How to Earn Money While Getting in Shape- Guest Bob Lucido

decided to have you here tonight and we are excited to have a guest speaker Bob lucido from the east coast Massachusetts so you can see him there live we’re so excited to have him here and we will talk more about his story and more about him in a minute so welcome to our webinar called earn money while getting in shape I’m Shannon golladay i’m i’m here from arizona and i will be joining with bob lucido so welcome okay so think about why you are here there’s lots of reasons why people join to think about becoming a Beachbody Coach so you could love motivating people you might enjoy health and fitness you might need motivation to get in shape yourself you might want to pay for your Shakeology you might want to earn a part time income or full time income or even be the next top coach so as we’re going through this webinar tonight please think about why you are here and this is a picture of some of our team in Arizona so what do coaches do we get this question all the time what do we do as Beachbody Coaches well we help people live more fulfilling lives so these people here on the screen our coaches on our team who were once customers who wanted to get in shape they felt tired blahhh out of energy they were lacking confidence and they wanted to make a change and so they decided that they wanted to use beach body workouts Shakeology and the support from a coach and they were able to get these results so I love looking at these pictures because it’s so much more than just the weight loss it’s about feeling energized and having um you know getting their body back feeling like them again um and so it’s so much more than just the physical transformation you definitely have more are that hot there’s definitely more that happens and so as coaches we help people use beach body workouts and Shakeology to get these awesome results and we also help coaches to get awesome results too so part of it is a physical transformation so whether you’re on your journey um or you’ve already made it through your journey and you don’t have to be in perfect shape to be a coach you just have to want to live a healthier more fulfilling life and so that’s part of it and then the other part of it is that we help people financially so a lot of us um are able to earn our Shakeology to get our Shakeology paid for and some people like to do this as a part-time job or even a full-time job and then coaches like Bob lucido who are able to you know make this into something even more so there’s two sides the physical and the financial side and we teach you step-by-step exactly what to do to help people to live better lives so what are Beachbody programs well you may have heard of them you may have not heard of them here’s a picture of some different Beachbody programs um p90x insanity are some of the most popular ones um 21 day fix and piyo are some of the newer ones or t25 p90x3 and so they’re at home workouts that you do at your house and you get the DVD and a workout calendar and it takes you step-by-step to help you get awesome results and the other part is the nutrition part so there’s nutrition supplements that help you to get even better results and we also have workout gear like workout bands and you the mats and push-up stands and things like that and we even have you know cleanses there’s a three-day cleanse called the 3 day refresh or a 21-day ultimate reset that detox is your body so there’s really something for everyone to help you to feel and look amazing and really the core product that beach body has and that people use regularly daily is Shakeology so it’s not to be confused with a protein shake it is a mill replacement shake that has over 70 ingredients in it from all over the world you’re going to have your wheatgrass chia seed flax seed spinach

and super foods to help you to not just lose weight but have energy and to be more regular to fill overall healthier it’s really like a foundation for your nutrition to help you to get better results so most people don’t get enough nutrition in their lifestyle so Shakeology helps with that okay well I’m excited to welcome Bob to our webinar tonight I introduced him a little bit here but um he is a former lawyer and he’s a busy dad and he recently joined the Millionaire’s Club for Beachbody so he’s a very successful Beachbody Coach and I would like to welcome him to to the webinar welcome Bob hey Shannon how are you good how are you fantastic so happy to be here thanks for having me tonight sure well we’re so happy to have you here and we’d love to hear your story you know your transformation physically and financially well fantastic thank you for again for having me and you know I’m always excited to talk about this stuff because team beachbody has changed my life in so many ways the first of which you can see right up there on screen and you know my journey started as a customer just like most of us do and you know I think it’s so fitting that you started off tonight talking about what it is that the products are that we share as coaches because for most of us that’s really where we start and as all we really do as coaches is engage in a lifestyle change ourselves embrace that and have a real experience in connection with the products that we share and then just take that out and sort of pay it forward and that’s what it’s been for me I started as a customer as I said with p90x at 42 years old and had an amazing transformation