Online Reputation Marketing: Ryan Steinolfson Speaking At The Apple Store About Reputation Marketing

over to Ryan I’ve seen this before it’s very very excited I got some new stuff I got some new stuff oh alright so my name is Ryan’s donelson as as Karen said thank you all for and thank Apple she’s now leaving but this is a thanks I mean this is austin unable to present through to you guys a little bit about me i’m the owner of accelerate marketing mm-hmm what I do is I help busy people like all of you guys I’m sure our leverage new media to get your message out there for less at with less effort and for more profit everybody you know that’s that’s a good thing so we deliver target what we do our goal is to deliver targeted new customers to our clients and that that’s trackable we want to make sure that everything that we do is trackable and the goal is to generate a three hundred percent roi by month three for our clients so um I have a an accounting degree from University of Florida so I’m a big gator fan enough with any other Gator fans out there but go Gators um and I was born and raised here in Palm Beach Gardens I have a son named carnival ten-year-old love paddleboarding outside no Shawn here and surf and enjoy the amenities that we have locally here I love it here um so let’s jump right into it so basically you guys all know that traditional media I’m sure one of the reasons why you guys are here is because traditional media is not really working the way that it used to anymore so you can see you know TV advertising magazine ads radio are all down in terms of viewership like ten fifteen twenty percent that’s the problem so your customers are turning into new media and that’s that’s what I’m focusing on to get your message so the question and here’s the shift the shift is from content from interruption marketing to content marketing so is I’m sure the bottom line is this is that you and I are the media now no longer is it just CNN or ABC or whatever and that’s the shift so it’s not it’s no longer it’s no longer all these media like TV and and all this other stuff that you see here that’s interruption based it interrupts you in the middle of what you’re doing that’s that’s important a lot of times I know it’s tough to see but oh so these are all interruption this is all interruption marketing content marketing is you and I being the media and it leverages all these different tools google facebook yahoo bing anybody get in that that facebook IPO at all yeah i don’t know if anybody so these are these are new companies their up and coming and they’re really making a big impact here’s a case study with this this company that sells a blender of all things okay so blender so how are you really gonna going to differentiate yourself as a blender company with new media well they did it pretty simply they did it with a with you too so what they did is they created these videos they got over 200 million views i mean would you and that’s pretty hey seven hundred percent revenue growth millions in prescott covered in it and they didn’t really i mean all they did is they just basically distributed some very viral videos on youtube and they got a huge audience and the reason what all they did is they basically blended things that you see here that we all you know we all love and enjoy they literally blended and scott you know it’s kind of like the the amusement factor is what they had going for them so people couldn’t believe that that people they just wanted to see there was a curiosity what it looks like when you actually blend an ipad did you did you hit you and and so so that’s how they got all these these views so why content marketing because its budget friendly it doesn’t cost a whole lot it’s got staying power because once you once you to distribute your content your videos etc it stays there forever build Authority attracts the perfect market and i’m going to talk a little bit about that in a second here its SEO and social media friendly and here’s why it works here’s if you guys take away anything its you got to understand this is that your customer has a problem okay they’re looking for a solution to their problem the magic happens when their problem gets fountain it gets matched up with with the keyword that your content ranks for so everything is based on keywords so the more the more you optimize your content for your keywords and if you know you first you got to know what your keywords are the better that you’re gonna be able to reach your marketplace okay so keywords are fundamental and I know there’s some people in here that that know what I’m talking about Brad and Christian but you can see here that keywords are that connection that glue that that that matches your customer up with what you have to offer so it’s

important to do proper keyword research in the beginning to determine what your words are that people are trying to trying to find you with so for example you know Jim Jim in the back there is it is in construction so you know he’s targeting the keyword construct contractor or construction you know Christian right here is a mortgage broker the reason why we’ve been able to get him so much business is because we got him on the first page of Google for the keyword mortgage broker and specifically in a city in west palm beach so in this blueprint what I’m talking about today you’re gonna you’re gonna be able to learn how to create an online your own online printing press this is this is about you guys being the media you can have your own online video station you can literally you can connect with new markets you can show your expertise and authority you can allow your market to engage with you through social media etc is a two-way street at the beauty of new media is it’s it’s a two-way street so there’s two two main strategies that I’m gonna talk about today there’s there’s google places or getting on the map how many people know what google places are ya local optimization is kind of all about how many people have businesses that that are already optimized locally for your local keywords do you guys yeah yeah or when you type well okay that’s good that’s a good that’s one time whilst i’ll show you what’s that one little thing like that i think it’s worth it you’ve gotten customers from it that’s I mean that’s that’s really the new you know you can get one year on this map right here and you’re one of these pins that’s what that’s what you’re talking about right you’re yeah your phone will ring there’s no question about it and let me see okay and then the other thing we’re gonna be talking i’m gonna be talking about is broadcasting your content with video so how many people have actually uploaded videos to youtube using some of these maybe some of these gadgets over here you have ok and and you want a keyword optimize those yes it’s always the younger ones yeah see it’s the young ones that see they’re the ones that are control of the of this new media guys that’s what’s great i mean you know hire somebody like that cuz they know what’s going on and they use things like this is anybody know what these contraptions are here if that’s your TV station right there I’m chron videotaping this right now I’ve got my my microphone I’m gonna I’m gonna upload this to youtube and so I’ve got what 30 people here but I’m gonna broadcast this later and there’s potentially thousands of people that can view this so I’m I’m replicating myself I’m not just I’m working smarter not harder and this is what you can do for your business and talk about what makes your business unique your unique selling proposition that’s the opportunity you guys have is to you know create content and get it ranked for your keywords that people find it and they know what your business is all about and what what differentiates you from your competition so here’s google places you know local seven well there’s well that’s a good question there’s seven businesses that can rank on that that can be on the map so that’s the local local 74 that like a particular keyword exactly exactly so for like contractor or for mortgage broker generally speaking it’s anywhere between one and seven but most the time at seven it’s a good question so google tracks every IP address so it knows where where you’re searching from so if you’re if you’re you know if we’re searching from West Palm Beach it’ll automatically give you all the businesses in West Palm Beach that meet up with that with key word so that’s how that’s how local seven works or that’s how Google Places works forty-five percent of the time that you guys type in a keyword there’s a local result or a map that’s going to be showing up okay so this is why it’s becoming more important for you guys to optimize for this or two to keep this in mind is because more of the time Google is actually you know serving up these local results only seven seven companies can show up for the first time you can see where your competition is because not only are these big pins here but you can see all the other businesses that are your competitors that haven’t optimized locally um it’s one hundred percent keyword-based you’ll also get great analytics I mean that’s what’s beautiful about about Google Keyword about Google Places is that Google gives you free analytics it tells you exactly how many people are visiting your Google Places page it tells you how many people look for more information about your business I mean it gives you all kinds of data so you can really and this is and it’s all free and that’s what’s amazing about this so um here’s why it’s important to consider this we know that local search volume is doubling every year so you can see in 2012 there’s gonna be three point four five billion searches for local businesses for this

