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– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel It’s yo girl, Jackie Aina Jaga jaga jaga jaga jaga, jaga jaga jaga jagga I didn’t shave, jagga jagga jagga, jagga jagga Embrace the stubble, jagga jagga jagga Jagga jagga jagga Today I’m gonna be talkin’ bout products that you people let flop in 2018 and beyond, okay? Okay, that’s a little dramatic But I did really wanna do a video on unpopular fades Either products that people don’t talk about at all, like they’re just completely slept on, not really acknowledged, appreciated the way that they should be The way I think that they should be, or products that people just downright don’t like SO it’s gonna be a combination of both This idea I got in a recent video where I was basically talking about, yeah, there’s products that I stand That you may or may not seen on all my videos I have a lot of makeup I have a ton of makeup and sometimes you don’t get to see all that makeup in all of my videos You just don’t It’s impossible, okay? There’s only so many hours on YouTube land So a lot of those products that I really go hard for, you’ve either seen in videos before, but based on how frequently you see them on camera you probably think I don’t like them at all Where they at though? Yeah, maybe they just don’t get that much shine in general Now before we do get started, I just wanna say shout out to my sponsors, AKA Audible, for sponsoring today’s video If you don’t know what Audible is, or maybe you’re just new, I’m not gonna judge you But sit down and let me help you get your life, sis No, you don’t need Evian water to do that Whoa, fire festival Audible is basically a service that you can listen to textbooks, podcasts, news, business info providers, there’s all kinda information on Audible I love listening to books on Audible, especially when I’m doin’ chores around the house Sometimes music just gets boring Simply put Had to put my trap playlist on retirement for a little bit I’m in the midst of getting ready to start Trevor Noah’s book It’s actually been out for awhile I think it’s been like two years now It’s called Born a Crime I actually like Trevor Noah I really like his wit, his humor, his personality and because of you guys, I actually put that on my wishlist a couple weeks ago Visit my custom URL, audible.com/jackieina or text Jackie Aina to 500-500 All one word, JackieAina As low as 30% off all the other audiobooks in their library, which really adds up, sis And this isn’t like a streaming or like a rental service, once you pay for the book, it is yours to keep forever, forever ever, forever ever So as usual, we’re gonna leave links down below Thank you to everybody that’s been supporting that and using my link, that has been enjoying the service and if you aren’t, what the h*** you waitin’ for, girl get your life Put down the bag and pick up a book in 2019 By the way don’t think I forgot, okay I don’t ever foreget to ask people to subscribe Make sure you join the Jackie Aina family Let’s get real, if you’re watchin’ this here video, I’ve probably showed up in your newsfeed about 12 other time before, and I know you’ve at minimum watched three videos., so we want to see you keep coming back So make sure you not only subscribe, but also hit that bell notification so that you never miss new uploads Get with the winning team So the next product that we’re gonna feature is actually a product that I did a video on I’m not gonna let ya’ll sleep on Farsali the way ya’ll are trying to I see what the girls be saying, I see what the girls be saying Ya’ll been tryna play Versalli like they don’t have bangers They really do, okay They gave us Skintune Blur, they gave us the Jelly Beam highlighter, which by the way, now everyone, everyone has a Jelly Beam highlighter You know you’re doing something right as an envy brand when even the drugstore brands harp on and start biting When they came out with Skintune Blur, I think they were just tired I think they were really tired of ya’ll comin’ for them and they were like okay, okay okay You want tea? You want results? You want Facetune in a bottle? We got you So basically, I just use this on top of my primer Sometimes I wear this on no makeup days and it really does blur the skin and preps it quite nicely before foundation Like guys, I know you guys think I have this impeccable, perfect, YouTube beauty guru starter pack skin- I don’t Okay? But this stuff right here, like this tends to be my problem area This is where I get the pores This is where the congregation tends to meet up for weekly meetings and just curse me on the day of the Sabbath But yeah girl, and this product actually, one of my favorite ways to also use this product is mixed with foundation So it’s kind of like a one to one ratio One drop of foundation, one drop of Skintune Blur, mix it all in You think it’s gonna be light, ashy and ghostly, but it’s actually an amazing, amazing pair together So please try that, at least once in your life Mixin’ your Skintune Blur with your foundation I promise you, it’s so bomb Like it makes your skin look so beautiful, blurred, effortless, flawless So somebody in yesterday’s video told me when I wear my hair like this, I look like the llama from Emperor’s New Groove Yo daddy does too, okay? Look I donno why people be thinkin’ these little jokes are funny but they not When you’re typin’ it, do you laugh? Like hoo, you look like a llama (laughing awkwardly) Like, am I supposed to laugh wit you? ’cause I’m not Next thing we’re gonna talk about the Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF-15 Full Cover Oil-Free Shine Control, girl