myself lost 70 plus pounds I was actually one of the early contest winners transformation contest winners back in 2009 and that’s what really for me was the beginning I started really just sharing the amazing experience that I had had with the products primarily p90x and then Shakeology once it came out and i’m still a daily user of shakeology and you know sort of as a side note I’m a huge believer in what shakeology does for people on so many levels and it’s not just about fitness it’s about health in general for people whether they’re using the fitness side or not and so you know that’s that’s another amazing piece so for me that’s where the journey began I really was not looking at this in the beginning as a business choice I as Shannon said I practiced law for 20-plus years I was pretty well established had worked for ten years as a regional counsel for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection after that one on tilt in my own private practice and it really wasn’t looking for a change at that point however I was so in love with the products and what they did for me and what I saw them start to do with other people who I had began to share with naturally that I wanted to play a bigger part and when I looked deeper into the coaching opportunity it really did afford an opportunity for not only potentially fantastic financial games but more importantly for me at that point a lifestyle change you know I had practiced law for 20 years I was primarily a litigator and quite honestly was coming to the point of really looking for wanting to have some kind of a a change in lifestyle I’ll something different than the 60 70 hour work weeks that I was doing as Shannon said I did i do have four children and I didn’t have much of a home life because of what that kind of career took from me so to make my long story condensed in a little bit shorter I did decide to start taking the business side of this opportunity more serious started to invite more people to to try the products that we had but also to take a look at the opportunity to also earn income from simply sharing these amazing products in sort of joining this this this amazing lifestyle

and amazing community and that’s the other you know sort of cool side thing about coaching is that it really is an amazing group of people that have come out and sort of come together around fitness life change helping to enhance life for themselves and also for others and that’s really what we do as coaches so so having taken a look at what the opportunity really afforded in having made a decision to to not only commit myself to the health side of what beach body was offering but also the to the financial side happy to say that within a couple of years I was able to replace the income that I was earning at that point with my legal career and now about four and a half going on almost five years later i have now completely retired from the practice of blog doing Beachbody coaching full time earning way more income than that I ever earned as an attorney and as chairman said I was lucky enough this year to be inducted into teenage bodies millionaire club which means that I have accumulated a total of over a million dollars of incumbent out for years and I’m happy to say that I’m quickly approaching the level of earning a million dollars in a single year that’s it’ll be my business plan for 2015 and it’s a very realistic one thats that’s coming very close even this year so that’s pretty exciting and you know I have to say with a little side note that it’s not that every single person is going to end up with those kinds of financial tallies in the end there’s no this is not a get-rich-quick scheme but what this is is a very real and very powerful business opportunity I now have a little over 15,000 coaches in my own organization that has been built up over those for close to five years now and I’ve seen everything from coaches school resident said that use this as an opportunity to get their own products paid for which is what I did in the beginning you know I was a customer in the beginning and I became a coach because you get a twenty-five percent discount i was using shakeology and I’m smart enough to know that if I’m spending a hundred dollars or more a month and I can get a twenty-five percent discount for fifteen dollars and ninety-five cents then that means every time I pay them 1595 they’re gonna give me twenty-five dollars back on the hundred dollars i’m already spending for my Shakeology so I said sure I’ll do that and really in the beginning that’s all it was and and for a lot of people that’s all it ever is and that’s okay too but for most people it opens up the other bigger opportunity that really is then up to you what you end up doing with it what you want to do with it we have any a coaches who love what they’re already doing and their full-time careers and they don’t they don’t want to leave and that’s fine too and on part-time just sort of sharing these their own amazing experiences just like to share about a good movie or a good restaurant that you’ve been to they’re in able to open up a side income and you know maybe you pay some household bills you pay a car payment or maybe even a mortgage payment whatever folks want to do and then all the way up to many many folks on our team who have now been able to go full-time themselves and a comp you have you know even and Eclipse into that next level of really being able to make this you know quite