year and a big reason why that is is because there’s more and more smartphones so people are using smartphones to search for what they’re looking for and you can see that that the percentage of searchers that research online before purchasing within a 10 to 20 mile radius is eighty percent so there’s a lot of people that are looking for you know for you guys online locally and they’re looking on their iPads they’re looking on their smartphones and the main portals that are serving this content up and this is why I’m focusing so much on Google is our the our Google Yahoo and Bing and then beyond that is dex Knows or Yelp or citysearch these are other directories so it’s no longer you know before back in the day it was it was yellow pages the yellow pages was the only directory and II got that big book now each niche has got its own kind of specific directory so there’s all these other set there’s there’s all these news new directories so it’s you got to optimize not only for Google go there first but optimize also for all these other directories that are niche specific for your industry so a doctor would optimize for google places but it would also optimized for there’s so many out there but there’s like three or four that are really important for for doctors and attorneys and so on so here’s the peers what’s really kind of amazing when ok we you do a search for copyright know if you guys can see this but you can see that we search for copiers ok did a search but we put caught the word copiers and then in the search bar and you can see it’s knows that we’re looking in West Palm Beach Google does it knows that there’s 21 million searches for that keyword ok so we know that’s what it says right here you can’t see it but there’s 21 million searches for that keyword and by the way does anybody know what this section is up here what’s that yeah that’s ok exactly so that’s the pay-per-click section that’s the google adwords section of the results so that’s that what’s called the non-organic result so in other words it’s it’s this is the organic section down here it’s natural this is the non organic section up here so this people pay for to get in this section and to get down here also so and you can pay anywhere from a dollar to ninety-nine dollars per click so you know if you’re a personal injury attorney you pay 99 bucks per click it’s not you know not cheap but so anyway so and for this niche it’s it’s four dollars and twenty-five cents for that keyword we know that and i’ll show you how i know that in a second but what’s what i want to point out here is you can see these first two links right here are for a billion-dollar company xerox okay and this is where this is what’s so powerful is the third this the third result down here though is the map so you can rank as a local business owner you can compete with xerox on a local level and that’s really the that’s really what i wanted to show you guys here is that’s the power of google places and local optimization is it a lot it levels the playing field on a local level for you guys the local business owners and there is there is a strategy where where you can you can actually and I’ve done this for some of the some of the people in this room right now where you can not only optimized for your city that you’re in where your business is in but also you can optimize for other cities around that city so you can you can go national on a local level does that make sense ok I’m gonna give you some yeah some some hints on how to on how that’s accomplished but so here so Google AdWords you guys can see that this so that any I don’t know if you guys have uses but there is a tool that Google Offers for free that allows you to see exactly how many people are searching for a word on a monthly basis so I mean ok can happy grill download it can be yes you can combine this word with your city so you could put in copiers West Palm Beach it’s not as accurate as their national their national numbers and you can see there’s actually national and there’s worldwide so there’s global and then there’s and there’s in the US um yep google adwords sorry yeah if you guys want to check it out go to google keyword tool Randy and I did this research the other day for his business you can go to Google Keyword tool and and look at you know what the you know what the search volume is for your particular keywords in your niche and um so yeah there’s almost 5 million searches for that word on a monthly basis that’s a lot so you know as a business owner you can do this so type

in google keyword tool and the google search bar and the top link will be the google keyword tool you click on that and then you just put your words in there and the results will come in down the bottom okay so here this is a question that i always get you know people always you know people always you know well you know so you mean I can just click all day long on my competition and right you know and crank up a bill for them and and I’m like yeah you all from initially I said no you can’t do that but until I had a client about eight months ago Christians laughing because he kind of knows that I mean I got I got a client eight months ago where it was there was a separation the divorce and the husband of life the husband and wife literally like they’re in the same business and where there’s a will there’s a way and the husband found out that he found out that if you change your IP address every single time that you click you can actually crank up the bill on somebody else’s tab and and so that’s what he did so we had hired Filipinos over you know you know or people over the Philippines that just basically change their IP address every single time they clicked all day long now having said that having said that you know that you can go back to google and you can track this down so she does get a rebate every month of a portion of this of the amount but it’s still profitable for her so she still does this he’s still you know she still does pay per click so that just shows you the power of a pay-per-click so here’s a good one for you Brad realtor in Jupiter Florida you can see jupiter florida real estate and this it’s amazing how many how many searches there are for some of these keywords on a local level six thousand for jupiter island real estate 1600 this is a while ago I don’t know if maybe maybe them how’s the market doing out you think there’s that many searches now what about Brad ball if he searches for fat laughs are they so are they finding you so the question is are you coming up here on the you know on the results so this is the goal is is to get is to SC I gotta watch I don’t want to like totally overpower the stove here so so website video and Google Places so there’s three ways that you can get in the organic section of Google okay remember I said it’s all based on keywords it is it’s all based on keywords so here’s you can see here Christian I’m using you example hopefully don’t mine here’s his website okay so when you type in mortgage broker west palm beach he’s got his website there he’s got a video there and he’s also got he’s also on the map and here’s what’s important for you guys to see is that the thing that’s unique about about this google places here is specifically that you can see here that you can see reviews there’s there’s there’s what’s called that you know you’ve got you’ve got people basically reviewing your business and giving you you know basically giving you review so the more reviews you have on the higher your star rating the better so it’s it’s it’s it’s imperative that you as a business owner understand that you know that you can you can rank your website you can rank video but really the number one the number one source of phone calls for my clients is from the map and the reason why is because of this what we call social proof when you have social proof from your customers saying you know how good you are and you got those reviews there people see that and they will click on your on your link here way before they click on your website because it’s its associated with the reviews and you and you can also see what stands out on that page right there the video does that thumbnail I know that because everybody likes pictures but but it’s it’s those stars it’s those cool it’s the only thing that’s gold on that entire page you know I’m saying you know so guys I know and so and i’ll show you an example of literally when i was in DC and i typed in mexican because i was looking for a mexican restaurant I didn’t go to the aid to the a position guy because he went he had like three stars I went to the guy way down in the energy position because he had 20 he had five stars and he had 20 reviews and I traveled ten miles further to get to his visit you know to his Mexican restaurant because he had yet social proof so you guys getting that’s very important this just shift the shift just happened like a year ago you know it just started changing and and it’s imperative I’m gonna talk about this you know because one of the things I told you I was gonna talk about is vacation marketing and building your reputation online there is a way that you can do it you can do this in a white hat way white hat meeting meaning that it’s that it’s it’s it’s fair you’re playing by the rules the to the terms of service of google etc black hat is a term that we use our industry where it’s

