfection skin caring foundation with sun screen Do not confuse this one for their Dior forever matte foundation; this is a slightly different formula This foundation is great, it is full coverage, it is not heavy, coverage is perfection pores fine lines, makes your skin looks better, it is very pricey $52.00 but if you are looking for something luxurious that works then I would recommend this Okay next ohh you guys are gonna be very excited I think I found another favorite concealer No it’s not shape tape, I am talking about Charlotte Tilbury’s magic away liquid concealer, this comes in a little wand that looks like this, a little color window on the back and although I am not super crazy about this type of packaging, if you are a make-up artist then obviously this would not be sanitary, however if you are just using this for yourself then it might be okay Although I still prefer a wand type of packaging without the scroll thing that sometimes does not work, the point is this is actually a hit and what I like about this concealer is that it does something different to the under eye, obviously you could also wear it on other areas to brighten and to cover imperfections but I specifically love this one for the under eye because it actually lifts this under eye area So again if you have a puffier under eye skin situation like I mentioned for the fortifeye patches then you might benefit from Charlotte Tilbury’s magic away concealer This is not a heavy formula but it is really great coverage and it also does lift, I am wearing it right now I think my under eye looks pretty fresh I mean $32.00 but what can I say, it’s good and I have been liking it Speaking of Charlotte T, yes this Icon palette is one of my favorites for the month, I did review this palette, I did a look and a first impressions type of tutorial but can we just look at these gorgeous colors, this is stunning these shades are buttery, they are silky super-duper pragmatic, great for a red carpet type of look There aren’t too many matte shades but with this palette I feel like you don’t even need it and although this is another really pricey palette, if you are a make-up artist especially if you have some high level clients you might want to invest in a palette like this If you are a make-up enthusiast however, like myself and you just have to get your hands on something this pretty then you might be into it as well Can you find dupes for these shadows, yeah probably but they are not going to be as pragmatic and as quality as these That is the truth, don’t kill the messenger but that is the truth I mean this is a $65.00 palette but speaking of $65.00 palette I just have to mention my Game of Thrones X Urban Decay, in my humble opinion this is Urban Decay’s best palette to date, I know, I know some people are like nobody on the Game of Thrones actually wears these colors, I hear you and I understand you, however, let’s use our imagination make-up is fun and although this is inspired by the show you don’t necessarily have to create a Game of Thrones look with it This is for those of you who love make-up, who also love Game of Thrones, who also like awesome colors and who want quality products I think this is a quality palette, also $65.00 you get a lot more with this one than you get with the Charlotte T. But they are different I actually like a lot of the products from the Game of Thrones and Urban Decay colab, really like this lip in cheek tint, I think this is unique and different, you can wear this under your make-up, you can apply this over your foundation, it does not ruin your foundation, I think you could even apply it over powder, it’s just cool Similarly I like the 24/7 glide on pencils especially lannister gold and dragon smoke, these are my 2 favorite colors and I have been using them non-stop Oh I forgot to put this on on my water line I have something affordable-ish to talk to you about and it is an eye shadow palette, I’m talking about Morphe 35G bronze goals, this palette has been on my make-up table for the last month and I have been dipping my brushes into it non-stop, every day I have used a color from this palette in my looks, it has the most brilliant transitions colors, it has great shimmery shades, just really good colors that are warm, that are bronzy, natural also glam I mean this is a very versatile palette and at $25.00 you really can’t go wrong, I’m gonna continue wearing this If you are looking for something that’s quality, that’s affordable then look no further, I think this is a snatch you guys