impressive I’m not the only member on our team who’s made it into the millionaire Club we have one other member on our team and we have a third who’s about to make it probably by the end of this year several six-figure earners on our team and you know numbers and numbers and numbers of folks who have been able to replace full-time income and by that I usually mean somewhere in the fifty thousand dollar a year and above range and again I throw out those numbers just to share with you the reality of what you can do with this business and as Shanna said you know if you were to come into the business and if you’re watching this then obviously you’ve been invited by one of the coaches is already in our organization you also have access to our support and training programs that have helped build all those great success stories that I that I talked about no guarantee that anyone’s going to make any specific dollar amount however it’s really nice

to know that you do have a sort of a track record before you of folks would walk down the path and that’s really what we’ve created here on our team so it’s been life-changing for me on many many levels the funnest and most valuable and a most powerful thing for me is that it’s a Ford completed it has afforded a complete lifestyle change for me and instead of working 60 70 hours so we can barely see my family and I worked in home I’m sitting in my home office here and my wife and kids are just on the other side of the door and it’s pretty much the way it is all day every day and most of the time I’m not even in here I’m out in the community i’m leading fit clubz with you’re just fun times where you invite people together and share a workout it doesn’t mean you have to be a trainer because you put the DVD in and everybody just has fun following the the workout on the DVD and sharing and being active in the community and that’s what we do as coaches so it’s that simple and it’s that empowering because when you can open that side of things up for yourself and some wonderful things open up and in terms of other possibilities and potential of what you can do with your family and with your life by having an open lifestyle so that’s really what beach body has done for me and you know I just love sharing it with people I especially now love sharing the business opportunity with folks because I’ve been able to watch and be part of amazing amazing life transformations on all levels it’s great and amazing to help people lose weight and get healthy and fit and and those are amazing accomplishments it’s also amazing to be able to reach into people’s lives and help change things financially around for folks and for some of us you know in ways that would never have been possible otherwise so Shannon I hope that’s helpful and I hope that makes sense you know again I thank you for the opportunity to speak here tonight Beachbody for me has just been one hundred percent positive ride and I’m looking forward to many many many more positive days ahead so thanks for having me thanks Bob I love hearing your story it’s so inspiring so thank you so much for being here well we’re going to move on to the next thing and to talk more about the business and Bob will be at the end to answer any question so if you have any questions and you can answer some at the end okay so what is this business all about well it’s not like traditional businesses where you have to buy a building and take out like several hundred dollars of loans you don’t have to hire employees you don’t have to get computers um so there’s a lot there’s no big huge startup costs most businesses take you know several years to at least break even we’re in this business you can break even or even make a profit in your first 30 days which is pretty awesome um so it’s not like um it’s not like traditional businesses in that sense it’s a hundred percent risk-free so if you at any point decide um you don’t want to do it anymore or you know you’re want to do something else then at any time you can decide to cancel and not do it um there is a small investment to start and it’s basically just investing in your own health and fitness so getting a Beachbody workout and Shakeology to help yourself get healthy and fit and just like all those other success stories that we showed you and we all have our own transformation stories whether we are going through them or we’ve gone through part of them we all have our own stories there’s no inventory so unlike other businesses where you have to stock your shelves and have lots of inventory on hand Beachbody ships everything to our customers so we don’t have to worry about that if someone wants to come to our site and order then they can just go to our website and Beachbody ships everything so that’s awesome just like Bob said this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and this is a real business where it takes time to get it off the ground but it’s definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme um there is unlimited growth potential and so if you can make this