This is a helluva name, but this was one of my favovrite launches from Bobbi From Bobbi, I love you Bobbi This foundation I think they really needed, really, really needed it I think that most of their other foundations are great, fabulous, but better suited for dry skin Better suited for the girl who likes a natural beat Maybe the girl is a little more mature, if you know what I’m sayin’? This just gives me the finish I need It really is a beautiful formula, and with this foundation, but I really don’t feel like a lot of people talked about it Maybe they did and I just missed it I don’t really watch that many- I watch a lot of YouTube but I don’t watch as many YouTube tutorials and reviews as I used to But yeah, I feel like this one was kind of like, y’know like it launched, and then it got swept under the rug, like wait, what happened? We still here, guys! So with this foundation, I’m blending it with one of my favorite blending brushes and this is the Nyx- Ooh, this foundation smells quite pleasant Why do I forget about that smell? I was just pleasantly reminded of how great that smells Back to my Nyx brush This is my favorite brush You guys have seen me use this quite a lot in the past year or so Don’t remember how I discovered it I think I was just at the Nyx store, y’know Dora the Exploring and picked it up and was intrigued and like, I haven’t put this brush down since As you can see, she blends out my products ever so flawlessly sis Now, the thing is when you’re ordering this brush online, it’s very confusing so I’m gonna get the name of the brush just so that we’re all on the same page to make sure it’s the right one Nyx foundation brush Ulta has the most terrible search function Like, it just don’t even give you anything close Like, this isn’t even anything close Oh my god, it’s not even on the Nyx website anymore What happened? It’s really gone! So it did show up on the Nyx website Really annoying Ulta, I don’t know what’s goin’ on at you guys’ headquarters or warehouses, but we need to let the people know right now The Nyx Multi-Purpose Buffing Brush rightfully deserves the top spot on your website You guys, this brush is so, soft It is like one of the softest- especially for what it is, this is like a twelve dollar brush and you just wouldn’t think that you could get the flawless base that you could with a Nyx brush The next product that you guys really drop- I’m just kidding, I’m not gonna say it I’m not gonna blame everything on you guys, and these aren’t necessarily by the way, some of these are not 2018 launches, these are just products that I’m talking about in general that are fairly new-ish Like two years the birthdate, is what I’m talkin’ I really feel like the Soft Matte Complete Concealer was just, I love this concealer I really, really like this concealer, but girl, in a TooFaced multi-concealer world, okay I love this concealer I feel like she just kinda got trampled over by everything, but you know what, I feel like this concealer’s doin’ very well I don’t necessarily know that it’s a flop or not, but the point is, it’s not really talked about and like, I really like it The colors that I use are Amond and I’m gonna use a little Cafe around my mouth area to color correct The concealer is full coverage I think it is, I just think the girls just aren’t trying to give pot concealer the time of day It’s just not as functional, it’s just not as easy to use And yeah, I can admit, it can be annoying It’s easy to just open a wand, throw one on and go, but cream? Honestly, so many cream products provide the most gorgeous finish and they’re also kind of easier to manipulate Like once you put a liquid concealer on, it’s all over the place It’s wet It’s liquid Whereas creme? Just kind of stays in it’s spot and you can kind of move around it and manipulate it a bit easier Girl, but she blends like a freakin’ dream You guys, I don’t know what the h*** happened to SmashBox Studio Skin! I really feel like people just forgot about her We’re living in a shape tape world We’re living in a radiant, creamy concealer world I really like this concealer Shade’s questionable It’s like almost one shade for each category There’s one light, there’s one dark, I don’t know I don’t really actually know how many shades there are total Not your best work, SmashBox, but the formula and the finish is gorgeous I will say though, it’s a pretty close dupe for the Nyx HD Concealer and that one comes in way more colors Maybe that, maybe it just got trampled over y’know that launch, I don’t know but it’s really beautiful and I am a fan of layering my concealer, so watch me put in work I’m going cream first, and then putting liquid on top For an ever So full coverage flawless finish It’s quite watery