I have also been loving Morphe’s continuous setting mist spray, this mist is so fine you guys, see how fine, hhmm this is goals, this is setting spray goals and it’s $16.00 at Ulta, is there an Ulta near you This palette is not exactly a fail because I did give it a rating of 7 out of 10 but considering Morphe’s 35g bronze goals, considering Urban Decay and Game of Thrones, considering Charlotte Tilbury’s Icon palette, this one just falls short when it’s compared to these 3 masterpieces, not that this is a bad palette, not that these colors aren’t gorgeous, just the quality of the eye shadows is a bit problematic There is a slight learning curve to 2 faced shadows in my opinion; some of them are a little too dry whereas, others are not tightly pressed so they are dusty If you are familiar with this type of formulation then you will be just fine but you need to have a little bit of skill and just a little bit more of a practiced hand Speaking of palettes also not a huge fan of this Nars lost in luster face palette, I’m waiting for the spark, I’m waiting for the pop, I’m waiting for some excitement but when I look at this palette I just feel so bored I don’t know I feel like Nars have such great products, they have such great shadows but why give me something so small and so limited and so uninteresting, especially for $49.00, I want so much more than this for $49.00, yes the quality of the eye shadows is okay, there is pigment but it’s just such a snooze fest for me Only reason why I kept this palette is because I really liked this coral blush I want more and I expect more from Nars Okay let’s move on to some fun Fenty products, I have a lot to say about Fenty this month, I have been reviewing pretty much all of their new releases Let’s start with the good news, Fenty Beauty’s new highlighters, Penny For Your Thoughts, The Bronze and Killawatt Foil in afternoon snack and Mo’Hunny Both of these are products that I am currently loving although I can’t necessarily wear this one as a highlighter, I have been using this as an eye shadow and the fact that you get so much in this pan makes me think that you have hit the eye shadow lottery What I am saying is I am a fan of Penny for your Thoughts, I also think that this highlighter duo is a hit as well On the other hand their current bronzers release wasn’t received with as much enthusiasm from me, only because after testing them I found out that the medium range that was sent to me just looked entirely too orange on my face so it wasn’t really Fenty more like Fonta The lightest colors Shady Biz kind of worked but I think it’s more meant for someone who is a lot lighter than I am, for someone with a fair skin tone Whereas the other 2 Island Ting and Private Island made me look like I hadn’t showered after a very, very cheap tanning session, but I did read a lot of your comments on the video, I reviewed these bronzers and a lot of people were saying that Caramel Cutie would be the best shade for me which is actually for tanned skin tones and it’s the only one that does not lean orange, so I am gonna get my hands on that and I will come back to you guys with another review and an update Moving right along to some very expensive Trophy Wife body lava that also just launched from our friends at Fenty Beauty, I did review this product I will link up here, although this is a gorgeous product it looks amazing on the skin, it’s super glittery, looks like you have dipped yourself in a pool of shimmer and you came out looking like a Goddess, however this product is a little bit difficult to remove, I believe it’s actually waterproof so you will need a lot more than just soap and water to remove the shimmer and the glitter and the tackiness, because this is a sticky kind of product Having said all that I do think that this Trophy Wife, this Brown Sugar and this Who Needs Clothes body lava by Fenty is a hit this month It’s difficult to achieve this type of glow without an oily sticky type of feeling, although you can use something like Jeffree Stars liquid frost which is $25.00 by the way, much smaller too It is a beautiful glittery product that I am wearing on my chest right now It’s not giving me that wet finish the way that body lava does but it is really pretty and it’s close Similarly you could use Cover FX glitter drops which are $44.00 super duper pricey for such a tiny product but the good news is that you only need a tiny bit of product to achieve this kind of shimmer and glow Now if you are really on a budget, wait for it take this L’Oreal Lumi Glotion in the shade deep glow, very similar to brown sugar, rub it all over your body and then add some highlighter on top It will give you a similar kind of finish although probably not as glittery and probably

not a wet looking, but if you are on a budget who cares Okay so now speaking of highlighters I actually have a new favorite highlighter that costs $5.00 which is amazing, I’m talking about Wet n Wild mega glow highlighting powder in the shade bloom time Guys have probably seen me wearing this one before in some of my other videos but I gotta say, this is probably my most favorite drug store highlighter to date, this product is gorgeous, it is so blingy, it’s so blinding, it’s so shiny and I mean I feel like it could even compete with Max Whisper of Guilt This is just so good, I love the color I think it’s very flattering, I love how fine it is, I love how cheap it is and I know you guys do too So if you can get your hands on this, please get your hands on several because I don’t think this color is going to be around for long Okay I do have some new favorite lashes, especially for my small eyed girls, I have discovered some amazing lashes from Velour, I’m wearing a pair right now on my eyes, these are called effortless