not it’s kind of not you’re not playing by the rules you’re doing things in a way that’s kind of illegal in order to kind of game the system so there’s ways that you can get reviews and solicit reviews from your customers where that are totally white hat and that will get that will build your online reputation in a good way and this is what you can get as a result we track all the phone calls that our clients get so you can see that you know we track the number of calls and you know I mean this is one of our clients and you can see that you know they’re getting a good number of phone calls on a monthly basis so we know exactly what the return on investment is if you it’s it’s what it does it gives you insight into your business that you maybe didn’t have before I mean I don’t know if you guys are keeping track of where you’re getting your customers from how many you’re getting and what they’re worth but if you have this data and you can corroborate that with how many people are actually turning into new customers then you can really determine what your ROI is and that’s powerful so and what we do is we associate a specific phone number with your Google Places page and with your with everything that we you know with your website your Google Places page in your video so that you know exactly how many people are calling on a on a monthly basis that’s very important for you guys to see because if it’s not trackable then it was like what’s what’s the point you know it’s really got to be trackable here’s another example if here’s a phone call I’d switch here’s some more you know some more numbers and you can see here I want to show you guys this you can see that it doesn’t happen overnight I specifically put this slide here because I want you to see the gradual increase in the number of phone calls that you can get it doesn’t happen you know like that it takes two three four months for Google to pick up what we’re doing in terms of optimization for our clients in order for you to start getting the phone the number of phone calls that you’re really looking for it doesn’t happen overnight though Google’s got to pick up all the optimization strategies that work that we’re implementing in order to but you can see that by month three you’re there and generally speaking like Christian has seen another kind of up swing at one seven or eight you can kind of see another upswing typically in your in the number of phone calls so the question is is how do you get your business on the map okay and how one is is to optimize your Google Places profile and you do that by uploading videos and photos and just filling out the like you did Sean you did that it’s not it wasn’t that hard was it right so it doesn’t take that long but there are specific strategies there’s there other we spent between 30 and 50 hours specifically optimizing you locally not only for Google for Yahoo and Bing but also for all the other directories a lot of research we do in terms of keyword research and also to find out what other directories are important for your niche so and then also you can see here’s the reviews that you can see the review standing this is this by the way is an old older screenshot I mean Google Places has changed the way it looks from this but it allows you if you’re on the map but it allows you to develop your authority in the marketplace um so here’s the Google Places page this is this is what it looks like by the way did you know that Google is given every single business in the u.s. all 50 million businesses their own free Google Places page you guys know you guys all know that so that this is this is like instead of paying the the four dollars and twenty-five cents per click you have an opportunity to optimize this page in order to get people to find you locally on the map and every business has got one but the question is is is it optimized is your specific Google Places page etc optimized for your business with your keywords and here’s how you optimize it you can optimize your google places listing by with the categories the description and details you want to make sure that it’s listed on on other directories here’s your description you want to make sure your keywords are used in your description for your business you want to make sure that your your categories are are are are using words that people are typing in in order to find your business so if you’re a mortgage broker obviously one of the one of the categories is probably gonna be mortgage broker you know and that’s you know the reason why this is so important is because you’re gonna show up sorry you’re gonna show up for the word mortgage broker as a category or at when people type it in if you use that that word in your in your category you’re gonna be much more likely to show up for that word so you want to acquire and optimize your reviews so these are these are the reviews showing up right here so you can see the reviews you can see here’s all the photos that were uploaded you can see that oh here and by the way you know everybody you know always ask me know how do you write a review or how do you leave a review for a business

it’s very easy you just click that little button right there you’ve got to have a Google account and as long as you have a google account you can leave a review for somebody else how many people have left a review for a business yeah yeah yeah well yeah it’s your question yeah it’s funny that you mentioned that now I’m gonna I’ll talk about that in a second I mean literally this stuff changes so quickly it’s amazing I am I wrote a blog post on the 20 like last month like the 21st about how how quickly and easily you can leave review on your smartphone well about four or five days ago I get a call from a colleague that found my blog post by typing in the keywords that I was optimizing that that blog post for was like Google Places reviews or something like that so he found it and he was following the instructions and he said Ryan you know did you you know he called me up I didn’t know I mean you know he’s from Auburn he does something similar to what i do and he said you know if you noticed the change in google and what google’s allowing you to do to submit reviews on your on your smartphone and I said I said no why said well I I found your blog post and I don’t think you can leave reviews anymore on your smartphone and so literally in two or three weeks that blog post is totally obsolete because Google has again changed what they’re allowing but so now you can’t you can’t you know leave a review on your smartphone which is kind of was one of kind of the secret little tricks that I gave some of my clients because it’s so easy to leave you know everybody’s got their smartphone with them so now Google’s requiring you to use the their app they have a Google Places app and you can leave us a review so yeah yeah yeah I mean so you’re saying it’s gonna but how would that how would that eliminate the the fraud you mean my clothes from shock people yes I one on my competitor site continue to put up negative negative reviews like that goes down you know what I feature yes exactly that’s so that is one of the winning well logically that’s funny yeah yeah yeah like I gotta delete the old are you I said that very nice oh I’ve seen it I mean I’ve got a client that that’s a hey what’s up just turned into a negative sir jenni it just so I think what you’re saying is that is that if you’re optimized if you’re if you’re optimized and you’re showing up on the map and you’ve got a whole bunch of negative reviews then that can potentially yeah yeah well we had a client that is local here it’s a restaurant that that had a two-star average review that was that was what their average from you know they had two stars okay dad a lot of reviews we took them on about five or six months ago now they’ve got an average four and a half rating four and a half star rating so you can turn that around I guess that’s why you’re here haha I’m getting there I’m getting there I’m almost there okay I know I know I know that’s why I’m that’s why I’m here that’s why I like really oh yeah nobody there but there if you build the if you build a correct system to make it easy and efficient for people to leave reviews then that’s that’s one of the that’s one of the strategies that we use and so that that’s that’s a great yeah good good feat I you’re not alone I mean I’ve got clients that come to me and they’re just like I’m this this is this of all the the pain points that I’ve ever seen in online marketing is really one of the one of the biggest pain points right now it’s you know people we used to be used to lead with with you know we can get you on the map we can SEO optimized you and get you know whatever now now well now no no now its its its clients like you that are like oh my gosh I need your