into whatever you want it to be it could be something small or it can be as big as bob has made it to be in the Millionaire’s Club in just over four years so it can be you know whatever you wanted to make it it’s it’s up to you and how much effort you put into it so there’s lots of rewards involved in this and so we get paid Commission’s weekly and we get paid weekly and there are bonuses as your team grows you get paid bonuses weekly I’m by helping your team grow and you can get trips so I went on the beach body crews bob was there too and we went on the beach body cruise to the Caribbean this past March it was awesome beachbody rented out the whole cruise ship and we all got to go on the cruise ship that’s pretty cool next year we’re going to Cancun and there’s lots of recognition so as you become more of a leader and grow your own team of Beachbody Coaches you get recognized you get t-shirts and jackets and bracelets and platter of certificates so it’s really fun to be recognized as you’re going along and then there’s lots of learning and personal development and I think that’s the best reward of all um everyone has their own physical transformation but you also have the transformation of your confidence your confidence will grow and you will become an even better person just by being a part of this all right so how would you become a coach well there are several ways to join but we recommend joining by getting what’s called a challenge pack so that challenge pack is a fitness program and Shakeology and when you buy them together you get a discount so you save between 50 and 80 dollars and then you get the business registration fee waived which is 3995 so that’s awesome so the challenge packs range all the way up to 300 down to 140 dollars so it just depends which workout you decide and to do so and then there’s some other options if you wanted to just get Shakeology but then you have to pay the enrollment fee so you’re going to end up paying about one hundred and forty dollars there and there’s challenge packs for one hundred and forty dollars so we always recommend the challenge pack and then you could just get a fitness program but you would also have to pay the enrollment fee as well so um as Bob mentioned there is an ongoing service fee of fifteen dollars and ninety-five cents that covers and your websites so Beachbody gives you three websites and two of them are in Spanish they spend over a hundred million dollars on advertising every year you’ve probably seen the infomercials and so there’s lots of brand recognition you have the online office you have customer service technical support marketing and tons of training and a lot more so for fifteen dollars and ninety-five cents to have a business it’s pretty darn cheap alright so you might have some concerns that we wanted to address um maybe we don’t have time for this business well most people who start as a Beachbody Coach have a full-time job or they have kids or a lot of people are really busy so if you don’t have time and you can spend as little or as much time as you want and it’s actually good when you’re really busy because then you can say you know you’re working part time on your business and while you’re doing a full time job and then your part-time business can turn into something more than your full-time job I know for me it’s more than I was making it my full-time job now working part time so it’s pretty awesome um you’re not sure how to market yourself or what to do well we have step-by-step training just like fog said we have some very successful people who have gone before us and so we help you step by step to know exactly what to do how to market yourself how to help you get your business off the ground and if you’re not a health and fitness expert that’s okay if you are that’s awesome but if you’re not then you don’t need to be all you need to have is a willingness to learn and a big heart to help people help people live more fulfilling lives and the last thing you might be worried at what people will think well if you’re worried what people will think um it gets easier i know for me as i started sharing more about my story and my experiences that I people came to me and thanked me for everything that I was sharing so it definitely gets easier over time and you realize you’re doing

more good than harm alright so I just wanted to end with my story I’m I know Bob shared his amazing story and I wanted to just share a part of my story with you so um as you can see my before and after picture my before picture of about eight months pregnant with our second daughter and I got into the high one 90s in my pregnancy and I’ve always been in the 130s so it was really hard for me to be it that way and I didn’t feel like myself at all um and then the picture on the right was after going through so it was just over a year after having my baby I was able to go through several Beachbody programs like insanity and turbo fire and Les Mills pump and I did the ultimate reset and I was able to get down into the 120s and I wasn’t in the 120s um and since junior high so I felt amazing i loved how I felt and as I started um seeing progress after I did insanity for three months i lost 25 pounds and i started using shakeology and my my progress sped up when even faster so i started telling people about it and it was awesome when i found out about coaching I just the perfect fit for me because I saw amazing results I was telling everyone about my results anyway so I was already being a coach and then I was working at an office part time since I just had my second baby four months before i was working at an office I did public relations and marketing and I loved my job but I didn’t love leaving my two little girls and so it was really hard for me to go to work and to to be away from them so I was really busy working and I had two side jobs and then I had a four month