lashes and what’s great about these is that they pre-cut, they are the perfect size for smaller eyes I believe there are about 7 styles, I have 3 right here I’m wearing the style mini me on my eyes right now and it’s just making me feel really natural but still flirty This style right here final touch is a little bit more dramatic but it’s still very wearable just because it’s not super dramatic, it’s not super over the top, it’s not heavy, it’s not bulky and it’s pre-cut so that’s amazing Another hit on my faves list this month is this cute set of nude sticks from NudeStix, if you guys have not heard of nudestix basically what they are, are crayon type lip, cheek and eye products in various finishes, such as shimmer, such as matte and also sheer bomb I might have mentioned this on my Insta stories the other day but I am typically not a eye shadow crayon or lip crayon kind of girl When it comes to lips I usually would only wear a lip crayon if it’s super matte, if it’s long lasting, if it doubles as a lip color and a lip liner in one Most products are not like this, I’m sorry Nars to use you as an example again, these sticks feel just like a regular lipstick so what’s the point Nudestix on the other hand are very, very different I mean look how rich that is, need I say more, plus this product doubles as a lip product, a lip liner, a lip color, a cheek color you could use it on your eyes as well Some of these colors I even use for contouring like this taupe one, the problem with these is that they are not cheap these are about $26.00 each and if you want to get a set like this with all the different shimmery and matte and balmy colors with a mirror compact they range anywhere between $59 – $75 depending on the collection Again kind of on the pricey side but it definitely a stand out product in the make-up crayon category Ohh almost forgot to mention another fail, this Cover Effects Perfecter face palette in the shade light medium, this was a missed opportunity, this was a fail Looking at these colors I just find them to be kinda boring, kinda blah similar to the Nars palette that I talked about earlier, the contour shade in here is just not deep or cool enough, the highlighters are barely there This one is actually kinda nice, see this one is popping but that’s the only pen in this palette that is actually popping so it’s not enough for me to want to spend $45.00 on this face palette And what is this finishing powder, I don’t get this, why is it this weird pinkish shade with sparkles, I got this in my boxy charm PR package which to be honest with you rumor has it that a lot of these products that make it into these monthly boxes are products that you could probably find on Overstock.com if you know what I’m saying So $45.00 for this, oh hell no But you know what I did find a bomb product in my boxy charm and it is this The Brow Gal Tinted Brow Gel with the tiniest little brush, it’s perfect for back combing your brow hairs to kinda give them a little lift and a little volume and then filling them in with a pencil like Sigma 1 that I have also been loving Artist Coutour have some new lip glosses and you know how I feel about those, if you have watched my other faves and fails, hits and misses videos you know I’m a big fan, they are so beautiful I am currently wearing climax on my lips What I like about these glosses is that they are really plastic looking and when I say plastic I mean that in the best sense of the word, they look really shiny, they make your lips look bigger, they make your lips look more luscious The glitters are not chunky they are micro fine and they just give this really pragmatic

sort of finish to your lip They are very different from let’s say Fenty Gloss Bomb which is a more liquidy formula, these are definitely thicker, they feel a little bit heavier on the lips but the finish, the finish just take a photograph with yourself wearing it, the outcome is delicious These are $18.00 each available at Sephora And finally we have come to my final favorite product of the month and it is another lip product Colourpop, the big box of lippie pencils, there are 40 shades of these lip pencils, sadly this box is not available for purchase, this is just for PR, however each of these lip liners are $3.00 so that is super-duper affordable, the color range is amazing, I mean look at all these nudes and neutrals and reds and purples and even funky colors, I think these lip pencils are great, I cannot stop wearing them, I actually secretly wish I had a second big box of lippie pencils, come on Colourpop make this big box of lippie pencils available for purchase please, this is just so good But even if you are a make-up artist and you need to have all of these 40 lip pencils, 40 x 3 is $120.00 that’s not bad Alright you guys that concludes my round up of my faves and fails, my hits and misses for the month of April, I hope you guys enjoyed this very honest review, I will see you very soon in my next video, definitely let me know what you want me to review next, let your thoughts be heard, leave your comments down below, check out some of my other videos right here, click on them, bye guys muah!