phone number and now and like you know like they want this yesterday because they take in and I always you know they’re they’re always explaining will they know and they know exactly every single person like that you know like every review like what was going on and it’s very personal it’s a very you know I’m saying it so it’s a very it’s a very touchy subject for a lot of people and and their strategies that you can implement like you know creating reviews on YouTube in response that you can you can respond to negative reviews with have you responded to the negative reviews why not yeah yeah well what you can yeah I think a lot of times you guys I’ve read Randy’s like that yeah you follow the thread yep enough you’re like that guy’s you no and that’s actually what we found is is that some people think it’s actually we found in studies that it’s actually good to have a few negative reviews because then it makes it more real and if you if you create a proper thread and you respond and obviously don’t respond saying you’re crazy you know i mean that’s obviously out the way you won’t you want to respond you said it just gets into a tit tat you know but but if people see that you’re saying you know hey I I hear what you’re saying you know we have a lot of other people that have been very happy with our services here’s a video of one of those people and they can click on the link and it’s like you know somebody saying just the opposite in person you know I’m saying so I hear ya any anybody else see is a hot topic I mean yeah business I look at the name blocks to see you know what they’re saying na Jeong Seon struggling commuting is your attic bed user don’t ever eyes yep yep yep well let’s let’s keep moving fought here you though this is okay so so reputation management hear your reviews give you more business we know that people will pay actually thirty percent more if they see favorable reviews if you see if they see a generally positive review response your citation is very important does anybody know what a citation is that’s another thing you take anything away from today it’s keywords right remember keywords how to fight how to find them and then site what’s your citation your stand I’m gonna go show you this later but your citation is your business name your address and your phone number okay the more Google sees that out there on the internet the higher rank and you’re gonna get locally that’s like that’s like Google candy Google love see and that’s the spiders Google spiders love seeing your citation the more citations you have for your business out there the more in trench that Google sees that your business is locally because you know if you’re listed on all these other directories and it’s got and you’ve got the exact same business name address and phone number on all those locations and your videos and you’ve got that citation in your video description then it sees that you guys have your inner you’re engaging with your with your your marketplace about citation should read the same exactly yes yeah it’s a great it needs to be the same address phone number same exact for all yes okay it’s very but they’re not what physical address they don’t okay yes and google allows you know they just changed up their rules again saying that you can’t actually not list your address in your Google Places result there’s an actually what you can do if your and this is what i recommend for this is like one of the secrets here is I did I did for Christian is he’s he’s a mortgage broker anybody that’s a mortgage broker or realtor etc I would set up your own Google Places page for you yourself because you don’t know if you’re gonna be with XYZ company next year or wherever the beautiful thing about what Christians done is he set up a virtual office and he’s actually set up in West

Palm Beach which is a bigger city than where his actual physical offices in palm beach gardens and he’s getting more business because of it because there’s physically more there’s actually number-wise there’s more people in west palm and there isn’t Palm Beach Gardens so it’s all in numbers game and I acted its point well so does everybody understand that I mean that’s very important understand so in other words you want to set up a virtual office that can move with you if so if you in other words if you’re with mortgage brokerage XYZ and there on Main Street and Palm Beach Gardens you want to get anything out of that Christian though oh no go ahead no um but um but the so you want to make sure that that you have a virtual office that that basically you control and you can get that for 75 bucks a month on average i was talking to you know one of my potential clients here about that it’s very important that you consider that because if you set up that virtual office in a bigger city you have a bigger you have a bigger pond to play in you can get more potential customers I actually think that what’s going to happen is it and maybe not next year maybe not that you’re after but eventually there’s going to be more businesses moving to bigger cities for this reason specifically because they know that they can they can potentially play in a bigger pond if their physical address is in a bigger city than in a smaller city this is the way things I’m just I’m just I can see it coming because people are going to figure this out because I know that Christian is getting eight times more calls from his west palm beach location than he is from his palm beach gardens location because there’s a hundred and ten thousand people in West Palm Beach there’s only 30,000 how many people in gardens 30,000 yeah 55 okay so you have twice as many people in West Palm that so there you have twice as many people that conventionally so um so here’s your citation so it’s here’s another one of our clients you can see we’ve optimized them he’s uh you know he’s optimized for teeth whitening and cetera those are some of those keywords where do you want your citation this is very important for you guys to see I’m like giving you the tools to this is like the keys right here see in your helmet she said there’s some people that have uploaded videos to youtube so if when you upload your video to YouTube make sure you put your citation in that description of your video okay this is uh this is that for you know Leo abdellah giving a review of dr dr i cough i shot this video what’s that you know you know yeah are you know which one of dr. i confer or leo yeah Leo’s a good guy so we actually I shot this video and I’ll show you the video later on my iPhone I edited it what the ipad of the iphone is that it stops after well the iphone now is 45 minutes or 50 minutes of recording but I record all my all my videos of myself and my clients that are long on my iphone ipad it’s amazing what you can do so set so you guys get this here’s your stats this what i was telling you guys about the stats you can get from your Google Places page you can see not only the impressions to your google places but you can see the activity so all the number of impressions how many people actually took action the actions are clicks for more info clicks for diving driving directions did you know that you can did you know this did you know that you can see how no you got to go in your back office man okay and clicks to your website so you can see exactly how many people are engaging with you this is why you know I mean it’s are you are you looking at these stats on your Google yeah yeah yeah so you can also the really cool thing is you can see what your what keywords people are finding you with so you can get a very easy and concise insight into what words you want to use with your videos and your blog posts if you have a blog so it literally takes a lot of the mystery out it you know what people are typing in to find you create content videos and blog posts that use those keywords does that make sense I’m proud and so so anyway I’m gonna go through this from quick yeah okay reputation marketing here’s what’s fifty five percent of people use customer reviews in order to determine what they’re going to buy we know that eight out of ten people’s person decisions are impacted by reviews eight out of ten people use reviews to decide from multiple alternatives and we know that that you can actually get about thirty thirty percent premium from your competitors when you have excellent reviews I mean it’s just it makes sense here’s here’s where I’m giving you a kind of part of your answer back there as far as as this is this is what we call our reputation marketing funnel this is the beginning of the funnel so this is there’s three ways this is we give this to all of our clients this is basically a handout that we give to them