old and two-year-old and so coaching even though I was excited about I really didn’t have a lot of time to do it so I just started you know focusing like 20 20 minutes a day to 60 minutes a day just doing some key things that we will teach you if you decide to join um but I focused on those key things and I was able to grow my income to my first a thousand dollars a month was five months into the business and I was so excited I loved it so um I’ve been a coach now since december two thousand eleven so almost three years and I’ve been able to replace my income I was able to quit my job and stay at home with our girls and and then my husband has been in and out of work the last two years and currently he’s not working until January 2015 and so now with my beachbody income I’ve been able to support our family of four and we’re living comfortably what were able to pay our bills and my income has continued to grow it’s um it’s grown I’ve doubled about every six months and so it’s been pretty awesome to see the growth of my business and um I really started getting serious about it you know about a year and a half ago when I really started getting serious about it that’s when things started to change and so for me it was a big journey um physically because I was able to get in shape and feel like me again gained my confidence back and then also financially and it was it was awesome to be able to do something that I love and what I love it it’s so fun to do something that I love to stay home with my kids and to be able to have the flexibility and so that I can work on my own time I also love that you know when I had a job before on an office I would get a dollar an hour raise if that maybe once a year and so my in kind of took a while to grow my income because I would um you know got up to like 21 dollars an hour or something um but you know it was really slow growing my income because it was only like one dollar an hour raise and so it was awesome to be able to do become a Beachbody Coach because then I could control my income if I wanted to raise i could give myself a raised by putting in more effort to growing my business so i love that this is based off performance it’s not based off of what anyone else tells you it’s based off what you decide whatever you wanted to be and i know for me i had a really strong reason why I was doing this business and so um the stronger my reason um that propelled me more to want to be more successful and so coaching has changed my life on the left picture

is me in the Caribbean on the beach body cruise and swimming with the dolphins and loving life it was amazing and then the picture on the right is a picture of our two little girls that I get to stay home with and I get to be an active part of their lives and to not miss anything that I was missing before when I was working so it’s been pretty amazing all right so if you’re ready to learn more and here are a few things that you can do so the first thing you can do is join our behind the scenes to coaching group if you haven’t already you may already be in the group right now watching this presentation so you can join that group I’m just to learn more about the details of how we earn money as a coach and and how you know just ends and outs like how the Commission’s work and things like that and then if you’ve gone through that already and you’re ready to join you can become what’s called an apprentice coach where you will work with your coach so the person that invited you and you will um shadow them so you’ll work with them and you have a personal mentor to walk you step-by-step exactly what you need to do um and our our team has tons of training so you’re never lost with what you need to do um so contact the person who invited you to learn more of what the best steps are for you to take so here’s a coupler here’s a few testimonials that we wanted to end on and these are from new coaches and what they’re these are friends and coaches um some new and one who’s been a coach for a couple of years but their experience on our team so the pure results team training helped me understand my daily activities as a Beachbody Coach it also provided me with the tools and resources to be a successful coach I have seen the fruit of the applied training in my business growth I’m now confident in the process because I saw that it produces results so that was vonda from California she’s lost I think it’s higher now but it says 20 and 17 pounds and earned over seven hundred dollars in her first three months of the coach um the second coach is Angela Peterson from North Carolina she said our team coach training has been instrumental in my success naturally I’m a very shy person and being a homeschooling mom that stays home ninety-five percent of the time I had trouble meeting new people but the training taught me how to be a successful coach find new friends on social media so that i could earn a good income at home and be with my kids and she just got her first five hundred dollar weekly paycheck and after being a coach for two years part-time and she also lost 50 pounds so that was pretty awesome another person said the coach training helped me be accountable daily I didn’t just working my business I had specific goals to effectively move my business forward by the end of the training I had success Club ten and two months in a row so that means that she you know was earning about 250-300 dollars a month two months in a row so she’s lost 15 pounds