It is medium full-ish coverage It just has the most beautiful, hydrated, healthy finish There’s one more dark color after that, and you need to fix that, Smashy Now this next product is a product that I don’t really use a lot on my videos You probably see me here before in the past I don’t really put too many people onto this one, because it is quite expensive and before you throw tomatoes at me, it does leave flashback I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m sorry dang it, I’m sorry! But this powder is so beautiful that I just really have to apply it really, really really sparingly and really carefully It is the y’know ycel.’s Souffle de Cla, like if ice cream came in a beauty product form, I feel like it would be this powder It’s so pretty, fluffy, light, but the thing is if you put on too much girl, it will flash back ya on It will, 100% The thing that I like the most about this powder is the color It’s a really, really unique kind of brown and beige at the same time It’s a breige Now as you guys know, I live for a yellow banana powder I live for a plantain shade buttery, fluffy goodness on your eyes, however, this- Woo! A powder that’s this really unique, brawny beige shade in my opinion just adds this beautiful matted subtelty to anyone with golden undertones Don’t go out and break your bank for it if you don’t have to, it’s really truly not that deep But if you have a little extra coin to spend, you do know the powders tend to take the longest to go through, so I mean, I’m not saying, but I’m also saying you might want to invest Who the hell needs rental properties when you could just buy powder This color’s also perfect for my under-eye concealer and my highlight It doesn’t darken my concealer, it doesn’t lighten it too much, it just adds the perfect color to my face I’d also love to see them come up with a dark shade, like skin tone colors, kind of like what Laura does Ycel get with the winning team I honestly, they could’ve very well have discontinued this powder and I don’t know I’m still using the same one I bought like a year ago It’s so good I don’t really have any unpopular, slept on brow products I think we all unanimously have all decided that ABH is that schick, so I’m just gonna go on over to shadow I do however have some quite unpopular opinions about some shadows that ya’ll don’t like Some of ya’ll don’t like Maybe not most of ya’ll, but some of ya’ll really, were not ever here for the Naked Series What did the Naked Series ever do to you? I’m kidding, I’m kidding I totally get it I feel like a lot of the criticism and feedback of the Naked palettes is kind of warranted because most of them are really not chocolate girl friendly They are quite ashy Not ashy as in the Walking Dead, I mean like ashy like the colors are literally rich in ash Okay, this is not going where I envisioned it Very smokey, very gray, taupes, very little warm colors, however guys, like I always try to tell my girls, like there’s a time and a place for those taupes and those like ashier, rich colors Not everything can be warm Not everything can be gold Not everything can be peach, coral, although it would be nice, y’know? It’d be great to be sunny, sunshine day every day, but we’re just not doin’ that I don’t know if they discontinued all of the Naked series palettes, or they just discontinued- you guys, I still have my first one, original Naked pallette, and I use the h*** out of this bad boy Look how many I’ve actually- I remember the last time I hit pan on that many shadows in one pallette This one was my least favorite I just think this one had the most, nah this one was, it was all right It was okay I think they had the right idea with this row here and this color, but everything else, I could’ve lived without Now when they dropped that Naked Heat, I was actually quite here for it, and I did a whole video on it, because ya’ll was trying to come for them The swatches on this pallette when it first came out were very questionable, I will admit, but she ended up holding up in the way I knew she would come through I knew she was gonna come through for me I actually like the quality of Urban Decay shadows I like the colors that came in this palette Could it have been rebranded into something completely different? Sure, why not I mean, if Naked is like the ashier cool-tone series, then what are we going to call the warmth, fully clothed? Like, y’know like, switch it up! I get it, people are kind of overhearing the name Naked, but for me it still doesn’t change the shadows themselves, the placement of the shadows, like the overall look and feel that I can create with this So yeah, I’m just gonna use that one today because she’s fire and I guess that’s why they- duh, that’s why they call it Naked Heat So first I’m gonna take Cayenne, ’cause she’s a nice transition color Nice and round And I’m poppin’ that into my crease One thing that most certainly has not changed, regarding my opinion about these palettes is I hate the strip shape I’m just used to a square Like their On the Run palette