to facilitate the process of getting reviews there’s three ways that she is really right now I mean if you don’t have if you don’t have a link to your Google Places page how are people gonna actually go there and actually click on to leave a review for you I mean it’s tough to find you on the map but so we want to facilitate the process of finding you make it very easy and so one of the things that people can do is they can scan there with their cell phone they can get they can text their name and email to that number well they can just go right to that right to the to that page and this is what the what they’ll find when they go there is okay there’s one of two things that the person can do they can say I had a bad experience I had a good experience okay if the person had a great a good experience then we chain we take them to this page where they can leave a review for Google or any of them of the important directories for your specific niche because remember before I was telling you that there are certain directories that are important for for each niche so we kind of stack the deck we stack the deck because we do the research ahead of time and we determine what the important directories are for your niche and we put them right here and we put your Google Places page at the top because that’s the one that gets most the traffic so we want people to leave that there first but sometimes people don’t have an account at any of these directories so what we do is we would give another option down here where they can leave a review on your website and the beautiful thing about that is that if it’s if it’s created with what’s called the a tree view tag that that actual web page will show up on the first page of Google with your stars on the page so in essence you can have your own directory that’s pretty cool that’s very powerful so i’m going to show you so if somebody if somebody clicks the X okay they say I had a bad experience do you want that going out on the internet probably not right okay that’s that’s a no okay just make it simple okay so this is what this is what that person gets they get they get this form and they can submit the form they can you can diffuse some of the you know some of the ANC’s that they might they might have when they click Submit what do you think that goes it goes to me and it goes to my client doesn’t go to the Internet it doesn’t go to the directories okay so we can still address it we can address the issue and make the correction but it doesn’t you know to your point so we’re kind of stacking the deck you can see I mean so this is all white hat this is not black hat this is not gray hat this is this is this is legitimate this isn’t free yeah yeah so this is something that we create we set up for our client is the funnel you can see at the beginning of the funnel is the actual yeah it’s simple exactly and the beautiful thing is that is it here’s the biggest challenge I see because we’ve implemented this with a lot of our clients it’s just a matter of getting the buy-in of the of the business owner and getting them to disseminate that information out to their staff and getting their staff to buy into it you can incentivize your staff but it’s against the Turk the TOS is the terms of service of google if you incentivize the customer in other words it’s you can’t really say you know say to the customer I’m gonna give you X Y Z if you leave us a review Yelp you know Google and all they all say the same thing so so here and we also give people the option of leaving a video review so they can actually click so this is the other out so they can actually just click record and they’ll use the video camera on their on their computer on their laptop or their home computer and actually record a video and then you approve it and once you approve it it goes live so it’s a really quick and easy way for you guys to get video reviews to and then you can upload those to YouTube you can put your citation in there you can see how okay so oh and then here this this is the this is remember that bottom button where you know if somebody doesn’t have an account on google or any of the other directories this is the option that they have to leave a review on your website okay so they just put their name email and they don’t have to have an account on google or any of the other directories so they can but they can still leave a review for you once they leave the review and they click submit it goes to you and you approve it once it once you approve it it shows up on this page and this is the page forever wider in Iron Man milligrams help that then becomes a lead also tonight to be raised concerns your blasting or sending so are the more that you can join our website that we can have people

yeah that’s a great point and yeah exactly i mean if somebody’s willing to leave their name and email then it’s it you can pretty pretty much count on the fact that it’s a legitimate review and I I agree that’s and that’s really what we’re you know obviously we’re trying to make it’s got to be real now and what what some people are doing is is and this is up to each of you guys to determine if it’s we don’t we don’t I’m not doing this for for most of my clients some of my clients who are saying that they want to have this done but what they’ll do is they’ll take these reviews that have been submitted on their website outside of Google and all the other directories and what will happen or what some companies are doing is they’re setting up these these kind of fake accounts on Google as a as a google user and then they’ll submit these reviews on behalf of their clients so they get submitted and they get and they show up on Google but they’re not it’s not a real persons account it’s an account that they just submit reviews through for all their other clients does that make sense so that’s happening I just want you to be aware of it that that’s an option we don’t you know we don’t do that but it’s it this is what’s happening out there and to your point this is what this is what is creating a lot of these illegitimate reviews that aren’t really I mean it’s definitely a gray area because they’re real reviews from real people but they’re from people that don’t have Google accounts and so what they’re doing is they’re they’re submitting them on google with another account that they’ve created themselves so the same idea dress yeah yeah google can’t yeah yeah yeah google camp like that I mean but Google is I mean Google is really cracked down on this and this is something that Google taking very seriously these reviews they want to make sure the legitimate and that that they’re real and but what can happen this is what school is it if for abacoa Jupiter Florida real estate this is something that it’s pretty I don’t know if you’ve seen this Brad but but here’s an example of how that review page and how it can show up from your website in the search results so you can see here you got the stars there and just those stars make a big difference I mean it really does it makes a big impact on people and that that’s the goal you got it you got to use that HP beaut are you guys using the are you guys using the H review tagging your ok well my suggestion is to create a page that’s using this H review tag because if Google if Google if they index this page this is what can happen I mean you’ll you’ll have that page with all your reviews showing up in the search results which is really I’m sorry there’s really powerful so this is this is just that this is my blog this is that blog post I was telling you about where I was talking about Google Places reviews and you can see here this this is just a little bit of insight into keyword optimization remember I was talking to you about that and how important it is to use your keywords and your and your blogs and your in your videos and stuff what what word do you guys think I’m I’m optimizing for don’t say anything Christian Christian Christian knows what to look for but this is important for you guys to see this huh no no because so here’s my title here’s my H what’s called the h1 tag and you can also see you huh close close what word are you seeing coming up Google Places reviews yes you can see Google Places reviews Google Places reviews Google Places reviews in the first sentence okay now there’s such a thing as keyword stuffing you don’t want to over use your keywords but you want to make sure they’re they’re incorporated in your blog post or on your video it’s very important for you guys to understand that okay so once you know what your keywords are you use them in your content you find them in your stats from your Google Places page and you use them in your content how much more time line keywords those bones or yes see them yeah yeah yeahs bold and capitalized does make a difference Google does look at that now with the penguin with the penguin update there’s been some changes with it Christian could probably even talk a little bit that’s not love about Krishna I mean I some of it some of the guys that I have in here are really students of this stuff and has it has it has it panned out for you to be beneficial to meet to be a student list of this stuff or what