and earned a thousand dollars in her first three months of the business and that was Sara Rue Dean from Arizona all right so now we’d like to open it up to questions if you have any and in the stop sharing my screen and bring Bob back on so if you have a question and please click in the box um at the bottom of your screen and it can be a question for Bob or it can be a question for me so can just type in the box right there okay there we go um alright well Bob I have some questions for you okay okay um so you were busy you had a career and a family and how are you able to juggle the business and starting I or the business and everything else that you had going well the cool thing about this business is in the very beginning it’s not really a business in the sense of a business it’s really just sharing your story in your experiences with people and inviting people to join you so that’s all it was and as you said that can be done in 20 to 60 minutes a day in the beginning in a few key activities and also as you mentioned we’ve as the team sort of determined what the most

effective and efficient key activities are but in the most simplest sense it’s really just sharing in telling your story with people and for me I was already doing that you know before I became a coach and when i used the coaching opportunity simply they’d get a discount I was already talking to all the people who i knew and anyone who would listen about how much fun I had doing p90x and how important it had been to me in really what I described as sort of giving me my life back you know I really was the cliche 40 year old professional American male there are over 50 pounds overweight lost at work 60 to 70 hours a week disengaged from my family disengaged from life disengaged from my own health that simple little silly program p90x dropped into my life and it really it sounds silly but it changed everything it really did because it gave me a program that if I could just give it an hour a day and follow the instructions it brought that health change to me the amazing part about the beach bunny business opportunity is it’s the same kind of turnkey program and that’s what I was so impressed by as a business owner myself for this measly little 1595 a month Beachbody gave me a turnkey program where if you’re just like the fitness program do this for 60 minutes a day day after day six days a week five days a week whatever it is and you’ll get some traction in the business sense as well and you know the same way that that simple little hour a day following our fitness programs gives those amazing before and after pictures that everybody’s seen and all the infomercials and on the website and everything the business opportunities the same way so it’s all I did a share it with people and it doesn’t take a long time to share with people as it grows of course it can become more complex and now yes now it’s a full-time job for me so I find you know full-time job for me now actually is probably I worked probably 25 to 30 hours a week whereas in the past i was working 60 to 70 hours a week at what i call the full-time job and that’s you know that’s the difference and what it brings to you so if you can squeeze in an hour a day in the beginning when it’s your life is hectic and you’re chained to that nine to five world the potential is that you’ll then be able to shift that over and just like you explain shannon shift it to the point where your part-time job the Beachbody coaching can can grow to the point where it’s bringing an income that suddenly either equals or can even surpassed what you had done before at a traditional full-time job of course that’s the goal but that’s how you get there it’s step by step in the beginning you do the baby steps of what you can but just like the fitness you know folks we’ve got folks on the team who have lost 100 even 200 or more pounds and trust me when they first put p90x and they couldn’t do all of it but they did what they could and I just stayed consistent and it’s the same way that the people in the beginning say you know with Nicole Jones for instance was the coach in our team was about to enter that millionaire Club she has 22 kids and in the beginning literally you know didn’t have money at the end of each week to be able to put gas in the car there to choose gas or groceries in one month they chose did a Beachbody Challenge pack because her good friend Keith Callahan who’s another coach on our team helped to show what the opportunity could bring and showed that we had a system that in that first month was able to pay back her entry fee and nicole has never looked back you know and it’s just simply from those first simple baby steps and now you know whatever it is 34 years later she’s about to now come into that millionaires club in the beginning it’s more about just taking that first step and not making your goal to be in the millionaire Club making your goal you know can I help a couple of people this month and in turn at least make back what I invested to start this business and in fact is that the investment is so small it’s very easy to make back your initial investment and then make this a free