really freakin’ made several valid points, and I really think Miss Decay just needs to be ready to give up this long narrow shape Like especially for my blending brushes, it’s hard to really get in there Cayenne by the way, this shade here This one right here This one right here So if you don’t have this palette, just use any rich, transition, camel color that you like Y’know I hate when I’m in the middle of filming and the sun decide it wants to come out and add these weird glares in my video Like can you just stay put please? Shoulda joined us at 7am like everybody else did It’s not my fault you slept through your alarm I’m takin’ lumber, lumbre? I’m not quite sure how you pronounce this word, but this is a soft, frosty, golden pink and I’m poppin’ that on the center of my lid Ooh, that’s pretty Then I’m gonna take En Fuego, which is this dark matte burgundy, and I’m using that on the outer V to deepen and darken the eye If you’ve never heard of the Milani Italic Lights, sis you’re definitely sleeping I’ve actually used these in a few videos, actually a lot of videos, but I got these in PR Box and guys, I know we’re living in a Stila world, but these are honestly the next best thing and I was so happy when they came out with more shades because they’re bomb They’re a liquid metallic shadow that basically do the same that every popular liquid with metallic shadows does on the market right now, and y’know it’s just nice to see a drug store brand really come through and give us color, give us some pigment, give us some dimension I know that cream is scary Cream is scary for a lot of people, but y’know what? Milani took it there and girl, I just hooked it right up Because girl, like, once I discovered these, I was like oh yes, oh yes, oh yes You saw that mermaid color though, right? That was bomb They’re not the exact same dead on dupe for the Stila ones, these are a little bit more watery, a bit more sheer, whereas the Stila ones are like color They’re very opaque But I mean, these are kind of the next best thing and they’re buildable so you know I do believe you can make it work The color that I’m gonna use today, because I’m still workin’ on my eyes, is number one, luster light It’s kind of like a goldish, pinky- that’s a fun color Lemme go see if I can find somethin’ more green Hold on Well, you ain’t doin’ that anyway, so sit down, be right back So, just got done swatching the other colors you haven’t seen here, and the only non-pinkiana shade that I have out of this whole- most of the colors here are either pink, purple, I mean there’s a lot of frosty champagne stuff This is the closest to green that it gets, but it’s a really really light and frosty green It’s this color here, and it’s in the shade Gold Leaf So imma put that right back on And then I kinda use my finger to taper and blend it up, but girl this looks really good I didn’t wanna go like the typical fire look with this palette I kinda wanted to switch it up, add a little green, plus I’m also trying not to clash with my red, so That looks super pretty, I just feel like she needs to be cleaned up around the edges, so I’m gonna go back to En Fuego, the shadow that’d be the dark, burgundy, maroon shadow that we used in the crease and just pop that back on, make sure it’s all blended smoothly I’m gonna take Dirty Talk, which is a really warm, dusty, fiery orange in this palette and pop that in the center of my lid And the way powder shadow just be layin’ on top sis, woo! Oky, now we’re gonna add green again This is a gentle, slow back and forth process Sometimes you gotta add more shadow, sometimes you gotta add more liquid, until you get them to both look married Pretty! That’s a fun color combo I guess this is just gonna become an Urban Decay productions I’m gonna take the glide on pencil in the color Vice, and line my waterline Actually while we’re here, this is probably one of my favorite brand of liners 24/7 glide on pencils are bomb Are we just living in that much of a liquid liner world that we really just forgot about pencil? Because I feel like no one talks about pencil liners anymore Do I wanna go there with this Milani? I think I wanna go there I’m gonna take Prismatic Light, another liquid shadow, this could go from gorgeous to awkward really quickly if I don’t brace myself But I’m gonna take this and blend this on my bottom lash line I’m gonna get real close and pat the color on first, and then I’m going to blend it out with the pencil brush This is definitely looking way more colorful than it was envisioned in my head, but it’s cocol with me And by the way, I can’t use a liquid shadow without shouting out the ones from Pur They still do, I mean in my eyes, they’re kind of like the originators of doing it

They were doing it before it was really popular They just weren’t doing it in this applicator style It was in a pot, it wasn’t really that functional, but shout out to ya’ll Pure, because don’t think I forgot about Caviar ’cause me and Caviar, we got alotta memories We do need this to stay We broke up on good terms and everything’s cool, we still talk, but like Caviar was my ish I definitely feel like in the lash category, especially drug store because let’s be real, there’s not that many great options There’s just not But, if you’re on a budget, you need something that’s just a step up from the Ardelle’s Aredelle’s are okay, they’re okay We all start from somewhere, and I had them in my kit girl, because that’s all I could afford, but I think that over the years, lashes have definitely stepped it the hell up and first in line has been Kiss lashes Like honestly? Nah, Teddy is really that schick These are like the closest to premium quality lashes with an actual assortment