I mean game I tried a little bit my busy yeah but it’s interesting i still keep up your things that are changing hey grunts female what something about that as it’s getting rid of all black watch out yeah they were doing back we accept all kind of made up yep philippines in the fiber and election it’s kind of leveling the playing field Google’s getting better at cuz what Google get google is a billion-dollar company because they give you what you’re looking for when you type in whatever it is that you’re typing in and that search bar that’s why they are making billions of dollars because they’re their bigs there what they are is there a stock market for words that’s it that’s really what they are you’re paying for those words and for your content to show up when when you type it in that’s really what Google is and the beauty is though is if you have this knowledge you can get in the section because only 15 here’s import what’s important only fifteen percent of people click in that pay-per-click section because they know it’s paid for eighty-five percent of people click in that organic section that’s where you guys want to be playing and that’s why I’m talking about this stuff because it’s video it’s google places and it’s and it’s optimization these simple optimization strategies that won’t get you guys there and it’s leveraging these tools and that’s why I speak here at the apple store I mean I know that I’m kind of hitting the nerve when I come in here and even the black shirt people in here are looking at my stuff like what is that like what do you what do you got going on here right what is what is this you know what are these contraptions that you have here these are the tools that I’m using to create to leverage new media and I do that on behalf of my clients but I also do it for myself and anyway it’s just um it’s at you guys you have a huge opportunity to leverage it so this is this is the app that I was telling you about that you can leave reviews through google on um here’s what remember before this is kind of Shing so here’s our client dr. bill dentist North Palm Beach you can see he’s he’s got his video here he’s also got his website here he’s showing up on them on the map you guys it’s important that you guys can see the differentiation between all three of those links website video map okay you got to see that you got to see the difference between those three the website is important videos good or videos good but really what’s getting him his phone calls because of these reviews he’s got five stars he’s got 38 you know reviews is that is that Google Places listing right there now what’s interesting though is about three weeks ago I had a buddy of mine call me up a colleague and he’s like he’s like you know tight I just typed in your keyword you know we kind of rise each other about you know falling up and you know going up and down on the rankings are our clients going up and down and sure enough he said he goes you know your clients not in the top anymore on google and I’m like God whatever you know I know he’s there because you know we’ve been just crushing it for him and sure enough I typed it in and this and this new guy popped up all of a sudden out of nowhere and it was this North Palm Beach dentistry and the reason why you popped up is because this is a new up-and-coming young young guy that is that understands what we’re talking about here today so he named his business specifically for the purpose of getting ranked on Google so do you see how things are shifting here it’s not okay so it’s not remember the Yellow Pages it was triple a plumber okay well now it’s dentistry North Palm Beach this guy named himself there is okay i I couldn’t believe it I was like are you kidding me I mean really and then so I had to take a picture of it and you guys probably know this is right on US highway one in north palm so this is what’s happening so remember I was telling you earlier about how businesses are probably pneus are congregating towards bigger cities I mean this is how things are starting to shift I mean and the reason why he ranked higher is because he knew how to leverage the system he knew that I mean because how many people named themselves I don’t know is that that’s not really kind of I don’t that’s not a typical name you know and so so anyway um this is what can another thing that we do for our clients is we we give our clients a code that they can put in the sidebar that automatically updates all their testimonials and all the reviews so it’s good to have that’s one of the psychological triggers that you want to have on your website is that social proof I keep talking about social proof social proof is other people evaluating your business and you want to make sure that you put that social proof on your website so we do that for our clients um it does help so you recognize that that