ride you know then it becomes a business that has the potential to grow into six figures a year or more but that in the beginning doesn’t cost you a great expense but rather has the potential to pay for itself very quickly because you’re not putting thousands of dollars down you’re putting one hundred and fifty dollars or so down to get started and that’s a very big difference so I know that was a long-winded answer but that’s sort of you know that’s the the concepts that allowed me at the time of running a law office which I was doing and having a family with four kids and really telling myself that I had no time to do anything else that’s how it happened sort of naturally I did have enough time to at least share with people what was going on and that’s all you do I thought them um so another question to follow up with that is um looking back I guess you were deciding to jump into via Beachbody Coach and to really go for it um like if you were looking at back at yourself when you first started um like what are some tips or advice you would have given yourself or maybe someone who has a full-time job Hill is strapped for time I’m thinking about this you know what tips would you give to that person I think the number one the number one tip that I would give is if you’re going to jump into this in and really try to build a business whether you’ve got a full-time job and all kinds of other things going on or not the number one tip is to plug in to the systems that are already in place and you know there’s been a lot of changes since I started as a coach and things are much better now you know if I was if I could hand off something to me four years ago I would be telling myself to get into a coach basics training group right away and to start plugging in to the systems that are already in place because what the systems that are already in place allow a new coach to do is exactly what what we’ve been talking about and that is to really be productive in as little as an hour or two a day and in the beginning a new coach that’s all they can put in and if you have to you know recreate the wheel on this business then it’s not going to work the beauty of this business is you don’t have to do that in fact you shouldn’t do that what you should do is plug in and follow the systems the same way that people have great success with p90x or insanity or turbo fire or any of our fitness programs it’s because you don’t you plug in to exactly the program it’s already been scientifically figured out of you know what exercises to do for how long and what you Trish and plan to follow and although there’s no guarantee anyone who goes through one of our fitness programs and truly gives one hundred percent follows the whole system is going to have some level of success and in the level of success quite frankly is going to be determined by how much that individual actually follows the program in the system and the same thing is true for the business opportunity so the simplest and most effective thing that a new coach can do is plug into the systems and then implement sometimes you don’t even understand why or how or how it all fits together or why it all makes sense I didn’t understand why p90x I was I doing you know this kind of push up followed by that kind of pull up I didn’t think about why I just did it because it was in the program and then it started to make sense to me afterwards in this business is the same way so don’t boil all that down plug into the systems implement the systems and trust in the program give it a few months work at part time give it a few months trust the system and see where you are at a few months because you know out of the 15,000 people have joined my organization in the last four years the ones who plugged into the system implement the system and just truly just do it and give it that first few months are the ones who succeed because you figure it out as you go so I hope that helps yeah that’s a great question um so

the last question is far oh um the last question for you is you know as far as time goes um you know and stress levels go like could you talk about your life before beachbody and now um you know because we talk about time as money and time is most valuable thing but um so what’s what’s the biggest change for you with your time and your stress levels great question well stress level is gone you know that’s a complete difference hey you know as I said I was I was an attorney but I was also a litigation attorney which meant that I was in court all the time and you know I guess other than being a surgeon maybe that’s probably one of the highest stress level positions you can have so I had tons of it and i also have a family and I have four kids and you know so time and the time was low and stress was high now as a full-time Beachbody Coach really it’s the opposite stress is is just basically non-existent and I have freedom of time which means that you know exactly as you said and as you’re building this business you get to choose what time do you want to put in and you get rewarded based on how many people you help so in and then once you sort of get things going and you have a sort of a sort of critical mass of people that you have helped and people who have come in and joined your organization to help you help more people the business kind of takes on a little life of its own and once you establish an income source coming in in this business what happens is the need for your time starts to go down but the interesting part is that your income at the same time goes up and so what this business ultimate affords once you once you really get it going and really get it anchored in its the opportunity to then design your own life and for me you know I could tell you that I work no hours all week