of good decent styles that I’ve seen in a drug store brand in a long time I don’t gotta go to the Santee Ally no more sis, I can just go right down to CVS, Walgreens, and Target where they sell Kiss lashes and they are bomb So while that lash glue dries, I’m going to get into probably the world’s most controversial mascara, Better Than Sex Not just any Better Than Sex, this is the limited edition tube It’s all blinged out, ooh! I don’t care when this one expire ’cause I’m usin’ it, okay? It’s a great mascara for thickening and adding length and volume honey It just honestly, is my tried and true It’s my favorite mascara for my no make up makeup days I prefer some other mascaras for underneath my lashes, but today I’m just gonna go in with a really light hand because this is the mascara you guys that I use when I really, really want to build up the lash, make it nice and thicccc Yeah, just make the lashes the really stand out part of my eye look Even with a light hand, like I have good lashes but a lot of you guys think I can just wear any mascara and that’s not true No more lies being told about that That’s not true That’s like saying, oh you got good skin, so you can wear NC15 from Mac No, that’s not how makeup works But anyway you guys, I rally do love this mascara Don’t knock her til you try her that’s all imma say, and if you tried her and she didn’t work, then okay I’m gonna pop on my Teddy lash from Kiss Do you see that flare? Do you see that manufactured, man-made flare? This is not god given Teddi really came here to school ya’ll on what you shoulda been doin’ girls Take notes at the drug store I didn’t put on liquid liner or anything ’cause I just didn’t feel like it Didn’t feel like I should have to anyway, so there’s that One time for the one time, I’m just gonna show ya’ll this lash, and this look If more people acknowledged Mirena Boute and put some respect on their blushes, the world would be a much better place you guys You guys have seen me use these, not very often but I do end up going right back to these girls, and let me tell you why Their blushes are bomb The color that I’m gonna use is Terra Rouge, and this is a gorgeous, deep, like raspberry pink color Honestly, they got some color now So ooh, these are definitely not for the light-medium category I would say more like medium dark, all the way down to rich The pigmentation is insane ♪ It’s All Nighter time, it’s All Nighter time. ♪ (spritzing) Now something that is black owned are the minted lipsticks honey I love these These are nude lipsticks for chocolate girls The color that I have here is Brand Nude They are so creamy and so pigmented I also have Peach Please and I’m lookin’ to swatch a couple of them, just so you can see what we workin’ with, but I already swatched these on my video a long time ago These aren’t new These are just, y’know, same ol’ same ol’ And then this is Dope Taupe, so as you can see, their version of nude is a lot more rich It’s got a lot more pigment in them, hence the name minted, Pigminted I see what ya’ll did there at the branding meeting I hear they’re doing really well They don’t get a ton of buzz on social media, but I love this brand and the women that are behind this brand are like super dope Super dope Speaking of dope, I think I’m gonna wear Dope Taupe, ’cause why not? I always go with a slightly darker liner with these colors because I just get that sexy, sultry, 90’s, full over lined lip with like a flush, nude lip color in the middle And this is BFF3 from ColorPop by the way We’re gonna run us some Dope Taupe in the middle Oooh, girl So freakin’ juicy That is the prettiest I think Dope Taupe has ever looked on me, and I wore this color like 50 million times Like, wow Y’know what though? I still think I need to go darker with liner (lips puckering) So that’s Dope Taupe givin’ you 90’s realists, and then this gloss, honey? No one’s sleepin’ on Anastasia’s gloss, let’s be real Well some of you might be, I don’t know You need to wake the hell up But this is citrine lip gloss It just looked really pretty I felt like using it Don’t judge me So I’m gonna go in I’m just gonna dab it on with my finger It’s like a green Freakin’ gorgeous Wow, wow, wow My rap name would definitely be Lil’ Peach Fuzz

Yeah, I think that sounds about right Thank you guys so much for watching today’s video Was there anything you were like hey, I forgot you existed! Cameo of any sorts in this video? There’s something you still think it deserving of a flop, please let me know And by the way, some of these products, actually most of these products are not, y’know by societal standards really actual flops, I meant like they’re not as relevant, they’re just not as talked about They’re bashed, or they’re just, y’know You heard this disclaimer in the beginning You just gotta disclaim everything nowadays Thank you guys so much for watching and hangin’ out with me on today’s video I really hope to see you on the next one, which I mean, I make it easier than anybody anyway Which, I mean, I make it easy for you and I put it right here on the sreen anyway I mean what else are you gonna do right at 3 p.m., right after class ended? You ain’t doin’ nothing else so you might as well just watch the next video Click it Click it, that good Atta girl, atta girl