that video and here’s what happens look at all the look at all these reviews that’s not bad this is only a month and a half after I shot these these videos with this iphone on that tripod I’m wait till you see the quality of it it’s amazing okay 20 views 20 18 18 there’s another one that’s got 100 I mean that’s not bad I mean you get you know over 300 views specifically for people that are looking for your business here’s kind of hard for you to see it or hear it but yeah that’s no i didn’t i mean you can see how i’m now a shot on my iphone I edited that on iMovie on my on my iPhone okay while I was getting a haircut like I said so here I put in all the bottom thirds everything so um can you go I think you guys so in here’s if you want a really easy easy quick way to get people to leave your reviews here’s a good little secret you can actually get go to your Google Places page go to this link this link button right here click on it click on the short URL and then copy that copy that address in and send it out to your to your list and ask them to review your business you gotta go yeah to show all your amazing equipment which I’ve always recommended oh they’re gonna be using this on a few minutes okay we gotta take it all off right now so okay just highlight at night yeah yeah so basically this is I mean the you guys can check all this stuff out when you get a chance there’s a the main thing all you guys would need is just a simple that little wired mic right there this right here is all you really all you need this wired mic this adapter and and maybe that that like golf club looking things that will allow you to basically do your own videos I mean you can you can you can plug what that people to get the road to interview to order yourself yeah yeah and then you basically plug in that that that adapter plug this in right here and that gives you so it the lavalier mic because that the is that the other end of that so you can see you get very good audio I mean the audio is just like crisp it’s really good so and then that little thing right you can see that big old you see that big lens on that thing right down that one right there that lens basically doubles the viewable area of your of your iPhone you don’t you guys probably don’t need that that’s just you know for crazy people like me that one yeah it’s great it basically makes it it’s it’s amazing it literally doubles the the viewable area so I mean um new HD HD hat HD hat com yeah I just but this your did you get that you yeah you can actually put that lens on the you know that you can put the lens yeah so it’s amazing what what you can do with this stuff so so um so you can broad here web here I’ll go I’ll go click quickly through this here’s another video that was edited with with iMovie the Mike Mike he’s using is that wired mic right there that’s it see he’s got it right there see see all that all that was added with iMovie so you can edit that in like you know 10 15 minute if you know what you’re doing you know 10 15 minutes hey what you know what these but look at these guys will all teach you how to do if it’s amazing these guys you can come in here and get free my mom knows she knows right so um and here’s what’s really cool check this out so here’s an example Yoga Palm Beach Gardens if you’re a yoga studio in juno beach would you want your videos to show up for people that are typing in yoga palm beach gardens yeah right okay I got somebody calling me this okay um yoga singer island would you want this is the same studio you can see I mean this you can see the power of this Yoda hope sound another video that was the video just watched yoga Stuart Florida another video so this is the power this is what you guys have the ability to do you know if you’ve got if you’ve got an itch if you’re a plumber do you want you want people to find you when they type in plumber Stuart Florida yeah this is the fastest way to do it video is the fastest way to do it so because it’s a video like it ranks fastest why do bless my working

yeah take video and loca stairs and vocal yeah yeah well you want it you’d want to know your your keywords so you would say you know whatever you know plumber contract or whatever your keywords are Shawn you want to make sure you put that key word in there and then you put that you put the city after it and I’ll show you exactly how so you can see and if you want oh here’s how you respond if you want to respond to your here he’s gonna miss the 1.1 party probably should have heard but if you want to respond to your reviews this is how you do it you go into your back office for Google Places you click that little that little button right there and it allows you to respond you’ve got to be logged into your Google account to do that but that’s how you respond to your reviews so um I’ll show him that later so video on the first page here’s what video can do so you can see video a lot of times ranks above the maps so it’s another thing to consider here’s here’s what with proper optimization video increases the chances of front pay Google results by fifty three percent because there’s not as many videos out there as there is ball you know written content so um what else think you do but people are probably a little afraid to do it or something exactly yep and so here video optimization you want to put your keywords in the title okay you want to put it in your in your description you want to put your citation in the description and you want to put your your your link to your business in that description also okay this is what you can have an unfair advantage just like the big sumo wrestler against your competition if you and here’s here’s a great example if you guys want to get a copy of this presentation then you can text your name and email to this number and immediately what will happen is is just so textron you know your name and your email to to that number Lily I’ll put it up there again if you guys yeah so I’ll send you a copy of this presentation after this and that way you guys can really you know I was just gonna ask you mr quarter right that’d be cool if you could do that is so um um so here and this is what you’ll get you’ll get back you get a link you click on that link and then it’ll take you to this page where you can sign up for my for my training etc if you want there’s more training that I have Oh would you get the number uh-huh okay one more five six one seven three nine 2283 and please got it okay and I’m almost done here I promise alright here’s that example I was telling you about when I was in when i was in DC I went to that app i typed in Mexican boom boom Pedro and Vinny’s look look good and are this one I went there so this is this is how the whole thing you guys and you guys get this i mean so I don’t need to explain that to you here’s a video that I shot while I was while I was on the road because i had my my mic and I had my iphone somebody was there to video me because I was creating I was like how it’s a great place to you know create some content you know because I was I mean this is much this is much more interesting to look at it as a background right or and this by the way this little intro you can get done for 150 bucks Christians done it is that is that interesting background right i shot that with my iphone and that Mike that’s like saying I mean that’s pretty yeah ah see he’s yeah I learned from this guy through he is a student man I tell you I love it um so here’s another example no i typed in here’s that example I was Tony Val okay i typed in Mexican here on on google places on my iphone and i got a whole bunch of results here abcdefg which one that I go to I went to F it wasn’t gia was happy but I went I went there was 10 miles further but I went there because because of that okay so did you guys these guys get some value today all right she got but can you implement what I taught you that’s the question can you Christians doing it all right talk to this guy about about the keyword you don’t do anything special to a word in content to make it a keyword no it’s the glittering did say