long and I could tell you that I work all the time and that’s because being a Beachbody Coach is just fun for me and I feel like I’m always on I’m always willing to talk to people about our products because I really do believe in them and I know the life change that they afforded to me and the life change that they before did to so many others that I’ve either helped myself or watch coaches on our team do so I never really think of it as work you know and if I’m working out with people in a fit club hey that’s kind of fun you know or if I’m sharing psychology at a Shakeology a shake and share party or whatever it might be which are some of the tools that we use to help share with people around us or if I’m interacting with people on social media which is another one of the tools that we use to share with people then I consider that to all be fun you know when I was practicing law and I got home late at night and you know especially during those first few months when I was first doing p90x and still doing that career what I did for fun was talk to people about how cool p90x was no much fun I was having with it well that’s now my job quote unquote and and that’s a pretty fun thing you know I do a lot of traveling now with my family because I’m able to the cool part about this businesses I can do it wherever I wherever I am I’m not tied to an office I’m not punching a clock somewhere I can share these products no matter where I am and that’s a fun thing to it allows you to design a lifestyle that you want to live and how you want to participate in it the one caveat is that if you want to be a full-time be a Beachbody Coach then that lifestyle that you’re designing is going to include sharing this opportunity for people to better their own lives either through our health and fitness products or through the business opportunity itself so it’s pretty cool thing when going to work means helping people help themselves enjoy life better you know the one of the coolest things about this whole change for me is that when I was a lawyer even on my very best day it was my clients worst day right I mean let’s face it if you’re in court even if you won it’s not the place you wanted to be that day right so I didn’t get very many letters that thanked me for you know

what a great day we had or what a great time we had as a Beachbody Coach I get letters and Facebook messages day after day about you know people being grateful for the life change that they were able to give themselves i don’t think i gave it to them but somehow they gave it to themselves I just was a gateway for them to either attach to our products or attached to our business opportunity that’s pretty fun too it’s pretty fun to be part of positive change within people’s lives so so the cenacle sort of comes full circle stress at there isn’t any anymore you know this is amazing and you know income level is it is just you know Dwarfs what I ever would have been able to ever get to you know its face it I have taken my career 20-plus years I was where I was going to get to and it wasn’t that I was making a bad income I wasn’t but I had hit a ceiling and that’s the rough part about changing time I mean exchanging time four dollars and that’s what we do when we work at any hourly rate whether it’s twenty dollars an hour or two hundred dollars an hour or whatever it is there’s only so many hours in the day but under our compensation plan it has nothing to do with how many hours a day that you put in has to do with how many people you’re helping change their own lives and how many people your team is helping to change their own lives and that’s not connected to ours so that’s pretty cool so awesome well thanks for joining us Bob so fun having you here on our webinar thanks yes thank you so much for having me i always love talking about this stuff and for those of you who are listening i do hope that you make the choice to join our team even if it’s just for a little while give it a trial kick the tires around you know I Shannon said I think one of the most important things to take from this is this really is a risk-free opportunity there’s a 30 day money-back guarantee and that’s even on the business opportunity so if after 30 days you say hmm this isn’t really what I thought it was going to be then not only can you close your business down because you haven’t signed up for anything longer than that you also get all of your initial investment back I do advise that you know if you’re going to give it a try then give a program a try and stay being a coach truly implementing what what we teach you from the team the same way that you implement the fitness program that that you take a ride on and give it a few months if it’s not for you then great you know you haven’t lost anything hopefully you got yourself a little bit better shape and maybe a little bit healthier through the whole thing and that’s it but hopefully after those few months you’ll find that the system that we’ve put together really does work and you’ll start to see those kinds of changes happen not only physically and health wise but financially as well so hope to hear from you in the future thanks Anna definitely thank you so much and and if you have any questions or if you’re just ready to go ahead and join our team please talk to the person that shared this webinar with you and will help you get started and take the next steps so have a great night everyone and we’ll talk to you again see you later buddy