yep just the word yep just a word I mean it’s you know for you but but there are but no but there are words that people are more likely to type in to find you than anything else yeah and in generally speaking it’s there’s only about five words because once you describe plumber it’s like plumber plumbing plum you run out of words you know it’s like it’s like four or five that’s it Christian its mortgage broker mortgages what else you got banker but once you get beyond three or four or five you’re pretty much done you’ve got you pretty much got most of your so what do you guys do your energy so energy conservation energy what else you gonna use a describe it though you know I mean maybe two or three more what’s that okay it does but it’s just there’s no there’s not ya mean you’ll you’ll catch and stragglers by doing that but it’s just you know it’s what what are most people typing in and it’s the actual spelling yeah yeah yeah I don’t want the mist fellers you know they might I love to see some date on that like if those people actually spent more I would be interesting i’d love to see I don’t know so um tell me what’s it I’m gonna so yes we went over but yeah I mean any any questions or any comments any questions about this stuff I’m this stuff is easy you let me know it looks intimidating but you don’t need all that you don’t need the tripod really all you need is just the you know you want to get good if you’re if you’re recording video I mean you’re a yeah I mean this is like a no-brainer for you and I would definitely take the you know spend the extra money and get that get the wide-angle lens because you want to make sure you’re capturing your entire you know everybody you know interacting with you and I would get this for you cuz they actually have an armband for this so this is a bluetooth mic right here and it’s awesome yeah yeah yeah so and yeah I mean all you need is just the adapter and then you know so listen to the minus um luca cost of the lens is 150 yeah $150 for the lens on HD hat calm which one this one this one right now is the sony erv something or other it’s so you can you can look at the one that’s on there what does it say you should say it on there sits by sony if you if you look up sony bluetooth on on ebay or amazon and then the the wired one that wired one is only is only twenty nine thirty bucks thirty dollars you know seating yeah 30 bucks and then and then you get the adapter the adapters like thirty dollars but you know you’re dealing with with a wire but you know that’s like mice you know like mike standard you know because i always know that thing’s gonna work and it’s um you know i mean it just it just works and what else not light that that light it’s kind of sitting down but beneath that yeah right there yeah thanks vana so we that light is uh is basically like 55 bucks that’s really all you need because you want to make sure that your subject is pretty what is well lit the three main things is you want to make sure you have decent lighting um you have good audio and you have good video yeah you know good quality recording and you get all that with with that setup you get the microphone and then that light you know if you’re outside shooting like you saw where I was shooting in DC that outside ambient light is is sufficient yeah yeah yeah and then we’ll I’m sure you probably have some questions that that’s the only thing I don’t have like no you I’ll get your arm yes oh no no I got well I mean I can text you I can text you in my condom I like what’s that you get them on the spot you get them to intrude your number in your phone yeah well and that’s that’s what’s cool is that is it yeah well well and that’s what you know the really the cool thing about like you know that system that 5617 you know where I told you to text him an email that’s what I use for people if they want to contact me and they want to engage with me I always say you know just text your name and email then I oh yeah then I’ve got your yeah yeah yeah they’re just like go ahead land information in my own contacts yeah and I kept thinking to myself you know if I send someone an email and I have all that stuff on there right have to sit here in there there’s a copy and pasted or whatever

what if i go to my contacts and i just get cheer contact yep it sends it to their eyes emoji didn’t it yeah it automatically imports it yeah that makes it easier for them yeah which I could do that for you too yeah that’s smart yeah if you guys all have an iphone that’s a great functionality if you guys are using contacts to be able to just send your yeah yeah yeah that’s another way to do it so many any questions from from you guys this guy probably knew everything about what see he could do that introductory video as well I know so you are you using like that you know how to use yeah yeah yeah so like I said how much how much how much you available for per hour see I can i can get you hired in the second here probably I mean there’s probably like 15 20 people how you what do you think mom is he is he available for work yet alright so that’s google map fun fun minute town if I need to know like my boss tries to get me lead yeah yeah places to go one day I realized all I have to do is drive to jensen beach type in holdovers yep our trackers on the screen register driving you sluggish that’s that’s yeah and google pays people like I know a buddy of mine that I hired Google will pay actually pad people getting paid fifteen twenty bucks an hour just to look at search results all day long to determine what they like in terms of result you’ll see page a over here page be over here which one do you like better and then just click all day long I like this one I like this one so they want to know what people like to see and people like seeing the maps they want to see what you’re talking about you know the directions yep and you can call right from you know thing you know it’s like yeah okay which I was want to promote I’m trying to promote but I mean it’s not local so this is this is the business part that’s actually the fat guard oh nice well it’s not like whoa how would I everybody around you know about google places so in other words how would you get people on me on the mainland over here to know about eleuthera well it’s like what what i was telling you guys earlier is i would i would set up an office a virtual office in west palm beach i would say you have a $75 yeah what there’s a company called reap there’s a company called regis christian could give can lecture on this Regis what’s your experience with lead Regis meaning really wanna see why I really got it is forward the city air but [ __ ] open on one country Arden’s I went is today to check it out and stay the artist leave so you can use it and coming on here one base below it’s a physical ok ok location you can actually have a real office if you wanted to but I have a conference room fizik saddle fake email to our home and you know big on my site and is a man right there time tonight said you know Mike your honor there you walk in yeah and people there all the time and here’s here’s what the reason why google allows that to happen and that we’re kind of I mean it’s against Google’s Terms of Service for you to use a p.o box or fedex kinko’s etc but the reason why I think there were we’re allowed to use Regis and other real virtual offices is because if somebody physically goes up to the front desk if you’re paying the $75 a month somebody will say Christians not in right now can I take a message so that is real I mean if you know that’s about as real as it gets I mean and if somebody calls they’ll take a message and they’ll forward it to you and if your mail goes there they’ll forward your mail to you so yeah stop it and no idea okay I found out about the next call she called excellence yeah Stacy and the funny thing is is this company

doesn’t even know they don’t understand my conversation ever since normal people bachelor line couple separated me now or still yes for them and yeah Christian I saw come we’re like okay we’re like we don’t know if you know this but you’re gonna get real busy you know places in that you have a place to some our quality time yep yep so it doesn’t change and see here’s what here’s what happened this is what you guys can understand if you change any part of your citation you get you run the risk of being d ranked okay right so that’s why Christian is gonna be you know that’s 75 hours a month is a great investment it’s nothing super so yeah yeah yeah yeah welcome the other day I met somebody did you fight you use out yeah yeah re G us BBQ what r EG us i think yeah not not like not like Regis and Kathie Phil burns this is the right person yeah because a lot of people yeah he understands it yep the officers up yeah they just got one in gardens they got a boca it is well it’s newer it’s brand new and they’ve got marble it is well it’s because we talked about it’s got the population is just more there so that’s why I would you know if you’re worried where’s your population that you’re trying to get business from oh minimal well I think I think more importantly it would be good to have it you know here because it’s so close do you find that more people are coming from west palm beach or your business oh well wherever wherever people are coming from those are the cities that you want to you want to optimize them so yeah you guys can i’ll give you my if you guys have any questions I can give you my my phone number too all right all of you later all right all right um yeah but mine my phone number if you guys want it is 561 if you want my number it’s five if you want my number its i’ll give you my number no no it’s a different number i’ll give you if you guys want my number it’s 56 1 309 00 50 mom you got my number you got it i just checked I was checking 561 309 00 50 all right if you guys have any questions about yeah yeah Karen’s got it yep that’s a good question 0050 Ryan rya n ry n ryan and you just put s or Stein Olson you can blame my mom for that one s yeah yeah thanks okay